Legalizing It! You Know I Did!

It’s been quite a weekend!  And I’m coming off a legal high.    Oh—it was a nice chill weekend. And it was great that my son Roman got to visit and Bonaparte’s daughter, her husband, and their daughter were all here for dinner on Saturday night.

But I did something.  Bonaparte and I both did something.

The big “M”.  We’re in it for good now!

We legalized our union.  Yeah. That’s right.  I’m now married to the Frenchman!  For ten years I was living in sin. Now I’m living in deeper sin. Only kiddin’!

I was late for work on Friday because we signed all the documents.  Was it eventful?

Yes. For us it was, but like I said to the woman in the Court Building who worked at the Marriage Bureau, “The first time around you spend a ton of money for the dress, the flowers, the reception. The second time around you want to make sure you have a great wig”.

The Bride wore the Riley wig by Freetress that was purchased on HairSoFly for $9.99!

Well, she loved what I said so much that we started talking wigs and I had to give her the names of all the online wig sites.

The Bride also wore her favorite J. Crew Schoolboy blazer, a J. Crew Factory Tee, AG Jeans and Repetto ballet flats–along with Longchamp bag!

In two weeks, I will be changing my name.  Roman and I got into a conversation about that.  He said he always wondered why I never changed my name back to my maiden name when I was divorced.  I explained to him that the kids were still young and it would be weird if my last name was different.  Then I told him that the time is right now.  All the kids are out and on their own and I want to change my name.

I think the icing on the cake would have been if Jake and Oona were here–but their work schedules and their living so far away made it impossibe.

And so, I will be Mrs. Lartigue—but I think I just may go by Madame Bonaparte!

The beaming groom. I think it’s because he knows he’ll always be getting great French meals!

Next topic!

I cooked up a storm on Saturday because the weather was somewhat stormy.

Here’s a look at some of the goodies that I made.

A shortcrust for the lemon tart. I’ll tell you this was the best crust ever..

The Lemon Tarte after being taken from the oven. I dressed it with whipped cream flowers.  We were enjoying ourselves so much that I forgot to take pics!

Peeled, cubed and pre-boiled potatoes. I sauteed them in duck fat.

Apples for the Calvados sauce and for the pork dish that I made…

Deviled eggs for appetizers.  I put the yolk mixture in a pastry bag then later on piped the filling into the egg whites!

Madame Bonaparte will not ruin a wig while cooking.  The bio hair will do!

The table is set.  I keep a simple and basic table.  The food is the focus.  

How did I relax in between cooking time?  Watching the game between University of Texas and University of Maryland.  Jake graduated from Texas and Oona from Maryland. Either way, mommy was the winner.  Sadly, my Longhorns lost.

Yesterday was a more relaxed day. My husband, my son Roman and I went to see the movie “Wind River” starring Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth.  It was an intense drama about a murder on a Native American reservation.  I highly recommend this movie. It had a great plot and was a decent thriller and it was based on a true story.

Looking for a good movie with an interesting story?  Go see Wind River. It was excellent!

Back home we enjoyed another dinner with enjoyable conversation.  Then watched another movie “The Accountant” starring Ben Affleck.  It was another thriller and I’m not an Affleck fan but he was good.  Anna Kendrick was very good too. She’s one of those actors that I was on the fence about but the more I watch her, the more adorable and talented she appears to me.


The Accountant was a very unusual movie, but nevertheless, I was at the edge of the sofa seat!

Today, this Monday of Labor Day, Roman and I headed off to the nearby outlet mall. His birthday was last week and I wanted to have him pick out some clothing—I also wanted to see what was being offered. J. Crew Factory was having a 50% off the entire store.

Roman, aka, Chilly, in younger days.  I still wanted to get him clothing for his birthday!

I found two items for me at that 50% off sale. A small scarf, which is adorable and a gray cashmere pullover. AT $78.00 the 50% off was a great price.

This Parisian themed scarf was a great buy at  $7.50. I’m into wearing scarfs as bracelets these days.

She told me everything except the cashmere was on sale.  OK. So then why did J. Crew Factory have ads up the wazoo stating that the entire store was 50% off.

I was livid that this sweater was NOT 50% off. J. Crew Factory–do NOT advertise that the ENTIRE store of 50% off when it clearly is not. This is not good!

The sweater remained in the store. I’m sorry. As much as I loved and wanted the sweater, I’m not spending full price.

The bag was almost empty. Not cool J. Crew Factory!

And by the time we arrived home, it was time to drive my son to the Bolt Bus in Philly.

I was sad to see him go. But I was comforted by my husband and his comfort made everything ok.

It’s funny how a piece of paper can make your life more comfortable.  And I had a conversation with Danièle not too long before she passed away.  She told me the day she married Yves Robert, she became so much more comfortable with the relationship.  I get that.  And I wish Danièle was here now.  She would have been thrilled.

I think Daniele would have been extremely happy to finally have me as her legal niece. I always consider her my Parisian Aunt!

And that was my weekend.  How was yours?

Do you like my $19.50 Samala Wig by Janet Collection? I wore it yesterday. I like this one a lot!!!

The news of Walter Becker’s passing hit me hard this weekend.  I’ve always been a huge Steely Dan fan and loved their music for many years.  My favorite song was Dirty Work. Here you go.




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A Paler Shade of White Eyeliner!

Yes. That weekend is coming up. Labor Day weekend! It’s going to be a busy one.  Roman is going to be visiting before returning to work on the set of Fallon and the new season of SNL will be upon us soon—his visit will be a relaxing one for him and I will be doing a lot of cooking.

Three-day weekend and one of my kids is visiting!  It’s gonna be great!

Bonaparte’s daughter, husband and, granddaughter will be joining us for dinner on Saturday, and so I’m trying to plan our feast!

So far, I do know that I’ll make a lemon tart for dessert.  For appetizers, it’s my go-to that everyone loves—deviled eggs.  Did I ever tell you my secret ingredient for my deviled eggs is anchovy paste? Yeah. Every home should have a tube of anchovy paste in the pantry. It adds depth to many recipes.

I think a lemon tart is a great and refreshing dessert to say goodbye to the summer with-don’t you?

I’ll also do some Salmon Rillettes to start.

Salmon Rillettes is turning into a very regular food item in Chateau Bonaparte and are the perfect appetizer!

The pondering is what I’ll make for the main plate. I’m thinking something to transition from summer to fall.  Maybe some sort of pork with apples.  I need to do some detective work on this

Lemons and apples at the ready.  Good bye summer fruit. Hello autumn fruit!

Oh. Back to white.  I’ve rediscovered white eyeliner.  When I was cleaning last weekend, I came across not one, but two white eyeliners that I forgot about.

NYX Liquid Eyeliner. It was difficult to get a photo of the brush, but you can see the stray bristles if you look close enough. Just like those pesky lady whiskers on the chin!

The first one by NYX is liquid and in a tube.  The applicator brush is housed in the liquid portion.  I can’t remember what I paid for it but I’m sure it wasn’t that much.  This needs to be applied with a very light touch—I’m not good at light touches and I need to practice more with this.  The brush, although thin, which is an important thing, has a couple of wild bristles that stick out. This isn’t a good thing and I need to cut them off.  The liner is akin to white out, but with a bit of practice, I’ll be sure to go lighter.

I have some close-ups and the liner looks like shit because I can’t seem to draw a nice white line over my wrinkly eyes. But from far away it looks great.

It’s so not perfect–in fact, close up it looks ghastly..

This was the look I was going for.  (Not ever gonna happen)

The second liner, by Stila had been discontinued a couple of years back, but the protests of fans had Stila bringing this great liner back. It’s “Snow” and I love this liner.  It is a liquid but is in a one-unit tube. The marker tip, very thin is great and draws a nice line.

Stila “Snow”. Much easier to work with!

Close up with the Stila Snow. I added a blue-green liner on top of the white as an experiment.  The liner is also by Stila but is so old that the printing is worn off so I don’t know the color.

I wore the NYX eyeliner yesterday. My skills need to be a bit better. Obviously white liner isn’t as forgiving as black eyeliner..

But from farther away, it looks much better!


I will say, though, the NYX eyeliner stays put ALL day. I don’t wear eye primer and this photo was taken when I arrived home from work. It didn’t move!!

