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What I’m Not Wearing This Winter…

Okay, although Spring is less than three weeks away, in reflecting upon the Winter wardrobe, it dawned on me that I really didn’t wear a lot of the winter/cold weather clothes that I was so gung-ho on retrieving from storage. … Continue reading

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Stop Giving Me Low House-Esteem!

It’s a thing people. A thing. And we have HGTV, Instagram and other forms of social media and all those sneaky ads that pop up on our phone or Facebook or whatever. My home will never look like this–first of … Continue reading

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A Most Random Post of Purchases. From Makeup to Whatever!

Part of me is writing this because I’m disgusted at the way companies and (Ugh) influencers are using social media to shill, grift, sell. Ohhh. I ALWAYS use what I … grifted. Every day. Look. No Wrinkles! \I’m tired of … Continue reading

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A Part of My Youth Died This Week—Waking Up to Reality!

So, this past Thursday, January 19, 2023, I had my annual OB/GYN checkup.  I have extremely bad doctor anxiety which has made me put off going to my primary doctor for a regular checkup. I don’t even bother covering up … Continue reading

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Winter Isn’t So Bad After All—In Fact, I Enjoy This Season!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m definitely a summer person—but for reasons that are purely selfish and self-accommodating.  And I realized this after much thought. You see, what I love about summer is that I don’t have to wear a lot … Continue reading

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So, After Just Under Three Years of Covid as We Know it….I Tested Positive

Yeah. After lockdown and all the required vaccinations as well as booster shots, wearing a mask in public for what seemed like—forever, traveling both domestically and overseas on flights as long as 8 ½ hours, jammed packed at customs—and close … Continue reading

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Beauty My Way for 2023. And a Goodbye to Christmas 2022!

Okay. As we end 2022, I’m not going to post about my Christmas Holiday. That much! Well….not THAT much. I’ll add a few pics! Fact is, it was a pain in the ass. Literally. I had a hemorrhoid flare-up. And … Continue reading

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From Thanksgiving to Clumsiness. It’s All Good!

When I last posted it was two days shy of a month.  There has been a lot going on. And I think I’ll begin with the obvious. I started a new job. Three weeks ago. It’s part-time, four days a … Continue reading

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On Fakeness, Dishonesty, and Pro-Aging!

Okay. I’m going to get a bit “real” with this blog post.  There’s a lot I have to say. So, grab a cup of coffee or tea. Or, depending on what time of day this is, grab a bottle glass … Continue reading

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Cathe Cat, Cathe Cat—Where Have You Been? Well..I Have Not Been to London..But I’ve Been Baking Croissants!

….to see the Queen. That’s for sure. Overall, and as an outsider looking in, I think the Queen was a good egg. And although I’m not British and the only familiarity I have with the Royal Family is the tea … Continue reading

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