I’m Blushing Over My TJ Maxx Makeup Finds!

Shopping for makeup can be a daunting chore at times.  Let’s face it.  When we go into a department store, at our age, we can be ignored.  And, if we are unsure of what we want, we can be patronized.

Thank you but I KNOW what I want and it isn’t to look like this –so don’t patronize me!

Then there’s the garbage we need to deal with when we know exactly what we want and the cosmetics sales person, who is salivating over commission, will tell us what we should have and what we need.

Trust me I have not one, but two Trish McEvoy cases to prove this point.

Over ten years ago, I was suckered into spending a small fortune and I’ve kept them as reminders to never allow this to happen again!

and although the concept of the create-your-own palette is a great one, the shadows are not the greatest quality.  You can get the same at MAC for half the price!

“meh” blush and bronzers–not very pigmented…

Oh yes. I was suckered into the whole kit and kaboodle.  

….this brightening pen was the worst.  It oxodized into an orange that would make a certain politician jealous at the hue!

Forget Ulta—I swear the Ulta Corporation goes out of its way to find the rudest and most ageist sales assistants on earth.  But I keep going back because the store sells both higher-end and lower end cosmetics.  It’s like a supermarket for makeup and beauty products!

Ulta has everything except mature-woman friendly sales assistants!

And as much as I love me my makeup, there are times when I dread going in-store to purchase.

I’ve been making quite a few on-line purchases from Amazon, Tarte, Beautylish, and The Ordinary—but there’s a certain thrill of touching and looking at a product IRL before buying.

The other thing is that in my pro-aging, I’m becoming more price-savvy.  Or perhaps just more frugal.  I not longer want to spend a fortune on one makeup item but on the other hand, I still enjoy a higher end product.

What to do?

Get to TJ Maxx.  Get to Marshalls. I am absolutely shocked in the best way possible with the makeup finds I’ve acquired since last November.  And although I’m big on drug store and lower-end cosmetics (if the quality is there), I still enjoy the higher-end!

Anyway, I’ve had blush on my mind.  Sure—I have quite a few but I was in the mood for more.  After all, I love to rotate my wigs so why not rotate my blushes?

And I hit pay dirt with two blushes.

This–THIS was a great find at TJ Maxx!

The first, by Too Faced.  Peach My Cheeks blush in the shade “So Peachy”.  What intrigued me about this is at first, I thought it was a cream because it’s so buttery—but its the softest powder that acts like a cream!  And for a powder, it isn’t ashy or powdery at all.  It’s a nice coral/pink blush that comes in the most adorable packaging ever.  It retails on the Too Faced site and in stores for $30.  The price at TJ Maxx? $10.99.

It’s called a “melting” powder blush and boy–that’s a great description!

Here I am wearing this peachy blush.  Very soft and subtle!


Here’s a closeup of the blush.  See the sheen?  No powder I’ve ever seen has a sheen like that!  It’s really a beautiful product!

The second Blush—Pool Party by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Comes in a palm-sized compact…

Very pigmented but the color payoff is really nice…

Vegan and cruelty free–but I notice some clever verbiage.  Rather than say “Made in China”  it reads Made in PRC (People’s Republic of China).  Very interesting….

I’m sweet on the brand’s dipBrow brow gel and the Subculture eyeshadow palette.  So, when I saw this for $7.99, I grabbed it.  Three shades—one slightly bronzed, one shimmery and one a deep coral.  Despite the pigmented hues in the pan, on the skin, it comes off much lighter and gorgeous.  This is a great “occasion” blush due to the shimmery shade.  In other stores, this also retails for $30.00


Here I am (from yesterday) wearing Pool Party on my cheeks–although the weather was nothing like a pool party–wishful thinking!

And on the same day I picked up the blushes, I ran across this single eye shadow by Lancôme.  This shadow retails for $22.00 and the price I paid?  All of $2.99!  This is a great little neutral and don’t let the name “rust” fool you.  It isn’t rusty at all.  It’s very subtle.  I’ve been using it quite often.

Honestly–for $2.99 how could I go wrong with this neutral??  

The shade is nowhere near what I would figure a rust to be–it’s just a soft light brown!

Now—not all discounted makeup is created equal.

I picked up a bareMinerals foundation—I think it was $6.99 –the retail price is…$30.00.  Thirty bucks seems to be the going rate with a lot of this makeup!

There was so much to be disappointed in with this.  First of all that pour spout is ridiculous.  Then–get this–the plastic bottle–it’s flesh colored so if you DO happen to like this you never know when you hit bottom.  The bottom photo on the right is how it poured into my steel palette.  It looked fine but on the skin….

Anyway, it was horrible.  A serum foundation is supposed to hydrate and blend into the skin.  My The Ordinary Serum foundation is a go-to and this bareMinerals foundation was an absolute fail.  From the awkward opening at the bottle to the ridiculously matte and drying appearance.  I followed the directions to shake the bottle but it still didn’t work.  There was no oxidization but boy—my skin felt like a desert!  Proof that sometimes the deeply discounted is deeply discounted for a reason!

This serum foundation was absolutely awful.  I like a foundation that blends into a second skin.  This just stayed on my face like a dried out mud mask.  You can’t win ’em all!

I’ve written about the Kat von D Shade and Light palette that I purchased a few months back—before Christmas.  For $20 I picked up the shimmer palette and after Christmas I picked up the regular palette for the same price.  These palettes retail for $48 each at Sephora and on the Kat von D site. I purchased the two for less than the full price of one.

The Shade & Light Eye Palettes

The top palette is the shimmer and the bottom is the matte.  They are divided into three quads.  Neutral. Cool. Warm.  It’s supposed to be more of a contour for eyes and it delivers perfectly! At the price of $20 each it was more than worth it.  After work I stopped by Target and saw in the Target drugstore makeup, eyeshadow palettes from drug store brands as high as $19.99.  With the rising cost of drug store makeup–I’ll take TJ Maxx!

These neutrals are right up my alley and the shadows themselves are well-pigmented and stay put!

And since I purchased the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette—for a deep discount, I’ve been wearing the shadows regularly.  Here’s a more in-depth review of the palette for you to read: A High-End Eye Shadow Palette at a Bargain Price!

The infamous Anastasia Subculture palette.  Man oh Manechevitz I love this palette!

My eyes are wearing Subculture here!

Over at Marshalls and during holidays while Bonaparte and I were shopping I noticed an eyeshadow palette.  It was by Cargo and brought back fond memories of this cosmetics company.  I used to wear quite a bit of the brand’s makeup back in the late 90’s and was happy to see the company was still around.  I picked up the palette “Chill in the Sixth” and spotted another one “Emerald City”. Each palette was $6.99.  The company makes these particular palettes anymore–I think they were limited editions;  but on the Cargo website similar palettes retail for $34!  So, I think I got a great deal!

Cargo’s Chill in the Sixth on top and Emerald City on the bottom.

These two palettes–how great thou art!   The incredible thing is the price was so low on these–I’m still in shock.  The shadows have beautiful pigment.  No fall out and the color pay off is great.  If you ever see Cargo eyeshadow palettes at Marshalls–grab them and only let them go if you are giving them out as gifts!

It’s like finding a treasure when you spot a higher-end cosmetic that’s been discounted.  But it’s also a way to discover different brands and to find out what may or may not work for you.  And even when something doesn’t work—it isn’t like you broke the bank.

I’m going to see if my daughter wants the bare Minerals foundation.  I doubt she will because she is very brand loyal to the foundation she wears.  Clinique and she also loves that Estee Lauder Double-Wear.  She’s also aware that I boycott Estee Lauder.  The brand used to be geared toward the mature woman –now the brand is jonesing for youth.

