A Damper On The Holiday Weekend? Only Weather-Wise!

Now that the first day back at work after Memorial Day Weekend 2018 is over, we can wax sentimental over the three-day that just passed.

I hope everyone had a better Memorial Day then the Eagle that I flew on. He doesn’t look too happy!

I’m hoping everyone had a great weekend no matter where you are!

For me, it was relaxing and somewhat quiet but it was fun and we kept busy.

We were able to enjoy drinks on the deck but as soon as dinner was ready, the raindrops fell so it was back into the house.

Image result for atypical60 drinks on the deck

Raindrops that keep falling on my head are fine–but once they hit the Kir Royal, it’s time to head inside!

You must understand something.  During the summer months, Bonaparte is obsessed—absolutely obsessed with the weather and weather reports.  He was mumbling in French the remainder of Friday evening simply because the rain put him in a foul mood and the forecast for the three days was not good.

Uh oh!  Someone wasn’t too happy with the weather report!!!

Roman arrived Saturday afternoon and we drove into Center City to pick him up.  But let me backtrack for a minute here.  Saturday’s forecast was rain.  And upon waking up, the dark gray clouds were hovering above.  Since I knew Roman was coming, I headed downstairs to bake a “good loaf” of bread and to make the salmon rillettes.

Ahhh…those tasty Salmon Rillettes!  Any time of year is a good time for them!!

And then a strange thing happened.  The sun came out.  Finally, a smile on the Frenchman’s face.  We both headed out on the deck for some sun and after an hour the clouds returned.  It was that type of day.  Clouds.  Sun. And the temperature stayed beautifully toasty.

It got really hot outside.  Hot enough so that I wore my shortest wig–Lacey by Envy!

It was good to have Roman home for a couple of days.  And it was good to have a buddy to watch a baseball game with.   And once again, we attempted to have dinner out on the deck and this time we enjoyed a lovely dinner for three!

Aug 20, 2016; Detroit, MI, USA; Boston Red Sox left fielder Andrew Benintendi (left) center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr. (center) and right fielder Mookie Betts (right) celebrate after the game against the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park. Red Sox win 3-2. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The photo may be dated, but boy, it’s so good to be able to sit back and watch a ball game–especially when it’s the Red Sox!

Sunday’s weather was awful but you know, I really didn’t mind.  You just can’t get too upset about the weather when you don’t need a winter coat, hat, gloves, scarf and boots.  Shorts and a tee will suffice!

How bad was the weather?  Even Chippy was upset!!!

The rain didn’t bother me, I went out like this–only I had loafers on my feet and an umbrella overhead!

And what else is there to do when the weather on a holiday weekend is bad?  Why—go to the outlets, of course!

Look who I ran into at the Lindt Chocolates shop!  My good friend Roger Federer.  He stopped me from over indulging!  I love Roger for watching out for me!

Bonaparte wanted a new pair of pants, Roman had gift cards from the past two years that were still in his wallet, and I will never pass up the chance to go to J. Crew Factory!

J. Crew Factory had 60 percent off everything!!!!!!!  That store was mobbed!!!

We all had good luck and then it was on to………

I’ll be wearing my new tee on…………guess what day?

The movies!

I’ll tell you something.  Living in Phoenixville has its perks.  And one of those perks is The Colonial Theatre. I freaking love that movie theatre.  So, do my kids—and now Bonaparte does as well!

And one can always enjoy a refreshing beverage such a beer or wine whist viewing the show.  This is Roman’s beer.  I passed on a beverage!

We saw…. RBG—or rather The Notorious RBG; a truly inspiring documentary about a truly inspiring woman. Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  What a woman!!!!  It doesn’t matter what your politics are or whether you are to the left or the right—this movie is not about that.  It’s simply about the life and career of one of the most paramount women in the United States at the present.

The Notorious RBG. Ruth. Bader. Ginsburg.  She’s the bomb and I need an RBG Tee!

There were parts of the film where the three of us were moved to tears—as was the entire audience!

What an incredible woman.  What an incredible life.  Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg is a woman to be revered and admired by all!

If you get the chance to see RBG—please by all means go.  And take your daughters and granddaughters too!

Image result for supreme justice ruth bader ginsburg

She can’t cook.  She loves the opera. And you will be very surprised to find out who one of her besties was!

Movie over, we took a walk up the street to The Foodery for beer and some chips.  Oh yeah, it’s a Holiday weekend and any phase of diet is thrown to the curb!  I’ll go back to my strict food on Tuesday!

The Foodery in Phoenixville has quite the selection of beer, ales, stouts, ciders and other beverages!

In my large family, we have a contingent of Boylan’s.  But OUR Boylans have never ever partaken of a Shirley Temple….unless it has booze!

Roman turned me on to these chips. Crab Chips. At least they’re gluten free!

Because the atmosphere was as thick as pea soup, we opted for dinner indoors!

The gougeres are NOT gluten free. I ate some anyway.  

I did manage to throw together a delicious corn salad.  Here’s how you make it:  2 cans of corn, drained.  A chunk of Queso, sliced and diced.  Small can of jalepeno peppers, diced and drained.  One small tomato, diced.  Put all ingredients in a bowl and mix.  Drizzle with Rice Vinegar.  Mix again.  Sprinke with Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel seasoning.  Easy and delicious!

Last week Bonaparte wore my wig. And after an evening of Kir Royals and other beverages,  my son put the wig on.  His bio hair is much thicker and wavier.  The family that has a sense of humor about wigs together, stays together!!!

And yesterday’s weather was pretty-much the same.  Gray, misty and a bit cooler.

