No Beauty for Old Ladies!  But I Say Different!  Let’s Revisit Liquid Foundation!

Nah. The title isn’t click-bait.  I was just deep in thought the other day about how much we, as the older woman, are continued to be ignored for the most part by the beauty industry.

Excited Golden Girls GIF by TV Land

And don’t get me started on the Golden Girls stereotype. The clothing is horrific. The hair an ageing disgrace and I cannot even with the makeup. OK?

I’m not talking about the small companies that have been kind to me by allowing me the opportunity to review and share.  I’m talking about the beauty industry in general.  And that’s one of the reasons I’ll try to write more blog posts on “Mature-Woman-Friendly” makeup and cosmetics.  We need each other to show us what’s out there because God forbid the beauty industry actually includes our demographic.

We have the beauty industry acting like they are all-inclusive by showcasing ads with women of color; men; the LGBT community, the disabled but all the while, ignoring the over 60 and older or over 50 and over demographic.  To be truly inclusive you must stop the ageist behavior.

frustrated stanley tucci GIF by Feud

Yo. Tucci. You talkin’ ’bout ME? Sadly he’s saying what industries and corporations think. 

And now that I’m down from my soapbox, I did a thing.

You know from a couple of blog posts that I’m deeply in lust with cream makeup. Over the past few months, I’ve pretty-much ignored my liquid foundations in favor of everything cream. And I am happy with my choice.  I love the way cream glides on the face and really gives a natural finish. The creams do a fine job of evening out skin tone and the different products such as contour and blush over the cream foundations blend very well.

My creamy stacks…

And my creamy sticks!  I love ’em!

So, I thought.  And pondered.  And I took out three liquid foundations that I hadn’t purged.

Three unpurged foundations. One was the hands-down best. One was fine and one was trashed.

Jouer Essential High Coverage Crème Foundation (it’s liquid) in the shade Vanilla; Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation in the shade 150W  and Burberry liquid foundation (which has been discontinued) in the shade Light Neutral No. 40.

Now. I’m not gonna lie.  The liquid foundation, IMHO, works better for a special event face such as a wedding, Mother-of-the-Bride look, a very special date night, or any special occasion.  Whereas the cream foundations work far better for the everyday look.

I’m not a glam girl as far as makeup goes but I did do the closest to a glam look for yesterday because I also want to touch upon cream eyeshadows and powder shadows.  In a while…

My glam look from yesterday!

Anyway, I’ve written about these foundations separately in past posts but today I’m comparing.

The Jouer. I used today and during the week.  I’ll say that the first time I used this—I hated it!  It looked chalky, I looked pale AF. T’was a mess!  Then I took a step back and learned and educated myself on the proper way to use this foundation.  It’s all about applying a tiny amount and the correct brush.

With this foundation, you really need the correct brush. A very, very dense one!

This is full coverage at its best! It covers my one larger sun spot and does a stellar job covering the redness on my nose. The oddest thing is that it is very liquid when coming out of the bottle and dries to a matte almost powdery finish. But it doesn’t make your skin look dry!  It is an incredible foundation!

This small amount covers the entire face–and gives full-coverage!

Let’s face it. Makeup on at 6:30 AM and pretty doesn’t necessarily mean the same at 5 or 6 PM. I’m usually pretty worn out looking after working all day—bent over my desk—staring at two computer screens.  But I’ve great news!  This foundation stayed put all day!  And stayed pretty smooth. Granted, I have wrinkles and there’s no way that foundation isn’t going to creep into those lines. Jouer is minimally invasive on those creases and lines.  Overall. The Jouer foundation is my favorite.

Trust me, this foundation stays on all day. I would show you the filthy tissues with the makeup that I washed off but you wouldn’t want to see the mess!

Will I wear it every day? No. I prefer a cream for everyday use. But for those times I want glam or if I’m going out and will be out all day (I don’t speak of work—I speak of fun) once the pandemic ends, I can see myself using this for when Bonaparte and I head to NYC for the day or a long weekend. Would I repurchase this? Yeah. I might head to Sephora later to see if it’s in stock. If not, I plan on ordering another bottle.

Next is Anastasia Luminous Glow.  Again, a great liquid foundation.  This had more luminosity than the Jouer but they are two different animals. This is a medium coverage so to get full-on coverage you need to build it up. That’s where I stop. Building upon building with liquid foundation can look very cakey on mature skin and the more you use the more it’ll slide into those fine lines and creases.  The trade-off with this foundation is to apply lightly and the dewiness of this foundation is wonderful. Staying power is good. Not as good as Jouer but good enough.   Would I repurchase?  I don’t think so.

Foundation Two: Anastasia’s foundation. I had to build this up for a more full-coverage look.  Is it good?  It certainly is but, I prefer a cream over this and narrowing down my liquid foundations, I would not repurchase simply because I don’t like building foundation up on my face.

As much as I love a dewy finish, I can attain it with the Jouer by applying Glossier’s Futuredew underneath the foundation for a dewy look. The addition of a highlighter also gives a satin and luminous look.  But, if you don’t want full-coverage and prefer a medium-coverage, then the Anastasia foundation is for you!

Honestly, for added dewiness and luminosity, Futuredew is remarkable!

Burberry liquid foundation.  I picked this up a while back at Nordstrom Rack.  I also picked up an eyeshadow and highlighter by the Burberry brand which I’m happy with!  However, the foundation ended up leaving much to be desired.  The shade blended in well with my skin tone but after less than 15 minutes, I had to start re-blending the foundation that caked up in my wrinkles. I used a damp blending sponge and brush and remedied the situation for a while but during the day I noticed it caked up again. At the end of the day, much of the foundation had worn off on my mask.  It’s been discontinued and I get why.  Despite the really beautiful packaging, it’s being purged.

Slightly darker than the other two foundations, the Burberry photographed nicely but close up, after a while was a complete mess.  I fell prey to the pretty packaging!

Cream eyeshadow vs. Powder?  A dilemma that is difficult to face.  I’ve always loved powder eyeshadow. And have preferred it to creams. But aging happened.  I’m not talking about the aging of my forties or even fifties. I’m talking about the mid-60’s aging. Despite wrinkles and fine lines, the skin on the eyelids gets really thin and crepey!  And in the past year, I’ve noticed that powders are not looking too flattering anymore.  Granted, I’m still using them but I’m being very particular about which powdered shadows I’m now applying.

When Jeffree Star’s Orgy palette became available, I jumped at the chance to order it. It was pricey but there’s a ton of shadows in there! And as a lover of neutrals, this was right up my alley.  What I’ve noticed lately is the shadows are starting to look very “chalky”, and one-dimensional on me.  I prefer more of a shimmer or satin finish. And despite what the “experts” say, I do believe a satin and even lightly shimmery shadow is more flattering to the mature eye.  I’m not purging this though because there are a few shadows in this palette that still work!

Jeffree Star Nude, Neutral 'Orgy' Collection: Products, Drop Date

This is Jeffree Star with his Orgy Palette.  Sorry but I forgot to take a photo of my now very much used one. It’s got great neutrals but I’m finding that lately, some of the shades look a bit chalky on my “mature” eyelids!

Mally Nude Attitude Palette. Hands down. The greatest powder palette of all time!  I still use this discontinued palette. The one I currently use is a mess-it’s over two years old (Yeah. I realize there’s an expiration date but I keep my makeup climate-controlled and powders last longer). I have one unused, boxed, in a drawer and just tracked down another. When you love something-you keep multiples.

Here’s the Mally Nude Attitude palette. I have TWO unused palettes-in-waiting! That’s how much I love this.  The shadows are spectacular and I’m flummoxed as to how Mally would discontinue THE perfect eyeshadow palette!

Cream Shadows in the form of a crayon/stick are my jam. I’ve very recently written about the fact the Laura Mercier Caviar sticks have a tendency to dry out.  I did some playing around and found the best way to use the brand’s sticks is to glide a flat brush over the product and then apply to the lids. It works like a charm and there is no pulling or tugging!

Let's Summer-eyes! | Atypical 60

Some of my sticks–with a little pink gloss thrown in there!

Anyway, lets get down to the application of my favorite, Number One foundation:  Jouer Essential High Coverage Crème Foundation.  As I stated I use Vanilla. The shade is perfect for those of us with pink undertones.

It’s matte but you can work with it. Trust me you can work with it!

After washing my face and adding a bit of moisturizer, I applied Laura Mercier Canvas Illuminating primer. No particular reason—it was the closest within reach.  After that settled in, I went over my face with Glossier Futuredew for a bit of dewy glow.

Ouch! Here I am!  Old Lady face with nary a stitch of makeup upon my visage!

I did the eyes next, which I’ll show you further down the post.

When eyes were done, I shook the foundation bottle well.  Then pumped one time—that’s right—once, into my Ecotools flat, dense brush. This brush is perfect for applying the foundation.  A dense spoon brush is also perfect.

Again, this small amount is all you need for your face–incredible and full-coverage!

I brushed in a circular motion all over my face.  Then I took another brush—a Kabuki brush of sorts and did some more blending and I’m pretty heavy handed with this second blend.

Look at the amount of coverage AND look how far that small amount goes–I’m not done yet!

Then I blended in with a Kabuki brush and an inexpensive one at that!

Then I patted all over with a damp blending sponge. This picks up any extra bits and gives a nice finish. It’s also needed to pick up product that could eventually cake in wrinkles. Let’s be honest here-we have wrinkles!  Makeup doesn’t make them go away. Fillers and surgery do!

More blending and patting and wiping the excess away!

After the foundation was applied and blended, I grabbed for my powder Jouer bronzer in Suntan.  There are many schools of thought but if I’m using a liquid foundation, my preference is to follow with a powder bronzer or contour. Creams atop liquid foundation can have a tendency to “move” the foundation around.

I’m a fan of the Jouer Suntan bronzer becausne it veers toward cool and doesn’t oxodize. 

Blush was next. Again, I would go for a powder blush such as Too-Faced, which I used yesterday. Today, however, I went with my Perfectly Pink cream blush from Subtl Beauty and applied with a very light hand.

