Transitioning the Eye Makeup for the Cooler Weather!

Now that the Fall/Winter wardrobe has been put into place and just in time because today was rather deeply chilly, the seasonal beauty products will be rolling around.

That’s right. Fall has officially arrived because it’s cool enough to wear…..plaid and warmer clothes!  I wore this yesterday to work!

By that, I mean, I’ll go with a bit more color around the eyes and more color on the face.  My skin gets paler because there’s no more sun or fake tan time (caveat—the legs get fake-tanned year-round).  The foundation gets lighter too.  The whole palette for the face changes.

And yup!  You can wear color and blend it for an everyday look by keeping a light touch!

But for now, I’m sticking to the eyes.  I picked up two more palettes that’ll do well for the fall and winter.  One of the palettes will be great for the holidays too!  Why?  Because the eyeshadow shades are so shimmery and pigmented and just colorful and gorgeous.

And in my advanced age, I’m finding that experimenting with color is a fun thing!

Of course, there’s still the neutrals and one of the palettes is full of neutrals.

Let’s take a look—shall we?

The first palette is The Creator palette by Pur Cosmetics.

The Creator Palette by Pur Cosmetics–wait’ll you see what’s inside!

It’s funny because I saw this palette at Ulta and had it in my shopping bag, but I balked at the $40 price and eventually purchased one of The Vault palettes by Morphe for $15.00

I ended up going with  The Vault Dark Magic Palette by Morphe. It’s on the bottom right–and at fifteen bucks it is a great value!

But I just couldn’t get The Creator palette out of my mind and so I went online to find the best price.  I ended up heading to Pur’s website and lo and behold, found the palette for 20 percent off!  Here’s the link to the Pur website. It’s atrocious to navigate but the discounts are worth it!

Since I needed a powder blush, I ordered this pink number–Tease.  It’s ok. Not the best and not the worst but it lacked in “wow-ness”!

Here’s the blush.  It’s ok.  I’ll definitely use it but probably more in the spring and summer!

Realistically speaking, I am a bit skeptical about ordering eyeshadows online because I’ve heard horror stories of breaking while in transit.  And opening up a mess of broken powder  isn’t something that strikes my fancy.  But—I bit the bullet anyway and took my chances.

Seriously–I’m messy enough without being greeted by a sight like this when I order makeup in the mail!

The palette arrived in perfect condition.

Check out this fancy silver packaging…

And the shadows were in perfect condition! Yay!!!!

The packaging is not only very glamorous but it’s very pragmatic.  It folds open in thirds with a ribbon across two sides of one of the thirds allowing the mirror to be a stand up.  I swear if I could see without a magnifying mirror, this would be the best packaging of all time.

Isn’t this great?  The mirror (for those who can see without magnification) stands up–it’s genius packaging…

As you can see, I have been using this palette. I’m not good at cleaning up the shadows after I use them!

The shadows.  Where do I begin?  They are absolutely lovely.   This is a “face” palette because of the highlighter and contour/bronzers that are included but I’ll tell you, the eye shadows are gorgeous!

I swatched the shadows on my fingers so you could get a better look.  The mattes in the top row are pigmented and easy to blend.  

Here’s the shadows from the middle row.  Look at that shine–get the sunglasses out!

Oh the fun you can have creating holiday looks with these shadows!

And since the palette is named “The Creator”, each of the shadows are named after a creative profession—I like that!

The names of the shadows are so clever and………..creative!  I LOVE Teacher and Actor!

I did use the face highlighter and it’s ok—so is the bronzer.  They are pretty-much like every other highlighter/bronzer that come in palettes.  It’s the eyeshadows that make this palette a WOW!

I wore a fun look today with both The Creator Palette and the Dark Magic Palette.  Will you look at that glimmer!!


Here’s a better photo of how the shadows worked today.  My eyes had color but it was still office-appropriate!

Next palette—OMG.  Please don’t judge me.  You know all about how I refuse to purchase anything from Urban Decay due to a very condescending email the company sent me when I inquired about their 24/7 eye pencils and inquired as to why they excluded the mature woman from their marketing.

I feel like a complete hypocrate for bringing this into my home.  But I’m a sucker for neutrals!

Well—I caved in.  Kind of.  I had a Nordstrom gift card with leftover money.  The Urban Decay Ultimate Basics palette was at Nordstrom Rack for $24.97.  I used the gift card—so even though I purchased it, it wasn’t with my money.

The thing is, I had the Naked Basics Palette since it came out in 2010 and it lasted forever before hitting pan on any of the shades.   It was kept in my travel bag because it was the perfect palette of neutrals for travel I used it even after Chippy tried to eat it and the mirror broke.  It was replaced with The Emily Edition’s The Needs palette which is my new travelessential!

That little Naked Basics Palette sufficed so well for years–see where Chippy ate the end of it?  

But the Ultimate Basics is just so chock-full of neutrals that I really felt the need to have it.

It’s a decent mix of cool and warm tones–the gray “Magnet” color is the only one I would pass by.  The deep purpal “Lethal” is very autumnal!!

So how does this palette hold up to the smaller original?  It’s fine.  Not as pigmented as the smaller one but the shadows work for those days when you just want a hit of “sumthin sumthin” on the eyes.

For those “no makeup” makeup days the Naked Ultimate Basics is a good choice!

I later found that the palette is on the Urban Decay site for the same price as Nordstrom Rack.  My guess is that overall, it isn’t as good as the original Naked Basic Palette.  Ya live. Ya learn!

Do you set your makeup with powder?  I never bothered until recently.  And I like the effect.  If applied with a light touch it won’t make your lines and wrinkles look worse.  Besides, I’m in my sixties. I have lines and wrinkles.  The thing I like about using a powder to set makeup is that I can wear mascara on my bottom lashes without getting the dreaded raccoon eyes.  I don’t set my entire face—just under the eyes and the nose.  And I have to use powder on my nose because of ruddiness.