Today’s eyeliner.  I do have the blue-green above the white but my old lady eyes are creasing.  Anyway, the white liner really does brighten up the eyes.  It’s a fun change up from the black eyeliner. I wouldn’t do this look every day because I love my dark eyes but every now and then it’s worth it!

Ladies.  Give white liner a try.  It brightens up the eyes.

Based on the review of a makeup vlogger, I tried Hard Candy Brows Now.  One end is a nice highlighter that looks lovely under the brows. The other end is what I would call brow mascara. They are fibers for the brows but boy, was this an absolute miss for me.  You have to be a professional to use this stuff!  I’ll stick to my brow pencil and powders.  I can’t even with this.

The brow fiber gel is absolutely awful. It’s sticky and gloppy but the highlighter is great!

I think I paid about six bucks for this.  Don’t waste your money.  Seriously.

This is a very scary photo and you can see the fright in my eye when I got a glance of the Hard Candy brow gel on my brows. I washed it right off and went back to the pencil.  Don’t bother.

Oh. And I took an old lipstick out today. It’s a Guerlain Kiss Kiss lipstick in the color “Pushy Pink”. I love this color but more than that—I love the tube because there is sentimental value to it.  A couple of years ago, Bonaparte’s aunt, Daniele, took me on a shopping to the Guerlain Boutique in Paris.  I felt like Cinderella.  She told me to pick out whatever I wanted.  Yes. She did!

I love this color!  It is not harsh. It is soft and flattering. So why is it discontinued?

Among the items was this lipstick. And the color is a very subtle pink with a coral blend.  And I was thinking of getting another one but guess what?  It’s been discontinued. Why would a color that is so pretty and flattering be discontinued? I’m hoping that it is still available in Paris because, on our next trip, I’m heading back to that Guerlain shop to see if they might have one floating around.

Isn’t it pretty?  I love Pushy Pink!

As an aside, I purchased a new toothbrush. I love these motorized brushes because when the battery wears down, it’s time to replace.  I’m a bit of a toothbrush fanatic. And I don’t use toothpaste. I brush my teeth with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide!!

I’ll be busy this weekend so you won’t hear from me until Sunday evening or Monday morning.  Here’s a bit of what I wore this week so far.  No weight loss and no weight gain. That’s a plus.

Monday was my homage to Dany and Jacques-Henri Lartigue.  I wore Dany’s favorite style shirt–a striped Breton-inspired shirt and the classy lady in the photo?  She’s a wealthy Parisian that B’s. grandfather snapped in the early 1900’s.  The Dinky Soleil sign was at JHL’s home in Opio, France. Now it’s in Phoenixville, PA!

More Pixie pants and old  Cole-Haan Air Nike Ballet Flats that just don’t wear down.  The tee was bought at J. Crew Factory for twelve bucks!

Yesterday was tunic time and That Girl hair!! I LOVE this wig. Konis by It’s a Wig! It’s a great unit!

And today was another casual look with a pair of years-old patterned pants from J. Crew.  Wow. I’m REALLY cross-eyed today!  Maybe white liner makes my eyes cross more!!

But the major surprise is that I got Bonaparte to pose in his OOTD yesterday!!

Manchic!!  Or is it Man Candy? The very bashful and handsome Bonaparte. He will be so surprised when he sees this!! He should be a model!

Have a great, great weekend and I’ll see ya next week!

A Paler shade of White or a Whiter Shade of Pale?  Procol Harum knows the answer!


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How Was Your Weekend? We Finally Got Around to Buying the Summer Flowers!

Our plan for the weekend was to drop Chippy off at doggie daycare.  We would then drive to Stone Harbor and enjoy a day at the beach. Plans change.

Upon waking up, I just didn’t feel like making the drive to the Jersey Shore. After all, it was the weekend before Labor Day and traffic would be horrific.  Perhaps I was a bit sad because it was my son Roman’s 31st birthday and I wasn’t able to celebrate. He was in Cincinnati with Oona.

This guy!  I swear I had him yesterday!  I’m glad he was visiting Oona. I get a warm feeling inside knowing that my three kids are closerthanthis!

Instead, I decided to concentrate on a few chores.  One of the chores being cleaning my makeup vanity.

I try, I really try to keep things organized.  And at times I fail.  I especially fail in the summer.  I dunno what it is about the warm weather but laziness becomes me from June into September.  Perhaps it’s because I get so depressed when we return from our annual visits to France. Perhaps it’s that work drains the bejeezus out of me during the week.

I just get lazy.

Yes. I’m tired of being lazy!!!

Bonaparte, being the obsessive neat freak cannot stand any form of a mess that I might create.  When I announced that I didn’t want to go to the beach, my Frenchman looked a bit sad.  But he brightened up like a neon sign when I told him I wanted to clean.

Honestly, I couldn’t take the mess anymore.  I like my cosmetics to be organized and I had let everything slide by.  Here’s a few pics of how things looked:

This is the desk where I work my magic. Note the styrofoam wig head on the floor.  

Look at the makeup schmutz that I cleaned off the desk. I should be ashamed. But I’m not.

My makeup vanity is an old roll top desk that I found on Craigslist three years ago. I paid all of $30.00 for it.  The chair that I sit in was $5.00 at a church rummage sale. I love both.


In the bowels of the desk, I discovered, not one but TWO Trish McEvoy makeup organizers…

There’s a lot of stuff in these things and I never use them but I can’t bring myself to get rid of them. Maybe I’ll put one in a purse..

The vanity is in a catty-corner position in the small guest room on the third floor of our humble chateau and this room is where I sit every day to put my makeup on and to fix my fake hair.  The room also has a closet which houses my jeans and wigs and other odds and ends.

There is a dresser in the room that cost me nothing. A neighbor was moving and offered it to whoever could carry it out of her home.  That would be me.

I cleaned THIS too.  Everything from perfume samples to an invitation that was weeks ago was sitting on this dresser…

We arrived home from France on July 3rd. How lazy could I possibly be that I couldn’t either throw this away or put it with my travel stuff?  Pretty damned lazy.  Note the hair. I just don’t stop shedding!

All the junk from the makeup desk/vanity made its way to the dresser..but the mess is always worse before it gets better!

Nice and clean and organized…….for about two weeks!

This is as good as it gets for the vanity!

All is neat now. Bonaparte stopped breathing when he saw this!

With a stellar job completed, and still early in the day, it was decided that we would take a drive to the outlets.  I needed to exercise and what better way to take a nature hike by walking the great outdoors of the outlets.

With my  outfit at the ready,  it was time for my kind of nature hike..

A nature walk at the outlets!

Besides, I was running low on my bareMinerals “Well Rested”. It’s the best concealer of all time and is less expensive by four bucks at the outlets.

The bareMinerals outlet shop. The prices are decent here.

Got my Well-Rested. And at $16.00 instead of the $20.00 marked!

And what did I spot on the way OUT of the store?  NARS–at discounted prices.  Bonaparte quickly grabbed me arm and we made a fast exit!

And who doesn’t go to the outlets and not check out J. Crew Factory?

I picked up a cute Paris inspired tee to wear under blazers for the fall…

And this fun tee for $12.00. Bonaparte picked up some pants.

Do you like my hair-of-the-day?  It’s Joy by Model Model!  I love the length!

This time to pick up groceries for weekend cooking.  Since we didn’t make it to the beach, I told Bonaparte that dinner was his choice. He opted for my Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken.  We hadn’t had it in a while and Saturday was a good night to enjoy the aromatic heat of the dish.

Lemongrass Chicken marinating. Bread rising and Salmon Rillettes all done.  A productive day indeed!

I also baked a loaf of bread and made a batch of Salmon Rillettes for Sunday evening.

We enjoyed our time with a lazy dinner on the deck.  Our deck dining days are surely numbered for 2017.  The evenings are cooling down.  I’m hoping we get a heat wave of sorts mid-September so that we can sneak a few more meals outdoors before hibernation season begins.

And while we were on the deck, and filmed Chippy, I realized that the deck looked barren and we hadn’t done a thing all summer to dress it up.

When you decide to film with your phone after a couple of Kir Royals on the deck

Every year, pots of geraniums decorate the deck.  We never got around to it this year.  And when I saw the video of Chippy, I was upset because the exceptional film lacked the beautiful background of flowers.