Here’s a few looks.  The February winter is playing some serious games.  We’re in the midst of an icy, wintery mix right now.  At least I’m toasty inside.

Baby, it’s cold outside but I’m going barelegged!

I dressed more weather-appropriately yesterday!

Today’s outfit. I should have worn boots!  But they are so cumbersome!

Guess what my preference is?

Have you found any great deals on makeup lately?  Are you tired of spending a ton of money on certain products?  Head to TJ Maxx and Marshalls!













































































































































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A Lighter Shade of Pale……. LIPS!

Bright lips are everywhere.  And again, and again and again, I see ads for red lipstick.  And again, and again and again I read and hear how all women can wear red or burgundy or dark lipstick.

Kardashian selfie time!

Me–with the big, bright lips from my blog post of three years ago Makeup Me A Kardashian!  You have NO idea how long it took to get those lips to look like that.  Red lips are too much of a hassle.  And that was my bio hair before I lost most of the crown.  Lots of Toppik!

It’s a fallacy. It’s a non-truth. It’s a downright lie!  And it seems that lies are becoming the new normal.

Dark lipstick and red lipstick do not look good on everyone.

These women are young.  And even though the photos are filtered, I can guarantee there are no deep ines or wrinkles around their mouths.  Girls better enjoy this look now because their dark lippie time is limited!!

Pro-aging does have some drawbacks—let me explain.  Certain features don’t age as well as other features do.

Some of us may find that our eyelids are drooping and we don’t appear as awake and bright-eyed as we did when we were younger.

Some of us may ask where our eyelids have gone?

We may have jowls. We definitely have more lines and wrinkles.

…and some of us have jowls (I hide mine with layered wigs!!)

And for a number of us, our lips have turned into the most unattractive feature of our face.

That would be me–ol’ fish lips!

I can tell you that when I was in my twenties, I had a great mouth.  My lips were as what the beauty industry calls “bee stung” lips.  Full—very full and very nice, to be exact.  Those bee-stung lips of mine collected quite a few drinks in bars back in the day!

It also helped that youth was on my side because there were no lines around my mouth at all.

I wore brighter lipstick back then—and although I did wear burgundy and wine-colored lipsticks back then, red just never did it for me

And as I’ve aged my once-bee stung lips have morphed from the insect colony to more of the aquatic life.  I have fish lips.  Fish lips are rubbery, almost shapeless and rather unattractive blobs of flesh that have taken the place of a proper set of lips.

Did photographer Richard Austin try to find a fish with my lips?  Although I do like the color of these fish lips!!

Like Don Knotts in the film, The Incredible Mr. Limpet—just call me Donna Knotts!

Yeah—just call me Donna Knotts!

On the plus side, the fish lips were made for smiling because they do give off quite a sweet grin!

Talk about a paradox–fish lips may not be the most attractive, but they create a very nice smile!

But here’s the thing.  These lips are not made for the dark lipsticks and these is where the beauty industry errs.  The reality is these lips look better in a paler shade and I don’t understand why paler shades of lipstick and glosses aren’t given the love or recognition they so deserve.

I’m a fan of the paler shades of lip colors.  The Frenchman is always telling me to go with more color when I film my YouTube videos. And he’s correct because my mouth always looks washed out.  But the truth is, I kind of don’t care because I love a pale lip!

Yesterday I hit Ulta in search of some pale lippies and was successful in my endeavor.

Here’s what I purchased.

My lippie purchase from yesterday.  From top clockwise.  NYX Candy Slick; Tarte Glide & Go Buttery Lipstick; Essence Shine, Shine, Shine Gloss and Colourpop Ultra Glossy lip.

Tarte Glide & Go Buttery Lipstick in “Bare Bud”.  It appears warmer than it goes on the lips but this is a buttery lipstick that is very hydrating—and due to the hydration effect, it isn’t a dry matte.  I applied this at around 8 this morning and it lasted without reapplying for a few hours.   It is flattering to the mature face!

This really is a beautiful pale neutral..

Here I am, old sweats, and Bare Bud on my lips.  It’s a beautiful shade!

Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip Gloss in “Snow Day”.

Colourpop Snow Day..

Shiny, glittery and a hint of color to swipe over a lipstick.  

A pretty pale pinky shine! 

I love a shiny gloss.  I can’t help it.  Worn over lipstick it just makes the lips feel and look better.  This sparkly almost clear gloss delivers.  And can be worn over a slightly darker lip color to make it a bit lighter in hue!

NYX Candy Slick in Sugarcoated Kiss.

I’m a huge fan of NYX lip products.  The Butter Gloss is fantastic!!!  So I HAD to try this and I’m happy I did!

Very similar to Tarte’s Bare Bud in color but in a gloss!


Again—another gloss that appears more on the warm side than it applies.  This goes on very natural and has a nice pale coral color.  With glosses, they never wear as long as lipsticks but over a lipstick, they work well.

Earlier this morning–in the kitchen with pearls and an apron–I’m the epitome of class–LOL.  I’m wearing the NYX Sugarcoated Kiss over the Colourpop Snow Day!

Essence Shine, Shine, Shine.

This is my fifth tube of this gloss.  I love the clear because it gives a great shine!  My other tubes of this gloss have acquired more color because I wear this over practically every lipstick I own. At $3.99 it’s a fantastic value and a great product!

My natural lips are very pigmented so when I wear this, it’s always over a lighter lipstick!

What I had on hand.

Buxom Dolly gloss.  This neutral shade is one of my favorites.  It more of a cool almost flesh tone and I am just about to repurchase.  My sister purchased this after seeing it on me. It really is a universally flattering gloss.

Buxom’s Dolly is one of the greatest shades of lipgloss ever–and it stays on for a long time!

Dolly is a beautiful neutral pale shade!  I need to buy more!

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Number 560 Pushy Pink.

This is my favorite pale coral pink. And has been discontinued.  It may have been renamed—I’m not sure.  But—when I get back to Paris, I’m headed to the Guerlain boutique to find out if A it was discontinued or renamed.  It upsets me to no end that this perfect shade of pale with a hint of color is no more.  Just. My. Luck!

It is beyond me as to why Guerlain would ever discontinue this PERFECT pink/coral shade.  I’m flummoxed over this.  Hopefully they have renamed it!  

A word of caution though.  Not all pale shades are created the same.  Find out what pale shades work with your coloring.  Some pale lipsticks look horrific on me due to my pink undertones.  But I will say that paler shades are definitely easier for the mature woman to wear than the darker ones!

Out and about earlier today with a pale lip and dark eyes.  I love that combo!

What’s your preference?  Have you found that as you age, your mouth and lips have changed?  Do you still wear dark lipstick?  Share your faves in the comments!

Have a few laughs at my YouTube video addressing my fish lips!!


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So What Are You Watching on TV?

Back in the day, when I was a kid, TV was a big deal.  Seriously—it was.  The family gathered either in the finished basement, or in the family room to watch, what is now considered to be a very small screen, TV.

No wonder we all wear eyeglasses!  And no remote!  How did a family of seven ever sit around this console to watch an evening of TV?

We had our week planned by the shows that would both entertain us and be the topic for animated conversation at school the next day.  TV Guide was literally, a programming bible.   And every Saturday when my parents went food shopping, the Guide was just as important, if not more so, than the bags of groceries that came home to feed our family of seven!

The covers of TV Guide were always great photos..but..

…..it was what was INSIDE those TV Guide covers that was really interesting!!

We would argue on which show to watch if times were conflicting and usually one of the parents, rather than the children won. 

On school nights I looked forward to Patty Duke and dreamed of what it would be like if I had a twin cousin with a British Accent.

When I was in third and fourth grade, I wanted a British twin cousin so bady.  I had to settle for a sister that was two years younger instead.

