The Christmas Gift that Keeps on Giving! A Spa for Your Mouth!

With two weeks until the arrival of Santa, the stores are becoming increasingly crowded.  The mall parking lots are so full that it’ll take a quarter of a tank of gas by the time you find a parking spot.

Keep reading–it’ll be like me coming down your chimney instead of Santa!

And trying to figure out what your friends and loved ones would like can be daunting.

Gift cards can be impersonal.

The gift cards go into the Christmas stockings–I no longer give them as bona-fide gifts.

Clothing is a matter of taste.

Something tells me this would not put anyone on the top of those who give great gifts!

Does anyone even read a novel anymore?  (Yes—we do, but some people just are not readers)

Image result for texting

To a number of folks, reading texts is akin to reading a novel!  Gimme a good book instead!

Perhaps it’s time to get personal and pragmatic. Give the gift of Oral care!

That’s right. Oral care!  And this toothbrush is the gift that keeps on giving!

A little over a month ago, my friends at Smile Brilliant sent me a toothbrush to review.  The Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening System they sent me to review was fantastic! It worked.  My teeth became whiter and I’m still using the product! I was thrilled to try their cariPro Electric Toothbrush!

Now—you know that when I review a product, I take my time and use t Ihe product to be sure it’s a keeper.

And a keeper it is!  Keep reading…

This toothbrush.  It’s electric and it is fabulous! Wait!  It isn’t just a toothbrush. It’s a SPA for the teeth!

I kid you not.  This cariPro toothbrush is a spa for the teeth!

For those with sensitive gums—it’s a massage spa!  My gums are sensitive.  Very sensitive.  I’ve had periodontal work, which is not pleasant and my teeth are precious to me.  And if you are like me, you know what I’m talkin’ about!

The various settings on the toothbrush are like different spa treatments for your teeth, gums, and tongue!

Look!  There’s even a massage setting!!!

Let’s take a look:

The toothbrush came very well-packaged.

I received my Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush and vials of the Teeth Whitening and Desensitizing Gel!  Just in time for the Holidays!

The wireless toothbrush comes packaged nicely with brush head, port and plug intact.

The instructional guide is very clear and concise and covers every nuance about the brush.

Believe it or not, this instruction manual is a valuable item..

It gives clear and concise instructions how to best utilize the toothbrush and gives information about every nuance.

The gray matte finish lends itself well to any bathroom décor—and it cleans up well.  Trust me I’m a born slob and this brush cleans beautifully.

The graphite finish lends itself well to a streamlined look.  It is waterproof so you can, if you are so inclined, even brush your teeth in the shower.  Its a soft and comfortable touch as well.

The pricepoint runs from $119 up to $199, depending on the toothbrush set you purchase.

Extra brush heads are included–but I’ll tell you the brush head I’m using is lasting and shows no signs of wearing down or fraying!

The back side of the brush is a built-in tongue scraper for extra oral cleanliness!

The toothbrush fits perfectly into the port for easy re-charging!

I’ve been using this toothbrush every day, twice a day since I received it.  The only time I didn’t use it was when we were in Paris for four days.



I can attest that this is truly a wonderful toothbrush.  It leaves your mouth clean and refreshed.  Gets into the nooks and crannies without discomfort.  My gums have stopped bleeding and they definitely are looking healthier!

Every. Single. Day. Twice a day. And on Weekends, three times a day!

Trust me.  This toothbrush is everything and a Taco Bell Party Pack—and you can clean your teeth after that fast-food party!

Believe me, I can eat an entire Party Box of Taco Bell goodies and don’t need to feel bad about my mouth stinking up the room because I’ve got a great toothbrush!

Last-minute shopping?  Have no fear.  You can order by December 18th and have the toothbrush by Christmas.

My friends at Smile Brilliant have given a code to use for fifteen percent off your purchase should you decide to gift someone or yourself!  The Code: atypical6015

For a chance to enter a giveaway of a Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit click on this link:

Happy Shopping—and may your teeth be as bright as the lights on your tree!

May your teeth sparkle as bright as the lights on the tree–and they will if you try the cariPro Electric Toothbrush from Smile Brilliant!

Shopping. Last minute shopping.  It’s all part of the Holiday fun because it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

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Paris in Four Days—A Louvre-ly Last Day with Art and Family!

Our last and final day, before heading home tomorrow, was a full one—and pleasant from morning till night!

Good Morning from our room at the  Hotel Prince de Conti ! I love this hotel for its charm, great location and price–but the lighting is horrific!

We woke up considerably earlier than the previous day because we had a lot to cover.  Dinner would be in the Paris suburbs with Bonaparte’s Brother-in-Law, Michel, his wife, Marie-Claude, their kids, Ann-Sophie, Alexandre and Bonaparte’s nephews and niece, Nicolas, Jean and Nathalie.  It was a family affair.

But first, we headed back out to Rue de Buci for breakfast.  That being Café Crème and Croissants.

Another gorgeous window display.  No matter what time of day you walk around Paris, there is always a great sight to behold–even if it is in a shop window!

Passing the Cafe Buci–boy oh boy, I can’t even count the cups of Cafe Creme I’ve had here over the years!

The morning was a rainy and gray one but it didn’t stop us from enjoying our petit déjeuner under the striped awning of the heated outdoor area.  And even on a rainy morning, the people-watching was still entertaining.

We lingered over coffee and croissants at Cafe de Paris..

Buttery. Flaky. Delicious croissants.

A group of men in an intense moment of conversation.

And on a cold, rainy morning, the heat from above kept us warm while we watched the goings on!

A mother wheeling her baby in a carriage with a small unleashed dog provided some humor as the dog paid no attention to the young mother’s commands.  He just wandered in and out of the legs of those of us enjoying the warmth of a hot beverage and a warm pastry– and it wasn’t until the mother gave up, turned around, and walked away with baby that the dog realized she meant business and he obediently followed her home.  The pleasure of an off-leashed dog! Sorry I don’t have a picture but I was completely involved in the doggie drama!

We watched a waiter, in a fashionable man-bun immersed in a serious phone conversation while smoking a cigarette.

Who was this waiter texting to…

Was he texting his girlfriend that he had a great night with her?

A restaurant worker starting his day at the place next to us.

The restaurants are empty on this Sunday morning–but there are people out and about..

The stories of the passersby that we made up and discussed kept us busy in conversation as the rain fell overhead.

