Weekend! A Whole Lot of Nuthin’!!!

And what a weekend.  Overall, it’s been a relaxing one. Yesterday, I concentrated on cooking and trying desperately not to “pick” while doing so.

I’m afraid to say, I failed.  I picked—but what I did pick was at the least, healthier choices than a party sized bag of Tostitos and a jar of Cheese Whiz.

Pick me a winner!!!  Unfortunately, I picked at high-calorie black olives and not a zero-point salad with no dressing!

I’m telling you, this Freestyle WW program is really very challenging to me.

Other than that, yesterday was one of those days where I didn’t want to do anything other than cook.

Dinner was great. I made one of my favorite meals. Chicken Breasts with Roma Tomatoes, Black Olives and Basil.  This time I did something different.  Normally, I dredge the chicken in rice flour before sautéing them. I skipped this step.  I sprayed the pan with Pam and then cooked the chicken and it turned out fine. Not dry at all.

The makings of  last night’s dinner.  Surprisingly I didn’t miss the bread.  And there was no added fat. Too keep things on the moist side, I added white wine and the juice from the canned olives!


I still made sure the table was properly set.  It’s even more important during a weight loss journey to have nicer place settings!

The finished product!  I swear this is one of my all time favorite meals. So easy and it’s the perfect dish when you really don’t know what to make!

I also slow-cooked a dish that one of the women in the Weight Watcher’s group I belong to created. I call it “Ruth Frazier’s Chicken and Sauerkraut”.  Take a pack of chicken breasts.  Take three cans of sauerkraut.  Dump everything into the crock pot and cook ten hours.  It’s like German-style barbeque!  I seasoned with the “Everything But The Bagel” from Trader Joe’s. No added salt, but I added tarragon and black pepper.  This. Is. Great!!  And I’m petrified to weigh in tomorrow evening because I picked at this on Saturday and today.

Take a pack of chicken breasts….

Open three cans of sauerkraut…

Put it all into the crock pot, season, turn it on low and forgetaboutit for ten hours.

This is supposed to be a zero-point meal, but the way I attacked it in picking, there’s points!

And while I thought I would be baking the two-ingredient, three-point bagels, I passed on it this weekend.  There is a chance that I’m losing my craving for carbs right now.  We’ll see.

The Carrie wig that I received from Uniwigs didn’t fare too well after I washed it—and I ruined it further by cutting it in hopes it would look better after snipping the napped and dry ends.  Then I remembered seeing a few videos on reviving wigs with a steamer.  I found one at Walmart (where else?) for $19.48. I put it to the test and steamed the wig.  It turned out beautifully and I regretted every putting a scissor to her.  Lesson learned.

This inexpensive steamer is amazing–brought Carrie back to life!  I’m thrilled!

Less than twenty bucks–if you wear a wig and see this steamer at Walmart, grab it!!!

I did, however, put a scissor to a few of our Poinsettia plants.  I want them to bloom next December and the process of cutting the plants down starts now, if need be.  Some of the stems were becoming “woody” so I cut them. New growth should appear in a few weeks—then at summer’s end, the plants will need total darkness for 10 hours a day.  It’s a lot of work but in the end, I’m hoping that I reap the rewards with more blooms. I love Poinsettias!

Bonaparte was extremely upset that I cut some of the poinsettias down.  He doesn’t believe they will grow back and rebloom.  I’m a Sunshine Pumper so I think they will!

So anyway, last night after dinner, I headed upstairs to see what Bonaparte was watching.  There’s a series on Netflix about Versailles titled “Versailles” and my Frenchman has been addicted to this.  Now—all I could think of was the cheesy Versailles series that aired on Ovation two years ago. OMG. I thought it was almost comical and I stopped watching after the third episode.

Related image

Louis Quatorze played by George Blagden and his bi-sexual, cross-dressing brother, Phillippe duc d’Orleans played wonderfully by Alexander Vlahos make this series worth watching.  The costumes and wigs are enough for me!  But it’s so juicy!!

This is that Ovation version. Netflix acquired it but I don’t know what happened because I got hooked on Season Two and I’m so glad that it’s been renewed for Season Three. It’s so juicy!  The series follows all the dirt on Louis Quatorze and his cross-dressing brother Phillipe, Duke of Orleans.  The wigs are right up my alley and so are the costumes.  I’m so glad I gave the series a second chance!!  Sometimes, second chances are so worth it!

How pathetic is it that Alexander Vlahos as Phillipe is prettier as a woman than I am?  That wig is to die for!!

This morning proved to be quite the frustrating one though.  My goal was to make a couple of YouTube videos for the three people following me.  But when I went to turn my laptop-from-Hell on, the camera wasn’t working.

I remained calm over my laptop issue.  I didn’t have a tantrum like last time. Remember THAT? 

