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Oh Gawd! ANOTHER Mascara and Foundation Review—and The Weight Loss—and What I Wore

We all know that I’m big on drug-store mascara.  Maybelline’s “The Falsies” is one of my faves.  And I’ve noticed the jump in the pricing of many drug store brands. I thought I was alone in this thought. But, one … Continue reading

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Returning to the Weight Loss Life and Some Random Catching Up

Hey.  It’s been a summer of eating, healthy meals, watching what I eat, gorging and gluttony!  I was being so good and careful before we went on vacation. Then we went away and I threw caution to the wind—and who … Continue reading

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What I’m Wearing. The Summer Face. And I’ve Been a Naughty Girl

Things are back to normal. And I have a confession. I’ve been a naughty girl. Since arriving home over three weeks ago, I’ve been petrified to get on the scale. I knew I gained weight over vacation, and then some.  … Continue reading

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Some Summer Reading for You While I’m Away!

I won’t even tell you what I did about an hour ago. I will tell you. I repacked and purged half the clothing I originally packed.  And at one point I just started to throw stuff into the suitcase. I’m … Continue reading

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What All The Hoopla About My Hoop Earrings? Now I’m Too Old For Them?

Just as I promised my daughter, Oona, that I would not go on any more rants about a certain political figure in the White House or the party that is overturning our healthcare, I found out that I am now … Continue reading

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My Anti-Social Media Personality is On The Rise

When I started this blog just over two years ago, I never gave much thought to social media. My vision was to write about the life of one 59-year old woman and her misadventures and life as both an empty-nester … Continue reading

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Some Five-Minute Reviews and a Note on GREAT Customer Service!

Before I go into a few reviews on a few cosmetic items, I need to show you another customer service email I received. This.  From J. Crew Factory.  Let me backtrack. On Saturday, Bonaparte and I went to J. Crew … Continue reading

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Observant Observations from An Older Observer

It started with an Instagram post that I saw yesterday morning.  A lovely ensemble showcasing my kind of sweater. The sweater read “jolie”.  It’s beautiful. The “jolie” sweater is from the Maison Scotch  & Soda website. I want that sweater! … Continue reading

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What’s In My Travel Beauty Bag?

I’ll tell ya—not much!  I  haven’t assessed all the travel beauty items in a long time and many of them have been used up. It’s time to refill or at least make an attempt at organizing.  ( I hate my … Continue reading

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More Greatness of Makeup Samples, Some Lip Cents and More Stuff for the Mature Ladies!

It started out simply enough. I ran out of Well-Rested. If you’ve been following my misadventures, you know that bareMinerals Well Rested is a Holy Grail cosmetic product for me.  As soon as I get to the bottom of the … Continue reading

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