How to Wear Camo When You’re Over 50!

Camouflage—or more commonly referred to simply as “camo” these days has become one of the newest trends in fashion.  Today’s camo is up there with yesterday’s leopard print.  And as the leopard print has become both a new neutral and a mainstay This mixture of olive green, brown and gray is rising to the top of the new normal in clothing.

Image result for atypical60 leopard skirt

It took me a while to come around to leopard print–and I am in absolute love with this leopard pencil skirt I picked up at J. Crew Factory.  So how do I feel about camo–and how can we “mature” girls wear it?  Keep reading to find out….

It’s been around for decades.  I can remember back in the late sixties, oversized camouflage and army fatigue jackets being worn at war protests and rock concerts. And when I was in high school, many of the boys I went to school with had the iconic army fatigue green jackets that they wore with their torn jeans and long hair.

Who knew that the print on the camouflage uniforms these Green Berets were wearing in Vietnam would end up becoming the new neutral trend decades later…

And the uniforms worn at protests would become fashionable?

My brother, Tommy, had the original G.I. Joe complete with a camo ensemble!

Barbie’s fashion certainly has a run for the money now–GI Joe’s outfit is more of a statement these days!

And camo has inched its way into our everyday fashion.

You might think that it’s a print strictly for the younger set.  I mean, everywhere you go, you are bound to see a millennial dressed in a variation of the camo!

They are younger women, but I’ll tell you this much–any older woman would be able to rock any one of these outfits!!  I’m especially sweet on the middle one!

But I digress.  Camo is age-appropriate for everyone—even for women over 50 and beyond.  Yes. We mature women can rock camo like it’s nobody’s business.  We just need to know how to rock the look!

That’s right ladies!! Yours truly climbed aboard the camo love train!

Quite honestly, I never thought I would get aboard the camo train.  But I did. And I love it.  And that’s one of the great things about pro-aging!  We can take risks with clothing that we would have never done back in our twenties or thirties.  These days I find that I’m going for a more relaxed look in clothing than I did going back just five years or so.

Anyway, I had been thinking for a while about how to incorporate camo into my wardrobe because, like leopard, my opinion is that it looks better when it’s discreetly done and not over-the top.

Yes–I said discreet!  High fashion is not always the way to go!

But how to start?  In small doses.  After Googling “camo tees for women”, I came across the perfect tee at American Eagle Outfitters.      Online, it looked great but it was also worn by a model who could not have been older than 22—how would it fare with me?  Luckily, there is an American Eagle at the local mall and when I saw the shirt in real life, it looked surprisingly better than online.

The tee is soft and feels well-worn.  The V-neckline is extremely flattering.  The camo print is muted and not too much.  The shirt is relaxed and has a loose fit.  I ended up purchasing two. One in a small, that is slightly more fitted—it would make a great top for office casual wear.  The other, a medium runs looser and a bit larger and is great for weekend wear.

The tees I bought at Americal Eagle. They are so soft and comfortable with a loose fit. Got ’em in two sizes.  The sleeve length is great too because it’s a true short sleeve!

In fact, I wore the smaller camo tee today to work.  I paired it with olive green pants and a natural colored linen blend blazer.  The blazer offered a more polished look to an otherwise very casual vibe.  To add a bit more polish I wore pointy-toed flats.  The point was to bring everything together and have the camo item blend in rather than to stand out.

I wore the smaller of the two shirts today to the office.  Paired with my olive green pants from J. Crew Factory–it’s a very age-appropriate look. 

I’m hooked on that front tuck!  And the V-neckline is extremely flattering.  I don’t even care about my crepe-ish neck!

And the $7.00 thrifted J. Crew flats gave the ensemble some polish…

A lightweight schoolboy blazer from…..J. Crew Factory tied it all together for the office!

It was rainy today but this outfit will do well into the fall!

Since it’s summer, the camo tee also looks great with white jeans and will look just as good with a pair of white denim shorts.  I follow the K-I-S-S rule “Keep It Simple Simple” One camo item with solids.

I wore the shirt with white jeans this weekend and wore Rondini Tropezienne sandals for a super-casual vibe!

A closer look with the white jeans!

In the fall, a camo tee will suffice with darker jeans.

BTW, I purchased these AG jeans at Nordstrom Rack.  My “fall” purchase.  Check out Nordstrom Rack before heading to the Anniversary Sale–you’ll get a better deal!  I love the raw hem!

I’ll be honest. As much as I love these jeans, they are too heavy to wear in the summer.  I’ll be saving them for when the weather cools off–too bad because I love the fit. These AG jeans are very flattering to the mature body!

Not to stop there, I treated myself to a pair of camo jeans.  Here’s where it gets tricky and you have to know your body type.

These camo print Rockstar jeans from Old Navy are absolutely incredible. Light enough to wear now and they hug the curves.  As you can see from my hind quarters I got the hips and the skinny jeans are fine.  But–this camo print isn’t “in-your-face” loud. The darker colors blend in nicely.  It’s a great pair for the “over 50, 60, 70..” woman!

Camo pants come in a variety of styles.  Unless you are incredibly long and lean, the baggier camo pants can make you look squat, sloppy and add to any extra pounds you may have.

Off the bat, I know of two mature women who could carry these pants off and both are extremely lean and on the tall side…but for the woman with a bit of meat, these could be an unflattering fit..

..and although I love the sneakers, the tight knit cuffs ruin the long line of a skinnier pant.

Instead, if you have curves or don’t care for the baggy look, stick to a skinny pant style.  I found these Old Navy Rockstar jeans on sale and I’m thrilled with them.  The raw hem gives it a bit of an extra edge and, they are light enough to wear in the summer.