Three hours later, I fixed the issue. Don’t even ask my how I did it, but it had something to do with the Logitech webcam needing updates.  And the videos were completed. I was very proud of myself for not losing it the way I did a couple of months ago?  In case you never saw the post “My Laptop Turned Me Into a Monster and I Am Not Ashamed!”

Then I went to check my Instagram.  I enjoy Instagram simply because I love looking at photos.  I noticed that quite a few people had unfollowed me and I went to the “unfollow” app that I have on my phone.  Wouldn’t you know it—I have been unfollowed by women of my own demographic who pontificate supporting each other.  Funny how that happens.  I couldn’t help but get my bitch on and simply unfollow them back.

I got my creativity on and made this meme!

I don’t unfollow anyone on Instagram unless they unfollow me—and boy, you would be surprised at the women who have unfollowed me!  I’ll end this here and now.

You know how much I am a fan of Wet n Wild cosmetics.  I love the brand’s Photofocus and Cushion foundations.   I also like their concealer and a few other products.  Anyway, last week I realized I was running low on my Hard Candy primer. When I went to Walmart to replace this particular primer, Walmart was sold out.

It was then I noticed the Dewy Lumineux Primer from Wet n Wild.  At $4.68, I thought the price was right.  Until I placed the tube in my hand.  There is only.84 oz. of primer in the tube…and it resembles an oversized sample size.

Regardless, I made the purchase—anything that says “dewy” on the packaging appeals to me.

I used the primer twice. Once during the workweek and today.  Today finalized my thoughts. It isn’t worth the money.  Here’s why.

The worst primer I’ve ever spent my money on.  It was just a total fail.  Totally drying to the point my fact felt taught.  Pass on this one ladies!

The amount in the tube really is miniscule but, quite a bit spurts out when you give the tube a gentle squeeze.  The primer is flesh colored, which isn’t a bad thing.  But when it goes on, it has more of a glittery sheen than a dewy finish.

In fact, I found this primer to be drying—which is so odd because I’ve never purchased a primer that was drying.

Overall, I give this an F.  I’m not kidding either. I love this brand but this product is an absolute fail for mature skin.  Honestly, if you see it, pass it by!

Still in cold-weather clothing at work—here’s a gander at what I wore this week.  I’m happy to report that my Steward plaid pants from J. Crew are fitting better these days!

On Tuesday, I revisited these pants from many, many years ago. I got ’em on final clearance at Old Navy for seven bucks and I’ve always been complimented on them. A true oldie but goodie!

Wednesday was a day for further revisiting of old items.  The cardigan?  It’s from ModCloth and is quite a few years old but I love it.  I paired it with a white tee, black leggings and reptile print ballet flats from Banana Republic that must be at least 8 years old! I am still on the fence with the Modern Motif wig but I love the color!

Can you believe it is still winter clothing weather?  The plaid pants did not zip up a month ago–and now they fit fine again.   This weather will allow me to wear plaid pants until June with the way the colder air is sticking around!

And for jeans Friday,  jeans, J. Crew suede flats, my J. Crew Navy Schoolboy blazer, and my favorite scarf that I scarfed from Oona!  I love this look!

Yesterday it was jeans and a plaid shirt.  I went darker with the Freetress Swami wig in the color PBCoffee. My husband likes the darker hair and this is a great compromise.  I’m also liking the no eyeliner look.

I’m so petrified to get weighed tomorrow…. here’s a look at one of the videos I made today. It’s focusing on Weight Watchers and my relationship with food and my weight loss issues.  I hope you get a better insight if you look at it!


So that’s it. I can’t wait to watch Versailles tonight!!!

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Pedigreed Junk—Let’s Discuss Costume Jewelry

Pedigreed Junk.  I love that term.  And actually, Pedigreed Junk was the name of an odd little antiques shop on East 85th Street between Second and Third Avenues.  And after quite a few Kamikazes’ and Stingers at a local hangout, Pedro’s, up the street from this shop, the shop became all the more intriguing.

[East 85th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues.]

It took me hours to find a photo of the store –thanks to the Museum of the City of New York.  This is from the 1940’s so Pedigreed Junk was around for a while!

But I’ve always thought that was the greatest name for a shop—because that’s what was sold there. High-end junk.  And every since then, I’ve referred to costume jewelry as pedigreed junk.

And I use that as a term of endearment.

I’m not a big jewelry person per se.  I’ve got my engagement ring and my diamond encrusted wedding band in the “good” jewelry category.  In addition, I’ve got a beautiful pearl ring and pearl drop earrings—all gifts from my husband.

My “good” stuff!!

On my right pinkie I wear a gold initial ring—a gift from an old boyfriend and a throwback to my extreme preppy days.

After 40 years, my initial faded. I’m too cheap to get the initial re-engraved! My throwback to the preppy years!

That’s it.  Every other piece of jewelry is purely costume.

The beauty of costume jewelry is that it’s fun!  You don’t have to worry about it.

You’re wearing the cheap stuff–it’s OK!!!!!

