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71 Responses to About

  1. Hey there! I just nominated you for the Liebster Award! Thanks for having a great blog!

    • Catherine says:

      WOW! Thanks Brittany!!!!!! You just made my entire year!!! A Gazillion “Thank You’s”!!!!!! XOXOXOX-Cathe

    • sybes1 says:

      Nice to have found you via French Girl in Seattle. Alas my Repettos aren’t comfortable enough to walk around Paris all day but then I’m older than you are!! 😉
      Thanks for this great posting!

      • Catherine says:

        Hi Sybes! Oh…I feel badly that your Repettos aren’t comfortable to walk around Paris all day, but I’ll bet they look fantastic on you! Glad you enjoyed the post. FGIS is one of my favorite blogs! XOXXO!

  2. Julia says:

    Thank you for joining MyRedPage:)
    As a warm welcome I would like to invite you join a new weekly photo/writing challenge that I am hosting:) Meet other bloggers, be inspired and share your best take on the week’s theme: ‘enchanted’

    Hope to see you at the exhibition:)

  3. calensariel says:

    Thanks so much for the follow! I’ll be back this afternoon to have a look around.

  4. Enjoyed your story about the restaurant. I am sure I will enjoy following your blog.

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  6. Hello!
    I have just nominated you for the Liebster Award. I hope you accept.

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  8. dilip says:

    Interesting ‘About me’. Must compliment you on your blog and your writings.
    Thanks and regards.

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  10. Oza says:

    Catherine. hello 🙂
    As I like your blog posts here, I nominated you for Liebster award 🙂 I hope you accept it 🙂


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  13. Hi, wow what a nice blog! Please come visit me as well!

  14. Britt says:

    Hello! Glad I your blog! Looking forward to reading more and hope you follow me on my blogging journey as I hope it encourages many <3

  15. Loved reading your bio, you have a wonderful attitude.

    • Catherine says:

      Thank you Uma. I’m touched by your comment. I cannot wait to try some of your spicy recipes! XOXOXO!!!

      • I’m moved by your reply, iF you enjoy spices I will have plenty for you.

        Blogging can consume a lot of ones time but if done right can be very rewarding.

        You are the first one to know my next recipe is going to be about, its going to be fresh peanuts, which I will cook and create a recipe. It is peanut season now so why not share a recipe and its nutritional values. XOXOXOXO!!!!

  16. ro says:

    Love your blog. Jersey Girl here. I think you and your hubby should do a sitcom–or a YouTube series!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Ro! I’m a semi-Jersey girl. I lived in Pennington for many years! Oh…I’m ALWAYS telling Bonaparte that we are the Franco-American version of “I love Lucy”..only it should be “J’adore Bonaparte”! Glad you are enjoying the blog! XOXOXO

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  18. Hi there ! Nice to meet you 🙂 Hope to read your posts.

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  21. LosiLosLoco says:

    Hey Catherine! The Pineapple has a surprise for you! 🙂 I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! If you’d like to accept it, the link to the post is right here –> https://thoughtsofatrainwreckedpineapple.wordpress.com/2016/02/05/mine-is-one-lovely-blog-award/
    Have a nice day now!

  22. h says:

    You are hilarious!

  23. Deborah Bray says:

    Hello Gorgeous and thanks for the laughs! A few posts ago you referred to your thinning hair and the colour and products you used to make it look thicker. Please tell me which products you use?
    I tried going grey during a break from work it looked very washed out…grey is great for some but not for everyone….yet.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Deborah! Glad you are enjoying the blog. I use Toppik hair fibers ( can be purchased at Ulta and Sally or from the Toppik website. I also use Dermatch which I purchased on Amazon. I color my hair with Age Besutiful as it is gentle!!! Hope this helps 😘👍

  24. Mike says:

    I like the cut of your jib (to borrow an old mariners saying). You’ve got spunk & I like that!

    Please take what I’m about to say the right way…. you remind me of my Nan. When I was a young twenty-something (I’m a 40-something now), I spent two years in a largely Sicilian neighbourhood in Belgium where, once an older lady was, well… older… many of them dressed predominantly in earth tones…. DARK earth tones. One time my Nan came to visit… with her canary yellow or emerald green dress suits, foulards & heels… my friends thought she was the cat’s meow (they were right)! She had spunk… So when I say you remind me of her… I intend it as a compliment! 🙂

  25. You deserve all the awards and I bless you as you continue to bless us with your talents of writing, Your blog helps me think about the good ol’ days. LOL

    • Catherine says:

      Thank you so much. Comments like yours are incredibly encouraging to me–they make me want to write more and inspire me. Thanks again! XOXOXOXO!!

  26. Soul Gifts says:

    Saw your comments on Impromptu Promptlings and just had to come and have a look around. Glad I did. Like you, I don’t think I’ve grown up yet. I’m about to turn 64. I’m beginning to suspect that I never will 🙂

  27. Rosemary says:

    Love your blogs especially the blogs about Paris. I always feel like I’ve just been there after reading them xxx I wish

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Rosemary! Thank you so much!! I wish I could be a Paris tour guide! It could be quite novel–a woman with a heavy New Yawk accent showing people around Paris!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  28. Thanks for the follow.

    • Catherine says:

      You’re welks! I’m enjoying your blog!!!! XOXOXOXO

      • Thanks so much! I really like yours as well. I write a lot of product reviews, and a lot of my followers are 20 somethings, which I love. I do find myself hammering on about the importance of using a daily SPF. A lot of these gals wear so much make up. I know it’s in style, but yikes! I try to impress upon them that if you don’t have nice skin, no amount of make up is going to help.

  29. Oh, you are just so darn darling! Flawed people are my favorite kind of people! As I am a deeply flawed person myself (almost so much so that I border on perfection! Ha.) I look forward to learning more about you and learning lots from you! I am so glad that I have stumbled upon your lovely blog, dear Catherine!


    • Catherine says:

      Hi Shelbee, We are kindred spirits here. Flawed is wonderful because there is always room for improvement. I do not trust perfect–perfection is generally smoke and mirrors!!! XOXOXOO!!!

  30. Nancy Falby says:

    My sister recommended your blog to me.

  31. michele says:

    Love your blog! You are so funny…..What about your nails?

  32. Hey Catherine!
    I hope this is ok, but I’ve just written a post on how I would love to see more older women bloggers represented on Pinterest. I have also listed older bloggers I really like and you were one of them. I really hope you don’t mind! Let me know if you want me to change anything. Thanks a million xxx

  33. dtills says:

    I found your blog from Middleagedwarriors post! So glad to meet you💕

  34. Lise says:

    Hi Cathe, it seems like our weight distribution, etc changes with age. I am 5.6 feet and am currently 138 pounds. I was 151 last September and decided to lose some weight over winter (I know very different to the norm). I am 52 years of age and 20 years ago at 138 pounds I was slimmer that I am now. I am still carrying a flabby tummy so it seems I have to keep going and lose a bit more. Have you noticed anything like this for yourself? I know menopause can make a difference but I haven’t got there yet. Lise

  35. Margaret says:

    Nice to meet you here. I am relatively new to the blogging world just dipping in & out when I can. I came across your blog via ‘soul gifts’.
    The way you have designed your blog is quite fascinating and hopefully we will keep in touch.
    Enjoy your week end 🌝

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