Florida. The Casino. A Wedding. Family Photos. And Countless Pomegranate Martinis. Part One–The Travel.

NOTE:  I had too much to write on last weekend’s trip to Florida so I have to break it down into a couple of parts

Last week at this time, I was getting ready for a trip to Florida.  My nephew, Matt got married and we welcomed a wonderful addition to the family—the new Annabelle Wynne.  And there’s just so much to tell you.


Yeah baby!  I was leaving the cold and damp for the warmth, the heat and the sunshine of Florida!

I’ll start at my prep.  You know, it’s been a pretty mild winter as far as temperature goes. There were not many below-freezing days—and that’s a good thing.  However, in this Northeast climate, it’s been continuously damp and gray.  And rainy.

Starbucks Holiday GIF by Starbucks

Well, it’s not snowy but it is cold, gray and damp!

The thing about the dampness is that it cuts through to your bones. Even the warmest outwear just cannot compete with Mother Nature’ slack, moist hissy fits. It’s the lull after the holidays and before the warmer weather. That time when pajamas and cozy sweaters and the fuzziness of lined slippers and the snugness of a blanket is what you desire.

Image result for winter comfort with blanket

And let’s add a good book and a toasty fire to that visual!

You can just imagine how a trip, as short as it was, could be so welcomed.  Leaving the north for the Sunshine State seemed like a dream.  Sun and a family wedding—albeit a family wedding on a small scale.  And it was going to be bittersweet as it was the to be the first time we were getting together since my brother’s passing.

The husbands stayed home—basically for work and financial reasons.  And so, it would be a girl’s weekend of sorts.  Me, my sister Germaine, my sister Theresa, my daughter Oona. All toute seule!

In order for me to prepare for this trip in the gifted climate, a spray tan was sorely needed to make my fish-belly white pallor come alive.


My legs were nicely sprayed, as was the rest of my body and this darkened as time went on..

As time was of the essence, being sprayed on Wednesday, the night before I traveled, was the only arrangement to fit my schedule.  The challenge with that was I couldn’t shower for 24 hours.  That meant waiting till I got to the hotel to rinse my heavenly body off.

And as anyone who spray tans knows, the tan is a bit………. dark before that initial rinse.  It also smells.  Yeah. It does.  I’ll get to that later.

My bag was packed with only clothing conducive to warm weather.  Since I pack light, there were no jeans. Just dresses—both casual and a dressier one for the wedding.  In fact, the heaviest items in my carryon were shoes and makeup, along with wigs. The heaviest article of clothing was a filthy, dense, cotton dress that has evolved into a nightie of sorts.  Too lazy to throw it into the laundry, the dried toothpaste had almost embroidered itself into the thing that is now bed wear.

I fit everything into my carryon. And I brought an old purse that fits just about everything but the kitchen sink!

You think I’m kidding about the filthy nightie? I circled the toothpaste stains so you could see what a slob I truly am!

Also packed were my favorite sleeveless green dress from Old Navy, a Lilly Pulitzer Wynne Maxi dress.  The sleeveless and body-hugging dress that I wore to Oona’s wedding rehearsal dinner in July was the dress I packed to wear to the wedding.

Bonaparte balked at my packing this dress because he felt it might not have been warm enough to wear it–even in Florida. We’ll get to that in Part Two! BTW, I’ve had this $10 for four years now and  it is still holding up beautifully. Old Navy created a winner with this one! This photo is four years old!

My Wynne Maxi Dress from Lilly Pulitzer was packed for the get-together the night before the wedding.  How could I go to Florida and leave Lilly behind?


The dress I wore to Oona’s rehearsal dinner would be worn to Matt and Bella’s wedding. Halleluhyer it stil fits!

The shoes?  Gold wedge sandals from Lilly Pulitzer (that remained unworn as did the maxi dress), Rondini Tropezienne sandals and black heels.

The gold jewels from Poshmark would adorn my feet when I wore the Maxi dress!

And summer sandals for “summer” weather…

And the pointy-toed shoes to pair with the dress for the wedding.  If you are detail-oriented you will see these are Ivanka Trump shoes. They were purchased PRIOR to those people going into politics.  And I don’t throw money away so I’m still wearing them.  I know, its the only bi-partisian action I’ll take for now.

No winter coat for me. No siree. It was a light denim jacket!

My outfit of choice for traveling out of the chillier weather was a black, short sleeved dress and over it, my favorite lighter denim jacket.  Much to the chagrin of Bonaparte, who insisted that I bring a heavier coat, I paid no attention to his pleading because I was going to where the sun shines and the heat hits my body.

My travel outfit of choice. Another great jersey dress from Old Navy, my Kut From the Kloth denim jacket and comfy ballet flats from J. Crew of years ago. I’m wearing Gabor Wigs Soft and Subtle on my head. It kept me warm while looking great!

This dress. I loved it so much I ordered a backup.  It’s so versatile!  I wore it to and from Florida and then some!


The other benefit of a spray tan is you need less makeup!

And on my feet, I wore an old pair of J. Crew ballet flats.  I also took with me an old J Crew Brompton bag. It was heavy enough to carry a plethora of shit but nice enough to not look as though I was the original bag lady.

J. Crew doesn’t make shoes like this anymore.  These are years old and were made in Italy. I think J. Crew needs to revisit their shoes! Seriously comfortable this was the greatest pair of travel shoes!

Now, you must understand that the thought process for my travel wardrobe was twofold.  First, I was getting out of the friggin’ dampness of Philly and headed to the warm climate of Florida.

Secondly, clothing made to literally shove into a weekender without wrinkling was key. I needed more room for shoes, and makeup, and fake hair!

My bags were packed and ready to go..

My biggest challenge was what hair to pack?  Bonaparte helped me in my choices!

With boarding pass installed on my iPhone, I was ready to head to the office for a few hours (God forbid I could take an entire day off. I can’t even negotiate for extra time off on this job) before Bonaparte picked me up to drive me to the airport.

Are you familiar with Philadelphia International Airport?  I am. It is not my favorite by any means.  Driving through the very narrow expanse of road that leads you through the terminals is a slalom course that would be safer on skis rather than automobile. And the exterior of the terminals is fugly and trashy looking.

Image result for philadelphia airport dropping of people

Don’t even get me started on the signage either.

Lucky for me, I have TSA pre-check and going through the checkpoints was a breeze.

My boarding pass on my phone (which makes me love technology so much) and being TSA pre-checked, I was on my merry way.

Mobile boarding pass

Mobile Boarding Pass = Best invention ever!

At this point, I was dreaming about devouring a Philly Soft Pretzel.  Did you know that Philadelphia is known, not only for the city’s cheesesteaks, but for those marvelously salted and soft-as-a pillow pretzels? And when they are warm, they are heavenly.  Note—this is all I wanted.

Image result for philadelphia soft pretzels at airport

This is all I wanted.  And I went through the terminal in search of one. Just. One. I ended up with a quesadilla and M & M’s instead!

The terminals have been renovated.  This means a plethora of new fast-food stands and bars for those who need a few drinks before taking flight. There was not a pretzel vendor to be found.  There was no Philadelphia Soft Pretzel Stand.  I was not hungry anymore but I was rather hangry—that emotional cross between hungry and angry.  I wanted a goddam pretzel and ended up settling for a plain quesadilla and a bag of peanut M & M’s.

I shrugged my disappointment off as best as I could and settled into a seat with an outlet. At the least I could plug my phone in and get connected to my Candy Crush addiction. It was early enough so that I had some space before the crowd of travelers for the flight arrived.

I’m on Level 1275. I should be ashamed but I’m not. This soothes me!

And then it happened.  A self-important young woman sat her fat ass down next to mine.  And she took her cell phone out and had a VERY LOUD, self-important, narcissistic conversation with a work peer. I had to listen to her speaking about the latest business project.  I had to listen to her talk down to another worker. I had to suffer through her being seemingly outstanding in her own field—or private Idaho. Now-please understand something. I despise listening to others’ conversations.

Image result for people on their cell phones memes

Important only to yourself!  

As loud as I am, I do NOT hold phone conversations in pubic unless it is an absolute emergency. I like my conversations to be private and I feel that others should follow suit. I do not, and allow me to repeat. I do not want to listen to a stranger’s conversation—and I don’t want to listen to the conversations of people I know.

important scott disick GIF

No you are not. Stop being self-important!

My only action of combat was to get my cell phone out, head to my Spotify app and click on James Brown’s “Sex Machine” louder than this one next to me spoke. After five minutes she finally got the hint and huffed off to another seat.

