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From Vivant Skin Care’s Blog:

Catherine Urbanski Wants You To Be Your Own Beauty Icon!

From Buzzfeed:  I’m Number Eight!!

 This is What The 40 Shades of Rhianna’s Fenty Foundation Looks Like on 40 Different People!

I did it again!  Back in Buzzfeed!  24 Photos of Woman Over 40 That Will Make You Smile Uncontrollably

French Entree:

If you would like to contact me you can reach me at my email address! I would love to hear from you!

Are you interested in the style and travel of a real, mature, older woman? Then I’m your go-to person. There is no smoke and mirrors with me.  There are no filters. What you see is what you get.  The Real Deal!

If you would like me to write or collaborate with you, I’m open to suggestions. I’m open to collabs!

That’s it. Enjoy and keep enjoying. Be kind. Be nice. Be humorous!


30 Responses to Contact Me–Readers or Press!

  1. Rosemary says:

    Hello just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your blog. Had not seen it before but am glad I did. I’m glad someone is writing about age discrimination, an issue that is rampant in today’s economy. Let me just add my experience. After 37 years of continuos full-time employment, I was laid off from a job I enjoyed. Six months later, the company closed. I applied for unemployment benefits and immediately set out looking for another job. Fast forward to 6 years later. My unemployment benefits ran out several years ago, I still have no full time job, no health insurance, no 401k. All I was able to get was an “on call” job with two different companies. Which means I get called in to work when and if there is work available, oftentimes on short notice. I work approximately 100 hours a year, which of course is not enough to maintain any kind of standard of living. I’m now 61 years old and have finally realized it’s very probable that I’ll never work full time again. I’m too old to work (according to employers) but too young to get Social Security benefits. Due to my reduced income, we are not able to continue living in the home we’ve living in for over 25 years. We’re now in process of selling and downsizing.

    Even though I polished my resume to give no indication of my age. But now in the age of Google, etc. employers can find out an applicants age in an instant. I’ve been called in for interviews only to be asked for my drivers license by the receptionist. “To make a copy”, they tell me. Since when does anyone need a drivers license for a job interview? So they can check your age, that’s why. And if you don’t hand it over, you could be labelled uncooperative and when you’re trying to make a good impression to land a job, you find yourself doing as requested all the while knowing it’s over at that point. I live in Florida and that has happened to me several times. Age discrimination is rampant here for sure and I’m living proof. I even contacted my AARP office and they said they realize it’s a big problem but there’s nothing they can do about it.

    Sorry for the long post, but I wanted you to know my story. I’m sure many others are in the same boat. Our carefully constructed plans of having enough to retire on are shattered. Thanks for listening.


    • Catherine says:

      Hi Rosemary,

      I will always be here to listen to you and anyone else who want’s to share in their ageism angst. It’s a shame, that in our country, older people are put out to pasture and we have turned into a “youth-based” society. Youth is beautiful and our youth of today are the leaders of the future. However, we elders, as a group have so much to give! We are dedicated workers, we are dependable, we have a fantastic old-school work ethic. Your story has touched me and I want to give you a hug because I feel your pain. Honestly, I do. It’s about time corporations woke up and started reassessing their programs for hiring staff. Before I became unemployed, I made sure to have my mammo, my pap, and my colonoscopy. Isn’t that pathetic? I no longer have medical benefits either and there are so many more in the same situation as we are. I’m hoping more people our age see this blog because I have so much more to say. We need to stand united! Thank you so much for writing!

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  2. Sandra Lynn says:

    Just wanted to leave you a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. I’m originally from Germany so I get a big kick out of your adventures in France. Really enjoyed your recaps of your recent trip. Keep up the great writing and photo sharing.

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    • Catherine says:

      Hi Sandra Lynn. Thanks for the quick note! I’m glad you enjoy reading and I’m extra-glad that you enjoy my adventures in France. *Sigh*, I can tell you right now, I wish I was enjoying a nice café noir and brioche at a café in Paris! Instead, I’ll just enjoy my
      “cawfee” with white toasted bread! LOL!!! XOXOXOXO!!!


