The Commencement of My Jobless Life.

If you read my previous post, you will know that the job I had and loved, was incorporated into another position.  Thus, I was a product of *cough* Corporate restructuring.

comedy central goodbye GIF by Corporate

Yes. You are all at work and I’ve been restructured. Someone didn’t want me!

My tear ducts are just about dried up, although I am having little episodes of misty-eyed moments.  I continue to feel, in my gut, that I’ve been wronged but it is time to move on.

Movie gif. Boo, the pigtailed baby in Monsters Inc throws her head back bawling as a tear streams down her face.

I’m done crying hysterically. Now I’m merely misty-eyed.

I applied for Unemployment Benefits.

Rick Scott Florida GIF by GIPHY News

I’ll tell you what a$$hole.  Tell Corporate America to A. Give employees a living wage and B. Start hiring Seniors at a living wage. Then we’ll talk.

Allow me to tell you how it went:

Last Monday was Labor Day and all government offices were closed. I called unemployment on Tuesday morning at 8:00 AM.  The reason I called was I had questions and to be honest, I would feel better speaking to a person.

After four hours of trying to get anything less than a fast-paced busy signal, I figured it was time to apply online.  After all, during Covid lockdown, someone tried to get unemployment using my information and a fraud case was reported.  I successfully corrected that with the help of one of the unemployment workers so all was good.

Unemployment Compensation

I went onto the now familiar website!

And, this time around, I wrote usernames and passwords.

Network Security: How to Protect Your Passwords - Cinch I.T. Blog

Luckily, none of these have ever been used for a password. Unluckily, I cannot remember half of my passwords.  Luckily, I have started to write them down in a safe place!

I went onto the unemployment site and all seemed very easy and clear until it was time to load my resume.  In order to receive unemployment, one must upload their resume and apply to two jobs a week. That is an excellent request and it motivates to push that job search.

Uploading the resume was a cinch.  I went into my documents, opened my latest document, and attached it. What followed was frustration –and this frustration runs rampant when you upload your resume to any corporate site.

In addition to the resume doc, you then must enter manually, every single bit of information from that resume.  Dates and all.  Now, understand something. I had a professional resume coach tell me to leave dates off my resume because it will give my age away.  Even though, I opted to leave the dates on.

Regardless I needed specific dates.

In addition, I attended Katharine Gibbs Secretarial School back in the 1970’s.  The school is no longer around. I attended in the PanAm building in NYC.  The PanAm building is no longer the PanAm building because PanAm is no longer around.

So, every “error” had to be corrected.  And all other information was lost and had to be re-entered.   After an hour-and-a-half plus, all information had been corrected.

Also, I had to enter information on all jobs from April 2022 to the present.  I did this and was asked why I left. I was under the impression it was my present job that was being questioned. (More about that later)

I still had questions so at 3:30 PM I finally got in touch and the questions I had were answered.  I will say that the unemployment offices have very nice people working. The person I spoke with was very helpful.

Then I went to the CareerLink site.  Seven years ago, when I was unemployed, I used CareerLink services and it was the best thing I ever did. I even wrote a blog post about it. In fact, I enjoyed CareerLink so much that I am excited to go back.  Maybe I can get hired by them!

Career link what a nice place

To be honest, I can’t wait to get back to Career Link. It’s a welcoming venue for those who have lost jobs and the assistance is stellar!

In being the compliant person that I am, I uploaded my resume yet again and started to search jobs.  So far, I have applied to six jobs but have heard nothing.  I am not expecting to hear anything until I’ve applied to at least 500 jobs.

Wednesday I was supposed to have lunch with three of my ex-coworkers and was looking forward to it.  However, I received an email that we had to cancel.  I was bummed about it but the lunch has been rescheduled for a dinner next week after working hours.  Again, I am very excited about this.

Instead, I opted to take a million selfies of a wig I received for review.

Do you like my hair?  I’ll be reviewing. It’s Claire by Henry Margu wigs.  Short and Sassy. Perfect for the heatwave we are experiencing.

