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Soft Ageism—It’s a Thing. Thanks to Sports Illustrated and Martha Stewart

CAVEAT: If you are offended by my snarky tone then might I suggest you do not read this blog post and go read something about finding Talbots clothing. And Talbots target consumer being the “over 50 woman”, ponder why a … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season for Summer Packing- And I’m Packing it In!

Now that Covid has “officially” been deemed over, and because the past two years and change have seen a decline in travel, it’s that season again. Travel Season! Actually, I still carry masks in my car and on my person–just … Continue reading

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My Weight Loss Journey—The 101th Trip!

CAVEAT:  I’m no doctor. I’m no nurse.  I am however a hypochondriac.  I’m no dietician or nutritionist.  Therefore, this blog post is purely about how I am losing weight—at a snail’s pace. Trust me. The medical profession thanks me for … Continue reading

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Is “Luxury” a Four-Letter Word? Or is Luxury Overused?

Okay. Before I begin this blog post, let me clue you in on my holding back on posts for a while. I wanted to write a post about Gun Control and why it is needed—but I’m still very angry over … Continue reading

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So, How’s Your Day (Light Savings) Going?

Okay.  Three weeks ago, we entered into an early, pre-seasonal existence of Daylight Savings Time. Daylight Savings. I’m not dancing about it this year! This is the time of year when, presently, and up until June 21st, the days get … Continue reading

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What I’m Not Wearing This Winter…

Okay, although Spring is less than three weeks away, in reflecting upon the Winter wardrobe, it dawned on me that I really didn’t wear a lot of the winter/cold weather clothes that I was so gung-ho on retrieving from storage. … Continue reading

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Stop Giving Me Low House-Esteem!

It’s a thing people. A thing. And we have HGTV, Instagram and other forms of social media and all those sneaky ads that pop up on our phone or Facebook or whatever. My home will never look like this–first of … Continue reading

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A Most Random Post of Purchases. From Makeup to Whatever!

Part of me is writing this because I’m disgusted at the way companies and (Ugh) influencers are using social media to shill, grift, sell. Ohhh. I ALWAYS use what I … grifted. Every day. Look. No Wrinkles! \I’m tired of … Continue reading

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A Part of My Youth Died This Week—Waking Up to Reality!

So, this past Thursday, January 19, 2023, I had my annual OB/GYN checkup.  I have extremely bad doctor anxiety which has made me put off going to my primary doctor for a regular checkup. I don’t even bother covering up … Continue reading

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Winter Isn’t So Bad After All—In Fact, I Enjoy This Season!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m definitely a summer person—but for reasons that are purely selfish and self-accommodating.  And I realized this after much thought. You see, what I love about summer is that I don’t have to wear a lot … Continue reading

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