As I whined about this, Bonaparte paid no attention to me.

Yesterday’s Hair-of-the-Day.  Konis by It’s A Wig. I love the color!  Bonaparte HATES the color.  I don’t care. It’s still hair I wear! Notice I’m wearing the same shirt two days in a row.  Now that Jake is in California I feel closer to him by wearing this tee!

My Sunday face. From start to finish!  It was so much fun to sit at my organized vanity.  I even wore false lashes.  I just don’t understand why Bonaparte does not like this color wig. TT99J/530 a lovely off black with different hues of auburn and burgundy. I dig it!! I also dig the white eyeliner!

And so, yesterday afternoon, after listening to my constant complaining that we never planted geraniums, Bonaparte and I headed into the car to Home Depot.  It is now mum season.

August 27th and we are just now getting around to our “summer” flowers!

We bought some mums.

The deck finally looks nice!

I also cleaned my makeup brushes.

This wasn’t done in a long, long time!!

And purchased a new little rug for my makeup area!

My little corner looks so organized now!!

Dinner started off with the Salmon Rillettes and was followed by Lobster.

Chippy and the Lobster.  He would rather have a treat!

A perfect dinner to celebrate the last weekend of August 2017.

This guy. He was so good!!!  And I didn’t have butter either!

Salmon Rillettes on home baked bread toast. It is the perfect starter!

I need more mums though.  That’ll have to wait until the next productive weekend—whenever that may be!

Do you ever have that kind of weekend?  Where plans change and you end up being very productive?  I want to hear about it!

Hope you all had a great weekend—and one that was fun and productive!

No song today.  I think Chippy’s films are music to the eyes and my voice is music to sore the ears!!  XOXOXOXOXOXO!!!!

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Under the Chics. A ReFrenching Look On Finding Your Own Style!

If you know me, you know how much I love my trips to France.  Trust me, the three weeks we spend in the South of France during the summer aren’t’ enough for me.  The trips to Paris?  As a city girl, I would move there tomorrow if possible.  New York and Paris are my two favorite cities on earth.

I’m very much relaxed when I’m in France during the summer.

And in the 13 years I’ve been visiting Paris and other parts of France, one of my favorite activities is people watching and observing how the French dress.

That’s right. Let me pull up a chair. Sit down. And get ready for people-watching!

I love looking at the men in their slim suits—so well-fitted and a hair away from being too small. 

Frenchmen are guy chic.  So effortlessly pulled together. I should be so pulled together!

I love the way the French dress their children.  Reminds me of the care I took into making sure my own kids were well-dressed at all times.

Look how cute I dressed my little doll–Oops, I mean, my daughter Oona when she was little. I even made sure her Halloween costumes put her up in the best-dressed list! ( I made that costume, btw.  It remains one of my favorites!

And I especially love studying how French women dress.

It may be an ad, but Catherine Deneuve remains iconic.  

I’m also fascinated by the overabundance of magazine articles, blog posts, and internet publications obsessive writings on French style.

This is what articles never show. Normal French people on the way to their normal jobs in the middle of Paris during the weekday. I snapped this pic last year. Can you spot the chic one?  No. Neither can I.  This is normal.

“How to Dress Like a French Girl”.  “How to Dress Like A Parisian” headline the many essays from self-proclaimed experts on the subject, some of whom have probably been to Paris only through watching Amelie thirty or so times, to those who write about fashion for a living.

You don’t profess to be an expert on French style by repeatedly watching Amelie. Although I must admit, I’ve seen this film at least 50 times. It’s my favorite film of all time.  And YES. I love how Audrey Tautou was transformed into the most adorable gamine of all time.  And this hairstyle IS one of the best bobs of all time. But it belongs to Tautou and Amelie. I’ve never seen any woman or girl in France wearing this hairstyle the way she wears it. End. Of. Story.

 I’ve read articles about secrets and tips to turn yourself into a version of the quintessential French woman. The epitome of “Chic”Chic is an over-used word!!!

They have it all wrong.  Not the French women, those who pontificate have it all wrong.

This is a costume. Unfortunately, I’ve seen bloggers throughout the internet dress very similar thinking that they look French when in fact, they look foolish because they lack personal style!

You simply cannot imitate chic. Either you got it or you ain’t.

The late Jeanne Moreau had it. She was chic. It was inbred.  Notice the simplicity. Notice that she has bruises on her legs and she is still elegant. No accessories. No jewelry. She ozzes chic from her topknot down to her simple heels!

And believe me, sometimes there is a very thin line between chic and trashy.  I’ve seen the over-the-top looks in Cannes.  It isn’t chic to try too hard.

Alright. So I haven’t run into Victoria or David Beckham in Cannes. But this is not chic. And I’m a bit surprised because Victoria Beckham’s clothing line has  some pretty classy items. Did I say classy?  Yes. I did. Classy does not necessarily mean chic and boy did she miss the boat on chic in this getup!

Chic is:  elegantly and stylishly fashionable.

Ines de la Fressange.  A study in chic.  The outfit on the left and middle = total chic.  And  even iconic Ines can miss the mark. The outfit in the photo on the right.  Overkill. Too fussy. Not chic. Not elegant. If she lost the beret and didn’t have the jacket belted, she would be on the road to chic…

I have a blogger friend.  Elizabeth, she of The Vintage Contessa blog.  She is naturally chic. It is innate. She can wear anything and it automatically morphs into a degree of chic. And she isn’t French. She is an American married to an Italian.  Her style is one of a kind and she always remains chic elegance.  Her style isn’t simple chic.  It’s elegant chic with an edge—and that is the beauty of having one’s own personal style.  Take a look at her blog, I linked it and you will love it. Study her style.

This is Elizabeth.  She is chic in a bold way.  I admire her and am in awe of her because she’s got “it”.  That “thang”.  That intangible quality .  Not only is she great to observe but she’s an incredibly kind and generous woman! Read her blog.  You will know what I mean!

I, on the other hand, am not chic. In the almost 14 years Bonaparte and I have been together, I can honestly tell you Le homme has used the word chic to describe what I’m wearing maybe five or six times.  And all six times, we were going out to dinner. I wore what he practically begged me to wear.

I am not chic. But over the years, I’ve honed in on what I love and am comfortable in.  It’s my personal style.

Bonaparte is chic.  Yeah. He’s a guy but he is guy chic.  Guys can be chic too

And even though the ability to truly be chic is that certain something that a small percentage of the population has, most of us are not chic. Most of us do not have that certain je ne sais quoi, a quality that cannot be described or named easily Are you following me?

What I’m saying is that we should find our own style.  You can carry a chic bag or a wear a chic pair of shoes, but it isn’t going to make you chic. And that’s ok!  It’s fine, in fact.

Lancel bags. So chic, they aren’t even sold in the USA. I covet these bags. I want one.  I can’t afford one. Be still my heart if I win the lottery, I will get me on a plane, fly back to Paris and buy one of these chic little bags. You can have your Dior, LV, YSL. I’ll take Lancel!

When people ask me what my style is, I must honestly say, I don’t really know.  I don’t have a particular style.  I know what isn’t my style. I’m not a Boho girl.  I’m not a country style dresser.

Now there’s yet another term. Boho Chic.  Boho is NOT chic. It never was and never will be. The look above is nice.  She is wearing a boho hat, and her bag, a Chloe, isn’t what I would call boho.

And as beautiful as these girls are–they are Boho overkill. They are NOT Boho Chic.  Chic is something all ages can wear.  I, at 62 years, would not look chic nor Boho in this look. I would look like I tried to hard.  Fashion needs to get it’s terms straight.

Remember Meryl Streep in the movie “Ricki and the Flash”? The rocker look is definitely not my style.  It isn’t Streep’s style either and I have to say, after seeing the trailer for that movie, Streep was miscast.

Streep may be the greatest actor of our generation, but even the great Streep can be miscast. Rocker girl is not her style.  Ain’t mine either!

I couldn’t picture her as a rocker of any kind.  Cyndi Lauper or Debbi Harry would have taken that movie in a great direction because both women personify rocker! They got rocker style and have had it for decades!  They was born that way!

