The Dress You Need! Seriously!!!!

Ok.  It’s been a while since I’ve made any clothing purchases.  I covered that in my recent blog post last week :  Basic Me. Why I Hardly Bought Any Clothes This Winter

But now that Spring is due to arrive soon (even though we are experience winter snow and freezing temperatures in the Northeast), it’s time to start looking for warmer-weather clothing.

I love winter

Yeah–Yesterday was March 1st and this was the view when I opened my front door!

And with that, comes dresses.  If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you are aware that I am a fan of dresses in the spring and summer months.  I dig one-step dressing.  Layers and separates are cool-to-cold weather dressing for me.  Once that temperature change takes place, it’s dresses, fake tan and, when not frolicking barefoot, sandals!

Favorite summer looks.  Dresses, sandals, fake tan, fake hair!

I found a dress that not only suits my needs, but it’s perfection!  And it was less than $25 on Amazon!

A little peek at this perfect dress.  For more details, read on!

Let me tell you the story. OK?

Now—Amazon, for me has been very hit-or-miss in the clothing area.  I once made a dress purchase that seemed too good to be true and when I received the dress, it couldn’t even be worn as a shirt.  No kidding! It was horrific. The thing went right into the trash!

On the other hand, I had luck with one dress –ONE dress that I really liked but hardly ever wore!

Honestly, I really like this dress but it was just never worn often. I may wear it to work next week though, because it is very comfy!

Obviously, my “dress radar” with Amazon has been less than stellar.

But a while ago, while perusing through the Amazon site, I was drawn to a certain brand’s dresses.  The brand is Floerns.  I’ve Googled this brand to find out more and my efforts were fruitless.  My instinct tells me it’s a “made-in-China” brand sold exclusively on Amazon.

And yes, I am very wary of these brands sold on Amazon but every now and then, you discover a gem.

A gem of a dress and there’s more to show!

This dress is the gem.  At under $25, I am blown away.  Let’s take a look.

It was delivered yesterday and upon arriving home from the office, I tried it on. Boy was I pleased!

As skeptical as I was, I still went ahead and ordered the dress.  Based on the many reviews, it seemed that the purchase would be a decent one.  Also based on the reviews, I ordered the dress in a size Large as it was cautioned to size up.

Here’s the stats on my body.  I am, in bare feet, 5 feet 5 and ¾ inches—making me closer to 5 feet 6.  With heels I’m around 5 feet 7 to 5 feet 8 inches.

The dress comes in sizes ranging from XS to XXL–and the stretchy fabric makes it very wearer-friendly!

My current weight is 150 and as you know I’m on a weight loss journey to go down to around 138 – 140 pounds.

I’m also noticing that as I pro-age, I’m searching for a slightly longer length in my dresses.  Don’t get me wrong—I’m still a fan of the shorter length, but for the office and for social occasions, I’m beginning to veer toward a knee length—given the proportions of the dress.

And that bottom hem comes just mid-knee!  The perfect length!

I’m tired of going to department stores because the sales assistants are more interested in their commission and will tell you any cheaply-made, overpriced frock is YOU! Ummm…no it isn’t!  I am very specific in what I like and what I’m looking for. Besides–I’ve seen pricey dresses with shoddy construction and I’m not paying for that!

Far be it from me to discover I found that perfect dress on amazon!

The dress, white with a deep blue, but not quite navy-blue design, is a winner.  The white fabric is completely opaque.  Testament to this is I tried the dress on straight out of the package when I was wearing black underwear—the black is undetectable.

Here’s a photo from yesterday.  I tried the dress on while wearing black underwear.  This is truly and opaque dress!  You can’t see the black!

The fabric is polyester but is lightweight making this summer-friendly.

The dress zips up the back.

And might I add-that zipper is long in length!  The back of the dress is also quite nice!

The silhouette is stunning.  It puts the curves in the right place giving a very feminine hour-glass appearance.

The dress’ silhouette is extremely flattering–putting the curves in all the right places!