Was this couple going out to breakfast?  To Mass?  Out for a stroll in the rain?  We make this stories up as we go along.

The rain didn’t stop us from doing a bit of shopping as we strolled back to the hotel to pack for tomorrow’s trip home.

Across the street, we stopped at Nicolas for wine to bring to dinner…

A stop at Buci News, quite possibly THE most adorable stationery store in all of Paris.

I love passing by the boutique Oona on Rue Dauphine.  It reminds me of Oona!

Our plan before dinner was to head to BHV, the department store over in the Marais.  Bonaparte’s brother, Francois, was having a book-signing event.  Francois has inherited the talent of photography from their grandfather, Jacques-Henri Lartigue and we were on board to support him!

And with a few hours to kill, we decided to walk over to The Louvre.  The Louvre—most likely the most famous art museum in the world.  It can be overwhelming—and it was the first time I visited.  In fact, I prefer the Orsay because it’s smaller and more intimate and manageable.  But it had been quite some time so we headed off.

Another walk through Place Dauphine…

On our way to the Louvre.

A sleepy Seine on a rainy Sunday

How does this man manage to look so suave in this weather?  

The great thing about being in Paris with a native is that they know which entrances to go to where the crowds are minimal.  My husband got us into the museum in record time, beating the long lines of which I am thankful!

Bonaparte had his French on for sure. Rather than notice that the Pyramid looked beautiful in the rain, he started to complain about the Ferris Wheel (which I love) in the background!

The Louvre was handling a great crowd-not only from tourists, locals, and lovers of art, but from those who dared to do some underground shopping.  Under the Louvre is a mall of sorts offering goodies galore and some very seasonal eye candy.

Oh yes….the Christmas shopping is in full force!

But back to the museum.  We both agreed on checking out paintings from both the Romantic era and the Realist era.  Two of my favorite artists, Eugene Delacroix and Gustave Courbet were painters in both those eras.  Somewhere along the way, we took a wrong turn and ended up in a section of the Louvre that was just about empty.

It certainly is a Louvre-ly Sunday!

Ready to enter…

I was sad we it was our last day because the Louvre ticket was also good for two days entry at the Musee Delacroix.  I LOVE that little museum–it’s Delacroix’s home turned musee and it’s incredible charming.

It was a magnificent mishap that made both of us feel as though we owned the museum.  We ended up in a section that was chock-full of Louis XIV furnishings and we couldn’t quite get enough.

Won’t you join us as we peruse the Louvre?

Come with me.

This guy. Louis Quatorze–he certainly knew how to decorate a home–and to dress too.  Can we discuss his stellar wigs for a moment as well?

I can’t even with this cabinet..

Is it Aquaman?

This is an incredible display of stuff.  Those tapestries had me going ga-ga.  I cannot imagine how tedious it must have been to hand stitch them!

OK. This is really weird. These are priest’s vestments.  But–I thought they bordered on eerie and creepy because they belonged to a sect of priests–I couldn’t understand the rest of the description but as beautiful as these are–they are just creepy to me.  

There were quite a number of Catholic icons–this crucifix is beautiful. Jesus is ivory as were many items here.

I had visions of stealing this desk.  I cannot believe it is centuries old!

More Home Goods that I covet.  Can you believe that there was nobody here except for me and Bonaparte?

Now, THIS is a table for a family Christmas dinner!

This belonged to Empress Eugenie. I wanted to break the glass to take this home to Princess Oona to wear for her upcoming wedding!

We did manage to see a painting or two..

…and for my UK girls–a trip to the Loo-vre was in order!

A view from a window..

and another view.

Honest to God, we could have spent the entire remainder of the day there but we had places to go and things to do.  But before those things, we headed down to the shopping area where I made a purchase of Fragonard’s Santal.  It was impossible to get the scent out of my mind after opening up a sample that I had in my travel bag and this just may very well be a new favorite scent for me.

In hindsight, I should have purchased two bottles of this fragrance!

The entire shopping area was festooned in everything Christmas!

Back out into the now incredibly damp, chilly and gray afternoon, we took the Metro over to BHV and were welcomed by more Christmas shoppers!

Paris has Mary Poppins Marketing fever.  Ugh. Disney has invaded this city like a dictator!

On our way to the Book Department!

We headed up to the book signing and Francois and Bonaparte were happy to see each other.  Jean-Denis and Marie were there so it was a most pleasant afternoon!

Francois is a great and talented photographer.  His photographs are stunning and I’m glad that we have his book!

This was a nice moment for my husband–he’s a very proud older brother and it was great to be here..

It was also fun to spend a bit of time with Jean-Denis and Marie before leaving.  We had a wonderful evening with them on Saturday and there’s never a dull moment when we are with them! I consider Marie my bestie and if I lived in Paris we would hang all the time!

Look who I found in the book department! Daniele–I swear she’s never too far!

Be still my heart. My two favorite French Pop stars!  Laurent Voulzy and Alain Souchon!   I died on the spot!

Leaving our photographic author, we walked back to the hotel. No longer raining, we definitely got our share of exercise! As well as working up an appetite for our family dinner!

The most random sighting ever was a group of French cheerleaders we spotted on our way back to the hotel.  They were being photographed and it was unusual and fun to see this!

Back in the warmth of the hotel lobby, I literally flung my body against that white heater. It felt sooooooooooo good!

Michel and Marie-Claude live just outside Paris in Asnieres-Sur-Seine. Thank goodness the Uber driver knew how to get there because we would have been completely lost and, once again, it was a pleasure to arrive at their home for dinner.  Their home is big, warm, inviting, airy and incredibly comfortable.

Family dinner at Michel’s and Marie-Claude’s.  The greatest host and hostess ever. I cannot even begin to tell you how welcomed I felt!  This was the BEST evening!!

And if Marie-Claude is ever looking to enter back into the work force, she should open a bistro because she’s one of the best cooks ever.  Last time we were there for dinner she made, hands down, the best beef bourguignon I had ever eaten.

This time was just as incredible.  We started with plenty of champagne and a fish mousse served with a fennel salad.  It was hard for me to not stuff my face with two and three helpings.  The main plate was Osso Bucco—and its marrow was divine!  Served with noodles and a light sauce it was the best meal I had in the four days.  Yes. It was even better than the beef cheeks!

The table is set…

The fennel (fenouil) was off-the-charts amazing and that fish mousse–I wish I had the recipe!

