Pink Pineapples and Summer Style!

Sigh.  Even though I would much rather be outdoors and at the beach every day from the months of June through September, I must face the hard fact that I work for a living.   The Paupered Princess does not have a Trust Fund.  This Paupered Princess is not royalty nor an heiress.

It’s a sin.  Really. It is. I would much rather be at the beach. i.e. Down The Shore and living the life of a beachcomber than to head to an office during the summer months.  But, this princess is paupered so work I must!

I cover the humidity and the haze and the heat with aplomb and dress for this active season.  It’s definitely a different vibe than the winter.

In addition, I would also love to cover the heat and humidity as happily as Oona did when she was just a toddler!  I still can’t believe she is getting married in four weeks!

The bright colors are a staple.  The simple shift dresses allow for less fuss in wardrobing and more time for getting where you want to go!


That’s it ladies!  Throw a shift over your head and you are good to go…………..anywhere!

So, let’s talk about casual summer dressing.  Luckily, I do work in an office where casual dress is welcomed.  For some that means dressing in leggings and sweatshirts.  For me it means a more relaxed approach to style.

laundry day

Quite honestly, the pitfalls of a casual or non-dress code at the office oftentimes means that someone will forget that they need a laundry day….. Um humm..just sayin’!

This is my summer of Lilly Pulitzer.  I’ve picked up a few items to add to my growing collection of warm-weather clothing—both for work and outside of work.

Yup!  This is my “Summer of Lilly”.  The brights are extra this year! And I’m not ashamed!

Let’s take a look at what I’m wearing………..

A couple of months back, I picked up the Lilly Pulitzer Wynne Maxi dress which I’ve been enjoying.  She’s great for the days when I’m too lazy to shave my legs but still want to look fabulous.  A great multi-tasker this Wynne dress is—from work to a party to relaxing, she covers it all! (And might I add that “Wynne” is my maiden name!)

I’m a “Medium” in the Lilly Pultizer brand.  My body appreciates the dresses with a bit of stretch!

The colors on this are vivid, but not over-the-top bright–making this a great choice for the woman who wants color but not neon!

LOOK!  A blogger pose!  WTF am I looking at?  I dunno!

And my favorite part of the dress is the slit on each side.  Gives more movement and air conditioning to your stride!

My love for shifts never fades and I had been looking for a dress that can be worn to the office, to run errands and even for a day at the beach should we decide to grab a bite after lolling around at ocean’s edge for hours on end.   The moment I tried this Pink Pineapple dress on, I fell in love with it.  There’s a story to tell.  Growing up, whenever I, or my siblings, made a bonehead move or screwed up in a minor way, my dad would say “’re a pineapple!”.  It got to the point where I thought Pineapple was my first name.  It’s funny how certain memories stick out in your mind.

The second I saw this Pink Pineapple dress at the Lilly Pulitzer store in King of Prussia Mall, I was taken back to my childhood. Memories of my goofing up so many things led my dad to refer to me as “Pineapple”.  I thought it was my given name for a while. Oh well, I could have been called much worse….

I’m wearing it today!  You can see that it is a rather bright frock–but it’s fun. And comfy!  And screams “summer”!!

Here I am trying to look fun and whimsical with Chippy. He’s having no part of my blogger poses.  I’ll be withholding one of his treats today!

Anyway, this dress with the pineapples on it brought back some fine memories of my dad!  But I love the fit and the ease of it. It’s more of a slight A-line swing dress but there’s a bit of stretch in it which gives it a more fitted look as opposed to being shapeless.

I really do love this dress!  Pink Pineapples it is!  I’m thirsty for Pink Lemonade right now!

My other Lilly dress is a bright neon green and navy.  It’s got a high top which is great when I’m bent down at my desk.  I can be pretty modest at times.

Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph!  Trying to take blog photos is so challenging when you are using a selfie-stick that barely works!  I just stepped in dog-shit!  It’s not Chippy’s either because we pick up after him.  Let me go wash up!

Okie Dokie!  I’m back!  Isn’t this dress adorable?

