How to Wear a Maxi For Women Over 50. Maxi-mizing Your Potential!

Last Friday lent itself well for running errands.  It was sunny and warm but cool air was still dominant. And I was too lazy to shave my legs.  In addition, I didn’t feel like wearing jeans or pants.  Basically, I just wanted to be wallowing in extreme comfort.

And so, with Spring looming overhead, I threw on a gray maxi dress that I bought on sale last year at Loft. I love this dress because the cut is both different and flattering. It’s sleeveless, has a high neck and a waistline that falls just below empire.

Loft Lou and gray maxi without jacket

My apologies for the quality of the pictures.  I buckled and tied the belt at the high waistline and bunched the fabric slightly so that I could wear flat sandals.  My hips are big–and the narrow cut of the dress is actually more flattering than a wider fit would be. This dress is made up of 79% Rayon, 17% Polyester and 4% Spandex

Loft Lou and gray detailsSome detailing.  I LOVE the higher neckline. My cleavage is getting crepey  so a higher neckline looks better.  I love the center seam–gives a nice flow to the fabric.  That belt? It’s about 20 something years old! 

Loft lou and gray rondini sandals

My Rondini Sandals were a perfect shoe for wearing this dress on a nice warm day!

This warm day made it better to further break in my Rondini sandals from last summer.  I wore my Bass denim jacket and was off.

I thought the outfit gave off a nice relaxed vibe. I looked good and I felt good.  When you wear clothes that make you feel good, your attitude is always great!

Loft Lou & Gray maxi denim jacket belt and rondini sandals

I had to post a small pic because the photo is really out of focus. Sorry!  But here’s how the dress looks with the denim jacket.  A longer jacket or coat would have given a dowdy look. The cropped length of the jacket is perfect!

One of my errands had me stopping at Old Navy to see if I could pick up a few more Perfect Fitted Tee shirts. (And that is another post which I will be ranting about in the future.)   As I exited my car and walked from the parking lot to the store, I noticed two younger women looking at me. My reaction was “Oh shit, what ripped?”

As I got closer to the store, they approached me to tell me that they loved the way I looked!  I was floored!  They continued to tell me that my dress, along with the denim jacket and sandals just looked fantastic. We continued talking for a couple of minutes. I told them where I made the purchases and they also complimented on my hair. My hair was looking good from Adam’s blow out a few days prior.  When I told them that I was going to be 61 years old next month, they paid me the highest compliment.  They said they want to look like me when they reach my age.

Let me tell you, I was so thankful to these women for such a great compliment.  It made my day. It also made me realize something. Kindness counts.  We need to compliment more—especially those we don’t know.

And so I thought some more.  But this time I thought about how carefully I put this outfit together—even though I wanted a casual and relaxed vibe, I still had to put come effort into achieving this look.  And I achieved the look without looking like an older woman who was desperately trying to look young. My outfit did not come off as costumulicious. (My made-up term for dressing as though you are wearing a costume)

Maxi dressing isn’t just for young women who want to stay on trend.  Older women can wear a maxi if:

  • Keep it simple. Keep it light. Don’t overload on accessories!
  • Pay attention to proportions. Cropped jackets and sweaters work well with longer length dresses.
  • Mind your fabrics. You want a fabric that drapes and flows nicely.
  • Fit counts.
  • Wear appropriate footwear. Sandals are perfect!

Anyway, come on with me and I’ll show you what I mean. We’ll have fun and stay within an affordable budget.

Below is a maxi dress by Cynthia Rowley. I purchased this at Marshalls last year for $29.99.

This dress is “maxi long” which means, if you wear flats, you will be tripping over your feet and the hem will become filthy in a very short time.  With a maxi this length, a heeled sandal looks better.   This is a dress that could be worn to a fancy dinner—it isn’t the most casual of maxis but it isn’t formal either.  To dress it down, I would wear a larger scarf at the neckline.

Cynthia Rowley maxi full view

This dress is made of 82% Rayon and 8% Spandex, giving it a nice drape and fit.  It is unlined but the fabric is incredibly opaque.  I think it’s a medium—the tag has been ripped out.  The shoes are Calvin Klein sandals. These heels are so comfortable. The shoe has a stacked heel and navy elastic straps on the upper.  I don’t think the straps in the back are real leather though.  This was another Marshalls purchase from…2013 or 2014. I was trying to fix my hair in a 1970’s sort of way. I failed!