Roman—being very much like me, lost his wallet on the Metro North.  (I lost a wallet by placing it on the roof of my car then driving off.  My most recent loss of wallet was the one Chippy ate!)

We headed off to the mall where he found the perfect wallet at the perfect price at Fossil.  And you know, it’s been a long, long time since I’ve been in a Fossil store and I forgot just how great the leather goods are at that store.

Image result for fossil king of prussia mall

Not kidding.  Next bag I purchase will be from Fossil. I forgot how nice the brand’s leather goods are!

I spotted a great bag that is similar to the Longchamp Cuir satchel.  And the price is a lot less expensive.

This brown leather satchel is gorgeous. And at 25% off of the $178 price, it’s a good buy for a bag that’ll last a long time! Click for another Fossil bag that’s very similar and a GREAT price on Amazon.com

Roman ended up with a simple leather wallet that cost him less than $35 and the quality is stellar.

I made a new bestie!  Kesha!  If you are at the King of Prussia Mall stop by Fossil to see her.  She’ll help you pick out the greatest leather goods–whether it’s a watch, wallet or tote!

And then, just as quick as a snap of the finger, it was time to return to downtown Philly to drop Roman off.  And I got sad.   Why do I get so sad when the kids leave?  Seriously, I can’t stand to see them go.  Once a mom…

Related image

Bye Roman!  See you when we get back to NYC–hopefully in a coupla weeks!

And that was it.  No parades.  No cookouts.  No hot dogs.  Just a lovely, quiet, chill Memorial Day weekend!  Sometimes the best weekends are those weekends when there is no fanfare or parties to go to or events to drive to.  Sometimes, the quiet times are the ones that can make a Memorial Day weekend—well, memorial!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and took a moment to reflect on the true patriots of our beautiful America.  The true patriots who went to war and fought for our freedom and the true patriots who’s selflessness made America great.

Thank you to those who served and gave your life for us.

Here’s the trailer for RBG.  You won’t be able to resist her!!

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To Start The Memorial Day Weekend…..I Bought a One-Piece Bathing Suit!

It was one of those good days today.  No traffic on the dreaded 422.  My workload was very smooth and not one fax came back with an error.  And the office closed at 2:30. It was just that kind of day where everything falls into place.

It’s that GOOD day! You can smell the grass as it grows.  The Geraniums are blooming. Work is good. No traffic.  These are those gifted days that are so glorious!

And I was thinking about bathing suits.

Now.  If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you are well-aware of my fondness for bikinis and two- piece bathing suits.  It doesn’t matter to me that I have a soft, cushiony, marshmallow-pillow of a gut.  It does not matter in the least that my thighs jiggle like Santa’s bowl full of jelly.  No. I’m past that self-conscience stage of life.

Image result for atypical60 bikinis

I’m no hard body.  And I’m comfortable in my own skin to wear a two piece.  And there’s a reason for this.

My adoration for two-pieces stems from the fact that I have a long torso and can never fine a one-piece that fits.  They ride up the entrance between the cheeks of my derriere.  A one piece gets all gnarled up in my origin of the world.  And the one-piece usually has a waist that starts way below mine and the top usually makes me look like a porn star because it falls lower than low.

Just another obvious reason I love a good two piece. I can frug!!!

And the last time I wore a one-piece was back in 1993.  Prior to the summer, I had a “thing” taken off my chest—it was the first of many “things” that would be taken off due to sun damage.  And that bathing suit was the most uncomfortable article of clothing I’ve ever worn.

1993. Long Beach, NY. My last one-piece and it was the most uncomfortable bathing suit ever!!!

But this year I am stuck in a conundrum.  I want to protect my skin as much as possible from the sun’s harmful rays.  Let’s face it, the only areas of my body that I want tanned are my arms, legs and face Why botha with the rest of me?

Things are serious when Jim Carey looks better in a one-piece than I do!!

And while I realize that I do fake tan for the most part, I want to get a little natural color after all.  My doctor said I could.

And because my work day went so “swimmingly”, after leaving the office, I decided to drive up the road to the local TJ Maxx.  Perhaps I would have some luck at a bargain price.

Let me tell you, the pickins’ were slim.  I’m always late to the party and headed over to the clearance area.  I did find a couple of two pieces but I wasn’t in the mood for those.  By now, I really had my mind set on a one-piece bathing suit.

I found a red one that I thought was very elegant. In the cart it went.  I found a red, white and blue printed one and thought that it would make appropriate Holiday weekend attire.

And then I saw a bit of bright neon pink sticking out from the bowels of the rack.  I hustled over and plucked her off the rack.  She was adorable!  Scalloped trim top and a bow! And then I saw the tag. Kate Spade.  I saw the price $40.  Now mind you, forty dollars is quite pricey for my swim attire. I don’t think I’ve ever paid that much money on a bathing suit.  Ever.  And when I remembered I had a Visa Gift Card for twenty-five dollars, the bathing suit looked even more adorable to me.

Off to the dressing room I ran.  And began to try on the swimwear.

Who cares if the bits are jiggly and flabby?  This is an adorable bathing suit!

Right off the bat I’ll tell you, there was no way I could get the other two bathing suits up past my waist. They were that short-waisted.  My hope was waning.

But as I stepped into the pink Kate Spade, I noticed that it felt very comfortable and not tight as I moved the stretchy fabric up past my thighs.  The suit didn’t stop at the waist. It actually fit!!!

This bow and neckline did it for me!

Kate Spade must be long-waisted because the fit of this is just perfect.  I checked to see what size it was and it’s a M.  Just a plain old Medium.

This was the deal of the day!  And it fits those of us who are long-waisted!!!