On Saturday evenings, I would pretend that my bedroom was a Genie’s bottle—just like Barbara Eden’s in I Dream of Jeannie!

Who cares HOW sexist this show was. Barbara Eden was super-cool and her digs were even better.  I would take that bottled real-estate any day!

And on Sunday’s, that one hour of Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color was the best way to end the weekend and look forward to the next one!

I loved the way Walt Disney would have his little speech before the segueway into the hour-long show.  And the color was so bright!

We didn’t need a clock to tell us when bedtime was because while the ending credits of The Ed Sullivan Show were displayed across the TV screen, we were already on our way upstairs to brush our teeth and go to sleep.

Who could ever forget this????

…and look at the marquee–‘Topo Gigio and Alan King!!!!

Family programming meant watching Ed, and The Hollywood Palace, Carol Burnett, Tom Jones and Dean Martin—all had great variety shows.

The infamous Gone With The Wind parody on the Carol Burnett show is, quite possibly, THE funniest skit in the history of TV!

Booyah!  Tom Jones with Janis Joplin–what a duo of voices.  I’m still crushin’ on Mr. Jones!

And I must admit. I wanted to be one of Dean Martin’s Golddiggers.  Hmmmm perhaps this is what started my love for wigs!

And back in 1967 or was it 1968, Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In caused a comical stir and had everyone repeating catch-phrases such as “You Bet Your Bippie” in everyday life.

…one ringy dingy!  Lily Tomlin ROCKED Laugh-In!

Do you remember the party scenes on Laugh In?

In my opinion, this was one of the greatest TV shows of all time.  I need to Google to see where I can get a set of the series!

As I entered my teen years, activities and a social life—along with more homework and studying, cut down on the TV time.  But—the TV was my babysitting buddy as I watched Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart, Saturday Night Live and, if it was a really late babysitting night, SCTV!

I felt as though I KNEW MTM and the rest of the cast because I spend many Saturday evenings with these guys!

My son Roman may work for SNL these days, but my heart belongs to this cast!!!

But truth be told,  I preferred SCTV to SNL–I laughed more at the cast.  This show was epic!!

And in the late 1970’s through 1980’s I don’t think I ever missed an episode of Cheers.  Or Taxi.  And when Seinfeld made his debut, Thursday nights were spent glued to the antics of the New York circle of friends—and if I was busy, I could record the episodes on the VCR!

CHEERS, (l-r): George Wendt, Nicholas Colasanto, Ted Danson, Shelley Long, Rhea Perlman, 1982-93, photo: Robert Phillips / Everett Collection

I was lucky to find this photo of the original cast of Cheers–where have all the adult network shows gone?  Ohhhh to Netflix–that’s where!  

Taxi’s Jim Ignatowski remains my favorite TV character of all time.  After giving birth to my son Jake, who, at ten pounds, made me sore–I watched an episode of Taxi in the hospital and laughed so hard that the nurses had to give me Tylenol because I was in such pain from laughing so hard!

elaine benes dancing GIF

And this—remains one of the funniest Seinfeld scenes of all time!

Then a strange thing happened along the way—Cable TV was created.

I remember where I was when I saw MTV for the first time.  I was at a friend’s home and we were astounded at the concept—I mean…who would sit in front of the tube watching music videos (Answer-Me!!!)

Was a time when the video premieres were a very big deal!

music video 80s GIF

My favorite music video of all time–Men Without Hats.  The Safety Dance.  This guy was meant to wear a man bun!

And then came The Food Network—which, back then may have been a simpler and more basic channel but it was far superior than it is today.  TFN today is nothing but reruns of food shows, I love The Barefoot Contessa but I’ve seen every episode around thirty-five times; lame food competitions and the annoying Guy Fieri.

The Food Network was worth viewing when Two Hot Tomales were on!  Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger proved that women could be serious chefs.  Now we’re stuck with Guy Fieri..

..and his backward’s sunglasses.   He’s become a parody of himself.

Don’t even get me started on Network TV these days.  Maude would be deemed politically incorrect and offensive.  Archie Bunker would be arrested and Sanford and Son would be called exploitation.

Norman Lear’s Maude covered topics such as menopause and abortion in only a way that Bea Arthur could add humor..but in today’s “overly sensitive” and “offended-at-anything-and-everything” world, Maude would be banned!  I can’t stand network TV!

Archie Bunker–fuggetaboutit!  He’d be banned too!  We’ve lost the ability to laugh at people we know who were like Archie!

Today’s overly-politically correct, self-righteous and non-offensive network programming is boring and bland and the comedies aren’t even funny.

I know that I’m in the minority but this show but Modern Family is so friggin’ ridiculous and contrived.  And I can’t stand when TV shows have overly-precocious kids.  Ugh!  

And this one about the harried and stressed housewife.  I can’t even…

I want The Jeffersons back–it’s better family programming!

I’m sick of police shows and hospital drama.  Cable networks leave much to be desired because I can’t stand the freaking commercials.  The advertising is mostly for pharmaceuticals, specialized hospital centers for life-threatening diseases—and only those with stellar healthcare can afford that, and various non-profit entities begging for donations.

I am a hypochondriac.  I refuse to watch medical shows.

And I refuse to watch these hour-long commercials for prescription drugs that announce all the BAD things the drugs can do for you…yeah. Lyrica isn’t for everyone and neither are these sickening and lengthy ads!

I can’t watch CNN and MSNBC because I get too upset with that orange thing that they refuse to stop focusing on simply because of ratings.

So, what’s left? Netflix and Amazon Prime!

We’re bingeing on the cold, frosty evenings watching our favorite series.  Among them that I highly recommend:

Grace and Frankie—Fonda and Tomlin. On Netflix. Is there anything else to say?  Now in Season Five, I can’t wait till this weekend to binge! If you aren’t familiar with the premise, Grace and Frankie, complete opposites and frenemies, found themselves the unlikely roommates after their husbands divorced the women only to marry each other!

The show is hilarious and, at long last, finally a well-written, witty and spirited series focusing on the older woman!!

Grace And Frankie

My girls–Lily and Jane!  Best comedy due since Martin and Lewis!  I love these two!!

Dix Pour Cent—In English “Call My Agent” Another great Netflix series.  This is a French comedy/drama set in a talent agency in Paris.  You don’t need to speak French to love this series—read the subtitles!  The ensemble cast is perfect and every character is so well-defined that by the end of the second episode of Season One, you feel as though you really know the characters’ personalities and their nuances.

If you are familiar with French film, you’ll recognize many of the guest stars playing themselves.  Who knew Isabelle Huppert had such a great sense of humor!

Season Three just ended and we are eagerly awaiting Season Four!  This is my favorite show!!

Hands down!  THE best French import since my husband!  This show better be renewed for at least ten more seasons!

Remember this name–or in English, ” Call My Agent”.  A MUST SEE!!!!  I DEMAND IT!!!

The Kominsky Method—Netflix is really hitting it outta the park with intelligent and mature programming.  Michael Douglas plays a rather curmudgeonly acting coach and Alan Arkin his best friend.  It’s a comedy and it’s not a comedy.  It faces some serious subject matter such as death but the show is just so well-written and the dialogue is so true-to-life.   This show made me a fan of Douglas and Alan Arkin is always a good idea! Not as funny as Grace and Frankie but the subject of aging is addressed in a very entertaining way.


A new and improved version of grumpy old men–and intelligently funny!!!  These guys are great!

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel—If you watched House of Cards (and after Kevin Spacey left, the show stunk), then you are familiar with Rachel Brosnahan as the ill-fated Rachel Posner.