Image result for james brown sex machine

Spotify. James Brown. Sex Machine.  Loud.  My Revenge and it worked like a charm!

It is a strong suggestion that airports install phone booths. Like the old-school phone booths but without the phones.  It would be such a pleasure to free me of all the self-indulgent people who feel their conversations should be broadcast for all to hear.

Bonaparte made the plane reservations because I can’t be bothered and he goes for the frugal seats. I was stuck center seat in between two women. And I found myself apologizing profusely over the stench of my spray tan. It really smelled bad. Add to the fact I hadn’t showered in over 24 hours—I was a Petri dish of bacteria and stench. I felt sorry for them—you would think one of them would have moved and given me more space to stink up row by myself but it was a full flight!

But the great thing is that I was seated in the back of the plane. And in Group 5. This means I was able to get my bag in the overhead before the remaining passengers got on. And there were some ticked off travelers because there was no room.

Image result for overstuffed overheads on planes

This is a photo of an overhead on an empty flight. Why does everyone have to travel with a carryon, a packpack, a tote bag AND a plastic bag?  It’s because the airlines now charge to check luggage. Greedy bastids.

Upon arrival in Tampa, I had a few minutes before meeting my son, Roman, who was flying in from New York.  Timing was perfect as we landed within twenty minutes of each other.  A friend of my brother’s family was picking us up and dropping us off at my brother’s house.

From there, my two sisters met up and drove to a hotel near to my brothers.  Roman stayed behind at my brother’s house to hang with my nephews and other privileged members.  Seriously.  My sister-in-law, Beth, had the assistance of my other sister-in-law, Yanela, who was busy making the cake for the wedding.

I figured out the reason they didn’t want me at the house was either due to my liberal politics or my annoying personality.

Back at the hotel, my sisters and I gabbed about very important stuff-like the Royal family and Renee Zellweger’s bizarre Oscar acceptance speech. Whatever the topic of conversation was, we were up gabbing until well after one in the morning.

Image result for star magazine

Nuthin’ like a good night of talkin’ trash and gossip with your sisters!  Oh those Royals!

And with that, the lights went out, we fell asleep and for one fleeting moment, I felt as though I entered a time tunnel and was back in the home we grew up in.

Sweet dreams. Stay tuned for Part Two!


See you for Part Two!

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I Did a Thing. I Purchased from Poshmark!

If you are familiar with this blog, then you know I love a great sale. I love shopping at a discounted rate and rarely do I pay full-price for my clothing.

Bitmoji Image

Yes. I love shopping as long as I can get a great deal!!!

And although I’m not big on consignment shopping and thrift shop shopping, I’ll tell you why.  Since I’ve been in the Philadelphia area, I have not found a thrift shop that has measured up the The Red, White and Blue Store in Hamilton/Trenton, NJ.  The RWB Store is the Salvation Army thrift store that is, hands down, the greatest thrift shop ever.  Nothing can compare.

Image result for red white and blue hamilton nj

Hands down, the best thrift store ever. Oh how I miss this place!!

There is a Goodwill store in Phoenixville that’s not bad. I picked up a couple of items for the house and hit paydirt with a pair of J. Crew, Made-In-Italy, suede, pointy-toed flats that I have worn hundreds of times—and I paid $7.95 for them.  But truth be told, I just don’t have the patience anymore to rummage through the store.

I truly love these thrifted shoes but they need to be repaired!

I’ve perused a couple of consignment stores in Wayne, PA and throughout the Main Line but the prices charged are ridiculous. I’m better off waiting for an online sale for the brands I love.

Over the past year or so, I’ve been eyeing a pair of Lilly Pulitzer Kristen wedge sandals.  They really are nice but at $198, are just way overpriced. Luck was not with me during the Lilly Pulitzer After-Party sale and these shoes slipped by.

Image result for lilly pulitzer kristin wedge

The Kristen Wedge. And I love her.

But I really love them.  I’ve looked online for a good dupe of these sandals with no luck. Anywhere.

Suffice it to say, whilst perusing, I came across Poshmark. This is a site where people sell their used goods and unused goods.  Brand names abound, I decided to check out the site.  And ended up making three purchases.

Image result for poshmark logo

The Poshmark Logo.  I took a chance and signed up.

The purchases were a pair of pink floral pants by Gretchen Scott.  I’ve become quite the fan of this brand and for the price of $20, and waived shipping, I couldn’t resist.  The size, Medium, with three-percent stretch was right up my alley and my size.

The description was transparent and the price was right. And so, it was sold. To me.

In addition, I ordered not one but two pairs of Lilly Pulitzer sandals.  As I write this, I am awaiting delivery of the elusive golden beauty of a wedge, Kristen.  The shoe was advertised as never-been-worn and I’m assuming that it was purchased on sale for a quick turnaround.

I’m eagerly anticipating the arrival! 

The other item is the Abbey Wedge Sandal also by Lilly Pulitzer. Also advertised as never-been worn.   And in the box!

This was just one of the many photos the seller posted. She was very detail-oriented!

So how did my initial purchased from Poshmark turn out?  I’ll tell you in a minute.

There was a bit of “Oh shit, what did I do”-ness after reading Poshmark reviews.

Yes. After I made the purchased, I read reviews and I will tell you that most were not favorable.

But the good thing for the buyer is you don’t have to accept the delivered purchase. After receiving and inspecting, if the item ordered isn’t as advertised or is in dire condition, you can return the item and not be charged.  So, I breathed a sigh of relief after reading that.

Notice was received that two of the items purchased were delivered yesterday.  Earlier today, Bonaparte went to our mailbox and picked up the items for me.

It was eager anticipation on my and Chippy’s behalf and here’s how it rolled!

The pants arrived in cute packaging, a package with kitties which drove Chippy crazy.

Upon inspection, they were as advertised. They were worn quite a bit but I liked that because the pants were soft and comfy and stretched out to perfection.

Apparently Chippy liked the pants too!

They are lightweight and the ankle-length is one I love.  The shade of pink is a good one. Not pastel and not neon. It falls in between with bright green leaves.  Off the bat, these will be worn by me quite a bit.

The pants come just above my ankles and I love the length

I’ll wash them today because I want them to smell like my detergent.  Yeah. I’m funny that way.

They are lightweight, comfortable and look great!

I’m very pleased with the purchase.  Will I be purchasing from this person again?  Most likely if she has any other items that I might like.

I would definitely purchase from this seller again!

The Lilly Pulitzer Abbey Wedges.  Arrived in a USPS box and in a Lilly Pulitzer shoe box. This is good for storage in my closet.  Upon inspection I did see that these truly were never worn. The sandals are in beautiful shape.

Priority packaging..


In the box..

In excellent condition!

And they fit my narrow, high-instep feet perfectly.

Just imagine how great they will look after I get my spray tan!

I must say I really do love the way these look

The ankle strap has a good number of holes and I don’t need to take them to the shoe repair to have more added.

I also like that the ankle strap isn’t too thick.

These will be worn a lot during the summer months!

These will be a go-to summer sandal!

Will I repurchase from this seller?  Most likely. The price was great and the shoes are just as advertised.

Very, very pleased!

What I have noticed from doing some sleuthing on brands I like is that you have to be very cautious.  If a seller is using only stock photos, I would pass.  I want to see a photograph of the product in real life. Transparency is key.

In addition, shoe sizing is very important.  I noticed quite a bit of Repetto and Roger Vivier shoes for sale with the “American” sizing.  These are tricky to purchase if you do not know your European size!

For example, my shoe size is an 8 ½.  Translated to the Heyraud and Repetto brands, as well as Rondini sandals that I purchase in France, my exact shoe size is 39 ½.  With some of the Repetto shoes I take a 40. It depends on the style.

I love the look of Roger Vivier shoes but I’m not familiar with sizing and would be hesitant to make a purchase on Poshmark until I’ve tried the shoes on when I’m overseas. Only then can I make an assessment of the true size.

Image result for roger vivier gommette suede ballet flats

The Roger Vivier Gommete suede ballet flat. It retails for $625. I cannot afford to spend that on a pair of shoes.

Out of curiosity because I did see a pair of Vivier flats that I was interested in, I asked the seller what the European size was. She replied that the size is a 38. The shoes would be too small but they were a great price and the fact the seller replied was good on her part as a seller. She even recommended another Poshmark seller that also had great shoes for sale!

My instinct was to ask the European sizing because it’s crucial to know your sizing.

