Who Can Resist A Haironista? Hairresistable Solutions for Hair Loss and The Mature Woman!

Before you do the roll-eye at me and go “Oh no, not another hair post, please—“hair” me out. OK?  I realize I covered this topic a bit only a couple of weeks ago.  But today, I want to do a more in-depth post so read on mature ladies. Read on!

No!  Don’t yawn. This is informative!  And fun. I posted bad pics of me!!

First, I’m becoming increasingly annoyed at the amount of advertising I see for products and potions that promise to grow hair.  In 99 percent of the cases, hair will not grow back. I am also very wary of taking any product internally—you do not know the long-term results on your organs.

I have tried topical lotions that promised my balding scalp locks of luster and regrowth. They were messy to deal with, took the time to apply and did NOT grow so much as the beginnings of a fuzzy strand.

Be honest. Be real. For reals,man. For reals!

Truth in advertising counts. Read the fine print. Many products carry a microscopic little caveat that state the product won’t work for everyone.  They should reword it to doesn’t work in most cases.

The only product I’ve ever used that worked to grow any sort of hair was Latisse. It not only made my lashes longer but I was very messy in my application and it spilled a bit on my skin. And where it spilled, I grew little fine hairs that needed to be plucked.  When I lost my corporate healthcare, I also lost the affordable price of Latisse.

Besides, I didn’t need extra eyelashes on my cheeks.

In addition, I once went for a “free” consultation at a salon in Wayne, PA that “specialized’ in hair loss.  The cost? A couple of thousand bucks for months of treatments.  And false promises of hair regrowth.

And once that fuzz appears, it is a continuous process to keep up with it.

At 62 years of age, I have not the time, nor the money or the patience to deal with this. And I don’t like the idea of businesses taking advantage of women with hair loss. It’s wrong!

So, what is the solution?  I’ve spent too much time in my life blow drying the hair that I once had. I spent too many hours in needless worry of what others think of me with my thinning hair and even more time worrying about what people would think if they could tell I was wearing helper hair, alternative hair, fake hair or a wig.

Trust me, this has been a journey. Come along on the trip with me…

At first, I used Toppik, which I’ve written about many, many times. And if you notice that your hair is beginning to thin in spots, this product, as well as others like it, is excellent.  It can be a bit messy for the beginner, but after repeated applications gets easier and easier.  To this day, I use it when Adam cuts my hair.  And I don’t get the chance to go 100 percent bio hair these days!

Image result for atypical60 toppik

Over ten years use and still using–although much less these days!

When the loss became more apparent, it was time for toppers. Toppers are, well, I guess you could call them clip-in toupees for women!  They clip into the top of your hair, covering the areas of hair loss.  If you need further information on toppers, please see the videos of June Penny. She is a riot and makes no bones or BS about hair loss.  She works together with Uniwigs. I’ve ordered a few toppers from Uniwigs, thanks to June, and have been very happy with the product, the customer service, and the quality.  Only once was I disappointed in the topper and it was a wavy-haired one that was my error in ordering.

June Penny is no BS. That’s one of the reasons I love her so much!  She’s an expert on toppers and will answer any questions you may have!

 The toppers work more for me these days when I wear a messy bun or updo.

The two messy bun looks photographed here were done with my Tony of Beverly topper. The density is great and lends itself perfectly for that messy bun look!  PLEASE NOTE:  I ironed the blouses that are hanging up. I ironed them this morning!

Last year I was also very lucky to be gifted with a very dense set of hair extensions by the generosity of Irresistible Me Hair ExtensionsI wore these extensions a lot last summer. Almost a year later, my hair loss has gotten severe enough that the extensions no longer work for me.  I saved them though because I’m trying to figure out how to turn them into ponytail extensions.

With the four extensions. You cannot tell

When my loss wasn’t as severe, these hair extensions were great!!!!

These days I’m wearing wigs more and more.  I no longer care if others can tell I’m wearing a wig. I no longer care what others think.

And it isn’t just about hair loss either. The hair that I do have just hasn’t aged well!  In its natural state, without the aid of a roller set or blow dry, my hair is damaged from the years of blow-drying, dying, hairspray, bad haircuts, sun damage.  It is dry. It is brittle. It is a freakin’ mess! You name it, I’ve done it. Some of us are blessed in many ways. I was not blessed with gracefully aging hair.  I was blessed in the fact I don’t have a lot of wrinkles. I’ll take what I got!

I took this photo earlier in the morning after I did my roots.  Hey. It is what it is. Or in THIS case, what it isn’t! The loss has gotten worse on the top of my crown! Oh well.

Anyway, my first wig was Scorpio, by Revlon.  I ordered it from Wigs.com when I started losing hair but I hardly wore it.  I felt “funny” and “odd”. And when I wore it to my sister’s house one weekend, my nieces started laughing so badly at me that I felt awful and more self-conscience than ever.  The wig was put into a box where it still sits.  In hindsight, I should have just worn the damn wig.  My bio hair was cut into a short bob at the time and took me a good two hours of blow drying to achieve that sleek look. I woulda been better off plopping the wig on my head!

Image result for atypical60 scorpio wig

I still have this wig in a box.  And I still like it.  If I want to go back to a short bob–I can!  Scorpio still remains one of Revlon’s best selling wigs–especially with the older, mature woman. It’s a great wig for the older gals because it remains modern!

When my hair got longer, I ordered a couple of longer wigs.  Among them “Brie” by Vivica Fox wigs.  I happen to be a fan of her wigs. And Brie has remained a “go to” for me.  I have two Brie’s and they have held up very well over the four years I’ve had them. Yes. This under-thirty dollar wig is remarkable in her long-lasting ability.

I’m wearing Brie in this photo. In fact, it is the most used wig I’ve worn into the office. Bonaparte loves this wig on me due to the waves.

I was ready to trash one of the Brie wigs because she was starting to look a bit raggy, but I went onto YouTube and found a very informative and educational video by Tiffany Hudson of Tiffanys TempTresses.  Where June Penny is the Queen of Toppers, Tiffany is the Queen of Wig care.  She has a very sweet and soothing way of explaining things.

If you already do wear wigs, this video is priceless in its education of washing synthetic wigs.  If you are thinking of wearing a wig, watch this video. It is educational! I went out and purchased fabric softener to use as conditioner for my synthetic hair thanks to Tiffany!

And if you are going through hair loss and are thinking of purchasing a wig, please look at reviews before making a purchase.  There are a great many reviews both online and on YouTube.  One of our own WordPress bloggers has a fantastic blog (I think she should be a professional photographer because her photographs are wonderful but that’s another story but look at her photos and tell me they are not fabulous!) in which she reviews many wigs.  MareyMercy.


Cynthia has a TON of great wig reviews but I wasn’t able to upload any from her site. Trust me, go to her blog, MareyMercy wig reviews and check them out! Oh. And she took these pics. I wish I lived next door to her because I would have her snap a few of me–I would pester her so much that she would move away!

Wig reviews are a tremendous help because it gives a better picture of how a wig really will appear in real life. You can also see for yourself that many affordable wigs look terrific and you don’t need to spend a fortune!

For my happiness, the Divatress site is my favorite place to shop for wigs.  The customer service is stellar and quick delivery. Free shipping over $49. And—I love their selection of lace front wigs! Wigs are shipped in boxes like this—they don’t scrimp on their shipping.

Two wigs came securely packaged in this huge box Divatress knows how precious our hair cargo is!

Some of my recent purchases have been made because of   YouTube reviews.  Here’s a look at some of my new hair and the reviews that have sold me on the wigs:

Outre Perm Yaki 18. I love this so much that I ordered two more as backups. And would never have ordered if it were not for the two video reviews below. See how natural she looks?

Manda Panda’s review sold me on the wig because she put the front up and it looked so natural.  In addition, she is so adorable and those glasses of hers!!!!

Kiara Cymone’s review of the same wig finalized my decision to repurchase.  And I’m thankful to these young ladies for helping this older lady!

Front and back of stock card for this wig. I like to keep these filed because of the descriptions and care for the units.

Another favorite of mine is Storm by ModelModel. I love everything about this wig..

See how well the lace front blends in well with my natural hairline–even when I hadn’t done my roots it still looks great!

Thanks to Dee Dee Woods, I made the purchase I will never regret. I have two Storms and will need to order another backup as soon as Divatress gets my color back in!  Dee Dee has a great YouTube channel on hair, beauty–she’s a doll.  Look at her eyes too. She has very kind eyes and you know how much I love kind eyes!

I was on the fence about ordering this wig. Texana by Freetress Equal. The review below was helpful in my deciding to go for it.  I like it a bit messier and it is the only wig that I recently purchased where I had to pin my bio hair up because it didn’t blend well with my bio hair. Doesn’t matter though because I really enjoy the shorter length. This is a PERFECT wig for the mature woman!

Lovely Lasean’s review was the decision-maker with this purchase.  She got hers from Sistawigs.com.   I ordered mine from Divatress.

I sometimes miss having bangs.  This wig, Soft Volume by Freetress  Equal Premium Delux is a monofilament top. The part is basically non-existant. I liked the wig but was unsure about purchasing until I saw this review by BodiedBykeira..