As I am a rather obsessive individual, on Thursday, I decided to check my dashboard on the unemployment site.  Thank God I did because something was not right.  There was an issue with my review because of a difference in the reason as to why I left the job.

I called unemployment.  Rosary in hand I prayed to Mary that I would not be on hold all afternoon.  Twenty minutes later I was speaking with an employee who, again, was incredibly nice and helpful.  I misunderstood the question as to why I left that job and inadvertently, used the excuse of being laid off.   This time, I was mildly freaking out because I had and continue to have a great relationship with my ex-boss and coworkers and now, I am thinking that they must be thinking I’m truthfully challenged.

I’m selfish.  I don’t hand out “thoughts and prayers” to anyone but myself.

I explained that I left on my own accord and I entered the incorrect information.  He corrected it, my review was finalized and all is well.  Now I am eagerly awaiting my debit card and will freak out if it is not in the mail by next week.  You know I’m obsessed!

The remainder of Thursday was spent cleaning out—or rather purging the fridge, freezer, and pantry.  Our home is very clean and tidy, but, I’m a closet slob. I am not ashamed to admit it.   We do not have a ton of pantry space so everything gets thrown in willy-nilly. It doesn’t matter how many times I try, in vain, to organize it. So far, it has been two full days that it has remained tidy. We will see how long that lasts.

It all looks great until the doors are opened!

The freezer. Oy. In the bowels, I found a package of Oona’s breast milk from last Thanksgiving.  The only reason I threw it out was because I am unsure of how long breast milk lasts in the freezer.  When I breastfed, there was never any extra after pumping.

I’m now second-guessing that perhaps I should have saved this for adding to our morning coffee- Just kidding! No I’m not.  Yes! I am!

Also found in the bowels was a cookie I had made for Owen’s first Christmas in 2021.  Covid prevented Oona, Sam, and Owen from visiting so I kept the cookie in the freezer. I meant to give it to Owen last Thanksgiving, but couldn’t find it.  Now you know how bad I am to have found it this week.

The worst thing is I thought I lost this and wasn’t able to give it to Owen a year later. I found it this week. Due to my 10-pound weight loss and continuing, I didn’t eat it. I should have!

The fridge was next.  I swear the moldy items were akin to penicillin. I could have swallowed some and protected my innards from an infection.  There were lots of expired items.  Now everything is nice and orderly.  And up-to-date!

Purchased in 2019 and best used by 2020. I feel bad this almond meal went mostly unused. 

This was shameful. I used quite a bit of this rice flour. But purchased 6 years ago.

MORE almond meal? At least it was updated to expire in 2021!

My favorite from the pantry. Whole nutmeg. I did use a lot of it.

This is so old that the best used by date has slightly worn off. It’s October 2017.  I opened it up and it still smells good so I kept it.

The freezer is tidy now with all expired items in the trash.  On the bottom is my metal rolling pin which I keep frozen –it helps when I’m rolling out dough!

I don’t have much hope for the pantry staying organized.

Yesterday, I did grocery shopping.

My ex-boss from the job I willingly left. I loved working for her and we are friendly with each other. Her nickname is DeeBee so I sent her this while grocery shopping.

I also changed out my handbag.  My LV Neverfull has been put to rest for a while and my Saumur is my “new” everyday bag.

Being home is forcing me to rotate my bags. Where am I going though? The bedroom to the living room?

In addition, I stopped at Old Navy to check out new offerings.

I loved the faux-leather skirt but couldn’t buy it. As of yesterday, I’m on a no-buy. Until I get a job .

Of note, I make sure to get dressed every day.  Its still hot as balls here in the Philly area so although my attire is usually a sundress, I make sure to put makeup on and add hair.  Ahhhh…the life of being home.  It makes me feel ready to be productive although I end up on the loveseat playing Candy Crush.


Getting dressed, putting on makeup and hair makes me feel much better..

Candy Crush Saga Level 3168 Tips -

I have no shame in telling you that I’m up to level 3168 in Candy Crush. I work hard for my achievements…hmmm. perhaps I should add this to my resume!

