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Sun of a Beach! Where’d You Get That Bathing Suit?

I said those words.  To my daughter.  Last Sunday. So tell Mommy where you got that bathing suit please! She was in Austin, TX for her Bachelorette Weekend and she sent me a few photos.  In one of the photos … Continue reading

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More Mother-of-the-Bride Fun!

Far be it to not take advantage of Oona’s pre-wedding events to not make it about me. OK? Remember.  It’s all about MOI!!!! Anyway, last weekend I flew to Cincinnati for Oona’s Bridal Shower.  You saw a sneak peak at … Continue reading

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Is There a Write Way to Communicate?

Ladies. I have so much to write about.  Oona’s Bridal Shower was this past weekend and the weekend in Cincinnati was just way too short! I landed home in Philly on Sunday.  As you can see,  I was plum tuckered … Continue reading

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When I’m Sixty-Four. Oh. Wait! I AM Sixty-Four!

I can remember singing along to Paul McCartney as he melodically sang about Vera, Chuck and Dave—the grandchildren on his knee.  And it was all about being the age of 64. When I get older losing my hair Many years … Continue reading

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That Seasonal Transition Has Me Getting Organized!

I know.  I know. I’m quite possibly jumping the gun here because at any given time during April—it can snow. I’m jumping into Spring knowing full-well that it can snow tomorrow! But you know what?  I’m home nursing a cold … Continue reading

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All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Go? WTF???

Dressing up for the office is something that I like to do.  Actually, I love dressing up for work.  Not only do I get a kick out of it, but it makes me feel more professional. So—you can just imagine … Continue reading

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Baseball. Barbecues. Beach. And Hat Hair!

It’s that time of year—well, at least for one of the B’s—and that’s Baseball.  We’ll have to wait a month or so for Barbecues and Beach!   Hey Batta Batta Batta!!!  Hey Batta Batta Batta!  He can’t hit!  But Henry … Continue reading

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