I added my question in the comment section under the photo. Poshmark doesn’t allow for  PM’s as inquiries.  When the seller replied, she said the shoes were a size 38. Too small for me but this was a great price!

Given the retail price of Vivier shoes, from a reputable Poshmark seller, it would be a good way to acquire a brand that may be out of financial reach otherwise.

However, for now, I’m putting a rest on shopping.  I wanted to try Poshmark out to see if it was worth trying.

Was it?

Overall, my first experience with Poshmark was a positive one!!

Yeah. I do believe Poshmark is fine. But you need to be cautious and look for real photographs!

Do you Poshmark? Do you thrift?  What’s your views on purchasing used clothing?

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Oscars 2020. Let’s Have Fun With The Stars! And Fall Asleep!

Okay, so I realize this post is four days post-Oscar, but the company of which I am employed staged a makeover this past summer.  As such, the fluorescent lighting is stronger than ever. To add injury to my already horrific eyesight, there are no diffusers on the light fixtures.

Guess who was affected by this?  Yes.  T’was I.  It took a couple of hours to get the display to the right setting and overall, I’m flummoxed as to why a large corporation would not have diffusers on the lighting.

Bitmoji Image

I would love to put those lights where the sun don’t shine!

Go figure.

That being said, I’m still trying to figure out just why I wasted three hours of my life in utter ennui all because I wanted to see the pretty dresses.

And trust me, the pickings were slim.

I started Oscar Sunday by dressing very Oscarly.  In my golden brocade slacks.  I wanted to be in touch emotionally with the stars.  I’m just as self-centered as any one of them so it was only appropriate.

Hello Dahlings!  It’s all about moi!  Do you like my Oscar outfit?  I was inspired by the golden statue..

Ouch!  Getting up from these poses becomes increasingly difficult with age. Perhaps that’s why wearing a gown is so much better!

As the late afternoon approached, I watched some of the Red-Carpet specials.  WTF?  None of these idiots holding a mike can compare to Joan Rivers. They ask the dopiest questions and can’t even bring themselves to vocalize a back-handed compliment.  They gush and giggle and act as though they came face to face with Jesus.

Image result for joan rivers red carpet


I miss her so very much. I can’t even watch the red carpet shows anymore!

It is sickening.

However, before I do a critique of the best-dressed of the evening, which won’t take long because there were no big standouts, I do want to address a few things that made the awards so eye-roll worthy,

The opening number. Perhaps I’m a bit cranky but that opening number with Janelle Monáe would have been more dramatic if it was just her, lighting, and a stage.  That’s it. Running down into the audience to showcase the lack of rhythm the white acting community exhibited was painful on my eyes. Keep the talent on stage. She’s got a great voice but it was cracking a bit when she began –and that was quite charming and proof of how a live performance can roll!

Image result for oscar opening number 2020

Forget the big production for the opening. Gimme just Janelle alone on a stage and dramatic lighting. It’s all we need!

Our non-hosts. Steve Martin and Chris Rock. Individually, I love each of these guys.  Especially Rock.  Together, they aren’t bad either.  But the humor—or rather the attempt at humor was a fail. Look, I have the filthiest, dirtiest gutter mouth on earth.   But there was something about them saying the word “vagina” that completely turned me off. That was a low attempt and was better left unsaid.  If it were a woman and mentioning “lady parts”—that’s funny.  But two men spouting the word “vagina”.  No. Just. No.

Image result for steve martin chris rock oscars 2020

These two guys paved the way for a very boring evening.

And rather than having one host, we had to go through a very uneven evening of presenters doing schtick.

Please don’t ever let me see Maya Rudolf and Kristen Wiig in those dresses again.  Maya Rudolph needs to fire her makeup person. And her hair person. And her stylist.  That dress that Wiig wore did nothing for her.  It was not flattering for her.   There are but two women in the acting community who could have looked spectacular in that dress.  Tilda Hinton and Cate Blanchett. They wear clothing and they wear extraordinary fashion very well.  That dress? It wore Wiig.

Image result for maya rudolph and kristen wiig oscars

Their rap was cute. And nothing else was remotely cute.–or stylish. 

The only thing good about the women’s presentation was the rap they did and that’s not saying much!

Even the greatness of Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Will Ferrell couldn’t make a memorable moment. Both looked as though they wanted to get off the stage.

Image result for julia louis dreyfus and will ferrell oscars 2020

I can tell you that she was thinking “Get me the hell off this stage”. He was thinking “What am I doing here”.  Whoever wrote their schtick needs to be fired.

And I’m not even going to mention the Cats.

Image result for rebel wilson james corden cats oscars 2020

I can’t even.  But Rebel Wilson’s shoes are fabulous!

And speaking of raps…my personal favorite moment of Oscar entertainment was Mr. Marshall Mathers, aka, Eminem, aka, Slim Shady—I’ve been a fan for years, and his performance was the shining star.  Who cares that “Lose Yourself ” won the Oscar for Best Song in 2003 (was it that long ago?); all I know is that random musical moment was the highlight of this otherwise boring Oscar presentation.









Highlight of the Oscars!  And might I add that Mr. Mathers was also one of the best-dressed men. I love his new look! Very mature!

What the Oscar powers-that-be need to do is to take a look at the archives of Bob Hope and his hosting days. He poked fun in the most delightful way.  My choice would be Ricky Gervais to be a permanent host but he hurts the feelings of the self-absorbed. Thusly, I suggest using the Bob Hope tactic.

Image result for bob hope oscar host

Can we please find another host like Bob Hope!  Let’s find someone who can make fun of themselves as they can of others!  

Another thing that really pissed me off was the fact that Parasite won both Best International Film and Best Picture. There’s so much that I need to say.  In the first place, what was wrong with the word “foreign”.  Is that word now politically incorrect? I need to know this because I’m wondering if I should now refer to my foreign travels as international travels.  The word foreign has only two syllables whereas international is composed of five.  When time is of the essence—i.e. the three plus Oscar ceremony, perhaps it is wise to use a two-syllable word.

Image result for best International feature film oscars 2020

Geez. They can’t even make up their mind about the category. Is it Foreign Language Film or International?  Either way, I want to see this movie but I thing films should stay within the confines of one “best” category!

Just sayin’

But here’s the thing I would like to address to The Academy. Pick one fucking category for the films.  Either it’s a foreign/international film category or best picture category. It’s called fairness.

Having seen Once Upon a Time….and 1917, both were stellar.  My pick would have gone to 1917. It was a visual masterpiece. The camera work was incredible and the movie held a very special place for the millions of us who had grandfathers and great grandfathers and other relatives who fought in The Great War.  It was a reminder of our history and how awful war is.

Truth be told. I am pissed that Tarantino did NOT win for best original screenplay. This was a GREAT Story! 

But I’m really upset that 1917 didn’t win–or that Sam Mendes didn’t win for best director!

I have absolutely nothing against Bong Joon-ho. Seriously, how could you not love a guy who’s named after a bong?  And he had one of the best lines of the evening “I’m ready to drink tonight till next morning”.  Now that’s a fun guy.

This guy though. I wanna party with him!!

And that’s why they have categories. Pick a damn category and stick with it.

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

Best dressed.

Hands down, the best dressed of the evening was Laura Dern. She also had the best speech. Her mom. Her dad. Now her. All Oscar winners. That was just really moving.

The dress, an Armani number was gorgeous. And it won her a worst-dressed award of the evening.  Don’t ask me how because the cut of the dress was fantastic. A true princess gowns. And the black and pink looked stunning.

Why Laura Dern would be called worst-dressed is beyone my comprehension. I adored how sweet and charming she looked. It was a Sleeping Beauty dress–and she took her mom with her. Two Oscar winners!!

Coming in second for me was Julia Louis-Dreyfus. That blue gown was such a classic and timeless thing of beauty. The fit was fabulous and she looked like a true glamorous star!

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/Shutterstock (10552447tp)
Julia Louis-Dreyfus arrives at the Oscars, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles
92nd Academy Awards – Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA – 09 Feb 2020

She was the epitome of glamour and class.  What a classic look!

Charlese Theron’s black gown was sexy as all get out.  She’s got the shape for it and she’s got the legs!  My only criticism was her hair.  Whether she is wearing short hair for a film or whether it is her choice, it was “meh”.  In this day and age of wigs and hair extensions, I do believe that entire look of hers would have benefited from a bit of fake hair—she needed volume.

If Theron wore some voluminous hair, her look would have put her over-the-top in best-dressed. the hair fell short. Too short, in fact!