These lightweight camo jeans from Old Navy are another great way to incorporate camo into your wardrobe. And at $30, the price was right. I might wear these into New York City this weekend. 

Even this Violet wig by Estetica Designs in Caramel Kiss RT/4 goes so well with camo!

Here’s a close up of the print.  The darker camo is more subtle and that one item of camo can really make an outfit look sharp!

What other camo items would I wear?  Well, presently on my radar is the search for a camo pencil skirt.  This could be a great item for fall and winter.  Paired with a black turtleneck and black boots, I can see a very age-appropriate ensemble—and one that all mature women can rock.

Finding a skirt in this style but with a darker camo print would definitely be a plus in your winter/fall wardrobe!  Might I recommend different shoes though?

Also, on my Wishlist is a camo jacket, but I refuse to spend a ton of money.  Again, Old Navy (what is it with Old Navy lately?) has a great camo jacket—I’m just waiting for the right sale!  This jacket is perfect for fall-into-winter casual wear.  I think that for a more mature woman, a fitted camo jacket can also look fantastic!

Twill Field Jacket for Women – Army Camo

I am in lust with this camo jacket from Old Navy.  It isn’t expensive and is another wonderful way to incorporate camo as outerwear!

Another idea is a blazer like this one–it’s fitted and feminine without being twee!  I like this look!

Remember—the key is to keep it simple and not overdo it or not to overdo it!  If you’re unsure of the print, maybe starting off with a scarf would be a great choice.

If you don’t want to commit to camo clothing, accessories can do wonders to add that something-something extra.  A camo scarf is perfect!

Or pointy-toed ballet flats!

I can’t even with these shoes.  My eyes misted up with happy tears when I saw these shoes.  They are precious!!!!

Whatever your feeling is, I think camo will be sticking around for a while!  Have fun with it and remember, you can own the camo look!!!  For your shopping pleasure I created an idea list on my Amazon page for you.  Camo for the Mature Woman Print the page out, put it in your purse and take it out when you go shopping to get some ideas!!

And remember–don’t let anyone ever tell you that you’re too old to wear camo!  You can wear whatever you want!!!

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Handing the Blog Over to The Frenchman—A Review of Dr. Berland’s Tooth Products!

Just when I think that I’m so hip and cool and fabulous and completely outstanding in my field of blogging expertise, with visions of famous designers and brands banging at my door to review their goods, something will happen to bring me back down to earth.

I’m really not all that!  My ego needs re-adjusting! But I have all my teeth…..for now!

That something was an email I received from Dr. B Dental Solutions.  I was asked if I was interested in trying, for review and a giveaway, a couple of products made for………………………………………. dentures!!!

Hey. I’m older but I still have my teeth and am not ready to lose them to a turtle either!

My initial reaction, and I’m being truthful here, was “OMG!  How old does this brand think I am anyway?”

Then I thought “Hey, wait a minute!  I am older and over 60 and tons of people my age and younger do wear dentures—who do I think I am anyway?”  But the issue was this.  The only false tooth that I have is a capped tooth in the front of my mouth. It’s from opening a package of hot dogs with my teeth. The enamel peeled right off and the tooth had to be capped. It was the most expensive package of hot dogs that I ever bought.

Whether you have partial dentures or a full set.  The cleansing and care is very important–and many of us over the age of 50 DO have dentures! Care is key!

Then I realized something!  Bonaparte wears dentures!!  And the reason why is that when he was growing up in Paris it was right after the war—and with the rebuilding of the City of Lights, there was no fluoride in the water.  And so, his teeth were not as protected as ours can be.  But—would he be willing to try the products and review them?

He may not have been raised with flouride, but my Frenchman knew the value of a loaf of bread!

Yes, and Oui, he was! And he did!!  He’s now a total fanboy!

And so, today, I’m turning the blog over to my husband and his review.  But before we delve into his thoughts on the products, here’s a bit of information:

I never realized that with dentures came dry mouth.  This information is great for future reference!

  • Cleanadent Paste is the only cleansing paste that is gentle enough safely brush both the gums and oral appliances (all other pastes are too abrasive for dentures or increase the potential for Candida). It is great for removing adhesive off dentures and gums, and leaves the mouth feeling noticeably smooth & fresh. This is very important for oral hygiene and preventing “Denture-Breath”. It also reduces dry mouth to make eating better.
  • Adhesadentis the only denture adhesive available on the market that treats and reduces dry mouth, while providing a powerful, long-lasting hold. It contains vitamins (A, D & E) and aloe vera and is easy to clean off and reapply in between meals.

Cleanadent and Adhesadent—the two key products in keeping your dentures clean and in place!

The products were created by Dr. Lorin Berland DDS, and received the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance, so you know that the product is a great one of the ADA approves it!

This guy….yeah, he created quite the cleanser and adhesive for prosthetic teeth!

We did a Q & A because that was more comfortable for him so here goes:

Q.  Hey Bonaparte—what do you look for in a denture product?

A.  I look for ease of use and efficiency.  I also look to see if it works well enough.

Q.  How strongly do you expect a product to last throughout the day?

A.  I expect a product to last strongly enough that my dentures will not become loose. I            also expect the product to last through till late afternoon/early evening.

Q.  How does price play into what you are looking for?

A.   Not much. I will pay more for a quality product.

 Q.  What other brands have you used?

A.   Fixodent and Equate

Q.  How do you compare Dr. B’s products to the ones you have used in the past?

A.  The ones I’m using now by Dr. B  are much better. I would recommend this brand to    anyone who wears dentures.

Q.   Why do you recommend this?

A.  It seems I need a lesser amount of product to hold the denture in. The product is    easier to use—less thick.  The toothpaste tastes better and cleans the dentures much  better too.