I longed to be a Hoover vacuum cleaner so I could have sucked up all the bone marrow from everyone’s plate.  Excuse me but Marie-Claude is one of France’s greatest chefs!

I can’t even mention the greatness of this French cheese..


My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Marie-Claude and Michel for a wonderful evening! There is no greater way than to end a trip to Paris by being invited into someone’s home for a spectacular dinner!

Dessert was an apple tart made by Anne-Sophie who is very adept at baking and before we knew it, it was time to say good-bye.  The Champs Elysees was quiet and beautifully lit in red lights as  Bonaparte’s nephew, Nicolas drove us back to the hotel.

A drive down the Champs Elysees on a Sunday evening.  Quiet but beautifully lit in red! Thanks to Nicolas for driving us back!

A fine way to end our stay.

The morning of departure. We headed downstairs past the little comfy reading nook in the hotel…

….to enjoy our last breakfast..

….and the powdered Chocolat Chaud was incredibly satisfying and delicious.

A Monday morning drive in the rain…

This time, we left to return back to the States from Orly airport—smaller and more manageable, I’m a fan of this airport.  However, Air France is just as disorganized at Orly as in CDG and boarding was messy but we took off on time.  As we left the runway and into the air, that same sadness hit me that always hits me when I leave France.  I can’t wait to return.

So long Paname! Till next Thanksgiving…or possibly late next summer…

It’s always sad for me to leave but for my husband, it’s even more difficult..

JFK-bound!  Surprise–the flight is on time!

Back in the States, we arrived to rain—and a lot of it.  And as we crossed the Verrazano bridge, my throat felt scratchy and by the time we arrived home, my head was stuffy.

Home again. Home again. Jiggity Jig!  Was our trip a dream?  

But you know what?  It was glorious to fall asleep in my own bed.  As much as I love to travel, there’s nothing like the comfort of coming home to your bed with its fluffy pillows and oversized comforter to make you feel warm and fall into a sleep that gives you dreams about your next trip to Paris!

Tired, with a cold but returning with great memories….I can’t wait to return.

Well.  That’s it.  I truly hope you enjoyed our trip.  Now it’s back to reviews, and my outspoken opinions and lots of other fun stuff in store.  Thanks for coming along with us!

Paris. Paname. Padam.  Many names for the City of Lights.  Here’s the great Edith Piaf! Padam. Padam!


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Paris in Four Days—Part Three. Mucha Do About Nothing but a Great Exhibit!

It’s Saturday already and tonight we will go to the apartment of my husband’s cousin, Jean-Denis and his wife Marie.  But we do have an interesting day planned.

As usual, it seems that whenever we are in France—there’s something going on.

Image result for taxi strike paris 2017

I was here for the Taxi strike.  It was not pretty.

We were in France for the infamous Taxi strike a couple of years back, an Air France strike that had us teetering on the edge of having to rent a car to drive from Nice back to Paris.


And yeah–I was in France during this Air France strike too.

This year, it was the Manifestation of the “Yellow Jackets” A large group of right-wingers who came into Paris from all over France to protest the rising tax on gasoline.  I’m not going to get into French politics here but it seems that the middle class is affected by rising costs throughout the world. It’s a global thing but this manifestation went too far.  Luckily, we weren’t affected.

And this year–I was in Paris for the Demonstration of the Yellow Jackets!  (Shhhh–don’t tell anyone but it’s more dangerous here in the States where you can be shot at any time by a crazed gun owner!)

However, the sad thing is that it did affect shoppers who traveled into Paris to do some Holiday shopping. I’ll leave it at that.

Anyway, we woke up at ten in the morning—which I almost freaked out from oversleeping.  But my husband assured me that I was being very American and that I should just go with the flow.  And by this time, he wasn’t even thinking in English.  He was speaking to me in French and thankfully, I can understand the language.

france humor GIF by

Oui, oui!  My husband forgets that English is my first language and speaks to me in French when we’re in Paris–it’s because he stopped thinking in English!  Oh Merde!

With news on TV of the manifestation, we had to think about our route to the cemetery to visit Danielle. I was willing to walk but a certain someone was a bit chilly and so we cabbed it to Montparnasse.  And, get this—the man who never forgets anything forgot to bring his money!  Luckily the cabs are well-equipped to take credit and debit cards.

Another rainy morning–I was willing to hoof it but we ended up in a cab!

Montparnasse Cemetery, for some odd reason, is a very relaxing place for me.  There’s something very soothing about being in the center of the souls from centuries and decades past.  Row upon row of crowded headstones and sculptures –it’s almost akin to an outdoor exhibition.

Perhaps it’s the time of year but I find this place to be a very comforting and soothing one.  The French cemetaries are much different than ours.

With signs like this, it’s easy to find your way around..

From the old ….

….to the modern–it’s like an art exhibition!

A spigot with water and a watering can for those who need to water the flowers..

A war memorial.  Those little jars are candles.  I thought they were tomato sauce but Bonaparte explained what they really were. 

But this time, as we entered through the iron gates, I felt tears running down my face and it wasn’t from the cold and rain.  It was because for that moment, I wished that Daniele hadn’t died.  I wanted her to still be around—perhaps I was being selfish but I really felt that emptiness and just wanted her to be next to me so we could go arm and arm to her cabinet, grab a botte of Porto and giggle and laugh.

I had a little conversation with her after I tidied up and kissed her goodbye.  I know she saw us.

I cleaned up some leaves that fell on her and her husband Yves’ grave and pulled a few weeds just to make things tidier.  Bonaparte was unusually quiet as he walked over to his cousin Zazi’s grave.

Bonaparte spent time with his cousin–in reality they were more like brothers.

And then–we left.  Just like that.

And then we made our way out to take a glimpse to see what became of the art gallery that Daniele ran on the side.  It’s a mosaic shop now.

It’s hard to believe that this little Mosaic shop was an art gallery –if those wals could talk..

Things change so quickly.

We walked up Blvd. Raspail — my husband was starting to come down with a cold so we stopped at a pharmacy and let me tell you something–those French pharmacists are like doctors.  It’s a hypochondriac’s dream.  If I lived in Paris every single pharmacist would know me personally!

One of my favorite boulevards for wandering..

Decorating the awnings…

Looking festive!

More Christmas trees—and these were huge!

I was tempted to buy all of these at the pharmacy!

Christmas wreaths!

We found an ATM and took respite from the cold and damp by enjoying a nice hot cup of Café Crème.