Earlier this week, I ordered a Hobonichi Mega Weeks journal from Amazon.  My journals are incredible precious to me.  I use three. A larger Lilly Pulitzer one, a Hobonichi Techo and a Hobonichi Mega Weeks.  I was notified the Mega Weeks arrived last night.  When my husband took Chippy out at around 9:45 it was not there.  When I woke up this morning and saw the notification –and the fact there was no package, I notified Amazon.  Because it is Saturday as I write this, customer service—live customer service, will not be able to assist until Monday.  It was suggested I re-order then call for a refund on the first one. Which will be done.

My planners are extremely important to me. As a naturally disorganized person, these place me in the direction I need to be. From Left. Lilly Pulitzer planner, Hobonichi Techo which I need to order for 2024 and my beloved Hobonichi Weeks Mega.

If I’m asked what I did on a certain date, I check my Weeks Mega.

I shared this experience with our community Facebook page and found out that a group of teens is playing “Ding Dong Ditch” and ringing random door bells and even opening the front door and walking into the homes.  I am assuming these effing vagrants stole my package.

Delivered last night. Some MF’er now has my 2024 Hobonichi Weeks Mega. I’m not finished with finding out who did this.  I need a baseball bat and a camera for the front door!

Tonight, after we go to Spring Mill Café for a belated anniversary dinner, I am sitting at the end of my driveway with a baseball bat in hand. I no longer care. WTF is wrong with the parents of these kids?  Ahhhh.  THIS is how life is when you live in a townhouse community in the Philly burbs.  I miss Manhattan more and more every day.  At least the thieves are more respectful and will mug you as opposed to being little cowardly snakes and stealing Amazon packages.

Conshohocken's Spring Mill Café Has the Best French Fare Around

Can’t wait to get to this place for dinner tonight. I might have duck!

The slipcovers on the loveseat in the sunroom were stripped this morning and are now air -drying downstairs.  I’m looking at one of the sofas in the living room. That one gets stripped and washed after the present slipcovers dry!

The downstairs family room is now an airdry room!

And such is the beginning of my unemployed life. At 68, I kind of have low expectations of getting another job any time soon due to ageism.  But—ya never know!

I leave you with a photograph that my stepdaughter, Claire, took down at the shore. A summer reminder to make you happy!

About Catherine

Far from perfect, but enjoying life as a non-perfect and flawed individual at 60 years young. I'm still wondering what I'll be when I grow up! The characters in my life's screenplay include my better half. He is a refined Frenchman who grew up in Paris and summered in St. Tropez. I grew up in Long Island and summered in Long Island. I am not refined. My three grown children are also a big part of my life. For their sake, they happily live where their careers have taken them! But I can still mother them from a distance! I write about the mundane. I write about deeply shallow issues. But whatever I write or muse about--it'll always be a bit on the humorous and positive side! It's all good!
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23 Responses to The Commencement of My Jobless Life.

  1. Janr says:

    I sympathize with losing a job that you liked and were comfortable in. Those are few and hard to come by..Good luck. I’m writing you to let you know I tracked down the lipgloss you recommended. I had to order it from Target it seemed unavailable nearby. So of course I added some lipliners also. I’m very pleased with it. It was just the color I was looking for. It now sits among my Laura Mercier,Tom Ford,Ysl. Why was I not aware of this brand sooner Think of the money I could have saved. Now I know why I follow you. Great posts.

  2. Sandra F Sallin says:

    Good luck on your job search. You’re right it’s tough out there. But you’re so talented and able. Could you please do a blog on your weight loss? Are you saying that neven if you have an item in the freezer you still have to trash it if it’s past the date? Yikes.How about earning money in your amazon store? You have one right?Have you thought of selling some of your recipes on line? Anyway wishing you great karma!!!

    • Catherine says:

      Thanks for the encouragement and suggestions Sandy. The thing is that I’m lousy at marketing myself. My Instagram numbers have remained the same for a year. A year without my follower number climbing. I don’t think any company wants to depend on me for anything-LOL! Yeah. If something smells like old freezer and it is past the expiration date, I’m throwing it out! I made mayonnaise from scratch with old Grapeseed oil and trashed it because the taste was really weird! Thanks for the great karma because I really need it.