Q. Are you happy with the products?

A. Yes. I am very happy with the products.  They are excellent and I highly recommend them.

My husband is a total fanboy of Dr. B!  And his dentures are too!

Ever the Frenchman, Bonaparte did have some constructive criticism….

Out of the boxes–both tubes!

NOTE:  I would suggest a different package for the products.  One has to clearly look at each tube to make sure one is not using the wrong product—the toothpaste v. the sticking product (He’s French–he means “adhesive”)!  Also, the name is somewhat difficult to say (My love, this is because you are French!)


Mon  Amour–I think you are having a hard time with the packaging because you are used to the French language!  But it’s all good because you know a great product when you try one!

And there you have it.  He’s been using the products for a month now and is very happy with the results.  If you have dentures—partial or full, or if you have a friend or loved one who wears prosthetic teeth, enter the giveaway!  Just comment below and add “Dentures” to your comment.  A winner will be chosen randomly and I’ll send the products out to you by the end of the week!!

Best of luck to everyone who enters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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In A Tent. Under the Stars. A Magical Evening!

If you are imagining me out in the wilderness camping in a tent—get the thought outta your head!   That isn’t me idea of a magical evening.

I’m not that kind of camping girl.  I’m afraid of fire and bugs.

I’m talking about real enchanting magic.  We went to Cirque du Soleil Tuesday night and it was beyond any spectacle I could ever imagine.

This is the tent I was talking about!

Let me tell you about our evening….

Bonaparte thought it would be a nice night out if we saw Cirque due Soleil. Neither of us had ever seen it and have heard great things about the many different performances and themes.  Of the two of us, I was the one who was ambivalent about going but the Frenchman insisted.  And he thought it would be a fun outing for us to take his granddaughter.

I think the Frenchman just wanted to see Cirque du Soleil because of the french roots!!

So, we made a true evening out of it.

The three of us sat down to a meal of my home-made mac & cheese—of which Miss Sophie had two healthy servings.  For dessert she also had two helpings of the frozen nougatine that I made.  It’s such a pleasure for me to see a child enjoying a meal!

This was a pound of macaroni,  three cheeses and a thick bechamel sauce.  Bonaparte who claims this is peasant food ate 3/4 of this….glad he left some for Sophie and me!

Here’s dessert. Nougatine drizzled with Chocolate sauce–because Sophie loves chocolate sauce!

We headed off for the four-minute drive.  Cirque du Soleil was supposed to be held in Philly—right in center city but there was some sort of issue with the space; and so, it was moved to Oaks, which is up the road.

This really exceeded any expectations that I had!

I pass this tent on the way to work every day.  And it doesn’t look as large from the road as it is IRL.  The tent was huge and thank God, air conditioned.  Our seats were incredible. Third row from the stage so we had a great view.

Here’s where the magic happens!

Sophie with Bon-papa!  Ever the Parisien, he was upset that she wore sneakers. She’s eight years old.  Was she supposed to wear heels?

As luck would have it, Sophie was seated behind a woman with a Marge Simpson updo; and as soon as Bonaparte was ready to switch seats with her, an usher showed up with a booster seat.  Talk about a child-friendly venue!  They thought of everything.

We had fantastic seats but this is like watching a ball game at Fenway–there ARE no bad seats!!  I wanna go again!

The show itself ran a total of around 2 ½ hours with a 25-minute intermission.  On a Tuesday night, it was mobbed, it was almost a sell-out. We were lucky to get the tickets that we did!

And during the intermission,  my gurl Basimah found the last blue slushie for Sophie.  If you go to see Volta in Oaks, you HAVE to go to the concession stand where Basimah works.  Her smile is infectious and she’s the best!!

Now—I really had no expectations other than thinking I would fall asleep because I’ve been working so hard at work.  That wasn’t the case.  I can’t even begin to tell you how spell-binding this Volta themed story of Cirque du Soeil was.  Since I don’t believe in spoilers, there is a theme to the story about freeing yourself.  And the way it was done was with such vibrant energy and entertainment.

Sophie told Bonaparte that she and I were “two peas in a pod”.  I think that ranks me as the cool granny!  I’m hip!1

Sadly, I wasn’t able to take photos once the show started but I did manage to copy some for you from the website.

The freespirits!  The costumes were so hippie-bright.  I must admit though, I wanted to run up on stage and put the long-haired guys hair in a man bun!

This was nothing compared to the four people that ended up doing all sorts of fun  double-dutching with the ropes!

I thought this was cool until it was outdone when she stood on his head while he unicycled!

A central part of the story this cutie on wheels was…

This guy ended up suspended in air..

There was a lot of air time..

As I used to be a baton twirler, the baton twirling dancer was crazy good–she worked four at a time!!

 (John Mahoney / MONTREAL GAZETTE) ORG XMIT: 58504 – 3135

Bonaparte and I considered this the showstopper.  Although this photo is from the Montreal show, the woman who did this ariel dance suspended by her HAIR in the air was mesmerizing.  I could have watched this for two hours! 

Another showstopper was the BMX portion of the show.  These guys were nuts–I can’t even with what these guys did!  Totally fearless!!!

The costumes.  The talent.  The excitement. The entertainment.  I would love to see this again and again.  But seating is very hard to come by during this stop of the tour. 

I want to bemember of the Cirque Club!