Always a good idea for a cafe creme and a croissant!

Wandering around, Bonaparte had the idea to stop at Dalloyau across from the Jardin du Luxembourg. We’ve been going there regularly for years and a mid-afternoon pastry would hold us over till dinner.

I was so upset that Dalloyau closed I couldn’t steady my phone!

It was closed.  Things change so quickly.  I don’t know why that location was closed because the shop was always busy but I guess it’s the way things are now.

The police were placed all over the city because of the demonstration.  Those police may look like little nuggets of law but they are as tough as nails and in great shape!

I swear to you, I’ve never seen the streets in Paris this empty–not even on Sunday morning!  That demonstration made it great for anyone who wanted to walk around the city streets!

All was not lost though, because we decided to catch the Alphonse Mucha exhibit at the Musee du Luxembourg.  The line wasn’t long when we arrived and the twenty-minute wait was well worth the treasures that were inside!

I was thrilled that we got to see the Mucha exhibition!!!

He was mucha talented!

The way he showcased women was so gorgeous and ethereal..


And more


I’m completely mesmerized by Mucha’s style

I saw this bust at an exhibition at Petit Palais a few years back and was happy to see it again!

I purchased a book with posters to be framed!

Art Nouveau may have been a fleeting movement in the art world, but I love everything about it.  Especially the illustrations and paintings and this exhibit was everything and more!  It didn’t surprise me that it was incredibly crowded either and by the time we left the small museum, the line was outside the museum, outside the gate and down the street!

More walking–back to the hotel.

But first–I must stop to look at Christmas Ornaments!

I would not mind a bag of the real stuff!

The mist turned into a light rain and we got our exercise by walking back to the hotel—just in time for a nice rest before heading out to dinner at Jean Denis and Marie’s.

Sorry I have no pictures of our dinner but I left my phone at the hotel.

Bonne Nuit!

Sunday had a more ambitious schedule ahead.  Stay tuned for Part Four!

Jolie Sapins!  Carli Bruni sings a French Christmas Song for you!

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Four Days in Paris 2018- Part Two Our Rebellious Thanksgiving Dinner and a Most Busy Black Friday!

I left off where we were getting ready for our Thanksgiving Dinner.  But wait.   I need to backtrack a couple of things.

Given the fact that the hotel’s lighting was horrific (I’ll be writing about that later), I managed to clean up nicely for dinner.  I’m wearing the Chloe by Envy Wigs that my husband gave me for my birthday and a $7.00 faux leopard collar from Forever 21!  

First—I’ve gotten a couple of inquiries as to who Daniele was.  She’s the husband’s aunt who was his second mother—in my case, she turned out to be my French mother—the two of us hit it off and remained very close to each other until she passed away. This will give you a background  click the link please to read “Paris Without Daniele

Secondly, while we were practicing the fine art of “flauneuse” or, in his case “flaneur” by roaming the streets, we were discussing our dinner plans for the next three evenings.  On Saturday and Sunday, we would be having dinner with family so it left Friday blank.

Allard Restaurant–now owned by Alain Ducasse–recipe creator of the Gourgeres that I make!

We were having this conversation as we passed by the restaurant “Allard” and Bonaparte suggested we call for reservations.  Me, being the aggressive, assertive American suggested walking into the restaurant and making reservations on the spot.  With my husband telling me in his extremely heavy accent that was now becoming increasingly more difficult to understand told me “Eezz jus’ not don—ou ‘av tew cawl zhem”

I opened the door to the restaurant and he followed.

And we made reservations, on the spot, for the next evening at 8:00 PM.

Score one for moi!

Now we can get back to Thanksgiving!

We had dinner at Restaurant Paul—which is nestled on Place Dauphine.  This is our neighborhood place.  In the summer, it’s quite lively with seating outside so diners can catch a glimpse of the goings on outside and keep a mental score of the boule games that are a constant.

The restaurant was quiet on this Thanksgiving–then again, we made early reservations at 7:30 by the time we left, it was garnering a crowd.

It’s a quiet and welcoming restaurant during the winter.  Very cozy and warm and the food remains consistently good.  The menu isn’t a large one—which is a good sign.  And so, we sat down to our Thanksgiving Dinner of ….

When dining out, we have Kir rather than the Kir Royal–simply because the restaurants don’t use good champagne and when they do, the drinks cost a fortune.  Frugal travel tip!

After a round of Kirs, I started with my favorite appetizer.  Squid and Mushroom in a foam sauce–this is the third time I’ve had this and it never fails.  I hope it never disappears from the menu.

He never strays from the pack of snails.  The husband enjoyed some escargot

And yes–my rebellion was combating turkey with Steak Tartare!  And it was heavenly!

Bonaparte went with something fancier than my steak tartare.  He had some sort of steak and a fancy potato.  I was too involved in my raw meat!

The restaurant always adds a dish of their small cubed potatoes which I’ve adapted and make at home!

No pumpkin pie to finish off this meal.  Instead a dark apple tarte which was divine!

Happily satisfied with dinner, it was time for a stroll along the Seine to Pont Neuf and back to the hotel!

With a slight mist in the air, the view of Pont Neuf appeared even more ethereal and mystifying. There is something on the spectacular side when strolling through the streets of Paris in the evening after and during a light rain.  The city shines and the reflection of the buildings from the street lights makes it all look like a dream…and it’s the perfect preparation for slumber.

Pont Neuf at night–I can’t count the times I’ve crossed this bridge over the  past 13 years..

The lighting is mesmerizing..

And I love the view across the river of Daniele’s old apartment building.  I’ve got nothing but wonderful memories of my time spent there and I’m still pinching myself  to validate that it was never a dream!

Black Friday in Paris is Crazy—but first a little stop.

Oh the discounts were heavy!  Up to 30 percent off but before we go shopping….

My husband had an appointment with the Donation Jacques Henri Lartigue, the National Foundation for his grandfather’s photographs.  We woke up and had the French version of a Continental Breakfast at the hotel and called an Uber to take us to the far reaches of Paris where the Donation is housed.

Our little table at the hotel…

A very inviting and quick “help-yourself” breakfast. I felt right at home…

Most likely the healthiest meal I’ve had in months.  Why–even that little pastry was filled with apple!

TIP:  In Paris?  Make sure you have the Uber (they pronounce it “Ew-Beahr”) app on your phone.  I love me the G-7 Taxi cabs but you can get an Uber quicker and every driver we had was great!