This peachy pink shade from Too-Faced is beautiful and I wore it the other day..but..

I do prefer my lip cheek colors from Subtl Beauty. They are pigmented and don’t “move” liquid foundation.   I used Perfectly Pink today!

I find that the lighter hand won’t move the foundation.  The blush was followed by my favorite highlighter ever.  A powder also from Subtl Beauty in the shade Champagne. At $14, this highlighter is better than any luxury brand I’ve tried.

This highlighter! Champagne is currently sold out. I’m on the wait list for more.  If there is one highlighter you need–it’s this one! 

Cheek color and highlighter!  And I’m not hiding my wrinkles by filtering. I want you to see a wrinkled face with makeup that works!

A swipe of lip balm and Tickled Pink lipstick by L’Oreal with a generic clear gloss applied over the lipstick.  Having perpetually-chapped lips, lip balm is always on hand.  Seriously, not a day passes that, at some point, my lips are like sandpaper!

I’m glad I loaded up on this Laino Lip Balm at CityPharma on our last visit to Paris. Next time I’ll buy in bulk!  And Tickled Pink is my new favorite pink lipstick! It’s just really beautiful!

Back to the eyes—Well-Rested by bareMinerals has been my holy grail, go-to for over a decade.  Recently, I realized that the mineral powder isn’t working as well for me due to the aging process.  What I’ve found to replace is Becca Undereye Brightening corrector. I use it on my lids as well for a primer.

Creamy and eye-brightening.  I use it as an eye primer and love it…

I apply all over with a flat brush!

Then I go in with the shadow. Today (and yesterday) it is the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Cobblestone applied with a brush. I must admit this is a stellar way to apply.   Then for a bit of a more intense look as I wear readers, I went with Mally’s Cocoa in the outer corners

  • .Laura Mercier’s Cobblestone Caviar Stick applied with a brush (this photo was taken before I had a manicure earlier today)… easier than if you apply the shadow directly from the stick!

Brows were done with Trestique’s Brow crayon and Brow mascara, which is now another favorite!

Quite possibly the best brow crayon on earth!

Lined with a Maybelline Tattoo pencil both on outer lid and inner lid, mascara and I’m good to go.

Got dressed and threw on some hair. Today it’s Raquel Welch Wigs Big Time in Capuccino.

So, yeah. It depends on what you’re looking for in a foundation. For every day use, I prefer the creams.  The coverage may not be full-tilt-boogie, but does the job and does it well.

For that “extra”, the Jouer Essential is stellar.  But if you want a more luminous look, rather than full-coverage, the Anastasia is fine!  The key is to be cautious. The Burberry didn’t perform. There is a plethora of liquid foundations out there.  I know this because I’ve tried a great number of them. And while most worked for my younger face—my sixty plus face needs more TLC these days.

It’s always a good thing to switch the products up every now and then. And for a switch-up! Liquid foundation can be one of those good things.

Before and After.  Yeah.  There IS a big difference, isn’t there?  


Let me know what foundation you prefer—or none, if any!

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I’m At A Loss! Skirting the Issue and A Shock to the System.

Okay. First things first.  As I continue to muster my inner willpower, the scale, while slowing down, remains my friend.  Yesterday upon placing my body weight upon the bathroom scale, the numbers were down to 161.50!  I’ll take it.  Its basically ten pounds since I started changing my eating habits.

Happy to see that just about ten pounds have been shed!  Now the hard work really begins!

Not gonna lie.  I ate a few tortilla chips but made sure they were within my range of caloric intake for the day! I’m tracking calories—that’s about it. The App Nutritionix Tracker is what I’ve been using.  It isn’t complicated. It’s simple. And I’m tracking. Albeit not in meal order but I’m being accountable and so far, it is working.

This App was free and works nicely.  I’m counting calories and as long as I stay under 1,200, I’m good.  


What’s the shock?  Yesterday, Friday, Oona went to the doctor for a weekly exam.  Her blood pressure is high. Not in the danger zone but high.  She’s really swollen and retaining a ton of water.  So…this weekend she is relaxing and there is a chance she will be induced on Monday.  If not, she’ll be delivering the following Monday.

This shock to the system made me a bit nervous because I never had those issues pop up in pregnancy. All I want is for my baby to be healthy and my grandbaby to be healthy.  The rosaries were out yesterday and I pray that she ends up with a quick and easy delivery despite the blood pressure.

I had the rosary beads on my desk at work yesterday and every now and then would stop and pray to Mary.  

Now—under normal circumstances, my initial reaction would be to comfort myself with food.  However, upon pondering, food isn’t going to help the situation. Food stuffed into my mouth won’t bring my daughter’s blood pressure down.  Food shoved down my gut won’t make her swelling cease.  So, I’m putting my trust into Oona, Sam and their physician!

wreck it ralph 2 eating GIF by Walt Disney Studios

I did not do this –even stressed. I did not do this!

I was also happy to show restraint by not indulging with celebratory food and drink on Inauguration Evening! Seriously. I felt a weight of four years being lifted off my shoulders and at the same time, realized that I still need to drop twenty pounds moving forward!

marilyn monroe drinking GIF

Nor did do this–even celebratory. I did not do this!

That being said (Why do I feel like Jerry Seinfeld every time I say that?), I managed to fit into two skirts that clearly did not fit me at the start of this process.  The first, a gray wool pencil skirt with absolutely no stretch. Size 8. J. Crew. Ended up fitting nicely.  The second a black number with a bit of stretch, also size 8 by GAP, fit very well. Both have zippers in the back and I was able to zip both up.

Truthfully, I was thrilled to fit into a pencil skirt WITH NO STRETCH!  It zipped!!! 

I wore this ensemble to work yesterday! The skirt has stretch but it also has a zipper in the back. It zipped!  Honestly, this is what keeps me going!

As an aside, the damned buiding I work in saves money into their greedy corporate pockets by turning the heat either super low or turning it off. I improvised by ripping arm holes and a wrist hole in this blanket. YES!  While MOST workers for the company I work for are at home enjoying heat, I”M as well as a few others are going into the office only to be freezing.  Oh if I was twenty years younger…..

I’m not ready for jeans yet.  TBH, when I’m carrying a bit of extra weight, jeans feel very cumbersome. Instead, I’m sticking with leggings and pants with stretch!

I’m sticking to leggings for now.  As one who is fond of the front tuck, I’m happy to say that my gut has gone down a bit.  Now I feel better with the tuck!

Tonight, we’ll be having some of the tenderloin I made for Christmas.  That slab of beef was so huge so I cut some off the end and cut those into pieces. I’ll butterfly and pound them flat and grill in our smokeless griller.  Cubed potatoes in duck fat for Bonaparte and baby spinach and rutabaga for me.  I’ve also made room for the aperitif.

Smaller portion are definitely in order here as well!  I’ll have one, Bonaparte will have two…

…and although I’ll be making cubed potatoes sauteed in duck fat for my husband, I’ve already prepared rutabaga for me.  This, when cooked and mashed with no fat added at all, yielded one cup and  approx. 52 calories.

One entire bag, cooked, is 65 calories and this shrinks down to nothing!

My weekend savior has been these Shishito Peppers. I spray a bit of PAM into a pan and heat them up until they are blistered.  About 50 calories a serving.

A spritz of Pam and placed on heat, these blister and sizzle and 60 calories for four ounces.  An added plus is they keep you “regular” if you catch my drift!

In addition, I cooked up 8 Japanese eggplant in my Le Cruset. I used only water, salt, garlic, pepper and threw a few spices in for good measure. I cooked for a couple of hours until a “mush” of sorts was left. I know it looks pretty unappetizing but it is delicious.  Less calories than Hummus or Babaganoush, it makes a fine dip for carrots and veg or to spread on the 2-ingredient bagels I made.

I know—it looks unattractive but is tasty as all get out!  No added fat either. 

Two-ingredient bagels. Self-rising flour and Non-fat Greek Yoghurt. Sprinkled with a bit of Everything seasoning. Not the real deal but satisfies!

There is also some transparency I would like to make. While I realize many people abhor processed foods, there are times they can come in handy.  Canned soup is one of those items.  I happen to be a fan of the Progresso light soups.  Bibigo, a brand that makes various dumplings, makes Chicken and Cilantro dumplings that I think are fantastic.  My girlfriend MaryBeth introduced these to me and I always have a supply on hand.  These days, take from 8 to 12 dumplings and add them to two cups of plain, low-sodium chicken broth for an easy dinner. Trust me, by the time I arrive home from that job of mine, I’m literally too tired to cook a full-on meal.  I’ll prepare Bonaparte’s usual cous-cous and salmon but during the week, I just want soup and to go to bed.

I love the Progresso Light soups!

For added protein, I’ll throw in a few boiled shrimp!

THESE! In a clear, low-sodium, chicken broth are incredibly decadent, delicious and diet-friendly!  

So that’s about it!  Weight loss is never easy. It’s so easy to gain but so difficult to lose. And try our best is what we can do.  Goals, IMHO, should be thrown out the window.  Any goal I’ve tried to reach, was screwed.  So, I just go for baby steps!

Pretty much how I feel about goals!

Stay focused. We can do this!

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Dear Mr. President and Madame Vice President-An Open Letter

Dear Mr. President and Madame Vice President,

After four years, I’ll no longer cringe when I see the flag!

As I sit here with less than 48 hours until your Inauguration and am filled with both anticipation and hope. Anticipation because I hope the events run smoothly void of the evil that infiltrated the Capitol last week.

Reaction to Biden picking Harris as running mate

On this eve before you are President Biden and Vice President Harris, I’m filled with hope!

Hope because the last four years had left me hopeless.  The Coward; the liar; the racist; the misogynist; the anti-American who did absolutely nothing of substance or nothing good or positive for our America has left our beautiful country in shambles and broken.  Our America, Lady Liberty needs to heal.  We the people need to heal.