Overall, it was an A+ evening.  I’m not even going to ask my stepdaughter, Claire, what time Sophie went to sleep from all the sugar I let her have.  But that’s part of the fun of being a grandparent!!!!

Cotton Candy and…

Image result for blue slushie

A blue Slushie ( husband was not pleased to see this. Oops! My bad!)

All good things must come to an end…

Leaving the scene..


Well, perhaps there were no stars but it WAS the tent under the moon!

I got Sophie and me matching Volta bags!!

Here’s a video I found of our favorite part of the show!  She’s just so beautifully graceful. Enjoy!


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An Emotional Rollercoaster of a Weekend!

Dickens wrote that it was the best of times and the worst of times.  I kind of felt that way about this weekend.

I’ll start with the worst first.  One of my cousins, who religiously followed this blog and commented quite often, passed away yesterday.  She was 65.  She broke a leg while body surfing and in a freakish circumstance, suffered a pulmonary embolism.   When we were young, in our late teens to early twenties, we hung out quite often.  We, along with one of my sisters, took a road trip to Florida and we got into all sorts of adventures—both naughty and fun.

Always positive and always happy.  And a friend of this blog community–she was my cuz!! And I’ll miss her comments here!

Debbie–fourth from right and two away from me.  Cousins.  We may not agree with each other but we’re thick as thieves! Miss you Cuz!!

Debbie was a good person.  She was very spiritual too.  We didn’t agree politically and our last words on social media were of a political and argumentative nature.  Luckily, I ended the conversation with that fact that I still loved her.  She was my cuz.  And I’m still in a state of shock.   We saw each other at the Gorman Family Reunion in April and it was a true blessing.  And that is all I’ll say because it’s really difficult to process the fact she’s gone.

I’m also nursing a hangover today.  Between our Bastille Day dinner last night and drowning sorrows with half a bottle –ok—three quarters of a bottle of Côtes de Provence, I fell asleep at nine o’clock last night and am feeling a bit under the weather at the moment.  In fact, I just sent Bonaparte out to get me a can of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup and a package of frozen peas.  My hangover food!  I managed to drink a tall glass of chocolate milk earlier!

I kid you not!  Wine does not agree with me.  I’m so sick today!

But I have to say, before this news of my cousin, the weekend started off great!

As a Nordstrom Card holder, I have early access to the Anniversary Sale.  But here’s the thing.  The past couple of years, the Anniversary Sale has left much to be desired.  And it’s getting worse.  The goods are getting shoddier and the selections are becoming a bit too trendy—which is fine for some but doesn’t ring my bell.  But—there’s always underwear and my husband mentioned in passing that I could use some new underwear.  I love my comfy granny panties but he was right—I mean, some of my drawers are like ten years old and that’s just nasty!

Trust me–you don’t need early access.  Nothing is spectacular!

So, I got in touch with one of my ex-Nordie’s co-workers and asked her to pick out some Hanky Panky panties for me, which she did. After all, I would rather see her get the commission.  And I’m not naming her because something happened that really got my goat.  When I stopped by to see her, I asked her to come up to the lingerie dept. with me because I also needed a bra.   She asked the other sales assistants if they would kindly assist the customers that she had and every one of them said “No”.  What bizitiches! And that is what I despised about working at Nordstrom!  My managers were fantastic. I loved Michael and Jamie so much and I still stop by to see Jamie but Michael is now in Seattle! But the commission sharks were vile!  Absolutely vile and I think Nordstrom upper management loves this sort of bad behavior.

Yes. I picked up nice panties and a bra.  And today I’m back in granny panties!

My friend is such a sweet woman and is just kind to everyone.  But there’s no way I would go to any of the women in the POV department at KOP besides her. Ugh. After witnessing that behavior, I’ll shop online!

Yesterday, we met my stepdaughter, Claire, and Bonaparte’s granddaughter, Sophie down the shore for some serious beaching at Wildwood Crest, where they have a summer place!  I frolicked in the ocean with Sophie, read a book, basked in the sun and frolicked some more and all the time, my wig stayed on, got wet and dried beautifully!

I got a new two piece from Swimwear for All.  So the tummy bulges but I don’t care.  This swimsuit is comfortable and allows me the freedom to frolick in the waves!

Not a cloud in the sky.  This street of nicely-lined homes is so picture-postcard perfect!

My bestie Sophie.  We hung out throwing those surfer toys into the ocean and hanging in the ocean.  She also entertained me with stories of summer camp!  I miss having kids around!

The lifeguards were on watch to protect my wig if it fell off and got carried away by a wave.  It  didn’t!!

And an extra was the huge sandbar!  I hadn’t seen a sandbar like that in years!

When we arrived at the beach, it was empty and filled up very quickly!

I love the feeling of scrunching my toes in damp sand–don’t you?

There was an abundance of seaweed too. I was tempted to bring some home for salad!

When we arrived home, I quickly showered, changed and got to work to prepare our Bastille Day Dinner out on the deck.  The Frenchman requested Béarnaise sauce to accompany the steak to which I complied.  I also made enough to dress up the asparagus spears. And we had a lovely dinner!

I cleaned up nice!  From the wig that dried fabulously from salted water to coming home, showering and putting on my French-girl hair that Bonaparte got me for my birthday and a Breton striped shirt to celebrate Bastille Day!

I set the table outside in French colors (actually Franco-American colors since we share the red, white, and blue )

We started out with Kir Royals and the Alain Ducasse Gougeres that I make..

From there it was the delicious Paoli tomatoes and Mozerella topped with fresh Basil..