The meeting lasted about an hour with Monsieur Lartigue and the woman from the Donation discussing business.  Luckily, when we left, it wasn’t raining yet but it was a bit damp.  For me, it was perfect because I love walking around on a gray day—there’s no sun to bother the eyes.

The Donation Jacques-Henri Lartigue is in the far stretches of Paris but it is nestled in a quiet and charming area..

Check out the potted palm trees.  I thought I was in Morocco but when a cold gust of wind hit me I realized I wasn’t!

While Bonaparte and this woman were discussing business, I was having a look-see…

Renee Perle,  the muse of my husband’s grandfather.  I don’t know who had more beautiful hands–Renee or Barbra Streisand!!!

A quick walk to the Metro and we rode to Galeries Lafayette.  I wanted to see the Christmas Decorations.  Galeries Lafayette on Haussmann is one impressive department store. And the Christmas Décor never fails to please.  Although, I have to admit, the decorations from two years ago raised the bar higher than any year.  Still, the lights, the decorations and the fun didn’t fail!

Another break from the rain as we left the Metro and headed up to Galeries Lafayette.  Take a look at what Parisiens are wearing please. Nothing fancy just very pragmatic outerwear choices!

Here we are at Galeries Lafayette on Haussmann!  Home of some truly magnificent Christmas decorations!

View of the “tree” hanging from the domed ceiling..

It’s hard to see but there’s strings of tiny lights and IRL they looked beautiful!

A view from a lower angle..

Looking down at the cosmetics area.

This line was the most astounding sight I saw at the store.  This line stretched from that back wall through the length of the store. Note the woman with the beverages.  The entire line was Asian people–men and women and it made me remember that the movie “Crazy Rich Asians” is on my must-see list! It was astounding.  There is no way in hell I would wait on a line to buy a bag.  That’s crazy.  Period. C.R.A.Z.Y! Hmmmm what was my husband looking at?

Time to look at more decorations!

But first–lets take a look at the shoes!  These shoes. OMG. If only I could afford a pair of Dior shoes, these would be mine!  Toile we meet again….

As we walked around the shoe area, the husband asked me if I needed a pair of shoes.  Excuse me?  You ask me that question and I’ll never say no!  Stopping by the Repetto area, the sales had diminished any ballet flat I liked in my size.

See those black booties next to the black pumps?  Those are the ones I got and at a 30 percent discount.  

This young woman thought of everything.  She knew I was traveling and replaced the shoe box with a shoe bag.  I like that!

But I did manage to get a pair of pointy-toed, black booties which my shoe wardrobe was lacking. And might I add, the Geox area employed the greatest sales assistants.  In my broken French, I managed to get a smile and great help and off we went, with my boots in hand!

That billboard ad is greatness–you would never see it here because I’m sure it would offend someone! *eyeroll*. 

The windows at Galeries Lafayette were a hit with spectators this year..

A bit of window entertainment and a spot of sun peeking through made for a pleasant walk to a taxi stand.  And we were off to the office of Zazi Films.

And in my most humble opinion, this could be, quite possibly, THE most beautiful window display I’ve ever seen in my life.  Shoes.  I almost fainted! This is a stairway to shoe heaven!

Zazi Films is the office of the film company Daniele and her husband Yves Robert create d.  Situated off the Champs Elysees, the office is in a building just feet away from the busting avenue.  It always appeared to be small with rooms in the back that were empty except for boxes of memorabilia. Bonaparte’s cousin, Hugo Gelin, now a movie director had a vision to open up the offices and make them light, airy and modern and boy—did he do a fantastic job!

It was cold but I had a wooly scarf and my Wren wig to keep me warm.  And minimal makeup.  When in Paris…..

Bonaparte taking a walk down memory lane and onto the offices of Zazi Films..

Ahhh..the infamous Zazi logo…

The renovation of the office is remarkable–it’s so light and airy and a bit youthful now–the new regime…

Bonaparte’s cousin Hugo had a tremendous hit with this movie–we  were lucky to be in Paris for the premiere!

And it was nice that some old touches were left …

A stop at Monoprix to pick up some essentials and a few stocking stuffers and once again, we were allowing our feet to lead the way back to the hotel for a bit of rest before our dinner at Allard.


Walking along the Champ Elysees to Monoprix.  The crowds were out for Black Friday!


I have to add—and this is important.  Please don’t ever be intimidated by the “smoke and mirrors” that you see in many blogs and Instagram photos of Paris.  Women do not prance through the streets in fancy clothes.  They don’t walk in picturesque poses throughout the day.  And I swear, I see more designer bags in the US than in France.

Note how people are dressed.  They are freezing their tiny French behinds off!  Lucky for me I have an ample American butt with more fat–so I wasn’t as cold as them!

There is a pragmatism in the way the French dress.  It’s now late fall into early winter and the biggest trend I’ve seen is the donning of puffy coats and jackets.  I honestly cannot stress this enough.  Parisians have style, yes—they do.  However, most of them are dressing for warmth and comfort right now!

These little sacs from Monoprix are a great stocking stuffer or small gift to hand to friends.  Throw them in your purse and they open up into a reusable shopping bag and for a few euros, the price couldn’t be better!

And that’s what makes me happy.  I didn’t have to drag a “wardrobe” with me.  I stuck to the same basic theme.  Black with a touch of camel or jeans.

I stuck to the same outfit I wore the night before. Who the heck was going to see me anyway?  Trust me, when you are traveling for a short jaunt, you don’t need to pack a ton of clothing!

Dressing for Allard, I stuck to basic black.  The vibe in the restaurant was very casual.  It was homey and the atmosphere was welcoming and staff friendly and cordial.

Time to check the menu…

Our Amuse Bouche was Alain Ducasse’s Gougeres–can you believe it?  I make them all the time…and

…little nuggets of cucumber in a light dressing!

Bonaparte started with a Pate en croute which he loved so much that I only got but a morsel!

I had foie gras with a jelly and toasts and I ate every last crumb!

Not one to play it too safe when it comes to a good dinner, I ordered the beef cheeks and they were incredible.  I can’t say I’ve ever had anything quite like them.  The texture was smooth and they were soft as buttah—and the sauce.  The. Sauce.  The second I put that sauce in my mouth I had an instant memory of a beef stew that my mother made because I swear the sauce tasted the same and it was so comforting to me.

I ordered the beef cheeks–old school French comfort food and boy was this comforting..

