Sun of a Beach! Where’d You Get That Bathing Suit?

I said those words.  To my daughter.  Last Sunday.

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So tell Mommy where you got that bathing suit please!

She was in Austin, TX for her Bachelorette Weekend and she sent me a few photos.  In one of the photos she was wearing the most gorgeous one-piece bathing suit.  My interest was highly piqued because I hadn’t seen a decent one-piece in years.

Here’s the bathing suit.  It’s Oona’s body but I promised I wouldn’t post the pic! Isn’t this suit beautiful??

She proceeded to tell me that random women were approaching her on Lake Travis to inquire where she got it.  And so, did I—but I was more interested in how much money she spent because it looked like she spent a small fortune.  Then she came in for the kill.  It was an Amazon purchase and she said it was the greatest suit because it wasn’t flimsy, the top was padded and the suit was heavy enough that it was opaque and not transparent.

And the price was under $30.00.

Naturally, the second I clicked my cell phone off from the call, I put that phone to work on Amazon in a mad search for that swimsuit.  I found it.  And more.

Oh I found it!  And I appreciate this detailed description. It’s spot on!

Now before I go further, let me do some explaining.  I’ve never been much of a one-piece bathing suit woman.  I love my two pieces and the reason is my longer torso.  But…I gained a bit of weight over the winter and the stress-eating overtook my desire to lose weight for Oona’s wedding.  It doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen and it’s ok.  I’m not going to beat myself over it.

My job is taxing in the fact that there’s never a free moment.  And, the office is being renovated and we’re moving into temporary digs.

My new workspace.  The computer and phone get moved on Tuesday!  I spent an hour scrubbing down the work station!

Not to mention I broke my toe the other night.  I was running into the bathroom to turn the bath water off and BAM—right into the door. ( As if I would ever walk slowly)

My foot is a mess.  The worst part is that I can’t wear my pointy-toed shoes for a while!

Somewhere in my neighborhood small children were asking their parents what “f***ing  S**t” meant.  Yes.  The windows were open and I screamed a chorus of those two illustrious words!

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Add some screaming and the “F-bomb” and you got my reaction!

There’s been no time to exercise and I’m pretty-much beat. I gotta get back into a better frame of mind and body!

Therefore, it’s time I tried one-piece swimwear.  Besides, the only part of my body I want tanned anyway are my limbs and face the rest of me can remain fish-belly white!

And so, I perused Amazon for swimwear and I want to share the swimsuits I purchased. The great thing is…all three were purchased at a price that’s less than any one popular brand sold in a department store.

Here we go!

One. Two. Three.  Son of a Beach, these are great suits!

I ended up buying the same bathing suit Oona has except I purchased it in Navy.  The brand is Hilor and the suit comes in at an affordable $28.99.  Now I’m just under 5 feet 6 and if I were 5’7 or taller, I would not recommend this suit because it is NOT for the long-torso.  I’m telling you; I made the cut by a hair.

Had I been any taller this would have been too short for my body. It just made the cut!

That is the only criticism of this suit.  The stripes at the waist are black and a somewhat transparent fabric.  The rest of the swim suit is a heavier stretch fabric and the suit has removable pads.  It definitely sucks the belly in and covers the butt nicely.  It’s modest in a very stylish way.

I love the defined waist and the fit is fabulous.  The mesh/striped mid-section is a sassy detail!

There was a caveat that the suit runs slightly small so I sized up to a Large and the fit is just right!

And that neckline!  Huh?  Isn’t it wonderful?  Modest yet not frumpy!

The second suit is also by the same brand, Hilor.  It’s a plunge neck with a ruched torso.  And it fits wonderfully.  This suit is a size 10…again, I sized up.  At 150 pounds and a 36C bust, this is a great fit.  In the reviews, women who are very busty mentioned a good amount of side boobage but that isn’t something I need to worry about! At $26.99 it was the least expensive of the three.

The deep V-plunge isn’t slutty looking at all…

Here’s a better look at the vivid paisley. I love this print.  Can’t wait till I get a tan.  

The paisley print is bright and vivid and although the neckline plunges, it isn’t over-the-top. The ruching gives an illusion of a slimmer frame and again, it sucks the body in where need be.  And coverage is in the right places.

Note–I have a gut and this suit does a nice job of sucking it in.  The ruching really helps!

Suit Number Three is by the brand B2prity.  I love the name. t $28.99 this is a lovely tummy slimming suit.  This, I purchased in my regular clothing size of 8 and it fits beautifully. In fact, this is the suit that is the ultimate in comfort.  The top can be adjusted to provide more…or less coverage.  Again, there’s ruching.  But this print…. I absolutely love it.

This suit.  And had I not read the reviews, I would have sized up. I took a chance with my regular size and it worked. I LOVE this one because it is more on the long-torso friendly side.  The description of actual size was spot on.

I’m a fan of ruching in the mid-section, but this print..