The waist is higher and although comes up under the bustline, isn’t a true empire waistline.  What it is, is friendly to the women with long torsos because the natural waistline isn’t cut off.  If you are long-waisted (as I am) then you know what I mean and you know who daunting it can be to find a great fit.

As you can see the waist is higher but not an empire–it’s as though there is a built-in cumberbund!

This is not a fit-n-flare dress and isn’t a shift.  It’s like a relaxed Bodycon dress if you size up.  The description is pencil dress and I would say that’s a very fair assessment.

Stop the presses!!!!  I just found out that my daughter, Oona, unbeknownst to both of us, ordered the same dress four days ago!  Grown up Mommy and Me dresses!  Another point that is is a dress for all ages–not just the mature woman!

The sleeves are a genius length and one that I do not generally see on dresses.  The sleeves on this dress fall just below the elbow on me.  If you are blessed with long arms, then they will fall slightly higher.  But the point is that these sleeves are ridiculously forgiving.  Let’s face it—we proage and our upper arms get a bit flabby.  This dress hides the flab!

These sleeves though…could they not be any more perfect?

More on the design.  I noticed from the side view in my video review (I’ll add it to the end), that the design somewhat disguises my gut.  From the side.  From the front, I would wear shapewear to suck the gut in.  However, I am going to order a size Medium in another dress to see if the stretch from the dress will suck the gut.

I gotta gut sticking out but the design from the side does a good job in playing it down!

Sit-ability.  This dress is very sit-friendly.  Have you ever been at a function or work and your dress rides up—inching and inching up until you are constantly tugging at it?  Yeah—I hate when that happens.  Because of the length, you can sit very comfortably without having to put a drink or plate of food down to “fix” or tug at the dress.  I’m a huge fan of that.

And that’s as high as the dress rides up–making this a VERY sitable dress!

A most pragmatic party dress. You can enjoy a plate of food resting on your lap and you won’t be worrying about the dress riding up your thighs!

I’m excited about the way I sit in the dress. Chippy is bored!

And more on the length.  On me, the dress comes mid-knee almost a hair above the knee but not quite.   It’s a very “ladylike” length and given the silhouette, it’s a very body-lengthening dress, giving you the appearance of being taller.

Seriously–what’s not to love about this dress?

The darts in the top of the dress are another figure-flattering quality.

Check out the darting!  So old-school!!

Overall, this dress has everything.  Style. Sophistication.  Wearability (and by that, I mean from office to special occasion).  Comfort.  Flattering to all body types.  And the price is ridiculous.

Look—I realize that I could be debated on this dress given where it’s made and given the price point.  But—it’s affordable.  And the average woman doesn’t have the $100 or $200 to spend on a dress under normal circumstances.  I’m a big believer in a great deal and bargain, as well as value for the money and this dress hits all those points.

Did I mention that I love the design because it is just so India-inspired?  And…even though this is a multi-generational dress, it’s also a wonderful and flattering choice for the Mature demographic! BTW–I’m wearing Freetress Equal Swami wig in these pics.  A very affordable wig!

And so, if you are over 50, 60 or in the mature woman demographic, this is a well-needed and very lady-like frock!

For a better view, here’s the YouTube video I just uploaded and you can also get more information on ordering from my Amazon List:  My Atypical60 Amazon Influencer List.

And that’s my honest view.  I love this dress so much that I ordered another one in Black and white with slightly longer sleeves in the same Large size.  And it was $19.99 from the same brand!  Just a heads up!  Let me know what you think–have you ever ordered clothing from Amazon?  Were you happy or……………….like me with the dress that was more like a shirt, did you trash it?


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They Shall Not Grow Old……But A Few Lucky Ones Did

We went to the movies yesterday.  What we saw was not an entertaining movie.  It wasn’t a RomCom nor was it a fantasy.  It wasn’t sugar-coated.

No sugar-coating or Mary Poppinsing with yesterday’s movie!

It wasn’t a story either.

As much as I loved this book and cannot wait to see the movie–what we saw wasn’t a Hollywood version of a story!