She cut bangs into the wig!!! She cut bangs!  I followed her advice and am happy I did!

This is Sage. I should have looked at a few reviews before making the purchase. I was looking for a long wig that I could put into a braid or pony. Unfortunately, I lack the know-how and the wig is way to dense for me to pull back…..but…

I cut (and rather unevenly, I admit) about three inches off the bottom and pulled my bio hair back for a very Catherine Deneuve look.  I love this 1960’s look and personally, any mature woman can rock this wig.

This wig was purchased at a local wig outlet in Norristown.  I paid $19.99 for it. It’s a Vivica Fox wig and I’m sorry that I didn’t save the stock card. I went back to buy another one and found out the wig had been on final clearance because it was discontinued. I wish I knew what wig this is because I DIG THIS WIG!

It reminds me a LOT of Storm but is longer and the part is so natural looking! The Yaki texture is another plus. Oh. I wish I had another one of these wigs. Why did Vivica discontinue this beauty? Whatsamatter with her?

It’s a nice length and from the back looks nice and thick and like my bio hair!

Some wigs need tweaking in the form of tweezing the part to give it a more realistic look. Don’t be afraid to tweeze because you can’t mess it up!

And because I don’t wear a wig cap and just plop the wigs over my bio hair, I usually sew in a few extra combs for extra security.

I think I paid all of three bucks for this bag of sew-in wig combs.  I’ve been procrastinating because I need to do some sewing!

Oh—and this is important.  I still color my roots regularly so the color blends in better when I’m wearing my natural hair off my face and pulled back.

I also don’t wash my bio hair often. The more hair I lose, the less I wash. I can go two weeks these days. Don’t cringe!!  My hair doesn’t smell. It doesn’t look greasy because it is as dry as the Sahara dessert. And I roller set because it is less damaging than blow-drying!

I did my roots this morning and washed and set my bio hair so it looks better when I pull the front out when wearing wigs and toppers.  BTW, the only makeup I’m wearing is a long-lasting lipstick that has been on since 9:00 AM. It is now 4:18 PM. I’ll be writing a post about it when I finish up with this post!

Just took the rollers out.  No makeup today. Boy do I look like sh..I have Toppik in my hair and I also have…..

…this Oil Free wig shine for Human and Synthetic Hair sprayed on my bio hair. It works great for taming frizz and keeping hair smooth and shiny.  I found it on the Divatress site! Only $1.95!

Look. I realize that hair loss can be painful. It can be embarrassing. It is also an incredibly private topic that many don’t want to be open about.  But we need to address it.  As we age, we still want to look great—am I right?  And why spend hours worrying about our hair when it is easy just to plop a wig or topper on?

Mature us can rock every look—even when it comes to hair that isn’t our own!  So let’s do this!  Bring out your inner Haironista!!!!Let’s make a purchased head of hair as regular and normal as our skincare routine or getting dressed!

Ain’t nothing’ like a great head of hair–that you can buy!

There are all types of wigs out there.  There is also a huge price range. Some women prefer human hair.  I like synthetic because it is affordable and inexpensive.   Regardless of your choice, the solutions are out there. You just need to research. Or just ask me!!

We may not have perfect hair, or skin, or weight or whatever.  But–we gotta be ok with our imperfections.  I’m giving Des’ree’s “You Gotta Be” a revisit.  Do you remember this song? It’s so inspirational and Oona and I used to listen to it together all the time. I love when songs have meaning–and remind me of time with my daughter and my sons.

© 2017 Atypical60.com

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The One TV Show Every Woman Over 50 Must Watch!

I, as well as most women of my age, spent a lifetime watching reruns of “I Love Lucy”.  Lucy and Ethel are the most iconic team in comedy.

I’m still enjoying these two!

Haven’t we all seen every episode at least twenty times over the decades?   Haven’t we all aspired to work in a candy factory or sell Vitameatavegamin?


Image result for lucy and ethel candy factory gif

One of the funniest buddy scenes of all time!

Then, in the early to mid-sixties, when most of us were nearing the pre-teen years, we had another team to look up to.  Patty and Cathy Lane.  Who didn’t want to be one of Patty Duke’s twin cousins?  Did we not learn how to speak with a British accent from imitating Cathy?  I remember wanted to be just like Patty when I entered my teen years.  This one-woman set of twins was a talented team to look up to.

I LIVED for this show.  Sometimes I wanted to be Patty and other times I wanted to be Cathy.  Oh wait. I’m Cathe!!

The 1970’s brought Mary and Rhoda.  Two women in their thirties.  The stereotype of the meek and mild and obedient woman was broken.  Mary and Rhoda were their own women. Feminism brought on a new genre of TV character. It was A-OK to be single, career-minded, and independent. And the women had a great and strong friendship.

Empowering Mary and self-effacing Rhoda. They made a great team. And really, don’t we have a little of both these women in us?

The 1980’s into the early 90’s brought not a team, but a quintuplet of women living together. The Golden Girls. This show focused on a group of older women.  Truth be told, I never cared for the show.  I know. I know. I’m in the minority here.

But here’s the thing.  Every episode I’ve ended up watching was dopey. I realize The Golden Girls was a comedy and was groundbreaking in the fact it was about older women, but it showed older women in every moronic stereotype known to man—from the top of their gray hair to the unstylish clothing they wore.  I’m not kidding. I can’t even watch the reruns. It’s as though Hollywood was patronizing the older women.

Individually, I loved all of these women as actors. Together on this show, I couldn’t stand it. I really did not like this show.  Let me know what you think? Did you like it?

Fear not, the early nineties into 2012 had us all laughing with guilt because we were able to relate in some way to Absolutely Fabulous’ Patsy and Eddie.  Oh yes.  The remarkable thing about Ab Fab was that it showcased the incredibly deliciously naughty behavior of two rather self-absorbed women of a certain age. They drank. The smoked. They took drugs. They were not nice–but I loved them! I will admit, Pasty Stone is my shoe icon! Patsy and Eddie were the bad girls in us!

Patsy and Eddie. Delightfully bad.  I cannot get through an episode without laughing to the point where I need a Depends!

But there really hasn’t been a show about older women and their struggles both emotional and otherwise while adding a touch of humor.

Until now.

The show is “Grace and Frankie”. The new female tag team is Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin.

Tomlin and Fonda are “absolutely fabulous”  as Grace and Frankie!

Now in Season 3 on Netflix, I’m loving this show more and more.  It’s been renewed for Season 4 and I am telling you that this is the one show every woman over 50 should—no, make that must be watching.

In case you are not familiar with this show, here’s a brief rundown.

Grace (Jane Fonda), was married to Robert (Martin Sheen).  Frankie (Lily Tomlin), was married to Sol (Sam Waterston).  Robert and Sol worked together as successful divorce attorneys. They worked together for many years.

The couples that work together…sometimes end up married to each other!

Robert and Sol fell in love, divorced themselves from Grace and Frankie, moved in together and got married.

Now—Grace and Frankie were not the best of friends. They are opposites. But because the women would not compromise on selling a jointly-owned beach house, both women found themselves as unlikely roommates.

Image result for grace and frankie's beach house

Not only did Grace and Frankie marry well–but they divorced even better. What. A. House!

And the show is about their life together.

It’s funny. It is witty. It is charming. It is touching, and at times, a bit sad. It has a great cast. And it is not without fault.

But first, the greatness of it all.

The women are old.  Not fake old—both women are in their seventies. It was mentioned in one episode that their combined age is 146. They have aged and they are well-aware of it.

Things didn’t turn out the way they thought things would turn out. Neither thought she would end up divorced, let alone have their husbands become husbands to each other!

They raised their kids. They are over that.  Grace has grandchildren and she is not portrayed as the sweet, homespun, rocking chair granny who lives to dote on them.

And although Jane Fonda’s Grace may look perfect (Let’s face it, she still has a Barbarella body) she is not without fault.  She is bossy. She is arrogant. She drinks too much. She is bitter and must be in control.  She is stubborn.

She may drink too much, but her wardrobe is pretty darned chic.  Jane Fonda is such an ice princess as Grace–but she’s so damned comedic too! In a classy way, of course!

Lily Tomlin’s Frankie is the old hippie.  She hasn’t given up her liberal flower power ways. She smokes pot.  She’s an artist.  She is naïve. She is flaky. She’s a bit immature. She can’t focus at times. She is sweet and kind.  She is stubborn.


…and Tomlin’s Frankie curses up a storm!  You know I love that!

Their grown children are not without fault or issues. They are a dysfunctional group.

Left to Right. Brianna, Sol, Mallory, Bud and Coyote. A loveable and dysfunctional group!

Grace’s daughters, Brianna and Mallory are in dire need of therapy.  Brianna, a successful business woman cannot commit to a relationship and acts out in slutty ways.  Mallory is unhappily married with children and has a husband who is never around. He’s constantly working.