On to Filet Mignon with Bearnaise sauce….

and asparagus spears dressed with the same sauce and topped with grated Jarlsberg. And I wonder why the scale isn’t giving me lower numbers!

And here’s the cause of my hangover.  I can’t even look at this….

Waking up to rain was no pleasure today so we were both happy that we decided on yesterday as the beach day! I made my way downstairs to do some ironing.  My tee shirts needed to have wrinkles ironed out.  Ironing while hungover is not fun.

I was running on slo-mo! It took me an hour to iron four shirts. An hour!!!!

But—boy, what an exciting day today proved to be.  Yesterday being Bastille Day and today being the World Cup Finals with France v. Croatia!  Who would win?  Both teams are incredibly talented and it ended up to be a very French weekend!  France won 4-2.  And it was a nail-biter at times but France’s young team proved to be more adept at today’s game!

My World Cup ensemble.  Blue Salut Tee, white shorts and red toenails! Check out my lashes–that L’Oreal mascara is really good–they look fake!

I need a flag like this!  Allez les Bleus!  I’m so glad they won–and a certain Frenchman told me that despite my hangover, I will celebrate later with champagne!  Yeah. Ok!

We’re taking Sophie to see Cirque du Soleil Tuesday evening.  Luckily, we only have to drive up the street and she’ll be enjoying dinner with us.

Image result for cirque du soleil oaks pa

You can see this tent from Route 422, the road I take to work. And every morning the nosey rubbernecking adds ten minutes to my commute.  I can only hope that tent is fully air-conditioned!!!

To prepare ahead, I made a three-cheese Mac & Cheese earlier this afternoon.   I made a béchamel sauce and added Cheddar, Colby and Jarlsberg cheeses.  Then I added the cooked macaroni and blended it all together.  I allowed it to “set” in order for the pasta to soak up the cheesy sauce.  For dessert, I made a nougatine that is now in the freezer.

You have NO idea how tempting this was to me when I made it.  I wanted to dig a large spoon into it while gulping down chocolate milk.  But I didn’t.

Mac & Cheese stays well in the fridge for up to a week.  And it works because when I arrive home from work on Tuesday, I’ll only have to heat the food up and not have to worry about cooking.  It’s so much more enjoyable that way!

And now, I’m going to relax for a bit and take a bit of a well-needed rest!  Sometimes we have those weekends where one day it’s all good and then you’re hit with horrible news.  Life is certainly a roller-coaster of sorts—isn’t it?

Here’s what I wore this week to work.  We had a blood drive and due to the fact that I’m a universal donor I donated.  You lose a pound for every pint you donate and I’m sure I gained it back twofold after last night’s dinner!

Monday’s outfit was a simple tee shirt dress from Old Navy and my black Rondini Sahara sandals.  I went with my blonde Wren wig!  

Tuesday, I went with a “Blood Donor Friendly” outfit.  I had to get up and lay down on a table so I wore an old pair of J. Crew Minnie pants, an Old Navy top and ballet flats.  I kept my arms bare because….

It was easier to stick the needle into my arm!  I was so happy that Cranberry juice was offered because in case I had a UTI, it would be gone. I took two cans!

Wednesday was more pants because I was too lazy to shave my legs for two days in a row! 

Hands down. Thursday’s look was my absolute favorite!  Remember a few weeks back I tried on a tie-front dress at J. Crew factory in gray but I passed on it?  It was bothering me because I really liked the dress. I ended up ordering it for half-off in black. I freaking LOVE this dress!  And I wore it with my NEW Jamison wig!  I ordered another Jamison because it was on deep discount.  I just love this look.  

Just in case anyone would forget what day it was!  Guess what day I wore this?  With a white denim skirt and Jamison again!  I don’t wear this shirt enough!

And that was my week in clothing!  And to toast Bastille Day and the World Cup–here’s a toast–and you can listen to my Frenchman give the toast!!

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How to Make Aging Lips Big and Plump Without Injections!

Even though I’m a pro-ager, there are times when I realize the aging process has taken some fullness from certain places and deposited that fullness in other parts of my body that certainly do not need to be fuller.

For example—wouldn’t it be great if we could take the flab from our bellies and magically place it onto our face where the wrinkles are?  Better yet, it would be astounding if we could take that flab and put a bit of it into our lips to make them plump and youthful again!

Can I take this belly flab and move it to other parts of my body?  Like my neck and face please?

Seriously.  My lips haven’t aged as well as I would have wanted them to.  With all the non-stop talking I’ve done during my lifetime, it would occur that my lips would be full of strong muscle from that exercise.  But no.

My aging lips!  They’ve lost definition, they are uneven and the bottom lip has gotten substantially thinner!  Yikes!

They’ve not only lost fullness, but somewhere along the line, they became slightly downturned.  My upper lip is also uneven.  It would be great to have injections, but I don’t want those duck lips—and it seems that every woman who has had injections has a variable on the same mouth.  You can just tell.

I’m wary of injections because I’m afraid of this!!

So then—what to do?

While researching on YouTube and trying out various lip products, I’ve learned a way to bring the mature mouth to it’s youthful plumpness and fullness.

It’s all done with lip pencils for the most part.

Follow my step-by-step as we move along.  First, the lips should be exfoliated.  This can be done either with a scrub, a washcloth or your fingers.  Then a thin application of lip balm will help things along.

You don’t need to spend money on expensive exfoliators.  Chapstick has a very budget-friendly one and you can just use a regular washcloth or rub your fingers on your lips!I use NYX Wonder Pencil for the initial outlining.  And don’t mind my hair.  I’ve been wearing wigs all summer and haven’t colored my roots.  Maybe I’ll go gray simply because I’m lazy!