It’s got a high neck and check out the neon-green tassels!  I love this!  BUT WAIT! CHECK OUT MY SMEARED LIPGLOSS!  I noticed this after I took the picture. Sorry but I’m not going to do a selfie-reshoot! I Baby-Janed myself!

Here’s another look at the tassles! Whimsy squared!

Sorry but I’m obsessed with these tassles!

I wore this dress to work on Friday and wore white tassle earrings!

I wore this dress last night when Bonaparte and I went out to dinner!  I wore gold heels and my Julia Roberts hair!  (Alden by Estetica Designs!)

Now. With both of these dresses, a regular bra can’t be worn.  I have a racer-back bra but the straps will still show through on the darker one.

I bought sticky boobs.  They are silicone bra cups that stick to your chest.  At first, I was skeptical but they ended up to be ridiculously comfy and never fell.  They are sold in finer department stores but I found them on Amazon for a great price.  You size by your cup and these fit my C cups perfectly.  I’ll also be wearing these with my Mother-of-the-Bride dress next month!  Shameless plug from my Amazon store:  Rosmax Adhesive Silicone Bra

These delightful pillows of silicone came nicely secure in a clear plastic package. And I’ve placed them back in here after wearing!

Oona and her Maid-0f-Honor Lauren swear by these things.  They also gave me instructions on using them.  After using, rinse with cold water or cold soapy water if needed. Allow to dry completely and put them away until next time!  I’m telling you, these sticky boobs stayed put all day!  From seven in the morning until seven at night they were completely secure and were incredibly comfortable!

Here they are out of the package.  There is a clasp on each inside end of each cup so that you can attach the cups in true bra form.  The cups are also lined in cling which I’ve placed back onto them after rinsing and drying.

And here’s the inside!  At $16.99 this was well-worth the price.  You order by cup size.  I ordered the “C” cups and the fit was perfect!  A great summer undergarment!

I’m loving the pink and purchased this pink shirt and shorts from Lilly Pulitzer earlier in the season.  I’m especially fond of the way the neon pink looks with a tan and the shorts fit very well. My legs are beginning to be a bit crepey but it won’t stop me from wearing shorts.  It’s all about proportion with me.  A longer “short” has a tendency to make me look a bit squat. And there’s no way I’m wearing short shorts.  This five-inch inseam is a perfect length. Not too long. Not too short.  Just right!  And do not allow anyone to tell you that you are too old for shorts or that shorts are inappropriate for a woman over 50 or 60. Hogwash to them!

Shorts!  The five-inch inseam is a great and flattering length. Listen to me. I have cellulite and I have that crepe-paper skin on my thighs. I don’t care because it’s hot out and pants are strictly for cold weather!

See my crepe-paper skin?  I don’t care.  But I do love the scalloped hem!  This is the same print as my Wynne maxi dress!

Pulitzer’s brand isn’t inexpensive but it isn’t a luxury designer brand either.  The investment of a few pieces is well-worth the money because these are classic and timeless summer styles.

This Lilly Pulitzer dress was purchased about seven years ago.  And was worth every cent because I’ve been wearing it for years…

…and years.  I’ve washed it and ironed it and she still looks great!

What is inexpensive is the everyday costume jewelry I wear with the clothes.  I stand by my conviction that Walmart has some of the greatest inexpensive costume jewelry—downright cheap—that I’ve ever purchased.  The hoops…never fail!

A four-dollar necklace.  You don’t need to spend a fortune on jewelry….

And my Walmart hoops.  A card of six pair will set you back around five bucks!

I’ve been summarizing my face and haven’t had foundation on it on almost a month! True dat!  Since we’ve been at the beach..or “down the shore” as these Philly and NJ locals call it, I’ve managed to get a bit of color.  My freckles popped out too.

Hey. At 64 pro-aging years, I’ve finally learned to appreciate a bare face..but still love the eye makeup and lipstick!

The thing is, during the hot weather, I enjoy an easier makeup routine.  It’s the eyes and lips these days and I’m sticking to a pink lip for every day.