Look to the left. The suits that are hanging up.  They fit absolutely horribly.  I couldn’t even get them past my waist. Who are the swimsuit companies making these for anyway???

After using the gift card, I owed $17—two of which were taxed. I hadn’t realized thatPennsylvania places a tax on swim wear.  Overall, I got a deal!  My tummy, chest and back will be protected.\

Overall, I’m a happy camper–and I love the color!!!!

When I arrived home from work, something else was waiting for me.  I ordered a pair of reading glasses.  An Instagram Ad, stating that Oprah loves these frames, made be go for it.

Center Stage - Berry, Red

*sigh* I wish I was as popular as Oprah.  But these Center Stage glasses are the Cathe’s Meow!!

Add to the fact that I really don’t want to go to the beach wearing my good eyeglasses.  I’m afraid that I will either ruin them in the sand or lose them when I fall into the ocean.

My eyesight is so awful and hasn’t improved with age.  To find the best magnifying lenses, I went to Walmart and tried their readers on.  I was a bit depressed to discover that the highest number, 300, worked for me.  May I just say that carrots do not improve your eyesight.

Anyway, I opened the box, saw a nice tweedy eyeglass case and was impressed right off the bat.  When I took the readers out, I was equally impressed.  They are of good quality and not cheaply manufactured.  The frames are huge; and I love that. They are fun.

Ever the sucker for packaging, I love this eyeglass case!  It is so tweedy!

The tortoise shell color gives a very expensive look and the fit is just fine.

Definitely impressed with these frames!!

 If you have an average to large head, these are a great choice.  If you have a very small head with small facial features, these may be a bit overpowering though.

Pardon my crossed-eyes but I’ve been in front of a computer all day!  I do dig these frames though!


These are greatness–and so much fun!

I’m channeling my inner Iris Apfel!

I highly recommend these!  Check out the website for Peepers

Whatever you do, whether it’s in a bathing suit or shorts or whatever—just have a great, great, Memorial Day Weekend!!


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The New EU Privacy Rules…

The General Data Protection Regulation

I basically have no idea other than this new compliance protects the privacy of Europeans.  That’s a good thing but I have to tell you that I keep no personal information on anyone who reads this blog.

I don’t give out private information.  To anyone!

What bothers me is the fact I may lose some wonderful friends I’ve made through this blog.  My EU readers who laugh and cry and bond with me.  We bond with each other.

I’m perplexed.  Perhaps I should have a drink!

What do I do about this?  I don’t know.

I don’t know because I write this blog for fun and entertainment and laughs and rants.

I’m a girl who just wants to make you happy!

My guess is that if you are from the EU and read this blog, it won’t be emailed to you anymore unless you re-subscribe.  I don’t want to lose anyone because then it’ll be a sad day for me.

I don’t want to be sad.  I never started blogging to focus on sadness–only happiness!

Quite honestly, it sucks if you are an average blogger who doesn’t have your blog as your means of business.  But–it is what it is and we are in an ever-changing world.

All I can say is you are all safe with me.  And I guess resubscribe.

Remember–You are safe with me!

I gotta go and check out my UK and European blogs and see if I need to resubscribe to them!!

Thanks for being with me!!

Keep on the Sunny Side!  That’s what I’m trying to do through all this privacy stuff!!  Enjoy this sweet American Roots Music song from The Carter Family!

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Look On the Sunny Side. But Get Your Skin Checked First!

Did I mention that I had a dermatologist appointment today?  Because I had very minimal healthcare while both unemployed and at my last job, I hadn’t been to the dermatologist in over a year. Now that I have much better healthcare, I can visit all those professionals who cringe at my hypochondriac ways!

For me, it wasn’t a good thing I missed a skin check—especially since ten years ago, I had Mohs Surgery on my face to get rid of the Squamous Cell Skin Cancer I had been diagnosed with.

Image result for mohs surgery

I was very fortunate in that I only had two layers cut out.  It hadn’t gotten deep.

It’s been a battle to come to terms with the fact that too much sun is actually bad for you.


sun skin GIF

Yeah. Lilly White Skin and the Sun’s Rays aren’t the best combo!

Growing up on Long Island meant summers at the beach.  Every day –except when it rained, and there were even rainy days where we just went to the beach because it was fun.

The beach is probably a lot more skin-friendly in rainy weather anyway!

The high school years were spent getting a “base”, which meant beginning on the warm days during the end up April, sitting out in the back yard on those woven chaise lounge beach chairs and slathering a mix of baby oil and iodine on arms, legs and face.

This was funny in “There’s Something About Mary”..but in reality, I DID this. So did my girlfriends–and my sisters–and my mother!!!

 If we were really lucky and the weather became really warm, we would sit outside in our bathing suits and, like little rotisserie chickens, we would turn our bodies to the sun as it rotated the earth.

I’ll sit out in the sun until I’m well-done!

Oh. And those record album covers that opened up—they made great DIY sun reflectors.  Covered with Aluminum foil and placed at our chins so the sun could hit our faces, not only cleared our skin, but did pave the way for future damage.

We didn’t think about the aftereffects of later years.  We were not aware of the price we would later pay by trying to achieve that coffee-colored, golden goddess skin that looked so healthy and glowing during the summer.

national bikini day old ad

Who didn’t want that tan?  The ad is such a throwback to ignorance though.  You get older looking skin after a while.  But–the scent of Coppertone is just so delicious!

Then there were the Irish American girls like me. The ones with freckles and pasty-white skin.  We burned. We blistered.  Forget “Fifty Shades of Gray”—we were “Fifty Shades of Red”! And any phase of a tan was acquired at the end of August—with two weeks to show that slight darkening before going back to school.