It looks crazy now but once you blend, you’ll see that this works

Now we’re ready. Get a nude-colored lip pencil.  NYX Wonder Stick is great for this.  Line your lips.  Outline them over the natural shape of your upper lip and under the line of your bottom lip.  It’s gonna be exaggerated but don’t worry because this will be blended.

Next, apply concealer all over your mouth.  This will turn your mouth into a canvas of sorts.  And it works very well especially if your lips are naturally heavily pigmented.

Any inexpensive concealer will do. I’m using Wet n’ Wild…

Blend the concealer in so that your lips almost disappear.

After the concealer is blended it’s time to line the mouth again.  Now I’m taking a slightly darker, nude colored-pencil, this is by Revlon and the color is “Natural”.   Although I’m not too fond of the wind-up pencils because they always seem to break on me, this one is decent and hasn’t broken……. yet.

Revlon’s Colorstay lipliner crayon in “natural” 

Next is a NYX lip pencil and forgive me but the pencil is down to the nub so I can’t see the color.  It’s a very natural nude-mauve.  I’m coloring my entire lip with this.  Even down below the natural lip on the bottom and above my natural lip on top.

Oops!  Time to repurchase!  I’ve had this for quite sometime and I’ll tell you, NYX makes a great lip pencil!  PS. The color of the dress is dirty because this is the rag I wear while getting ready for work in the morning!

Color the lips entirely with the pencil.


The key to this is to keep the pencils sharp.  You want an exact line and nothing blurred because you don’t want to look like Baby Jane.  E.l.f. has a very good sharpener for a buck!

Image result for baby jane

No Baby Jane lips!

Now I’m taking a darker pencil and lining my lips again.  I’m using Cabernet by NYX—NYX makes great lip pencils and at $3.50 each, they are very comparable to the MAC lip pencils.  After I blend the line in a bit to my mouth, I take powder and lightly apply the powder to my mouth.

Now a darker pencil.  Cabernet by NYX..

Looking fuller already!

Maybelline Fit Me powder. It multitasks!  I use this to enhance the parting space in my wigs!  It doubles to set my lips!


Next is Half Red by MAC, although pricier, the color glides on beautifully and is an incredibly flattering color.   I’m coloring my mouth in with this pencil and applying it a bit darker on the ends of my mouth to make my mouth look a bit wider.

An application of MAC Half-Red is next…and I’m gonna get dressed…

I’m back!  And the Half-Red is nicely blended!

No need for a lip brush because fingers work much better!

To make lips look really full, I take a white eye pencil and draw lines in the middle of my top lip and bottom lip then I blend.

I use a very inexpensive white pencil. I paid a buck for this Wet n’ Wild pencil.  When the tip gets color from the other pencils, just give it a quick sharpen…

The white pencil applied in the middle of the mouth really gives the illusion of plumped up lips!

Last step—I top it off with a coating of lip gloss but only in the middle.  NYX Butter Glosses are amazing!  I use either Merengue or Tiramisu.  Merengue is the most beautiful shade of pink and Tiramisu is a more nude color.  Both are wonderful.

Topped off with a bit of gloss and you are good to go!

The finished product!  Plump and full and no injections!

And there!  It’s all finished!  Does it last all day?  No—but it lasts quite a few hours.  And since I’m in the office all day, I don’t reapply.  But—I think for a special occasion or if you have a date night or just want your lips to look fuller, this is a great way to do it!

So whatya think?  I’m very pleased with this non-invasive way to make aging lips look plump and more youthful!

What do you think?  I’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks now and am very pleased with my pro-aging look!  I’ve created an Idea List with products that I’ve used–you can bring it when you go shopping or order online!  How To Make Your Lips Fuller Idea List

I’m trying to work on a post about music we grew up with and I’m currently listening to Blood, Sweat and Tears. I forgot how much I love them.  Remember “Spinning Wheel”?

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Wood You Believe……….A Wood Watch?????

….. or that I love wood?  It’s my favorite organic element.  Throughout our home there’s quite a bit of it.  From dressers to floors, antique chairs and other decorative elements—wood is pretty popular in the chateau.

This antique wooden dresser is in our living room and I keep table linens in it!

A vintage style wooden hutch and..

…a wooden basket filled with dried herbs hanging on the wall gives a feeling of nature indoors!

It can evoke a casual style, such as mine—or can bring on a more formal style. It all depends how you use it.  It’s durable and sturdy and lasts forever with minimal care.

Hardwood floors, an old wooden table with a Provencal tablecloth and antique chairs give a charming and welcoming vibe off the kitchen!

It’s welcoming and comfortable.  And the Frenchman and I want everyone who enters our home to feel that way.

So, you can just imagine my surprise when I was contacted by Jord Watches.  The watches, with the exception of the movement, and face, are made of wood.  Wood surrounds the face of the watch and the band is made of wood. As intrigued as I was by this, it was also quite mystifying.  Was the wood smooth?  How did the band curve around the wrist?  Wood I get a splinter?

Jord Olive and Agean Blue watch. Check out that wooden band and the wood surrounding the face!  Nice–eh??

Honestly, I couldn’t help but be a bit excited because I love watches.  I’ve got a decent collection going on and my watches are, along with my hoop earrings, the one accessory that I’m never without.  There’s nothing like a stellar timepiece. Whereas some load a plethora of accessories, I stick with a minimalist look.  The hoops. The watch. A couple of thin chains or a single strand of pearls.