Frankie’s sons are not much better off. Coyote, an ex-druggie, is a man-child with no real ambition other than playing his guitar. But—he is sweet and a genuinely good guy.  Nwabudike, Bud, Frankie’s adopted African son, is the more conservative of the family. He’s an attorney who is taking over Sol and Robert’s law practice. And his girlfriend is crazy AF.

But that’s the notable thing about the women’s grown children. They are far from perfect. They have issues. They are pretty much normal! They argue but there is a definite closeness and fondness for each other.  Especially between Coyote and Mallory.  They were together at some point.

Caressing the prototypes of their vibrators.  The vibrators are arthritis friendly.  It’s a hilarious subplot!

As two aging women who are looking for career moves in their lives, they form a company called “Vibrant”. Vibrant makes vibrators for “women of a certain age”. The idea of two women in their 70’s with a vibrator business as a start-up may seem far-fetched, but the approach is humorous without being patronizing or ridiculing the woman of a certain age.  It brings to light that old women can be sexual.  We aren’t a bunch of dried up raisins.

And look! Ernie Hudson, my favorite Ghostbuster, plays Jacob, Frankie’s boyfriend!! They are so adorable together!

And it is also sad and frustrating.  The women go to see a banker to acquire a loan for the business.  They are turned down. Not because of the nature of the business, but because of their ages.  The fact each woman is 73 years old is too risky.  And that’s the reality.  Ageism hurts.  And it is out there.

After leaving the bank without a loan, Frankie questioned why they didn’t get it. Grace turned to her and said “Because we’re OLD”–it was a sad moment. Sad but realistically true.

In another episode, Vibrant is almost acquired by an existing company.  In the promo ads that have been created, Grace and Frankie have at least three decades airbrushed off their faces.  Frankie is mortified about this. But in a fleeting moment, Grace looks at her photograph with an expression of complete melancholy.   She loves the photograph and finds it tempting.  But in the end—common sense and reality win out.

They were more airbrushed than this.  And this is pretty much airbrushed!

Ahhh–the trials and tribulations of electronics when you reach a certain age!

I could go on and on but you get the gist. It’s a great show about aging and friendship and life in general.

We need more shows that stress friendships between women–especially as we age.

And that is what I absolutely love about this show.

What I’m not too fond of is an issue with many shows.  Why do the women have to be in the one percent?  It would have been a nice and more realistic touch if, instead of a shared beach house on a prime slice of real estate, the women were forced to live together in a home that could have been an investment property meant to flip.  Perhaps in a more urban area?

Nuthin’ like having the beach as your backyard.  This isn’t a reality for 99 percent of us!

And, at times, I feel Frankie’s flower child personality is a bit over-the-top, but it isn’t a deal breaker.  I love Lily Tomlin and I find myself laughing out loud at her ability for physical comedy!

You know, there aren’t any shows about aging. There are no films out there. The fashion industry ignores us.  The cosmetics industry focuses on “anti” aging when in fact, we age with every second.

Why not embrace the aging, older woman?  Thank you, Netflix, for allowing us to see ourselves in a positive light!

Thank you Netflix!  Thank you Jane!  Thank you Lily!  Thank you writers!  Thank you for reading!

Let’s end this post with a song about Friendship—Carole King, you’ve got a friend!


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Day-Into-Night Dressing For The Older, Wiser Woman!

OK, so I may be a girly-girl. And I love being feminine. And I love pretty things.

Yes. This would be Me in all my girly glory!

But I’m not a fussy dresser.

This could be because I wore uniforms to school for many years.

Image result for atypical60 uniforms

I pretty much still dress like this–except I go bare-legged with a mighty fake tan!

Or it could be from the words of my mother who always said that it was far better to be under dressed for the occasion rather than to be over dressed.

And I get that!

It means dressing appropriately but not over-the-top. It also means not dressing like you just rolled out of bed.

Image result for atypical60 pajamas

This is not what is meant by Day-Into-Night.  This is purely Sleepy Time Ensemble! Nobody should be wearing a get up like this outside of their home. Not now. Not ever. Never!

And, with age, I’ve become a bit more relaxed about my day-into-evening dressing.

Back when I was younger, I would literally spend hours mulling over what I would wear to attend an event or special occasion.  It would be worse when an event was directly after office hours.

I’m not lying to you when I tell you that there were times when I took a change of clothing to the office.

Over the years, I’ve become more chill.

When Bonaparte and I have a date night, it is  on the weekend.  It is the very rare weeknight evening if we must attend an event.

So, when we do go out in the evening, it is after a busy day of being out and about running errands, shopping and whatever else pops up.

And during those weekend days, I’ll wear jeans.  I love jeans—and I swear to you, I love them now more than when I was younger.  They are no fuss, they are simple and can change from casual to elegant in a matter of minutes!

My daytime look can be as simple as a white tee, very casual skinny jeans and sneakers.  Hair up and bit of makeup.

Classic weekend look–white tee. Skinny Jeans. Sneakers.

My bio hair piled up on top of my head.

..or a plaid shirt layered with a sweater. It’s all good for daytime.

My nighttime look is also simple with the addition of a Chanel-inspired Lady Jacket, a touch of darker eye makeup, a simple clutch and heels.

Quick change artist, I am.  Less than five minutes to change shoes, add a jacket..

...plop  on a head of fake hair,  freshen makeup and add a clutch to match the heels…

Ba-da-boom.  The look is complete.

Another great day-into-night look.  During the day loafers or sneakers. At night. Red heels. Fake pearls. Mo’ makeup and this time, my bio hair!

For the most part, it’s as simple as a change of shoes.

If I do wear a dress while out for an event, you can rest assured it will be simple and comfortable with plenty of allowance for dancing all night and running back and forth to the open bar!

Lots of big fake hair, a simple black dress and a very inexpensive skinny necklace purchased during a major J. Crew Factory sale are the beginnings of another day-into-night look during the work week.

This dress?  It’s by Tiana B.  This dress is so old that I cannot remember if it was purchased from QVC or TJ Maxx. I think I paid twenty bucks for it and it is over ten years old and still going strong!

I really, really like the look of a thin chain or two with this dress. It’s very delicate. Something of which I am not!

You know, I’m not much of an accessory person.  I have my scarfs which I wear mostly to hide turkey neck.

Image result for atypical 60 scarves

Probably my most important accessory. The scarf. It does a stellar job hiding my turkey neck!

And it occurred to me while writing this post that even though I have quite a bit of costume jewelry, I don’t wear a lot of it –with the exception of the fake pearls.

My good jewelry consists of my diamond engagement ring, my diamond band, the pearl ring Bonaparte gave me when we started dating and pearl drop earrings from Bonaparte.

The lighting was horrific yesterday!  Or perhaps the pearls were so lusturous that they didn’t photograph well.  But other than my diamond ring and band, this is the extend of my “good” jewelry!

I realized that I could need a simple gold bracelet, or earrings or a necklace.

But the fact is, I’m pretty picky when it comes to good jewelry.

I noticed of those ads that WordPress provides at the bottom of a recent post—it was from a jewelry company. AUrate. So, I clicked.

The photograph was pretty intriguing.  The simple bracelet. The simple ring.  Very nice.

And this is what I found:  The company was founded by two women who were besties at Princeton.  OK. Now I feel a six-degrees-of New Jersey here.  I lived in the next town over—Pennington and spent a lot of time in Princeton. I wonder if they ever went to Hoagie Haven on Nassau Street?

Sophie Kahn and Bouchra Ezzahraoui, the two young founders of Aurate.  It’s wonderful to see a company started by two young women. It’s very empowering.

All the jewelry is crafted in New York City.  Now I’m getting misty-eyed and my mascara is starting to run. To think these two women started a  company in my old home town.

They give back. For every piece of jewelry that is sold, a book for an underprivileged child is purchased.  That, to me, is a very kind gesture and I hope these two women keep up the kindness.

AUrate’s jewelry is not budget-priced. However, there are a few people in my family to whom I will be dropping hints at for an item or two when next Christmas rolls around.

This open flower necklace, at $250, is not only beautiful and different, but it’s very reasonably priced for gold jewelry.  I have never seen an “open” necklace but I love it!  It’s simplicity with an edge!  Take a look at the necklace offerings!

The photo is really small, but here’s how the necklace looks on. Is this the perfect day-into-night piece or what?

Seriously—this stuff is nice!!!  It’s right up my alley of simple and classic.  And the jewelry is very appealing to women of all ages.

I’m also really quite fond of this Black Stones bracelet. At $150 it is affordable for gold!

But back to the point.  The items AUrate has to offer are the perfect jewelry for day-into-night. Or night-into-day.

This Asymmetric Pearl Ring is another item that I really, REALLY like.  I’m loving this open concept in jewelry.  This is a new classic with a bit of a modern touch!  It’s fabulous!

Remember. We are at an age where fussing isn’t conducive anymore.  We’re over that.  It’s time to concentrate more on the great times we are having rather than spending hours over what we are going to wear. We can look great in minutes—no matter what time of day or night it is or where we’re going!  It’s all in our attitude!

Here’s my favorite song to get me in the mood for a great night out!  “I Gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas.  This song always makes me happy!

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No Expiration Date Needed (Unless the FDA and Cosmetics Companies Tell You So!)