You don’t have to be ridden with anxiety over losing it or if it gets left behind on a vacation because it isn’t worth much!

Remember the fun stuff from the 1960’s?  It’ll probably cost a fortune these days! But look at all this fun!!!!!

As a young girl I loved playing with my mother’s cheap jewelry. She stored it in a deep purple velvet jewelry box—I can still smell the scent of the satin lining!

I think the one piece of costume jewelry that has always eluded me has been the charm bracelet. I’m not talking about the Pandora bracelets or any of the Alex and Ani skimpy “charm” bracelets either. What I’m talkin’ about is the clunky, gold link bracelet overstuffed and crammed with tons of charms—from life events to travels and just about anything else.

There was something so beautiful and mesmerizing about a woman’s slender wrist and listening to the clanking sound of the charms as they hit each other. It was a better sound than the popping of gum!

Just take a look at all those charms!!!  I can picture this on me and the sound of clanking charms.  Ohhhh this is beautiful!

And I never did get one of those coveted bracelets.  Now if you head to e-bay or go into a vintage jewelry shop, these bracelets are akin to the Hope Diamond in price!

Costume jewelry shouldn’t be expensive or overpriced.  It’s not real gold.  There’s many types with enamel—and that should not bring the price up sky high.

That’s why I love the cheap, cheap stuff.

My hoops—I’m a very loyal Walmart customer when it comes to my beloved hoops.  I can get an entire card of them ranging in size from small to larger.  But my favorite ones are huge!!

Walmart specials.  Best hoops ever!  And it doesn’t matter if I lose one, I’ll just run back to Walmart and spend another two bucks!

Bracelets—I’ll come across them on final clearance at J. Crew or other shops.

This little number is either from J. Crew or J. Crew Factory–but I’ve had it for quite some time and it still looks great!

Look what came in the mail the other day.  I paid less than ten dollars apiece for these “replica” bracelets of a “luxury” brand and you cannot tell the difference!  These bracelets are so well-made that I had to head back to Amazon to ask how you open the bracelet up.  (Shameless blogger plug. Go to my Amazon page if you are interested in purchasing these adorable faux luxury bangles:    ( https://amzn.to/2JoDcFZ )

“H”!  The most exclusive letter in the alphabet–it comes before “F” for fake!

After a squeeze and a swipe of the “H”, the bangle slides on and stays there securely until you take it off!

It’s so pretty and from far away it could almost pass for the real thing!

I got it in black too!

Here’s a few of my other favorite pedigreed junk pieces.

Although not the charm bracelets I’ve dreamed about, these Alex and Ani bracelets are always worn on my right wrist!

Two-dollar faux pearls from Forever 21! And I’ve had them “Forever”!

I think I paid around $15 for this bundle of adorableness at an old Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse sale some years back.  I have the matching frog earrings to match but I was too lazy to dig them out!

A J. Crew Factory final sale. I’ve been wearing this pineapple necklace quite a bit lately!

A J. Crew necklace I forgot I had. I should wear this soon!

Seriously though.  I oftentimes wonder if I was wealthy, would I splurge on expensive jewelry?  Nah.  I would rather buy wigs and travel!

How about you?  Are you an admirer of costume jewelry or the real deal?  I need to know!

Here’s a gem we all love!  Marilyn Monroe–and she sings!  About Diamonds!!!!  Her ensemble is to die for!


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Well, The Freestyle Program Works—BUT….

And there’s a huge “but” that’ll I’ll tell you about in a minute.  First, I want to let you know how my first weigh-in went.

Naturally, I did cheat a bit on the Easter Weekend.  My cheating came in the form of two Kir Royals each on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I’m tracking those drinks as extra weekly points—but I may have had one more on Saturday.  That’s fine.

Im chugging!

I also had a gougere.  It was too difficult to pass one up since it was the weekend.

But overall, I did well.  On the way to the meeting last night I still had my doubts though. I literally prayed the entire drive to the meeting “Please God, just let me lose one pound—even a half a pound.  I swear if I lose a pound I won’t curse for at least three hours”

That’s right. I took time out to pray before I entered the meeting.  Why did I pick MONDAY to go WW??????  Monday is the heaviest day of the week–it follows the weekend!

When I stepped on the scale I received a smile. I lost two pounds.

Two pounds down.  If I can keep the one-two loss a week, I’ll be incredibly happy!!!

 Can I just tell you that I was honestly thrilled?  This Weight Watchers Freestyle is a challenge due to the large amount of freedom one has—but still, it can be done.

And for a fleeting moment I had to laugh.  Thirty years ago, after Roman was born, I got my weight down to an all-time low of 117.  It was due to breastfeeding and being a stay-at-home mom of two children at the time. I was always on the go.

But now, at 5 feet 6 inches and my 63rd birthday in 13 days, I’ll be delighted to get back to 140 pounds.  My frame is large.  And as I age, my pro-aging mind doesn’t want me to become too skinny.