A couple of my watches carry sentimental value for me.  The watch the kids gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago will remind me of them each day I wear it.  The watch my husband gave me when we started our relationship always manages to bring back days when we were new to each other.

I’m pretty basic as far as accessories go–I don’t overdo it and stick to what I love. The leather watch the kids gave me and the fancier watch that Bonaparte gave me!

My one regret is that I never saved the first watch I ever received—a Cinderella watch that my parents gave me when I received my First Holy Communion!

My Cinderella watch also came with a ceramic statue.  This started my love of watches!

And so, I agreed to have a watch sent to me in exchange for a review.  The people at Jord were very understanding when I told them that it would take me a couple of weeks before I could review because I really wanted to see how it wore and if it would be a good item to recommend.

Well—after three weeks of regular wear I can tell you that this is a beautiful timepiece!  Let’s take a look!

Quite the surprise came in this box!

The watch came very well-packaged.  And when I opened the non-descript box, a pleasant surprise awaited me.  You know that I’m a sucker for great packaging and this did not fail.  The watch was placed in a wooden box!

This is the wooden box the watch came in. It’s sitting on top of the dresser in the guest room where I put my makeup on in the morning!

The great thing about the wooden box is that you don’t have to stuff it in a drawer or a closet. It looks great on top of a dresser!

This is the way the watch was resting in the box! I can’t even…

And the watch came resting around a burlap cushion.  Presentation is everything and this tugged at my heart strings!

Jord thought of everything.  The watch also came packaged with a cleaning cloth, a little applicator of finishing oil to keep the wood conditioned and a couple of extra links.

… A beauty kit for the watch–is this great or what???

But let’s talk about the watch.  I ordered a men’s watch.  I happen to like oversized watches—they go very well with my larger-boned wrist.  Seriously—my bones aren’t petite and I love to keep things in proportion.  The model I have is Kosso & Gray from the Hyde Collection. When I ordered, I ordered in cm’s rather than inches.  At 17 cm’s, I gave myself some wiggle room because I love a loose-fitting watch.

My Jord Kosso & Gray watch. I love the oversized face and the wiggle-room allows for the watch to rest at the edge of my wrist.  This is a perfect fit for me!

The clasp is a deployment buckle with push buttons.  Snap the buckle to close and push the side steel buttons to unbuckle.  The band is Kosso wood and is held with thin steel holding the wooden links together.

The deployment buckle..

…snaps closed and stays that way!

Now—even though this is a guy’s watch (it’s not the first guy watch I’ve ever owned either), it is incredibly lightweight.  There is no heaviness on my wrist and it is a very comfortable watch.  The wood is polished and so smooth that there is no way in heaven one could get a splinter either!

It’s so lightweight!

The wood is polished and ever-s0-smooth!

The face of the watch is minimalist. No numbers except for the date in the small calendar window and for four numbers in the small second-hand movement at the bottom of the face.  It’s very sleek!

Sleek and minimalist face..

A look at the back.  Born in St. Louis means born in the USA!  And a reminder of no water!

When I wore it to the nail salon, Kim, the woman who does my nails kept telling me how much she loved it—in fact, she had me take it off and pass it around!  At the office, I’ve received quite a few compliments on the fact that the watch is so unique.  Everyone is fascinated by this wooden watch!

To me, it’s more than a watch—it’s a beautiful piece of jewelry and a go-to accessory.  Pretty versatile, I must say.

The wooden band really is like a piece of organic jewelry!

It’s also a bit delicate in the fact that even though the watch is splash proof, it cannot be submerged in water.  I take this baby off whenever I’m rinsing dishes or I’m cleaning. Like my other good watches, I will never wear this to the beach.  I’ll wear my seven-buck special to the shore!

And my Jord watch goes so well with my favorite Rondini sandals!!

It’s an excellent watch.  Keeps sharp time, looks and feels great and gets compliments galore!

We come from a generation that actually wore a watch every day.  Many of us go back before battery-powered watches became popular. We grew up winding watches.  Am I bringing some memories back?

Do you continue to wear a watch these days?  I’ll always wear a watch.  Looking at the time on my phone isn’t for me.  I love the process of bringing my wrist up to my chest and looking down at my watch to give someone the time!  It’s more personal.

Hold on!  Let me check the time on my watch!

And due to the fact that Christmas is only five months away, the Holiday shopping will soon begin and Jord has gorgeous watches that’ll make wonderful and unique gifts!

That’s right!  The Holidays will be here in five months!  I’m starting to winterize my poinsettias!  I’ll be cutting them down and putting them in the garage!  This watch could make a great Christmas or Holiday gift!

To give a head start, Jord is having a giveaway of $100 off any watch!

The winner will be contacted directly by Jord and entrants that do not win will receive a consolation 10% off directly to their email—the link is below and best of luck!!!! There will be additional chances to enter through my Instagram feed and this weekend I’ll be filming a video!

Enter here:

Are you ready to add an organic watch to your collection?  Are you ready for a wood watch? If so, I highly recommend a Jord watch for your next timepiece!

Here I am wearing the Jord watch–it’s definitely a go-to for me these days and I highly recommend it!

Time is on my side—is it on yours?

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The Wigs for the Heat–Best of Summer 2018!

We’re into July already—where is the summer going anyway?  Before we know it, it’ll be Labor Day weekend and the weather will begin to change.

Ahhhh July. Shorter shorts and lightweight Tee shirts to make us a bit more comfy in the heat!

But that’s for later.

I want to talk about summer hair—or rather, summer fake hair–summer wigs!

And there’s always a beautiful surprise within these boxes!