As Midge Maisel, Brosnahan plays a rather—privileged Jewish, New Yorker who literally falls into stand-up comedy.  She goes through divorce.  She gets a job.  There’s a lot going on and it’s done so well. This series has everything.  Set in the late 1950’s, the clothing is freaking phenomenal.  It’s like a visual fashion history lesson.  The cast is crazy great.  Remember Tony Shaloub from Wings?  He plays Midge Maisel’s dad and he’s fantastic!  Mad TV’s Alex Borstein—she of incredible talent, plays Midge’s manager, Susie Myerson.  Season Two is what we are currently watching and we’re taking it slow because we don’t want it to end!

This show has everything–including great clothes!

So—what are you watching?  Share your faves so we can all discover new TV shows!!

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Everlashting Beauty—An Extension of My Love for the Fake!

Fake tan.  Fake Hair.  Fake Nails.  No fake boobs because I don’t think they are healthy.  What else is left?

I’m a vision of fakeness—but at least I’m honest about it and keep my fakeness real!!

Eyelash extensions!!!!!  As you are aware, I am unable to wear false eyelashes because the glue bothers my eyes.  In addition, the Frenchman hates when I wear falsies—usually because I’ve done a lousy job applying them and I look like I’m ready to do the Walk of Shame after a shameless evening!

Anyway, a lash studio, Amazing Lash Studio,  opened up in the shopping center near my office.  I was intrigued.  My lashes, which used to be so lush that even Elizabeth Taylor would have been envious (Ok—maybe not).  But over the years my once-lush and full lashes have fallen out and I’m left with sparse little bird lashes.

Image result for elizabeth taylor lashes

It’s true–back in the day, I had lashes that even Liz would be jealous of.  I used to be asked if I was wearing fake lashes!  But I wasn’t!

When I had a very well-paying career I bought Latisse and enjoyed it but I no longer use Latisse because I’m no longer well-paid!

Trust me, this stuff worked!!  In the hot summer, people would stand in front of me because when I batted my lashes, it cooled them off–that’s how long my lashes got!

Mascara?  You know I love it because I go through it like a newborn goes through diapers.

But the thought of lash extensions kept creeping into my mind.

Nevertheless, I decided to make an appointment.  Oona was thrilled because she thought it would be a good idea for her wedding.   That’s right “Mommy-as-guinea-pig”—and I’m always happy to oblige.

And so, yesterday Bonaparte drove me to Amazing Lash Studio King of Prussia (even though the location is in Wayne), to get my lash extensions.  By now you’re most likely asking “Why didn’t she drive herself”?  Yeah.  The reason is that The Frenchman doesn’t trust me near any grouping of stores.  With Oona’s wedding approaching and the trip to Paris he booked (next November—our Thanksgiving tradition), I’m on a strict spending budget.  I’m just going to refer to my husband as Monsieur Ricky Ricardo!

Image result for ricky spanking lucy

And just as Ricky questions Lucy about spending…guess who also gets questioned????

It was, however, with trepidation that I decided to get these extensions.  Oona mentioned that when she lived in Manhattan many of the women she knew had them and it was obvious when they had a bad job done.

Then I read that if you get extensions to not get clusters and make sure you have individual lashes applied.  The upkeep can be pricey so there was a lot to take into consideration.

My biggest thought was—is this a thing for the mature woman whose lashes are scarce.

With no mascara and minimal eye makeup,  I was ready for my lash extensions!

Since the lash studio opened only a day before I was a bit nervous about any glitches.  But I marched on in anyway.

I simply could not pass up the Grand Opening Special!

Immediately, I knew this was going to be a fun experience because the women working there were genuinely nice, friendly and very welcoming.  It’s an amiable place with no snobbery.

Desiree and Leah of Amazing Lash Studio.  Could they be any cuter????  And so charming and fun!  Half the positive experience is the staff and this staff couldn’t have been better or more professional!

And if you are familiar with any part of Philly’s Main Line—it’s not the most welcoming area!  Especially if your hair isn’t blonde! And you don’t drive a Beemer, Mercedes or Land Rover! Or if you seriously think you are Tory Burch’s twin sister wannabe ! Seriously. The staff is remarkable and adorable and not at all “Maineliney”!

Seriously–every woman and her mother–and daughter on Philly’s Main Line think they are the Main Line’s own Tory Burch.  (Whose namesake store, BTW, is the snottiest store ever–and for what–cheaply made goods..)

I was handed a tablet to enter my information, and the types of lashes offered were explained.  I went with the “cute” lashes.  Not only are they cute but they are incredibly natural looking—more on that in a bit.

I went with the “Cute” style pictured on top.  I think for the wedding I’ll go with Sexy!

My appointment, for 11:00 was punctual.  It would take approximately two hours to have the extensions applied.  That’s not a big deal for me because that’s the timeframe to get my nails and a pedicure done.  Beauty takes time ladies! You can’t rush beauty!

Charlene was my lash technician.  I warned her ahead of time that I had garlic the previous night so my breath probably stunk—and she was a great sport!


Charlene immediately put me at ease and any concerns were erased.  She applied my lashes beautifly AND she was fun to be with!

The end result?

I was flummoxed!  When I looked in the mirror, I was shocked at how natural the “Cute” lashes looked.  And for a moment, I was sorry I didn’t go for a more dramatic lash—then I realized how much my lash extensions looked…. well, just so natural!  Like the lashes I used to have—and I was thrilled!

It’s so dang difficult to take a decent photo with my not-so-smart iPhone.  But–take a look at the lashes and check out the length–they are so natural!

Let’s back track here and get on with the procedure and review—shall we??

I was led into a private room, where I met Charlene.  She explained the procedure and I laid down on a very comfortable table/bed with pillow and cozy, fluffy blanket!  Soothing music was playing in the background and I thought I would fall asleep from the relaxation quotient!

My eyes were taped semi-shut; the tape was placed below my eyes and on my lid.  This wasn’t uncomfortable in any way at all.  In fact, with my conversations with Charlene, it was almost impossible to feel anything!

It might look uncomfortable but trust me–it wasn’t at all!  The lashes were taken off the strip and placed individually.  It was a “lengthy” process but the time flew by quickly!

The individual lashes were placed among my natural lashes.  I have no idea what kind of glue was used but it worked like a charm.  My sensitive eyes didn’t have a reaction. There was no irritation and the procedure was painless and to tell you the truth, it was very relaxing—like a massage for my eyes.

When the lashes were set in place, a mist was sprayed over the eyes and that was it.

The tape was taken off and I was able to head to the mirror to see the result.  Unfortunately, I can’t see without my eyeglasses so I had to put them on and I was completely surprised at how natural the lashes looked.

The only adjustment I needed to make was to shift my wig back into place–but I was so happy with my lashes that I overstepped my boundaries once again and..

gave Charlene a kiss on the cheek!

It was literally impossible for me to tell the extensions from my natural lashes. And the big test was when I got in the car and showed Bonaparte.  He was blown away.  In fact, last night while we were enjoying our Saturday night aperitif, he took a closer look and wanted to know where my natural lashes were!

The lashes–no mascara just lash extensions that look much better IRL because my iPhone camera doesn’t do any justice!

Now for the rest of the details:

I asked if this was, in fact, a good idea for the mature woman who has lost her lashability over the years.  The answer was a solid yes.  The lash extensions can be made to give you an appearance of thicker lashes.  Some women may want a cluster or two or some may want individual lashes.  It all depends on what you want.

There’s no long-term damage because the lashes fall out on their own.  The lashes are individual.  However, if you prefer to have clusters for more drama, they are available.

I also asked if mascara or eyeliner could be worn with the lash extensions.  Only if it is a water-based mascara and a water-based eyeliner (Note to self—get to Target later this afternoon to buy water-based liner and mascara).  Oil based products will break down the glue.  Amazing Lash Studio does sell their own mascara BTW, but I’m cheap when it comes to mascara!