My parents spent a small fortune on Solarcaine!!  We all burned except my mother!!  Ouuuuuuuuch. I can still feel that!!

I was so jealous of my olive-skinned girlfriends!

Anyway, the first time I had ever even been to a dermatologist was when I moved back into Manhattan.  In my early thirties, I noticed a shiny pimple on my chest that didn’t go away.  I went to a local derma, he cut it off, took a biopsy and all was fine.

Then about 12 years ago, I noticed a dried pimple over my eyebrow that wouldn’t go away. It was odd because it would sometimes become crusty and sometimes bleed, but it never got bigger.  About a year of trying to get rid of it with creams and rubbing alcohol, I mentioned it to my sister, a nurse, who pooh-poohed me because of my hypochondria.

A year later it was still there and I made an appointment with the Dermatologist who I still see.  It was skin cancer, I had the surgery and that was a huge wakeup call to me.

I don’t burn anymore.  When I do go out in the sun, I am cautious.  I sit under an umbrella. I use sunscreen.  Although I don’t like to, I’ll wear a wide-brimmed hat—but my wigs protect my scalp so it’s double protection.

My view of early-morning Stone Harbor from under the umbrella.  

The beach is one of my favorite places to be during the summer. Whether it’s the Mediterranean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean, they shore has a calming effect on me.

Bonaparte love the beach so much when we are in France that we even dine on the beach!

 I’m not going to stop enjoying the summer months—especially here in the Northeast when we get about six to eight weeks a hear of true summer!

You can find me here if the weather is good!

So, you can just imagine how anxious I was this morning!  I was $hitting in my pants with fear that one of the bumps or freckles or marks on my skin was going to “be something”.

And as I parked the car, I did a glance at my face that was minimally made up and it didn’t look that bad.

Minimalist makeup today. I wore the Laura Geller Balance & Brighten powder foundation.  It looks good too!

I made my way up the stairs and into the office.

This was more like an anxiety-ridden trip up the stairs–forget the grand entrance!

Dr. Covello called me in and did a very intense skin check.  I even took my wig off so she could check my scalp!

Dr. Wildemore and Dr. Covello.  Two of the best Derms on Philly’s Main Line!  They are so nice!

And I had a moment of shock—because for the last ten years, I’ve always had little bits frozen off my body or burned off.

And this time.  Nothing.  It was the greatest skin check I’ve had!  Nothing had to be frozen off my face or arms or legs or chest!

My lightly fake tanned legs were ready to do the happy dance!! My skin is fine!!

Now I can relax for a week until I make the next doctor appointment for my colonoscopy.  Then I’ll really be $hitting bricks.

Seriously though.  If you haven’t done so already, please make an appointment with your doctor to have your skin checked.  The process takes less than twenty minutes.  Do it for yourself!

We’ll be at the pool this weekend rather than the beach though. I don’t like the beach during holiday weekends.  Traffic is too taxing.

But I’ll be sure to put a ton of sunscreen on and protect my skin from damage and drying up like leather.

And speaking of leather……………. remember Chippy ate my wallet on Saturday?

Talk about skin damage!  Look what Chippy did to this leather!!!

I headed over to Amazon in search of another one.  The wallet that I had, I loved. And received a ton of compliments on it, but over the years the slots stretched a bit so I wanted something a bit more secure.

I found a really nice one for a little less than what my nibbled wallet cost.  It’s RFID blocking and made of waxed leather. The finish is very nice and I love the reddish-brown color.  In case you are interested, I put it on my Amazon Page for you to check out.

Here’s a better look.

The wallet came in this adorable box and was even placed in a small dust cover.  I’m such a sucker for packaging!!

I can repurpose this dust cover to carry cosmetic brushes when I’m traveling!

The patina is nice and lusturous and I love the fact there’s no designs on the leather.

Plenty of space for cards…

And more space on the flip side.

I can keep bills that Chippy hasn’t eaten in this zippered compartment.

It holds a ton of stuff very neatly.  Overall, I give this an A!!!

It’s funny because I don’t like to spend a ton of money on a wallet—it’s in your purse and the only time anyone sees it is when you take it out for a moment.  Amazon has some pretty nice ones too–I’m definitely a fan this online way of shopping!  Are you??

I’m going up to apply some fake tanner now.  Have a great evening and take care of your skin!!!!!

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Our Royal Dinner—And the Remainder of the Weekend

Ok—so yesterday I was so overcome by the love that Harry and Megan displayed on their wedding that I decided to have a Royal dinner for me and Bonaparte.

I have a feeling that these two lovebirds inspired so many couples–that in nine months there’s gonna be quite a number of Harry and Megan’s being birthed!

And since the weather was so awful, I baked bread, the bread I make all winter which my son Roman has dubbed “The Good Loaf” and made more Gougères—Alain Duccase’s Go-To Recipe.

I’m into multi-tasking.  Sugar for the yeast to bloom,  flour and cheese for the gougeres, and my claw clip to pull my fake hair back with…

Gougeres out of the oven.  Cooled, bagged and into the freezer.  You MUST make these!!!

I made chicken breasts with Roma tomatoes, black olives and basil and we had a great evening together.

One of the easiest recipes ever.  Pound boneless chicken breasts to get them thinned.  Set aside.  Quarter the tomatoes lengthwise.  Salt them.  Pour white wine into a pan. Cook the tomatoes. Add the olives.  Add some of the olive juice.  Add crushed red pepper and two cloves of garlic, minced.  Saute the chicken in olive oil till done.  It’s that easy and a staple in the house!

But—that crazy Frenchman of mine did something that made me almost die with laughter.  He had been watching TV upstairs and came down when it was time to make the aperitifs.  In the meantime, I took my wig off and put my bio hair up in a bun because I don’t like cooking in a wig.