Kat Von D Beauty had this Lock-It brightening powder on the site for $15 and when I made another purchase a while back I bought the powder.  As much as it’s a great setting powder—it really is. It’s also one of the messiest products I’ve ever used.  It’s challenging to have to be so careful when using it.  Especially if you are a complete and natural slob as I am!   It’s great stuff though!

This powder is so good but sooooooooooo messy!

Lastly, I have to tell you about this great foundation brush.  From iT Cosmetics. As I get more and more involved with makeup and play with the best ways to apply foundation, one thing I’ve discovered is that brushes make a difference.  And a good brush is important to have for foundation.   Not gonna lie.  I spent $48 on this and it was worth every penny.  The brush is a mystery to me because the brand is cruelty-free so the bristles are made of man-made fibers but I still can’t figure out how they made them so soft.  And the brushes feel so good against your face too.

I’m loving the way this brush applies my foundation..and the smaller end–is supposed to be for concealer but I’ve been using it to brush the excess setting powder off.  I love this brush so much!

The bristles are so soft that it’s redunklewlis!! I washed the brush so you could get a better look and it washed beautifully with a touch of hand soap!

And the man-made fiber bristles are densly packed!

Applies like a dream!  I highly recommend this brush!

It’s funny because I love my drug-store products but there are certain items that I like to spend more on and make up brushes are beginning to be my luxury item!

How about you?  Do you use a good brush or does it matter?  I’m very interested!!…

Here’s some more Bradley Cooper from “A Star Is Born”–Alibi–and I swear it’s better than the songs on the radio!

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That Sense of Accomplishment—Guess What I Did This Weekend!!

This past weekend was a productive one.  It was that weekend where I accomplished something.

Yes. I done good by accomplishing!!

The “something” was transitioning my clothing from warm late spring and summer clothing into the cooler weather fall and winter clothing.

It’s bye-bye summer wardrobe and hello to the clothing that keeps me warm in the cold weather!

You know, the past couple of months had our weekends at the beach, having the kids visit, going to DC, and to New York and, last weekend, to visit Oona in Cincinnati to help her look for her wedding dress.  All of which were great weekends.

Pleasant Ridge, Cincinnati–a most pleasant place to spend a weekend–or longer!

And between working and busy weekends there hasn’t been much time for me to get organized.  Trust me, I’m not the most organized person on earth.  And about the only place that I am organized is at work.  My cubicle is well-organized and thought out—all to make my work day flow in an even pace.

But home is a different story.  There’s a big difference between being clean and being organized.  Our home is tidy and clean—but I’m very disorganized.

Image result for atypical 60 sunroom

No clutter and slightly minimalist–and clean!  That’s my house!

The fridge needs to be cleaned.  The pantry needs to be re-organized.  My closets and drawers—I dunno—they just start out nice and within a matter of months, shirts that I ironed have been stuffed into the dresser and are a mass of wrinkles.

My new mantra.  I need this shirt!

And as I ironed the wrinkles out of the tee shirts for a second time, it dawned on me that I needed to take my winter clothes out of the storage bins and put the summer ones away.

It’s bad enough ironing tee shirts a first time–but the same shirts a second time??

And so, I headed out to the garage and took the bins that hold the clothing for cooler and cold weather and placed the bins in the foyer.  I was exhausted after hauling them and I figured that since the first step to transitioning the seasonal clothing was done, I could work on the remaining steps during the week.

My big haul.  From the garage to the foyer!

Yesterday was a busy day for me.  I colored my roots for the first time in three months!

I’m not coloring my hair black anymore. I’ve lightened up to brown!

After the hair was done (which is crazy because I wear wigs), I put makeup on and filmed four YouTube videos.  Three wig reviews and one recommendation for eyeshadow palettes!

I reviewed a short wig…

And a great holiday wig that can be worn many ways…

And another long bob (I’ll be writing a blog post on them)

And I finished up with a palette recommendation that Bonaparte loved because Chippy hijacked the video and I got attacked by a plant!

My intention when I was done was to write a blog post.

But then I went upstairs.  Bonaparte was kind enough to lug the bins of clothing up to our bedroom.  I honestly doubt it was his kindness but it may have been a hint to bust a move to actually take the summer clothing out and replace with the winter clothing.

After mulling it over and playing the new Candy Crush friends game for almost an hour, and realizing that Summer 2018 was gone forever, I started to take the summer clothes out of the closet!

Oh.  The fun I’m having with this game…..

But something hit me like a hurricane.  I went into working mode and started pulling clothes off hangers and throwing them on the floor like a mad woman! Piles of sleeveless dresses and shorts and lighter-than air shirts—all in a mountain you could ski down.

Then I went through the pile and did something I hadn’t done in years.  I purged.  Yes!  I took clothing that I hadn’t worn all summer—and the summer before—and the summer before that, and put it in a plastic bag to take to Goodwill.

When all was folded, I ran back into the closet and took the hangers off the floor, grouping them by color and, in a classic Mommie Dearest, Joan Crawford moment, threw the wire hangers away!

This was me yesterday!  I’m just not a fan of wire hangers. I like plastic much better–perhaps its the longing for plastic surgery in the form of a chin lift…

The bins emptied of the winter clothes, all laid nicely on our bed, I began to gingerly and carefully place the folded summer items in them for storage.

Until next year–even the clothes I never wore…

Go to sleep until next June.

Plaids came out.  Skirts and pants.  Look, I’ll be honest—I wasn’t exactly watching what I put into my mouth over the summer and I gained a bit of weight and I was anxious about the fact that my pants may not fit.  But—they did, albeit snug but they fit.  It was a warning sign for me that I desperately need to get back on track with eating in a healthier manner!