I make no apologies for my turkey neck. Screw it. It’s part of me. Gobble. Gobble.Gobble…

Cynthia Rowley maxi detail. Neckline ruching and heeled sandal

The dress is simple, but has a deeper cowl neckline. The right side of the dress is slightly ruched which makes the fit incredibly flattering.  The heeled sandals not only look great but are as comfy as all get-out!

Cynthia Rowley maxi with Lilly Pulitzer for Target scarf

If you want to hide turkey neck or a crepey cleavage, a lightweight scarf will do it.  The lighter fabric lends itself well to warmer weather. This is a “Lilly for Target” scarf I purchased last year.  The lighter blues and pink are a nice contrast to the darker dress.

NOTE:  I didn’t accessorize any of the outfits that I’m wearing except for scarves.  Why?  It’s because I wanted to concentrate on the fit and look of the clothing.  What I AM OCD about is the correct footwear for wearing a maxi.  Flat sandals, heeled sandals and strappy wedges are the perfect footwear for maxi dressing.  In my opinion, a closed shoe ruins the relaxed look. 

Next is my favorite maxi.  This gray sleeveless maxi from Old Navy. It retails for $29.94 but I purchased it for 40% off.  I love this dress so much that I purchased two in gray and one in black.  This is the perfect maxi!. The cut is very flattering.  I’ve got some  high neck love working here and the neckline also protects against the sun hitting the chest area.  The cut of the arm holes isn’t so deep either–giving the dress an even better fit.  This dress is also very forgiving for those of us who may have gained a few pounds in the middle due to menopause and age.  The dress also has darts at the bustline! DARTS! I haven’t seen darts on a knit in a long time!

Old Navy gray sleeveless maxi without jacket.

See how simple this dress is? Old Navy strikes a winner with this one. I purchased multiples because–just my luck–it’ll be discontinued!

Pld navy black t shirt maxi with tropeziennes

Here’s the same dress in black.  The shorter length means flat sandals! I paired this with a wider belt sitting at the hips. It makes my torso look longer! The fabric is 70% Modal and 30 % Polyester. However the fabric does breath. Made in Indonesia, the dress is also very well-constructed. Oh–and the knit is tight–nice and opague. Not flimsy at all!

Old Navy gray maxi darts scarf and cropped sweater detail

Top detail. DARTS!  Who doesn’t love a dress with darts?  It gives a nice fit on top!  Again, don’t want the gobble gobble neck? Cover with a lightweight scarf…or..if you get a bit chilly, you can top the dress with a cropped sweater!

This dress is “maxi short”. You won’t be tripping over the hem. Because of the shorter length, this is perfect for wearing very flat sandals or flip flops.  If you want to dress it up a bit, you can wear a lightweight scarf or a cropped sweater. Speaking of cropped sweaters, if you aren’t too fond of your upper arms, this is a great way to disguise the upper under arm flaps.

Old Navy t maxi with better view of cropped sweater

Cropped sweater by Carmen.  Got it at Marshall’s for less than twenty bucks. 78% Rayon, 22% Nylon. It is tightly knit so it’ll keep shape nicely.

I’ll tell you though—at my age, I don’t even care how flabby my arms are. I’m wearing this dress anyway.   This is a great vacation dress as well. Wear it to the beach, then wear it touring and out to dinner.  With a dress like this, you can pack less!

Old Navy gray sleeveless maxi neckline detail and sloan bag and tropeziennes

To finish off this look I pulled out my Kooba Sloane bag from my closet. I like the way the bag compliments the Rondini Tropezienne sandals! Both bag and sandals are years old!

For the mature woman who doesn’t want to go completely sleeveless, this 3/4 sleeve length maxi from GAP is a good choice.  This was purchased last year and I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of it.  Between childbirth, maybe not exercising as much,  and middle-aged spread many of us don’t have the bodies we once had. And it’s OK. You can still wear these dresses. In fact, I like the way they hide my cellulite ridden thighs.  If you have a lazy day or three you don’t have to shave the legs. Hell, you can go commando if you want because you don’t have to worry about bending over and displaying your origin of the world! It’s your choice!