The damaged country as we know her now will heal. And she will rise even stronger—because that is what America is. An empowering stronghold.  We suffered from the throws of a leader who did not care about our country but instead, put himself first.

Like Hitler, he conned the under-and uneducated, and enticed the wealthy with tax breaks. He lacked a moral compass and so did his supporters.

I want to put that behind me and us now.

I want to feel safe and reassured that my Government will, once again, put its arms around us and help and guide us with your leadership.

It won’t be easy for either of you.  Joe—you have a contingent of people who deem you an extreme liberal—when in reality, you are a moderate who leans to the left.  Just as I and millions of citizens who love our country lean.  Kamala—don’t let those who feel having a woman in power isn’t right. They are ignorant.  We are proud and beaming with joy that you, you, have made history—not only as the first woman Vice President, but also as the first woman Vice President of color.  It is a glorious moment for all of us!

Both of you. Please be true to your word.  Please put we, the American people, first.  Please put our country first.  Bring us back to glory.  The words you said about having a moral obligation were so honest and so correct.  The moral obligation of the past president was null and void as it also was with his Republican congress and his cronies. But then, what would you expect from those with no moral compass?

I do believe you will bring a moral compass back to our congress. I do believe you can be the key to bi-partisanship once more. For we cannot be a complete America without both parties coming together.

So please. Be careful.  Don’t display a false sense of security because that last leader garnered a cult following of wicked, dishonorable, corrupt people who will continue to ruin our country.

I wish you luck. I wish you success. Godspeed.

With love, admiration, and hope,

Your Fellow American,

Catherine Lartigue

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Atypical 60’s Best of Beauty 2020!

We all know that 2020 certainly was not the year to make the “Best of Years” on any list.   In fact, for the most part, it was a year that we would like to sweep under the carpet.

trash bag 2020

Or perhaps just throw out to the trash!

Regardless, during the last year, while remaining in isolation and distancing ourselves socially, we still needed necessities such as toilet paper, tissues, cleansers for our house and our bodies, detergent, and eggsmilkandbread. Those were the essentials we bought, along with food, more than anything else. We learned to shop, not as often, but wisely.  Perhaps not going to the supermarket every day but opting for a once-a-week visit that would become an event of sorts. And all the while challenging to keep our sight in perspective while wearing a mask.

Online shopping became a “thing” more than ever in 2020. I had to become very creative in my excuses for the many Amazon packages that came a knockin’ at my door!

And through it all, I still wore makeup every day.  Mind you, the pandemic didn’t affect the way I worked. I still commuted back and forth, and still do, to the office for work. And although at one point I was one of two people there, I still wore makeup. And now with five of us, I still wear makeup and continue to use my beauty products.

Yes. All through the pandemic it has been makeup every day!

In all honesty, I didn’t make a ton of beauty purchases this year. In fact, last week I began a beauty purge. But I’ll get to that later. For now, I’ll concentrate on what beauty products, makeup and skincare that were my favorites of 2020. Some riding the cusp of 2019 into 2020 and a couple of late arrivals. All in all, they made my favorites.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Trestique Crayon Sticks.  This was a late-to-the-game item.  And oddly, gifted to me by the brand for review but I loved the crayons that I made a purchase on my own of a mini travel kit.  Here’s my review in case you haven’t read it.  Trestique Review.


The Essential Eight. I loved it so much that I purchased the mini version!

What sets these sticks/crayons (whatever you chose to call them) apart from other sticks is their absolute creaminess.  I’m serious. The products are the ultimate in creaminess. However, they aren’t greasy. They stay put all day and are wonderful for mature skin.  Since the first time I used them over a month ago, they are the makeup that I use almost every day.  As we age our needs become so much different than when we were younger. We need products that hydrate and give us a bit of a dewy glow.  Matte looks can be very harsh on the mature face and boy, Trestique nailed it!


The Minis!

In fact, it was this makeup that had me purging a large number of my makeup.  I will be buying the products regularly.

A face full of Trestique!

Seint (Formerly Maskcara) Makeup.  During mid-year, I bit the bullet and ordered this cream makeup due to the many ads I had seen on Instagram.  Truthfully, I’m glad I bought the products.  In my collection I have illuminators which work as foundations, contour, highlighters and blush.  There is a definite learning curve in using these products—too heavy a hand produces too much product. Tread lightly and reap the beauty rewards.  I’ve hit pan on one of the foundations ( which are referred to as highlighters-but they work as both concealers and foundations) and just today ordered a replacement.

My Maskcara/Seint Review.

I have a palette full of Seint. These cream cosmetics are a mature woman’s BFF!

Subtl Beauty Makeup. Another brand I’ve come to love over the past last year. The packaging proves that great things some in small—you guessed it—packages. The stacks are tiny enough to fit into any purse but the products inside deliver wonderful results. The bronzer is one of the best. The Highlighter is  incredible and for the two being powders, they are wonderful for mature skin. The lip/cheek creams are also wonderful and long-lasting and there’s a good selection of the cheek/lip colors!

I may have hit pan on the cheek/lip color but…

I have more-I’m obsessed!

L’Oréal Color Riche Lipstick in Number 165-Tickled Pink. I bought a few lipsticks last year. But none compared to this beautiful pink. It is a nice, satin pink that glides on beautifully with a hint of sheen. It isn’t matte (thank God) and with a clear gloss worn over it, gives a different dimension of light and shine.  I discovered this shade when I was unable to find my usual NYX Butter Gloss in Merengue—which is becoming increasingly difficult to track down.  In the end, I began to prefer this to the Merengue.  It’s also very cool-toned friendly.  Even with cool-toned skin, finding a good pink can be hard to find. This definitely fits the bill.  An added plus, it’s not expensive. Frankly, I’m done with pricey lipsticks. None of them stay on for very long and I feel they are a complete waste of money.

This shade is so glorious!

I wore it today in my YouTube video!  Isn’t this a pretty color?

Glossier Futuredew.  Not a foundation. Not a primer.  It’s just this stuff (for better lack of a word) that is a pinkish-flesh kinda colored liquid/oil/serum product that makes your skin glow!  It’s really incredible. I love it alone because it just gives off such a dewy radiance!  Under makeup it enhances dewiness. How do I love thee?  I ran out but reached for the backup—of which I have a few!

Is this an indication of how much I love Futuredew?

Eucerin Roughness Relief Lotion.  This. But I use it on my face.  Oh yes, I do! My dermatologist recommended this to me after I was complaining about my skin drying out like a prune that became a raisin.  I don’t think she realized I was referring to my face. Anyway, I bought it and now I use it strictly for my face. It’s ridiculously hydrating.  Has it smoothed out my wrinkles? No. I need fillers for that. But…in the meantime, I love slathering this on because it really does the job of moisturizing!

I use it on my face!!

Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Balm and Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm. These two items are late to the game.  My son Jake gifted these items to me (as well as others) for Christmas and I’ve been using both regularly. The Body Balm is incredible for dry skin on arms and legs. What I especially love about the body balm is that there is no “film” after application.  Some body moisturizers and creams leave a weird film after applying and when you put pants or jeans on shortly after it feels weird. None of that with the Aesop! It absorbs into the skin.  There’s also something in it that Chippy finds delightful because he tries to lick my legs as I’m applying.

And might I add the scents of these products is so clean and fresh!

The hand balm is equally remarkable. You apply and it soaks right into the hands without that greasy film! These items are pricey. Ain’t gonna lie.  But I will say they are worth every cent. In fact, I just ordered Aesop’s Amazing Face Cleanser (Wait till Bonaparte gets the bill. Oh boy)

Mixeasy Face Mask and Face Scrub. These ended up to be summer favorites for me. The face mask was so refreshing after a day in the sun and the face scrub is gentle yet exfoliating.  The face mask doesn’t peel off nor do you need to keep it on till it’s dry—I keep it in the fridge.

But before I continue, Mixeasy is a brand that custom mixes ingredients to your needs and liking. I love the concept and the products really are quite good.  The face scrub is an asset to any collection of facial cleansers because it is an exfoliator but yet isn’t harsh at all—it isn’t grainy nor does it feel like sandpaper.  I’m almost done with the jar and will order another when I’m done.

The products inside these jars are remarkable. But the packaging looks so ‘tweeny! Change up the packaging to a more grown-up look!

There is a con to these products though—and I’m so utterly shallow but it’s something that bothers me. It’s the packaging. I know. I know…. I’m being ridiculous—right?  Well, not really.  Look at the jars. The labels.  They look like products for kids or tweens. It’s the colors they use and the designs.  Honestly, this company isn’t doing themselves justice with inferior packaging/labeling.  Kick it up a notch. Use grownup, more streamlined labeling. Perhaps only Black and White with more “serious” font for lettering.  Just my opinion!

L’Oréal Voluminous Mascara. We all have that one mascara we love and return to.  Trust me, for years I adored Maybelline’s The Falsies then the brand went and changed the formula and it was awful.  L’Oréal’s Voluminous has remained a best of for me since I started using it regularly.  As you may be aware, I don’t like to spend a ton of money on mascara because I go through it like a newborn goes through diapers.  I don’t wear fake eyelashes so  I depend on mascara and this definitely gives the appearance of volume for a fraction of luxury mascaras.

Affordable and amazing. Never fails to give beautiful lashes!

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Eyeshadow Stick.  There are quite a few eyeshadow sticks/crayons. And these sticks can be tricky simply because some brands are difficult to blend and they dry out after time. very upset about it) (I know this. My Laura Mercier eyeshadow sticks dried out and I was Not so with the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow sticks.  I’ve got this is Stone—a grayish/taupe and love it. It blends easily and stays put.

The shade Stone, is just an all-around, universally flattering shade!

DUcare Brush Duo.  These were purchased simply because I didn’t want to spend the money on the Seint brushes.  And on Amazon, the duo cost me $16. For the duo, less than half of what the Seint Blush/Contour brush cost.  They do the job.  I’m able to apply my Seint products beautifully with these brushes and I even use them for my Trestique products as well as other products. The only thing I don’t use them for is blush.