Thank God my favorite Holiday Pants fit! 

And these velvet jeans still fit too.  I just may wear them to work this week!

The new pile was of dry-cleaning that was needed for a few items and other than that, I organized the clothing in the closet.

It made me want to do more.  Seriously, after the closet looked all nicely organized, I hit the drawers.  All tee shirts were colorized and re-folded.

Pants and skirts on the left and shirts on the right.  Ya think I have enough white shirts?

Oh. And I keep my work shoes at-the-ready with this over-the-door shoe pocket organizer!

Then I went into the sweater drawers and did the same.

Tees all folded–again, and colorized. Ya think I have enough white Tee shirts?

Tippi Sweaters in one drawer….

And my other sweaters in another drawer.  I should own stock in J. Crew!  That little French Hen sweater is a favorite!

And when all was done, I felt such a great sense of accomplishment!  But I know with my uncanny knack for disorganization, the drawers will be a mess within a month.  The closet—maybe not so much but the drawers definitely will!

And how crazy was it that I spritzed on the last of my “winter” scent L’Instant and opened my backup?

But it certainly did feel great as I got dressed this morning.  I wore my first cool-weather clothing of the season and realized that I did miss wearing my winter clothes.  As much as I love going barefoot and sleeveless and those great summer dresses and sandals, I love the blazers and wool skirts and the toasty feeling as the cool air touches my face!

Today’s outfit–a blazer from years past,  a wool pencil skirt, a berry sweater, fake tanned legs and nude heels.  Very Autumnal!

Speaking of other events of the weekend.  Bonaparte and I saw “A Star Is Born”.  I kept it a secret that I saw it with Oona after we picked the wedding dress!   I knew if I told him I saw the movie he wouldn’t have seen it but it was even better the second time around.

You will need a box of tissues when you go to see this.  I want these two to get married IRL–the chemistry between them was like a strong electrical currant!

If you have not seen this movie yet, please do yourself a favor and go!!!  Bradley Cooper has been robbed of an Oscar long enough. He’s got to win this time around and Lady Gaga was also Oscar worthy.

I like dirty Bradley Cooper better than clean Bradley Cooper!  Which Bradly do you prefer?

I prefer dirty Bradley.  How about you?

Back to the subject matter.  Do you feel a sense of accomplishment when you’re more organized?  Have you transitioned your wardrobe yet?

Inquiring minds wanna know!!

I bought the soundtrack from A Star Is Born–here’s one of my favorite songs.  Shallows

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Is Home a State of Mind? Or Just A State?

Well, I have to say that the weekend trip to Cincinnati to see Oona was a successful one all around.

Ahhh..the weekend trip.  It’s great because only a carryon is needed!

And let me tell you something. It was hotter than July!  I ended up changing into shorts as soon as I arrived at Oona’s house! This outfit was way too warm!

She found the perfect wedding dress –it is spectacular and she was radiant when she wore it in the shop’s bridal suite.  I can’t give details away.  But I can assure you that when you finally see the dress on my daughter, it’ll take your breath away!

I’ll share a photo of Oona, on the right and her best friend and Maid of Honor Lauren on the left.  We were all relaxing with Mimosas and high-calorie food after the dress was purchased!

Dress and wedding plans withstanding, overall, it was a great weekend.  The night before I flew out to see her I received a text.  And it was one that made me realize no matter how independent the kids are, mom still has a purpose.  It was a text asking me to make dinner for Saturday night. How could I refuse that offer?

Note the “IF YOU SAY YES”–as if I’m gonna say “NO”!!  This is the greatness of being a mother.  Even when they are adults they still love mom’s cooking. And not only did I make ONE Nougatine–I made TWO!  Jake is making a stopover this weekend before heading to NYC on a business trip! It’s his favorite dessert!

It was also the weekend to be introduced to the newest addition to Oona and Sam’s family—their Goldendoodle puppy, Gracie.  And she’s the cutest little nugget I’ve ever seen.  Sam and Oona are epic doggie parents because Miss Gracie is already housetrained—in a week!  And she can sit and she listens!  They are far better dog parents than I ever was!

Look at this little nugget–meet Gracie!  Eight weeks old and the cutest puppy ever!

Drinking coffee in the morning, sitting down relaxing watching TV, running errands, getting dinner and dessert ready, enjoying drinks before dinner—it sounds very mundane but there comes a point in your life when your relationship with your child changes into an adult relationship and it’s one of those moments in life when you realize that it’s all just so good.

Hanging ’round in the AM enjoying cawfee with my daughter. It’s all grand!

Cincinnati is now my daughter’s home. It is the city where she works.  It is the city where she met her future husband.  It is the city where they purchased their home.  It is the city she has settled.   And when she and Sam raise their family, Cincinnati will be the city where their children will have their roots. It will be the foundation of their lives.

And they’ve made a lovely little home!

And I love the city where Oona lives.  The homes are older and have a ton of character.  There’s history in each and every home.  The neighborhoods surrounding downtown Cincy have history.  It’s charming and there are many areas going through growth.  It’s great to see and makes me very happy.

And we all know that if mommy is happy, the whole family is happy!

And as all great weekends come to an end, Sunday rolled around so quickly.

Grandma had to give Gracie departing kisses–I think she’s wondering why my hair changed from long and layered to a chin-length bob.  I travel with hair. It’s easier!

My grandpuppy wanted me to stay!

For the first time in a very long time that “Sunday night feeling” came over me a few hours early.  You know the feeling I’m talking about.  It’s that empty anxious feeling you get in your stomach with a touch of sadness and melancholy—and it only occurs on Sunday usually beginning late afternoon.  It happens more often in the winter than the summer too. I don’t know why—but it does!