He was quite impressed with the table setting and, in fact, he was thrilled with the way the table looked.  Then he went upstairs and told me he would be right back.

And when he came downstairs, he was in my wig!!!  He said that the dressed-up table was like being in Versailles and he decided to channel Louis Quatorze—his favorite Royal (and this—from a Frenchman who don’t care for any form of aristocracy).

The Sun King, Louis XIV, would be so proud that my husband channeled him!!

Chippy’s reaction….

I love my Frenchman!

But let’s backtrack.  To yesterday morning.

While watching “The Wedding” I noticed that Chippy was nowhere to be found.  I didn’t hear him either.  This is never a good thing because that little rascal is very sneaky.

So, I went downstairs and saw it.  He had gotten into my tote, took out my wallet and ate part of my wallet.  He also ate a couple of bills.  He got into a gift card but didn’t destroy it.

Who DOES this anyway?  What is Chippy trying to prove?  At least he made a heart shaped nibble…

At least he nibbled in the shape of a heart.  And I was very perplexed as to why he ate a leather wallet when I had the following in my tote..

Cincinnati Chili mix and…

…Airline pretzels..  Now you know how truly lazy I am.  I finally took the chili mix out and put it in the pantry.  I threw the pretzels back in the tote.  God help me.

I couldn’t even with that one.  But luckily my husband was out test-driving cars.

Yes.   My car lease is expiring soon and it is time for a new car.  Are you aware of my distain for automobiles?

I hate cars. They are overpriced pieces of machinery.  The second you drive out of the car lot, they depreciate in value.  The upkeep is expensive.  The tires will flatten if you roll over a nail and new tires are pricey.  Gas is expensive.  Other drivers on the road are out to kill me with their horrific driving.

I miss the NYC subway system.

It’s a well-known fact through my family of my feelings towards the four-wheeled monsters.

But the husband lives for test driving and negotiating new cars.  So, do Oona and Sam. Oona is in the market for a new car and has been negotiating for a BMW thingy.

Why does my daughter even need a car like this Beemer?  She doesn’t.  She just wants it!  It is nice looking though!

My son Jake—when he lived in Manhattan drove his bicycle all over or just took the subway.  He moved to LA and ended up buying an Audi Convertible.  What gives here?

He leaves the NYC subway, heads to LA and now drives this.  Oy vey!!

Roman and I are the only ones who are not enthralled with cars. And don’t even get me started on the danger of cars in parking lots. OK?

I’ll take the Fred Flinstone mobile. It’s fully airconditioned and cheap on gas!

Seriously.  I don’t even want to go car shopping.  My thing is “Go get me a car with a CD player, good A/C, and that is good on gas”.  That’s it.

And naturally when the Frenchman arrived home and saw what Chippy did, he blamed me for leaving my tote in a place where Chippy could get at it.

I’ll tell you, yesterday was one busy day!

Today was a bit calmer.  Bonaparte is off playing tennis and I completed two wig reviews on my YouTube channel.

Then I ran a couple of errands.

I headed to Ulta to see if I could find a couple of Morphe eyeshadow/blending brushes.  I’m a fan of the blending brushes and did go on their website but refuse to spend five dollars on shipping.  I’m funny that way.

No Morphe brushes to be found but I did pick up a couple of Essence mascaras.  I’m a fan of the Get Big Lashes and at $3.99 each, it’s a great buy.

This cheap stuff is better than some high-end brands!!

And because I’m a sucker for any kind of lip-gloss I saw a pretty pink matte gloss, La Vie En Belle—what a nice name. I picked it up and also picked up a clear gloss to wear over the matte one.

Isn’t that a nice pink?  And the clear shiny gloss..it ended up to be a rather pleasant surprise!

I have an issue with many glosses that state they are big on shine.  Most of them are not.  And boy, was I pleasantly surprised when I came home and applied this over the pink matte.  I am going to have to go back to buy another clear gloss. It shines like a star!  How come Essence, a lower-end cosmetic company, can produce such a shiny gloss at a rock-bottom price when higher end brands fail?

I have both glosses on. I love the color of the matte and the shine of the shiny gloss!

With summer and the heat on the way, I also purchased a facial spray!

When Oona was living at home, she was a fan of the Mario Badescu brand.  The spray is very refreshing–just in time for the hot months!

Next it was off to Kimberton Whole Foods to purchase a Rotisserie Chicken for tonight’s dinner.  This place has great roti chickens that aren’t loaded with growth hormones and the chickens are roasted to the proper doneness.  A bit of cheese and asparagus and I was finished.

Bonaparte and I both agree that the Rotisserie chicken from Kimberton Whole Foods is the closest to the Roti chickens we get in France.  They are actually COOKED!!!

I picked up a bit of cheese because I’m a sucker for anything seasoned with Rosemary!

So that’s it.  The sun decided to come out at 3PM today—just when the weekend is about over.  I’ve been lax with the weight loss and need to go back to the meetings.

Here’s a look at a few of this past week’s ensembles.

I’m a fan of yelow and gray.  This oversized sweater from Loft is an oldie but goodie and paired with cropped pants from J.. Crew, it’s a nice casual look.  My deal of the century–Paul Green sandal/booties that I snatched at Nordstrom Rack a while back for less than $75 dollars!

With the temperatures climbimg,  my Old Navy swing jersey dresses from last summer are a great addition to my casual office wardrobe.  The denim jacket from Kut From The Kloth is a summer staple!