What it was—was history and a history that is slowly fading. We saw “They Shall Not Grow Old”

Despite the smiles–and over bad food at that–this documentary was somber and frightening.

This is a somber, sometimes eerie, sometimes absolutely horrific and well-needed documentary about The Great War—World War 1.

Posters like this had men and teens as young as 15 who lied about their birthdates to enlist in the British army.

Directed by New Zealand Oscar Winning Peter Jackson it’s dedicated in part to his grandfather who fought in that war.

Forget another Oscar–this guy needs a friggin’ Pulitzer Prize for “They Shall Not Grow Old”

Like Jackson, my grandfather, Thomas Wynne, also fought in that war.  One of my great-uncles also fought and was killed.

My grandfather, Thomas Wynne Sr.  from County Roscommon.  He fought when he was 19 years old and we are thankful he returned!

My grandfather said little about his time fighting in this war.  In fact, as children, all we knew of it was a photograph of his division (sorry I don’t have a photo—my aunt has it), his old WWI helmet and his gas mask.

I have no idea who in our family has his old helmet but we all took turns playing with it.  

And we were all too familiar with these alien, monstrous looking gas masks.  I don’t know how well they protected because my grandfather lost a lung due to the poisonous gases.

He also lost a lung as a result of the effects from the mustard gas, I believe—it was one of the gases.  But the man was strong because he lived to be a very old man.  With one lung.  Smoking Chesterfields and drinking a boilermaker a day.

My grandfather must have had great genetics to have one lung, smoke non-filtered Chesterfields AND drink a boilermaker a day.  

Other childhood memories of his days in the Great War were  listening and singing songs like  It’s a Long Way to Tipperary” “K-K-K-Katie” and “Mademoiselle from Armentieres” which we dubbed “Yinky Dinky Parlay Voo”

For some strange reason, I thought everyone on earth knew this song.  I grew up singing this thanks to my grandfather!

It wasn’t until I was older that he mentioned life in the trenches was the worst experience he ever had.  He said it was the only time, as an adult (actually late teens) that he shit his pants in fear.  This was in The Somme at the Battle of the Verdun.

My grandfather never spoke of life in the trenches.  My guess is he didn’t want to be reminded.  But Peter Jackson gave me a better understanding of what my grandfather and others went through.  It was horrible.

He was lucky.  He survived. And though one of his major organs was removed.  He remained ours.  And he was one of my favorite people.

But back to the film.  Jackson focused on the British troops during this war as he was commissioned by the BBC and his grandfather was one of the troops.

Four years into the making, the footage was restored in color—a painstaking process.  But the film goes from black and white into the color making the effects of this war even more realistic and horrifying.

From black and white to color–and it gave a more harrowing, realistic aura of this awful war.

Voice-overs from men who fought this war and survived were taken and used for describing the War.

Faces of young soldiers and listening to the voice overs of those who fought were beyond moving. It was downright sad.

Some of the scenes were so god-awful, I had to look at the movie out of my bad eye and in one moment of the film, one of the men used in the voice-overs states that ……he passed a boy (soldier) with an arm and leg blown off—his eye hanging down to his cheek calling for his mother.  He shot the boy to put him out of his misery—and his voice shook—years later.  Can you possibly imagine?

This is a very subdued photograph of the casualties of day one in the Somme.  The movie showed more graphic visuals that I just can’t even post.

There is no romanticism in this movie.  It is what it is.  It showcases the horrors, and also the “off-time” from the trenches.  Men and teenaged boys being what they are—boys.

There is nothing romantic about war in this documentary. It is what it is.

This is one of the saddest photos.  Jackson, in the commentary mentioned that the men in this photo–it was possibly their last 30 minutes alive because they were sent into a battle in which all the men died.  Look at the fear in the soldier’s face. 

God knows how they were able to shot a gun with these masks on….

The part of the movie that did me in, though, was the ending credits.  The song, Mademoiselle from Armentieres was being sung over the credits. And at that moment, it all came back to me.  My grandfather singing that song to me.  And I remembered the lyrics and sang along.