  3. It’s possible there’s a somewhat subtle reference to your blog on today’s post from me. I thought you might appreciate it:


  4. Becky B says:

    Thank you for your lovely comment about my blog. Yours certainly is not typical, and i suspect neither are you! Looking forward to following.


  5. amanpan says:

    I have nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award. You can check out my blog for the rules of accepting the award nomination.


  6. I’m heading to Europe (well mostly England) in the summer next year – have you done a post on what to pack for summer European holiday? You looked totally sorted on your recent trip to France.

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    • Catherine says:

      Hi Wish. I have done posts on what I pack but there are all for naught because I always overpack. What I would suggest is dressing for the enviornment. England can be rainy. Pack a pair of light jeans and a light- raincoat or forget the raincoat and just make sure you have an umbrella. I’m a fan of looking decent when traveling so sensible but nice looking shoes help too. I love my Air Nike ballet flats. If you are stayiing in an apt. v. hotel you can pack less if you have the use of a washing machine. When do you leave?


  7. Irene Van Riper says:

    Hi Catherine,

    Love your blogs! Thanks for your wonderful sense of humor and candor!

    How can I subscribe?



  8. tonikayk says:

    Catherine, just discovered your blog. Today I was searching for “Older Women” blogs. I have retired recently, and taken up writing (books not blogs) and I wanted to join the community of us. I wouldn’t know I was older if it wasn’t for reflective surfaces. I look forward to following you further, although I’m not going to my 50th class reunion, so I won’t be losing weight with you.


  9. Julia P says:

    Catherine I started reading your blog in June 2016. I just want to thank you for all your work.
    Thank u for sharing your life, vacation in France, your fashion and makeup tips, etc. (I even bought a wig and some makeup on ur recommendation. Your posting is delightful and I appreciate all the work it takes. AND your pics and visuals, and songs are Super. I feel you are a friend that I really enjoy being with. Tnx

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    • Catherine says:

      julia. You have NO idea how your comment and kind words have affected me. Seriously. don’t thank me. I need to thank YOU!!! Thank you so much for being a friend of mine and reading my blog on a regular basis. I’m very happy to have been able to have you buy a wig (btw, how did you like it?) and makeup. I feel as though I’ve been able to actually have a voice! You trully are a friend and I honestly hope that I’ll continue to have you enjoying every word I write for you! Thank you again! XOXOXOXO!!!


  10. Blackdog says:

    Hi, I really enjoy reading your blog and your election article was the best I have read yet. I’m Canadian but still find the results very hard to take. Anyway, I enjoy all your posts. (I tried to comment on the article but it seems to be gone, so sorry for the duplication.)


  11. WJ says:

    Hi Cathy! Having been a neighbor of yours and growing up with your kids, it’s so fun to see where life has taken you. I’m so happy to see you wearing your quirky on the outside. Your blogs and insta bring a smile to my face and it’s great to see you keep on keeping on. Much love, WJ


    • Catherine says:

      Awwww! WJ. I miss you. I miss seeing your dad rollerblading down Navesink with the crew of Bijons! I miss your mom and brother! And I’m glad to be in touch with you again! I’m glad that you are enjoying the blogs. It makes me happy!! XOXOXOXOXOXX. I love you W!!


  12. lavns says:

    I enjoy reading your post, and your point-of-views. However, I am a disappointment at the one about aging hair. As I age I get compliments everyday about how pretty my hair is at 61. I don’t want the silver sexy to give up on their hair care and settle for wearing wigs and/or weaves. But I truly enjoyed reading how? And Why? You are in your feeling about your aging hair.


  13. cgcopy says:

    Hi Catherine — Can you recommend a great blush for women “our age”? Powder seem too dry, but I can’t find a cream blush that I’m happy with. Any suggestions? Thx! — Claudia


  14. Jan says:

    Hi Cathy

    I live in the UK and very much enjoy reading your blog. I am 64 years old and very much identify with your thoughts. I feel as if I have a friend across the “pond”!

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  15. maidsdayoff says:

    Hi Cathe –
    I’m working on a post with a list of the blogs I follow and why. I’d like to include yours and share a link. Just wanted to make sure you’re ok with that. I can’t imagine anyone would not want some potential readers sent their way, but you never can tell!

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