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The Weekend Begins with Versailles

ATTN. All Readers:  I want to give a big “Thank You” for sticking with this blog throughout the past year or so.  My job is so emotionally stressful and so taxing that when I return home from work, I’m too … Continue reading

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A Week Back in Paris—Part Quatre: The New Old Musee Carnavalet and Black Friday!

Back home in the States, the day after is filled with Black Friday sales, lines of vehicles wasting emissions to enter local malls and outlets.  Crowds of people stressing over what to get loved ones. Even Santa gets a piece … Continue reading

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Au Revoir to Our Little Paris Apartment

I forgot to tell you something.  Saturday evening while Bonaparte and I were enjoying our aperitifs on the deck, he gave me some news. The news was sad but not devastating. It was about Danièle’s apartment.  The apartment had been … Continue reading

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I’m Baaaackkkk From France! Didja Miss Moi???????

 Back from three great weeks in France. Trust me, I wish I had a laptop because I have so much to tell! OMG! As usual, the drama follows me around like a shadow. It was almost Dickensonian for a while. … Continue reading

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Au Revoir and Oh La La. I’ll Be Back, Fresh and Renewed!

 The bags are packed! Well, at least one bag is finally packed! (With the exception of my small carry on—last minute stuff to pack). Fake Tan. Check. Fake hair. Check. (I have my priorities!)  Trust me, this bag has been opened … Continue reading

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Move Over Moses! Here’s MY Commandments! Atypical 60’s Rules to Live By!

Alright. I’ll admit, I’m a bit hungover today. A bit too much of the bubbly on a week night and some Côtes de Provence does not a chipper gal make in the morning! But I had my moments of pity … Continue reading

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Scents And Scentsability! My Kinda Signature!

Happy Monday. I hope everyone enjoyed the much-needed warmth of the past weekend. It was spectacular and so much fun to finally have three days in a row where the sun shone on us! A busy weekend was spent getting … Continue reading

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More Snow, Madeleines and the Cote d’Azur!

This winter’s weather is getting to me and I’m feeling really “blah”. We’re in the middle of the snow storm we should have had in January. Or February. It’s been snowing all day with no end in sight. Out the … Continue reading

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