And that’s that!

So, here’s where that “but” comes in.

Everyone is talking about how great the Weight Watchers App is. OK?  Now—I’ve had this app three times during three different phases of my Weight Watchers life.  I’ve also had three different log ins.  So—I go to log into the app that I downloaded.  I get a message that I have three different usernames.

This was my welcome back to APP!  I was not a happy camper!

None of them worked.  I tried them all with every password known to man that I’ve ever used.  One of the members in the group suggested I get in touch with Weight Watchers Corporate.

So, I did—I explained my issue and received an email from a customer service person named Neil. Neil asks me for quite a bit of information, as you can see below.

Despite the LARGE amount of information I gave Neil, including my LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP ID didn’t help!

I gave Neil the information he requested.  This morning I get an email from Ebony, another customer service person at Weight Watchers.  Apparently, I don’t exist.  Over the years I’ve gifted Weight Watchers with wide hips, an overabundant gut and a fat ass.   Not to mention quite a bit of money.  But—I did gain the elusive Lifetime Membership.  Now—I was told that because I’m a lifetime member, I would have no issue getting the app.

I’m a non-existent member–even with LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP!!

Below, I’ve posted my reply.


And so, I’m being true to my word and venting in this blog post! I’m NOT rejoining.  What a money-grubbing organization!

Weight Watchers wants more money from me.   Lifetime membership is a joke.  I paid both money and sweat for that membership and WW wants more money from me as suggested I rejoin the program.  The APP isn’t worth it.

Granted, I’m very happy that as a lifetime member, as long as I keep within two pounds of my last goal, I don’t have to pay.  For me, that’s incentive enough.  I’m not paying a cent right now.

This card, doesn’t mean all that much. I paid my twelve bucks last week because I was within ONE pound of my goal. I swear I’ll keep losing just so I won’t have to pay!

However, Weight Watchers as a corporation only wants the money.  For a true benefit, lifetime members should have access to the APP without having to pay for it.

Anyway, I found an app that works just as well. I can track on my phone.  The app is iTrackBites and I’m still finding my way around it, but it will suffice just fine.

iTrackBites is in tune with the Smart Points WW program. I’ll take it.  And I can incorporate this into my Freestyle. I’m playing with this APP and I didn’t pay a cent. Thank you iTrackBites!

It’s so weird—because the weight program does work—but man, the Corporate WW really needs to stop being so greedy!

I’ll tell you though—I’m so happy to be at work instead of home.  Hunger struck me badly today at 3:10—had I been home the fridge would have been my friend.  Instead, I took out my tracking journal and wrote my thoughts.  Here they are!

Yes. I did write that at 3:10 this afternoon and yes, that is exactly how I felt!  

And when I finally left work, the rain was coming down pretty heavily.  That meant one thing. Traffic was a mess—and it was. It took me over an hour to get home.   Dinner was a very quick 2-egg omelette stuffed with mushrooms that I cooked in seasoned water over the weekend and two ounces of soft Chevre cheese.  On the side I had baby arugula topped with red peppers that I also roasted over the weekend.  No dressing—I like my greens dry!  This was accompanied by a 2-ingredient, 3-point bagel that I made.  The meal was simple as satisfying.  I’m not hungry anymore!

Simple omelette.  2 eggs+ 0 points. Filled with mushroom7s and 2 oz. soft goat cheese.  Greens on the side and a 3-point WW bagel that I made.  7 points of goodness!

Chippy is giving me the side-eye because he can’t lap up any more crumbs for a while!

Have a great evening.  Let me know if you think I’m overreacting to this App debacle!!!

Bonaparte doesn’t want me to lose my hips or my bum.  I’ll play this for him!!!  One of my favorite Queen songs because they celebrate the gifted women!

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Weekend! A Look At —Well, the Weekend!!!

First of all, I want to thank my childhood friend Linda Fay Gordon for suggesting a blog post about titled “Weekend” –I’m telling you, those childhood friends are the friends for life!  Thanks so much Linda!!!

Secondly—Happy Easter!  It’s weird but as an empty-nester, Easter just isn’t the same.  It is more a spiritual reflection these days. And YES!!!  Being on Weight Watchers means no Easter Candy in the house.  I ain’t gonna lie.  I miss those cheap, waxy hollow Easter Bunnies and eggs.

No chocolate eggs for me this Easter!!!   But a Happy Easter to all!!!

Yesterday I made more 2-ingredient, 3-point bagels. I’m telling you, these are great!  And they have been placed in the freezer!

I enjoyed one of these yesterday afternoon for lunch. At three points it was better than what I was doing last week…

Eating these.  With a ton of melted cheese. It was my last hurrah before going back to Weight Watchers–hey, everyone needs a last meal!

Instead, I baked a pizza crust for dinner tonight.  I made the crust from the Weight Watchers 2-ingredient bagel recipe.  I made a dough, cut it in half, froze one half and rolled out the other half and baked it for twenty minutes at 375.