Gap Rugby striped 3.4 sleeve maxi with boatneck and shoes

The fabric tag has been ripped out but I’m sure it’s a rayon/spandex mix.  I like the way this dress is draped.  The stripes may make me look a bit wider in the waist area, but I really don’t care. I love the ballet/scooped neckline too. Screw the turkey neck. If I like the dress, I’m wearing it.  Embrace the neck!!  On my feet are Old Navy flip flops from the year of the flood.  They are incredibly comfortable too!

Back to Old Navy and  Back to Rugby Stripes.  This berry and blue is last year’s model. It’s a longer maxi and I paired it with Crown Vintage wedges from quite a few years ago.  DSW carries similar wedges from the same brand.

Old Navy berry and blue sleeveless maxi and wedges

The dress is 90% Rayon and 5% spandex. It’s a flattering fit.  I’ve washed this dress many times and the stitching remains unscathed!

Old Navy berry and blue sleeveless maxi inside stitching detail

Here’s a detail of the stitching on the seams.  This really is well-constructed.

In cooler weather or in heavy A/C I would wear a lightweight, cropped denim jacket with this dress.

Maxi skirts?  Remember that  proportion is just as important! I ordered this maxi skirt from J. Crew (or was it J. Crew Factory?) last year.  I’ll be honest. It isn’t my favorite because the cut is a wider A-line and it feels like an overabundance of fabric.  The skirt is composed of 95% Viscose and 5% Elastane (a type of Spandex). But–when wearing a maxi skirt, I think it’s very important to make sure the top you are wearing is fitted.  The fitted shirt will flatter the overall look because it won’t look sloppy or frumpy or fundie.

Below looks good…

Gray Maxi J. Crew with Merona 3.4 sleeve boatneck

I may not be crazy about the skirt, but it looks pretty good with this fitted knit shirt by Merona. 95% Cotton (horray!) 5% Spandex.  3/4 sleeves. A bargain for ten bucks at Target. BTW. SIZE DOWN for a very fitted look. Knit shirts have a tendancy to stretch out. Sizing down will ensure a great fit after many wears and washings!  

Below is NOT a good look. The shirt is too loose-fitting and the relaxed fit is sloppy. Trust me, I don’t give a shit HOW big my ass is or how wide my hips are but  I’ll size down for a great fit in a tee or knit shirt!

Gray J. Crew A Line Maxi with relaxed t. No wear

Yeah–the photo sucks but take a close look at the tee. It’s just too loose in the shoulders and too loose in the middle.  This shirt IS a relaxed fit tee from Old Navy.   I sized down to S and will only wear it with skinny jeans.  At five bucks I couldn’t resist the “Cote d’ Azur” theme!

J. Crew gray maxi waistband

Another reason I’m not crazy about this skirt is the waistband.  It’s very “bunchy”–and with middle-aged spread, I would not wear a shorter shirt to show this waistband off. Let’s be realistic here! 

Below is another maxi skirt. I like this one a lot because the cut is narrow and the slits on the sides make it easy for brisk walking or running away from someone you don’t want to see! This skirt is from Old Navy and I am wearing it with one of my beloved ON Perfect Fitted Tee shirts in S/P.  My Bass Denim jacket completes the look. I’ll tell you–denim jackets are NOT just for the younger crowd.  Denim jackets + older women = One Great Look!

Two more out-of-focus pics! I’m going from bad to worse here! Click the pics for a full view.  LOL! And Yes. I WILL steam this skirt before venturing outside. It’s been rolled up in a ball all winter! Oops–now you know what a true slob I am! The tag has been ripped out so I don’t have fabric info!

Old Navy fitted t with maxi skirt

Again. Here’s how the fitted tee looks. It’s such a versatile look that can be worn casually or worn under a blazer for a more polished look. I cannot say enough about these Tees!