These brushes have been used every day for over three months. They are spectacular at performing their application and blending duties!

DUcare Face Brush. Another Amazon purchase by this brand. I’ll tell you, DUcare makes a damn good brush. I use this as a finishing brush—to blend all my makeup in and it works wonders. I’m not exactly gentle when doing so either.  This brush is dense but not too hard and not too soft—it’s just right and is an absolute workhorse of a brush.

I use this for blending out everything. This is a true workhorse. DUcare makes great brushes at an incredibly affordable pricepoint!

Maybelline Tattoo Studio Eyeliner Pencil.  This is now one item I will be purchasing multiples of. One shall go into my travel case and stay there.  How did I discover this treasure?  Well, I my iT gel eyeliner pencil was done.  So off I went to Ulta to get a replacement and they were out.  After muttering some rather saucy language to myself, I left in a huff and went to Walmart. I found this. It was inexpensive. I bought it and never looked back.  I use this to tightline.  It stays put all day. I’ve nothing more to say except that Maybelline had better never change the formula to this nor should the brand ever discontinue this.

If you tightline, you NEED this pencil!

Real Techniques Number 402 brush.  Hands down, I love this brush. I love this brush so much that I have quite a few. A couple in my travel kit.  A few on my vanity and some still in the packaging waiting to be used. It’s a small brush but works big wonders when applying blush and highlighter and concealer. These brushes are used with all my Subtl Beauty products and basically used to apply every blush I own.  The price can’t be beat either.

Best for concealer. Best for Blush. Best for highlighter. Best for Travel. The 402 Brush!

The Face Shop_Rice Water Bright Facial Foaming Cleanser and Facial Cleansing Oil.  If you are like me, you don’t like to stick to just one facial cleanser. You like to change it up—right?  These Korean Beauty products are excellent! Another Amazon purchase that I was extremely happy with over the past year.

The foaming cleanser is remarkable in the fact you only need the smallest amount for a lot of foaming little bubbles.  It deep cleans and leaves your face nice and soft and not taut and dry. It’s excellent for mature skin.

The oil is equally excellent in leaving your skin soft. It’s one of those “dry” type oils—and it doesn’t foam up the way the foaming cleanser does but leaves your skin just as soft. I use this when I’m short on time but want to cleanse my skin thoroughly.

Well within any budget, these two products are strong to cleanse yet gentle on the face!

Honorable Mention:  Last summer, on a whim, I purchased this brush set from Amazon.  Although I have yet to use all the brushes, the ones that I’ve used—I use almost every day. The eye blending brushes work as well as the Morphe ones I have. And the spoolie brush for brows is epic.  The case is great for travel because it snaps.  It was a non-brand that was on Amazon and I think the set I purchased is no longer available but I added a similar one to an Amazon list.

I’ll tell you, Amazon has some pretty amazing offerings as far as makeup brushes go. The snap-together case is what triggered my want for this and the brushes that I’ve used are fantastic!

Most Disappointing Purchase: There’s always the product or brand we purchased and found it to be disappointing.  For me it was the 19/99 Color Kit One.  Coming in at $79 for three pencils, a brush, a sharpner and case it was an overpriced –very overpriced set that I could have appreciated far more if it was sold for about $29.  I’m being truthful here. The three pencils worked beautifully.  A red lip/cheek pencil, a deep brown pencil that I found useful for contouring my nose and a highlighter.  So why the disappointment other than the price? The pencils are so creamy that you are constantly sharpening  and that means going through these in record time.  They are sitting in a drawer now and I don’t even reach for them.  You know, there are products that I don’t mind spending more money for–especially if the quality is steller.  I just didn’t find these products worth the money.   Again. Just my opinion.

$79 for this and the case is extremely flimsy.  TBH, the products are really great but at that price–is just way too much to pay…

I mean..the products deliver but at some point you gotta say it’s just too expensive!

And with this list I have to say that 2020 was also the year I did a lot of purging of the cosmetics.  I trashed many liquid foundations because as I pro-age, the liquid foundations no longer do the job they did when I was younger. I did keep the Anastasia foundation, the Jouer foundation and the Fenty foundation. As far as a more affordable foundation-I kept my The Ordinary serum foundation.  Everything else was thrown out either because it surpassed the expiration date or didn’t work.

All powders were trashed.  And presently, I’m going through powdered eyeshadows.  Anything matte has been purged. I’m definitely leaning to the creams these days.

Anyway (because we all know that anyways is not a word), I’ve compiled an Amazon list of the Best of 2020 Beauty for your use and reference. I do receive a small commission from Amazon for products purchased but this is by no means meant to ask you to buy any of the items.

The list is on my Amazon Storefront if you would like to see!


Let me know below what were your favorites of 2020. We’ll find something good about last year—right?

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Changing Habits and Meal Strategies and More Loss!

Saturday, January 16, 2021: Hold on a second. Before reading this, I want you to know that I took all of the existing Christmas decorations down this morning.  All. Of. Them.  Bannisters are now bare of the greenery, lights and ribbon. The sofas are back to neutrality.  It’s all gone.

It is all back to my neutrals! Perhaps I’ll get some black pillows…

But…and this is a hoot.  That fake tree we bought for about $50 or $60?  The one we purchased because we were supposed to travel and I didn’t want a real tree sitting in our chateau while we were away?

This tree!  Which looked far better all decorated.  Next year it goes in the sunroom!

We still got into an argument taking it down.  Mind you, every year we argue on how to get rid of the real tree because it causes a mess. And in 2019, I had a brainstorm to throw the real tree out the window so as not to mess the house up. It worked.

But this year, we couldn’t properly dismantle the three-section cheap-as-all-get-out fake tree. It took a half hour to disembowel one section. And, it wouldn’t fit into the box in which it came.  The end result?

We stuffed it into the box, in two sections and placed it in our “storage” room downstairs. Next year this damn fake tree is going into the sunroom and if we are home, a real tree will, once again, reign in splendor in our living room!

After a ridiculous amount of time, we just decided to literally throw it back in the box it came from, pondering how the hell the factory got it into the box in the first place. It’s staying like this until next November!

I’m so disgustingly filthy now from sweating and lugging everything up and down stairs—but it was great exercise.  So now, I’m on a “cleaning-as-exercise” kick.   And after this post is published, I’m taking my swampy ass up to the bathroom to relax in a hot bath and then head out to buy flowers for the house.

And now…we head to the blog post!

Okay. So, last Saturday Bonaparte and I went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant—Spring Mill Café.

Date night outfit. Pants with stretch, a comfy sweater, darker hair that my husband loves and leopard shoes–minus socks!

I certainly wasn’t going to deprive myself and on the other hand, wasn’t going to over-indulge.

We split a pate tasting and for my main course I went with the Chicken Tagine. I couldn’t finish it.  I did happen to finish off the side of Brussels Sprouts that I ordered.

Our Pate tasting. I had gluten-free bread. And between the both of us, this was perfect!

From top left–Pate tasking; Brussels Sprouts which were incredible; Bonaparte’s Filet and my Tagine. 

And dessert was a small chocolate mousse that we split and one macaron.

Sunday, I made chicken soup.  I deemed it “Lazy Girl Chicken Soup” and here’s how I made it.

My “Lazy Girl” Chicken Soup. I made quite a bit so I ladled servings into Ziploc bags and placed in the freezer.

I took one 32-ounce box of low sodium chicken broth and one 32 oz box of vegetable broth and poured it into a large pot.  Then I took two onions, peeled and cut them up in chunks, peeled about 10 cloves of garlic and threw it all into the pot.  Then I took three large carrots, sliced them and into the pot they went.  In addition, I ground quite of bit of Rosemary—and threw that in!

Then I took organic chicken breasts, sliced them into small pieces and threw them into the pot.

Brought it all to a boil, added a bit of salt (not much) and pepper (much), and let it simmer about an hour.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Monday was interesting.  We had an “appreciation lunch” at work. Which meant we ordered from the restaurant “Founding Farmers” I ordered a large salad, cauliflower hummus, and mushroom risotto, a side of green beans and dark chocolate for dessert.

I kind of ordered a lot of food because I was ticked off at the company I work for. Food as a reward? I work my fat ass off. I was in the office every day since the lockdown. No Christmas bonus. No thank you from corporate. Just lunch.   Food as a reward is what got me heavier. I refuse to reward myself with food…….

Since it was super-busy, I did sit down to lunch and enjoyed about ¾ of the Cauliflower hummus which came with raw cherry tomatoes, raw cauliflower and raw carrots.  Trust me, I was thrilled to be eating those veggies.

The leftover cauliflower hummus. I’ll tell you this was really good. And with the raw veg provided was not half bad!

The rest of the food came home with me.


Salad, what was supposed to be Mushroom Risotto but was a pasta dish instead, and green beans all came home with me. 

As did this chocolate–which I still haven’t even sneaked a taste! It’s in the freezer!

Here’s where I strategized and I have no idea if this will work, because I’m writing this on Monday evening.  (CAVEAT: IT DID WORK!  And worked beautifully. Also note how it took nearly a week to write this blog post!)

The salad came with dressing on the side. This is good because as much as I love soggy, day-old salad, I wanted to keep this baby crispy for later on in the week.

I actually at the salad last night, Friday, as a side with my sushi for dinner! It stayed pretty-much fresh with some sogginess but I love soggy so it was all good!

The chocolate went straight into the freezer. I figure at some point; I’ll be able to bake with it—perhaps brownies or cut the chocolate into chunks for cookies.

Now its down to the Mushroom Risotto, which, was actually Mushrooms—not many, and some sort of pasta. I think they either ran out of rice or made a mistake and the green beans.  I took a little bit of the pasta, put it on a small plate and took some of the green beans and put them on the small plate as well.  Portion control.  And after eating, realized that I was full.

This pasta.  The portion was huge.  I ended up with four servings out of this.

I’m gonna try to stretch that pasta and beans as far as they’ll go!