It started with a cuppa tea.  While I was preparing dinner last night, I wanted to ward off snacking so I put the kettle on.  Now, I realize that not everyone takes milk in their tea.  I do. And when I went to the fridge to take out the small amount of milk that was in the carton, I noticed the expiration date was three weeks ago.

Who woulda thunk that a cuppa tea was the inspiration for a blog post–not about tea!!  Like my grandmother and mother before me, I keep the kettle on the stove at all times. It is never put away. I think my daughter Oona does the same thing!

That didn’t stop me.  But the disagreeable odor that emanated as I opened the bottle did.

Then I realized I had a carton of Almond Milk in the fridge. Back I went.  And I checked the expiration date. With an expiration date of June 24, 2017, it came to me that Almond Milk is now my best friend.  This carton will be here waiting for me when I get back from France in July! OK?

Almond Milk sure has a long shelf life!  I’m lovin’ this more by the expiration date!

I checked the yeast in the fridge. I bake a lot of bread.  The last tthingI need is for the bread I bake for Bonaparte to fall flat.  It is a Frenchmen’s crime and I could, quite possibly, be jailed like Marie Antoinette. Thank God, the guillotine is no longer used!

I’m safe with the bread baking for now too. Besides, there isn’t much left. I bake a lot of bread!

Then another thought popped into my head.  My cosmetics.  I knew there were charts somewhere out in cyberland to warn me when to trash my makeup.

Thank you Makeup.com–but I’m very naughty and pay no attention to this chart!

Here’s the thing.  I have a lot of makeup.  There is the makeup that I use on a regular basis. Those items will never expire.

Makeup Organizer 2

A sampling of the cosmetics hanging in a jewelry holder over a closet door. I’ll bet half of this stuff is expired!

Then there’s the stuff that I hardly wear.  There is also the stuff I purchased that was a mistake—but since I spent money, I refuse to trash the stuff.  Then there’s all the backup makeup I have. The stuff I have forgotten about.

Two of my favorite palettes.  The top is Urban Decay’s Naked 2.  The bottom is Stila’s In The Know.  If I was in the know about the fact Stila discontinued this palette I would have purchased a second to use past the expiration date.  Both palettes are expired.  It isn’t stopping me from using them.  Look how much I hit pan on both of these!

I’m sure that all the cosmetics and skin care products that I have stashed away expired a long time ago.  And I’m holding on to them.

This inexpensive bronzer, Ticket to Brazil by Wet n Wild, is the best powdered bronzer of all time.  It expired in September. So did my unopened backup. I don’t care. I’m still gonna use it!

How can bacteria get into a package that literally takes a knife, a scissor and a ton of elbow grease and some very naughty language meant for the cosmetics companies that package this stuff?

This is the packaging from the elf Lemonade Pink blush stick that is now discontinued.  I purchased it over a year ago.  It is also expired. Doesn’t matter because I couldn’t even get the packaging opened with a nuclear weapon!

Better yet, how ironic is it that my cosmetics expire and the Easter candy is on display the day after Valentine’s Day. And I can bet the candy companies recycle that shit on a regular basis without nary a thought of an expiration date!

Related image

Candy Conspiracy:  I’ll bet the candy companies collect all the unsold holiday chocolate, melt it down and recycle it for the next holiday!  Their way of getting around the expiration dates!

Am I right or what?

Mascara usually lasts me three weeks per tube because I love thick, clumpy lashes. Yes!  I said it. I love when mascara clumps. It makes my eyelashes look lush.  I pack that glop on my lashes like spackle.  And when I near the end of a tube, I spit into it to keep the product moist. Hey. It’s my spit and I’m pretty much germ-free!

The back of one of the MANY tubes of Maybelline The Falsies mascara that are unopened. This one could go unopened until 2020!

Eyeliner—I’ve had some liquids for over a year.  I’ve had some that were so awful I’ve thrown them out after three applications. And that hurts because I hate wasting money. Luckily, I buy inexpensive eyeliner. And trust me, some of the eyeliners I’ve had to trash were over ten bucks!

Eye pencils.  The one eye pencil I cannot live without is the Urban Decay 24/7.  I would say perhaps I purchase two a year—around every six months.

Blush.  I hold onto this for years.  Although I do have an elf stick that has expired. No big deal to me.  It was discontinued. The blush stick is ensconced in the original packaging. Therefore, in my world, there is no expiration date!

Image result for atypical60 blush

To the left is the Lemonade Pink blush stick that is long expired.  In the middle is the Stila blush that I purchased over two years ago. It expired six months after I purchased it. Wait!  What if I purchased that same blush today?  See–the expiration dates don’t mean anything!

My next epiphany clicked when I reviewed what I wore this past week.  My clothes have no expiration date. Really. They don’t.  If something isn’t in style, I’ll wear it anyway.  I stick to the plain and simple.

Here’s what I wore this week tha, style-wise, didn’t expire.

On Monday I wore a linen blend skirt with a simple white shell, a denim jacket and ballet flats.  None of which have gone out of style or expired!

Plaid shirts never expire–neither does a basic black pencil skirt or pointy-toed black heels! 

Wednesday had me wearing a striped skirt from Old Navy that is years old. YEARS old! In a rare fashion moment, Bonaparte modeled his striped socks for my stripes theme!

Stripes continued on Thursday. Although I will admit. Lilly Pulitzer did expire the wonderful Travel Pants I wore. I guess the Preppy Princesses couldn’t deal with the fact Lilly Pulitzer actually had a black item within the bright colors. That’s fabric racist!  Well, I won’t expire these great pants!  Alas, my refill of Fleur d’Oranger DID expire and turned into pure alcohol.  Can’t win ’em all. At least I had a backup that wasn’t expired!

Friday was jeans, ballet flats and a Lobster sweater from J. Crew Factory.  Critter clothing never expires!

Yesterday was a blend of old and new–the flattering striped shirt I wrote about the other day, a new ruffled blazer from J. Crew, jeans and Converse sneakers. Converse sneakers will NEVER expire!

OK –I’m sticking this in here for good measure.  I went to J. Crew Factory yesterday to return a pair of shorts that I was on the fence about.  I saw this dress on a hanger and thought “Meh”–but I tried it on anyway. I LOVE IT and bought it.  Why?  It reminds me of the old-school house dresses that my mother wore in the 1960’s.  Yes.  Sentimental value NEVER expires!  This dress is comfortable AF and brings back nice memories!

Hold on. This is for the menz!  I got Bonaparte to pose in his new jeans. His first pair of jeans from J. Crew Factory and the fit is incredible–that nice slim European fit.  Jeans have no expiration date!

Last of all, the dress I’m wearing today!  This is about five years old, I think.  Banana Republic.  I’ve worn this through heavier years and leaner years. Look at the difference between now and last summer!

I had to exhibit some serious tummy sucking-in last year. Thankfully the dress has some stretch.  But the dress hasn’t expired!

What say you? ( I know. That expression drives many people crazy–but it is an expression

that hasn’t expired!)  Do you throw your cosmetics out after the expiration date?  What about your food items?  And lastly—do your clothes expire?

In honor of Phase One of the French elections, I’m playing a song with, in my opinion, has no expiration date.  Jacques Dutronc “Mini, Mini, Mini”

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I’m A Bit On The Kinky Side Today!

Get your mind outta the gutter—ok?  I’m Kinky because of my never-ending love for The Kinks.  I have also had a 52 -year crush on Ray Davies, the King of Kink!

He was my first-ever crush.  The first time I saw a photo of him all I could think of was “You Really Got Me”!

That crooked smile drove my pubescent hormonal pre-teen emotional state crazy with desire!

All through my school years I’ve loved The Kinks. Through my young adulthood, I loved The Kinks.  My three children were raised, not on songs like “Puff the Magic Dragon” or Rafi, but they were raised on songs like “Lola”, “Waterloo Sunset”, “Apeman”, and “Well Respected Man”. I remain a Kinks fan.  My children all remain Kinks fans.

Image result for ray davies atypical60

That beautiful head of hair…

OMG! Now wonder I love this wig. It’s like the hair Ray Davies used to have. I’ll rename my wig to Raymonda!

I got to see them in concert many times—through their very unruly behavior on stage and naughty antics until Ray Davies went on tour solo a few years ago.

This morning as I got into my car to enter the battlefield known as 422, and to curse out the idiot drivers — because we all know that I am the best driver in the world, I perused through my CD collection and decided to revisit The Kink’s “Muswell Hillbilllies” CD. In vinyl, I played this on my turntable in my room countless times.  I was 16 years old when the album was released.


Image result for muswell hillbillies album cover

I had the original album. I need to head to Amazon to order this deluxe edition with bonus tracks!

As a 16-year-old, I thought the songs were cool. I never gave the lyrics to the songs much thought—even though I had them memorized.  It was the tunes, the beats, Ray Davies singing and my love for the band that was more important.

In the meantime, I’ll take this…

And so, as I was caught between the damned trucks and moving at a snail’s pace on the horrific road to work, I had the chance to really, really, listen to the lyrics of the songs.