  3. Momcat says:

    Well you are using your time productively which is better than sitting around in your pj’s at 2:43pm commenting… me. Retirement saw me contract a bad case of lazy ass-itis it’s become a chronic illness. I work better under time constraints as in my brother and his lovely but fussy partner are staying at our house for five days next week while we are away…yup the closet cleaning, fridge dunging out, kitchen cupboard pantry muck out and general scrub a dub dubbing of a big house that’s been let to go to the dogs for a few years had to be done in SEVEN DAYS!!!!. YOY!! Mission accomplished with my husband running back and forth to SallyAnn about ten times and we left six bags of garbage for our poor neighbour to take to the curb for us. Also a gallon (at least) of PineSol was utilized…and I cleaned the carpeting, myself. It’s just the family room and stairs but lugging that big ass Hoover monster around made me feel all 68 years in my musculature.
    When I was working my place was organized and clean because time needs to be well managed but when you retire it all goes to hell in a hand cart. Girl, keep up the momentum, when that new job arrives (very soon🍀) you’ll be ready for the holidays looking cool as a cucumber and remembering where hiding! Hugs my friend…and hold out for the best offer, you’re so worth it!!!

  4. Mary says:

    Catherine, you are just fabulous. any employer would be blessed to have you on their team! I love your posts. You make me laugh and I have many of the same experiences, ie long expired food items, etc. And I love your organizer. I aspire to create such a calendar with personalized moments, etc. I used to keep a daily planner, but stopped when I switched to Google calendar. This reminds me of the satisfaction of actually writing something. Stay mighty and I look forward to reading your future posts. Mary

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Mary! Thank you so much. I like to believe that any team would be lucky to have me too–sadly, teams want only youth these days! About the organizers/planners. I love them. They really keep me on track and act as reminders. And I love being creative with the stickers and little doodles. It’s time consuming but I love doing it!

  5. Best wishes in finding a new job. The last time I was out of work I did some volunteer work which kept my skills sharp and added to my resume. Hang in there.

  6. Maggie Fieger says:

    You would be an asset to
    Any place. You might try a Chicos or Talbots.

  7. Juliet says:

    A colleague of mine has just retired at 60, my work wifey and I are not much younger (I’m 59), whilst the work-wifey says she is insanely jealous or retiring at 60, I’m thinking oh heck no – I like the work, I intend to keep going for eons yet and as this is the NHS in the UK, I suspect that will work out fine. I wish you were here, you would totally clean up although as in the US, older people are not valued. Its not just our work ethic that gets in the way of our wellbeing, its our people skills which are not valued, our diplomacy, the ability to read the room and know the structures, the tendency not to go squealing to HR or bosses every time something isn’t “fair” and also our stupidity at just quietly getting on and doing the job – none of that works in our favour… we are repeatedly passed over in favour of the show ponies and twinkle fairies that then need our help, and yet we help. Being ignored probably works in our favour in that we just soldier on and avoid a lot of nonsense.

    As for the clean out of the kitchen – I am so jealous, jealous as heck. The 28yr old has moved home to write up the PhD, cue the ensuing carnage of having little Miss Flakey in residence, we were away for a few days and came back to a house with all the lights on and heating right up – in a heatwave. I swear your could see our house glowing from space, and she had left the back door open whilst she was out for a walk. My attempts to keep order (haphazard I admit) are completely stymied, I like the frig basically organised – no chance, the cupboards roughly in order, not happening, the benches unsticky – may as well give up now… sigh, its lovely having her but hard work.

    the photo by your stepdaughter is fabulous!

  8. Nancy says:

    Sounds like life has been tough but you are tougher. What kind of job are you hoping to find..another clerical position? I know you worked retail for awhile but my guess is nights and wknds are not what you want at this point in your life. I work at a college and really enjoy it…maybe an educational institution in your area? Pay isn’t great but benefits are…at least for me. Hang in there !