Another favorite was Scarlett Johansson. Now there is a woman who knows what works with her body and what a body!  I’ve never seen her look less than stellar during awards season. The gown she wore was no exception. She nails it all the time!

When you know your body. And you know what looks are best, you always win.  And Miss Scarlett always nails it!

Keanu Reeves and his mom were the best-dressed couple. His mom rocked that pant ensemble!!

Can you believe Keanu’s mom is 76? What an inspiration to all pro-aging women everywhere. She looks fantastic!!!

Now, the last of my favorites also made the worst dressed on a few lists but I loved it.  And there’s a reason why.  The long waist.  It was different. It was beautiful.  I would wear that.

Kelly Marie Tran.  Ahhh what a long waist does to me.  This gives the illusion of height as well. She’s only 5 feet 2 inches but the long waist makes her look taller. I want this dress!

In all honesty, nothing else really rocked my boat.  A lot of people raved about Salma Hayek’s look but it was too matronly and bridal for my taste. The woman is married to the wealthiest guy in France and that’s the best she could do?

Meh.  I think she looked slightly matronly.  Not her best look!

And Margot Robbie.  WTF is with the detached sleeves?  A perfect example of horrible styling. She’s so gorgeous.  She would have rocked a gown with a Sixties vibe.

She one of the most beautiful women on earth and this look was a complete fail. Stringy hair.  The dress?  The defined waist is too high and looks cheap. The sleeves?  Pleeze?

Mindy Kaling. The dress wasn’t bad. It was the color that was awful. Yellow, especially mustard yellow is not her color. Had this been a bright emerald green, it would have been spectacular!

The color is wrong.  So is the makeup–the lips are way too dark. She would look so much better with a bright pink lip, brighter eye makeup and a bright green dress!

Sandra Oh was Sandra Oh No!

The color washes her out. The sleeves are too much. It’s just too much dress for her!!

I can’t even with Maya Rudolph. One of the worst looks of the evening.



If Maya Rudolph has a stylist, she or he needs to get kicked to the curb. If she does not have a stylist, I am applying for the job. Her hair is wrong. A side part with waves would soften the look. The makeup is too severe and that thing she’s wearing.  There is a very womanly body under that sack.  Make like Scarlett Johansson and show us those curves!

But the all-time, worst dressed of the evening, quite possible of all Oscar history was Billie Eilish. And she actually was thought of as best dressed –Read this!__Girlfriend.com

Sporting a two-piece Chanel number that looked like a cross between a garage mechanic uniform and ill-fitting pajamas, all I could think of was “What would Mr. Karl think?”  I was a huge fan of Karl Lagerfeld and just refuse to believe he would approve of that look.

Whatever happened to proper-hemmed pants?  The filth that will accumulate and ruin the pants? And the shoes?  I’m getting the vapors!

I realize Ms. Eilish is young—18 years young. However, this outfit was just trashy.

THIS?  Is Oscar-worthy attire?  OMG. Mr. Karl is rolling over in his grave right now. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with making a statement with clothing—but at least have something to say.  Remember Lady Gaga’s meat ensemble?  At least it was somewhat form-fitting and did have the nuance, albeit miniscule, of style.

At least Gaga’s meat ensemble resembled a dress.

There was nothing stylish about that Chanel number. It was baggy, ill-fitting and totally inappropriate for a glamorous occasion.

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – FEBRUARY 09: Billie Eilish attends the 92nd Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood and Highland on February 09, 2020 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

Tacky.  Tacky and people think fast fashion is wrong?  This is NO fashion!

Her makeup looked great though–and her low updo looked very pretty in a very edgy way–a nice look for a young woman.

US singer-songwriter Billie Eilish arrives for the 92nd Oscars at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California on February 9, 2020. (Photo by Robyn Beck / AFP) (Photo by ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images)

The hairdo wasn’t bad. Although I think had she gone with a more pinkish or light violet hue to her hair it would have been more flattering!

The nails looked ridiculous. How the hell was she able to wipe her ass or her lady parts when she went to the bathroom?  Ugh. Unsanitary.

Those nails. I seriously hope she went poo-poo before she had those talons put on.  And I hope to heaven she didn’t have her period!

Those nails are so gross!

Oh wait. I think she realizes how unsanitary those nails are. Hope she wore a Depends!

You know, there was a time when I couldn’t wait for award season. Grammy’s, Tony’s, Emmy’s, Golden Globes, Oscars, whatever else.  But these days, I can’t be bothered anymore.  Since Joan Rivers passed, the red carpet is a bore.

And the awards get worse and worse with the hosting.  We need some bite. Some snark.  People need to start laughing at themselves and these days Hollywood is taking themselves too seriously. The fun and the thrill are gone!

Perhaps I could host the Oscars!  Oh I’m so surprised that I would even consider the thought!

Your feelings?  Do you agree?  Disagree?  Did you even watch the Oscars?  Curious minds want to know!!

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More Mature-Skin-Friendly, Pro-Aging Makeup For Youse!!

It may sound crazy, but it’s true. There is a brand that’s geared toward Millennials and other young, nubile things. And in reality, the products are so mature-skin friendly.

In fact, in the past I’ve written about a few products in a previous post—and one of the products I’ve grown to like upon revisiting.

The brand?  Glossier.

Some of the Glossier products I’m using these days and fanning over!

Why is it mature-skin friendly?  Hold on.  I’ll explain.  In a bit.  I want to touch upon a few things first.

Remember when you were young?  I’m talking really young. Like…. fourteen to around eight or nineteen years old.  Was your skin oily or that crazy combination of dry in spots with that oily T-Zone?

Was Clearasil your best friend?  Yeah.  It was mine.

Image result for vintage clearasil

The most pathetic thing is that I used Clearasil as foundation. That’s how little I knew about cosmetics!

I had very bizarre acne.  On the right size of my chin and on the ends of my forehead.  My skin was like an oil slick in those areas but normal in others.  I still have scarring from when my father had a bright idea and made me put Ting an ointment on my pimples. Unbeknownst to me, Ting was an anti-fungal cream for athlete’s foot and jock itch. JOCK ITCH.  I still have nightmares about using it.

Image result for vintage tubes of ting anti fungal ointment

And it is NOT a cure for acne! Let’s make that clear!

And to this day it behooves me as to how my mother didn’t stop my dad because it led to a doctor’s visit as the shit literally burned my skin. In fact, I searched the net and found out that Ting is used for ringworm in the groin and scalp area.  There was no mention of acne.

Comedy Central Animation GIF

In hindsight, I would have been better off doing this.

Okay, so let us fast-forward to our twenties and thirties.  I would say that’s the time when our skin most likely looked our best. We grew out of the gawky zit years and for once, our skin looked so great that many of us didn’t even bother with foundation.  I

And then came the forties…. that’s when our skin started to change. Peri-menopause. And for some, early menopause began to dry our skin out.  And into our fifties the dryness continued.  Our skin started showing the effects of sun damage.  We got lines.

samantha jackson GIF

In reality, the GOOD thing about menopausal sweat was the dewy glow it gives off!

Basically, we aged.  Now, I don’t know about you, but it wasn’t until I was in my early fifties that I got very seriously addicted to cosmetics.  When younger, I had lush eyebrows and lashes. My skin had a rosy glow and the tone was even.  My lips looked good.  And my skin was taut.

These days, my skin tone is uneven.  I got the lines.  My bee-stung lips morphed into fish lips.  The old visage is creased, lined, wrinkled and dry!!

make up fly GIF

I may be old but I’m NOT wearing old lady makeup. And neither are you!!

And that’s where this brand comes in.

Now, if you have Facebook or follow the fun on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen the many ads featuring young women with the most incredible skin.  Seriously, I have to give it to these young women and men because they are more in tune with the cosmetics than we ever were.  We took the “natural” look seriously.  They take the look cosmetically natural.

Anyway, I was intrigued with a some of the products and ordered.  You can see in my previous post what I wrote.  I love the Boy Brow, the Stretch Concealer but the Cloud Paint proved just alright at the time.

Wearing some Glossier products I purchased some time ago!

But in more recent ads, I was intrigued by the Glossier Skin tint and the Futuredew.  And given the fact, I was running very low on my Stretch Concealer, I decided to place another order.

I couldn’t have been happier. So, come along with me as I get ready!  Okay?

Here I am with a face void of cosmetics.  I went through my skin-prep ritual of moisturizer, oil and primer and am now ready to begin the process of “putting my face on”. (Does anyone even say that anymore?