Half of the dough is now frozen for next time.  I also finished up the tzazaki I made from the non-fat Greek yogurt I had so the dough has some extra flavor..

I flattened and rolled out the dough but it stuck so I had a brainstorm..

I formed it back into a ball and rolled it out a second time–only this time on parchment paper. Worked like a charm!  From counter to oven!

It puffed out a bit and looks more like a flatbread but it’s fine.  I’ll be topping it by spreading one ounce of Chevre on it, topped with Baby Arugula and slices of poached salmon. All in all, the total Smart Points will be 8.  Six for the dough and two for the Chevre.  The salmon is zero points!

The finished crust. More like a flatbread. Next time I’ll prick with a fork so it’ll stay flatter..

The salmon is already slightly poached. I like my salmon like my steak. Rare!

I’m looking forward, sort of, to weigh-in tomorrow evening. My goal is that I hopefully lost one pound this week.  I look at it this way.  14 weeks at a loss of a pound a week will bring me back to 140 pounds and it took longer than 14 weeks to put the pounds on!

Last night’s dinner was a family favorite that I tweaked a bit to make it lighter for me.  I’ve written about the Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken recipe quite a few times.  Well, to lighten it up, I omitted the thigh meat and used only breast meat.  I served the sauce on the side so I wouldn’t be tempted to load on the extra calories.  I’m lazy and didn’t do the math, but since chicken breast is zero points on the WW FreeStyle program, I figured that with the Sesame oil I sautéed the chicken in (two pounds of chicken—and there is plenty left over), and with the coconut oil added to the chili sauce, the recipe comes in at between 6 and 8 Smart Points per serving which makes it very WW friendly.

This is one of my favorite spicey dishes of all time and tweaked for a bit of a healthier recipe!

Since I refuse to deny myself, I had a gougere—I figured they are two points apiece since they are so small.

Image result for atypical 60 gougeres

Bonaparte is thrilled that I only have one of these now. It means more for him!

And, added to my weekly points allowance, there is room to enjoy the aperitif of a Kir Royal with my husband!

Image result for atypical60 kir royal

No denying this.  At all!!!! T’chin T’chin!

The best part of revisiting Weight Watchers is that I can be accountable for what I put into my big mouth and not just eat without thinking.

On Friday, we got out of work early so it gave me a chance to do some grocery shopping.

I picked up these tortilla-type whole wheat wraps.  They are one-pointers and I made a nice Good Friday meatless dinner of a wrap topped with Chevre, Baby Arugula, mushrooms that I pre-cooked, eggplant that I dry-roasted in the oven and strips of roasted red pepper!

And where did I find these?  Why–at Walmart!!!

I calculated this.  One point!!!!

I’m so thankful that I decided to resume my weight loss journey before my clothing stopped fitting altogether.  I’ll post you on tomorrow evening’s weigh in!

While we were out and about yesterday, I saw the first sign of Spring.  Buds on the tree!!!

Here’s some of the outfits I wore over the week!

It was still very wintery last week.  I was back in tights and a turtleneck but wore my favorite tan suede skirt!

My Good Friday outfit.  Catholic School homage!

and this replica Goyard tote gets a ton of compliments–I can’t believe it!

An oldie but goodie.  I love these checked pants but the fly that keeps sliding opened reminds me of why I never wear these–a trip to the tailor is in need!

A Saturday uniform honoring upcoming baseball season….

…until I was reminded that it was National Stripes day and decided to stripe down and pay homage to my father-in-law Dany Lartigue and Bonaparte’s beloved Stepfather Jean Casadesus!

Again—happy Easter and I hope you got to wear your Easter best and topped it with a beautiful bonnet!! Ahhhh. Fred and Judy–what talent!!


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Leaving My Comfort Zone—A Style and Beauty Adventure

If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you know that my style is pretty much basic.  It’s all based on my school uniforms from many years ago andon the way my mother dressed me as a young girl.

Ozone Park, Queens, NYC.  Easter Sunday. 1959.  The checked coat–perhaps this is where my love of classic clothing started.  My mother was pregnant.  Again.  There were four more pregnancies to come.

Plaid.  Blazers.  Nothing fussy.  Timeless.  Classic.  And fitted.

Plaid. And more plaid!

I prefer a uniform and understated look in my clothing.

blazer, white shirt, jeans = my usual weekend uniform

Flamboyance is not my thing. I’m not a dramatic dresser.  Some women of my age group may think I’m boring in my choice of attire—and that’s fine because I don’t venture out of my comfort zone.

That goes for my choices in cosmetics too.   Red lips?  They were fine when I was younger, but as I’ve aged, my lips are not the one feature that has aged to perfection.  Cheek color?  I love a nice pink but very lightly.  And although I love a dark eye, I stick to neutrals.

