More Mother-of-the-Bride Fun!

Far be it to not take advantage of Oona’s pre-wedding events to not make it about me. OK?

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Remember.  It’s all about MOI!!!!

Anyway, last weekend I flew to Cincinnati for Oona’s Bridal Shower.  You saw a sneak peak at my last blog post but I’m gonna elaborate more on the weekend.

And boy was this a fantastic Bridal Brunch!!

As the Mother-of-the-Bride naturally.

Number 4 is the only one Oona has stressed.  I did that at her shower when we all introduced ourselves.  My sense of humor got the best of me as I introduced myself as “… Oona exited my Origin of the World…”  immediately, I was pulled aside and warned in a kind way to NOT say anything like that at the wedding.  (shhhh–don’t tell but I don’t follow rules!)

I took Friday off from work because I wanted a true three-day weekend.  That’s the thing about working in a low-level clerical position—you need permission to get a day off.  In my other places of employment, it was much easier to finagle time off as a freebie—trust me.   I also worked my schedule out to accommodate leaving early on Thursday afternoon so I could fly from Philly to Cincy and enjoy a few extra hours of fun time.

I also took Friday casual to Thursday!  I travel in comfort, but not like a slob! J. Crew and Gabor wigs assisted me!  Mother-of-the Bride travel attire!

It’s not how it started out though.

For some reason, either I hit horrific weather or I have a displeasure of a delayed flight whenever I travel.  I kid you not.  And about 45 minutes before we were to board the plane, an announcement was made that the flight to Cincinnati would be delayed.

Welcome to my jet-sit world.  I spend more time waiting than flying!  I have to say though, that Delta made every effort and boarded us very quickly when the plane arrived!

Besides having an inner hissy-fit, I dealt with this issue by stress eating not one pretzel, but an additional bucket of pretzel nuggets.  Fresh and hot off the press.  The carbs were murder on my gut but felt so good going down.  I also ate a giant bag of peanut M & M’s.  And read trashy magazines.

And an added surprise was that these nuggets of carbs were also drenched in greasy melted butter.  I wonder why the scale isn’t giving me nicer numbers!!

The plane finally arrived and this Mother-of-the-Bride landed after ten in the evening to rain!  I was two for two.  A delay and rain.  It was shocking that a snow storm hadn’t hit!

Cincinnati here I come…

To rain and a delayed flight….

Now…upon departing the flight, one would think I ran to the airport exit to see Oona and Sam.  No.  CVG is a GREAT airport.  It’s so clean and spacious so I couldn’t resist dawdling (now we know where my son, Roman, acquired the gift of dawdle…).  I came across a cosmetics vending machine!  But I didn’t buy anything!

Why couldn’t I find this at Philly airport during the delay?

Then I came across my favorite part of the airport!  Them bones!

Some stop to smell the roses.  I stop to take photos at airports of skeletal treasure!

But it was great to be back at Oona and Sam’s and playing around with my grand puppy, Gracie.

My boo, Gracie.  OMG. She’s so well-behaved..

Oona and Sam are such great doggie parents…I KNOW they will be fantastic human parents!

Friday brought sun and clouds and brisk weather but it didn’t matter.  There’s something comforting in knowing that your daughter and her future husband can brew a great cuppa coffee.  They make it strong—just the way I love it.  And we sat around gabbing before getting ready and heading out to run errands.

The Mr. Coffee is far better than the grandpa Mr. Coffee we have at home.

Even little Gracie was beggin’ for some!


Oona had a nail appointment, and since my nails were looking fine, I passed but kept her company while we discussed family and the wedding preparations.

This freakin’ nail salon!  It went on for days!  I was jealous–but then Oona told me the price of a mani-pedi and I was glad to be living in the Northeast where nail salons are plentiful….and far less expensive!

Next stop was Marshalls –Oona picked some workout clothing (I didn’t –I’m lazy).  And I headed for the cosmetics.  Glory be to Gawd—I found two great eyeshadow palettes!

More on these palettes for my next blog post but boy….at $7.99 each, these palettes were a steal!

We did some food shopping—Sam’s birthday was Friday and his family was coming over for dinner.  Oona looked pensive as she realized time was of the essence—she had to head back to the airport to pick up her best friend and maid-of-honor, Lauren.