Bare-faced. Check oout the uneven tone of my skin.  Ugh. I just woke up so my eyes are puffy, you can see a blemish on my chin.  Basically, I look like shit.  But I need and want to be transparent.  So let’s get ready!

Anyway, today I’m going for a very natural and “no makeup” look. It’s the weekend and I want to take a break from the number of cosmetics I use for work. No highlighter today. No eyeliner. No contour or bronzer. Just a natural finish.

And so, I start by applying Glossier’s Futuredew.  Futuredew is a serum/oil hybrid that adds a really nice glow under makeup.  Let me begin by saying this is true.  It certainly adds a very nice glow. And for the mature skin, a dewy glow is what we could use.  As we pro-age our skin can appear dull and brightening it with a bit of glow is always a good thing.  This also smells so great when applied, a bit like tea and a bit green, the scent dissipates within moments.  It is a lotion with a flesh-tone that just melts into the skin!

Here’s the link to the product with the ingredients:  Futuredew link.

Futuredew comes in a sterile bottle..

….with a pump top. Oh how I love the pump top. Just enough product comes out..

..it pumps out flesh-toned..

…and once blended into the skin, gives off a beautiful glow!

You can see, despite the lighting, that there is a glow on my cheeks with the Futuredew

You can see the luminous glow better in this pic. I have my eyeglasses on so I can see the glow better too!

Glossier Skin Tint.  Not a foundation nor a CC or BB cream, it truly is a skin tint.  The shade I have is G10. It’s pretty light and I could have gone darker, but to tell you the truth, this blends in so well that you do have a frame within two to three shades that could still work with your skin tone.  It’s a liquid that, like Mac Face and Body foundation, is best applied with the fingers.  It’s so lightweight that a blending sponge and a brush would prove too absorbent for the product.

Next is the Glossier Skin tint.  In a squeezable bottle, I’m a fan of the pragmatic packaging. Nothing fancy.  Just straightfoward..

The shade I have is G-10. It’s a great match for my winter skin.

The little nozzle at the end allows for the perfect drop of skin tint to be released. I usually do four drops for my entire face!

This lit-uh-rull-lee blends into a second skin.  It’s hard to describe but it doesn’t cover—it evens out the skin tone.  And yeah, if you have a bit of redness, it’ll tone that redness down.  This skin tint just makes your face look nice. Very nice.  Nice and natural.  If’n you don’t like foundation; this is a great product for you.

We’re coming along fine now.  Got the Skin Tint and Futuredew on and you can see that the skin is starting to look better..and dewier.  And nice!

Stretch Concealer.  Not just any concealer, Glossier’s Stretch Concealer is ridiculously rich in hydration and incredibly creamy. It’s very friendly, even to the driest of skin.  I apply this with the Real Techniques 01413 brush, stippling it on, then blending with a damp, almost dry blending sponge.  The shade I have is G11 and I am so glad that I placed that second order because I’m going to hit pan very soon.

One of the best concealers out there for the mature demographic. Note the creamy testure of this.  You can actually use this as a substitute for foundation!

This also brightens up the under-eye area and stays put on the mature skin.  In reading reviews, there are a good number of younger women who feel it is a bit too creamy for their oily skin. However, our pro-aging skin welcomes the creamy texture of this concealer.

Cloud Paint in Buff.  When I first used this, I wasn’t all that fond of the peachy shade. But with a revisit and blending very well, it gives off more of a natural flush.  What I did discover is that the color works better for me as a lip color. And with a bit of gloss over it, I’m very happy with the outcome.

Glossier Cloud Paint–I’ll admit that I wasn’t crazy about the shade Puff at first but now I like it if well-blended for a flush and I especially like it on the lips!

Puff is a peachy-pink-coral that is growing on me.  I do love the smoothness of this creamy gel though!

What bothers me about this is the packaging. Too much product comes out when you squeeze so you have to be extremely gentle.  I’m one of those heavy-handed people so I have to really try my best.

Blending the Cloud Paint in with a Real Techniques 01413 brush.  I have about six of these brushes!

The same with the Birthday Balm dot.com.  I purchased the shade Birthday, a clear balm with a hint of shimmer.  Liken it, if you will, to Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream, it gives a balmy sheen to the lips but can also be used on the face as a blur product or to add a nice bit of light to areas of the face that you don’t feel like highlighting.

This is good but check out the tube. It wasn’t filled to the brim. There’s a lot of empty space.  Product is great. Packaging not so.

To set the makeup under my eyes–i.e. the mascara, I used my Subtl Beauty powder. I’ll tell you I’ve never been big on powder but to keep the mascara on the bottom lashes from smearing, I’ve been powdering. This little nugget o’powder is from one of my Subtl Beauty stacks and I love it!

This little nugget of powder does the job for keeping eye makeup from smearing to my cheeks!

The finished face!  I used Thrive mascara.  I purchased this about a year ago and don’t often use it because I’m such a fan of L’Oréal’s Voluminous Mascara.  The Thrive mascara is a good one but I tend to stick to inexpensive mascara.

Hold on!  I need to get my wig and clothes on!

The finished Glossier face!  The lines and wrinkles are there but the Skin Tint doesn’t cake up or collect into the crevaces of the face. The Cloud Paint looks great as lip color too. Oh. And the hair?  Brooklyn by Estetica Designs!

Another look in my kitchen light! Isn’t it a great and natural look?

A surprise!

Check. It. Out!  Subtl Beauty used yours truly in a Facebook ad.  I’m thrilled.  And I’m thrilled because this is a brand that’s generally marketed toward a younger demographic.  It makes me so darned happy that the brand is using the term “Pro-aging”.  And Subtl Beauty deserves love and kudos for that.  In addition, having my pro-aging face makes me happy because our age demographic is getting recognition.  I’m very brand-loyal and the fact our demographic is recognized means loyalty from me.

PRO-AGING!!!  Subtl Beauty not only used ME, but used the phrase Pro-Aging. I’m so happy and proud of the brand!  Subtl Beauty deserves our love!

So that’s it ladies and gents.  If you have any great pro-aging makeup brands you love or any products you love, by all means, please share in the comments below. This is how we discover and find out what works for us!!!

And here’s to Glossier for being a Mature Skin Friendly brand!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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Come Sale Away With Me!

I’ve been sale-ing since the end of November. That’s when they winter sales kick in.  On Black Friday, to be exact.

The past few years, we’ve been in Paris for Thanksgiving weekend and 2018 was the first year I noticed that Black Friday left the confines of the USA and took over in other countries. France being one of them.

But lets’ get back to the actual sales and what I’ve purchased and why I purchased.

The Black Friday Sales:  This past Black Friday had me perusing Galeries Lafayette for a camel coat.  This was on my list since I couldn’t find a decent one here in the States. Either I was completely outpriced or what was available was overpriced garbage.

In my mind, I knew what I wanted. A coat that could be worn to the office every day during the winter. One that would pair well with pants as well as with dresses and skirts.  I didn’t want a trendy style but rather a classic cut.  And camel because I’m tired of black coats—dirt shows up more readily and with dog hair being part of my life, camel was the more practical choice.

Image result for atypical60 camel coat"

This coat turned out to be the greatest buy. I’ve worn it practically every single day since it was purchased!!!

I found the coat after about a half hour of searching.  The first coat I tried on, I loved but at a price tag of over $600, I wasn’t—or rather, the husband wasn’t quite ready. He suggested I look around a bit more. Which I did. And just as I was about to give up, I saw her hanging on a rack.

This camel coat goes with everything I have..

It even goes with my wigs!!!!

A straight cut that falls to the knees, it was just what I was looking for. And at a price of $250 euros, less ten percent discount, she was perfect!

Other than the coat, I hadn’t done any shopping until after the Holidays.  As you know, the Holiday Season was a difficult time for my family due to my brother’s passing.

Fast forward to January.  That’s when I saled.  And to be perfectly honest with you the majority of the items purchased were for the coming summer.

Lilly Pulitzer hosts a great “After Party Sale” in January and if you are a fan of her bright colors and timeless dresses, taking advantage of this event is well-worth it.

Three of the four items purchased at the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale!

What I purchased were four items. Three online and one in-store.

The in-store purchase was a pair of Darci Shorts in a stretch fabric.  Why these shorts?

And the length is great. The shorts are shorter than Bermuda shorts but not as short as short-shorts!

Well.  The stretch fabric stays close to the lets. If there’s one thing I cannot stand about shorts is the fabric’s uncanny ability to ride up the inside of the thighs. It looks sloppy and is annoying AF when you have to constantly tug the shorts down.  And although I don’t wear shorts all that often, for a casual Saturday afternoon or hanging on our deck during the warm weather, the shorts are a welcome change from a dress.