Friday was cool and rainy and I was shocked at the amount of compliments I received on this J. Crew Factory sweater.  Everyone loves Pink Flamingos.  I was almost attacked at Tray Joe’s–a woman came running up to me to ask where I purchased the sweater.  Pink Flamingos were her favorite animal.  I did size down in this for a more fitted look.  I got a small and the fit is perfect.  

Enjoy your workweek—and for the ladies who wear wigs—a new review.  My second Chloe in Frosted!

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Atypical 60 Takes a Look At The Royal Wedding

Off the bat, I don’t have much of an opinion on the Royal family of England.  As I have a good deal of family in Ireland and the way England treated the Catholics, I am not enthralled but on the other hand, I don’t despise them. I’m non-committal.

The Royal Family. Believe it or not, I’m a royal too. Many people call me a Royal Pain-in-the-Ass!

However, I love me a good excuse to watch pomp and circumstance and weddings!  I don’t care who is getting married.  It’s a chance for me to look at ensembles both beautiful and horrific.  And this royal wedding didn’t fail me!!

This scene from today’s Royal Wedding made me want to watch The Sound Of Music again.  Maria‘s wedding to Captain von Trapp! Yeah!!!!

My big issues were how come my gurls Patsy and Eddie weren’t invited.  Where was Sir Raymond Davies?  Sir Elton John was there with his husband but what about my Kinky crush Sir Raymond?

I really, really want to know why Patsy and Eddie were not at that wedding!  They would have been so much fun!

Sir Ray Davies is knighted by the Prince of Wales during an Investiture ceremony at Buckingham Palace, London.

And where was my life-long crush–Sir Raymond Davies?  Charles makes him a knight and doesn’t invite! 

I hope Sir Elton John has a few drinks then sits down to belt out his OLD songs–like the ones from Tumbleweed Connection!  His husband is a rather handsome tabby!

And why wasn’t I invited?????!!!! I’ll just drown my delusional sorrows with a few Kir Royals this evening.

Seriously. Where was MY invite?  I even applied my makeup like Megan Markle’s and styled my wig like her wedding do!  She inspired me today!  Don’t we look alike?  

And while it’s raining and pouring and dreary here in the Philadelphia area, I’m spending the day baking bread, baking gougères for the Frenchman and delighting in all things Megan Markle!

Gougeres. For our Kir Royals tonight!

The alarm, much to Bonaparte’s dismay, was set for 6:00 AM.  I woke up, turned the TV on and my Frenchman rolled over and whispered in my ear…

“Why ahr ou wacheeng zis sheet”  “Zeez pipoule..zee ar-is-toe-cratz..zahy do nosing”

(Translation:  Why are you watching this shit?  These people—the aristocracy—they do nothing”. My husband is still living the French Revolution)

Image result for the french revolution

My husband.  A Parisien who is not a fan of the aristocrats.  I like their weddings though!

To which I answered.

“I wanna look at the clothes and makeup!”  (You would think that by now my Frenchman would be aware of how deeply shallow I am)

And that’s what I did.  So, take a cup of tea or wine because it’s almost noon—or better yet, whip up a Tanqueray and Tonic—that’s what the Brits drink—and come along with me to the Royal Wedding.

I have no idea who this woman is but her dress was my absolute favorite of the day. Simple with those bell sleeves.  If I lived in England perhaps I could have her hand-me-downs!

First of all, just the fact that the sun was shining in Britain today was proof that Hipster Jesus is a fan of the Royals.  Harry and Megan had perfect weather! And Britain just acquired a new resident with beautiful teeth!


Watching all the friends and celebrities walk into the church with their wedding ensembles and headgear was such fun.  Those Brits (as well as the Irish) put us Americans to shame when it comes to dressing for a wedding!

They do it right.

George and Amal were there.  I used to love George Clooney.  But since he married Amal, I’m not a fan anymore.  Sure, Amal is gorgeous.  But she looks like a snot.  And he’s become incredible self-important.  I would have scratched them off the list.

People were raving that Amal Clooney was the best dressed.  I got news for you Amal.  Philly soft pretzels and French’s mustard were NOT being served at the wedding. You didn’t have to wear a dress the same color as the mustard just in case you spilled some.

She’s got smug written all over her face!  Wash she looking down at the crowds lining the streets–and how did these two get the seats in the “good” part of the church. Ugh.

Look at the lyrics on the hymnal sweetie–not at the photographer. You and Georgie are way too self-important. As Chris Rock says–“You’re not special”!!!!

David Beckham.  Oona and I were texting how great he looked.  His suit!  *sigh* Why does his wife, Victoria always look miserable? Did she not get her British teeth fixed—she has all the money in the world.  She has a successful clothing brand.  She has a great looking husband and children.  So why can’t she smile?  I would be grinning from ear to ear if Harry and Megan invited me to their wedding.

OMG. David Beckham.  THE David Beckham! Why does his wife look depressed?  She can afford a ton of Zoloft–I’m sure her medical insurance is fabulous.  

Wait!  Is Mrs. B trying to smile or is she channeling her inner Mona Lisa.  I’ll tell you this. I want her shoes.  She’s got the best shoes of the day!  But–her dress is too long. Two inches off of it would have made her one of the best dressed!  IMHO!

The queen.  For once in her life, she is wearing happy colors.  She’s wearing my favorite Crayola Crayon color—Spring Green!  Thank you, Queen Elizabeth, for wearing this astounding spring color because we went from no foliage here to a burst of summer green on the trees.  I guess the trees were told to not bloom in the color you were wearing for the wedding.

92 year old pro-ager Elizabeth rocked my favorite crayon color.  I swear this was the best look she’s ever worn!