Image result for sunday night feeling

True dat!  Sunday nights should be better spent so that feeling goes away!!!

I had that feeling as I exited the car and we kissed each other goodbye.  Entering the CVG (Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky) Airport though was a bit uplifting though.  Truth be told, it’s one of my favorite airports because it’s so dang manageable!   There’s never a line for check-in and the TSA lines, though long, move briskly with the only TSA agents I’ve ever come across that are all pleasant and friendly—they actually like their jobs!

I kid you not Sara Ducker and Thomas Gibson are Transportation Security Administration agents at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. This photo is from an article that was written in the Cincinnati Enquirer and it’s true.  This airport has THE friendliest TSA people ever!

There’s a tram to the gates but since I’m the laziest woman on earth who needs any form of exercise she can get, I always take the opportunity to walk to the gate!  And here’s where the airport gets really good.  The Cincy museum has dinosaur skeleton exhibits on loan.  I freaking love that airport.

The only thing that could make my more gleeful than this Mastodon skeleton would be the skeleton of a Woolly Mammoth!  

Best airport in the USA!

Back at the gate and preparing to board, the weekend played over in my mind like a cinematic big screen event.  And that Sunday feeling dissipated until I arrived back in Philly.

Back to Philly!

It’s difficult to put my finger on it but I’ve just never warmed up to the Philly area.  I live here but it isn’t home to me.  When we moved from Manhattan to New Jersey, I warmed up to the Pennington area because the kids were so young that eventually it was home for a while.

But my true home will always be New York.  I love New York.  The City. Long Island. Upstate—there isn’t one place in New York that I don’t love.

Image result for new york

I’ll always be a New York City girl!!

And when I arrived home, New York was waiting for me. Yeah. It was.

I’ll explain…

A couple of weeks ago, the folks at Messages in Metal reached out to me.  I thought it was a company that made messages out of metal sheeting to hang on the wall.  But, the company creates jewelry.  Affordable and quite nice. Here’s a link to the website so you can see the offerings. Messages in Metal Website  Anyway, I was asked if I would like to choose an item to review.

One of the most unique items the company makes is the state necklace.  You can have the state of your choice embellished with your local area code or with the word “home” or “love”—clearly a message on how you feel about your home state—or the state you’ve grown to love!

Montana.  Home of Area Code 406 and home of Messages in Metal

And after perusing the site, I decided to order a New York State necklace with the area code that I used for many, many years—the NYC area code of 212.  I chose the copper and silver model—simply because the combination of those two metals looked irresistible!

I love the combination of the copper and silver! It’s unique and sharp!

And I couldn’t have been happier!

The necklace came very well-packaged.

The necklace was delivered very quickly and the packaging secure!

In the big box was this smaller box..

…and in the smaller box was a velvet box with my necklace!

The workmanship is excellent—it’s definitely a high-quality product for an affordable price.

The necklace is weighted perfectly. It’s heavy enough that it hangs beautifully but doesn’t feel heavy!

The weight of the actual pendant is heavy enough so that the it lays flat and isn’t moving every which way when you move.  But it doesn’t feel heavy at all.

It’s honestly such a unique piece and I received many compliments and inquiries when I wore it to work.  Everyone agreed that the idea of your state with your area code was genius!

Although my photography skills leave much to be desired, I love the size of the necklace too. It isn’t large and is delicate enough to wear even for dressier occasions.  I wore it to work the past two days!!

For those who would want more of a traditional necklace, Messages in Metal offers Birthstone necklaces engraved with the names of children, or grandchildren or a significant other.  I’ll bet you could even have a necklace made with your dogs’ names too!

Gold Four Name With Birthstone Dog Tag

This dog-tag necklace is a great mom or grandmother gift.  Hmmmm.  I should get one with Ruby, Dorothy, and Chippy’s names on it–making it a true dog tag!

Integrity Silver Birthstone Name Tag Necklace

You can even gift yourself!

With the Holidays just around the corner, these necklaces would make great budget-friendly gifts.

If I were to order a Jake, Roman, and Oona necklace–this would be the one!  What do you think?

And they are made at home—in the USA!!

I think Mr. Bald Eagle wishes I were a bit lighter. Don’t worry, I’m back on Weight Watchers!

I want to thank Hallie from Messages in Metal for lifting my spirit after a memorable weekend with my daughter.

And after I put that necklace on, and came downstairs to have dinner with my husband, I realized that I was home. To the home that my husband and I made together!

Image result for atypical60 sunroom

And my favorite little nook at home is the sunroom!  It’s next to the kitchen and the heart of the home!

Anywhere your heart is—is home! And I hope you can see this little video of Gracie!!


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What’s in The Vault? It’s The Money I Saved and More!

Hi All!  Well, in my last post I did a review of all the new drug-store brand makeups I purchased.

One item was left out of the review mix because I was just too lazy to take my old eye makeup off and replace it with the new!

Sometimes I just take the wig off, take the bra off, leave the makeup on and chill!

And that new eyeshadow palette is part of The Vault Collection by Morphe.  It’s a collaboration with a very famous beauty guru—Jaclyn Hill.  Sorry to say that I don’t follow her because I’m not into that overly glamourous look and I think that’s what she’s into.

Image result for the vault collection

The Vault Collection from Morphe consists of four separate palettes.  The one I purchased is  Dark Magic on the bottom left.  

Actually, I’m sorry-not-sorry I don’t follow her.  For if I did, there’s a chance I would have passed this shadow palette curated by Jaclyn Hill.  Why would I have passed it by?  Apparently, there’s a lot of negativity with this palette.