White shirt.  I love this long-sleeved stretchy shirt.  Again, the price was right and one can never have enough white shorts.  The fabric has give and, although unforgiving around the belly, it’ll look great with a skirt or high-waisted pants.  I will have to wear a push up bra with this but it really doesn’t matter because the moment I arrive home from where I was the bra, this shirt will come off and be replaced by a loose tee!

I love this shirt!  I’ll definitely need a push up bra to make the titties look more lively…and..

Image result for seinfeld puffy shirt gif"

it brings back memories of one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes!!!

Shift Dress.  Bonaparte doesn’t like this one. At all. But he’s not wearing it. I am. And during the warmer months, I live in dresses. Be they sun dresses, a simple frock or a fitted shift. I love one-stop dressing.  This is the dress I can run errands in.  Can go to the movies or a casual dinner.  It’s comfortable and the length is actually more modest than the usual summer dress. I love the neckline and the front zipper.

This is the Larsen shift which I think is a great day dress

The arm holes aren’t cut so wide so as to show off your underwear…and not cut so small that they cut into your upper arm fat. They are the perfect cut!

Overall, this is a great summer dress.

Maxi Dress.  I did a video on the clothing I bought and as I stated in my video, this is the money dress!  It’s the Lilly Pulitzer Wynne Maxi dress.  At $64, this was a fantastic price.

This dress is the money! I wish the vibrancy of the print would show up better because this is just gorgeous!

I purchased a Wynne maxi last year to wear for Oona’s Bridal Brunch and paid $178—full price, which I rarely do. The one I bought last year was one of the most-worn dresses I wore during the late spring throughout the summer. The Boho vibe is spot on and the slits on the side give some air conditioning and extra comfort to the dress. And let me tell you I’m so happy I purchased this because it is now discontinued.

Image result for atypical60 wynne maxi dress"

My Wynne maxi from last year. Did you know my maiden name is Wynne?

Yet, another great item that corporate fashion decides will hit the dust.

Are you familiar with Gretchen Scott Designs?  The mail-order brand has become a favorite of mine. Especially when I can find sale items that haven’t been grabbed yet.

The Gripeless Cotton Spandex jeans are a mature-woman body’s best friend. I’m not kidding.  I purchased a pair a few months back. I took a chance because no stores in my area sell the brand and there were no reviews to be found. This is a very elusive and secretive brand if you ask me!

These pants were purchased a while ago but I love the fun print! I wore these to work yesterday because I was too lazy to shave my legs.

Anyway, I really loved the pants I bought because of the fit.  The waist is a higher cut and really hides a plethora of belly sins.  And because of the higher waist, the allusion of longer legs is given.  But the great thing about the pants are the whimsical prints.

Are these pants stinkin’ adorable or what????!!!

I purchased a pair on sale for $39 that reminded me of a cross between Marimekko and Pucci. Kind of 1960’s psychedelic.  And very-much fun!  I couldn’t resist. And I found good use for a bright pink Tippi Sweater that I haven’t worn too much!

Dear God. I’m such a class act. Check out the hanger and Chippy’s ball on the floor. I swear I didn’t even realize this was on the floor until I saw the pic.  I was making a video.  Real class! But–I’ll be wearing these pants a lot!!!

The shoes I bought.  No work shoes this season.  No boots either. I made do with what I have.  But all was not for naught.  Mine eyes hath seen the glory of a cute pair of pom-pom flats that Talbots was selling.  I was watching these babies like a bird-dawg searching for a duck.  There was no way that the full price of $130 was going to come from my pocket—and I’m not a Talbot’s fan.  But these shoes…

I love these shoes so much….the memories they bring back to me..

And in January, the price came down. I got them for $53.00 –less than half price.  These shoes bring back memories of the Pappagallo and Capezio flats I wore in high school and loved so much.  As usual, they were wide, but inner soles took care of that issue.

Image result for pappagallo shoes from the 1960's\"

Come on ladies!  I KNOW you remember these shoes!!  Do you miss them as much as I do?

Another pair of flats I was dreaming about came from J. Crew and at $178, there was no way I would swing the purchase. In the first place, the shoes are covered in fabric.  It’s not very practical. But—the shoes are plaid!!  Plaid. Pointy-toed.  Embellished with a bow. The perfect party shoe when you know you’ll be standing for hours and don’t want to bear the brunt of heels.

Plaid shoes.  With bows.  They are adorable but worth $178?  No.

How these shoes were marked down to $34.99, I’ll never know—or better yet, if I got them for $34.99 were they ever worth $178???

They are worth the $34.99 purchase price though!

On a J. Crew-ish roll, a pair of Gold flats were purchased at J. Crew Factory for a grand total of $11.97.  They’re cute. They’re comfortable and will be worn for those casual times.

These have the pricey Chloe vibe but for $11.97 the price is better than Walmart!

Lastly, a dress for the remaining days of winter.  Purchased at J. Crew Factory for $15.97.  A cotton-flannel, funnel-neck shift.  I love this dress because it feels like a nighty. I kid you not. It’s a great work dress and off the bat, I can tell you this will have a heavy rotation between now and spring.

I wore this dress today. And I can guarantee this’ll be carrying me into the late spring!  Who can beat the $15.97 price?

January is a great time to make purchases on end-of-season items. But chose wisely. Stick to more classic cuts that you know will be around for a while.  Trendy clothing isn’t necessarily a pragmatic choice because you never know what’ll be “it” next year.

Now that I’ve made the purchases, I’ll add a link below to my little video of how some of the clothing looks in real life!

Happy sale-ing!!!!

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The Fuckeduptedness of Being “Old”

There!  I said it and in doing so made up a new word. “Fuckeduptedness”.  There’s no need to explain the word either.

It’s a time of reflection for me because in less than three months I’ll reach my 65th birthday.  It’s a weird age, it is—because it signifies the true entryway to Senior Citizenship. When you are between the ages of 60 through 64, it still sounds a bit young.  65 is that magic age. Smack between the early sixties and…seventy!

Bitmoji Image

I may be getting older but I know how to rock!

And other than the usual neurotic thinking such as in 65 years from now I won’t be around—which kills me because I want to be; and the fact I am a failure in my career because I was never able to re-enter the workforce in the type of job I had in NYC, gives me a never-ending pity party. it really ain’t too bad!

Bitmoji Image

…but not yet!  I gotta squeeze a lotta life out first!

We—our generation is a more youthful bunch of old people. We are not our grandmothers or grandfathers either.  We be cool!  We are fun!  We do what we want.

And They hate it!!

Who’s they?  I’ll explain. They are the experts (In their own minds) who pontificate about how we are to dress. How to wear our hair. How we are to live.  They make up the rules we have to follow.

And therein lies the fuckeduptedness of being old.

I’ll give some examples.

When you are old, or if someone younger feels you are old, oftentimes are spoken down to. It’s almost “old people baby talk”.  For some reason people seem to think as you age you no longer hear  nor can you comprehend even the simplest sentence such as “Have a pleasant day.”  We may have aged but we have become smarter and wiser so stop speaking down to us. For God’s sake, I didn’t even speak that idiotic baby-talk to my children when they were babies!  Just stop it!

Ugh. If any adult ever spoke to me in baby talk, he or she would have huge welt across their face!

People also have a tendency to speak LOUDER to you?  Why is this?  I’m the loudest person I know—please do not try to compete with my loudness or I’ll bust your eardrums! You takin’ to me?  I hope not because you don’t sound to bright.

OMG!! There is NO reason to shout at me. I can hear you!!!!!!!!!  Stop it!

The “anti-age” factor.  This is bullshit.  I want to bitch slap the marketing idiot who created that term because he or she needs to be thrown into a jail cell. Age needed to be celebrated!  Many don’t make it to their fifties or older.  My brother was one so don’t even get me started!

Airbrushed, photoshopped and anti-aged.  Ageing is a horrific experience to be ashamed of–isn’t it?

The second you leave mommy’s love canal; you begin to age. Does anti-age mean that we should all stay a few hours old? Because that’s basically what it means?  Why not pro-age?  We’re happy to have those birthdays.  We’ve accomplished great things.  Why anti-it?   Which brings me to….

The Beauty Industry.  This they despise us. This industry views us as cows out to pasture.

 True dat!  The Beauty Industry treats us  lder ladies like cows put to pasture. And these are French cows that I hung out with a few years back while hanging out in the Burgundy countryside.  We got along well–we related to each other!