I would order this again and again and again…it was that good! 

Bonaparte had the steak a poivre and ……. he’s become a bit spoiled by American beef.  The steaks in France are a bit tougher but tastier and he likes his beef more tender.  Still, he loved and ate every morsel.

Bonaparte’s Steak au Poivre–and he said the sauce was out of this world fantastic!

Dessert was Floating Islands and it was, hands down, the best floating island dessert I’ve ever had.  Ever!

I would love the chef’s recipe for this insanely delicious Floating Island!  

I do recommend a dinner at Allard if you are in Paris and want a comfortable place with great food!

This was a great way to end a rather busy and ambitious day—don’t you think?

What will Saturday bring?  I’ll let you know in Part Three…..

Here’s a little ditty from the window display at Galeries Lafayette!

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Four Days in Paris—2018 Part One—On the Way and Carine Roitfeld Hates Me!

A big whew before I get into the post.  And I’ll tell you why.  I took a ton of photos and it took quite a while to edit them—and trust me, editing photos is not my forte.

My Longchamp carryon is ready–four days of clothing stuffed into this bag!

Also—we both returned from Paris with horrific colds.  We were traipsing the streets of the City of Lights with umbrellas and wet feet.  It rained the entire time we were there.  But—it didn’t dampen my spirit in any way.  Personally,  I don’t mind a rainy day in the City.  I loved NYC in the rain and I love Paris in the rain—there’s a certain romanticism about it.  But the romanticism stops when all you do is cough up phlegm and blow your nose to the point where you could, in fact, be a substitute for Rudolph the Red Nosed-Reindeer and guide Santa’s sleigh.

Let’s make the nose red.  Ugh.  I can’t stand a head cold!

Let’s start at the beginning of the trip—shall we?

All smiles in my Finn wig–I wore this wig for most of the trip.  She looks even better after being worn a lot!

The drive to JFK was, surprisingly traffic-free.  In all the years of driving on the Belt Parkway, I’ve never seen it so empty of traffic—and on the day before Thanksgiving no less!

Heading over the Verrazano bridge I was almost creeped out by the lack of traffic….

But THIS!!  The Belt Pkway.  Empty.  I thought we were in the Twilight Zone for sure!

All moved along swimmingly until we reached the line for the TSA.

OK—let me backtrack a little.  I have two fake Goyard tote bags.  Both were purchased on Amazon.  And yes.  I am fully aware the totes are faux.  But here’s the thing.

My first fake Goyard…led to this…

I thought this would look less fake.  But I couldn’t fool a certain former editor of French Vogue.  Sorry not sorry.

As fake as they are, I happen to like the design of them.  I like the functionality and these totes are huge and hold a truck-load of stuff!  And when I’m traveling overseas, I like a tote that’ll hold a ton of stuff! Truth be told, I thought about not bringing the fake tote because—after all, it’s a French brand and I was going to Paris.  On the other hand, my intent was to only use the bag on the plane.  I packed my brown leather Longchamp bag (which also holds a ton of stuff) to use while in Paris.

Back to the TSA.  As I approached the little conveyer belt to put my stuff on, I noticed the woman behind me who was chic personified.  Her fur coat was so inviting I just wanted to put my head into it and fall asleep.  Her boots were killer.  Pointy and high.  Then I saw her face.  The woman was Carine Roitfeld.  The Carine Roitfeld.  The former editor of French Vogue.  She of the documentary that I loved –Mademoiselle C.   She was right behind me.  She saw my fake Goyard bag.  I swear she gave me a stern stare after she saw it.  (IRL I know she didn’t because she could care less about me but I love the drama of exaggeration)

I’ve always admired Carine Roitfeld because of her laid back, undone look.  She’s even better looking up close.  I wish I could have stalked her into her buying me a drink in the rich-people’s lounge!

All I could think of was that this could only happen to me.  Yes!  How many women have fake designer bags?  This tote is the only fake I’ve ever purchased and I got caught.  Not caught by the police or by the designer-do-gooders but I got caught by one of the most influential women in the fashion world.  I wanted to stalk her to ask her why the fashion and beauty industry excludes our age demographic but she made a quick-bee line into the “important people” lounge after passing through the TSA.

The best I could do was to snap this pic of her as she practically ran away from me and to her flight!

Please Carine. Don’t hate me because I’m a fake…

Can I have your coat when you tire of it?  Think of me as charitable fashion!

Surprisingly our flight left on time!  We made the trip in an Air France Airbus.

The faces of happiness when you realize that your flight is on time!

With plenty of room to get comfortable, the pilot announced that our flight would be slightly over six hours—which is pretty quick.  So, I sat down to read Becoming by Michelle Obama.  By the way, the book is a great read.  She’s so freaking normal that it’s refreshing and she’s also one smart cookie!  Back to the flight.  We had awful airline food, for which Air France should be ashamed.  France—the home of gastronomical wonder and delight and the country’s airline serves disgusting food.  That just is not right!

I don’t think Michelle Obama would be annoyed at me for carrying around a fake luxury brand tote.  She’s just like you and me–only smarter and was a former First Lady!

But—the in-flight entertainment did not fail.  I watched two movies and they were great!  The first one—Coexister, was a comedy about a failing record producer who gets a “last chance” by his boss to come up with a successful act. He ends up with a musical trio of a rabbi, a priest and imam.  And some of the scenes in this movie are laugh out loud funny as all get out!

This movie.  I swear I laughed so loud that angels on the clouds heard me.  And Bonaparte was laughing too.  I highly recommend this movie–and it’s subtitled in English!!

The other movie was Comme des Garçons (Let the Girls Play) -not to be confused with the clothing line.  The film was about the start of the first-ever women’s national soccer team, Les Bleus, in France and was a rather “feel good” kinda movie.

This movie was a great surprise.  I never realized that the French National Women’s soccer team went through so many obstacles in the beginning!!!

The flight, needless to say “flew by” …. pun intended!

A very foggy morning welcomed us.  Very foggy.   I was very impressed with the Air Traffic control at Charles De Gaulle Airport!

Going through customs and getting our baggage was quick and easy.  I guess since it was Thanksgiving Day, there weren’t as many American tourists flying to France that day!

The wait for the luggage was no longer than two minutes.  Yes. I timed it!

Thanksgiving morning at CDG Airport–business as usual!

I prefer this time of year for travel because it isn’t as crowded as the summer! 