Image result for jaclyn hill

Jaclyn Hill is a little bit over the glamour chart for me. But I would love to get my lips filled like hers.  Is she photoshopped or full of fillers?  I don’t know but the Vault palette I have is good so I’ll leave it at that!

Not from me though.  The palette was $15.00 and was worth every cent.  In fact, compared to the price of higher-end eyeshadow palettes, I was able to deposit more money into my savings vault!

A slim and pared-down palette–easy to store..

And the colors are right up my alley.  Neutrals and deeper-hued colors.

Here’s the swatched shadows:

From the top row of the palette.  You will notice that the color “poof” really looks like nothing. It goes on almost nude which makes a great base for the rest of the colors.  “Power cut” is a great metallic that can be applied as light as possible or full-on glitz.

And from the bottom row. It’s funny because in the lighting the colors “busted” and “inside job” look a like. Fact is “busted” is a gorgeous teal whereas “inside job” is a deep green–like a Christmas tree!

The colors look better swatched on my fingers.

Anyway, the past two days, I wore the shadows from this palette and I’ll tell you this–the colors can work as everyday neutrals with a bit of an edge.  I’ll show you.

This was yesterday’s look and you can see that the eyes are not overdone.  I did apply a bit of “power cut” on my lids. Who says women over 50 can’t wear shimmery shadow?

You can see how a light touch makes for a nice eye. I even managed to apply some shadow to the lower lid!

This morning I applied the shadow “Shhh” as a transitional shade from crease to under the brow bone.

Shh” is a caramel brown–it’s got some brightness and even though it looks warm, it’s flattering to all.


Next up was the shade “potion”.  Its an olive green, which is a shade that usually looks so awful on me–but this is a bit on the brighter side so it worked out very nicely. I applied this to my crease.

Surprisingly “potion” is an olive green that works!

The first two shades applied and building up the eye.   Excuse the hair. I need to color my roots but wearing a wig every day makes me very lazy!

Next I dipped my finger into “power cut” and applied it to my lids.  This shade is absolutely gorgeous.  In my pro-aging, I’m finding that I really, really love the glimmery shades!

“Power cut” is my favorite shade of the palette. It’s just so beautiful and looks great on.  Applied lightly its so flattering and not over-the-top!

This photo is out of sequence but see how subtle the “power cut” shimmer shadow is on the lid?

The eyes were finished with  “Diversion” on the outside of the crease and along the bottom lash line!

“Diversion” is another shimmery shade.  It’s not as bold as “power cut” but it is well-pigmented and goes on nicely!

Bottom lid was lined with “diversion” and the entire eye look turned out perfectly for an everyday look!

Another look in better lighting.  I also want you to look at the lines around my eyes. They are there and not going anywhere.  Still–those lines will not stop me from wearing the makeup that I want to wear. I ignore my wrinkles for the most part!

And here’s today’s look.  The eyes look great for using a lower-end eyeshadow palette–don’t they?

When I tell you that I am now convinced that the lower-priced eyeshadows are just as good as the higher end–I’m not kidding.  Look.  How many of us are makeup artists?  How many of us are going to press events and fashion weeks?  The great majority of us are normal, average women living normal, average lives and having a wonderful time being us.  We want a look that is attractive, basic and nothing flambouyant.  I have to say that the “Dark Magic” palette I purchased was money well-spent.

What say you?  What are some of your favorite eye shadows that you didn’t spend a fortune on?

I’ll be packing for my weekend trip to Cincinnati tomorrow night.  Mother and daughter will be looking at wedding dresses!   And in closing today, I give you my new YouTube video on The Power of Wigs!  It explains a lot!


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More Praise For “Drug Store” Makeup—It’s Mature-Skin Friendly and Inexpensive!

One of the things I love to do as I delve deeper into pro-aging is playing around with makeup.  As you may know, I am a huge proponent of using cosmetics to enhance what we had in our youth and to look glowing in our maturity.  But more than that, makeup gives us a confidence.  When we look good we feel good.  And the entire process of how makeup can transform us is just incredibly fascinating and intriguing to me.

My toys.  Makeup and wigs! At least I’m not at the casino gambling my earnings away!

And as we get older, we do become wiser.  And I’ve acquired a bit of wisdom where makeup is concerned.

Oh yeah.  Now THIS is the face of wisdom……… immature maturity!

These days, I’m leaning more and more toward the “drug store” or rather “lower-end” cosmetics.  It’s funny because both of those descriptions make the more inexpensive cosmetics sound either mediocre or lacking quality in the products.  But hear me out.

I used to be a kind of makeup snob.  My cosmetics purchases were made at high-end department stores and the brands that were purchased were 95 percent luxury brands.  Within the past year, I’ve learned something valuable though.  There isn’t much difference between the luxury brands and the lower-end brands.

class snob GIF

Will the luxury cosmetics cases be accompanying us in the lifeboats?  We’re makeup snobs!

Another thing that made me stop and turn around from the luxury brands is that they don’t care about my demographic.  Estee Lauder and Dior both stopped marketing to the mature woman and dropped us like hot potatoes to concentrate on selling to the demographic of the young, very young woman. With the exception of Lancôme bringing the beautiful Isabella Rossellini back as spokesperson, all the major cosmetics companies are catering to a younger demographic.

Image result for isabella rossellini lancome

Thank you, Lancome, for bringing back the beauty of pro-ager Isabella Rossellini.  I believe I need to revisit and get back to purchasing some Genifique Serum!  

Why then, should I support companies that don’t care about mature women?

I would rather spend less money on cosmetics and the way to do that is to purchase the lower-end products.  (And yes, I realize these companies don’t include older women but at least I’m not spending as much money)

But—enough about cosmepolitics, let’s concentrate on some of the purchases I’ve made recently.  I’ll tell you, every single one of these products is a winner—proving that you don’t need to spend a fortune.  It’s all about applying with a light touch and blending.  Also…if some products have less pigmentation, that means they are more buildable.