It’s all good–especially when my lip gloss smears and settles into my wrinkles!  LOL!!

Same with the manicure and pedicures.  Pink for the summer!

Inka Dink a bottle of pink!

Kinda like being a true-to-life Pink Pineapple!

Image result for pink pineapple

There really IS such a thing as a pink pineapple!  Who knew???

How do you switch it up for the summer?  Lighter makeup?  Shorts?  Simple dresses?

Whatever changes you make, be sure to please yourself first!


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15 Responses to Pink Pineapples and Summer Style!

  1. Sandra SAllin says:

    You look adorable. I don’t think those dresses would work on me. I’ve got bosoms. I think I’d look pregnant. I do have some linen tops from bryn Walker that I’ll wear. I must say most of them are white. Not colorful like yours. I have to stay out of the sun. So I’m always in big hats or under the umbrella.You look great in your summer makeup and your winter makeup. It’s great the way you’re really into fashion. You’re no pineapple. You’re a winner.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Sandy! Thank you so much!!! Oh…I have a ton of white shirts in my closet but it’s so weird because I don’t wear them anymore. I used to be strictly white shirt but now I’m white tee shirt! There’s something about the summer that makes me want to wear bright colors!! XOXOXOXO

  2. Mary says:

    I absolutely love your attitude, Catherine, especially about wearing shorts! You’re so empowering. You look fantastic in all these summer outfit! Way to go!!

  3. Mikella says:

    what is wig and color you wore in pic with white tassel earrings?

  4. Maryellen Reardon says:

    Ok, hit the pause button here. You wear the sticky boobs instead of a bra? And they give enough lift? I must google….

  5. Momcat says:

    OMG that could moment about trying to take a ‘blogger’ selfie and stepping in dog poopLOL!! Honestly the only fashion blogger who would admit to doing that is hilarious you!! You see those photos with the chin in the air or the arm held up just so like a Vogue model from the 1950’s and I just shake my head….you are the real deal girlfriend! The dog is there, the lipstick might be smeared but you are Smiling through it all and looking glam! I adore your dresses, so cute and colourful. This year I bought a few harem jumpsuits that I am wearing with little T’s underneath. They offer the coolness of a maxi but the freedom of pants…like when I am chasing my grandson at the park I can be the crazy yet stylish Gramma. Always polish on the toes even if the sandals are my Burkies.
    Oh yes I was telling my husband about your ‘Origin of the World’ comments ( we were discussing a woman we had seen wearing an obscenely short skirt) and I told him to go look it up….this is the result. I nearly peed laughing so thought I would share…I did not know The Weekend was an art connoisseur…..have a great week!

    • Catherine says:

      LOL! OMG Momcat! I love The Weekend even more now that he’s a fan of my wonderful Gustav Courbet! Please. I am so entertained by the bloggers and Instagramers who pose as though they are supermodels. Especially with the looking-down-at-the-feet or the looking up at the sky–what? Is a bird gonna shit on your hair extensions?
      Burkies, flip flops….sneakers those little toes always need some polish! XOXOXOXO

  6. I love your bright colors, Catherine. How fun that even though you have to go to work, you can at least look like you are having fun, while you are doing it! – Amy

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Ames! Thanks! Yeah. I sometimes get odd looks from co-workers I do not know because of my dressing for the office! But you’re IS fun!!! XOXOXOXO

  7. Margaret says:

    I switch to BE mineral foundation in the summer because I still need coverage and it feels so light. I also switch to an all cotton wardrobe because my skin feels like it’s crawling in the heat. Lighter lip colors and glosses help to brighten my face because I don’t sit out in the sun too much. There’s nothing like a Lily dress in the summer. Love yours, and I agree they are truly timeless. Regarding your previous post, I have to say that I also love that Southern Charm tv show because of Patricia Altschul. I wish they’d give her a show of her own, that would be a hoot!

  8. Jane says:

    I just love reading your blog posts! They are a bright spot in my day and I appreciate that you can laugh at yourself (and the rest of this crazy world!)

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