Last look is a Gap skirt I purchased last year on clearance for $9.99.  The skirt was advertised as “maxi” but is really a cross between maxi and midi.  I’m surprised at how much I love this skirt!  It is 100% cotton! The knit is heavier and drapes very nicely. For a skirt with no stretch, this really keeps it’s shape.  It is perfect for this time of year. I would not wear this skirt in the middle of summer due to the weight–but I would actually wear it in winter with high boots!  I love the way it looks with my lighter-colored Kut from The Kloth denim jacket!

Gap midi maxi with denim jacket

I’m wearing this with an Ann Taylor stripped boatneck knit top. 3/4 sleeves.  The shirt is 60% cotton and 40% Modal. Here’s where trying clothing on before purchasing is important. This shirt is a Medium and is very snug.   I’m also wearing Rondini sandals.

More stuff for the old ladies to know:

Don’t hesitate to play around when trying clothing on.  I purchased the maxi dress  below from Loft last year. I loved the dress but HATED the way the front looked on me…

Loft 95 rayon 5 spandex front of dress ewwww

For obvious reasons, this dress looked like shit on me. Saggy titties do not look pretty!  But because I loved the print and the flow of the dress….

Lopft 95 Rayon 5 spandex backwards

I turned it backwards and LOVED the way it looked. I wear this dress when Bonaparte and I go out to dinner during the hot summer months.  It looks so much better worn backwards! Especially for us older women. The bustline is more flattering! You don’t even need to wear a bra either!

Shoes like these look great for maxi dressing!

Sandal scandal

All of these shoes look great with maxi dresses and skirts.  Remember, Maxishort = flats. Maxilong = heels or wedges! From the purple flip flops:  Purple flip flops from Old Navy; Gold and white slides, J. Crew; Navy Heels, Calvin Klein; Navy flip flops, Old Navy; Tan and blue slides, Jack Rogers; Dr. Scholl’s Exercise sandals; Rondini Sahariennes; Rondini Tropeziennes; Rondini Salome sandals; Espirt black wedge sandals; Crown Vintage wedge sandals.

Don’t forget the bags either.  An unstructured bag is much better for this casual way of dressing. Save the structured and lady-like bags for the office or special occasions!

Maximum handbags

These are the bags I like to use with maxi dressing.  All are unstructured and have plenty of room.  The tote from Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn doubles as a purse all the time. It’s also a great vacation bag! The Longchamp Le Plaige bag is also a great vacation bag because it can double as a beach bag!

I would also like to add that every outfit was purchased on sale.  As many older women are on fixed incomes, it’s important to point out that you do NOT have to spend a fortune to look good when you are older.   We old ladies need to show the world that we can rock any look just as well, if not better, than younger women!

We older women are just like everyone else! Age has no limits!

Old Navy berry and blue with denim jacket

We can have a relaxed vibe and can look great at 50, 60, 70, 80 and up to over a hundred years old!  Don’t forget to mess the hair up a bit!

Here’s to all the older women of the world!  Mrs. Robinson!  

About Catherine

Far from perfect, but enjoying life as a non-perfect and flawed individual at 60 years young. I'm still wondering what I'll be when I grow up! The characters in my life's screenplay include my better half. He is a refined Frenchman who grew up in Paris and summered in St. Tropez. I grew up in Long Island and summered in Long Island. I am not refined. My three grown children are also a big part of my life. For their sake, they happily live where their careers have taken them! But I can still mother them from a distance! I write about the mundane. I write about deeply shallow issues. But whatever I write or muse about--it'll always be a bit on the humorous and positive side! It's all good!
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56 Responses to How to Wear a Maxi For Women Over 50. Maxi-mizing Your Potential!

  1. Gillian says:

    As usual you are fabulously stylish Catherine. You have inspired me to go shopping for a maxi dress!

  2. peggyleslie says:

    Wow! You really rock these looks-thank you so much for the inspiration. (I’m sixty and am proud to have made it…)

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Peggyleslie! Thank you so much–I’m glad to have inspired you. Honestly, fun dressing knows no age limit. I’m on my mission to get it through that we older women can wear ANYTHING–we just have to modify for our needs! You rock the Six-O! XOXOXOXO!!!