And the top can be adjusted to give more coverage. It all depends on what you are comfortable with!

It’s too bad that Bonaparte and I weren’t invited to any Memorial Day pool parties because I would have worn the leaf bathing suit with this great leaf dress that I also purchased from Amazon!

Oh if we had a party to attend!  This dress was another Amazon find and it is the cutest summer shift ever!  With the tropical bathing suit underneath, this would be THE best pool or beach party ensemble ever!

I’ll tell you, I posted a pic of the bathing suits on my Instagram account and my girlfriend Anne, a friend from childhood, purchased the one Oona wore.  Anne also ordered the navy!

Three great suits from Amazon.  My friend Anne also purchased the navy suit!

Another recent Amazon purchase is this straw tote.  No way am I lugging a good bag to the beach but this is under twenty bucks and it’ll serve its purpose well.  Large enough for a beach towel and my tanning lotions and sunscreen, a couple of bottles of water and reading material.  I pray the weather is great this weekend so the Frenchman and I can hit the beach!

The perfect beach “bag”.  We usually do some shopping in town after the beach and a bag like this is perfect for carrying around.  There’s a zipper closure at the top too.

May I add that Walmart’s Equate brand is VERY comparable to the more expensive brands 30 spf is still 30 spf whether you spend six bucks or twelve!  

If you are interested in any of these items, I made an idea list on my Amazon Store (which I do receive commission on items purchased).  Here’s the list to click:  SUN OF A BEACH

OTOH, I’ve been into maxi dresses the past few weeks.  The black and gray dresses were purchased a couple of years back at Old Navy…and as luck would have it, the dresses have now been discontinued.  It’s shameful because I love the cut of these dresses so much.  You can skip shaving your legs and still look decent!

The simple cut of this maxi …

And this gray maxi make it summer-perfect. Too bad it’s been discontinued!

The makeup is being kept very neutral too!

How are you spending the first summer holiday weekend?  Will you wear white???!!!  Going swimming?

My summer drink is LaCroix water. I’m hooked on this stuff and I’m finally getting good use of this Lilly Pulitzer Koozie!

Whatever you do or don’t do..enjoy this coming three-day weekend and party safely!

Here’s to a safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend! I’ve traded my Kir Royal for an Aperol Spritz!  The Frenchman is not happy about this! Tchin Tchin!

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16 Responses to Sun of a Beach! Where’d You Get That Bathing Suit?

  1. Lainy Gold says:

    Loves this soooo much !

  2. Momcat says:

    The navy suit is a winner! I have big boobs and really need support. This looks like it holds you in and holds you up with style. Also I find white suits are notoriously hard to wear without having an inadvertent reveal of one’s ‘origin of the world’ because the material magically is rendered semi opaque when wet. This one looks pretty substantial with great coverage. Nice choices!

  3. Deborah says:

    Love all the bathing suits and thanks so much for the pics, info., and tips on sizing! Heading over to Amazon right now to check it all out!

  4. Margaret says:

    Love all your outfits Catherine and the leaf dress is really unusual. Take care of your foot, looks a really nasty bang and did justify that choice language. I love your creative corner at work and hope you enjoy your new accommodation 🙂

  5. TURNER says:

    That paisley bathing suit is so cute! Thanks for sharing these great items. I sprained a toe once (rushing to leave for work and wacked it on the leg of my bed) and it was soooo painful. It took quite a while to fully heal so take it easy. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Marsha says:

    Those are such great suits. I just might need one or two or all three of them! The paisley one reminds me of a suit I had in the 70’s. And, I do love a palm print. You look fabulous in everything, including the suits. Take care of those toes! I’ve had two foot surgeries on the same foot, and if I could turn back time (well, I’d look a lot better and have an Emmy, Oscar, and a Grammy), I would have taken much better care of my feet!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Marsha! Yeah. The suits are fantastic. I thank my daughter for telling me about the Hilor brand on Amazon. I just ordered a fourth suit. Now I am completely set for the summer! XOXOXOXOXO

  7. Gorgeous swim suits and dresses! You look fab!

  8. Chrissie says:

    Very cute suits! Just don’t know if I can wear one anymore! Anyhow, where was the straw tote from? I am looking for something like that. Love your blog!

  9. Margaret says:

    Love all those bathing suits, especially the striped one, it looks very high-end. I can’t believe the prices, they’re even better than department store clearance prices! I would have never thought that Amazon carried good quality suits so thanks to you and your daughter for letting us know. Sorry to hear about the broken toe, hope you get a chance to rest that little piggy and heal quickly. Happy Memorial Day!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Margaret! Can you believe it? Amazon is very hit-or-miss and many of the brands leave much to be desired but I have to say, the two brands of swimsuits I ordered are wonderful. And great quality. Thanks so much and I hope you are enjoying this holiday weekend!

  10. junedesilva says:

    Fabulous! I’m off to have a look at Amazon – haha!


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