I’m a product of this era. I still think young men look better with long hair!  Dave Davies looks extra fetching in this pic with his Hipster Jesus look! I still love Ray more!

I was blown away at how the songs mirrored my own life as well as modern life. Really. They did!  I’ll explain

20th Century Man: …”The wonderful world of technology,
Napalm hydrogen bombs biological warfare…”

Those lyrics—what do they remind you of, huh?  I’m not going to get political, but. Look what’s going on in the world. OK?

Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues: …”Well the milkman’s a spy, and the grocer keeps on following me, And the woman next door’s an undercover for the K.G.B.”

Miss Microwave herself.  She’s the epitome of this song!

Kelly Ann Conway and the microwave?  Need I say any more?  I know what she’s got!

Holiday: …”Oh holiday, oh what a lovely day today, I think I’ll get down on my little knees and pray, thank you Lord. Thank heaven for this holiday, holiday. I’m leaving insecurity behind me.
The environmental pressures got me down. I don’t need no sedatives to pull me round” …
The Pool in Theoule is MY sedative!

Holiday is basically about me when I’m on summer vacation on the Cote d’Azur.  I do thank God, I pinch myself for being so lucky and I don’t need no happy pills!!

Skin and Bone: “Don’t eat no mashed potatoes. Don’t eat no buttered scones.”

Rest assured, I’m up a good 5 pounds since this pic last month. I need to get back on track! Glad I listened to this song today!

Stay away from carbohydrates. Gonna look like skin and bones”.

I do. But I don’t look like skin and bone!  But Ray Davies has a great and fun outlook on what happens to young ladies if they try to lose too much weight!

Alcohol: …” Oh demon alcohol, Sad memories I can’t recall” …

I can recall. I was married to an alcoholic. But, the thing about this song is that it’s so good that any bitterness I could have flies out the window as a merrily sing along with Ray!

Complicated Life: …”Well I woke this morning with a pain in my neck, A pain in my heart and a pain in my chest” …

Time for Breakfast!!!!

A hypochondriac’s anthem.  Seriously.  I wake up like this every morning.  I do believe Sir Raymond Davies knows me well!

Here Come The People in Gray: …”I got a letter this morning with serious news that’s gone and ruined my day. The borough surveyor’s used compulsory purchase to acquire my domain,
They’re gonna pull up the floors, they’re gonna knock down the walls, they’re gonna dig up the drains.”

I can’t help it. This song reminds me of the evil developers that ruined the island of Manhattan for the middle class and we all had to leave. The construction men in their gray uniforms demolished buildings to make monstrous buildings like Trump Tower—another reason I hate that man.

On the other hand, I get a bit bittersweet when I listen to the tone of Davies’ voice when he sings this song. His voice reminds me so much of Marc Bolan of T-Rex. Marc was another one of my all-time Rock favorites. I miss his music.

Marc Bolan–another rock musician I loved.  I’m telling you, that slight vibrato of Davies in this song really reminds me of Marc Bolan.  I need to listen to “Ride A White Swan” again. And again.

Have a Cuppa Tea: …” If you feel a bit under the weather, if you feel a little bit peeved, Take granny’s stand-by potion” …

Margaret Crowley Wynne–the greatest grandma on earth and the greatest brewer of the best cuppa tea ever!

I listen to this song and am brought back to the kettle that was constantly on my grandmother’s stove. We drank tea in the morning, afternoon and evening.  I love tea. I miss my grandmother’s tea.  Tea is comforting.

Holloway Jail: “They took my baby, to Holloway jail, they took my baby, down Holloway jail,”

So, I can’t really relate to this song on an actual level—but there were times when I did feel imprisoned! I still love the song!

Oklahoma USA: …”All life we work but work is bore, If life’s for livin’ what’s livin’ for,”

This is relatable in the now. Work hours have gotten longer. Corporations want staff to be at the ready on their cell phones during the weekend.  People are afraid to take vacations—so what’s living for?

Corny photo–perhaps. But when you listen to this song, you will be moved.

But there is a very sad sweetness to this song. It’s about a woman who lives in a decaying home and dreams of the life of the film “Oklahoma” with Shirley Jones and Gordon McRae.

Uncle Son:” Liberals dream of equal rights, Conservatives live in a world gone by, Socialists preach of a promised land, but old uncle son, was an ordinary man.

Keep crying Ben Franklin. You and every founding father of our country are rolling over in their graves at how horrific the political parties in America have become!

How prolific are these lyrics?  How incredibly ironic that these lyrics were written in 1971 and are relative to today?

You know what?  We all have a bit of Uncle Son in us!  And he’s a great guy!

Muswell Hillbilly: …” They’ll try and make me study elocution. Because they say my accent isn’t right.

My favorite line from this song about people trying to change you.  And yes, I’ve spent a lifetime with people commenting on my—um, rather unique “New Yawk” accent.

I wawk dis fas so I tawk dis fas!

And these are just some of the reasons that I love this little collection of songs so much. I love the lyrics that Davies writes. He has this gift of bringing words together that are touching and funny at the same time—and even for the most depressing of situations, he still brings the brightness in.

I love that.  And I love Sir Raymond!  (Shhhh..Don’t tell Bonaparte!)

Sir Raymond Davis still has that most adorable crooked smile!  Be still my heart! NO–don’t be still my heart. Keep beating!

Do you still listen to the music you grew up on? Does it bring a new meaning to you now in your life?

Go. And listen to music.  And enjoy it. And sing along. And find new meaning!  And get Kinky!

Because I love the pulsing beat and the slight vibrato that reminds me of Marc Bolan I have to play “Here Come The People In Grey”—enjoy!

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No! I’m Not a Stripper! I’m A “Striper”!!!

Just because my wigs have names like “Storm”, “Texana”, “Shiny” and “Windy” doesn’t mean I’m a stripper!



My hair’s name may be “Storm”–but she’s a good girl, she is! She ain’t no stripper!

I’ll leave the stripping to my youthful days of skinny dipping at the beach during the evening.

I’m no Gypsy Rose Lee either. She was the ultimate stripper!

Gypsy Rose Lee also gave us a new way to look at dots!

Or was she?  See—she’s wearing stripes!  It appears that perhaps Gypsy Rose Lee was a striper as well as a stripper!

I’ll be honest–this adorable striped corset ensemble would have looked MUCH better if Gypsy was wearing a padded bra. I guess she figured what the hell since the top would be coming off!

I’m a striper.  I love stripes.  I’ve been wearing them since I discovered that, contrary to what mother said, horizontal stripes do not make me, or anyone else, look fat!

I can’t help it. I freakin’ love stripes!

And the fashion experts are at it again.  Shouting about how stripes are “in” this year. I do believe we go through this every year.

 FashionMagazine.com is telling us how to wear stripes this year. Um. No. I’m NOT wearing stripes this way. I don’t care WHAT you say.  I wouldn’t be smiling either if I had to wear that getup!

The fact is, stripes were never “out” of style!

Check out any one of the thousands of “How to Dress Like a French Woman” articles on the net and you’ll see stripes.

Here’s a Gallic photo from Fashion Gum’s article on Parisian Chic Street Style.  Dress like a French Woman.  (Here’s a secret.  Most Parisian women don’t dress like the ones in the pics. I know. I’ve been there enough times)

I don’t wanna dress like a French woman unless it’s Bardot.

Wait a minute. I DO dress like Bardot!

MY iconic striped model is none other than Bonaparte’s dad, Dany Lartigue.

Dany is an artist who lives in St. Tropez.  He’s been wearing striped shirts for years.  Years!

His “uniform” consists of khaki cropped pants, sandals, a Breton striped shirt and a hat.

I have never seen him wear anything but.

Bonaparte and dad in St. Tropez. Dany even has a striped cross-body bag!  Those Frenchmen! 

He changed into a DIFFERENT striped shirt for lunch. This is his dress striped shirt!


A year later and he’s still in the same uniform with the same striped bag.  This is greatness!

Oops!  How did I end up in Dany’s shirt?  ONLY KIDDING!  We were twinning!  I wore my striped shirt too!

I also dig his red striped shirt!  I hope he wears the red when we visit him in June!

Just how much do I love stripes?

Let’s have a look-see, shall we?

Rugby striped maxi dress from a few years ago. I have to go back down to the garage to find this!

A striped maxi skirt! I was prompted to go back down to the garage and dig this out. I may even launder it!

Behind the red skirt. My six dollar steal from Old Navy. I love that striped skirt. Hmmm. Perhaps I will wear it tomorrow if it is cool outside!

Look!  More stripes!  I’m emulating Dany’s little striped bag! I love dressing like a Frenchman…

Look!  From 1965!  Proof that stripes are timeless and nothing new!

It’s difficult to see the stripes in this tunic–but they are there!  

And year after year, the stripes are going strong!

This is probably my favorite striped shirt. I couldn’t wear it last year or the year before because it didn’t look that great due to the weight gain. I can wear this again and it is incredibly flattering. I love the loosey-goosey neckline. 

Here’s another view.  This really is an oldie but goodie!