It’s now Wednesday evening.  I had a meal from remaining pasta and green beans, which I also had on Tuesday evening.  I know I know. ‘Tis somewhat monotonous to have the same thing for a few nights in a row. But..I would rather that than let food go to waste.

I cut the pasta into strips, threw a few green beans on the plate and added some of the leftover cauliflower hummus. Four. Meals. And I was not hungry after eating!

On. And because I’m an impatient sonuvabitch, I got on the scale weighing in at 164!  Trust me, so far, I’m very happy—especially since we went out to dinner on Saturday!

Wednesday. A solid 164. Not bad considering…

To keep it in check, I’m making myself busy so as not to be tempted to wander to the pantry or fridge.  Writing a bit each night helps. Taking down the decorations keeps me busy.  I ordered a new wig that was on sale and it ended up to be a bit………………blonde.  Like, very blonde and one-dimensional. So, I took black eye shadow and rooted it.  I must say that it looks a lot better and rooting the wig stopped me from thinking about chips!

Here’s the wig I rooted. Trust me it was Barbie yellow before I added brown eye shadow to it.  Hey. Keeps me from eating!

In addition, I’ve been flossing and brushing my teeth earlier! It’s a simple strategy that works.  I’ve also been spending more time plucking lady whiskers from my chin!

Today, Friday I got on the scale teetering on the edge 0f 163 pounds.  I cannot complain given the fact we had gone out to dinner and that meal I broke down wasn’t exactly low-calorie.  In addition, last Friday, and Saturday (at the restaurant) and Sunday aperitifs were had before dinner.

Actually, it’s more in like 163 1/2.  I’m taking it one pound at a time!

This is gonna be a slow ride but as long as the scale numbers decrease, I’m in a positive place!

Will ya look at that?  I’m wearing a too-tight dress anyway!

And my last strategy?  Wearing dresses that got too tight. I WANT to see that gut shrink!

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How the Hell Did I Lose 5 Pounds During This Stress-Filled, Crazy Week?

Trust me, I know this is a stretch. It’s obvious that losing weight is a difficult process.  But there’s just something about this past Christmas that I can’t say goodbye to.

It’s the decorations.

Literally. The day after Halloween I started planning the Holiday décor.  On November 6th, I flew out to Cincinnati to be with Oona for the weekend.  The plan for Christmas was to fly out to Cincinnati on December 21 to spend Christmas with her and Sam.  My oldest son, Jake, was to fly from L.A. and

Stop those thoughts!  I started writing a blog post about my absolute inability to “let go” of the Christmas Decorations…and was going to make a segue way into losing weight.

So much for my blog post regarding the dismantling of Christmas decorations!

But then shit happened.  And it happened in the form of a would-be-coup. And so, I changed directions.  Let’s take it from there, shall we?

Okay.  So, the most difficult part of losing weight at this juncture has been my innate talent for stress-eating.  It comes in the form of a little bit here and a little bit there until it builds up into a crescendo of binge-eating.  All because I simply do not have the wherewithal (I realize this word has more to do with finances, but I’m using it as a food reference) to stop shoving food into my mouth as a comfort!

Oh yeah. One cookie leads to another. Then another. Then the milk comes out and four more cookies……

And this week was a dozy!

First, was the nail-biting evening of the Georgia Senate election.  If you are a regular reader and friend of this blog, then you know how I feel about the present GOP. I shall not elaborate further. However, during the stressful hours of watching the results, I did not—I repeat—did not reach for tortilla chips, chocolate, peanut butter, peanut butter topped with chocolate syrup sprinkled with a covering of salted nuts, or lemon curd from the jar using my fingers.

Why bother with a spoon?  Let your fingers do the dipping!

I didn’t eat a thing.  Instead, I turned to my husband and said “I’m going to sleep now”.  And I did. And I woke up to good news.

A Jew and A Black man voted in as Senators in a Southern state. Wow! And the credit goes to one strong woman!  Stacey Abrams!

I love this so much….

….and it’s thanks to the power of a woman!  Thank you Stacey!!!!

The next day turned out to be more shocking and stressful. I felt as though “A Tale of Two Cities” had been transformed into modern day Dickens—It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.  Riding on the coattails of a remarkable senate win was a disgraceful turn of events in our country’s Capitol.

Whats with the moron who thinks he’s a howling viking? Seriously, would YOU want any of these vermin on the arm of your daughter?  THIS is what supports that thing who is still in the White House–let that sink in. 

What saved me from stress-eating at this point was the fact that it was truly a horrific day at work. The inhumane amount of tasks kept me from peeking at my iPhone to check on what was happening in the world.  So, when I arrived home and saw the news broadcast, I couldn’t believe my eyes—and my eyes are now in very good working order thanks to my cataract surgery!

Putting it mildly, this was the face of shock when I saw what was on TV. You do NOT want to hear what words came out of my mouth!

Who the f__k does this? As I watched the turn of events on the TV, my initial reaction was to reach for anything and everything I could shove into my mouth.  But I stopped. I focused on what was happening to my country and I didn’t focus on me.  It was an enlightening moment.

I wanna take a bit of time now to give my thoughts on the heinous event that Trump is responsible for before returning to the post at hand.

This filth. This poor excuse for a man. This little cowardly sissy made a plea, not to Americans who truly love America, but to those belonging to his cult. He told them, in no uncertain terms, to head to the Capitol to protest.  He knew full-well, what his racist, gun-toting, ignorant cult is capable of. And then, as they marched to destroy our Capitol, to loot, to destroy and murder, he quietly went back to the safety of his domain.  To the White House—to his cowardly place of temporary residence to sit back and watch the shitshow which he started.

This a$$hole is proud and happy to be looting. I hope he’s as happy when he bends down in the shower when he’s in prison.

Those Proud Boys along with moronic women in tow, broke into the Capitol. They looted. They destroyed personal property and they murdered. 

This pos busted into Pelosi’s office and stole her mail. Luckily he’s been caught and I hope he spends a long time in jail as he so deserves!

And they weren’t stopped.  The Capital Police allowed it.  The Capitol police were seen in news footage calmly walking people with Trump hats gingerly down the steps.  Had this been a Black Lives Matter group, guns would have been used.

Yes. These are terrorists and don’t ever forget it!

And later on, bully-boy came out with a video (obviously written for him because he’s not literate enough to create a full sentence) stating that he called for the National Guard, which was a lie. He ended his little monotone speech sounding more like Soupy Sale’s White Fang than a leader as he pontificated that the election was still rigged.  This is no president. He is an evil, vicious, psychopath and I’m thrilled his reign of terror is coming to a close.

The cowardly lyin’ can’t even read from a Teleprompter. Proof that Wharton will accept any imbecile with a large bank account. 

Seriously. If you get the chance, head to YouTube and catch the Soupy Sales Video of “White Fang is Getting Married” White Fang is more literate than Trump! White Fang also has more emotion!

Seriously.  Click on the link above and you’ll see what I mean!

And if these events aren’t enough to make me shovel any semblance of products to ingest and digest, I don’t know what is!

But the truth is, starting the week at 171 pounds, I’ve managed to shed five  of them as of today, January 9, 2021!

Not my goal but for now, it’s making me mighty happy!

And I did it by not snacking. My daily routine consists of going to the vending machine and treating myself to the least fatty snacks. Either chemically-flavored enhanced popcorn or oatmeal or a bag of pretzels.  And upon coming home from the office, grabbing a bit of lunch meat to “tide me over” until dinner.

I stuck to drinking tea—no milk (that was a sacrifice) when I felt hunger pangs.

I ate light dinners—depending on salad and proteins.

For convenience sake, I love these lentils–plain or added to a salad, they are great–especially when I don’t have time to cook them.

And speaking of salads…Bonaparte makes a great one that he’s been more than happy to make for me!

I relied on willpower. I threw points out the window. I decided to do it my way.

I am not depriving myself of my weekend aperitif. In fact, last night I enjoyed two Kir Royals and this evening we are headed out to our favorite restaurant for dinner. For safety’s sake we have our alcove reserved of which no other diners will be anywhere close to us.  We’ll be masked until our food arrives.

I’m also experimenting.  I made Whole Wheat bread because I refuse to deprive myself.  Earlier this week, I had a craving for tuna fish on whole wheat..

And I happy with the result but…it got stale quickly.  I’ll have to slice and freeze the next loaf!

But my point is, by being practical and watching portions I have shed five pounds. It’s a start. It’s going to be a struggle—I’m aware of that.

But in the meantime, I’m keeping the positivity by dressing for the office every day. Most of my clothing no longer fits.  My wool-blend pencil skirts, in all reality, won’t fit for the remainder of the winter.  Neither will my pants.

I’m telling you this elasticized-waist City Skirt from J. Crew Factory has been a savior!  I may wear it this evening too!

But being able to opt for leggings and knit dresses will work.

Another go-to I’ve been wearing is leggings and oversized sweaters. 

Same leggings. Different shoes and sweater. Oh..and different wig!

This knit dress, also from J. Crew Factory turned out to be my favorite. In fact, I went to the J. Crew Factory site to order one in camel and the dress is sold out!

And about those Christmas decorations?  I did bust a move by removing a couple of pillow covers. That’s about it.  The tree hasn’t been taken down yet. I’ll do that during the week after I undress it of the ribbon and ornaments.  I’ll put the pillows away.  I’ll make the bannisters bare once again.

The extent of my take-down of Christmas 2020!


Besides–Chippy won’t let me take his favorite blanket or pillow away from him.  Note my LV bucket bag with the wig atop in the background!  Also note the tag still attached to the pillow we’ve had for about four Christmases now. I’m afraid I’ll be arrested if I take the tag off!

And I’ll move forward.

In the meantime, this little loss of five is making me happy as a little clam!

Let’s hope we don’t go through another crazy week like this! And I hope to lose at least one pound during this week!


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Great Makeup Mature Skin Needs! Seriously. You NEED This!

Trust me on this one ladies!  I’ve got another review for you. It’s in-depth and honest—and I hope you enjoy.