Why couldn’t Hollywood cast either Lauper or Harry as Riki?  Both epitomize Rocker girls.  Both are beautiful.  Both was born that way!!!  Oh yes they wuz!!! That is their style!

I’m best described as a style mutt.

 A bit preppy, of which comes from years of wearing uniforms to school. 

I snapped this pic yesterday (you’ll see more in my next blog post)–and it is a great example of my mutt style. Classic. Preppy.  A bit odd–I love shorts with a tee and blazer, but that’s my style!

A bit classic with my love and appreciation of a great pencil skirt.  And pearls.

My favorite pencil skirt is this leopard print one. Its fun but classic at the same time!

I love me a pointy-toed heel.

And skinny jeans.

Skinny jeans and pointy toes. What could be better?  The torn jeans are not chic but I love the look!

And old-school sneakers

The white, low top Chuck Taylor’s by Converse are my favorite sneakers!

And my French Repetto Ballet Flats and Rondini Sandals.

Illustration by me. I love my Repetto ballet flats and Rondini sandals. Part of my style.

And scarfs—whether wooly for the winter or lighter for warmer weather.

Classic casual style. Scarf with a trench coat, cuffed jeans and loafers!

And my Bass Weejuns

Bass Weejuns. In my style life since grammar school–and traveling with me to all points. I love them and they are comfortable!

And, naturally, my leather Longchamp bags.

The Hermes scarf is chic. I lower it down a bit by tying it around the handle of my Longchamp bag. I like it that way!

I’m not much in the line for accessories—but it’s my style. I don’t like to be overloaded with bracelets and necklaces and accoutrements because it just isn’t me.  Yet, I admire the woman who can accessorize like that . They have the know-how that I lack!

My hair—I try to keep my fake hair to styles similar to how I wore my bio hair before I lost most of it.

I’m not big on “Hair do’s”. I like an unstyled style–even with my wigs!

That’s why I like Bardot’s style. She was slightly messy—and not in a bad way either.  She had that just-rolled-out-of-bed look.

Bardot.. In a more demure state–and she still looks perfectly tousled! Note–no jewely. The focus is on her!

Do I try to imitate her style?  No—but I can add little nuances of her style into mine—like a big messy bun in honor of her messy hair or a striped Breton shirt in honor of her love for French fisherman shirts and French fishermen perhaps?

Far from Bardot–but I love her Breton striped shirts.  My style likes them too!

Thanks so REX/Sipa Press I was able to find this epic pic of Carla Bruni. Another example of simple chic. The shoes.  The. Shoes. I stopped breathing I love them so much!  And look how simple she’s dressed. I’m jelly!

My favorite store?  J. Crew—because the clothing is, for the most part, classic with a bit of an edge.  Granted, some years the stuff is awful—but a great classic piece can always be found.  The J. Crew brand resonates with me—and Crew has great sales!

Everyone has a style.  Whether you realize it or not.  You can build your personal style with basics.  You can study the wardrobes of those who’s style you admire.

Go window shopping. By yourself.  Some “you” time.  Take a look at the clothing in different stores.  Write down the names of the stores that have clothing you like.  Peruse their websites.  Research and study.

Don’t let anyone dictate to you what your style should be. Remember. You know you better than anyone else.

So, get under the chics.  Better yet, take those chics off you and get out and have fun finding your style!

Make your own kind of style!

I’m influenced by some, but my style is personal.  I’m especially fond of my fake tan style. Check it out. I missed a foot! My kinda style!

While I was writing this post, I couldn’t help but think about this great song “Make Your Own Kind of Music” by the great Cass Elliot. She had her own style. She owned her style and she was beautiful. As an aside, she’s introduced by Sammy Davis Jr. Boy does this bring back memories!

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I’m a Gilded Girl. Not a Golden Girl!

Gold. What a word.  It has so many meanings.  Gold jewelry conjures up visions of wealth.

Unfortunately, I won’t be purchasing any of this anytime soon. I did not win the 700 million dollar Powerball last night!

During the summer, we strive for that golden tan.

The only way I can achieve a golden tan is to purchase one via spray. Remember my spray tan post from 2016?  I got Sprayed–not Spayed!

Remember the goose that laid the golden egg?

Sorry but I’m not greedy. A golden egg does nothing for me. I would rather have the foie gras!

When we bake, we always achieve for the golden-brown top!

Check out the golden-brown tops on the pain aux raisin that I made for Bonaparte!

Many who know me look at me and tell me that silence is golden!

Gold lamé clothing, metallic gold shoes, the list goes on.

I dig gold stuff with one exception.

The Golden Girls. Ugh. I couldn’t stand that show when I was younger. And now that I’m old, I find the show more offensive than ever.  They all had awful hairdos. They all had horrific clothing. They were the stereotypical woman of the “golden” years.

I love Betty White but boy did I despise this show.  This is not today’s Golden Girls. It’s a ridiculous stereotype that needs to be stamped out!

Not this old broad baby. I’m a Gilded Girl!  And I’ll tell you why.

I’ve decided that if the damned cosmetics companies are not going to feature us old women on their websites, and if they continue to discard us and set us aside, I’m just going to have to be a model figure for the empowering demographic of women over 50, 60 and upward! I’ll do it myself. I’ll be a one-woman army!

The tables need to be turned. Upside down.  And I’ll be the one to do it!

So here goes—You remember my recent Laura Geller review—right?    Well, I’m still annoyed that Laura Geller celebrates only the young customer on her website, but the baked foundation and bronzer were so good that I made another purchase.  She sells her wares on QVC. And QVC oftentimes has great values on kits.

Yes. I saw a kit for Laura Geller’s “Gilded Collection”. It was on a Today’s Special for under $50.00 (the current price is $54.96 and still an excellent value for the items that are included.

The products came in this very fancy box.

At first, I was a bit on the fence about ordering because the collection looked a bit on the warm side for my cool coloring.  But then again, Autumn is on the way and it could be a changeup. Besides, the Balance-n-Brighten Baked Foundation is included in the kit.  It would be essential for me to put the foundation in my travel bag!

Let me add that I ordered this in “Fair” so I was able to order the lighter foundation!

The products were displayed in this plastic case. Truth be told. I wasn’t thrilled with the plastic. It’s not good for our environment. I wish companies would spend less on the packaging–especially when the product is good!

The kit comes with:

A full-size of Apricot Berry Blush. I thought this would be way to orange but it isn’t. It gives a nice flush.

Baked Illuminator in Gilded Honey.  This is very soft and only a touch is needed.

The eyeshadow duo isn’t bad either. I liked the staying power.

The blush and illuminator on my pasty skin.  They didn’t look “off” at all.  

The eyeshadow duo the brown looks better on than in the compact.

I decided to use the items on my face today—it would give me a chance to see how the products last during my working hours.

The lighting pretty much sucked early in the morning but this was after applying. The colors are pigmented but …

In natural light, and with my hair on, you can get a better look at the finished face.  I’m very happy with this warm glow and I LOVE the lipgloss!  The color is Honey Caramel, a beautiful neutral shade!

The products are a clear winner. I was most surprised at the brown eyeliner.  It is smooth and creamy and stayed put all day. I very lightly glided it along the bottom of my eyes for a softer smoky look.

This was worth the money. I dunno what it is, but I’m sure glad that I revisited Laura Geller. I’m angry that she doesn’t feature mature women on her website, and I wrote to her company with NO RESPONSE FROM THEM.   Perhaps if we all go to her website and scroll down to the “contact”, we can all write and voice our need to be included.  There is power in numbers.

Laura. Why your people so scared of me?  I’m buying your products, using them, and raving about them. Someone could at least answer me!

In the meantime, I’m not getting on the scale this week.  It was not a good week for me diet-wise.  This happens from time to time.  I am now back on track.

I may be a bit bloated but at least I’m gilded!

Chippy ate nearly all the contents of my new Longchamp purse. Thankfully, he isn’t a fan of French leather or Hermes because he left the purse, along with the Hermes scarf I have tied to the handle uneaten.

Can you believe it?  My fake sugar tablets are inside my dog. Look what he did to my Lip Vitality?  Ugh..

How could I stay angry at this face???