Contrary to popular belief, red lips do NOT look fabulous on all women. I prefer a more subdued look. I’ll keep the red for my nails!

Yeah. I’m a creature of habit.

But something happened recently that made me go out of my comfort zone.

I follow a young woman on Instagram.  We started following each other after we were both featured in the Buzzfeed article about Fenty Cosmetics.   (Click that link–she’s Number 4 and I’m Number 8) Her feed @kate_zilla is great!  She’s so talented with makeup and her eye looks are absolutely gorgeous.

@kate_zilla you HAVE to check out her eye looks!

Anyway, she offered a collaboration of other Instagrammers to come up with glittery eye looks—glitter shadows had to be used.  How could I not pass this up?  For me it was a challenge to go out of my comfort zone with makeup.  And I did.

However, I did it my way and kept it somewhat neutral.  I used shadows that I had on hand that were never used.  Here’s the look!


On my lids I have a mix of Wet’nWild gold glitter and Too Faced Tigers Eye.  I also used Fenty Trophy Wife highlighter and two bareMinerals powder shadows…

The Wet’nWild glitter shadow is so old that I don’t even know if it is still in production. It’s coloricon C352B, Brass.  The photo on the right are the two bareMinerals shadows I used.  The top is cultured pearl–a very light pearlized pink. The bottom is True Gold. I used the cultured pearl under my brow bone.

I used Tiger’s eye on the corner of my eyes and to line the bottom of my eyes..

I finished off the look with a touch of Trophy Wife on my lids as well!

Some glitter and glitz for the day!

This is a look that’ll be used the next time Bonaparte and I go out to dinner!! I’ll light up the restaurant!

Honestly, I have to thank Katy for pushing me to out of my comfort zone with this.  Earlier this morning I went to the nail salon and everyone said that my face looked very pretty.  I’m sure it was because I had a different eye look that just popped out!

My face got a lot of compliments at the nail salon today.  And this was taken after I had my lip and chin waxed so the face makeup is a bit wonky!

But that isn’t the only way I took a step out of my comfort zone.  I purchased an item of clothing that I swore I would never purchase.

It happened when I was perusing the Shein website earlier in the week.  In my viewing, I noticed a couple of kimonos.  They looked really interesting.  Now—I’m not going to say beautiful, because, to me, they truly were items that piqued my interest.  Bonaparte’s aunt, Danièle wore kimonos and hers were very elegant and she looked chic.  The strange thing about this particular article of clothing is that it can look a bit costume-ish if not worn the right way. And I abhor the look of a woman in costume when it isn’t either Halloween or a theme party!

This was the first one that caught my eye!  And the price of $15 made it more interesting

But I kept going back to this one kimono that was gray (neutral) with designs that were more muted.

I couldn’t help myself. I was drawn to this kimono too!

Well, I ended up ordering both–for a grand total (shipping included) of $31.

The gray one was delivered the other day–I’m still waiting for the white printed one.

Worn with a fitted ballet neck tee, this really is a nice look…

This polyester kimono is made in the USA..and although can be machine-washed, I would air dry it!

The one I received– I “modeled” for Bonaparte today.  When I explained that I went completely out of my comfort zone with this but liked it, he had nothing but high praise for it.

Actually, I HAD to model it for my husband because my damned selfie-stick broke and he had to snap the pics!    I’m loving the way this looks with jeans and metallic heels!

It’s out of my comfort zone, but I don’t think it is over the top or flamboyant!

What I absolutely love about this kimono is that it’ll be perfect during those summer days at the office when the air conditioning is up a bit high, but I won’t need a sweater.  This is also going to be great for air travel.

I also like the gray color because it’ll lend itself so well to wear with black leggings. I think this was a great choice. 

What do you think?

Sometimes it’s fun to go out of your comfort zone.  I’m still a blazer girl but every now and then changing it up can be a good thing!

Today is National Stripes Day!  Always a celebration!  I’m wearing stripes in a French mode and thinking of my Father-In-Law Dany and Bonaparte’s Stepfather Jean.  Both loved those striped shirts!

Always inspired by menswear, I’m in my comfort zone in stripes!!

And in keeping with the spirit of classical music, I was listening to Liszt earlier in my car. I’m a sucker for those Hungarian Rhapsodies! Number 6

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A Little-Known Fact About Me. You Just May be Very Surprised!

You know that I’m pretty-much an open book. I have no secrets.  But there’s stuff about me that you may not know.  It’s funny how little tidbits about a person come to fruition.

It happened over the weekend while Bonaparte and I were having dinner.  We listen to classical music when we dine.

And we listen to classical music via the TV!  The MC channels play nothing but music!

You can rest assured that this was the way my Frenchman was raised.  His stepfather was a classical concert pianist, Jean Casadesus. And in their Paris apartment, there was not one Baby Grand piano but there were two!

Bonaparte’s step dad, Jean.  I died the first time I saw the photo. An unlit cigarette as a prop!  God bless the French!