For quite some time I’ve been eyeing the brand Trestique.  And after seeing one of my favorite YouTubers, Kerry-Lou of Silver Style Studio (I’ll post her review at the end of this post) reviewing the brand’s Essential Eight, I was certain that I needed to try it!

Quick And Natural Makeup - Kerry-Lou takes the Trestique 5 minute challenge! - YouTube

I’ll post the link to the video at the end of this post but seriously. You HAVE to see this–and follow Kerry-Lou because she’s the best for the mature woman!

Lo and behold, Trestique sent me an Essential Eight kit of my own to test and review.  And after three weeks of using the products, I’m here to give you my opinion on each product in this Essential Eight Kit.

I was so happy to receive this box from Trestique–but would the products deliver?

The products came packaged in a sturdy box, and within the box all products were housed in individual boxes with listed ingredients, a description of the product and an illustration of the product’s specific details.

Neatly packaged and lots of information about each product on the individual boxes.  I couldn’t wait to try!

All products are cruelty-free, when possible, vegan, and made in Italy. They are also fragrance-free! Each tube that the products are housed in are magnetic. This is genius because placed into the pouch, they aren’t moving around. They are staying put and this is a wonderful asset for travel!

I literally couldn’t stop smiling when I opened the box!

The Essential Eight comes with a cylindrical, zippered pouch—each one made from a recyclable plastic bottle. Sustainable thinking!  The pouch holds the eight essential products used for the Five-Minute Face!

Check out the little handle. It’s great for carrying around. And this little case reminds me of the beer can purses that were so popular back when I was in high school!

And there’s also a built-in mirror!

The Tint, Moisturize & Blend Face Stick:  This creamy stick is domed at one end and at the other, has a built-in sponge.  The shade I chose is Cape Cod Stone.  As my skin is fair, I figured this would be the best shade for me, and it was! It’s super-creamy and is NOT a full-coverage foundation. In fact, it isn’t touted as a foundation at all. It’s a tinted moisturizer that lends itself incredibly well for evening out the skin tone.  These days I find myself going the less-is-more route and this works.

The face stick.  This tinted moisturizer is a wonderful choice if you don’t want full-on coverage. It’s light but does give the skin a nice glow and is buildable!

To apply, I just glide the stick lightly across various areas of my face then either blend in with my fingers or a Real Techniques brush.  Then set with a dampened blending sponge.  I haven’t used the sponge that comes with the face stick simply because I am hesitant to put a damp sponge back in a closed tube. I don’t want mold. However, if traveling, I would definitely use it and allow to air dry while I’m out and about. Overall, this is great. I’ve tried tinted moisturizers in the past  and was kind of “meh” about them but this stick won me over big time! It’s better, IMHO, than Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer which I’ve purchased and used once. That’s right. Once. $40 down the toilet.

Super creamy-this tinted moisturizer blended in beautifully.  

The Conceal, Cover, and Correct Crayon: Again, because my skin is fair, I ordered the Porcelain shade. And again, this is incredibly creamy! There’s decent coverage with this and I’ve been switching from finger application and using the housed-blending sponge dry.  What’s great about this is it’s creamy without being greasy. The finish is more on the satin side rather than matte—which I happen to think is very mature-skin friendly.  There has been no issue of the concealer caking up into fine lines. This blends in very well with the tinted moisturizer stick and I’m very, very pleased!

The Conceal, Cover and Correct crayon. This is another wonderful product.  Creamy as all get out but stays put and doesn’t look greasy and doesn’t collect in the lines.  Incredibly easy to blend as well!

I’ve been using under my eyes for a glow as well as coverage.

Color +Contour Cheek Stick:  WHOA!!!  I chose this in St. Barths Pink. This is super-pigmented—a bright pink stick of candy!  But once applied it blends into the prettiest flush of color. I LOVE this!  I even experimented and wore it on my lips which looked beautiful. On the cheeks it lasts but on my lips it didn’t.  It’s a moisture-filled stick of color!

Very pigmented but glides on with a natural flush…

Im loving this cheek stick!  Although I ope to apply with…

…my Real Techniques brush and setting with my InStyle beauty sponge, the built-in brush isn’t bad at all!

Define Sculpt + Set Brow Pencil:  I chose Mocha because I didn’t want to go too dark. Sometimes really dark brow pencils can look harsh.  Now mind you, I’m not crazy about brow pencils to begin with. But this—HOLY CANNOLI! I was beyond pleased with how well this brow pencil performs!  The tip of the pencil is slanted which gives for a more precise application.  It fills the brows in beautifully without being to harsh or heavy looking.  And at the other end is a brow mascara.  My go-to brow mascara is Glossier’s Boy Brow and this brow mascara is just as good if not better.  I actually prefer the wand in this one because it’s slightly wider but still gives great control. An added plus is it’s two products in one.  Who doesn’t love a multitasker? Wait! There’s more. This is great for contouring your nose!!!  Definitely a multitasking product!

THIS!  Hands down THE best brow crayon on earth. The precision tip is literally foolproof and in the background is the little wand.

Here’s a better photo of the wand.  Honestly–this is two great products in one. It changed my view on brow crayons/pencils, etc.!

Color + Blend Shadow Crayon:  Alright. I’m going on record with this one.  I have quite a few eye crayons/cream eye shadow sticks.  The Laura Mercier sticks, at $29 per, can be difficult to blend on the mature eyelid and over time, dry out.  The Bobbi Brown sticks at $30 per, are creamier than the LM ones  but not as creamy as Trestique Crayon.  I do use a primer on my eyelids before applying any shadow regardless of whether a powder, cream or liquid shadow.  The shade I chose is Tahitian Shimmer. This is a very light brownish-almost taupe shimmery shade. It literally glides on so smoothly that you barely need to blend. This shade is so wonderfully appropriate for everyday wear. What’s also remarkable about it is that you can line your bottom lid with this shade and it looks so pretty—not hard or harsh at all. I like this shade so much that I’m pondering ordering the brand’s Cream Matte Crayon in Porto Purple.

This shade, Tahitian Shimmer is such a gorgeous neutral. Shimmery but subtle it is a no-makeup makeup eye.  The texture is very creamy–which is great for mature lids–there’s no pulling and the shadow stays put all day!

This shadow stick is really a dream!

Line, Sharpen + Smudge Eye Pencil:  Ding! Ding! Ding!  We have a winna here!  I kid you not! This eye pencil deserves to be on the “best” product list everywhere!  I wasn’t expecting much because my relationship with eye pencils has been daunting at best and “throw-in-the-trash-immediately” at worst!

Creamy AF! But..the tip is so stinking precise!  I can actually line my upper eyelid again! Hosanna! Hosanna to the Highest! And tightline?  OMG. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this gem of a pencil.  I have it in Santorini Black Sand simply because I love me a black eyeliner! It’s crazy—this stays put ALL DAY!  And… glides OVER existing eye shadow. It doesn’t get all blended in with other shadows. I LOVE this!

I’ve been using this every day since I received it and the tip stays pointy. I LOVE this.  For a long time I’ve stopped using liner on my lids but now I’m happily back to lining the lids. Another creamy textured product but the lids stay lined until you wash it off!

It also tightlines beautifully!

And you can use the smudge tip for a smoky look!

Good Vibes Mascara Curler + Lash-Enhancing Mascara: I have this in Iceland Black Lacquer.  First of all, I don’t like to spend money on mascara.  I’m a five-buck L’Oréal Voluminous gal! But we need to talk about this.  There is a built-in lash curler at one end. It’s small and unlike the eyelash curlers we are all familiar with.  And there was a bit of a learning curve for me due to extreme clumsiness and bad eyesight in my right eye.  I pinched my eyelid the first attempt—not badly or anything– I just couldn’t grasp the lashes the way I was supposed to.  But………. once I figured out to go on the lever with a bit less pressure, I discovered this curler is pretty decent and works!  As for the mascara—it’s very good.  Lashes don’t get all clumpy and the effect is quite nice because the separation of the lashes makes for a lengthier appearance (I am using Latisse so my lashes are a bit longer these days anyway). The wand is excellent in applying the mascara and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. In fact, I like it better than the Thrive mascara. My only “thing” is mascara has such a short shelf life that spending $25 makes me balk.

Here’s the mascara tube. It’s rather other wordly looking due to the curler. 

There’s a slight learning curve with the eyelash curler but I like it because it grabs smaller sections at a time..

And the wand distributes the mascara very evenly!  

Matte Color + Shiny Balm Lip Crayon. I chose Florence Fig for this lip crayon and am soooo happy that I did.  When it comes to lip color I’m a bit….odd to say the least.  I don’t like anything too dark. I do shy away from mattes because on a mature mouth, they can be a bit drying and appear harsh.  Many lipcolors turn a bit orange on me and I do love a shiny pink.  But—I was extremely and pleasantly surprised with this crayon.  It truly is such a natural lip color that it goes on looking like your lips—but better.  And even though it’s a matte, it’s creamy enough so that it doesn’t tug at my old-lady lips. It’s just applies nicely.  I apply straight from the tube then smudge it in with my fingers. And the best part is the cute little lip balm that is at the opposite end.  It’s so cute but so balmy moisturizing!

Florence Fig!  And look to the left–it’s the matching balm! How cute is this?  The best thing is that this shade is a perfect neutral. It doesn’t oxodize and is perfect if you want some color but not too much and the balm keeps the lips moistened!

Perfect everyday makeup!

Overall. I have to say, this makeup is excellent.  All the products are wonderful and do a great job on the mature face. Again—the tinted moisturizer stick is not a foundation but for those days when you just want a hint of evening out, it’s great!

The finished face! 

How much do I love these products?

Here’s another look with a more intense application of lips and eyes!

Enough that I ordered their mini-sticks and a mini case to use for travel and to throw into my purse.  The brand is currently having a half-price sale on these little products.  They don’t come with the attached brushes but honestly it doesn’t even matter because the cosmetics speak for themselves.