Mornings and evenings are getting a bit of cool these days. It’s a gentle reminder that the summer of 2017 is bidding us farewell in a few weeks.  The lighting is also slightly changing.  As I drove home from work this evening I noticed that the sky is taking on that transition into fall as well.    But—the summer clothing will linger because September often gets a wave of incredibly hot and humid weather.

Have a great weekend and remain happy! Here’s how I’m transitioning to the cooler mornings:

Monday’s weather was so threatening. I wore black skinny jeans and a tunic.

Tuesday was back to incredible heat. AND incredible ragweed pollen. My eyes were shut and puffy all day.

Wednesday’s weather looked bad again. It was back to pants and a pom pom shirt from last year.  The shoes. Don’t get me started. I paid good money and purchased these Gemma flats from J. Crew. They looked like crap after three wearings. Now I only wear them if I think it will rain heavily.  What a disappointment!

Today’s outfit. Can I just say I LOVED what I wore today.  The leopard print skirt from J. Crew Factory is an all-season charmer.  The ballet neck tee has some good stretch and the size S fits like a glove. This was 4.99 at Old Navy!  The inspiration for this outfit was the gilded makeup I wore. It just gave me a warm feeling.

All that gold talk brought this song from David Bowie to mind. “Golden Years”.


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Not Much Ado About Nothing! A Relaxing Weekend!

To be honest, our weekend was productive and relaxing at the same time.   I mean, other than my weekend blog posts it was relaxing!

It started out with a nice rainbow on Friday evening!

On Saturday morning, I organized the little closet in the guest room. The room doubles as my makeup studio and houses my wigs.

It really was productive. In less time than it ever takes me to wash, condition and blow dry my bio hair, I was able to organize my fake hair and even get rid of some nasty wigs that were in bad shape!

Because the sun was shining and the natural light was stellar, I got to pluck a bunch of lady whiskers from my chin. That’s always a good thing.

One of my favorite ways to while away time while waiting for moisturizer to set in is to pluck the lady whiskers from my chin.  Especially when the lighting is great!

Bonaparte and I drove into Philly where we visited the Warby Parker shop on Walnut Street. He used the gift card that my kids gave him for Christmas and ended up with a great pair of sunglasses.

The place was mobbed but there’s plenty of help–and the Warby Parker staff is ridiculously friendly and helpful!

These are the shades that Anthony Bourdain ..Oops–I mean, Bonaparte picked out!

The Frenchman. He’s so serious!  He tried these on but wasn’t crazy about them. I thought they were great! Oh well. We had fun!

Then we walked over to Rittenhouse Square to see what goods we could pick up at the Farmers Market.

We had a nice time walking around Philly.  I ended buying tarragon for the anchovy sauce I made.

And when we arrived home, I baked bread and made a great anchovy sauce for our steak.

Here’s the recipe:

Anchovy Sauce for Filet Mignon or Steak

Peel and mince 4 shallots.  Peel and grate 1 clove garlic.  Melt 3 tablespoons of butter in a saucepan.  Add the shallots and garlic.  Cook till the shallots are transparent.

Take about four or five sprigs of fresh Tarragon.  Remove the leaves from the stems and chop. Add to the cooked shallot/garlic mixture.

Add one and one-half tablespoons of anchovy paste and stir into the saucepan.

Add ¾ of a cup of heavy cream and cook until the cream reaches the boiling point and keep stirring. Don’t let the sauce boil over but cook for about ten minutes.

Add ¼ cup of champagne cognac to the sauce and cook until the alcohol dissipates.

As the sauce cooks down it’ll thicken.

Spoon over steak.  This is good stuff!


My diet went out the window over the weekend.  I ate way too much of the bread I made and the sauce–it was “eat-it-like-soup” great! Thank God for that broccoli! 

Yesterday was Oona’s birthday. She’s 28 years old now and I just can’t figure out where the time went!  I miss having her around but I admire her independence. I’m proud to be the mom of a successful and empowering young woman!

I’m not kidding when I say time flies. I remember every one of these photos as though they were taken yesterday. Oh wait. The collage WAS taken yesterday! Seriously. My baby is 28!

And that was basically the weekend.

This last week was a busy one at work—so busy, in fact, that I forgot about snapping pics of my outfits.  I did manage a couple of shots though.

Friday’s ensemble. I’m really starting to tire of  the clothes now.  I need a spray tan.  I’m tired.  And I need to win Powerball so that I can stay home and write.

Thursday’s dress. I should have worn this more often because I really like it.  I went with bobbed hair last week for a couple of days.

I think I wore this last Monday or Tuesday.  Very classy with the bra straps sticking out.  I finally took the bra off when I got into the car after leaving the office.  Yes. I’m THAT woman. I begin to disrobe in my car.

Last week also brought some new hair.

This is Konis by It’s A Wig.  The hair is very soft and resembles my bio hair when blown out. Less than $30.  This will be great for the fall and winter.

And this is Claudia by Bobbi Boss.  Hmmm. Perhaps I should have put some makeup on or gotten dressed in something other than a PJ tee. Nuh unh.  I’m too lazy!

I lost about a half pound, but I’m sure I gained it back with the sauce and with all the carbs I ate over the weekend!  And as I write this, I’m eating macaroni salad–there goes the thighs!  And the belly.

See?  The scale is in between 143 and 144. Today it is most likely at 146.

Oh…and I received a lecture from Bonaparte about my recent spending. I’ll leave it at that!

I met MY Waterloo last night when Bonaparte went over the bills.  No more spending for a while! Bonaparte’s daughter snapped this photo last week–she’s in Canada and look what she found!

Welcome to the dawg days of summer.  These are the summer days that make me a bit sad because it awakens my awareness that the days will be getting shorter and cooler.  And although I welcome the cool weather clothing, I love the long and lazy days of summer.  And so, I’ll enjoy them while I can!

And that was about it. How was your weekend?

It was hot in the City of Philadelphia–but not extremely hot–but I couldn’t help but think of one of my favorite summer songs by the Lovin’ Spoonful.  Summer in the City!

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The Alluring Message of Allure Magazine. The End of Anti-Aging. Or Is It?

I’m skeptically thrilled.  Not only did Editor in Chief of Allure magazine, Michelle Lee, have the balls to put an “Old Lady”, i.e. the beautiful Helen Mirren on the cover, but she also put out a call to the beauty industry to end “anti-aging”.

I literally ran into Barnes & Noble on Rittenhouse Square yesterday to hunt this baby down.  What a cover!  What a woman! What an editor!

On one hand, I am thrilled!  Finally, an effort is being taken to put an end to the phrase “anti-aging” and everything it stands for.  On the other hand, I can’t help but think “is this a one-time issue thing?”

Let’s see if it is truly the end of “anti-aging” and not just a one-trick pony tale!

Let’s address this. Shall we?

I was a subscriber to Allure magazine for many, many years. In fact, I’ve even had a couple of my letters to the editor published.  When the magazine first came to be I loved that models and/or celebrities were photographed without makeup.  I loved the articles.  It was a great magazine.

The first cover….

..and another early cover.  The articles were great back then..

When the magazine was delivered, I would wait until the kids were in school to read it.  After the housework was done, I would sit on the sofa in the family room and absorb the contents from cover to cover.   During the summer months, the magazine was a regular item in my beach and pool bag.

I do believe this beach bag from J. Crew is as old as Allure magazine is! It is the  bag I lugged my Allure to the beach and pool!

And as I aged, Allure failed to do the same.  Like the woman stuck in a time warp of beauty and fashion, the magazine seemed to be a time machine that was stuck on “young woman”.  And forgot about the reader who started off with the magazine.  She aged.  The magazine didn’t.

Do you remember this delightful packaging from Helena Rubinstein Tulips?  I do–but the model is stuck in a time warp.  And Allure magazine was stuck in the “youth” time warp.  I must say, I DO love this packaging!

Like a woman jilted by many lovers and over the years who lost trust in men, I feel the same about magazines. Beauty and fashion.  I’ve read many of them over the years and as I aged, felt jilted because I was the forgotten reader.  The forgotten demographic. The woman tossed aside for someone younger and supposedly better.

It’s ok Natalie.  I lost the love of the beauty industry. Waaaaaahhhhh!!!

I allowed my subscriptions to lapse.   Vogue, Glamour, —even Allure.  They no longer spoke to me nor did they speak to my generation and generations of women older than me.