Did I say food shopping? I sent this pic to Bonaparte to validate that Pennsylvania is the worst state in the USA because of the State-run, Mob-type Liquor stores!  You can by this at Trader Joes in Cincy!

And that’s where mom comes in—I assured her I could take care of the cake and she could head to the airport for alone time with her bestie!

BTW, this cake is gluten-free, chemical and preservative-free, sugar free, and lower-fat!  Oona added Sam’s favorite candy–Reeses Pieces which are NOT lower fat nor sugar free!  But it was a tasty Birthday cake!

Friday evening, Sam’s family came over for a birthday celebration. Being with Sam’s family is like being with……………. family!!  We all had a great time and I was introduced to a spectacular aperitif/cocktail:  The Aperol Spritz!  This concoction of Aperol, Prosecco, and Seltzer with a slice of orange is the most refreshing drink I’ve ever downed!

You read it first.  Moving forward, the Aperol Spritz will now be called “Mother-of-the-Bride”.   There will be an open bar at the wedding but I may smuggle my private makings!  There’s only 148 calories in one of these!

I drank a lot of them during the weekend.  In fact, as I write this now, I informed the Frenchman that I’ll be stopping at the store for Aperol, Prosecco and seltzer!  He is a bit upset that I am forgoing the beloved Kir Royal but the Aperol Spritz has less calories and with the wedding countdown, every calorie counts!

Saturday was a full day!

Let me tell you something.  Oona and Lauren spent a long time getting their hair perfectly coifed.  Lauren is great with styling and she styled Oona’s hair in perfect beach waves.

I plopped my Jamison wig on—and had extra time to loll around in bed! Oh, the beauty of wigs!

Jamison and Lilly Pulitzer.  You can’t go wrong!

The shower/bruncheon was at LouVino, a Southern-inspired restaurant and wine bar downtown Cincinnati.  What a great place!  The celebration was downstairs in a private room and Oona’s friends, coworkers, future sisters-in-law, mother-in-law and relatives were in attendance.

The upstairs wine bar at LouVino’s. I’m recommending this place to out-of-town guests for Oona’s wedding!

The downstairs room where the brunch was held…

Thanks to Sam’s sisters, the table settings were beautiful..


Mimosas kept us refreshed and hydrated!

Oh yeah, and water (in the background) also kept us hydrated.  The food was so great that I never took a pic–I was too busy shoveling the Warm Brussels Salad into my mouth!

We played girlie games.  I won Scattergories.  But the best game was where Oona had to guess answers to questions that Sam answered in advance.  For ever wrong answer, a wad of bubble gum was placed in Oona’s mouth!  It was a riot!

It was only natural that I took myself out of the “Guess the Age” game.  I’m no cheater!

Miss Oona getting ready for more bubble gum!  She actually did a great job.  Out of 30 questions, she got 2/3’s correct!

The prize for the Scattergories win..a cute mug and a Starbucks card!!!!!!!!!!! 

Some of the gifts.  Crate & Barrel is very popular–eh???

Happy little wine glasses…

Happy little Oona!

The baking girl was thrilled to receive mixing bowls.  Did I mention I gifted her with a Stainless Kitchen Aid Mixer…just like mine?  I swear the baking is genetic!

This.  This was on Oona’s wish list and she was so happy to receive this!  (Hmmmm maybe she’ll give me her Mr. Coffee machine…)

BFF’s.  They’ve been friends since middle-school.  Two beauties!

This photo of us was taken after I was crying…

..and this is why.  Lauren, Oona’s BFF and Maid of Honor, gifted Sam’s mom and me with embroidered hankies.  Both moms were crying because it was just a touching and generous gift!   I’m crying again!

I was very happy to be in attendance.  Oona didn’t want a shower in Philly simply because she felt that asking my side of the family and her Northeast friends, was asking them to spend too much money—what with the travel to Ohio and the hotel, she wanted to keep expenses down for everyone.  You know—I was very proud of her decision.  I think I raised a very conscientious young woman!


And the fact Sam’s family has welcomed Oona really made me feel warm and fuzzy inside!