Let’s just say that my Frenchman grew up without a TV but with plenty of live music!

Bonaparte’s family was very refined but I don’t think his stepdad dressed like this every night to play at home..

But he DID have a great sense of humor. Here is is modeling Evie’s hat while playing a tune!

And while he was whiling away the hours listening to the tinkering of piano keys, I was listening to other music (Hold on a minute—I wasn’t even born yet!)

The house I grew up in was also filled with music. As early as I can remember, my mother always had the radio on.  When I was very young, I can remember her watching the black & white version of American Bandstand. And some of my best memories of my mother were dancing with her as we watched this show.  We would do The Stroll in the living room.  And the music continued as I got older.

Now THIS is what I remember from my very young days.  American Bandstand in the old-school days.  

On Saturday afternoons, Clay Cole would be on the TV and we would watch the Brits invade the USA with their rock music. Mick Jagger was always a fave!

Clay Cole with the Stones.  Who knew Satisfaction would become a modern day version of classical music?

My dad loved his Irish music.  When I was ten years old, my favorite Christmas present was the Broadway Soundtrack of Oliver.  I can still belt out those songs.

And now that I’m back on Weight Watchers, my favorite song from Oliver is “Food, Glorious Food”  I was singing it when I looked at a bag of unopened Tostito’s in the pantry!

But, classical music was never a part of our listening repertoire.

But then something happened to me one night.  And I’ll tell you all about the music that changed my life!

For money, I used to babysit.  I started at the age of 12. Back then babysitting at twelve years old wasn’t a crime.  Paying the twelve-year-old fifty cents an hour was more of a crime.  Anyway, I used to babysit for a couple’s children.  The couple was very—let’s say, conservative in their lifestyle.  The husband, was an ex-priest and the wife, an ex-nun.  They had two girls.  And whenever I went to their home to babysit, the girls, most of the time, were asleep.  A few times they were up, and they were really great kids!

Now, this wasn’t a family with a big TV—not like the house I grew up in where we had multiple TV’s and zero attention spans.  In fact, their TV set was so small, and my crossed eyes so bad that I couldn’t even watch it.

Usually, I did my homework.  But one night I got bored.  I went over to their console stereo and opened the bottom cabinet to see what kinds of music they had.   (Was I really expecting The Kinks?)  There was nothing of interest to me.  But then, I spotted a boxed set of record albums. This piqued my interest.  On the cover was a scene from a Renoir painting.  I became more interested.

The boxed set was The Reader’s Digest Collection of Light Classical Music.  With nothing to eat that would satisfy an almost thirteen-year old girl, I decided to listen to one of the records in the set.

Little did I know what an impact this boxed set of classical music would have on my life!

My musical epiphany struck me like a bolt of lightening that just about uncrossed my eyes.  The song was Zigeunerweisen, better known as “Gypsy Airs.”  The beautiful homage to the Roma was composed by Pablo de Sarasate in 1878.

But this was the first time I really listened to it and was blown away.

This guy–and he was quite cute as well!

And these notes blew my mind more than Cream’s Sunshine of Your Love!

So blown away, in fact, that the next day, I rode my bike down to the Brightwaters Public Library to see if they had the boxed set. They did.  I took it out and renewed it multiple times. I also made sure I was available for babysitting services whenever the McGovern’s needed me.

Best library on Long Island.  I spent many hours here growing up!

The impact that set of records had on me was astounding.  Since then, I’ve always loved classical music.

But it goes deeper than that.  Classical music is so soothing. It’s so beautiful. It’s so melodic.  And each composer has his own personality.

My favorite composer of all time is Franz Schubert.  His Ballet Music No. 2 from Rosamunde always puts such a smile on my face! His music is just so sweet—I have a hard time coming to terms that he died of syphilis!  What a naughty man!

From the way Franz died, he ate a lot more than Viennese pastries!

My kids were raised on classic rock and classical music.  When we lived in NYC, I would have classical music on the car radio. I thought it was a good way for the boys to unwind after a day of learning!

And yes—this  conversation all happened over dinner with Bonaparte.  As we were listening to music he was unsure of a certain composer whose music was playing.  I mentioned it was Haydn. He doubted me.  And when he found out I was correct, he was pleasantly surprised!  I know my classics!

Image result for classical composer haydn

What’s with the name Franz anyway?  It’s such a popular composer name.  Haydn wears a wig better than I do!

And if you are ever interested in some fun entertainment—try watching movies about the composers.

My favorite is Amadeus.  I swear I’ve seen it at least twenty times at home but the biggest thrill was seeing it on the big screen two weeks ago. I was in heaven!!!!!

The music of Mozart–and those costumes!  Amadeus is tied with Amelie as my favorite movie of all time.  

Related image

And Wolfie was fun!!!!!!

One movie that’s eluded me is “Lisztomania”.  Roger Daltry as Franz Liszt would have been fun to see but I heard it wasn’t that good. I’d still give it a go!