Camilla Parker Bowles, Mrs. Prince Charles.  Whatever her relationship with the Prince of Wails and Whines has been, she looks great in the color pink.  But her hat—I wanted to eat it because it looked just like a fancy frosted cake.

That hat.  It’s pink marshmallow and buttercream frosting and I want to take a bit out of it!

Sarah Ferguson.  Holy shit!!  If there was one wedding guest I was happy to see it was Fergie!  I’ve missed her wild antics over the years and her suit made her one of the best-dressed guests in my eyes.  If I had been invited to the wedding, I would definitely want to hang with her!

The return of Fergie!  This makes me love Harry and Megan even more because Wills and Kate snubbed her and never invited this life-of-the-party to their wedding..

THIS is how the mature woman should dress for a wedding!!! Her suit is FABULOUS!  And that length IS appropriate!  Next to the Bride, Fergie gets my vote as best-dressed!

Meghan Markle’s friend, US tennis player Serena Williams (L) and her husband US entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian (R) arrive for the wedding ceremony of Britain’s Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and US actress Meghan Markle at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, in Windsor, on May 19, 2018. / AFP PHOTO / POOL / Odd ANDERSENODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images

Another on the best-dressed list. Serena!  I love her because she does her own nails.  I often dream of being on a translantic flight and she’s sitting next to me and she says “I’m bored.  Can I do your nails”  And of course, I say back “OF COURSE!!” And then we become reallygood friends.  Her very wealthy husband’s pants are too short. But I dig his socks!

Bishop Michael Curry of the Episcopal Church is my guy today.  He’s as spicy as hot curry, he is!  His homily was refreshing and he mentioned the Jesuits!  The. Jesuits!!  I sure hope that Mrs. and Mrs. Queen Elizabeth were wearing Depends for that one!!

This guy.  I’m writing him a letter  because if my daughter ever gets married I want him to be the priest.  Episcopals are very close to Catholics you know.  I hope he officiates for free because I’m poor.

The two princes.  I’m a sucker for a man in uniform and those two–they also get a best-dressed nod from me!

I want a military coat like the one these two are wearing.  Look how happy they are.  I wish Diana was still alive!

Uh oh!  Harry and I are so much alike. We both have the same bald spot. This is yet another reason I should have been invited. I could’ve Toppik’ed the bejesus out of that scalp and had him looking like he had a full head o’hair!

But to the bride.  That dress.  You know, I love my edgy-classic look and I’m a fan of short skirts and all that but Megan Markle Windsor (I guess that’s her new name—right?) knocked it clear out of the atmosphere in that Givenchy wedding dress.  It was modest.  But modest in the most classic, chic and elegant way.  My first impression of the dress was that it reminded me of a Courreges design because of the simplicity.  Then I thought it was a Givenchy because it had a bit of an Audrey Hepburn vibe.  When I found it my guess was correct, I was on cloud nine!

That dress. Be still my heart!! There is nothing about that dress that isn’t perfection!  The neckline. Those sleeves.  It is so simple but so elegant. The greatest wedding dress of all time!  Givenchy’s house got it right!

Look, while I realize that many brides opt for lace and the strapless look, I’ve always thought that sleeves would be more appropriate for a church wedding.  And the fact there was no embellishment on the dress was even more endearing.  The focus was on the beauty of the bride.

I just cannot get enough of this dress. It’s about time someone brought a modest bridal look to a church.  I’ve always thought the strapless gowns were a bit inappropriate for a church wedding and not every bride looks great in a strapless dress.  This is a universally flattering bridal look for every bride to be!  I absolutely love it!

And a beauty she was and is!

She’s so gorgeous!

That dress.

If these two were any cuter it would be a crime!

She’s just perfect!

My biggest disappointment, and I almost got flamed on Instagram for my thoughts.  I thought that Megan Markle’s mother could have been styled in a brighter look.  Doria Ragland was the mother of the bride!  The mother of the bride!  We can see where Markle gets her beauty—from her mom!  And while I do realize that there is a certain protocol of dress that Ms. Ragland had to follow, the stylists could have given her a more fitted dress and perhaps she could have been in yellow or violet.  Fergie’s stylist should have taken a visit to Ms. Ragland–she looked beautiful but could have looked even more beautiful!

Seriously.  Doria Ragland is so beautiful. She’s a mature woman and that dress did nothing to showcase her figure or beauty.  A more fitted frock and a dash more color and she would have been perfect.

And I felt bad that she was sitting alone in the back row of the “important” area. For crissakes—Clooney and his snotty-looking wife had better seats!

You know I get very emotional and this photo made me cry.  Yes!! I started crying because I didn’t want her sitting alone. And she’s not even in the area with the lights. They placed Clooney and his snooty wife in a better place.  I want to be friends with Megan’s mom! She has such kind eyes!  Harry better be good to her!!

Give the mother-of-the-bride her proper respects!  Please.

Megan’s mom should have been seated next to Prince Charles and Camilla! Who did the seating arrangements anyway?

I also wasn’t impressed with Kate Middleton’s outfit but she gets a pass because she looked ravishing after just giving birth.

I’m wondering if at the reception Kate said to William “Honey, be a prince will ya?  I just gave birth so its your turn to watch the kids. I’m going to get a Long Island Iced Tea”

Did she really give Camilla the side eye?  Ohhhh…it’s just like my family!

Was it because Camilla thought the wedding programe was a menu?

Camilla is reading that thing like a person suffering from hunger pangs is reading a dinner menu.  My guess is Kate doesn’t eat. She’s like Patsy Stone!!!!!

This beautiful fantasy wedding was such a well-needed diversion from everything bad that’s going on in our world.  From politics to mass murders.  This was a bright spot.

This brightened all our lives today!