  3. Wow, Catherine, in that first pic you have such a flat stomach – that diet has really worked! You look great in all your maxi length dresses and skirts. And you’re so right if you’ve got big hips never ever hide yourself away wearing loads of material – that structured tighter look works wonders and you look fabulous!! And warmer weather – very jealous as it’s still cold and grey here xxxx

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Penny. Thanks. My stomach looks flat because I also wore spandex granny panties (Shit. I forgot to add to the blog about proper undergarments!). Thanks though. I’m a huge fan of the maxi look because shaving my legs is a tremendous chore for a lazy woman such as myself!! But isn’t it right? Loads of fabric will make big hips look–much larger! Too wide and the skirt will look like a circus tent! Well, don’t be too jelly–the weather has taken a turn for the cold. It snowed last night! XOXOXOXO!!!

  4. Love my maxis! Dresses and skirts that is!! 😄😄 You Rock It Sista!!!! ✌️😘😘😘

  5. Very chic. I love maxi dresses 🙂

  6. gk says:

    I just retrieved my denim jacket from the donation box – I haven’t worn it in years, but perhaps you are right, maybe there is a use for it. I am a big fan of maxi dresses, but style them quite differently than you, but I love the way you look in yours. 🙂

    • Catherine says:

      Hi gk! And that is the beauty of personal style! We all love our maxi dresses and styling them differently gives each of our outfits our own touch! I’m so glad that you retrieved your denim jacket. Those beautiful little jackets are an underappreciated and underworn article of clothing for women our age! XOXOXOXO!!!

  7. Haylee says:

    They all look great – I really like the black one with the tan belt slung low across your hips. I used to wear maxi dresses all the time with a denim jacket but all the ones in the shops these days seem to drown me. I’m only 5’3″ but they say you shrink as you get older so maybe I’ve lost an inch or two. Wish it was off my hips!

    • Catherine says:

      LOL! Haylee! Can you order across the pond from Old Navy? The maxi is on the shorter side and would look fantastic on you. Ummmm I’ve not lost any inches in height yet, but I can tell you I gained Titty and Ass inches!! Glad you like the looks. Thank you! XOXOXO!

      • Haylee says:

        Looking at their website it doesn’t seem I can 🙁 I’m always very wary of ordering online though, nothing ever fits! I often see stuff on Modcloth – love their dresses – and they do ship internationally but I just know I’d spend a packet and then have the hassle of returning it and pay over the odds!

      • Catherine says:

        Haylee. Modcloth is actually very good and with the two experiences I’ve had were TTS. Their dresses are adorable! XXOXO!

      • Haylee says:

        Just been looking at their site – mentally spent over $400 already! Maybe I’ll treat myself and risk it, but scale down the spend a little first!

  8. hipchick66 says:

    Great post! In depth about the clothing and styles without being boring! Now I’m going to hop on and see what I can find 🙂

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Lori! Glad you like the post. Definitely hop on to Oh. Might I add–the Perfect fitted Tee in the short sleeves is no longer available in-store but it’s on .com. I just ordered three! The maxi dresses are twenty bucks now! Have fun shopping! XOXOXO!

      • hipchick66 says:

        Very limited on sizes and colors in the maxi, but I got one in blue! Also got a swing dress in a different blue, and a cute pair of tan sandals. I need to add some color to my wardrobe anyway, I wear too much gray. And I got everything with an extra 30% off! Thank you!!

      • Catherine says:

        Ohhh…that blue is gorgeous! The swing dresses that ON has are really cute too. Glad you did well on the haul! You are quite welcome! XOXOXO!

  9. I love a well-styled maxi – done well (as you have done), it is an elegant and seemingly effortless style choice. But, quite a bit of ‘effort’ goes into effortless! You have thought about lengths, widths, the right shoes, and accessories to get the look just right. I really like beach pyjamas (a wide legged pant) that has the same feel as a maxi.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Hipsterette! Thank you! The shoes. It’s all about the shoes! I’ve seen the beach pyjamas and they are quite nice–but I’m still waiting to see if the trend will stick around a bit more before making a purchase! XOXOXO!

  10. femme2015 says:

    I love that Loft maxi on you! Being really short, I’ve had a hard time finding maxi’s that work for me. But you’ve inspired me to keep looking….