I seriously have to look for this movie!!!!

The pathetic thing is that I learned about Franz Liszt from Tom and Jerry cartoons.  It where my love of the Hungarian Rhapsodies began.

This cartoon cat is more classy than I am! How sad is that???

Another one of my faves was “Impromptu” about Chopin.  It was the first time I ever saw Hugh Grant and I must say, he is a rather handsome version of the sickly composer!  The film also focused on his relation with Georges Sand, played by the great Judy Davis!   This was such a great movie!

This. Movie. Was. Greatness!

Hugh Grant made Chopin look healthier than he was..

The poor guy was so sickly but he produced some of the most beautiful music!

I swear when my kids were younger, I would wake up early on the weekends to watch a series of kid’s shows about the classical composers.  Each week the focus was on a different composer and I cannot remember the name of the show. I think it was either on PBS or Nickelodeon!

I’m pretty sure these are the TV shows I watched with my kids.  I need to look for these because Bonaparte’s granddaughter would love this stuff!

And that’s the fact Jack!  I’ll bet you didn’t know that I’m quite fond of classical music.  BTW, Bonaparte is concerned because he thinks classical music is dying a slow death.  I don’t quite agree with him.

What’s your thoughts?  Do you think classical music is dying?  Do you like classical music? Thoughts please!

And for your listening pleasure, here is Itzhak Perlman with the composition that started it all for me.  Gypsy Airs!

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The Weight is Over

Well, I did it!  I made the long-lost return to Weight Watchers last night. And you know, I’m glad I did.

And today I was happy to be back on track.  Why, even my crossed eyes are happy!

It’s funny how you just have to be at that “right” moment to either start or restart a weight loss journey.  At first you may gain a pound or two and then the Holidays come and you go full-blown off whatever structure with eating plans you had and BOOM!!! Before you know it, you’ve gained 14 pounds.

Yes. I gained 14 pounds since September.  The scale at Weight Watchers had me in at 154 pounds.  And considering the feasting I did over the weekend, I thought the number would have been slightly higher.

Anyway, let me tell you about the meeting.

A “Weight Watchers Weigh In” outfit was packed into my tote.  I’m not kidding you. I packed the lightest pair of cropped leggings I could find in the bowels of my dresser.  I also packed a lightweight tee shirt. Oh, I didn’t stop there. I wore thong panties because there is less fabric and my bra was not padded.  Every ounce counts!

In addition, I made sure I was wearing my lightest hair!  I wore my Tony of Beverly Isla wig.

I’m not kidding!  Those leggings and tee are my new weigh-in ensemble and that short blonde Isla wig is my new weigh-in hair!!!

And if there was a private room for a naked weigh-in, I would do it!!

Unfortunately, I would be arrested if I got naked to weigh in. I’ll stick with the leggings and tee!

Naturally, Monday evening rush hour traffic was at it’s worst but I made it to the meeting on time.

Since there is yet another new program that Weight Watchers rolled out, I gathered as much information about this Freestyle program that was offered.

This Freestyle is yet another change in Weight Watchers–and you can’t overload on the zero-point foods either!

There are a bunch of zero-point foods, but to counter act that, many foods went up in points. Points can be rolled over for the new “weekly total” (which is what I need because of the weekend aperitifs). And, I can still use my Smart Points.  All in all, it seems pretty decent.

Print this. It’s a great reference!  I highlighted some of my faves. But I’m thrilled that Fresh Dates and Figs are zero-point foods!

But the best is the new tracking journal. OMG!  I can write little notes, keep recipes all while tracking. I love this journal/tracker.  I figured it was worth the ten bucks since I don’t have to pay for meetings.

I’m all about that little black journal for tracking…

Recipes can also be written in the journal and I plan on doing that!!!

Yeah. I found my old Lifetime Member card and my 154 pounds is actually less than the goal WW gave me some years ago.  I ballooned up to 176 during my divorce and 155 was my goal.  Now that I’m looking to go back down to 140, I can do it for free!  Well, not for free because I’ll be buying better food.

That little orange Success Story is where my weekly numbers will be entered!

The other thing that I really liked was this was a very good meeting.  The group seems to be very tight with each other and with the leader. That’s a great sign.  I’ve been to meetings that were a bit on the dull and bland side where nobody participated and it doesn’t help in the weight loss journey.

People need to talk about what makes them tick when it’s all about the food.

Luckily—my clothing still fits.  Many of my clothes are tighter but one of the pushes to get me back on track was that I want to keep at my size 8!

So now that I’m back on track, I’m going to try to use Tuesday nights to write blog posts about the weight loss and hopefully share tips that I get!  If you are ready to lose a few pounds, chime in. We can do this together!!

Weight. Weight. Weight.  I was thinking about this song by The Band today. Did you ever see The Last Waltz?  Did you like The Band. I did–and check out how cute the younger Robby Robertson was!!


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