The “setting” timeframe is 48 hours.  No water near the lashes for 48 hours.  This is difficult, for me, at least because I’m a nut about cleansing.  However, I used Micellar water on wipes and that’s how I took my makeup off.  I’m looking forward to the “after 48 hours” timeframe! I was able to apply my face serum and moisturizer with no issues!

You can’t sleep on your stomach for the first 48 hours.  This is no biggie as I can sleep standing up for cryin’ out loud.  If you are very used to sleeping on your stomach—try your side—sleeping on your back is preferred.

I was having a “moment” while cutting shallots for dinner last night because my eyes started to tear up and I was afraid to mess the glue.  But it turned out fine.  In addition, we watched the last episode of Season Three of “Dix Pour Cent” and I started to cry—but held the tears back because of the extensions!

Dix Pour Cent–a sometimes hilarious series about a Parisian talent agency. I was crying at the season finale because I knew it would be a year till next season.  Thank God my lashes weren’t damaged!

When I woke up this morning, there had been no lash fallout.  And I again, “washed” my face with Micellar water and about 25 wipes and applied very light makeup today.  I am surprised that I really didn’t need mascara (but, you know, I’m extra so I will buy the water-based stuff).  My lashes look great!

My lazy eye needs extra time to wake up but I swear my lashes look better today than they did yesterday!  It’s like cold lasagna–it tastes better cold and after a day or so.  My lashes looked great this morning! (ugh. I’m sooooooo cross-eyed)

Other information you need to know.

OK…and this will be my only constructive criticism.  But let me reiterate on how wonderful the staff is.  Honestly, I would bake cookies for them and hang with them because they were that nice!  My criticism is with Amazing Lash Studio as a corporate entity and not with the products they offer or staff.

There is a membership.  This is not my thing and I’ll tell you why.  I have commitment issues. There is a minimum of a 1 year service contract with no cancellation. And if you upgrade there’s also an additional charge—albeit you do pay member prices as opposed to non-member prices.

Now—if there was a month-to-month membership, I would be all about that. But the one-year commitment doesn’t sit well with me.  I’ll be very transparent about my feelings—in the past, I’ve had issues with gym memberships and other memberships—remember Curves?  Yeah.

I’m so on the fence about this because for the price of the $119, you get two lash refills per month and that’s not a bad price but I just cannot commit. I’m currently mulling over the $69.99 per month…..


But—I know me.  And I know that stuff happens.  After a day at the office I’m in no mood to take the time out for a regular appointment because I just want to get home.  Trust me, I’m the person who waits until my nails lift and break before getting a refill.  For the price of a membership, I don’t think I would be on top of the refills.

I’m not saying the membership isn’t a good thing—I’m saying for me it isn’t conducive to my behavior!

I have made an appointment to go back for a refill in three weeks and I’m definitely keeping the appointment but I honestly don’t know what will happen after that–although I may do the $69.99 a month. I just don’t know–and I hate when I’m indecisive!

What I do know is that I definitely will be going back for lash extensions before Oona’s wedding and I’ll get a bit more drama added.  And—I will be going back for lash extensions before heading to Paris for our annual Thanksgiving trip.  I think these extensions are travel godsends! And the less time it takes for me to get ready in the morning and before heading out to dinner—the more I get to hang in my favorite City!

That’s it on the membership. And I think Amazing Lash Studio as a corporation, should consider addressing a month-to-month.

The other “Other”.

The introductory price of $69.99 was absolutely one hundred percent worth it!  Absolutely!  But—I ended up spending more money on the maintenance kit bringing my total price to $140.00.  The kit was Seventy bucks. Was I suckered?  Nope!  I made the decision to purchase and here’s why:  I want my lash extensions to last as long as possible.  And…since I plan on returning for special occasions and travel purposes, I want the accessories.

What did I buy?  Take a look!

My goodie bag with the goodies I bought!

My purchases.  Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I’m such a sucker for cute packaging and this is so stinkin’ cute!!!  The red matches my nails!

The eyelash foaming cleanser which I can’t wait to use.  One more day!  I have to be careful though because the bottle resembles shaving cream so if I don’t have my glasses on, I might shave my legs with this! 

The lash coating gell to protect my extensions–I’m all about this–especially since I just noticed its made in Korea–I love me my Korean beauty products!  This is used twice a week!

This lash comb is to make sure the lashes don’t stick together from the glue.  I love this thing!

I used it this morning! 

My overall thoughts are that the lash extensions are a great asset to the mature woman.  Menopause and aging take away our brows and lashes—it’s a fact.  We have thinning lashes and the thickness we once had fades—as an alternative to wearing false lashes, I think the extensions are a great thing.

But with everything—there’s things that need to be brought to mind.  Amazing Lash Studio is impeccably clean and orderly.  The staff is knowledgeable and professional and I can say that the staff at the King of Prussia location is great!

My only trepidation is the membership–I’m really on the fence about this because I didn’t take the offer yesterday so I don’t know if it’ll be offered when I go for my refill–it’s the chance I have to take!

I’m still slightly shocked at how natural these extensions are!

That’s my review and, as always, I try to be as transparent and honest as all get out.  I highly, highly recommend Amazing Lash Studio for special occasions, pre-travel preparation—especially if you are going to be away for a week or so.  If you are of the “mature” demographic, I recommend this. And if you are diligent about keeping commitments, the membership may be a good thing for you.

I’ll be back in three weeks–and I’m sure three weeks after that because it’ll be close to St. Patrick’s day….then my birthday…then when I fly out to Cincinnati at the end of April…then…..

Have you tried lash extensions?  If so let us know in the comments?  Are you traveling soon?  Special Occasion coming up?  Thinking about trying them?  Add your thoughts!

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Dealing With The Weight Gain. And Trips to the Doctor!

Last week I had my physical.  Things look pretty decent and I have to go for routine blood work but the worst part was getting on the scale.

The doctor’s scale always adds more poundage and they, at the physician’s office, do not allow one to get naked for weighing in.  Trust me, I have no shame in shedding any article of clothing in order to make my weight appear less than what it is.

And so, I had to get on the scale fully dressed and fully wigged!

Bitmoji Image

You can say that again!  Getting on the scale on the doctor’s office is unhealthy because they weigh you before they take your blood pressure!

I gained 15 pounds since the summer.

Was I surprised?

No—but I was disappointed in myself for being weak and giving in to some horrific eating habits which started approximately in late September throughout the Holiday Season!

Cake batter.  Ummmmmm…it’s so silky and yummy.

Cookie dough.  Even better because the texture is so chewy and chock-full of fatty goodness!

For every cookie I bake, I eat a cookie’s-worth of dough!

Cheese.  Because…. well, it’s CHEESE!!!

And the cheese doesn’t stop here–I make a killer cheesecake!

Bread.  Bread goes well with cheese.  It also goes well with butter.  And is great for slopping up sauce.  Bread out of the oven is leaven heaven!  It’s comforting.  Carb-loaded and I ate a ton of it.

Home baked bread–it’s now purely for the husband because I haven’t had this leavened deliciousness in three weeks now!

Pasta.  You know how the box of pasta gives you the amount of servings—like 8 or 10?  Um…that’s a joke!  My need is to cook  an entire box……………and I can eat it too!

My macaroni and cheese has the best of both worlds.  Pasta and cheese–is there anything better?

Those are just a few of the reasons that I gained the weight that I did. And to tell you the truth, the turning point was a pair of pants (OK. two pairs of pants and one pair of jeans) that I couldn’t zip up or close.

Food is comfort for me.  After a stressful day of work, food eases the weight (pun intended) of stress.  When I’m feeling a pity party coming on, particularly unhealthy food like a pint of ice cream, with chocolate sauce poured, not drizzled over the cold, creamy, delight, topped with whipped cream and salty nuts relieve the pity.