Here’s a few of the winners I’ve picked up recently and I did my face before I wrote this blog post will all of the products except the eye shadow palette.  I’ll review that separately:

Before I wrote this post, I washed off the makeup that I applied this morning and replaced with everything below–except the eye shadow!  I double-dog dare you to see the big difference between high-and low-end!

Revolution Base Stick Foundation.  At $9.00 this is one of the most inexpensive foundations of the lower-end.  The funny thing is that I almost passed it by but it reminded me of the old Max Factor Pan Stick foundation from years and years ago.  The Pan Stick was great for covering up pimples but that was it.  It was heavy and dry and looked like a mask—but then again, when you are 16 years old, you only need that stick for pimples!  Anyway, I was being sentimental when I decided to buy this.  I’m glad that I did.  Even though this is a stick—there is a satin finish that comes with it.  It has a nice feel on the skin because there’s some moisture in it. It’s not dry nor does it come off as matte after blending it in.  It applied much better with a blending sponge as opposed to a brush.  The brush was just too soft.  But—when I buffed it with a dense brush after applying with the sponge, the finish was beautiful.

The shade is F-3 and is very compatible with my skin tone.  I see that it is .21 oz in weight.  But–a small amount goes a long way..

…a view from the opened tube. It’s two-toned but glides on very blendable..

As you can see, the foundation has a dewiness to it. It isn’t a matte finish.  There is definitely some moisture working here too!! It blended into my face quite nicely!

Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer: As if I needed another concealer—but why not? This is $7.00—perhaps a bit higher than the average price I spend on drug store/lower-end concealers but I like Revolution’s products.  This is good.  It does the job and isn’t too thick.  A medium to low thickness in concealers works better for my mature skin because it doesn’t dry up or look heavy.  The shade, C-3 is a perfect one for my fair skin.  If you are fair skinned with pink undertones, this shade is fantastic!  The applicator is a riot though.  It’s an oversized doe-foot!  Surprisingly, it works so well to apply the product!  This blended very nicely. VERY nicely!!

In the above photo, the foundation stick is on top of the Revolution Conceal and Define concealer.  The concealer does come in a sizeable tube..

The oversized doe-foot applicator turned out to be a great little surprise. I though it may have been cumbersome but it wasn’t!

The shade, C-3 is a perfect shade for my pasty white skin!

The applicator worked like a charm. And the concealer is a great consistency. Not too thick. Not too thin!

Elf Blush Palette. The majority of blushes I own is cream blushes.  I have one powder blush by Laura Geller and I like it.  But I wanted another blush that was a bit more to the pink side.  It’s so hard to find a decent powder blush and I found this at Wegmans.  Coming in at $6.00, it’s a great buy.  The colors range in various shades of pink with the exception of one rather warm brownish/pink that makes a decent contour.  These blushes are buildable and with a light hand blend in very well.  The powders, thankfully, are not ashy.  This was a great find.

This blush palette by  elf comes in two shade selections, light and dark.  Naturally, the lighter of the two works better for fair skin.  At six bucks–this is a great foursome of blushes. Actually, a threesome of blushes and the brownish shade makes for a decent contour!

It’s got a decent mirror too!

Pointing to the pink shade I used for this post..

Check out the cheeks.  The blush looks great.  I didn’t put lipstick on till last!

Revolution Incandescent Face Quad Highlighting Palette.  WOW!!  At $15.00 the highlighters in this quad are bright enough to light up a village! Highlighters are my new fun makeup item and I’m telling you they were made for mature skin.  What’s great about them is that with a little bit brushed on the cheekbone and the nose and a bit on the forehead, they can give you a luminous and dewy-looking glow.  This quad—its just as good, if not better than many higher-end and pricey highlighters.  I’m so happy I purchased.  Revolution climbs higher up the ladder of quality with each passing year and the brand manages to keep the price point down.  This quad is absolutely beautiful and a complete winner. I wish I had purchased it before I wrote my post on Highlighters!

This highlighting palette is crazy great!  AT $15.00 it it worth every cent and then some. It’s better than most of the higher-end highlighters too!


Morphe, Jacklyn Hill The Vault Dark Magic Eyeshadow Palette.  This palette is $15.00. I have yet to use it but if the colors blend and look as good on my eyes as on my fingers then this is a great buy.  Eyeshadows in the higher-end have gotten so ridiculously expensive its criminal.   Some higher-end shadow palettes are $100 and up.  No effing way am I spending that kind of money on eye shadow when there are lower-end brands that I’ve been incredibly happy with.

The shades in this are beautiful and I love a dark eye.  I’m a neutral gal but lately I’ve been getting into more color on the eyes and the selection of this palette is stunning.  I’m also quite intrigued because there’s been a ton of controversy about these Jacklyn Hill/Morphe palettes.  Many youtubers are really giving this a lot of negativity—so we’ll see.  I purchased this today and was just too lazy to take my present eye makeup off and reapply!

Dark Magic Eyeshadow Palette from Morphe/Jacklyn Hill collaboration. There’s been a ton of drama over this but I love a dark eye and these shadows are pretty dark so it looks like this will work out well and for fifteen bucks it’s probably just as good as the “over $100” eyeshadow palettes–which I think is criminal that eyeshadow palettes are being sold for that much money. I’ll be reviewing this soon!


So yeah—you can make these lower-end products work and work just as well as the higher-ends.  All have great formulations, all are well-pigmented and remember, a light touch is all it takes. I stand my ground.  I refuse to give my hard-earned money to cosmetics companies that ignore my demographic.  If I’m gonna wear cosmetics, I’ll stick to the lower-end ones from now on.

