That Denim Jacket. And How To Style It!

It’s that time of year when we begin to head off from spring into the heat.  It’s a shame that we don’t have long springs anymore.  Spring and Autumn are fleeting and it’s the Winter/Summer mix that goes to the extreme.

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Yeah.  What does this tell you about our extreme weather?

And when it comes to outwear for the warmer weather….well, I’m not much of a cardigan sweater wearer because they feel cumbersome over a shirt and if I wear a cardigan only over my bra, the buttons gap and it isn’t very attractive.

The J. Crew Jackie Cardigan.  I have this and it is packed away to donate.  As much as I wanted to love this and other lady-like cardigan sweaters, they do nothing for me. NOTHING!  I’m confinced that one needs to be between 80 and 90 pounds and 5 feet ten to wear a cardigan successfully over a button down or any shirt.  And my 36 C’s aren’t huge but they aren’t cardigan-wearing friendly either.  This is a no-no for me!

When I traveled to Cincinnati two weeks ago, it dawned on me that it could have very well been the last time I wore my navy wool Schoolboy blazer until the arrival of crisp weather come October.

What I wore at work before leaving for Cincy from Philly.  Quite possibly the last wool blazer day until commencing next October! I’m not wearing a sweater and the wool blazer will be hanging up for a while.

If a chill is in the air—or if the weather is a bit drizzly what’s the solution?

The Denim Jacket!

That’s right!  The Denim Jacket to the rescue!

Yes!  The Denim Jacket is the perfect choice of outwear for those early autumn/spring days when the temperature is warm but not hot.  And yes.  I wear a trench coat for those rainy office days but otherwise, the denim jacket is my outerwear of choice.

In my varied collection of clothing, I have two denim jackets.  Both have been staples for a few years now.

The first one, a dark denim number by G.H. Bass was purchased some years back at the G.H. Bass Factory Outlet in Limerick.  While my intent was finding a pair of cordovan loafers, I ended up drawn to a cute, fitted number hanging on a rack.  At the sale price of $29.99 it was a great choice and has pockets!

The darker-wash denim jacket.  And with pockets no less!  This was a great price at the G.H. Bass Factory Outlet and it’s worn on a regular basis.

The second one, lighter in both color and fabric, is a great denim jacket by Kut From the Kloth.  This jacket was introduced to me by my daughter, Oona maybe three or four years back.  She found out about it from a blogger she follows and I was fortunate enough to find it on sale at Nordstrom!

This jacket has stretch which makes it flattering as all get-out and the light weight truly makes it an all-season beauty.

The second, a lighter version by Kut From the Kloth.  While it lacks pockets it makes up for a perfect fit and the stretch gives it an incredibly flattering fit!

Let’s take a look at a few ways I style these jackets—shall we?

First of all, some styling advice.  It’s my unprofessional opinion if you are going to invest in a denim jacket–invest in two.  One darker and one in a lighter wash.  You’ll see what I mean as you scroll down.  The other.  I never wear denim-on-denim.  No denim jacket with a pair of denim jeans.  My only exception is a blue denim jacket with white denim shorts or a skirt.  I’m even a bit iffy on white denim jeans.  So here goes it…

Beginning this time of year, later spring into summer,  the jeans and pants go into hibernation and the dresses come out.  Here’s a cute sleeveless dress.  It’s a cotton/linen blend by Cynthia Rowley that I picked up at TJ Maxx for less than $25.  But it’s too early to go sleeveless and not hot enough to wear sleeveless on its own.  Thus the beauty of a denim jacket.  This dress with the darker jacket, a pair of wedges and a cross-body bag make a perfect look for casual days or evenings.  Running errands,  a lunch date ..or what have you.  I love the look.  AND…I like the darker denim with the lighter colored dress…

Same dress.  Same jacket but a slightly dressier look.  Going out to dinner but want to dress the look up a bit more?  Take off the wedges, change into heels and carry a bag to match.  The casual vibe of the jacket is there but with a dressier and edgier look. I LOVE this and the Nine West shoes match the Nat et Nin bag I picked up in Paris years ago!

Another casual look.  Ummm Chippy wouldn’t leave the dress alone.  I figured out that I hadn’t washed it since last summer and I didn’t wash it when I unpacked it from storage so it smelled like me (I’m so full of myself to think this..right?) and that’s why he wouldn’t leave it.  Or…he was hungry and he loves to munch on fabric!  ANYWAY….the lighter jacket is worn with a darker dress.  This dress is my favorite summer dress.  Purchased at Old Navy maybe three years ago for ten bucks. It’s been worn on constant rotation, washed tons of times and still looks great!  I paired the dress with a darker wedge heel.

A darker wedge than the ones in the photo of the lighter dress.  I’m coming around to wearing wedge heels–I’ve found a couple that are narrow-foot friendly!