May I present the future Mrs. Butts.  Coming from a very competitive family, it pleases me to have my daughter’s future last name be greatness such as this.  When/if they have children and their children are in competitive activities, they can hashtag:  #MyButtsgonnakickyours  or… #Buttsbekickin’

Some after-brunch fun.  Isn’t that dress adorable?  It’s a Lilly Pulitzer..and those shoes!  The daughter has great taste..and she’s gorgeous!

By the time we got back to the house, the rain came and it was time to head to Sam’s mom’s home for a casual, laid back and fun dinner!

And more Aperol Spritzes!

The recipe?  Three parts Prosecco, Two parts Aperol, One part (a splash) Seltzer and an orange slice to make it nice!

Sunday morning brought forth a bit of a hangover and the flight back to Philly.  Isn’t it funny how when you wish for a delay, the flight is on time?

Gracie was sad to see me go.  I was sad to see me go!


Minimal dawdling on the return.  There was no delay.  WAIT!  Does that say Air France?  Yeah…but it’s the plane back to Philly…

And despite the timeliness of the flight home, I did manage to get this sweatshirt as a reminder of a great weekend!

I arrived back home Sunday afternoon.  When Bonaparte picked me up, I’m not too sure he was happy to see me because he kept mentioning how tired I looked.  He was right. I had a bad hangover    FOODover, because of all the food I ate.

Yeah. I pretty-much crashed when I arrived home.  Funny how I still think I’m in my twenties sometimes!

Do you ever get sad when you leave someplace and someone?  I was incredibly sad to leave but after I arrived home and unpacked and got to telling the Frenchman about the weekend, the sadness lifted and I felt really happy.  Happy that I was able to enjoy the weekend with my daughter and her future family! And happy to be back sitting next to my husband on the sofa!

And she’s the reason the weekend was a stellar one!  My baby is getting married!

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Far from perfect, but enjoying life as a non-perfect and flawed individual at 60 years young. I'm still wondering what I'll be when I grow up! The characters in my life's screenplay include my better half. He is a refined Frenchman who grew up in Paris and summered in St. Tropez. I grew up in Long Island and summered in Long Island. I am not refined. My three grown children are also a big part of my life. For their sake, they happily live where their careers have taken them! But I can still mother them from a distance! I write about the mundane. I write about deeply shallow issues. But whatever I write or muse about--it'll always be a bit on the humorous and positive side! It's all good!
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19 Responses to More Mother-of-the-Bride Fun!

  1. emjayandthem says:

    I loved this so much, and I could feel the joy in your being there and savoring each moment. It’s so much fun when our kids grow up to be people we want to hang out with! Youngest boy is getting married this summer so I’m on the hunt for a pretty (not dowdy) dress and fun shower games — I might just steal the questions game, because I’m hosting a bridal shower for our side of the fam ~ Fun!

    Happy Sunday, beautiful!


    • Catherine says:

      Hey MJ! Happy Sunday back atcha! Oh…I had the best weekend–I seriously did not want it to end! And you hit the nail on the head. It’s the greatest when your kids grow up to be people you want to hang around! My three kids are my favorite adults (and so is my husband). Ohhhhhhhh…the questions game is a riot! There were a couple of questions that Oona just grabbed the gum and stuffed it in her mouth. We had a blast!
      The dress search is the worst and most daunting. I didn’t realize that Oona and Sam are having an evening wedding (some things go over my head) so my choice for a long dress was fine. My short dress is for the rehearsal dinner!

  2. Joan Meyerhoefer Roddy says:

    I really enjoyed reading this, Catherine!