The one subscription that I still have, and don’t even bother to read anymore is In Style. It used to be a great publication.  I’m using the latest issue as a makeshift mouse pad.  The previous issues have been thrown in the trash the day I receive them. The magazine completely lost me as a reader.

I don’t even know when the subscription to this magazine runs out but it makes a great mouse pad!

But back to Allure.

I’m beyond happy to see this cover of the wonderful Helen Mirren.  Bright red lips (she can rock that red lip without looking harsh. I wish I could), big ass earrings (the ones younger bloggers think we old ladies shouldn’t wear), lines of wisdom on her face and the tattooed arm of a younger man wrapped around her shoulders.  This. Is. Greatness.

Encore please!  

She doesn’t even have turkey neck!  And her tits are great…

Those orbs of wonder have aged so well…

Mirren is bring aging back the way Timberlake brought sexy back!

Yes.  Mirren is the hero that we need.  But it shouldn’t stop there.

Helen of Troy?  Non!  Helen of all women over 50!

The average, over 50, over 60 and older women are also the heroes that we need.  The woman who is the school teacher, or the military woman, or the police officer or fire fighter, or the flight attendant, or the administrative assistant, or the sales assistant, or the retiree, or the caregiver. These are the women that the beauty and fashion industry have thrown aside and instead reached for the much younger woman.

Take a good look. THESE, the average older women are also the heroes we need!

 The beauty industry has abandoned us for the young woman who depends on mommy and daddy to pay for the items she placed on their credit cards. The younger woman whose most important aspect in life is clubbing on a Saturday night. The woman with the fickle mindset.

Just like the spoiled Veruca Salt, many of the targeted demograph are those spoiled young women who have mommy and daddy pay for everything.   What happened to independence?

They want the it girl.  Not the aging woman.

Beauty and fashion want this….

…and not the 62-year olds like me who are into all beauty products that’ll enhance our features (and not photoshopped or loaded with fillers)

And—it’s too bad because we have the money. We know our minds. When we find a product we love and that works, we are loyal to the product and the brand.

It’s gonna take a while.  And in looking through this edition of Allure, I’m digging much of what is inside.

I see more women of color—I really dig that.

Beauty isn’t just blonde, blue, and white. I’m happy about that!

I’m ridiculously happy to see photos such as this as well.  Beauty has wrinkles and lines!

I see an ad for a fragrance by Ralph Lauren (not a fan of his but I’m giving him credit). The fragrance is Woman and the model is actor Jessica Chastain.  At 40 years old, she is a woman.

Hey Ralphie. Thanks for not using a twenty-something.  You’re a good egg for this but you could do better next time.

But next go-round, I would love to see Lauren use the other Lauren in his ads.  Lauren Hutton.  At 73 years, Hutton personifies aging beauty and should be used more and more by the beauty and fashion industries.

Lauren Hutton. Like fine wine gets better with age. And I LOVE her outspoken personality. She rocks!

Let’s see more of Diane Keaton and Jane Fonda and Lilly Tomlin if you are looking for celebrities.

Diane Keaton. Another oldie but goodie.  

And really, let’s see more of the real woman.

Yes. Do it for the real woman who sits at home hoping a two-buck beauty mask will hydrate her skin into mature dewiness!

Ms. Lee, you are on the right track.

I’m giving you a kiss and hug back Michelle Lee–but you need to keep this up. Do. Not. Fail. Us!!

Keep moving forward. Please don’t back-pedal. Be the mover and shaker. Be the Marianne of the beauty industry!

Be the Marianne of the Beauty Industry Michelle!  Liberté égalité fraternité in all things beauté !

There is a slew of us women who are watching your moves.  Bring back aging in all its glory and beauty.

Do it for me.  Do it for you. Do it for the future of all women.



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Laura Geller. Are you”Effing” Kidding Me? You Made a Foundation That’s Amazing AF!!

So why aren’t  you marketing it to the older woman?

This is so passive-aggressive.  I love the product but I have issues with the brand…

Read on.

I know, I know.  It seems like lately, I’m on a foundation kick.  But when your skin has been on your body for over 60 years, you need to play around. You need to always be on the lookout for a foundation that’ll be kind in loving your wrinkly and lined face.

Am I right?

I’m gonna tell you what happened this week.  OK?  I got an email from Laura Geller Beauty.  No. It wasn’t for a sponsored post and the company wasn’t “reaching out” to me.  Simply stated—the brand wanted my money.

Anyway, I remembered way back—almost twenty years ago, I had some of Geller’s eyeshadow/liner duos.  One was a gorgeous plum with a black liner.  It was that baked stuff and it was fabulous.

The liner/shadow duo was very similar to this only the plum color was a bit on the cooler side of the spectrum and it was fabulous!  I LOVED it!

I also had a body bronzer from the Laura Geller brand.  This bronzer lasted forever!  And I remember that it was superb.

This is the body bronzer–Baked Body Frosting  and now that I’ve found it again, I’m going to order it.  I’m telling you–this on the legs and you don’t need fake tan. It’s a great winter product!

I also remember watching her on QVC.  I liked her manner because she seemed like a cool lady. She seemed real and down-to-earth.  But, you know, tastes change and somewhere along the line, I forgot about the brand.

Laura Geller. She looks like a really nice woman–the kind you want to dish the dirt with. Know what I mean?

So, when I saw the email my memory, along with my interest, was piqued.  I perused the website.  I saw two products that my attention was immediately drawn to.  Baked Balance-n-Brighten Foundation and Baked Bronze-n-Brighten. And then I had another flashback.  I distinctly remember having one of these products and it was horrific!  It was way too dark on my face and oxidized—turning me into a girly pumpkin.

Interest piqued, I just HAD to go back and revisit Laura Geller’s cosmetics!

Anyway, I decided to do a little detective work in the form of reading reviews.

Wait.  Wayne Goss loves the Balance-n-Brighten.  The Wayne Goss.  If Wayne approves, then this must be some good shit!  And I read more reviews and it seems that Balance-n-Brighten Foundation is a good buy. Did I use the wrong product?  Did Laura Geller change her formula?  Was it time to revisit a product that didn’t work for me?

And Wayne purchased with his OWN money. He wasn’t sponsored. And he recommends!  Need I say more?

I clicked.  I purchased. I waited.

Two days later, I received a small box with the Balance-n-Brighten products and a lip gloss in the color “Skinny Dip”.  The sale lippie brought me to the total of free shipping!

The Skinny Dip Lippie.  You’ll see how it rolled a bit later in the post!

Yes. I tried it at night when nobody could see me. And I was stunned. Wayne was right…Or was he??

Honestly, I didn’t have high hopes for this foundation.  I remember some years ago I tried my hand at bareMinerals powder foundation.  It was a virtual nightmare!  My face had morphed into a cross between the Grand Canyon on a dusty day and the Sahara Desert. It was awful.

I’ll admit.  I cannot live without bareMinerals “Well Rested” for my eyes. But their foundation is a complete miss for me. In every way!

My arid skin did not welcome any power foundation kindly.

So, with no high hopes, and the approval of The Wayne Goss, I tried the Balance-n-Brighten foundation.  It was after dinner and my face was cleansed of makeup but I couldn’t help it. I was impatient and had to try it.

W.T.F.???  I was sure I screwed up the application because my skin looked great.  Something was wrong. I was sure of it. I waited for the foundation to oxidize. It didn’t.

I waited for my skin to start cracking from dryness.   It didn’t.

My emotions were getting the best of me regarding the Balance-n-Brighten foundation!  What would I do?

But I wasn’t sold yet.  I would have to wait until the daytime hours to give it the true test.

Since I was running late to work yesterday, I didn’t have time for a full face so the Balance-n-Brighten remained unused.

Today I did. have the time and I did use the Balance-n-Brighten.

Can I tell you how effing great this foundation is?

Here’s the proof in pics.

The Balance-n-Brighten. It’s also made in Italy, which is a good thing!  It’s a great product!

OK Ladies. Take a good look. Before on the left. After on the right. No shit!  Same light. No filters. No fillers. Wrinkles are genuine. Lines are fine. I would not photoshop. Look at the difference in the color.  Evened out the skin tone. Covered flaws without losing the integrity of my skin’s age.