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Femme! Thanks. When I first saw that dress, I followed it until the price came down to what I was willing to pay. It remains a fave! But–but…but..I did some sleuthing and Old Navy, Macy’s, and Zappos all have maxis in petite sizing!!! Best of luck in your search–I’m sure when you find that perfect maxi, it’ll look fantastic on you! XOXOXO!

  11. Awesome! xoxo

  12. You look gorgeous! I always feel like I look like a sack of potatoes in a maxi, I’m super short too, so find wearing dresses (unless very, VERY short – something I’m totally over!) makes me look awful! Thanks for sharing such an informative post!

    • Catherine says:

      Thanks Faye. I’ll bet if you found a maxi in a narrow cut you would look adorable! Check out petite sizing–there’s bound to be tons of maxis. Oh..and the short dresses, I think we are all over that short, short length. Nobody wants to go through a wax job just in order to sit down in a short skirt…XOXOXOXO!!!

      • lol! Neither can I be bothered to shave my legs LMAO! I will probably start looking as we weather warms up, its still pretty cold here so I wont be needing any dresses for a while lol

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  14. Rosemary Eychenne says:

    Crikey Catherine, when you have an idea in your head you don’t let go until you’ve gone through every eventuality ! Well done. Excellent article on maxis even though I only own one maxi skirt bought about 15 years ago in a posh London secondhand shop ( my sister took me and led me round the shop pulling things out which I never thought I could wear. She’s good at that.). Anyway, I was right about said skirt because I’ve only worn it two or three times. BUT, now I have Catherine to the rescue and after reading your article this morning went through all my tops and sandals to see what I could muckle together. Not much, I’m afraid, especially in the tops department. So a little shopping trip is in order methinks :). Anyway, enough about me. You look wonderful in all the outfits and wear them like a trooper ( a compliment where I come from). Just wish I had your boobs. Bises

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Rosemary! Wow! Thank you!!! It’s true though, I have an OCD mind–I don’t let go at all. But I think its important to cover all bases. Girlfriend–start matching those tops with that skirt. I KNOW you will rock that look!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  15. solebrityapp says:

    “Age has no limits!” You are right about that! This was a great post! Looking forward to seeing more!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi sole! It’s true age doesn’t have limits. But try telling that to the fashion and beauty industry. If you don’t have skin like a newborn and if you have just surpassed puberty by a few hours. Those industries don’t want you. Or rather…they don’t want to show a picture of any old people. LOL! Welcome aboard. Welcome to the neighborhood! It’s nice to have you here! XOXOXOXO!!!

  16. Judy says:

    You certainly know how to work a look, Catherine! I really love the denim jacket/maxi skirt look. I can see that it has never worked on me because my maxi skirts have tended to be fuller and slightly more “gypsyish” so the jacket has never been worn with anything other than trousers (pants!) I am another who is about to venture out with my shopping list. Thank you for such a great post.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Judy! Oh. I know exactly what you mean about the “gypsyish” maxi skirts. I can’t wear them at all. They are not flattering and I feel as though I’m drowning in layers of fabric. Luckily, there’s lots of options now with more flattering cuts and fits! March onward! And have a great time while shopping! XOXOXOXO!

  17. calensariel says:

    Ooo! You’ve inspired me, too! I love that pink and blue stripped dress. I’ve always stayed away from stripes that go around. But that looks smashing on you. You know, your attitude on your blog is guaranteed to make us older gals want to go out and play dress up (or down) again. Fabulous blog, girl! I can imagine women my age eating up a whole book of these.

    • Catherine says:

      Lady Calen–I’m thrilled that you are enjoying this post. Put on your comfy shoes and go forth into the world of maxi dresses and have fun whilst you search! Find one and wear it well! Show the world that you are a mature and fashionable woman who hath no fear when it comes to playing dress up!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

      • calensariel says:

        I actually DID go shopping with my sister! Much to here amazement. I didn’t find a maxi but I bought a nice, shiny, knee-length dress, red and black, for our cruise. $60 on sale for $24. AND the pattern goes around. See! You inspired me! 😀

      • Catherine says:

        Ahhhh. That’s great news!! I’m so happy to inspire you! I cannot wait to see pics from when you go on that cruise!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  18. robjodiefilogomo says:

    I think maxis are perfect for us older generations because so many of us don’t love showing off their legs!! Nice job showing different kinds of maxis!!
    Since you’re over 50, you might be interested in Katherine’s project here:—hope you join us!! jodie

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Jodi. Thanks! I follow your blog and love the way you’ve reached each decade. It’s fun to see how we get to mix and match appropriate clothing for our generation! There was an error in clicking Katherine’s project!! What is her site? Thanks! XOXOXOXO!

