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Mother-of-The Bride Chronicles. On Friday We Keep Our Big Mother Mouths Shut!And Learn to Have Fun!!!!

Friday.  Tonight, we have the wedding rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and a Meet and Greet for out-of-town guests. But first, let’s delve into the events of this busy day. This is the day the remaining bridesmaids arrived.   Once again, it was … Continue reading

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Mother-of-the-Bride Chronicles. On Tuesday We Travel. On Wednesday We Work!

As I sit here starting my blog posts about the lead-in to my daughter’s wedding and the celebration, it’s now that I’m ridiculously misty-eyed.  Oona and her husband are in Mexico on a well-needed and deserved vacation (do they still … Continue reading

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More Mother-of-the-Bride Fun!

Far be it to not take advantage of Oona’s pre-wedding events to not make it about me. OK? Remember.  It’s all about MOI!!!! Anyway, last weekend I flew to Cincinnati for Oona’s Bridal Shower.  You saw a sneak peak at … Continue reading

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Last night, I started to write this blog post.  But it stormed in the worst way and I lost my internet service for a while.  By the time it came back on, I was so spent that I went upstairs … Continue reading

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