When my anxiety punches me, the best way to fight it back is with food.

And I need to stop relying on food for everything that ails me or as an emotional rescue!

i dont want it linda blair GIF

Not only was this me when the doctor suggest I exercise, but it was also me when I had to have a Tetanus shot!  

But wait!  There’s something else.

If you are a regular reader, then you kind of know that I worry incessantly about my health.  It’s obsessive.  And as lazy as I am about exercising, you would think that I hit the gym during my free time.  But I can’t be bothered.


Bitmoji Image

Now THERE’S a way to get me on the treadmill!

So anyway, I put off the blood testing because something happened.  I had a symptom. And let’s just say that this particular symptom had me calling up the colonoscopy doctor because I thought that perhaps my August probing should be moved up.

Bitmoji Image

AGAIN!  One symptom can have me obsessing!

I was beside myself—thanks to Web MD and other online medical sites.  Not to mention I read about diseases every day at work.

Related image

Probaby the ONLY thing Web MD got right!

The appointment was this morning and I made sure that I had my prettiest matching underwear on because—it’s that kind of doctor.

And when I arrived at the office, I was greeted with new insurance paperwork to fill out and a question.

The question being “May we take your photo for our Portal?”  Yes. Everything is online these days—even your doctor’s office.

Well—due to the rather sensitive nature of my visit, and because I only had one thing on my mind.  My face suddenly had a horrified look. And I was asked if I was ok.  My answer was an astounding reply…

No–a photo of my face NEVER crossed my mind!!


There were both looks of horror and women trying to hold in laughter as the receptionist assured me it was my face they wanted to photograph.  Hey. It’s a gastro/colon office—why would they want my face?

And everyone was all smiles as I further explained that my hair changes on a daily basis due to the wigs but my face remains the same.

This is the face and hair they got today!  I took a car selfie after I left the doctor’s office!

The outcome of the doctor’s visit?  My probing will still remain in place for August and I’m forbidden to go to Web MD—or any other medical site.

Seriously.  We can’t seem to get away from all this medical stuff—no wonder many of us are hypochondriacs.  It pains me to watch the news at night because every single ad is for medicine or some hospital specializing in critical disease.  These things trigger me.

And yes, I did have to get on the scale this morning.  On the coldest day of the year while wearing the heaviest sweater I have, heavy tights, and a wool kilt skirt.  But the great thing is that I weighed one pound less than last week during my physical.  I would say that if I had been stripped of all clothing, I would have been an additional pound less, making the total two pounds.  And doctor scales are heavier than home scales because at home I weighed 152 this morning and at the doctor’s office I weighed 156.

What I wore to the doctor today.  The coldest day of the year and I was bundled up in heavy-weight wool! 

So yeah—I have a few pounds to lose and I’m doing fine with it.

I’ve completely cut out all white flour, bread of all kinds, sugar and baked goods.  No in between meals. No processed food.  I’m watching my portions but I’m not depriving.

Saturday night dinner is already planned.  Escargot and steak.  I’ve decided to stop formal dieting and just started to watch what I eat.  I’ll tell you I sucked food up like a Hoover during the holidays so now is a good time to get back to my comfortable weight—besides. I have a wedding to attend!

That being said, I’ve been lucky enough to fit into most of my clothing with the exception of those two pair of pants.  And I haven’t been posting what I’ve been wearing for quite some time.  And on this cold, last evening of January, I’ve decided to return to posting what I’ve always loved.

Here’s some of the clothing getting me through the weight loss!

I’m on a Kilt kick.  Yesterday I wore my favorite kilt because it’s the same plaid as my old school uniform.  I don’t know what it is but the skirt/tights/sweater/loafers combo remains one of my favorite winter looks.  And the skirt is expandable so it moves with my tummy!

Black–or any monochromatic tone of clothing always slims!  These stretch velvet pants are a great choice while losing the pounds.  I felt very Beatnik in this get up!

Three weeks ago I could not zip these pants up.  Now they fit–albiet snug but they fit!  Giving up bread and pasta have been a godsend in slimming the stomach!!

Another example of one-tone dressing.  Navy sweater, navy skirt, navy shoes!  I fake tanned the legs because I hate pantyhose. This was before the weather fell into the single digits!

A favorite Saturday Look!  This olive-green sweater I bought at J. Crew Factory earlier in the season has been my most-worn sweater this winter.  I love loose jeans a snugly sweater and loafers!

This loose sweater hid some overflowing muffin top on the pants that got a bit tight!  

Casual Friday at the office…..

And slightly dressed up with a velvet tee and a plaid lady jacket!  This is where jeans with stretch are your friend.  You can gain a few pounds and the jeans will stretch with you!

So that’s it for now. I have a few new makeup/skincare items that I’ll be writing about this weekend!  Have a great evening!  And don’t read Web MD!

Have a great evening!

If you have any weird doctor visit stories–by all means!  Share them in the comments!!!!! XOXOXOXO

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Life With Bonaparte–A Frenchman and His Bread. Or…It’s Not Bunny Honey!

Get “Bready” for a true story because it’ll make you hard-pressed that the husband is actually a native Frenchman!

Anyway, Thursday evening I had an appointment with my eye doctor.  The time has come for me to acquire stronger lenses because my job as an Administrative Assistant has me sitting in front of a computer all day.  Add to that, my aging eyes—or rather eye since I only have vision on one, is becoming sight blurry.

Image result for baird optical oaks

My eye doctor’s place!  I swear I love going here! He and his wife remind me of my daughter Oona and her future husband Sam! They’re so cute!

Now mind you, it was a must that the dear Bonaparte accompany me because the doctor would be dilating my eyes and the husband would be footing the remainder of the cost that medical insurance would not—and we all know how the expense of frames and lenses escalates from year to year.

And let me say, although I am a serious hypochondriac who only expects the worst news, who envisions every serious condition affecting me at all times, and who is deathly afraid of doctors, the eye doctor happens to be my guilty health pleasure.  Even as a child, I looked forward to having my crossed-eyes checked (weird kids grow up to be even weirder adults—I’m validation).

jennifer lawrence by marcelo GIF

Just in case I become famous and I’m interviewed on TV–this is the first question I will be asked.  And my answer will be a cute little laugh, a toss of the fake hair, a kick of the fake-tanned legs and an astounding “YES!!!!!” “And I think I’m coming down with something right now!”

The end result of the eye exam is that even though I’m blind in one eye, naturally cross-eyed and need a stronger lens prescription—my eyes are very healthy.

I have an amblyopic eye, strabismus and need stronger lenses, but the insides of my eyes are incredibly healthy.  My crossed-eyes are very happy with this news!

And for those with eyes like mine, a little Opto-humor!  This cartoonist is an artist turned eye-doctor.  If you have an Instagram account, you need to follow him because he’s so funny! @sightgagscartoons

New frames picked out (they are similar to what I’m wearing now but not the same), bells and whistles in the lenses—i.e. blue filter for computer usage, anti-glare for night driving, and we were good to go.

My new frames. Salvatore Ferragamo–and they are tortoise shell colored!

Our plan was to hit Wegman’s to do some grocery shopping for the upcoming storm that was expected for this weekend (BTW, It’s Sunday and was supposed to rain ALL DAY.  At 4:20 PM the weather is bright and sunny and about 10 degrees and windy).

For Bonaparte the storm food supplies did not include milk, bread, and eggs.  It was more akin to butter, tarragon, shallots and any other sauce makings I needed for the weekend.

I knew something was up when we passed by the Wegman’s Bakery.

Image result for wegmans baguettes

All of a sudden Bonaparte was concerned about the over-abundance of baguettes at Wegmans–and he usually complains about how bad they are–OK????