I used the golden “skinny dip” lippie UNDERNEATH my pink lip gloss.  It gave a nice addition and depth.

The finished face. On our way to Philly.  I took this selfie in natural light. OMG–this foundation is freakin’ incredible.

Wait. I also added the Balance-n-Brighten Baked Bronze–which gives a very light and natural glow.

This is better than my Guerlain Bronzer. Yes. It is. 

So now, with the good comes the not-so-good.

Laura Geller is no spring chicken. I’m not saying that in a bad way either. She has entered the “Older Woman” stratosphere. She is one of us.  She’s an Old Broad.  So then why does she only have photos of young women on her website?

This. On the 20th Anniversary blah blah. Were these women even in their mother’s womb twenty years ago? Where is your ORIGINAL fan base Laura?  Isn’t that more fitting of a 20-year anniversary?

That’s right. Girl. I am calling you out! Here’s a foundation that is “Old Lady”, “Mature Woman”, “Older Woman”, “Mature Skin”, “Old Broad”, friendly and you have women who probably haven’t even given birth yet on your website?

8 hours later and the foundation was still doing a remarkable job…

No cakey texture on this old broad’s face. Nothing digging into the lines. Come On Laura. Market to your target.  We have bucks to spend. Do not forget us!

Even worse is your freaking #beauty2share. ( Click on that link. You won’t believe it.  Not an older woman in sight. And the photoshopping is just so sad. Where are the natural beauties? Where are the OLDER beauties?)  Granted. The women who are sharing their beauty are beautiful. I don’t deny any woman of her beauty. However, how many of these women are using filters and/or have been pumped with plastic and fillers?  How many are photoshopped?

Show us real women!  Show us the older women!  I demand to see a lined face. You owe it to the women who are over 40. And 50. And 60.  Older women use your products too!

Come on Laura. I double-dog dare ya! You have the greatest “effing” (I promised Bonaparte I would curb my language) product that is ridiculously aging friendly and you are hiding it from us.  Girlfriend needs a new ad agency. One that recognizes the older woman!

Come on Laura. I want answers. I want to know why you have created an epic product and you aren’t focusing on the older woman. WTF??????

And that is why I’m on a rampage. Therefore, I’m not making anymore Urban Decay or Benefit cosmetic purchases. These companies are not older woman-friendly.  You all remember the patronizing letter I received from Urban Decay, don’t you?  Here it is in case you are not familiar: It’s a Crisis!

I have recently decided to drop e.l.f. cosmetics from my roster as well.   And since Estee Lauder decided to make younger-than-a-fetus Kendall Jenner their spokes baby, I will never again make a purchase from that brand. We older women need to be a militia in force and show these companies that we are visible and should be noticed!

Laura. You have time to redeem yourself and come out publicly on your website giving love to the older woman. I know you can do this.  You are one of us. Come out of the age closet and be proud!

You can do it Laura Geller.  Come out of the closet and out yourself as an older-woman-friendly brand! We will be loyal to you!

Because there’s a whole demographic group of women who would love you and your Balance-n-Brighten foundation.  It’s an incredible product and it works.

Can I get an Amen??

AMEN girlfriend.  AMEN. Let’s PRAISE the older woman!!

Maybe I can’t get an “amen” but Girl, you know it’s true when I tell you this is a great foundation.  I have Milli Vanilli to prove it too.

Girl, You Know It’s True! I can’t stop thinking about these two guys and the fact that if man buns were around in the 1980’s they would be rocking the look!


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Waisted Again! And More Randomness.

It started out as a simple photo that I took to post on my Instagram account earlier this morning.  I decided to wear a dress that I had for years but never bothered wearing.   The dress was purchased when I was thinner and then I gained weight and then I lost weight and then I gained and then I lost.   And it’s back in my closet.

The dress is nice.  It was purchased at J. Crew Factory and I’m sure I was attracted by the stripes.  The cut of the dress is a “Fit & Flare”.  I’m not sure if this style dress is still as popular as it was a couple of years ago, but there were a few seasons when this style achieved great notoriety!

My Instagran compilation. I do these little montages almost every day.  If you want to see more go to @atypical60   on Instagram (shameless plug)

Perhaps it brought back memories of when I was a little girl and my mother would have me wear these types of dresses.  Whatever it was that possessed me to make the impulsive purchase, the dress is not the type that is flattering to me.

This is probaby the only time in my life when a Fit & Flare dress looked good on me–and even then the waist is a bit high!

Hold on a minute there. In the photos that I took, the dress doesn’t look that bad.  That’s because I had to manipulate.  I had to pull the dress down before taking photos.  My natural waist is low. I’m long-waisted.  The waist on this dress is high.  Ridiculously high. It doesn’t touch my waist in any way, shape, or form.

If I pulled this dress down any lower on top, I could have been arrested for indecent exposure!

If the waist was lower, this would be a go-to dress.

Do clothing manufacturers not realize that one style does not fit all?  Trousers and jeans come in various lengths.  Why can’t dresses be made with different waist lengths for different torsos?

This is a beautiful example of a Fit & Fl… Oh. Wait. It’s a Princess line. See how the waist is dropped and doesn’t cut?  It’s a Donna Karan. I can’t afford it..


The dress on the right, by Alexander McQueen is beautiful but the waist still looks too high!

And don’t even get me started on THIS one.  It’s ill-fitting all around!

I am now convinced that the only seamstresses who can make a longer torso dress are the Irish Dance dress makers.  This one was made by Siopa Rince. I should have kept Oona’s dress. Maybe I could have worn it to work!

I did wear this dress to work today.  And all day I was incredibly uncomfortable.

I wore it because I was too damned lazy to change!

 Sitting down, the dress rode up so high that I looked like I was wearing an empire waist!

I must say. I felt like Ed Grimley in his high-waisted pants. Actually, his pants are probably more comfortable than my dress!

And that is why I am most at ease when I wear a simple shift.  For me, they are a flattering style. Same thing with those great swing dresses I picked up earlier this summer at Old Navy. Simple. Uncomplicated!

Me with my cousins, AnnMarie and Kate.  We were together over the weekend at a family baby shower. I’m so comfy in my shift!

The dress came off, went into the wash, and I’ll send it to Oona. If she doesn’t want it, she can bring it to a local thrift shop.

It’s ok though. We all make impulsive purchases and we all make clothing mistakes.  Wearing that fit & flare dress today made me realize that I shouldn’t have bought it. I learned a valuable lesson.

To not make impulsive purchases!!!

And speaking of valuable, I ordered some makeup brushes last week and received them today.  They were an excellent value at $14.00. The shipping was a bit pricey at $7.00 but they were shipped from California.  The brushes are from Morphe. Morphe sells brushes, tools, makeup—all sorts of girly goodies.  The free shipping kicks in at $75.00 but I wasn’t ready to spend that much.

The brushes come packed in a genuine pleather case…

I love that the case is magnetized. It’s perfect for travel. It is also perfect for clumsy people such as myself!

A plastic shield gives more protection…

The brushes are very soft and…

…offers a good variety.  I’ll be reviewing soon.

I heard about the brushes from one of my favorite vloggers, TheHeartsandcake90, mentioned them in a makeup tutorial that I watched and the bendability looked great!

Brittney of TheHeartsandcake90 is one of my favorite wig reviewers and now that she’s doing makeup tutorials…….Check her out on YouTube!!

My diet was sabotaged today.  One of my co-workers tried her hand at making sushi last night. She made a lot—and brought a platter into the office.  I couldn’t stop eating this!  It was so good that I now want to get a sushi kit and make some at home.  After I lose seven pounds!

Nicole made Shrimp Tempura sushi and cream cheese, avacado and jalepeno sushi.  I can see the outline of rice on my thighs as I write this.  Seriously. This was delicious!

J Crew also sabotaged me. Those emails they send me are too tempting.  The first “Fall 2017” item was purchased. I’m waiting for it to be delivered.  A navy ribbed top with bell-sleeved cuffs. It’ll be a great diet aid because I’m such a natural slob that anything I eat will automatically get stuck to the cuffs.

I KNOW, the photo is so tiny. I didn’t know how to make it bigger. I’m not a techie!

Thank you, J. Crew, for assisting in my diet!