  9. Barbara Burgess Contreras says:

    I hoarded your column and after a hectic summer I’ve been reading them as I find time. So joyful. Thank you. One of my very good friends was also a Katie Gibbs girl in the 70s but at the Boston location. Have you read The Barbizon by Pauline Bren? Story takes place in the 80s, I think. Students from Katherine Gibbs NYC had rooms there. Beach read. Enjoyable. I remember The Barbizon ads in the back of Glamour magazine! Sorry about your job loss. You’ll do fine with or without a job, I’m confident. It’s a huge loss. I understand crying about it. I quit my job when we moved various years ago. And I really miss it. I love to work. I love jingle in my pocket. I also love the very short summers where I live and hate driving in snow in the dark of a winter morning so I never really got back on track! It’s all good. I always have a list of projects a mile long, find it impossible to get bored! It’s the money and water cooler convos I miss. I bet you could come up with income producing ideas with a French angle — probably enough to write off your travels at any rate. For example, I’d love it if you could be a sales rep for the chickpea chips company! They always sound wonderful! Again, thank you. And good luck.

    • Catherine says:

      Barbara. Is The Barbizon in print? I’ll have to be on the lookout for it because it definitely sounds like my kind of book. And I remember all those Barbizon ads in Glamour magazine. Remember the college issue of Glamour? It was chock-full of clothing and I loved perusing through the beautiful pics of clothing. LOL. I also love that jingle in the pockets. I’ll be on a no-buy for a while. !

  10. emjayandthem says:

    As much as many of us long for nothing to do and all day to do it, the truth is we want that to be OUR choice, not someone else’s. I love that you are getting dressed every day, fixing your hair & make up so you feel good about how you look and present – and that you’re tackling projects while waiting for what’s next. Like you, I hate waiting around ~ hopefully just the right position comes along and soon – and, in the interim, write down everything you want in the new job and put it where you can see it every day. Having that in front helps to manifest it forward, in my experience! You’ve got this ………… MJ

    • Catherine says:

      Hi MJ. YES! It is the truth that it should be OUR choice. Mentally, I HAVE to get dressed every day or I’ll be a blob on the sofa. Projects are good and presently I am purging and paring down at home.

  11. Julìe Green says:

    Sorry this happened Catherine…i have been downsized and it is hard not to take it personally 🥰🥰

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Julie. To be honest, the worst part IS taking it personally. I’ll definitely get over it but the sting hurts. Especially when your gut tells you it was one person who wanted you gone.

  12. Vava says:

    The same thing happened to my husband just a few years back, I think when he had just turned 65. The company moved operations to Wales and we weren’t going to be moving there. He applied for unemployment benefits and got them for about 10 months I think. The difference between your situation and his was that he didn’t want to find a new job. The bottom line though is he didn’t leave his job on his own accord so he definitely qualified for unemployment. He used for job searching each week. There were a couple of close calls though, where companies were interested in hiring him!!!

    I hope you find something that interests you and fits with your lifestyle. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!

  13. Julie F says:

    I’m so sorry this happened. It’s their loss; fools to let you go. Want something even better to come your way. Your writing reminds me of Irma Bombeck. Don’t remember if you have pierced ears, but if you do, don’t forget to wear earrings occasionally so your holes don’t close. Stay strong & beat the hell out of those neighborhood delinquents. They are a waste of skin. Your posts are the highlight of my retired life.

  14. Colleen says:

    Getting laid off happens to most of us-multiple times for some of us ; – D . It’s a scary feeling.
    I hope you’re able to enjoy this time off-I bet you’ll be back at work before you know it. You’re fun and fantastic-good things are coming your way!!!

  15. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Catherine,
    I had a similar experience, lot of ups and downs but I know it will work out in due time. I try not to get too down about it, but sometimes it’s hard, especially as everything is so expensive nowadays, and I know a lot of people feel stressed economically even with another income in the household. Oh well! Life goes on. Thanks for sharing everything with us and I love reading your blogs!

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