Sorry not sorry!  My over 60-year old face is doing just fine with drugstore/lower-end brands! Nothing looks heavy or caked on.  It all looks good and that’s all we ask for!!

What’s your view on drugstore/lower end makeup?  Are you a makeup snob?  Aren’t you angry at the luxury brand cosmetics companies for ignoring us?  Do tell in the comments. It’ll be fun to get everyone’s opinions!

My recent YouTube video is up and running—I go into more depth about the Korean cushion foundation and the Laneige Cushion Brow!


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Go Ask Alice—She’s Not Ten Feet Tall But She’s A Great Head of Hair!

Two weeks ago I received a wig to review from my friends at Uniwigs Lavivid Collection.  Having two Carrie wigs from LaVivid, I can attest that the wigs are incredibly well-constructed and completely on trend.

Image result for atypical60 carrie wig

LaVivid’s very blonde Carrie–and I feel like a bombshell when I wear her!!

The wig I received is Alice—a new…. LOB (that’s cool talk for “long bob”) Now—me, being the queen of bobs also has a soft spot in my heart these longer-length bobs.  The length is a perfect choice for those who don’t want to go into the “too long” area with hair but don’t want something too short either.

This is Alice right out of the box after I snipped the lace off.  How impatient was I to try her?  Well, for starters, my nightie is inside out and I was just about to take my makeup off for the day!  She’s an adorable long bob!

Longer bobs are flattering to every face shape and they are a welcome change for the cooler weather.

Excuse the lighting please but it rained all day.  I have a very square jaw and with the strands pulled slightly forward on my face, Alice is incredibly flattering to the angular face shape!

As soon as I arrived home from work, I could not wait to get her out of the box and on my head.

In the box you can see how beautifully blended the colors are!  Notice she’s in a hairnet. I NEVER get rid of the hairnets that my wigs arrive in.  After every use, I put the wig back into the net. It helps retain the shape if I’m not going to wear it the next day!

The only manipulation that needed to be done was to trim the lace front.  I’m a fan of LaVivid’s lace fronts because it isn’t the soft silk type lace—this means it won’t roll back during the day!  Very important!

Here’s a photo of Alice in the shade Almond Frost.  I copied this from the LaVivid site so you could see the lace before it’s cut off! There isn’t a lot to cut either!

I also added a touch of powder to the front of the partial mono-top parting space because I like a slightly wider part.  Other than that, Alice was good to go in my wonderland!

No tweezing needed!!!  The parting space is fine–I just happen to like to add a bit of powder! But check out that hairline!

Now here’s the thing—I’m a huge fan of Permatease. It gives wigs a lift and adds volume.  It’s a layer of shorter strands of hair under the outer layer of hair.  I love this because big hair is my happy hair.  I was born in Queens, NY—a Borough of NYC and grew up on Long Island.  Both big-hair habitats.  It’s hard for some people to understand the love of huge, big, enormous hair.

Momma’s got some Permatease and seriously big hair here.  But not everyone wants hair this big.  I get that!!!

And many women who wear wigs do not like this quality in a wig.  For a number of wig wearers, it is a deal breaker.

So.  If you are of the group of women who prefer a wig without Permatease, boy, is Alice the hair for you!

No Permatease please!  But Alice doesn’t need it to look great!

She lies flat on the head without any lift.  But wait!  I thought this would be a huge issue for me and it turns out that it really isn’t.    She’s just fine the way she is!

Density.   Density is another quality I love in a wig.  My bio hair, when I had all of it was incredibly thick and dense.  Even now with my bald spots, the hair that remains is ridiculously thick and dense.  So, you can probably imagine my concern when I took a better look at Alice.

My big concern was that Alice would be sparse because she isn’t as dense as many of my other wigs.  I really gave this girl the once-over, the twice-over and the thrice-over.  She passed on all points!

She isn’t the densest wig I’ve ever worn.  However, she’s so well-constructed that she doesn’t need all that density.  My big concern was that, because she’s not ridiculously dense, the wefting would show.  Well—it doesn’t.  I wore her to work and asked co-workers if they could the wefting and nobody was able to. I had my husband take photos of the wig from the back so you could see that it’s true.  You absolutely cannot see any wefting at all. This is a solid wig.  The synthetic fibers are very close together so you can move freely without the fear of any tell-tale signs.

A view from behind.  You can’t see any wefting at all…

No thinning spots on this baby!!  She is tightly wound–in the best possible way!

The cap construction is super-comfortable.  A bit of stretch makes the cap large-head friendly.

The cap has some stretch making it larger-head friendly and the wefting is nice and close together.  It is well-constructed!

There are adjustable bands in the back and the ear tabs are larger, bendable, fabric-covered and comfortable. The wig also comes with two small combs that you can sew into the sides for more security, but honestly, the wig cap is such a great fit that you don’t need any extra help!

The two sew-in comes are in the little plastic bag in the middle.  LaVivid also sends woven wig caps!

Adjustable straps in the back for a better fit…

The soft ear tabs offer comfort and ease–especially for women who wear glasses!!!

The mono part is excellent.  The parting space is a good amount.  The only reason I used powder is that I like a very defined and exact part.  It’s a personal choice.

To the left is the monoparting space and next to that is the lace-reinforced top.  This is a very well-constructed head o’ hair!

The color.  Chocolate Caramel.  A medium to darker brown base with golden, caramel and blonde highlights throughout.  LaVivid got this right!  The colors are so well-blended, nothing chunky or uneven. The highlighted strands look as though you spent a fortune at the salon to get that perfect sun-kissed look.

That color though!!!  


The wig is lustrous without being shiny and silky without looking like doll hair.  Overall, Alice is a wonderland of hair!

There’s also good movement with this wig as well!