For what it’s worth—I do have hot-weather preferences for wigs.  Where I enjoy a longer length in the winter, during the hotter months, I’m far more comfortable in a shorter wig.

Bobs are my main choice and the summer choices are wonderful.  I like a curl and a wave because it just seems more natural and a more relaxed look for the time between Memorial and Labor days!

The shorter lengths are also very hot-weather-friendly because there’s no sweating involved—and if you do sweat, the wig won’t get matted.


And might I add that a lighter weight wig will NOT cause your head to sweat.  I wear wigs in the hottest of weather and am never uncomfortable!

And the thing is, a wig for summer wear can be your best friend.  If your hair misbehaves and turns into a bundle of humidity-born frizz, a wig can disguise that steel-wool pad of tresses!

loop understand GIF

I cannot count the times I’ve said that!!!

Going on vacation and don’t want to spend precious time fussing with your hair?  Invest in a wig! You can go swimming, let the air dry your hair while you are getting ready for a dinner out then plop a wig on.  Much better time management than slaving over a blow dryer and curling iron!

blow dry makeup tips GIF by Redken 5th Avenue

Do you really want to spend vacation time doing this then as soon as you go outside it puffs up like a chia pet?

Let’s take a look at my choices for Best Summer Wigs of 2018!

Emery by Estetica Designs.  This shade is CaramelKissM.  Emery is a graduated bob –the back being so short it barely touches the collar and elongating in front to under the chin.  She’s a bob with an edge and I’ve gotten quite a bit of wear with her this summer. No shedding and she washes beautifully.  If you are looking for a more modern bob–this is it!

Violet by Estetica Designs.  I love Violet so much that I have four.  This is the newest in the shade R14/8H–Golden Brown with Dark Blonde Highlights on top!

Here’s Jamison–also by Estetica Designs.  A classic bob, she’s beautiful for all seasons but lends herself very well to the summer weather.  I wear her when I want a polished office look! Another member of the CaramelKiss family!

Lacey by Envy Wigs.  This is my beach wig!  She became drenched with salt water from the Atlantic last week.  I meant to wash her and I didn’t and she’s looking better than ever. I think the next beach trip, I’m filling a spray bottle with salt water to use on wigs!  The color is Toasted Sesame and the amazing thing is that this is not a lace front wig!  It’s crazy because she looks so natural….

Here’s Lacey in Amaretto & Cream, a bit darker but just as lovely.  This length is so perfect for the hot weather and I love the fullness and volume.  She’s very affordable due to the non-lace front!  

Another big summer favorite of mine is Isla by Tony of Beverly. I’m blown away by the hairline on this and this is just one of those wigs that gets a ton of compliments.  The color is Rooted Sandstone! The layering on this really softens a square and angular face!  Trust me. I know!!

A longer bob but still summer-worthy is Chloe by Envy Wigs.  Here she is in Frosted.  She’s another lightweight–but beware if you have a larger head (such as I do)–she’s a bit snug–she has the stretch but she is a bit on the snug side!

Here’s Chloe in Chocolate-Cherry.  This is the wig that my husband got me for my birthday!  I have not worn her during the summer–the color of more autumn to me.  But–I wanted to show you the same wig–different color!

And for the budgetminded–Lyna by Bobbi Boss is a fabulous summer wig!  A middle-parted bob, she’s under $40 and is incredibly well-constructed!  TT48613 is the shade.  Truth be told.  Bobbi Boss makes a sleeker version of Lyna and I like this one better because it looks more natural!

Thursday, I received two more gorgeous wigs from my friends at Estetica Designs which I’ve added to my “Best of Summer” listing.  The newest delight from Estetica, Wren.

She’s got cascading loose spiral curls a bit more of an intense beachy wave.  The softness factor is incredible–the hair fibers feel like freshly-washed hair!  I have to say–she’s summer in a wig!

Meet Wren in RH12/26RT4, Light Brown with Golden Blonde Highlights and Dark Brown Roots.  I feel like a California Girl that the Beach Boys sing about when I’m wearing this.  I’ve been wearing her all day and absolutely love her!

This is the back of the wig.  Look at that curl pattern!  The cascading waves are more separate and not as dense as other wigs but the layering keeps it full. This is a beauty!

She moves beautifully too…but there’s more…

Here’s Wren in R4/6 a Dark Brown and Chestnut brown Blend..

Isn’t she stunning?  She’s me with my natural waves…

I wore the darker Wren to work yesterday and received a ton of compliments.  My work girls who also wear wigs loved the way she felt so soft to the touch.  But there’s more–when I put this darker Wren on for the first time, I had a moment.  I got very emotional because it reminded me so much of my bio hair when it was cut into a bob and I wore it natural….take a look..

Me in my bio hair 1988.  I was 33 and my hair hadn’t started to fall out yet.  I was pulling but there was no damage. 

The color is a great match to the Wren wig and so is the curl pattern.  I’m telling you–I became very emotional! It’s as though Wren was made specially for me!

And those are my best wigs for the summer.  I made an idea list for you.  Jett, an adorable pixie is added.  I’m not a pixie person but I think Jett is so adorable.  And the stock photo of Isla is atrocious.  She’s so much better in person! Best Wigs of Summer 2018!!  

Wigs are a great way to change up your look and as we pro-age, our hair changes.  Even those of us with a full head of hair will notice that it isn’t as full as when we were younger.  It’s dry and brittle and in all honesty,  wigs can look better than bio hair at times and give us a more youthful vibe!

Here’s a new video review of Wren that I added to my YouTube channel.  Watch and have a few laughs on me!!

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