They will use late-teen to twenty-something models in their “anti-aging” campaigns. And worse yet, will advertise foundations, concealers, primers “made” for us and use those same young models.  There’s plenty of gorgeous mature women with lines, creases and wrinkles on their faces.  How come they aren’t used?

Kendall Jenner featured in Estée Lauder’s 2015 campaigns.

Yes. This is twenty-something Kendall Jenner. Estee Lauder,  a cosmetics company that the “Mature” customer could relate to, now has to look at younger models to figure out just how the hell any makeup will look on their older skin. This is the fuckeduptedness of old!

It drives me nuts too because this is an industry that thinks it’s so “forward” by using gay men wearing make up to prove how diverse they are.  No. You aren’t diverse.  And neither are ads with one obligatory young white girl, one obligatory black girl, one obligatory Asian girl, one obligatory Latina and one said gay guy diverse or inclusive.    Show me the seventy-year old woman of all colors and show me that old gay guy and only then will you be truly diverse.

Where the fuck is the old lady–or old man–or the physically disabled person.  No. You are NOT diverse until everyone is included. Go find a wrinkled person.

They, the Village Green Fashion Policing Society:  How many times?  How many magazine articles?  How many internet postings do we have to be tortured with when it comes to what we should and shouldn’t wear.  I can’t even with this one.

I will wear my skinny jeans, my mini skirts and above-the-knee dresses.  Hoop earrings will continuously remain dangling from my ear lobes.  Over-the-knee boots will continue to be worn.  And nobody will or should dictate how anyone should dress.  Especially the older demographic.

Image result for atypical60 over the knee boots

I will continue to wear my leather pants with pointy-toed boots..

I will continue to wear my miniskirts with boots..

As an old, shriveled, wrinkled old prune of the pro-age, I’ll keep my ripped jeans thank you!

And I will wear those glittery heels.

And I’ll continue to wear my hair long. Even if it IS fake!

It saddens me to see that women my age, mid 60’s and in their 50’s and even older fall into that misconception that they need to dress like an unstylish, unattractive wallflower.  Why?  Why can’t a woman who is of the pro-age, boomer generation dress as wonderfully as she feels.  Wait.  Some women don’t feel wonderful. And it’s because many women have given up.  And no wonder.  Fashion magazines are splayed with clothing brands that only advertise young, nubile women in clothing that the older woman can wear and wear well.  It is an absolute disgrace and one of the reasons I haven’t bought a fashion magazine in over a year.  I’ve not renewed any fashion or beauty magazine and have no desire to pick one up.  In fact, I’ve allowed my Allure subscription to expire because they never followed up on their promise to stop using the phrase “anti-age”.

Image result for vogue magazine covers USA

The very last Vogue magazine I read was when Wintour placed Kim and Kanye West on the cover.  If I want to read about celebrities, I’ll buy Star or People.  Fashion magazines have become trash. Bring back the actual models and get rid of the celebrities. Better yet, showcase the magazine’s true demographic of the “over 40” woman!

The Corporate “They”. This is a touchy and personal one.  Perhaps for you too, or someone you know.   Life events happen.  Some are great. Some aren’t.  And somewhere along the line, many of us, regardless of the life situation, have to re-enter the workforce.

Sad but true. Due to corporate closures I’ve lost a couple of jobs and I’ve never recovered the earnings that I’m worth. Think about that one–that’s the story of almost every person over 50 who has reentered the workforce and it is shameful and sad!

Corporate America and Small Businesses do not want to hire anyone over a certain age. It’s bad enough to seek employment over 50 but to seek employment over the age of 60 is a near-impossible feat.

three people over age 50 are holding up signs that tell stories about ageism they faced in the workplace

It’s all true.

And it sucks. It sucks because our generation has such a stellar work ethic. We come from backgrounds where we were taught how important values are.  Granted, many of us aren’t technically gifted the way younger people are, but we are quick learners.   The amount of information and computer skills I’ve learned from each job I’ve had is invaluable.   As a whole, we are open to new ideas. We are excellent workers. We don’t call out sick on a Monday due to excessive partying over the weekends. We won’t need a day or seven off when the kids are off from school or if they are ill.  We are there 100 percent.

It’s incredible because corporations get tax breaks for hiring the disabled but they don’t get anything for hiring the mature demographic. Perhaps they should, then maybe more of us would have the jobs we deserve!

They think we aren’t cool.  Oh yeah.  Ever get the eye-roll, side eye or smirk from someone younger?  I’m sure you have.  Perhaps it’s happened when you listened to the current top 40 music. Or discussing a movie or book or …. basically anything.  It’s because they think we aren’t cool.

Wise words.  No generation will ever be as cool!

Let me tell you something about “cool”. We are of the coolest generation ever.

That boho look?  We started it back in the late 1960’s.  We had the Summer of Love.  Our demographic got politically involved. The Youth Movement protested. We questioned.  We wore clothing that our parents disapproved of.

My favorite Beatle, George Harrison and Patti Boyd, hanging around playing guitar and smoking at the same time. Now THAT’S a feat!

Why—I remember the most beautiful pair of Madras plaid hot pants I purchased with babysitting money.  I wore them to go out and my parents made me go back upstairs to change. Those were the days alright.   We wore miniskirts and tattered and patched jeans. We had “head shops” where those who did not use bongs and roach clips could buy peasant tops and patchouli or ylang ylang oil.

Show me a modern-day fashion designer as cool as Mary Quant. Her iconic Mod look changed everything.  And we had her! And she’s still influencing how women dress!

We had the slick cool of Jimi Hendrix and the raspy cool of Janice Joplin.  I do not think there is anyone currently in the music industry as cool or as talented as they were. I’m biased but it’s true.

NEW YORK – JUNE 1970: Blues singer Janis Joplin on the roof garden of the Chelsea Hotel in June 1970 in New York City, New York. (Photo by David Gahr/Getty Images)

The sad thing is that she never got the chance to pro-age..

….and neither did Jimi.  That’s anti-aging.  They never made it to pro-age.

We danced.

And dance we did!

We partied.

And partied hearty, I might add.  Booge. Oogie. Oogie!

We enjoyed life. And we still do those things. It’s just that we do them at a more measured pace!

And at her age, she can light up whenever she wants!

And therein lies the fuckeduptedness of old.  It’s not how we perceive ourselves it is how they perceive us.  And as pro-agers rather than anti-agers, maybe it’s time to start a new movement!

Others see me as the figure on the left. An old, grumpy, unstylish old woman who should be thrown to pasture.  I see me as I am on the right.  Stylish, pro-aging, and only grumpy when I’m in rush-hour traffic!

What say you?  Do you feel the same way that I do? Do you find yourself being ignored or shoved aside due to aging?  Do you think we aren’t respected the way we should be?  I’m really curious to find out! Do you like my new word??????

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My Favorite and Best Wigs of 2019!

In the previous post the best of beauty was discussed.  Now it’s time for the hair.  The fake hair. The helper hair.

And HAIR” they are!  My faves of 2019!

And before I get into it, might I add that wigs aren’t just for women who have lost hair regardless of the circumstances.  Wigs are great for travel. Take them on vacation and après swimming don’t spend hours styling your salt water or chlorine-soaked tresses. Get a wig

Want to go blonde but don’t want to ruin your hair?  Want to go darker but not on a permanent basis? Get a wig!

Hell!  Try pink!  Try any style!  You’ll be fetching!

Got misbehavin’ hair and you have a summer wedding to attend.  A wig is your answer!  What’s that you say?  It’s too hot in the summer?  Nah—today’s wigs are super-light! Besides, if you gone through hot-flashes, a wig in the summer heat is nuthin’!

My bio hair was very misbehaving!  This would happen to a blowout in humid weather. And my reaction would be the same as Moira Rose’s.  But I would never attempt to do this to a wig!

So, let’s begin.

If you are a friend of this blog or YouTube channel or Instagram, then you are well-aware that Jamison, by Estetica Designs is my favorite wig of all time.  I cherish and adore her. And have her in many hues!  She is, once again, at the top of my list.

My first Jamison in Caramel Kiss. Next week she’ll be two years old and she’s still looking mighty fine!

Why do I love her so much?  Well, she’s a classic bob—the hair I always aspired to have but never could.  When my bio hair was cut into a bob, it would look great when it was set in huge rollers or blown out. But the elements of our atmosphere, with dampness and humidity, would not allow my coif to stay smooth and sleek and within moments I was left with a wavy pyramid of hair akin to Roseann Roseannadanna.