The summer office-casual.  The office that I work in is pretty casual and during the summer, the A/C is at full blast–making a denim jacket a near-necessity!  Here I have the Kut From the Kloth jacket over a  J. Crew Factory shift dress that’s..OMG..maybe six or seven years old!  As the dress is short, I wear it with flat sandals..a great casual office look!

Here we have some casual suiting!  A white tee,  the dark denim GH Bass jacket worn with navy J. Crew Cameron pants and pointy-toed heels make this a good choice for a casual office look for early Spring/early Autumn.  Too warm for a wool blazer but too cool to not wear something.  Somehow this evokes a casual professional look–dontja think?

It is no secret that I’m a fan of the maxi dress.  I call it lazy dressing because if you didn’t shave your legs or fake-tan.  Here’s your answer.  And the dark maxi with the lighter jacket and wedge heels really give a great look without trying too hard.  Effortless casual!

Here we go!  A light gray maxi with the dark jacket.  See what I mean?  The contrast is attractive! And the jackets stand out against a constrasting fabric.  It’s not what you are wearing but it’s HOW you are wearing it!

So that’s it.  And one thing I would like to add.  Do NOT, and I repeat–DO NOT allow anyone to tell you that wearing a denim jacket is not age-appropriate.  You are pro-aging.  The denim jacket is as classic as that wool blazer.  And have fun mixing it up a bit!

How do YOU style your denim jacket?  Let’s start a conversation about this–add to the comments!

Today’s look!  A Flat lay come to life!  J. Crew pixie pants, a white tee, a polka-dotted scarf and the dark denim!  It’s perfect for this rainy day!

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18 Responses to That Denim Jacket. And How To Style It!

  1. Margaret says:

    Clothes pics look nice CATHERINE, not sure if you read other’s posts.

    • Catherine says:

      Thanks Margaret! Oh..I do read others’ posts all the time. I don’t usually comment because it’s my night reading. Lately work has been horribly busy and I’m spent by the time I come home! XOXOXOXO

  2. Toni Soucie says:

    I pair my denim jacket with my khakis and a white tee. This time of year I add a scarf and I think it looks good.

  3. Nancy says:

    I love in a denim jacket in spring and summer! I can’t think of any other jacket that is better!

  4. … now I know why I’m dumping all my little sweater cardigans! 🤔😳🙏🏼

    Thank you!

  5. Marsha says:

    I wear mine with everything except other denim! I really like wearing them with maxi skirts. I wear them all year long. I also have several different styles. Some are collarless; some have a bit of a peplum look in the back. My husband did say just the other day I didn’t need another! My white one is currently “living” at my daughter’s house.

  6. Renee in Northern California says:

    Cute outfits! I wear my denim jacket with white jeans, off white linen pants, black jeans, black pencil skirt, dresses, even shorts..Spring and Summer evenings can get a bit chilly out here in the S.F. Bay area. Another jacket I wear a lot is my olive green twill field jacket from Old Navy. It’s comfortable, and a great travel jacket, it goes with almost everything mentioned above including blue jeans (since, I don’t wear my denim jacket with my blue jeans).

  7. junedesilva says:

    How I love a denim jacket and how you’ve styled both of yours!

  8. patricia blaettler says:

    I was in Italy in April when it was cool sometimes and also a little rainy. I wore my denim jacket with a cashmere wrap over it. I was perfectly comfortable.

  9. Lise says:

    Totally with you on this one Cathe, this time of year is perfect for a denim jacket here on the Black Sea as well. I am currently wearing my darker wash (and slightly heavier material) jacket with my camo pants, and my white denim jacket with my dark wash denim pencil skirt. When it warms up a bit more I will be wearing my lighter wash (which is also lighter material) with dresses. Your look is always just up my street 🙂

  10. doodletllc says:

    Love this…I agree on the cardigan…frump-a-diddle…and jeans on jeans…nope…Love the soft pairings with the jean jacket. White tees and black bottoms with the jean jacket topper…perfect…However,jean jackets are not always easy to find…thanks for pushing me to be on the lookout. 🙂

  11. Susan says:

    I have a denim jacket I always forget about. I am going to wear it today. Thanks for the reminder.

  12. Susan R says:

    I like the outfits you picked to wear with it. Denim looks good with most anything. I have a denim jacket that I love. I always forget to wear it but I am going to wear it today. Thanks for the reminder.

  13. JulietC says:

    I have to say that blue cardigan is a gorgeous blue – however, like you say if it doesn’t work for your figure then no matter how pretty the colour move on. Loving the denim styling, currently on holiday in France (second to last day) and every one wears better fitting clothing here – doesn’t have to be high end, but they wear their clothing to streamline their bodies and they look so right. Lesson learnt

  14. ratnamurti says:

    Wow. You are ready good at putting together your clothes. All looking great. Time to get a denim jacket, methinks

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