What say you ladies?  Any impulsive clothing purchases that you regret? I know I’m not the only one!  Do tell!

I feel compelled to play “Give Peace A Chance” for obvious reasons.  There is a lot of hatred brought on by bad politics.  I won’t get into it. That’s what I use my personal Facebook page for.

John and Yoko.  We need peace now and more than peace we need love.  We need to bring back hippies!

Peace and love will prevail.


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Saturday Musings. Why Is Everything I Love Discontinued?

It’s Saturday. And let me start off by telling you I’m slightly pissed off at the meteorologists in the Philadelphia area.  It was supposed to rain today.  And it was supposed to be cooler.  Instead, the atmosphere in these parts is hot, humid and hotter.

Believe it or not, I was actually looking for a cool and rainy day. I’ve got a lot of cooking to do and don’t like to stand in a hot kitchen!

That’s not bad—in fact, I love the heat.  But if I knew just how hot it was going to be, Bonaparte and I would have gotten up early and headed to Stone Harbor for some serious beaching—and I would spend a few hours more damaging my skin.

With the forecast being cool, it was my plan to get my nails done, bake some cookies for Bonaparte, bake some bread and work on a blog post that required me getting dressed up in many items of clothing.

This is fun in cool weather.  When it gets hot and humid and  Monsieur “I-love-the-heat-and-humidity” Bonaparte doesn’t turn the A/C on, this is not fun.

The bread is rising, the last batch of cookies is in the oven, I’m sweating my ass off, and it was too hot to work on the blog post that I really wanted to write.

Cookies are baked…

I forgot to add, the potatoes are par-boiled. I’m making B’s favorite potatoes. Cubed and sauteed in duck fat!

And so, today I’m just making it a busy catch-up day.

There is a pile of baby gifts that need to be wrapped and I’ll get to that this evening.

Actually, I hope it really does not rain because that’ll mean I have to clear the piles of gifts and everything else off the dining room table.  This is like having the kids home again–the dining room table becomes a catch-all for homework, school books–everything but dining! We’ll be eating outdoors this evening!

Is this the cutest pillow?  I couldn’t resist an extra gift of a swan in a tutu. Swan Lake takes on new meaning!

I am also in a tizzy (did I just write that???) because I’m tired of some of my favorite cosmetic items being discontinued.

Stila’s “In the Know” eyeshadow palette has long been one of my go-to’s. I swear I must have had this palette over 5 years and I hit pan big time but I still use it wisely and sparingly because Stila discontinued it. And it was discontinued a while ago.

Had I been “In The Know” that this palette would have been discontinued, I would have purchased two more!  I swear this  is THE original neutral palette. And I’m using the shadows very sparingly these days. Stila needs to bring this baby back!

This morning while getting ready, I decided to take out my Stila Convertible Color Lip and Cheek Cream in Sweet Pea. I love this.  The pink is bright but not clownish and only a bit is needed to give your cheeks a nice glow. I don’t even use it on my lips—for me, it purely blushes.  My compact is basically a mess from both hitting pan and from brush shedding.  I figured it was time to repurchase.

Can I go on record now to say I am NOT your typical smoke and mirrors blogger? Who else would have the nerve to showcase a hot mess of an overused product that has not only hit major pan but has little brush hairs in it. I don’t care–it still gives good color!

And after I got a pedicure, manicure, lip and chin wax (yeah, I’m like the bearded lady at the circus but I’m losing the hair on my head—go figure!), I drove home to get Bonaparte and we were off to run errands.

Kim does such a great job on my feet–she even scrubbed away my fake tan!!

If Kim didn’t do such a great job on waxing my face, I could possibly tour as the new Annie Jones,  the bearded lady who was the main attraction for P.T. Barnum.

I stopped at Ulta, which is quickly becoming more of a favorite than Sephora for me these days. I think it’s because the store is offering higher end brands while still selling drug store brands as well. One stop shopping.  My only beef with the King of Prussia Ulta is that the sales assistants like to stand around gabbing to each other more than assisting. (For what it’s worth—the sales assistants at the Collegeville Ulta are fantastic!)  Or—perhaps they just don’t like to assist old ladies!  No big deal, I know what I want anyway.  I went up to the wall that displayed the Stila cosmetics and found the Convertible Colors.  Sweet Pea was not there.  I must have looked like I was having a stroke—after all, I am that old in beauty industry years, and finally, someone asked if I needed help.  When I explained that I didn’t see “Sweet Pea” I was told that Stila discontinued it.

Can you believe this?  Is Stila now manufacturing all their cosmetics as limited editions or something?

Anyway, I ended up purchasing a nice coral-pink color “Petunia”.  I tried it on my cheek and it looked fine.  If I end up really loving it, I’ll have to purchase a couple of them because I’m sure Stila will manage to discontinue it on me.

I know–it photographs very orangy.  In reality, it is a very nice coral-pink color and looks rather pretty once it is applied. We’ll see….

This week’s other big cosmetic purchase was Mally Beauty Poreless Face Defender. I was intrigued by this because it’s unlike any product I’ve ever seen.  It’s a blur—sorta.  It’s also a product that sets your makeup.  It is supposed to give your face a nice finish because you can wear it over your makeup. You can also use it as a primer under your makeup.

Mally Evercolor Poreless Face Defender. As odd as it seems, this is really quite an intriguing product that does work!  It’s like a powder made of balm!

It certainly does give a nice finish. I like to think of this as a finishing powder for mature skin.  I can’t use powder to finish my face because it’s so dry—but this. I better buy another one before Mally follows suit with Stila and discontinues!

Ok–I’m 62 and the lines are here to stay. But–I have to say that the Mally  Poreless Face Defender does the job in smoothing the face a bit and  finishing off the makeup without a powdery, dry, look. VERY mature skin friendly!! Thumbs up on this one ladies!

My Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation was the one I went with today since I thought my post would be going in a different direction and I wanted to look extra fetch!   This foundation has never failed me.  It’s light but with a little build does cover and at $48, it may be pricey, but considering I’ve had this bottle for almost two years, it’s worth the money.  It’ll soon be time for a repurchase, though, because I did notice that I’m running low.  I better make a mad dash before it’s gone!

See the bottle?  It’s getting a bit ‘glassy” and the product is leaving me.  I will repurchase because I’ve had it for a long, long time and for a higher end foundation, it works!

Oh. I did manage to lose one pound this week. Trust me, I’m thrilled about that!  I’m at a point if I can lose one pound a week between now and the Holidays, I’ll be in decent shape to stuff myself at Christmas time! I didn’t take a photo because when I weighted  myself I was naked and didn’t want to run downstairs to get my phone. Trust me. I’m down to 144.

I also got some new hair this week.

Look at this hair!  Solar by It’s A Wig .  A Whole lace wig that is pretty- much perfect! Soft and natural.  And just about sold out!  I was lucky to get her!

Another wig I got lucky with. Model Model Joy. Under twenty five bucks on  I love the way she mimics my natural hair blown out!!

What did I wear this week?  Take a look.  I was sick with a stomach bug on Wednesday and stayed home to rest—so I stayed in my ragged pj’s.

Today I went with my $16 dress from Primark. I love it because I can go braless. And I’m diggin’ this Joy wig from Model Model. I did manage to put flip-flops on..

Yesterday I had a bit of an 80’s vibe with the bright colors. I did purchase this lightweight sweater at J. Crew Factory for our trip to France but it stayed home. I like this sweater a lot. Only issue I had was that my drawers kept falling down inside my pants yesterday and I had to pull them up all day. It was not a pretty sight.

Thursday it was a bit cool so I threw a denim jacket over my ten dollar dress. I wore my favorite Rondini Sandals. It won’t be long till these sandals get a rest until next summer.

Tuesday was rainy. And I  started to feel “meh” so I didn’t shave my legs. A maxi took care of that!!!

Monday. My favorite outfit of the week. Simple. Pixie Pants. Repettos and a striped shirt. All-season dressing. What’s not to love?

Are you like me?  Do you get annoyed if the weather report changes drastically after you’ve made plans?  Do you get upset with discontinued items?  Am I overreacting?

Because I get so upset over things like cosmetics being discontinued I need to pull out this CD again.  George Harrison. All Things Must Pass. From one of the greatest albums of all time. All Things Must Pass.

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