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Thoughts on “The Coastal Grandmother” Label

Onto the newest trend and stereotype “The Coastal Grandmother”. Just a sampling of The Coastal Grandmother. Even though a few of them are NOT grandmothers. And WTF is Martha? She’s the Coastal Grandmother Supreme? I know. I know.  I KNOW! … Continue reading

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WTF? Old People Have No Energy?

Old people can’t move around? We can’t do things?   And words to describe us are also offensively stereotypical. Granted, when it comes to our miserable Smart TV in the living room, I wait till Roman comes home to fix … Continue reading

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Am I Crazy for Preferring to Work In An Office As Opposed to My Home?

Regarding my new position. I need to be replaced. That means someone needs to be hired to work as an Administrative Assistant—the position I had for four and a half years. This is me now! I’m on the phone–a lot. … Continue reading

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What’s New Besides My Recent 67th Birthday?

I’ll tell you. I’ve been off the radar for a few weeks simply because I’ve been hard at work. I received a promotion. A great promotion that I’m proud of. There’s a lot to learn and a lot to master … Continue reading

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I Passed on The Oscars–But I Saw That Slap!!!

Ahhh yes. There used to be a time when any major award show was a “must watch” for me. The Golden Globes. The Emmy Awards. The Grammy’s. The Tony’s.  And the mother of all award shows…The Academy Awards! I used … Continue reading

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Can You Tell Me What I Wore This Winter?

Okay. I gained that horrific Pandemic weight. And as I write this, I am on the road to losing the weight my doctor told me to lose in January. I’m down to 162, now it’s 160, but it’s going to … Continue reading

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Review Time! Hide, The Foundation, and an Out-of-the-Box Makeup Blender!

I’m back on this snowy Saturday. And I’m in my pajamas. I’m not getting out of them!  It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed makeup or makeup products but I’m back on this ridiculously snowy Saturday to give my, once … Continue reading

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I Stand With Ukraine. Do You?

To be honest, I didn’t know how to start this post or when I would write it. I have two reviews planned, went on a visit to see my grandson, been working 9-to-10-hour days, and all through this, the people … Continue reading

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A Funny Thing Happened to Me on The Way to Pro-Aging. I Realized I’m Old!

If you are a regular to this blog, then you are fully-aware that I’m all about proaging, age inclusion, celebrating our privileged decades and that I abhor anything “Anti-aging”. If anyone thinks a cream with take away every wrinkle and … Continue reading

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A Week Back in Paris–Part Trois. Thanksgiving Day and a Cooking Class!

Okie Dokie. We are finally resuming my week in Paris—Christmas preparations got in the way here. It’s a whole ‘nother blog post and wait till you read about the debacle.  Regardless, let us continue on our Paris adventures……………… It’s early … Continue reading

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