    • Catherine says:

      Yooooo. Joan!!!!!!!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed. Hey. Have you ever been to LouVino’s? It’s great!!! In fact, I think it’ll be a great place for an after-wedding brunch! XOXOXOXO

  3. Suan says:

    I love the hashtags. Most people would be terrified of that last name but you have embraced and made it strong. I will never see it as a scary name again. You grand-puppy is cute, your daughter is beautiful like her Momma and I love reading your fun blog. Thanks.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Suan! Whoa! That is the greatest last name–when Oona competed in Irish Dance her TC always told the girls to “Kick Butt” and now my daughter is going to be the “Butt kicker”. I’m thrilled! Embrace the name!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much and I’m extra-happy you will never see that as a scary name again! XOXOXOXO

  4. Momcat says:

    You daughter is beautiful! It’s great that her new inlaws are close by and so welcoming and loving towards her…that’s a comfort for you I am sure. Thanks for the Apero cocktail recipe, could be the summer libation of 2019!! I usually just have with seltzer but I like the addition of prosecco. My slug of choice is usually a Campari with soda but this seems lighter. Last year we got on a Lillet kick it too would be good with a splash of the bubbly. Anything is better with bubbly!!!
    Regardless of the pretzel intake ( though they sound awesome) you are looking great and must be doing something right ( calorie wise;) the rest of the time!

    • Catherine says:

      Hey Momcat! Yeah. That cocktail is soooooooooooo refreshing and deicious. We had a bottle of Lillet but the husband couldn’t stand it so he trashed it. Ummmmmmm what about me????? This is definitely lighter than Campari.
      Thank you–my daughter is beautiful if I must say so! And she really does have a great relationship with her new in-laws so it’s all good! XOXOXOXOX

  5. Sounds like an incredible start to the wedding shenanigans. Lovely brunch and Oona is gorgeous. Love her dress. You looked beautiful too! My daughter said the same thing to me about the embarrassment issue… 😉 Only us moms are capable. I do wish my daughter’s bridal shower was at a restaurant but no—it was at my ex’s house and his wife hosted 😛 It was still very nice and quite fun. Do you have your MOB dress yet, Catherine?

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Lisa! Why is it that the moms are the ones who are capable of embarrasment? My ex can be the most embarrasing man ever but I’m the one who gets the warnings? Why? Yeah–a restaurant shower is much better on all accounts!
      I do have my MOB dress and it isn’t frumpy. It’s long and black because the wedding commences at 6PM!! XOXOXOXOX

  6. Margaret says:

    So bittersweet and lovely to see how close you and your daughter are, and even both of you choosing Lily dresses too ( which are beautiful)! I’m always sad to leave people or places that I don’t get to see often, but that’s what makes us appreciate them even more. Gracie is a cutie pie for sure, such a sweet face! I’ve never seen a cosmetic vending machine but I’d have a very hard time leaving that!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Margaret (Oona’s middle name BTW)! Thank you so much–and we have the same taste in clothing too! Isn’t it remarkable how sad we become when we leave loved ones? I used to get sick whenever I left my grandparent’s home after a few weeks each summer. They lived in Queens NY and I loved being back in the City–it was very comforting to me.
      Yeah…that machine. I’m still dreaming about it! XOXOXOXO

  7. Juliet says:

    Your girl is wonderful, it looks like you all had a blast. What a lovely way to start a happy new life with everyone feeling so included and together – it is really sweet (and despite your hangover you still look fantastic).

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  9. Such an exciting time to enjoy when you girl is getting married. Even better when you like the one she is getting married to and the family she is marrying into, what a blessing. Glad you had a good time. Enjoy every minute! – Amy

  10. Miss Bougie says:

    Loved reading about this. I’m hoping we’ll be getting full accounts of all the musings and festivities to come. We don’t really have an equivalent to Bridal Shower in France. No baby shower, either. Presents are given at the wedding. We do have hen and stag night, though.
    I’m not at that stage yet. My boy is living with his girlfriend, no news of evolution on that end and my daughter is still living at home waiting to be financially comfortable (she just started her first job after graduating) to move in with her boyfriend.
    Love Oona’s dress.

  11. Yvonne Gray says:

    Such a great weekend and so well planned. Oona has learnt from her wonderful Mum how to plan an event. Sam is very lucky to have not just Oona but yourself as family. Thanks for a great post. Yvonne

  12. suth2 says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I had warm fuzzy feelings as you obviously had a fantastic time.

  13. Nancy says:

    Love Prosecco cocktails but after a day or two IF you use it in a drink and not enjoy it all by itself (which is my fave but high sugar content) is there a way to make it last more than a day or two? The little bottles are so costly as compared to a bottle. Is there a secret here I am missing????? If so, PLEASE share.

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