I KNOW it’s so lame to post these pics from my last post–I’m sorry, but it’s bringing attention to the stripes!

There’s more–striped button down shirts. Striped shift dresses.  I cannot believe I do not own striped shoes!

Stripes are nothing new–they are fun to wear. Stripes can turn a drab outfit into a very happy one.  Did you ever notice that?  I mean, stripes really do add a bit of happiness to an outfit.  Dots and pom-poms have the same effect. Happy dressing!

I think we all need a bit of happy dressing–don’t you?  Get the stripes out ladies. Wear them well and know that someone will be smiling at you when you are striped!

I can’t seem to get Gypsy Rose Lee out of my mind. Did you ever see the movie “Gypsy”?  Natalie Wood played Gypsy Rose Lee and it remains one of my favorite musicals of all time (along with Flower Drum Song).  “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” from Gypsy (too bad it wasn’t “Everything’s Coming Up Stripes”)

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Back to Basics–and Some Clothes Talk!



And Hugs and Kisses!!  Thank you for being a part of my Birthday!!


And now, let us resume with today’s post:

Bonaparte and I had a great date night for my pre-Birthday dinner on Saturday evening. We returned to Ma Maison in Ardmore for another enjoyable meal.

One great thing about the Philly area is the overabundance of BYOB restaurants.  I wish this was the norm everywhere!

Bonaparte poured…

..while I enjoyed a starter of duck rillettes..

..and he had a salad. But the food pics stop here. Bonaparte asked me to refrain from taking photos and just enjoy the meal.  He was right. And I did. And I really did!

My date night outfit.  My bio hair!  I also wore my plaid Lady Jacket, new jeans I purchased at Marshall’s, an old–very old cotton shell from Talbots that I wish was still sold and a pair of red, pointy-toed heels from Vince Camuto.  YES. This is how the OVER-60 woman dresses!!  

Wearing that plaid jacket got me to thinking about my favorite madras shorts and the fact that I needed to find them because the warm weather is finally here!  I went to sleep dreaming about them.

I woke up this Birthday Morning to a very nice gift card to my favorite store!  Bonaparte knows what I like!

And Bonaparte does not want me using any store credit cards either.  I can’t wait to use this card!!

I  also woke up on this Easter Morning and thanked my buddy, Hipster Jesus, for gifting me with another year.  Then I went on to ask him to please return to Earth so that he could remind people the true meaning of Christian behavior.

Yes, you did. And I was one of them and, like the song that Little Peggy March sang back in the early 1960’s, I will always follow you!

You know, things like compassion, empathy, love for all humanity, equality, kindness, non-judgemental behavior.  The Basics. They have gone into hiding and need to resurface.

Then I asked Him for help.  I know—this is just so awful, but He knows me.

I asked him to help me find my favorite shorts. The madras Bermuda shorts I got last summer at J. Crew. I love those shorts.  And I want to see how much tailoring needs to be done on them since my weight loss.

My favorite shorts of all time.  I needed to find them. And I asked Hipster Jesus to help me. They fit me last year!

And off I went into the garage in search of my all-time favorite pair of shorts.

In my search, I discovered quite a few dresses that I had forgotten about. I also found other shorts that I wore last year but my madras shorts alluded me.

Not quite in a panic, I shrugged and figured that eventually—meaning at some point today, I would find them.  Even if it meant taking every closet apart as though I was a police officer with a search warrant, I would find those shorts.

In the meantime, I rummaged through the clothing that I did find and came across some gems from a few years back that became too tight. But–the good thing was that all the dresses were pretty much basic–nothing trendy and they could still be worn!  I laundered, ironed the clothing because after sniffing and carefully inspecting for stains, I only needed to put one skirt in the wash.  I’ll wash it later on in the week.

So I ironed and tried stuff on.  To my surprise, the shorts from last year were very loose. Way too loose, in fact, to wear.

I really like these striped nautical shorts but the waist was incredibly big..

I was shocked at how much room was in the waist. They fell down to my hips when I walked down the stairs.  I can’t wear them this year.

I did throw on the neon yellow eyelet shorts and wore them with a belt. Monsieur Bonaparte, Fashion Expert, informed me that the shorts were, in fact, too loose to wear even with a belt. They will be placed back in storage with the other shorts that were too loose.

They don’t look bad at all from the front, but in the back they were just sagging too much. The GOOD thing is that Bonaparte said he would take me shopping and buy more shorts for me. 

But, I will share with you the clothing that made the cut–and they are all basics:

This is a dress that I purchased at J. Crew Factory some years back. It’s a bit on the shorter side and I never got around to wearing it. At all.  The weight gain made it impossible to get over my thighs.  It fits now. And yes. It is still on the short side. I wouldn’t wear it to work, but it is a nice summer dress to wear after a day at the beach or if we go out in the evening.  I wore my Rondini “Bikini” sandals in the pics because I plan on getting a lot of wear out of them this coming summer. They are comfy as all get out. Back to the dress. I love the way this yellow statement necklace looks against the navy.

and with hair pulled in an updo, it is a nice warmer-weather look!

Same basic dress only this time with a scarf–which is great to wear in air-conditioned movie theaters.

and what better way to hide Turkey Neck?

This is a dress that I absolutely love and haven’t worn in over two years. It is by “Cos” and I picked it up in Paris many years ago–when I was lean enough to buy clothes. in the City of Lights!  The dress is high waisted but I still like it. The top is knit and the bottom cotton and it has pockets!  Honestly–what is not to love. It is also a very basic dress. There is nothing trendy about it and it is about eight years old.

The length is office friendly and I can dress it up a bit with heels.  In all honesty, I should have changed my bra before trying this on. A less padded one makes the dress look even better!

Another J. Crew Factory purchase from a few years back. To tell you the truth, I’m not crazy about the dress because I wish the waist line was lower.  The Cos dress has a purposely high waist line–so it’s almost an empire waist. But this dress is made for women who don’t have a long waistline.  I like stripes though. And I can wear this to work so it’s a keeper…

…and I happen to like the way it looks with this lightweight dotted scarf!

A great shirtwaist dress is difficult to find. Many of them have a tendency to look a bit frumpy. This dress–is just great. I cannot even remember how long ago I made the purchase. I can’t remember if it is GAP or GAP Factory. I do remember that when I made the purchase the arms were way too tight and I wore it maybe once. I am so happy I held on to this dress. It is basic as all get-out, but I love it. 

I can belt it if need be, but I would rather keep it more like a shift.  I can wear ballet flats to give it a more polished look for work. I’m telling you, this is a great, great dress that has managed to keep classic over the years!

OK. I gotta tell you a story about this dress and the next dress I’m photographed in. Bonaparte took a photo of me in this last summer. I literally started crying because I had gained so much weight that I looked like a white whale in it.  I was shocked. And I was sad because this has been one of my favorite summer dresses. It is loose to begin with so I’ve been able to wear it through thick and less thick times.  I’m happy that I can wear it again this year.  It’s also very airy and lightweight. This is another GAP dress.

This is me last summer in Theoule.  This dress was tight!  VERY tight…

This is the dress this year. Yeah. I’ll be giving it a lot of love!

Basically, it comes down to this—don’t buy anything new before you check to see what you already have.  Everything old is new. I found a couple of striped dresses. Guess what?  Stripes  are in mode now (I refuse to say “on trend”. I cannot stand that phrase).  I have another post-in-progress about stripes. Stay tuned!

Take that older item and make it new with a scarf, or shoes or accessories. If it is basic, you can work with it.

And this scarf?  I can wear it with the navy shift dress or even the white dress. It’ll look completely different!

Oh..and I did manage to talk some more to my Hipster Jesus. He told me that what I was looking for may not be what it used to be.

Darned if He wasn’t right!!!  After another trip down to the garage and another rummage, this time in an old chest of drawers. I found my beloved shorts. And I tried them on. And they don’t fit. They are way too loose.

Look at how ill-fitting my madras shorts are. The crotch area is not where it should be..

That is NOT the crack of my ass. It is the small of my back and the shorts fell down to my hips and not in a flattering way.  Do I get them tailored?  I said yes, but looking at this pic, I’m not so sure…

The one pair of shorts I managed to salvage. Stretch denim. J. Crew. They were tight as a vise last summer.  Now they are a normal fit.  I’ll probably wear these to the threads this summer.

Lesson learned?  I’m glad I’m a “Basic”.  If you stick to basics you will be able to hang on to clothing for years. In the blogosphere of fashion, my thinking may be a bit…well, basic but I don’t care.

That’s the beauty of wisdom with age. It isn’t about following trends anymore. It’s about what lasts and what you like and what you know looks and feels great for you.  We old ladies got it going on!!

Oh! And guess what else I found?  Remember the gray Old Navy $15 T-shirt dress that I raved about. The one I put on last week and discovered not one, not two, but three stains all in the course of about a minute?  I discovered another one of the dresses that is still in the plastic!  Oh yes!  Now I have an older, brand new, never-worn dress to stain!

Why I buy multiples!! 

And today’s song–let’s have some fun!  Little Peggy March “I Will Follow Him”!  You know who I’m talkin’ ’bout!