At 7:50 in the evening, Bonaparte spotted a section full of baguettes.  He went over and squeezed one of the loaves.  It was warm. This drove my husband into a full-on frenzy.

french baguette GIF

Respect the baguette!!

Oh Merde!  Wha eez zuh mattahr wiz zeez pipoule?  Wha a wist of good bread!  Do you rillee sink pipoule ahr going to buy fresh baguette at zis time of night?  Cassee  you go talk to zuh manager.

Sometimes my husband thinks he is back in France where zuh pipoule line up at the boulangerie and patisserie at approximately 5:30 pm to 6:00 PM and wait like Russians on the rationed bread line to purchase their evening baguettes.  But he did have a point that baking all those loaves to set out at almost 8 in the evening was a waste of good bread.

Image result for carton paris

There’s nobody here now, but at 5:30 in the evening you need to see the line for the dinner baguettes.  I’ve waited on many a line here and in the morning–Bonaparte runs here for his croissants!

However, no way was I going to speak to the manager.

Bonaparte have a sort of bad cop/good cop going on.  Even though he’s really the bad cop with his complaining, I’m the one who has to do the actual complaining to managers because nobody can understand his heavy accent—especially when he’s upset!

misha collins s hunt GIF

Unfortunately, I have to be the bad cop–or mauvais cop!

Hence the reason why I bake bread at home!

Image result for atypical60 bread

Trust me–I’m blessed because Bonaparte happens to love the bread I make.  Give us this day his daily bread!

Groceries in tow, the Frenchman had an idea—or rather a scheme.  He stated that it was very late—too late, in fact for me to cook dinner, and he suggested we drive to McDonalds.

Allow me to explain something.

I hate McDonalds.  With one exception–the McDonalds McCafe on the way to St. Tropez. The coffee is freshly brewed and the pastry selection is astounding! The In general, I don’t like fast food at all—the one exception being my beloved guilty pleasure of Taco Bell!

Just a sampling of the McCafe in France.  It’s pretty darn amazing and the coffee is stupendous!

But with this low-to-no carb thing I’m doing, I told Bonaparte that I would just have my cauliflower hummus and raw vegetables when we got home.

We drove to McDo (inside tip—that’s the French slang for McDonalds *wink*) he ordered his Big Mac, large fries and Diet Coke and we went on our merry way home.  Upon arriving home, I took my wig off, ran upstairs set the oven to 250 in order for him to reheat the fries and burger and we both got changed.

Can you believe my Frenchman ordered THIS?  And he loves it!  I wonder if he really is French at times!

And then it happened.  The second he opened the warm and toasty box that contained the treasure trove of two burgers slathered with cheese, pickles and special sauce—not to mention the unflavored hothouse cardboard tomato, slivered lettuce and onions.

His eyes popped open—like a cartoon where the eyes pop out of the head then back into the sockets.

Image result for cartoon with eyes popping out of head

Holy Homer Simpson!  Bonaparte’s eyes popped outta his head too!

He started cursing in French and trust me he said far worse than “merde”!

He turned to me with a stern “Look a’ ziz!!!!!!”

I didn’t notice anyzing—anything. And when I stated so he went into a tail spin!

“ZUH BUN!!!!”  “DO YOU SEE ZUH BUN!!!?????”  “EEZ NIT ZUH SEM!!!!!!”  “EEZ ZUH WRON’ BUN!!” “Z’HAIR EEZ  NO SES-I-MEEEEE  SIDS!!!!!!!!”  (More French cursing)

My simple and pragmatic response was “Well, they probably ran out of the Big Mac buns so they replaced them with regular buns.”

His next response was to ask me to take a photo of the burger.  Which I complied.

This is the “Bad” Big Mac!  Plain bun and all–and half eaten!

Regardless of the bun, he still ate every last morsel of the burger with the bad bun!

Fast forward to Friday, the day after the McDonalds episode.

When we awoke, my husband turned to me to ask me if I still had the “resit” from the McDonalds meal.  Now, normally I throw resits—or rather receipts, away, but since he gave me quite a chunk of change from the bill he paid with for his meal, I stuffed both change and receipt into my wallet.

Apparently, he was awake pondering his next move because he looked like he hadn’t slept a wink.

The infamous “Resit”!

I gave him the receipt and knew exactly why he wanted it.

He was going to get a refund for the Big Mac that was now making its way through his intestines. I don’t think he was waiting for the meal to make a reappearance.

And approximately four hours after I left the house, and was ensconced within the confines of my work cubicle, I received an email from him.  It simply read:

I got a refund.

One can only imagine what went on in that McDonalds when he arrived with the receipt.  He explained in his broken English and heavy French accent that his Big Mac had the wrong bun.

do you understand hocus pocus GIF

No..nobody understands you…and that’s why you had no issue obtaining a refund!!

The woman at the counter stated that it was too early in the morning to get another Big Mac and so, she just gave him the four dollars that he spent on his entire meal.

There are no words.  However, this episode has now proven to me that the French have a very serious thing about bread.  Even if it is a bun on a disgusting fast-food burger.

You do not mess with a Frenchman and his bread—or any product made of flour and yeast—or any product laden with carbs.

we cant stop music video GIF by Vevo

Yeah…you kinda don’t mess with a Frenchman and his love of the loaf–even if it’s a fast food bun!

Yesterday, I baked a loaf of bread for him.  And he ate the entire thing!

Yes!  Here’s the loaf I made for the husband yesterday–and my wig and wig cap are right next to it because I had to take my fake hair off or it would have melted from the oven’s heat!

And there you have it!  Welcome to my life!

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My Favorite Wigs of 2018 Part Two—The Budget Wigs!

Budget Wigs.  Fashion Wigs.  Inexpensive Wigs.  However you refer to them, they can be a great value and an asset to a wig collection.

Let me explain.

Wigs run the gamut of prices.  You have the luxury wigs-running from the high hundreds into the thousands.  You will not see me in one of these wigs because I have a mortgage, car payments, food to buy, utilities to pay for—this summer my daughter’s wedding and travelling!  My priorities are more aligned with Activities of Daily Life.  I’m certainly not being negative with this grouping, it’s just that the average woman can’t afford to spend thousands on one wig.

Bitmoji Image

That’s right–I’m an average woman and with my budget wigs, I can feel like a runway model!

The Bridge Wigs and Budget wigs are the ones I wear.  Although the Bridge wigs are more expensive than the Budget wigs and are better constructed, there is something to be said about the budget wig.

First of all, if you like variety with the hair you wear, it’s good to have a mixture of both Bridge and Budget wigs.  Where you have to work a bit to get the budget wig to appear more natural, it isn’t a painstaking effort.  All it takes is a tweezer and powder for the parting space, a scissor to cut the lace and you’re good to go.

raven symone wig GIF

You may also want to use a bit of wig glue to stop the wig from shifting!

My last post showcased my favorite Bridge Wigs of 2018 and, in this post, my favorite Budget Wigs of 2018 are coming straight atcha!

These wigs assist in giving my better wigs a longer wear and shelf life. These are the wigs I wear if the weather isn’t that great.  They are wigs I’ve worn to the office many times.  I’ll wear these wigs to the dentist and eye doctor and I’ll wear them for just plain fun!

katy perry wig GIF

That’s right!  Wigs are plain fun!

A word of caution, though.  Not all budget wig sites are created equal and there are a ton of rip-off wig sellers out there.  If you see a photo of stellar hair and you see a price that looks too good to be true–it is too good to be true.  Below is a stock photo of Gabor Wigs “Sweet Talk”.  She’s a beauty that retails for around $230 USD.

A seller on Amazon, ELIM is offering this wig for $19.35 USD. This is not the wig you will get.  They are not selling Gabor’s Sweet Talk for $19.35.  Who knows what you will end up with if you purchase from a company that steals others’ stock photos.