And to see a loving inter-racial couple who only have eyes for each other was even more thrilling and is a glimpse of hope for us.

What a lovely day and what a lovely wedding!

Long may these two young marrieds thrive.  I hope they stay together forever and raise a beautiful family.

Tonight, to celebrate this new couple, (On my part—the Frenchman thinks I’m nuts—but he’s French!) I’ve set the table for a royal meal.  The gougères have been baked, and bread has been baked and we will dine on chicken breasts cooked with roma tomatoes, olives and basil.  And a healthy salad.

In all honesty, when Bonaparte came downstairs and saw the table set like this, he was thrilled and went downstairs to get the “good” wine.  I’m sure its really because he wants to watch some crazy Netflix series and if I drink the good stuff I’ll fall asleep right away!

Have a royal evening—and think of all the love that has been spread across the world today!

This has always been one of my favorite Elton John songs. I like 70’s Elton John better than Disney Elton John anyway.  Your Song…

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A Most MAC-nificent Concealer

Remember about a week or so ago I mentioned that I purchased yet another concealer?  The concealer is by MAC and I said that I would review it.

No longer in the box, this is being used on a daily basis!

Well, almost ten days later, I’m happy to say that this is a gem in a glass bottle.  But I have some things to say first.

MAC’s Pro Longwear Concealer is so good, I may try MAC foundation!

In reading reviews, I noticed that a number of women of pro-aging age were not crazy about this particular concealer.  Some reviews stated that it looked dry and cakey and settled into wrinkles.

Image result for wrinkled faces

Umm…you age.  Wrinkles are a part of life.  Unless you can afford fillers or a face lift!

And after wearing this every day for over a week, I can honestly tell you that either the application process was not carried out properly or too much concealer was applied. on those who didn’t care for it.

This did not, and I repeat did not cake up on me nor did it appear drying.  I have to say it didn’t “settle” into my lines either.  It’s all in the application!

Take a good look at my face.  The lines are there.  The lighting was good.  But the concealer blended in very well!! (Oh..that Essence mascara is greatness!)

But—let me make one thing clear.  I’m not trying to conceal or hide or erase those fine lines around my eyes or anywhere else on my face.  I’m working with the concealer to minimize the appearance of redness and freckles that have turned into age spots.  The lines are the least of my concerns because lines and wrinkles are a part of pro-aging! Hellooooooooooo!!  Let’s be realistic here. (and this is why I don’t use filters and keep things real)

And let’s move on.

Concealer is one of those items that I’ve only started to use the past two years or so.  Don’t get me wrong.  My BareMinerals Well-Rested has been a Holy Grail product for me for years.  And I only use it in the corners of my eyes but it isn’t used as a concealer anywhere else on my face.

Besides covering the redness and other imperfections, I like concealer that also highlights my face a bit.  Using it in a shade lighter than my foundation makes the skin look a bit more refreshed.

So, here’s how it goes.

I’ll pump a tiny bit on the outside of my hand.  And when I say a tiny bit, I mean a tiny bit.

Use a light touch with this pump. That was the hardest thing for me to master!

The hardest thing to do with this concealer was to use a light touch with the pump—if you don’t too much product will come out.

That’s all you need–actually even a little less. I’m heavy-handed!

One small pump is all you need to do all the concealing or highlighting you need.

After I dot the product on my face, I blend with a damp beauty sponge (I use Real Techniques). My apologies for the state of my sponge but I use things till either they fall apart or until Chippy eats them.

That little dot goes a long, long way!

And when I blend, I blend very, very well.  Then I’ll spray a mist of water and pat the sponge once more.

OMG. If my blending sponge gets any messier I’ll catch Impetigo. Time to get the backup out!

That’s it. No powder over it. Just my next step which is contour and blush.  And I’m done.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer does the job. Covers and glows!  

What I love about this is the consistency. It’s a thicker liquid but it isn’t a dry or batter-like liquid.  The consistency is incredibly workable.

For my complexion, the NC15 is the best bet.  It’s Neutral Cool and works very well with my fair skin.

NC 15.  Neutral Cool with beige undertones.  This is a nice one. I think I would go a shade or two darker for foundation.

The price is $24 and for the cost-per-use, it is money well-spent. This will last, I can guarantee over a year.  The glass bottle holds .3 oz of product.

For some bizarre reason, I feel that the product is housed safer in glass!

In my stash I have quite a few different concealers running the gamut of very inexpensive up to pricier.  I can tell you that there is a difference between the MAC and others.

I do like the MILK concealer but at $27 for .2 oz, it’s a bit overpriced for the cost-per-use.   I feel as though the small applicator sponge soaks up more product than applies to my face.  The product is decent though.

Milk concealer on the left and Maybelline on the right.  Although I really do like the Milk concealer, I don’t think I would repurchase now that I’ve used the MAC.

And I am a fan of the Maybelline Age-Rewind concealer.  It doesn’t have a ton of coverage but does give a nice finish to the skin.  At around $7.00 for .2 oz, you need to apply quite a bit to get the look you want so the price-per-cost could be better.  I’ve gone through three of these in less than a year.  That’s twenty-one bucks.  My basic math is going with the MAC.

Ain’t no concealer gonna get rid of my lines–I just want to even out my complexion and conceal the flaws!!!

So that’s it.  A little review of a MAC-nificent concealer. I do believe this will become a Holy Grail product for me! Let me know what concealers you like!!  And what you look for in a concealer!

I was listening to Carla Bruni today on my commute to and from work.  She’s really a good musician and I love her raspy voice. This song, Raphael is supposedly about her husband, ex-President of France, Sarkozy.   Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t–but it’s a sweet song!

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