If you are looking or searching for a wig without Permatease that is on trend, modern, a great length and a beautiful color, I think you will love Alice!!! And remember–ladies of a certain age!  You can pull this off just as well as your younger peers!  Don’t let age get in the way of a longer-length wig.  You’ll look fabulous!!!

LOL–I thought my camera was broken because the photo is so fuzzy.  I had the phone in the kitchen and got butter on it!  Sorry about that!  But seriously–give Alice a try if you are looking for a wig with no Permatease!

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More Korean Beauty Products—And Randomness on This Last Day of Summer 2018

As I write this post, it is 7:15 on Thursday, September 20, 2018.  The last day of summer.  It isn’t light outside but not yet fully dark.  Just past twilight.  And it marks the end of the season.  Summer will linger, though, as she always does.  She never quite leaves quickly but takes her time.  We will still be wearing summer clothing—or at least I will for a while because I can’t stand the feel of being sweaty and hot with too many layers of clothing.

Here’s what I’ve been wearing at work this week.

Monday was rainy but hot and I didn’t care–I wore sandals anyway.  I needed to squeeze another wear out of them.  

Tuesday I went Body-con in this midi dress. It was still hot and the heeled sandals gave the look a better proportion!

Yesterday’s outfit was inspired by Chippy’s toys and let me tell you, I died in that green sweater!  It was cool in the morning but as the day went on, the temp hit the mid-80’s and I realized why I’m still wearing summer clothing!

And today, I was very comfy in a cotton skirt, a cotton blend short sleeved lightweight sweater and fake-tanned legs!!

And even though I’m dressed for summer, I’ll be inching into the cooler clothing shortly!!

I have to tell you, I’m loving the Korean Beauty products more and more.  My new additions are a cushion foundation and a blur/primer that I started using last week.

Magic Cushion Moisture Foundation with SPF 50 by Missha Cosmetics and Face Blur by Etude are both Korean products that I’m starting to become very fond of!

The cushion foundation is so beautifully hydrating and moisturizing that it feels like nothing!  Not full coverage but buildable, it manages to even out my rather uneven skin tone and stays put all day!

I’ve been using this lightweight and hydrating cushion foundation all week and so far–it’s great!

Let’s have a look….

It comes in a very sturdy and streamlined compact…

There are two compartments:  A top compartment holds the application sponge.

I have to say, the applicator sponge is good.  I dip it into the foundation and stiple it on, then blend in with the greatest foundation brush ever–iT cosmetics double-ended brush. The wider end for foundation and the smaller for concealer!

After applying the foundation with the sponge, I blend with the wider end of this fluffy brush!  Works like a charm!

A decent mirror is also housed in the compact..

And here’s the cushion foundation!  It looks darker but applies nicely for fair skin. This is Number 21.  Number 23 is slightly darker. Unfortunately the range is only the two shades.  I’m guessing its because Korean skin tones are very pale.  Hopefully the company will start creating darker foundations!

Image result for missha magic cushion 21 refills

Both shades are very light–I may go with 23 next time around!

Another plus of this cushion foundation is that refills can be purchased.  Two for $19.99 –making this a great companion for your travel kit or purse for touchups.

Missha M Magic Cushion Moisture Refill #21 (2pcs) + SoltreeBundle Natural Hemp Paper 50pcs

The refills-I’ll be ordering these from Amazon!  I added them to my Korean Beauty Products Idea List!

The blur/primer is from a brand named Etude.  It was $12.45 on Amazon—which is a great price.   I compare this to Fenty Beauty’s primer in that the two products are just about twinning in color.  A rosy hue that glides onto the face with a whitish tint but dissipates upon drying.  Both primers have a nice texture and are not greasy nor oily.  The Etude Blur is a bit more liquid than the Fenty but the Etude costs almost three times less than the Fenty.

The Etude Face Blur reminds me a lot of Fenty Beauty Primer.  The main differences are that the Fenty Primer is slightly thicker and more expensive!

Fenty on the top and the Face Blur on the bottom.  You can see that the Face Blur is not as thick but both products do a great job in priming the face!

At 1.23 oz. you get a decent amount of product for a low price!

A look at yesterday’s face. I used both the blur and the cushion foundation. Look closely, my freckles are still in view–I like that because this foundation isn’t full-coverage but still evens out my skin tone!  I used my EmilyNoel83 The Wants palette to do my eyes!  

And a closer look at Monday’s face with both products.  I’m happy because it really hydrates the skin and at our age, it’s all about the hydration!

Well, I finally got around to cleaning my makeup brushes.  It’s been a long time coming!  There’s something so luxurious about clean makeup brushes.

Can you find the brush that Chippy ate?  I used Suave Clarifying Shampoo to clean the brushes!!

But—there was one fail.  This Morphe fan brush.  When it was dirty it was great for applying highlighter.  But after I cleaned it, it frizzed!  Can you believe it?  All my life, until I started to wear wigs, I had to deal with frizzy hair.  Now I have to deal with a frizzy brush.  If anyone knows of a great fan brush—I would love it if you shared the information.

Can you believe how this brush frizzed?  No Morphe of this stuff for me!!

On the other hand, one of my favorite vloggers and beauty guru’s made me so happy!  I was included in one of her Instragam posts!!!!

Not only happy to be included in this post about The Want’s palette, but EmilyNoel83 included older women, guys and a great diverse mix!  That’s to be appreciated!!!

Well, tomorrow Roman comes back for the weekend.  He’s taking it easy for the last weekend before SNL resumes.  Then his weekends will be busy with work. I made cookies last night!   This diet of mine will never resume!!!!

When I wrote that it was a long time coming with the brush cleaning it reminded me of the Crosby, Stills and Nash song: Long Time Gone.  Remember this nugget of greatness? Have a great evening!!!

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