You have to be knowledgeable when purchasing a budget wig!

ELIM Short Blonde Wigs for White Women Curly Wavy Synthetic Female Hair Wig Full Wigs with Wig Cap Z118

This is Sweet Talk by Gabor Wigs.  She is NOT a Budget wig. If you see a photo like this on a site that you are not familiar with, please know you will not be getting a good value. You will be getting a rip-off rat’s nest!

Most of all, Budget wigs are a fantastic value and for women on a fixed income or budget and are incredibly affordable.  So, come along and take a look at what made the cut for 2018!  And in no particular order….

Storm by Model Model—Color 4. Dark Brown

Model Model Storm.  She’s been a favorite budget wig of mine for over a year.  Here she is in the shade Number 4–a rich dark brown!  Slightly angled, she’s that perfect non-styled style!

I have five Storms.  Ranging from color 1 Jet Black to this—Dark Brown.  My only wish is that Model Model would make this gorgeous wig in lighter colors!  She’s a lace front and the density is incredible but—as dense as she is, I’ve worn her in the hottest weather and she still remained so comfortable!

Another look at Storm in brighter light.  The parting space on this 4X4 silk lace front can be trained to go to either side or the middle!

She’s one of those “unstyled” styled wigs that I like.  Angled and just past the shoulders, she wears very well and wears long.  With the budget wigs –I find after a couple of washings they’ve had their day.  However, with Storm, she lasts through quite a few washings!  She always looks great and she was one of my 2017 faves as well!  At around $35 on wig sites, she is at the top of the budget wig pricing and is an incredible value.

Here I am in St. Tropez–summer of 2017.  The Storm I’m wearing is natural black—1B!

Bobbi Boss April Wig

Bobbi Boss April in the shade–TT1B-613. The top area is a 1B natural black fading into 613–a light blonde.  I don’t know what it is, but I love this ombre wig so much!  The hair color isn’t the most natural ombre but who cares!  Part of wearing a wig is slaying it–and every time I wear this–I slay!

I freaking love this wig.  Believe it or not, I find the budget wigs make a better center part than many bridge wigs.  There is nothing I don’t love about April. I love the Ombre dark-to-light.  The length of the bob is great, the density is fabulous and she’s hot stuff.  She gets a lot of wear out of me!  Around $29. she is a fantastic buy.

Here’s another April in the shade 4327.  A blend of lighter golden browns.  She needs tweezing and powder but she sure looks great and for the price, you cannot go wrong!

Bobbi Boss Lyna

Bobbi Boss Lyna–in the shade TT6/23–a more subtle ombre than April.  But nonetheless another great center-part bob.  I love the density of Lyna and she’s very blunt–but this blunt straight look is one I’ve always achieved with my bio hair but it was too curly and frizzy!  I love wigs!

Truth be told. Bobbi Boss is my favorite of the budget wig brands. The company knows how to make a quality unit at a very purse-friendly price.  Lyna, another center-part wig is a shorter bob.  The funny thing is that Bobbi Boss makes Lyna in a sleek model but it’s too little and close to the head for me.  The volume in the regular Lyna is perfect.  The shorter style makes it an excellent choice to wear with textured sweaters and fabrics in the winter and remain comfortable during the hotter months.

Here’s Lyna again. This photo is from the video review I did on my YouTube channel.  Look how nicely she falls!

Bobbi Boss Chyna.

Image result for atypical60 bobbi boss chyna

Bobbi Boss Chyna (BTW, I almost named my daughter Oona, Chyna, but ended up going with my Gaelic roots instead).  A long bob–LOB.  This is such a great unit and she’s silky and holds such a great shape!

Yes!  Another Bobbi Boss! Chyna came late to the sorority but has gotten lots of love from me this fall through winter.  I longer bob—a lob if you will, she’s not as dense as the other wigs but still packs a punch with the gorgeous silky texture of the hair fibers!  The color, TT4/Choco is a great blend of lighter brown tones!

Hmmmm. I think I’ll wear Chyna to work tomorrow!!  She looks pricier than she really is!

Heraremy Ariana—OET 1B30.  This. Is. The. Greatest. Value.  I got her last winter at the price of–$19.99! And the hair is dense, and very, very thick. A blending of reds, she’s a knockout of a longer wig.  Tangling has been at a minimum and she is very well-constructed!

Ariana.  There’s a good amount of hair here and it makes for a great winter wig because it keeps the head warm!

Another reason this was a great value–minimal tweezing needed at the parting space!

Swami by FreeTress Equal.  Another big-time favorite of mine.  I have five Swamis because this center-part long bob is a realistic, wonderful head of hair.  My bio hair looked like this after I put it up in beer-can rollers, blow dried each section, rolled it back up and flat-ironed it.  A process that took over two hours.  This process takes less than a minute to put her on.  All I have to do is adjust the ear tabs!  She’s under $25 on many of the wig sites.

Swami–by FreeTress Equal.  Another center-parted longer bob–but she’s dense and I’ve had to thin out the darker-colored Swami.  

Swami in the shade PB Coffee.  This shade is the most unusual shade ever and I’ve only seen it on Swami. I tell you, these budget wigs are terrific values!


PB Mocha–Swami is made of Futura fibers–maybe that’s why she lasts a good amount of time! 

Justine by It’s A Wig.  Justine is another wig that was a favorite of 2017 and made it through to 2018! And yes, this is another wig that I have multiples of.  She always looks fresh and the hair fibers are soft and silky but not doll-like.  It’s like clean hair that was just washed.

Justine by It’s a Wig.  I’ve got multiples of her too!  She’s incredibly natural looking and this is the one wig that I’ve been stopped for the color–TT3147.  I like the lighter blends of brown.  Not too dark but not quite blonde.  It’s a flattering shade!

Look closely at the hairline.  There is a slight demarcation at the parting space. That’s due to the soft lace.  I normally dab a spot of “Got 2 B Glued” or edge wax and it keeps the lace down.  I cover with powder and concealer and am good to go.  That’s the difference between a budget and better wig.  And trust me, it’s no big deal!

…and if someone can notice that–they are standing too close to my personal space and need to take a step back!!

This is the budget wig that I’ve had women stop me in public to ask where I got my hair colored! Hey.  I’m serious.  This is a killer wig for an inexpensive price point!


Hair loss, as I said, is devastating.  And you would be surprised at the amount of “snobbery” within the wig community.  Yes. It’s true.  You have women who look down on synthetic wigs; women who only wear “brand name” better wigs; women who claim that budget wigs are “cheap” looking and the list goes on.  It’s disappointing because you would think that women would be more supportive of each other.

Bitmoji Image

You don’t have to spend a bundle in order to get a decent wig.  Do not allow wig snobs make you feel less than your perfect self!

In my book, a wig that makes a woman feel better about herself and gives her confidence is a winner and a valuable head of hair—at any price.  And if someone can’t afford the best of the best, there’s plenty of options.

That’s the beauty of wigs.  And don’t ever take my budget wigs away from me!

comedy no Sticker by CBCunimpressed comedy Sticker by CBC

Thanks to the great Catherine O’Hara for her stunning portrayal of Moira Rose the wig-wearing ex-soap opera star of the TV show Schitt’s Creek!  

For those who may be interested, here’s my YouTube video that I did on these wigs.  You can get a better look at them (sort of—my lighting stinks)!

If you are going through hair loss, please head to various sites. Head to YouTube and educate yourself because once you get used to wigs and toppers, your life will change for the best!!

If you are interested in these wigs, any of the budget-friendly wig sites has them.  Among the ones I shop at:  Hairsofly Shop; Sam’s Beauty, Go Beauty  NY


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