This is how my bio hair would look when I tried to get it to be the perfect bob.  

She’s the hair I can depend on.  If I don’t know what hair to wear, I’ll pull Jamison out.  If I want casual, I’ll pull her out.  In the winter, I can wear a heavily-textured sweater, a wool scarf, a wool blazer and the fabric won’t rub against the wig’s fibers. There will be no ruining

My newest Jamison in Chocolate Smoke. She’s so stinking beautiful!

Now, before I continue, may I add a few words.  The circumference of my head is 22 ½ Inches. When my bio hair is clean it can be a bit larger because the hair, I have left is big.  I’m serious. LOL!  My face is square—7 inches across and 7 inches long.  My face is on the large side and my features are not tiny.  My nose is wide, my mouth is wide. All this goes into consideration when finding a wig that fits not only your head, but your features as well.

Season 4 Bummer Vacation GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

That’s right. My head is square like Spongebob. But at least I know what wigs look better on me!

I can carry a lot of hair.  Oftentimes I’ll hear women mention that a particular style is “too much hair” and they are correct.  A ton of hair on a small face and small head can be overwhelming, but you can find a stylist specializing in wigs who can help you get the look you want!  If you notice, many of my wigs have a lot of hair.  I’m a gal who loves me some big hair!

Image result for dolly parton big wig

Dolly Parton is my big-hair wig icon!

That being said, the remaining favorite wigs of last year, in no particular order are:

Alden By Estetica Designs: Julia Roberts hair. She is lush. She is long. She is wavy. She is thick and dense; but to wear her, she feels light as a feather.  This is my va-va-voom hair. It’s the hair I wore to Oona’s wedding. My Mother-of-the-Bride hair.

Mother-of-the-Bride Hair Supreme. And might I suggest to all the future MOB’s to get a wig?  It’s going to look great throughout the entire wedding!

Surprisingly, though she looks like she could be heavy, she isn’t. Alden was heavily rotated last summer. I loved wearing her with maxi dresses and sun dresses.  She was easy to put up and I’m eagerly anticipating wearing her for the coming summer!

Alden in Caramel Kiss.  She’s Julia Roberts hair!

Enchantress by Mane Attraction Wigs:  Another longer wig that I wore constantly during last summer. In fact, Enchantress came to Cincinnati with me for the week of Oona’s wedding. She was worn during record heat at the Cincinnati Reds game.  The temperature was a hearty 98 degrees but she persevered.  I even have one that hasn’t been worn yet.

Enchantress by Mane Attraction.  Who says mature women can’t wear long hair?  This is one gorgeous head of hair.  Thankfully I have one that’s unworn because I cut the ends and nearly ruined this one!

And don’t let anyone tell you that you are too old for long hair.  That’s bullshit.  Who makes up these rules anyway?

Summer Heat by Statements:  This.  By The Wig Company’s house brand-Statements is a great and affordable wig.  I have two both in relatively light shades. But I’ll tell you, the style of this is fantastic. Its one of those “non-styled style” wigs.  Very practical and pragmatic.  It’s slightly layered but barely. It’s a bit angled with a side-swept bob. It’s a subtle design and I love it. It is great for the office—especially if you are bending down a lot getting things out of a desk. Nothing flops in your face. The length is wonderful, below chin, above shoulders.  The hairline is spot. No wonder it made the list!

Blonding in Summer Heat!  Shade F24/12. I love the unstyled style of this. And the length is great for those women who want to go a little longer than their pixies!

High Society by Gabor:  This is the wig that gave Jamison a bit of competition.  For all lovers of the bob style.  High Society is aptly named. This is one chic bob.  Chin length and cut in a way that personifies the ladies who lunch—on the Upper East Side of NYC and Avenue Foch in Paris.  This is rich lady hair.

Gabor’s High Society.  This is rich lady hair!! I’m wearing one of the Pecan shades here.

But she’s also travel hair.  If you wear wigs and travel you are well-aware that wearing a wig in-flight can sometimes be a challenge—especially if you are on a trans-Atlantic flight.  Dozing off, sitting against that uncomfortable seat and the atmosphere can have an effect on the fibers—especially if wearing a longer wig.  I wore her to and from Paris. That’s approximately 16 hours of flight time and she looked just as beautiful coming off the flights as she did going in to the plane!

Bonjour!  I had this wig on for 24 hours. From the time I got dressed the day before, our flight was at 6PM at night and all through an 8 hour flight, through customs, the cab ride to Paris and enjoying a nice late breakast before heading out to run errands before checking into the hotel. I look tired but the wig still looks great!

Avalon by Estetica Designs:   Previously named “Aspen”, I’m not sure why the name was changed but Avalon is one of my most-worn wigs. Again, this is the third wig I took to Cincinnati the week of Oona’s wedding. And she held up beautifully during the entire summer, into fall, and into winter.  Falling to the shoulders a bit longer or shorter depending on how long your neck is, her wave pattern is outstanding.  The waves aren’t too tight either. They are just loose enough and give off a boho and very casual look.  Avalon is that hair you wish you could wake up with without having to use a curling iron.  She’s a beautiful, beautiful wig and I have to say, she’s perfectly suited for the mature woman who wants long but not too long!  I have four Avalons and I think I need more!

Avalon in Caramel Kiss!  She’s shorter than Avalon and the waves are looser and Avalon ended up to be one of my most-worn, most-loved greatest wigs last year and still going strong!

Finn by Estetica:  Now here’s the funny thing:  My bio hair, during the mid-eighties, was cut similar to Finn. However, due to the tendency of my hair turning to frizz unless there was absolutely no humidity or precipitation, it would just frizz up.  Finn is the very layered, shaggy coif many of us curly/wavy haired girls aspired to have but couldn’t due to the frizz factor.

Finn is big hair and if you comb the fibers out with your fingers, you can make her bigger. And if you shake her a bit, you can make her even bigger. She is every Long Island/New Jersey/NYC Borough Girl and Woman’s dream hair!

Ahhhh. Finn!  The layers. The shag. The 70’s and 80’s vibe.  She’s also one of Bonaparte’s favorites too!  Can you guess the color?  

But more than that, Finn is just a fantastic wig. There’s density and lots of layers and she washes up absolutely beautifully without losing shape.  I have a serious crush on Finn!

Sutton by Estetica: Another bob. And this time a long one. A LOB if you will.  Sutton is a very sophisticated head of hair.  She’s a middle part but can be moved a bit for an off-center or slightly side part.  The edges are blunt.  And sometimes a blunt cut can be a bit severe but with Sutton, the blunt cut ends work because she is a longer bob.  This is one wig that never fails to receive compliments.  She’s got a nice density but isn’t thick. This is a wig I like to wear when I want to look very empowering!

Sutton. Silversun RT/8. 2019 was also the year I discovered how much I love the grays!  She’s a great lob (and I also have her in Caramel Kiss–LOL)

Alice by Uniwigs LaVivid Collection:  I would be remiss if I didn’t say that 2019 was the year of the bob for me.  Yet another bob—and another lob at that.  The weird thing is the first time I tried Alice on, I wasn’t sure about her.   She isn’t as dense as other wigs and she isn’t big. But somehow, she became one of my favorites. And although she is lighter in density, she is sturdy and strong.  There is no Permatease either so those who prefer a less big look, Alice is perfect.  Her ends are slightly bumped under—very slightly.  The vibe here is late 1960’s. When preppie started to become friendly with hippie. She wears very well and is an all-around four-season head of hair!

Alice by Uniwigs LaVivid.  Chocolate Caramel.  Trust me, if you do not like Permatease, this wig is perfection!!!!

On Point by Raquel Welch Wigs:  Another bob, she falls in between a shorter bob and a lob.  And for a middle-part wig she’s a gorgeous one. I love On Point so much that I have three. She’s very dense and on the thick side and that’s what makes me love her.

She is made of HD (Heat Defiant) fibers—and a good number of wig wearers don’t care for the HD fibers but I have had no issue.  I like the drier fibers because they mimic the luster (or lack of) my bio hair.

On Point in Shaded Cappuccino. The HD fibers are A-OK with me! Are we seeing a pattern in color here?

So that’s it.  There’s so much to say about wigs.  I only wish wigs were considered more of an accessory.  Wigs are fun.  And when you start wearing them regularly, people enjoy the many looks you have.  Yes. Others know I wear wigs—I change them like a mother changes a newborn’s diapers and it’s a treat!

Yes. Let’s make wigs an accessory!

To see more of my best of wigs—here’s my YouTube video! I hope you enjoy!

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