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Back in the Saddle (Shoes) Again!!

You know, it’s funny.  I was thinking about walking.  Not for exercise, but in general.  When out and about during the summer, my main choice of footwear is sandals.  I love them and my feet are always happy to have … Continue reading

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My Ghosts of Christmas Past

Well, I decorated the tree on Friday.  It wasn’t an easy feat because half the lights we had for the tree were no longer working so I ended up having to get out of my pajamas, getting dressed and driving … Continue reading

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The Dining Room Table And a Quail of a Great Dinner!

When Bonaparte and I moved into our new home two years ago, we purchased a new dining room table.  The one he had at his old place was old but not in a “good” old way. It was almost falling … Continue reading

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Fun for Friday Weekly Weight Loss Support!

As not-really-promised, but  tried—here’s the beginning of a weekly post covering the weight loss journey. I know.  It’s Thursday evening but I’m afraid I’ll oversleep in the morning and will be late for work and I won’t be able to post … Continue reading

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Je suis arrivée à la maison. Yes. I’m Back Home From France!

It’s been a fun, fun time on the Cote d’Azur. I have SO much to tell you about. But today, I’m spending the day uploading photos for the posts about our trip. I had no idea how many photos Bonaparte … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Tell Me Where To Go!

Trust me. I’m not talking about that place. It’s hot enough up here; and the humidity makes it worse. Hey. Satan and I are pretty friendly, in fact I’ve interviewed him, but it’s too hot to visit him! No. I’m … Continue reading

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Booking My Plight

The past weekend was a lazy one.  Rain put a damper on any long walks my delusions would have me take with Chippy.  I had to do color my roots. Chippy can run around the house on those rainy days … Continue reading

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Rest In Peace Ma Gigi. Remembering Danièle Delorme

It’s funny how signals and messages are sent. Saturday morning Bonaparte and I made our regularly timed call to his aunt, Danièle. She didn’t answer her phone and we figured she was out and about. Even though it was early … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday El Cheapo! I Remember Papa!

Yesterday was my dad’s birthday. The One! The Only! The Ever-memorable Tommy Wynne—the man we lovingly referred to as…………….drumroll please………”El-Cheapo”! Actually, my dad was quite proud of this nickname! He was great—and he is surely missed not only by my … Continue reading

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