More Korean Beauty Products—And Randomness on This Last Day of Summer 2018

As I write this post, it is 7:15 on Thursday, September 20, 2018.  The last day of summer.  It isn’t light outside but not yet fully dark.  Just past twilight.  And it marks the end of the season.  Summer will linger, though, as she always does.  She never quite leaves quickly but takes her time.  We will still be wearing summer clothing—or at least I will for a while because I can’t stand the feel of being sweaty and hot with too many layers of clothing.

Here’s what I’ve been wearing at work this week.

Monday was rainy but hot and I didn’t care–I wore sandals anyway.  I needed to squeeze another wear out of them.  

Tuesday I went Body-con in this midi dress. It was still hot and the heeled sandals gave the look a better proportion!

Yesterday’s outfit was inspired by Chippy’s toys and let me tell you, I died in that green sweater!  It was cool in the morning but as the day went on, the temp hit the mid-80’s and I realized why I’m still wearing summer clothing!

And today, I was very comfy in a cotton skirt, a cotton blend short sleeved lightweight sweater and fake-tanned legs!!

And even though I’m dressed for summer, I’ll be inching into the cooler clothing shortly!!

I have to tell you, I’m loving the Korean Beauty products more and more.  My new additions are a cushion foundation and a blur/primer that I started using last week.

Magic Cushion Moisture Foundation with SPF 50 by Missha Cosmetics and Face Blur by Etude are both Korean products that I’m starting to become very fond of!

The cushion foundation is so beautifully hydrating and moisturizing that it feels like nothing!  Not full coverage but buildable, it manages to even out my rather uneven skin tone and stays put all day!

I’ve been using this lightweight and hydrating cushion foundation all week and so far–it’s great!

Let’s have a look….

It comes in a very sturdy and streamlined compact…

There are two compartments:  A top compartment holds the application sponge.

I have to say, the applicator sponge is good.  I dip it into the foundation and stiple it on, then blend in with the greatest foundation brush ever–iT cosmetics double-ended brush. The wider end for foundation and the smaller for concealer!

After applying the foundation with the sponge, I blend with the wider end of this fluffy brush!  Works like a charm!

A decent mirror is also housed in the compact..

And here’s the cushion foundation!  It looks darker but applies nicely for fair skin. This is Number 21.  Number 23 is slightly darker. Unfortunately the range is only the two shades.  I’m guessing its because Korean skin tones are very pale.  Hopefully the company will start creating darker foundations!

Image result for missha magic cushion 21 refills

Both shades are very light–I may go with 23 next time around!

Another plus of this cushion foundation is that refills can be purchased.  Two for $19.99 –making this a great companion for your travel kit or purse for touchups.

Missha M Magic Cushion Moisture Refill #21 (2pcs) + SoltreeBundle Natural Hemp Paper 50pcs

The refills-I’ll be ordering these from Amazon!  I added them to my Korean Beauty Products Idea List!

The blur/primer is from a brand named Etude.  It was $12.45 on Amazon—which is a great price.   I compare this to Fenty Beauty’s primer in that the two products are just about twinning in color.  A rosy hue that glides onto the face with a whitish tint but dissipates upon drying.  Both primers have a nice texture and are not greasy nor oily.  The Etude Blur is a bit more liquid than the Fenty but the Etude costs almost three times less than the Fenty.

The Etude Face Blur reminds me a lot of Fenty Beauty Primer.  The main differences are that the Fenty Primer is slightly thicker and more expensive!

Fenty on the top and the Face Blur on the bottom.  You can see that the Face Blur is not as thick but both products do a great job in priming the face!

At 1.23 oz. you get a decent amount of product for a low price!

A look at yesterday’s face. I used both the blur and the cushion foundation. Look closely, my freckles are still in view–I like that because this foundation isn’t full-coverage but still evens out my skin tone!  I used my EmilyNoel83 The Wants palette to do my eyes!  

And a closer look at Monday’s face with both products.  I’m happy because it really hydrates the skin and at our age, it’s all about the hydration!

Well, I finally got around to cleaning my makeup brushes.  It’s been a long time coming!  There’s something so luxurious about clean makeup brushes.

Can you find the brush that Chippy ate?  I used Suave Clarifying Shampoo to clean the brushes!!

But—there was one fail.  This Morphe fan brush.  When it was dirty it was great for applying highlighter.  But after I cleaned it, it frizzed!  Can you believe it?  All my life, until I started to wear wigs, I had to deal with frizzy hair.  Now I have to deal with a frizzy brush.  If anyone knows of a great fan brush—I would love it if you shared the information.

Can you believe how this brush frizzed?  No Morphe of this stuff for me!!

On the other hand, one of my favorite vloggers and beauty guru’s made me so happy!  I was included in one of her Instragam posts!!!!

Not only happy to be included in this post about The Want’s palette, but EmilyNoel83 included older women, guys and a great diverse mix!  That’s to be appreciated!!!

Well, tomorrow Roman comes back for the weekend.  He’s taking it easy for the last weekend before SNL resumes.  Then his weekends will be busy with work. I made cookies last night!   This diet of mine will never resume!!!!

When I wrote that it was a long time coming with the brush cleaning it reminded me of the Crosby, Stills and Nash song: Long Time Gone.  Remember this nugget of greatness? Have a great evening!!!

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6 Responses to More Korean Beauty Products—And Randomness on This Last Day of Summer 2018

  1. Debe says:

    You look so chic! May I ask what is the lip color you are wearing? Nice color kind of one of those that go with everything. Love it!

    Rainy and bad storms in WI, tornado watch. They say we may have snow flurries by late October.


    • Catherine says:

      Hi Debe! The Lip color is Meringue Butter Gloss by NYX with Shine, Shine, Shine clear gloss by Essense cosmetics!!! Glad you like it! Ugh. No snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXO

  2. Nancy says:

    I listen a lot to CSN&Y. Hope to see you on my Fancy Friday linkup party!

  3. You are just gorgeous! I love your style and your makeup is on point! So nice that you were featured by the vlogger, well deserved and cheers to her for including a diverse group of beautiful people!

  4. Denise says:

    I’m really enjoying your style tips and now I will try out your makeup tips. I would love to use eye shadow but have a hard time perfecting the look. I will follow you tips and see how it works out. Congrats on being featured by the vlogger.

  5. Juliet says:

    You look so fresh faced – lovely, as for the brushes I have (had? the daughter may have snaffled it and taken it down to uni in Bristol…) a bobbi brown brush cleaner potion-y thing (generally these days I colour myself in with pencils), I utterly love a bobbi brown eye pencil – her foundation may be too yellow for me but her eye pencils, sighhhhh… anyway I digress – the best actual thing I have found for cleaning brushes – baby shampoo, yup good old Johnsons shampoo for the bubbas. Loving the outfits and jealous you are still warm and toasty over there – this morning coming out of the house and getting in the car, 6 degrees – yep 6 degrees celsius – Mr/Ms Google tells me that is 42 fahrenheit and the nights are drawing in 🙁 Still good book-reading or knitting weather, worryingly it is also good stodge eating weather – diet not going so well

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