I ordered the mini-sticks and mini-case.  And…

I used them all TODAY!  Top left photo proves how great the concealer is. I waxed my upper lip with wax strips and got a bit rough when I pulled the wax strip off.  I cut myself. Trust me it isn’t herpes!  Anyway (because we all know that anywaysssssss is not a word…), the mini concealer did a fantastic job in covering my self-inflicted wax wond perfectly!

So, is this a Five-Minute Face? Yeah. It is. However, I like to take my time applying my makeup in the morning.  I have my cawfee. I listen to my music.  I relax and take my time! It’s all what you makeup of it!  And this is definitely mature-skin makeup at its best!

Here’s the link to the sale (and I am NOT an affiliate and don’t receive any commission—I just really believe in the brand).  Have a look-see. I honestly think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!   Trestique Sale

Here’s Kerry-Lou’s YouTube review and tutorial.


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And Just Like That-2020 is Gone. And Just Like This-2021 Is the Now!

Ahhh. Where do I begin?

I’ll start with two minutes prior to my sitting down at my laptop and welcoming 2021!

 happy 2021 balloons

The start of a new year!  It’s very much welcomed!

This morning, at the start of this New Year, I woke up at 7:30 after going down for the count at approximately 10:00 PM last night. There was no fanfare to welcome in the New Year.  No midnight Champagne. No banging of the pots and pans.  In fact, my pots and pans were resting from being constantly heated and assisting in the Holiday cooking and the comfort cooking to expand my body.

My goal was to watch Anderson and Andy. However, my husband had other aspirations of watching his Netflix mystery series so he fed me wine. I fell fast asleep.

It is a well-known fact that wine puts me to sleep. Therefore, when my husband wants to watch his TV shows, he offers me wine. And I don’t refuse.

And so, I woke up rather well-rested on this January 1st after 9 ½ hours of slumber and was ready for my coffee.  With no goals set aside for this New Year, I decided to face reality instead.  This came to fruition while in the bathroom to do what was surely needed other than to empty my bodily wastes.  I got on the scale. I figured that after the huge amount of toxins that exited the orifices of my being, perhaps the numbers would be slightly lower.

The shock of my life.  It is with deep guilt, anxiety and stress that I can now announce to you and the rest of the world, that the 20 pounds I gained have risen to 30 pounds. I’m weighing in at 170 pounds. This didn’t happen magically. It simply happened because I did nothing but shove cookies, bread, butter and any stray bits of food, with exception to Chippy’s kibble, into my mouth.


And this is how we gain 30 pounds!  The Angel Gabriel didn’t magically make my gut, arms, chins and thighs bigger. FOOD did!

At that point, I decided to move my body and get some well-needed form of exercise by lifting the newly air-dried clothing that hung over my bathtub and taking them downstairs to iron them. After all, walking down three flights of stairs to iron and eventually up those stairs after doing so was exercise enough for the first of the year. I do believe taking baby steps will be more beneficial in the long run.

And while ironing I thought how easy it is to take that hot steam and iron out the wrinkles in clothing and table linens but at the same time how difficult it is to iron out the wrinkles in our lives.

’tis so much easier to iron out the wrinkles in clothing than in life–dontcha agree?

A spray bottle to make ironing easier wasn’t needed because the salty tears falling from my now chipmunk cheeks were making the cotton fabric nice and damp—so much better for ironing! And completely natural too!!!

Why bother to use a spray bottle to dampen the clothing when I can just cry onto them?  It’s really more organic anyway!

And upon smoothing out my shirts and napkins, I returned upstairs to strip myself of the filthy pajamas I wore. They were replaced with a clean pair of leggings since nothing else fits me’ and a gray Henley shirt which I immediately spilled grease on.  Yes. I’m multitasking. The chopped meat for Bonaparte’s weekend chili is cooking and in my adept gift for soiling my clothing, grease spilled on the shirt.

Once a hot mess-always a hot mess! Within moments of donning this shirt–I got grease stains on it!

Sigh. At least my underwear is clean…….for a while at least.

And with that, a step back in time will be taken.  I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus for the past month. Trust me, it wasn’t self-imposed. It’s just that life had a way of telling me to just stop and rest my mindless mind. This made sense because my body doesn’t move.  I may as well rest my spirit and brain.

My last blog post was written December 13, I wrote about our cancelled visit to Oona and Sam’s home for their first Christmas. I’ll take it from there….

It was upsetting enough to not visit Oona for Christmas. Jake, my oldest son had cancelled his visit and was staying put in L.A.  Thankfully, Roman would still be coming to visit so I wasn’t completely depressed. I was more agitated that due to the pandemic, I wouldn’t be able to see Oona in her last trimester. (Actually, that might be a good thing—for her, simply because I have an innate tendency to be annoying.)

And then it happened. My laptop just kind of died.  With the camera not performing correctly and the issues I was having with everything loading, it was too much.  So off we went to the Geek Squad only to find the battery exploded and there was mold on the inside of the computer.  Could it possibly be because I never even bother to clean this godforsaken piece of technology?  Hey. I’m only human. It’s a clean house and an organized cubicle at work. Everything else gets thrown to the curb.

We left the computer at Best Buy and got it back within a week, only to have the suggestion of bringing it back for a complete rehaul. After agreeing and quite willingly I might add, I left my laptop’s future in the hands of these computer geeks to perform a miracle.

Another week of a computerless existence.

The next morning, I got into my car to head to work.   Happily, nestled in the driver’s seat and enjoying New York Jazz Trio’s Christmas Album on Spotify, I started daydreaming of living back in Manhattan.   In my mind, I’m driving down Broadway admiring the Christmas decorations from the apartment buildings and shops.  And reality, once again, slaps me upside the head.

This little gem of an album turned out to be my favorite Christmas one of 2020!  I’m still listening to it!

I felt a kind-of rumbling coming from my back tire. It didn’t sound good. A passerby walking his dog yelled to me and pointed to my back tire. It was flat. In the timespan of less than two minutes, I left my driveway happily listening to Christmas music and received an early Christmas gift in the form of a busted tire due to the possibility of a stray nail that many neighbors’ tires had also received.

This was not what I was looking forward to–especially at the expense of the roofers who don’t clean up after themselves!

Back to the driveway, and having my husband chauffer me to the office, I was now cursing having a car as opposed to the NYC Subway system, spewing foul language about living in the Philly suburbs and going off the deep end because the goddam roofers in the neighborhood were not picking up nails after doing work on other homes.

Needless to say, the tire was fixed and it was a nail that was deeply imbedded into my tire.

Now we’re inching upon Christmas.  Still no computer but…my girlfriend MaryBeth messaged me that the book series she was reading mentioned my husband’s grandfather in the book “Rich People Problems” (which are problems I’ve never known and never will) the third of the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy.   What better time than then to order the three books on Amazon and treat myself to reading about the tribulations of rich people?

This was so cool–and I’m deeply shallow enough to have ordered all three books due to this paragraph!

Now, in the meantime, I got my laptop back. It was cleaned and rehauled and working but only after it took me an hour to figure out just how to get back on.  Yeah. I’m that person.

But I decided to procrastinate writing and rather, opted for reclining on the loveseat in our sunroom.  It was the weekend before Christmas and we would be traveling to New York to pick Roman up. I was on a hiatus from everything but work and Roman was about to embark on a two-week hiatus from work.


I read……

…and I read until Chippy joined me to let me know he needed to be fed!

We drove to the City to pick him up and I teared up at how beautiful NYC is in the winter. I know.  I much as I adore the hot weather and not having to wear shoes, there’s something about winter I find comforting. It’s the same with the communal living of an old pre-war NYC apartment building.  But that’s another blog post—so I’ll continue with this.

While I realize living like this isn’t everyone’s cuppa tea, it makes me so comfortable and as though I’m nestled in a cocoon.  You have no idea how much I miss City life.  I cry when I look at this photo!

Back home, with my son and my husband, I was looking forward to just shy of a week off from work. I went into work on the Monday before Christmas with the remainder to stay home and cook and eat and bake and eat and eat and eat. And read. And relax. While preparing for Christmas, Roman and I took a drive around to put us in the spirit of the season. It worked.

Next to city living, I’m a sucker for big old homes like this.  There is character and a story to be told. Aren’t this homes just so Christmasy?

On Christmas Eve, after a delightful meal of just the three of us, I was looking forward to blogging. I figured that Christmas morning would be quite the good time to wake up early and write.  But that changed.  A rain and wind storm were Mother Nature’s Christmas gift and our internet service was out. As was our landline phone (Yes. We have an old-school phone—strange but true). As was our cable TV service.

The table was set in a different tone this year. I went with black and cream. It just seemed appropriate for 2020!

You know what? It wasn’t that bad.  We opened up a few gifts and enjoyed the remainder of the day.

I got a robe. And slippers. Give me another week and this robe will be food-stained!

I also received some great skincare and cleansing products. I think it was a hint to perhaps take a bath.

The meal was great.  It was wonderful to have one of my kids at home.  And eventually, Verizon sent a repair guy to come and make thing right. In fact, he arrived Sunday morning just hours before we drove Roman back to New York.  The damage was, in fact, due to the storm and now everything is back to normal.


As I write the ending to this blog post, I’m happy that 2020 is behind us.  Who knew what last year was to bring?   I’ll admit.  I did a lot of crying this morning.

Pretty much sums up my feelings about 2020!  Oona sent this to me because she knows me so well!

I cried because I gained 30 pounds. But I’ll lose those pounds and have begun a plan to do so. I won’t do Weight Watchers. I won’t do Noom.  I’ll just do Willpower. It won’t be easy. In fact, it’ll be very difficult. Food is my comfort. Food is my happy medication. Food is my stress-reliever.  And I have to stop that behavior. And garnering up all my inner strength, I’ll do it. It will take time but I’ll do it.

There’s a lot more of me to love–or despise depending on how you feel about me.  Oh My Gut!  