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Saturday Randomlings

It’s the day before Easter and the day before my 62nd birthday.  I have had a busy day so far.  And I’ve got a couple of hours to kill before getting ready to go out to dinner.

Some of my hair is up in rollers.  Adam gave me a spectacular blow-out today and I want the bigness for this evening. I am going to wear my bio hair tonight!

I want my hair big and bouncy this evening and don’t want to mess up a wig as I sloppily gorge down my meal! The things we do for beauty!

Adam gave me an excellent wig-friendly blow out this morning!  

The flowers the kids sent are now in full bloom and are on the table next to me. I am enjoying glancing over at them. And while the kids aren’t here this weekend, I have a reminder of them.

Arent they beautiful?  They are in bloom now and I love looking at them!

This was a great surprise to come home to yesterday!  The card–I’m misty-eyed!

It is the first time, since I became a mom, in 1983, that I am not dying eggs for Easter nor am I filling baskets up to the brim with candy.

There is a fork in my emotional road.

I could take the side that is sad because nobody is here for my Easter/birthday weekend or I could veer off to the happy side and realize they are not here because, as adults, they have their own lives.

I have decided to take the happy road!

That’s right man!  I’m taking the happy road!  No Easter baskets mean no chocolate that I can sneak into my big mouth. That means no added and empty calories!

Oona is off to her boyfriend’s family for Easter festivities.  Jake is working on the news and, is most likely with the new girl he is seeing and Roman is working at Saturday Night Live tonight.  The boys will be relaxing tomorrow.

The boys came to visit two weeks ago and Oona was here last week.  I am a lucky woman because I’ve had three weekends of celebrations.

Still, it was a very pleasurable surprise to come home to a delivery of flowers from the kids.

I also came home to a most lovely surprise from my favorite aunt—my Aunt Terry.  She sent a photo of me as a baby. In the photo, I am with my parents. I had never seen this photo before and it had been at another aunt’s home.  It was passed on to Aunt Terry and she sent it to me.  I cannot stop looking at it.

I’m grateful to my Aunt Terry for sending me this wonderful gift of a photo!  I’m like a baby version of  Mona Lisa–what the hell am I looking at?  What kind of smile is that?  This is also THE most amazing pic of me because I don’t look cross-eyed!  I am very much digging my mother’s sweater! I’ll bet I’m eyeing food on a table!

The simple, thoughtful gifts are the most touching.

Anyway, I did manage to do some baking.  On Monday, we welcome a new co-worker and it is a month of birthdays at the office so I made a cake!

I made the Momofuku “Milk Bar” Cookbook Birthday Cake. I love the method of baking the cake in a sheet pan and cutting the layers with a cake round…

The cake is assembled with an acetate sheet inserted into the cake round, it helps to keep the shape of the cake while setting in the freezer.  I made cake truffles out of the remaining cake scraps and leftover frosting. I’ll dip them in white chocolate tomorrow!

If you want to read more about this cake, click on this link to my second-ever blog post when I went to the Milk Bar Cooking Class!  My Second Blog Post:  A Weekend in Brooklyn.

Yesterday we got out of work early and I ran some errands. Naturally, with a bit of “afternoon” time, I checked into the Marshalls in Norristown.  I used to shop here quite often when I worked in the area and always found great deals.  I tried a couple of fails on before trying on the hidden gem.  A pair of skinny jeans for $19.99!  I love them!

Dressing Room Fail Number 1: I wanted to love this off-the-shoulder top so much but it was a pain to keep the shoulders down and it was uncomfortable. Not good.

Dressing Room Fail Number Two:  The fit was awful. The construction was shoddy. No on all levels!

Dressing Room Fail Number 3:  I love a good pair of tattered jeans but these just did not work. I didn’t like the hem and the fit was not flattering.  Note the stain on my blouse–I will get to that later in the post!

Dressing Room Win:  At $19.99 these jeans by 1822 Denim was a treasure.  The fit is wonderful. In fact, I’ve had them on all day with no stretching out. I may dress these up for dinner this evening!  

I also realized that I have not been keeping you posted on my weight loss for the past three weeks.  Well, since each weekend was a celebration of food and fun, I decided “screw it”—then my scale broke. Literally into two pieces.

The good news is, Bonaparte went out and purchased an old-school scale for me.  I gained three pounds.  And so, on Monday I’ll go back to my semi-Weight Watchers routine of eating healthier.

And speaking of clothing, here’s a bit of a look-see at what I wore this past week:

As I recall, last Monday’s weather was pretty bad–so I went ultra casual in old City Pants, Repetto’s a bright Lilly Pultizer for Target scarf, a knit shirt with POM-POM trim and a denim jacket! I also wore a new head of fake hair–Storm by Model Model!

Tuesday was a beautiful day. Warm and sunny–so I went with a Lilly Pultizer shift that was very tight on me last year!  I even wore the Rondini sandals I picked up in France last summer and my little pineapple necklace!

Wednesday I was a bit ladylike with my linen blend skirt from last year’s purchase at J. Crew Factory.  I didn’t realize it, but when I got home I noticed a tiny stain in the front of the skirt and I can’t figure out how I got it. I can’t stand that….

…and speaking of stains, Thursday was a beaut.  I have NO IDEA how this dress ended up with THREE stains within moments of putting this dress on.  Being the natural born slob that I am, I wore the dress anyway.  Bonaparte noticed the stains and was mortified that I would wear the dress like that in the first place.  It is now on his dresser waiting to be taken to the dry cleaners.  My $15 dress is now becoming more expensive.  My hair is my crowning glory–it’s the Perm Yaki 18″ by Outre!  OMG. It literally IS the hair I had before I lost most of it!

OK. So here’s yesterday’s outfit. We now have a pattern here. It’s STAIN week!  I kid you not,  this is the shirt I purchased last Sunday. The first time I wore it. While putting it on, I hit the inside of the shirt with my mouth and the lipstick I applied.  It stained.  I’m amazed at how lipstick won’t stay on your lips but it’ll stain the hell out of a shirt.  I tried taking the stain out with Shout AND Dawn. It is still there. The shirt is now on top of the stained dress that Bonaparte is taking to the dry cleaners…

Lesson learned.  Apply lipstick/gloss/lip color AFTER getting dressed!  Looking on the bright side, this Essence lip gloss DOES stay on the lips for a long, long time. At $2.50 it is a longer-lasting lip color than the pricey ones. It also leaves a mean stain!

That’s it for my Saturday. I have to get ready now for date night!!  See you tomorrow–and if I don’t get around to posting tomorrow:  Have a great and happy Easter!

Celebrating Easter or not celebrating–have a wonderful day!

Hey. I was listening to The Best of The Byrds earlier today while driving.  The best and most iconic opening riff to any song, ever, was the opening to “Mr. Tambourine Man”. What do you think?

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The Old Reliable

It struck me this morning. As, once again, I really didn’t prepare what I was going to wear to work. And I was running a bit—late so to speak.

I was on all fours, on the floor in my closet, in my underwear.  Flabby bits and jelly belly flapping around as I tried to find the shoes I wanted to wear.

And then I came across my old reliable:  My Nike Air Ballet Flats.  These shoes have been in my possession for many years now.  The pair was purchased at the outlet mall close to where I live.  I paid about $80 for them, which at the time wasn’t much of an outlet price. But they have become my “Old Reliable” when I’m traveling. They have walked the city streets of Paris and New York umpteen times. They have trekked the dry and rough terrain of Provence and all stops along the Cote d’Azur.

And, as usual, Nike has discontinued this fabulous shoe. It had something to do with their partnership with Nike.

And they don’t wear out. They are comfy as all get-out and I love them.

But today, I wanted to wear a different shoe. I was Hell-bent on wearing my black Repetto’s. This is another “Old Reliable”. I’ve had them for years. Years!  They were purchased in Paris and once they were properly broken in, they became one of my old reliables because I know that I can wear these shoes from office to dinner. I can dress ‘em up or down. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that my Repettos (all three pair) have managed to retain their brand-new shape and not stretch out.

These iconic ballet flats always look good!

Resting in their home town of Paris. They fit my narrow feet so well! Old reliables in an old reliable city!

Then I got to thinking about my other “Old Reliables”.  I’m sure you know by now how much I love my comfortable old Bass Weejuns.  They have been an old reliable for decades. They are my errand shoe and more.  Over the years they have formed to the shape of my feet and my toes have comfortable little leather cubicles to snuggle into as the insole has worn down in spots.

They’ve been repaired and resoled many times but these decades-old loafers are my favorites!

Another “Old Reliable” is the trench coat I purchased at J. Crew Factory in March of 2016.  Originally purchased as a “rain” coat, it has surpassed even the harshest precipitation.  It is the one article of clothing I’ve worn this winter more than anything else. It never got really cold this past winter and with my penchant for blazers and lady jackets, it made sense to wear a lighter coat.  The more I wear it, the more I love it and realize what a great deal this purchase was.

This photo was taken in January. JANUARY!! Notice I’m not wearing socks either. This trench was my most-worn coat this past winter!