We did arrive early but traffic into Paris Centre was pretty tough.  It took a very long hour-and-a half to get to the city by cab, but it didn’t matter much because once we passed into the Paris City Limits, I felt happy to be back.  I would say that the novelty of being in Paris has worn off but it’s been replaced by a familiar feeling of comfort that’s grown into love.  I get this feeling when I’m there that’s like being at home.  I fit there—and it’s a very warm feeling to experience.

Always happy to be back in Paris!!

After dropping our luggage off at the hotel, we headed over to Café Bucci for a well-needed cup of Café Crème.  And a croissant!

I wish I could get coffee like this at home!

A welcome breakfast of a tasty croissant to accompany the coffee!

We also decided to walk to City Pharma so I could make some very necessary purchases!  And City Pharma did not fail me!

Ahhhh…the Mecca of beauty and skincare.  CityPharma.  On the corner of Rue du Four and Rue Bonaparte.  It was great getting here early before the crowds arrived!

And those bins loaded with treasures…

….and more treasures.  I swear if I had a full head of hair I would have purchased some of this shampoo!

A decent haul, I must say!

I don’t know what was more amazing–an empty Belt Parkway or these empty cash register stations at CityPharma!

TIP:  If you are in Paris for the first time—you have to make City Pharma a must-go-to.  The prices are ridiculously user-friendly.  It’s affordable Paris and double up on the goods!

My CityPharma haul!  Ohhh..this was a good one!

After City Pharma, we walked over to St. Sulpice Church.  I had a couple of special intentions that warranted lighting candles.  It’s such a Catholic thing to light church candles but I’ll tell you that I much prefer St. Sulpice to Notre Dame.  And while I realize that Notre Dame is the cathedral to visit, it’s always too crowded.  St. Sulpice smells like old church.  And there’s a primitive and rustic feeling about it that I love.  Let’s put it this way—if I lived in Paris, St. Sulpice would be the parish that I would join (if they have parishes in Paris) and it’s where I would go to Mass on Sundays.

I really love this church.  It’s a place I always go to for comfort and a feeling of ease while in Paris…

Candles were lighted…

…and a few moments of quiet reflection (which made the husband happy because I was quiet)…

With plenty of time to spare before checking into the hotel, we headed over to the Marche St. Germain.

The Wallace Fountain at St. Sulpice…

The French love their Objects d’Arts!  And I love looking at the shop windows–walking in Paris is never boring!

I fell in love with this skirt.  The shirt–not so much but this skirt–it reminds me of a club tie!  It’s so beautiful!

It was fun because we had many memories of shopping here for meals we had with Daniele but this time around the Christmas goodies and trees were ready for sale!

At the Marche St. Germain!  The displays are so inviting!

This oyster bar though!
Apologies to my Vegan friends but this meat is calling my name!

And speaking of meat..Daniele had one of these in a frigo she kept outside of one of her windows in the apartment…

All this seafood is making me dizzy with delight!

Lets go back to Christmas displays!

Why don’t we sell real trees like this with the little built-in stand in the States?  This is pragmatic Christmas!

Next stop—Rue de Rennes.  This street is great for shopping and for reasonable shopping. It’s really important to me to tell you about the places to shop that nobody mentions in their blogs or even in magazines.  Paris isn’t all designer boutiques.  Yes.  It’s the home of luxury fashion, but the average Parisien or Parisienne isn’t wearing Chanel or Prada unless they are wealthy.  Most shop at neighborhood boutiques or Galeries Lafayette or BHV, two department stores.  Anyway, we stopped at FNAC to pick up a few things.  Bonaparte wanted to shop for books in his native language and lo and behold, I discovered a Proust book with a photograph that B’s grandfather, Jacques Henri Lartigue took!  It was very exciting!

Look what I found at FNAC!  Bonaparte’s grandfather’s photo on the cover….

Look what else I spotted at FNAC!  Daniele!!!

At another one of my must-go-to shops, Sophie Sacs, my husband picked out a great satchel bag for me—in yellow leather! Score one for me!

The bag that my husband picked out is perfect!  I added an inexpensive and fun keychain charm from a souvenier shop!

Did I mention that the foggy morning made way for a rainy day?  The rain didn’t bother me but it was that dampness that cut right through my blazer and trench coat and it felt good to get back to the hotel and get a few hours of sleep before heading out for Thanksgiving Dinner.


Oops!  It’s getting dark and I’ll be writing about our Thanksgiving Dinner in Part Two!

And stay tuned because Part Two will be about the Thanksgiving Dinner and more fun stuff!

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Pragmatic Packing For a Short Trip To Paris and Getting My Flâneuse On!

This gallery contains 16 photos.

Originally posted on Atypical 60:
We leave tomorrow for Paris. It’s definitely not an extended stay. We fly home on Wednesday. Basically, this is three full days and three full nights. This isn’t a trip for visiting the museums or the…

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Not Your Norman Rockwell’s Thanksgivings!

When I tell you, it’s been crazytown around here, I’m not kidding.

The Lady Parts Exams are all finished. Let me tell you.  I had a mammogram set for last Friday, the 16th. This is always the one exam that causes the most stress and anxiety for me.  Anyway, I was told that I would receive the results between two to three business days.  That meant by tonight.

I couldn’t relax.  The phone finally rang and results were fine so now I feel no stress leaving for Paris tomorrow.  But man, stress can be a killer.  My skin check is in two weeks but I’m just going to have a good time for the next few days!

Image result for atypical60 bra

I’m happy. My girls are happy.  My fancier bras are happy.  

In our neighborhood, many homes are already sporting Christmas lights and decorations. In fact, on my way home from work, I spotted a lighted Christmas tree through a window.  And I wonder—is it me?  But I cannot wrap my head around the fact that Thanksgiving is the lost holiday.

The tree won’t go up until the first or second weekend in December!

It just seems lost with all the focus on Christmas.

My lone 2018 Christmas Snow Globe!  Every year I treat myself and the Eiffel Tower seemed appropriate!  I’ll decorate when we return.  But first I have to clean. It’s a process!

But I’ll tell you—tomorrow as we drive from Philly to JFK, and we hit the PA and New Jersey Turnpikes and the infamous Belt Parkway, we’ll hit the Thanksgiving traffic—the busiest travel day of the year!  And I’ll be saying very naughty words in connection with this holiday!

traffic GIF

Unfortunately the traffic on the Belt Parkway won’t be moving this fast!