I cried because I miss the kind of job I used to have before I had children. I was an executive secretary on Wall Street. I worked for a company that took care of me and I was loyal AF.  After years of being a stay-at-home mom and re-entering the workforce at 50 plus years old, I realized what true ageism is. And it hasn’t stopped. I’ve never had another job to equal my beloved job at Morgan Guaranty.  The company I’m with now, only cares about profit and not me. It’s a sad truth. But—in this time of difficulty, I’m fortunate to have a job. I’m fortunate to work for two great women. I’m fortunate to have medical insurance.  And I have to stop that behavior of looking back at a time when companies took care of their employees and corporate loyalty.  I can look forward to five o’clock when I can come home and concentrate on writing!  I need to move ahead!

Wall Street | The Official Guide to New York City

This is where I worked. The building on the left–across from the NYSE.  And my salary was higher back then then it is now. I had free lunch.  Working after 5PM? A car service drove me back uptown.  Those days are over and I need to move forward!

I cried because the aging process has left me with a sagging body and with more wrinkles than I could have imagined.  I cried because I miss that luxurious head of hair I used to have.  I cried because the woman in the mirror looks elderly now.  I don’t know the exact moment when it happened. When did I lose my youth?  I can’t be that old—or can I?   But I’ll deal with it.  I’ll continue to enjoy my time every morning when I transform my aging face with its spots, uneven coloring and lines, scars and wrinkles into a better version of myself.

The pity party ended.

I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and realized what I’m going through is normal.  2020 was a year we all want to forget.  Many of us gained weight. Many (oh I’m jealous) actually lost weight.  We were worried and stressed and felt like we aged ten or twenty years.  Our social lives came to a halt. We couldn’t see loved ones.  (Sorry but Zoom and Facetime aren’t cutting it for me).  2020 was the year when we ceased going to a weekend movie. We couldn’t make plans to meet for a drink. We couldn’t call a friend and meet for dinner.

It does seem that way–doesn’t it?  Hopefully during this new year the world will reopen!

2020 brought serious polarization.  More hate. More viciousness. More rebellion. It made many of us rethink the kinds of people we do want to be with and those we don’t want anywhere near us when this virus ends.   The pandemic changed life as we know it. That was 2020.

Sorry Charlie but your behavior is NOTHING to be proud of. It’s vulgar and violent.

Perhaps 2021 will be better.  We have hope for this new year.  A vaccine could be just the thing we need. But more than that, we need to believe things will get better. We will be social once again. We will see our loved ones and hold them and hug them and enjoy them. We will be able to enjoy an afternoon at the movies again—and escape the hot weather with two hours of luxurious air-conditioning inside a theatre with surround sound while watching a story play out on a big screen.  We will be able to meet our friends at a bar or restaurant.

Let’s welcome 2021 as we would welcome our loved ones or friends.

I got rid of the grease stain!  Have a great New Year all!  

It’s nice to be back!

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Love (of Self) Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry (to Yourself)

Having had two back-to-back doctor appointments in the past two weeks, I walked away feeling relieved my health is fine.  But I felt almost even better when the two doctors, both women made remarks about “being too hard on yourself”.

go see a doctor

Seriously.  Going to the doctor is about the only thing I do to take care of myself!

I’ll explain.  At the OB/GYN, we were talking about my health in general.  My weight has gone up, as you well know, over the past year.  Between my brother’s passing, the pandemic, and an incredibly stressful job, I ate. And ate. And ate.

I ate my stress away—or so I thought because I really didn’t.

I ate my grief away—or so I thought because I really didn’t.

I ate my depression away—or so I thought because I really didn’t.

But while doing so, I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed every last morsel I shoved into my mouth like meat into a sausage casing!

Tina Fey Sheet Cake GIF by Reactions | Gfycat

That’s me. Shoving every last morsel into my mouth. Shamelessly!

The aftermath is now my fluctuating weight teetering between 162 and 165 pounds.  There’s more of me to love!

Yessirree!  There’s lots more of me to love! Only I hate it and Bonaparte loves it!

But back to the doctors.

We, my gynecologist and I, were discussing the effects of the past year and how difficult it has been to try to lose at the least even five pounds.  Her advice?

I must admit. My gyno rocks and she gives great advice!

“Don’t be so hard on yourself”.  “The Holidays are coming—just enjoy and focus on losing the weight after the New Year”.

When I left her office, I felt slightly better about myself.  It’s a challenge to stand there naked with one of those dopey gowns that tie in front.  I felt my fluffy bits on display and I was ashamed that I was too weak to have will power.  But she made it okay.

BTW, as I write this, I’m preparing escargot for tonight’s starter to our dinner.  Little snails stuffed into shells and nestled between garlicky butter.  Yeah. I’m doing very well!

Well…we DID have to cancel dinner reservations due to another PA Lockdown–and the husband was sad …and I keep a couple of cans of snails in the pantry just in case…so..I did make these. And they were spectacular!

Onto the next doctor’s visit.

Thursday, I had my skin check with my dermatologist.  I’m a fan of hers. Again, another great woman doctor.  So, she asked me how I was doing and I mentioned the weight gain.

What is a Dermatologist? What They Do, Conditions Treated, Procedures

And might I add that my dermatologist works a hellalot harder than this pic. I’ve got tons of freckles and bits all over my body!  She earns her salary on me!

I was wearing nice matching underwear.  A cute pair of purple bikini panties and a Natori Feathers Bra in the same color.  Hey. At least I get to wear something while having my skin checked!  I went on to tell her how gross I felt and I then grabbed the huge flappy mount of flesh that is better known as my belly, cupped it two hands so that the fat just overflowed like bubbles from an over-excited washing machine, and asked the following question:

This is EXACTLY what I did to my dermatologist. Only MY belly fat was enormous!

“Is there any chance I can sell my belly fat to the burn unit at Jefferson Hospital in Philly?” “Hell, I’ll even donate it”

And after a Mona Lisa grin and an eye roll, she said “Why are women so hard on themselves?”  “Men come in here as though they own the world and never say anything negative about their bodies.’  “But women are always making negative remarks about themselves”.  “We need to stop”

It’s true. We need to stop it. We need to STOP being so hard on ourselves!

She then complimented me on the clothes I wear to every appointment and told me I always look great.

When I left her office, I felt wonderful. Not just because I had an excellent skin check, but because her words were so true.

Why can’t we women be more positive about ourselves?

Scolding Do It GIF by MOODMAN

Yes! We BETTER be good to ourselves!  Simply because if we aren’t–others won’t be!

And it’s funny because I’m a generally positive person.  I love my life outside of work. I love my husband and my kids.  I love Chippy. I’ve got a wonderful home.  I’ve got my health.  I haven’t hit any deer yet this season.  My eyesight is better than ever due to the cataract surgery.

Okay. So perhapy Chippy loves me only because I’m constantly bribing him with special treats. I think his look of love is for the biscuit rather than for me!

But yet, I’m hard on myself.  I’m hard on myself at work and in my weight.  Those two things.

And so, I’m making an effort for the remainder of the year to not be so hard on myself.  I’ll focus on the weight loss after the holidays.

I’ll continue to wear my “fat” clothes—and by that, I mean my clothing with stretch.  Those clothes make me feel good.  The clothing that no longer fits is stored away in the garage.  They may come out next Fall and they may not.  The summer clothing that is packed away might be unpacked come Spring—and might not.

This skirt from J. Crew Factory has an elastized waist band. PERFECT for that weight gain and the skirt looks great!

Also from J. Crew Factory is this soft sweater dress. It’s cut on the larger side and feels like a nightgown. This is a great dress for a Holiday meal!

My go-to’s these days are either black stretch pants or leggings and a sweater. I’m more round but the clothing with stretch is more body-friendly!

I’m pretty sure I wrote about these pants in a past post. I sized up and made the great sale purchase at J. Crew.  Jeans haven’t been worn due to the gain but these have a marvelous amount of stretch and I love the leopart pattern!

Ladies. It’s time for some self-love.  No—I’m not talking about being vain or conceited or narcissistic. I’m talking about a genuine love for yourself.  And plain liking yourself!

And despite the satin ribbon for hanging this shirt up and my ittle fang I’m pulling a Sally Field, looking at myself and saying to my reflection “You like me. You really LIKE me!”

This pandemic has taken quite the toll with most of us. It can be hard to comply.  We can become stir-crazy.  We had to cancel our plans to visit Oona and Sam over Christmas.  Bonaparte is especially disappointed because he wanted to see their new home.

I’m gonna miss seeing these two kids over Christmas. It’s heartbreaking for me because I wanted to be inappropriate with my pregnant daughter but next time I see her, she’ll be a mommy!!

I wanted to rest my hands upon Oona’s expanding belly and inappropriately comment on the size of her huge titties. It seems to me there’s an awful lot of milk in them thar mountains! But most of all, I wanted to take care of my baby.  I wanted to do laundry. And cook (much to her delight I won’t be there to make a mess).  And just be there for her and I cannot.  And it isn’t my fault.  I’m not being weak by opting out of a Christmas visit.  I’m caring for my daughter, her husband and her baby boy.  I’m caring for the health of myself and husband by not traveling in a crowded airport.

It’s true. Cancelling a trip due to health concerns isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s empowering and shows strenght because you are protecting others as well as yourself!

Instead, we will drive to New York to pick Roman up and bring him here for Christmas as he has a week off.  Christmas dinner will be me, Bonaparte, Roman, Bonaparte’s daughter, husband and daughter. And they all have to be COVID-19-tested beforehand if they are coming into my home.

Is that being mean?  Certainly not!  It is being kind to my husband and me. It is showing that we care about our health (and yes. I’m getting tested too) and that we love ourselves.

So, this holiday season and beyond, love yourself.  Do yourself a favor and go easy on you!  In order to love others, you need to love yourself.

And remember, loving yourself means never having to say you’re sorry to yourself!

……to yourself!!!!

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Shall We Attend French Cinema? Oui? Non? Oui!

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  With early holiday decorating, work, cooking a feast for Thanksgiving dinner for two, Bonaparte and me, and anticipating if we will be home for Christmas due to another possible pandemic lockdown, it’s been … Continue reading

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