I love this coat so much I wrote an entire blog post about it:  Drenched and Entrenched

Getting my spy on!

I have a pair of white shorts that are also “Old Reliables”. They are denim. There is a bit of the stretch in them. I’ve worn them through fat times and leaner times.  They are a bit lose this year but I love them that way!  Now that the weather is warmer, these are the shorts I throw on when I arrive home from work.  And they look fine if I must run out to the store in an emergency. I can throw a shirt and my old reliable Weejuns on and my ensemble is complete.

The white shorts–and I LOVE the denim ones because they don’t creep up my thighs! The shorts stay put! VERY reliable!

My navy Schoolboy blazer is another “Old Reliable” because it goes with everything.  It is heavy enough and warm enough to wear in the winter and light enough to wear throughout the spring.  That navy blazer is so reliable that I have three of them. Just in case!

Case Number One

Case Number Two

I rest my case with the navy blazer being an old reliable!

The Brie wig by Vivica Fox, has, surprisingly turned into an “old reliable” for me.  Yes. I was going to trash this wig because it got natty and tangled. And after watching a YouTube video on washing wigs and conditioning them with fabric softener, I have given her new life.

She is reliable because she always looks good. I don’t have to fuss with her and she looks great pulled back as she does down.

Who know that an inexpensive head of hair would end up to be…

..and old reliable?  See how good it looks pulled back too?  If you are interested it is $24.99 on Divatress’ site!

My big hoop earrings are “old reliables” too. They are inexpensive. $2.88 a pair!  And, quite honestly, if someone comes up that close to me to inspect my jewelry they are going to be shoved the way Elaine Bennis shoved the Seinfeld crew!

Best $2.88 of all time. Check out the photo of me above this. I’m wearing these el-cheapos!

That’s right. Get too close to inspect my cheap baubles and this is what I shall do to you!

Same with my fake pearls.  Those simple strands of white always finish off the neckline of a sweater that may not look too swift against my bare turkey neck.

I don’t get the chance to thank my old reliables but these are items that I know will never fail me. They always contribute to helping me in my quest to look better and to be comfortable and to feel good!

Hey!  Do you think that my old reliables think of me as an old reliable?  They should—after all, I’m also old. And very reliable!

I’m a very reliable old reliable!!

How about you. Do you have any old reliables that you couldn’t live without?

I wanna know!

Here’s a very old reliable song: “Ol’55” by the Eagles.  I was born in that year!!

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Out and About On a Sunday Bargain Hunt!

The weather was so nice on this Sunday that I had to take a break from being indoors.  The temperature was rising and so was my interest in finding a bargain!

Summer vacation is seven weeks away, and since the only two pleasurable events I actually plan for are Christmas and vacation, I thought I would get a head start and see what’s out there for me!

My outfit of choice today was a bit of a mix-and-match.  It’s still a bit on the cool side so I wore my Lady Jacket because I’m ever the lady!  I also wore my “Patsy Stone for President” T-shirt because, quite frankly, we need Patsy in the White House. She would make everything Absolutely Fabulous!

As a contrast to the ladylike jacket and ladylike handbag, I thought it would be fun to wear my sneakers. These new Converse sneaks are among the comfiest footwear I presently own. They are gonna get a lot of wear and love this summer!

This was my outfit today!  Part ladylike, part “I-don’t-know-what”–but it was a fun look!

Since I’m lazy AF, and couldn’t be bothered styling the diminishing amount of hair I have, I plopped my “Storm” wig upon my head. NOTE TO SELF—Change the name of this wig from “Storm” to Mary Catherine. It is less hooker.

Geez. The more I wear Storm, the more I love her! I think I’ll have to order another one, Perhaps in a lighter color?

My mission was twofold. To go to Ulta and get an answer to a question from one of the blog followers.  Liz McGarry asked me about a foundation that could work for super-dry skin because her present one wasn’t working. You think I’m gonna let one of our Atypical60 friends down? Nuh unh!

I also had to pick up a replacement for my Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil. It’s the only one that doesn’t fade when you apply to the waterline!

I also had to pick up a night guard for my teeth grinding habit. But Liz’s question was more important.

I DID pick up the night guard at Walmart. But I also picked up..

Two pair of large hoop earrings. These went right into my suitcase when I arrived home, at $2.88 a pair, I can go swimming in these and basically put them through so much abuse without a care. It’s the way I travel! If I lose cheap jewelry I don’t care!

I also came across the great Outlast lipstick by CoverGirl. This stuff really DOES last a long, long time. I am surprised it doesn’t receive more love! And at $7.54 this is the cheapest price I’ve ever seen it…

Hmmmm. Look at this. An Orange Red for light pale skin tones!  I did.

Surprisingly–I like this color! It isn’t a harsh red and is more on the coral side. A nice summer color! I freakin’ love Walmart! I realize their politics are different than mine but my wallet is not that of the one percent!


Ulta was empty when I arrived. Such is the greatness of going shopping early.

When the sales assistant approached me, I told her about Liz’s issue with foundation and Kayla, the most adorable sales assistant that Ulta has ever hired, was a tremendous help.

This is Kayla from Ulta. Look at that face!  It’s flawless. I swear I wanted to touch her face but it would have been inappropriate. Kayla was a great sport for listening to me rant about the beauty industry ignoring we older women!

She led me to—get this, iT cosmetics. I almost died. Two readers commented on how much they loved the iT foundation!

I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical because I was thinking more that a super liquid foundation might be the better choice. But Kayla explained that the new iT foundation had a tremendous amount of moisturizer built in and was very “mature” friendly.

One think Kayla DID say was that preparation of your skin is really important before applying makeup. You have to moisturize and hydrate!  I’m still on the lookout for an oil-based foundation for our Liz!

She applied a bit to my hand and I have to admit that it did not feel dry nor did it feel cakey. The coverage is supposed to be spectacular.

Do I see another foundation purchase for both Liz and me?

After a successful visit to Ulta, I decided to leave my parked car in the lot and walk around the outdoor shopping center.

My next stop was Charming Charlie. It’s hard to describe this shop. It has clothing and shoes, but it is mostly affordable accessories, like costume jewelry, handbags, scarfs.

For what it’s worth. Charming Charlie is a great place for purchasing travel accessories and trendy summer items.

Here are some offerings:

Look at this hot air balloon pendant!  I loved it but I swear to you, this was out of my comfort zone. Honestly–it was some of the colors…

So many fake pearls!  I was thrilled to see that if I need more fakes I can drive to Charming Charlie and he will take care of me!

Look at all those reds!

These tassled scarfs are adorable!

A nice evening bag–which I might add, there was a huge selection of. Why spend a huge amount of money  at a department store for an event bag when you can go to a place like Charming Charlie?

How cute are these leopard bags anyway?

I ended up purchasing a great tote. It was hidden on a bottom shelf. The bag is coated canvas and is perfect for the beach or using as a shopping bag while on vacation. And it was a steal at $5.99.

I love the pattern and am a sucker for navy and pink!  Coated Canvas. This is a great tote….

The little “feet” on the bottom of the tote lends itself well for pool time. The bag will have a bit of  “lift off” from the wet concrete and tile!

….and plenty of room on the inside with a zippered compartment and built-in pouches. This was a great buy!

Next up—this adorable pineapple necklace!  I couldn’t resist. And it came in at less than ten bucks!  It’s just so summery and cute!

How cute is this pineapple?  Another great inexpensive buy!

I hadn’t been in Loft in quite some time and made my way to the 50% off clearance rack. Look what I got for $15.00!

This blouse will look great with white jeans!  I can’t wait to wear it.  J. Crew has similar shirts for a steeper price point. I’m shocked that this was on the clearance rack! NOTE!  I have hips and those hips do not stop me from wearing skinny jeans! Just sayin’!

Next was a walk over to DSW.  I was explaining to Oona that I was looking for shoes with a bit of a trendy look. My footwear choice is basically the same. Pointy-toed heels. But I’m liking the peep toed look these days.

These shoes were so unbelievably comfortable and looked great. But my foot is just too narrow   The straps, even when the cord was pulled at its tightest,  were still too loose! What a shame too!

Same with this shoe. I loved it buy my instep is also very high and makes it difficult to wear a wedge shoe.  Oh well, can’t win ’em all!

My issue is that my foot is very narrow. Why couldn’t God make the rest of my body as narrow as my feet? Seriously. Thanks God!  But with narrow feet comes an almost impossible fit. Many of the shoes were just too wide.

Better luck next time!

And that was my Sunday. After my little expedition, it was back home to hang with Chippy and Bonaparte and enjoy the rest of the day before writing this and getting ready for the work week!

Isn’t it great to have the sun shining down on you? Isn’t it even better when you can go outdoors without that heavy winter coat and just enjoy the moment?

It was a great end to the weekend as I made some birthday cake crumb for a birthday cake that I’ll be making for next weekend!  Preparation is key!

Birthday cake crumb. No wonder I gained four pounds in two weeks. Tomorrow it is back to disciplined eating!

Today was just delighful. Like my favorite Kinks song– “Sunny Afternoon”! Just for you and only for you!

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