Back to Thanksgiving.  It’s just not my holiday.  Growing up, it was a bit weird because there were many Thanksgivings when my dad was working—he was a NYC police officer so we spent quiet Thanksgivings—even on the ones he was home.  And we spent it with my grandparents and aunt.  I can’t say I ever remember my mother every cooking a turkey because she had the deli across the street make it.


thanksgiving eating GIF

True dat!  When I was in my early twenties, I would have rather spent Thanksgiving being my own turkey!

And then as I got older, Thanksgivings were just that holiday that was more of a chore.  Being young and single and living in NYC, I would rather spend the holiday with friends or by myself.

Image result for norman rockwell thanksgiving

I must admit.  I’ve never experienced a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving.  Although I must admit–Cathe Lartigue Christmas’s are pretty darn epic!

When I was married to my ex-husband Thanksgiving was a very dysfunctional holiday.  My mother-in-law was a control freak and stressed everyone out with the timing of the cooking.  Nobody could help.  Then on Thanksgiving morning the menfolk would go to the local and legendary football game between two rival high schools.  The men would come back drunk but for the most part, happy drunk.

thanksgiving dinner GIF

Oh Dear Lord!  Some of the most dysfunctional Thanksgivings were spent at my in-laws.  But I have to say, my father-in-law was a ton of fun!

Then my mother-in-law would get all bent out of shape because the men were drunk.  And she would be scowling for the afternoon.

Then it was time to eat and most times her eldest son would be celebrating Thanksgiving with his wife’s family—I longed to be spending it with them too.  So, my MIL would sit at the table and cry because her oldest son wasn’t there.  Forget the fact that her other two sons and their families were there.

demi lovato stress GIF

It was during these dinners that I would excuse myself to go to the bathroom.  But in reality, I would go upstairs to the attic where my mother-in-law kept all the baked goods and I would give myself a five-minute stress eat!  Yummmmmmm Yum!

And one year I did it.  I got so annoyed that I announced at the table.  “For God’s sake, will you just be happy that everyone else is here?”  I believe she got up and walked out of the room.

Thanksgiving stress and yelling just made me feel all warm and toasty inside!

I didn’t mention.  With all the prep work my MIL did, the act of being at the Thanksgiving table actually eating dinner lasted all of twenty minutes.  Then there was the stress of her telling everyone to leave the room so she could clean.

a charlie brown thanksgiving GIF by Peanuts

Yeah. I swear this is making me laugh because it’s pretty-much how my mother-in-law served Thanksgiving Dinner when her oldest son wasn’t in attendance!   It’s so real!!

And then when my kids got slightly older Thanksgiving became a different kind of holiday.  When Oona began to compete in Irish Dance at the regional level, we would head to the Oireachtas in Philly.  On Thanksgiving night.

Image result for atypical60 irish dance

From the time she was eight years old to this photo in high school…

Image result for atypical60 irish dance

…and up to her Senior year in college.  Every Thanksgiving weekend was spent at the Oireachtas in Philly!  Those days were fun!!

During these years Thanksgiving was a more chill meal.  Sometimes we had guests.  Sometimes we didn’t.  But after enjoying a long and relaxing meal, Oona and I would head to Philly for the weekend while my ex-husband and the boys enjoyed a weekend of football.

Then there were the years going through my divorce and thereafter.  Those Thanksgivings were spent at my sister’s home in Long Island and were, for the first time, truly enjoyable Thanksgiving meals.

With Vincent and I, Thanksgiving is more of a relaxing day.  The kids are grown, two live out of state.  The last Thanksgiving we were all together was three years ago.  Both boys were living in New York City and Oona was living in Cincinnati for the first time (she moved back due to a transfer and is now back in Cincy) and flew in to spend a few days with us.

We all had Thanksgiving Dinner at Claudette Restaurant in NYC’s Greenwich Village.  And we had a blast.

Image result for atypical60 claudette restaurant

Our Thanksgiving dinner here at Claudette was on of my favorites because it was just me, Vincent and the kids!

And so, as you can read, Thanksgiving doesn’t go down as my favorite holiday.

Christmas is mine. I own it!

And this year with Jake in L.A, and Roman in NYC and Oona in Cincinnati, Vincent and I will depart for Paris tomorrow.

Our Thanksgiving Dinner will be spent on Place Dauphine in the First Arrondissement of Paris.  Neither of us will have turkey.  But whatever we have, it’ll be good!

Image result for atypical60 claudette restaurant

We’ll be enjoying Thanksgiving Dinner here at Restaurant Paul on Place Dauphine.  We’ve had many great meals here with Daniele before she passed away and we will toast to her memory!

My bags are packed.

Everything is in this Longchamp carryon.  I want my stuff near me!

I have my reading material.

I cannot wait to read Becoming by Michelle Obama!  The flight is seven hours.  The book will be finished by the time we land!  And for comic relief!  Sebastian Maniscalco–he’s hysterical!!!

And I’m looking forward to my return to the City of Lights.  We’ll be spending time with Vincent’s family and just relaxing for a few days.

Image result for atypical60 paris

I love me some 6th!

And when we return home,  I’ll be posting all about it!

I know that lately I haven’t been on target about posting what I’m wearing and my *cough* supposed weight loss journey.  Truth be told—I was really scared about my health. It was affecting me in some very anxiety-ridden ways but I’m back to normal and will be posting more about clothing, etc.

So, I wish you all a great, great Thanksgiving.  Whether it is stressful or not, just sit back and enjoy.  Even the bad holidays are cause for some interesting memories!  Enjoy the turkey and the trimmings.  And enjoy the official start of Holiday Season 2018!

Best to you and your families!

In the meantime, here’s a look at some of the outfits I’ve been wearing!

Feeling festive last week at work–and happy because my clothes still fit–tightly but they still fit!

Casual Chic–heels, skinny pants and a sweatshirt with my roots!

I wore this today. An old gray sweater. Gray Pixie Pants, a scarf I stole from Oona and inexpensive Over-the-Knee boots.  So many compliments that when I took the outfit off this evening I packed it for the trip!

Burgundy velvet pants, a black top and burgundy plaid flats.  A nice casual office look!

Black velvet pants and a black vevet tee–I’m wearing this to dinner on Thursday. Oh my–don’t look at my nails!  I had them done and now they look pretty!

Those jeans.  I’m wearing them on the plane!  

Wanna see more about how I packed?  Here’s a litte video!  Enjoy!

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