  19. Bernadette says:

    Catherine, This is fantastic. So much style information. I particularly ike that you took the time to post what is wrong with wearing baggy clothing thinking that covering up makes a person look thinner. Yu are a real style diva girlfriend.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Bernadette! Thanks so much. You know–I really think it is just as important, if not moreso, to show how something shouldn’t be worn because it brings the error into a visual. Baggy doesn’t mean thinner. I think loose fitting is fine as long as it is well fitted but baggy is just sloppy and that shirt proved it! Thanks again! XOXOXOXO!!!

  20. junedesilva says:

    Congratulations! You’ve reconverted (is that a word??!!) me to the maxi. I was a Uni student in the 70s & tended to dressing a bit like a hippy in those days. Maxi skirts, maxi dresses, maxi coats & lots of cheesecloth. However, although I bought a maxi dress last year, I haven’t worn it. I love your styling – particularly the denim jacket with the maxi. Have you ever read stylists saying people shouldn’t wear a style that was in fashion the first time round? What a load of b…… I will follow your lead & embrace the maxi. LOL x

    • Catherine says:

      Hi June! Ohhh..I am so thrilled that I reconverted you. Hey–I still love that hippy look–BUT, with an age-appropriate vibe.I remember tons of fringe on bags and jackets. I wouldn’t wear that now–it’ll look too costumulicious! But maxis can be so flattering on mature women.
      No!!!!! I haven’t read stylists saying people should wear a style that was in fashion the first time around. That’s insane!! I HAVE read that women over 50 should not wear bikinis though. THAT is total bullshit. The beauty of being older is that we already know what looks good on us and what doesn’t–we’ve been around longer to be realistic and if a trend/fashion is coming back after many years and we have looked great in it–we should continue to wear it. I’m sick of what some of the experts say!
      I am getting ready to decide which maxi to wear today!!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!

  21. Deb Nathan says:

    Someone tagged your blog on Bloglovin and it brought me here. I love your style! I’ve become obsessed with Linda Rodin and trying to up my game as I move closer to 60. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Deb! Nice to meet you! I’m so glad that you enjoyed the post and enjoy my style. That means a lot to me–especially since we “older” women are just about ignored by the fashion and beauty industries! We need to stick together and have a revolution! XOXOXOXOXOXO!!!!

  22. LosiLosLoco says:

    Great review. Great attitude. You go girl!

  23. maireaddoyle says:

    Great post and great blog. I’m a big maxi fan too. I love your style!

  24. Thanks for all the great ideas — I am heading to London in a few weeks and breaking out this “new-to-me” option. I have a casual black maxi dress and just today got a navy striped (vertical stripes, thank you!) maxi skirt. Now for tops to complete the outfits!

  25. Sandra says:

    Hi Catherine,
    I’m not 60…yet, I’m 54 and struggling with what to wear these days. I decided to see if there was an article out there about this particular subject and found your blog. Thank you for all of your style advice, it was so well thought out with words and photos. No, I won’t be donating those maxi’s I purchased in my late 30’s and 40’s afterall! I’m hanging on to them and I WILL continue to wear them. One more thing, thank you for the advice about what bag to use, I never even gave that a thought! You are a beautiful and inspirational lady!

    • Catherine says:

      Thank you Sandra! Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words–words that keep me inspired to write!! It’s a great thing you that you aren’t going to get rid of those fabulous maxis!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO!!!!

  26. Celesta Lampkins says:

    Thanks for your article. The maxi and midi are trending in 2023. I will be 82 in July and can wear clothes that I wore when I was 65. I raided my closet and found 11 expensive maxi skirts, that I will wear this year. I am happy to know what you recommend and how I accessorize my maxi are basically the same, but I did learn about some new ideas from your article. There is no age expiration date for the maxi or midi.

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