It was a very touching part of the movie and I wanted my grandfather back so I could really talk to him about his life in the trenches and understand more of what he went through.

After the movie ended, a 30-minute commentary with Peter Jackson was shown.  If you see this movie, you have to stay for the commentary because it makes the film more precious.  He mentioned all the countries and colonies who fought in the war.

The colonies were among those mentioned in the commentary…

…as well as the Americans

He also mentioned that we could be the last generation who had a relative who fought in that war and asked to talk about it.  Chances are that more people had a relative who fought.

You know it isn’t a proper blog post of mine if I don’t mention clothing.  The Scots had THE best military uniforms.  Kilts.  And they managed to fight a good battle in them..

Now you know one of the reasons I love my kilt skirts so much!

And he was so correct.  Personally, I naïvely thought everyone had a grandfather or great uncle fighting in WW1. It was also my thinking that everyone was well-educated about The Great War.  It saddened me to find out that its history is fading.

War is stupid.  War is dumb.  War is humanity at it’s worst.  People think I’m an oversensitive liberal.  I’m not.  And I’ve had some people tell me I’m a lousy American because of my views on war.

An African-American infantry on their way to The Verdun.  We forget about our men of color who fought in this war.  They should be a big part of Black History Month!

But here’s the thing.  Every time I’m in France.  I visit an American War Cemetery.  Vincent and I drove up by the Somme some years back to look for my great-uncle’s grave and we think we may have found it but weren’t sure.  In any case, I make sure to pay my respects for all the men who fought in France during WW 1 and WW2.

This is the American Cemetary in The Somme.  We may have found my uncle’s grave but we weren’t sure. Either way, I went down on my knees and paid respect to these men who fought for the world.

It doesn’t get more patriotic than that.  So, to those who think I’m a lousy American.  I challenge you to do the same and I say don’t judge me. Not now.  Not ever. Never.

Two years ago I was here. It never gets old for me and I will continue to pay my respects for those who fought in The Great War and WWII.

My thanks to Mr. Jackson for bringing back a piece of history that is fading.

Here’s the song that broke me.  From the ending credits of  They Shall Not Grow Old.  (I grew up thinking it was “Yinky” when it’s actually “Hinky”–oh what we learn when we grow old!). The commentary gives a nice background story to the men singing this song.  And it’s an uplifting ending to the credits!

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Basic Me!!! I Hardly Bought Any Clothing This Winter….

Oddly enough, the “aha” moment struck yesterday morning.  After hearing the sad news about my favorite fashion designer, Mr. Karl, I thought about fashion and clothing and then….I had an “Aha Moment”!

Oh Mr. Karl.  I will miss you.  And I’ll miss your signature pony tail. I only wish you had worn a man bun!  And I’ll miss your white shirts!

I hardly made any clothing purchases from the fall into this winter.

No scarfs were purchased.  Nor was any outwear.

This toasty nugget?  Two years…or perhaps three years old!

Is there a reason for this?  Kind of…

My closet has plenty of clothing.

Plaid among the pants hanging in the closet

If my skirts get any older they, as am I, will be placed in the “mature” demographic!

My blazers to not need another buddy hanging out with them.

The blazers are getting a bit cramped in there! And there’s about two-decades worth!

In all honesty, I’m happy with the clothing I have.  I either really love every article of clothing or I have a tremendous like for others.

I blame Catholic School for my over-abundance of white shirts–but the fact is, I love a white shirt–it’s a very crisp look!

And I think a lot of my not having to purchase is simply because I purchase clothing that doesn’t go out of style or fashion, if you will. As a member of the pro-aging group and as I’ve gotten older, I realize that I don’t need to follow the trends.  And when I do follow, I think hard if that trend will be around for a few seasons!

I got on the Camo trend train late last summer and I love these jeans–I call them “classically trendy”…

Two years ago when I purchased this leopard-print skirt, I really thought I was following a trend.  Two years later–it’s a new neutral and this is my most worn skirt.  All seasons.  I love this..

I……..a……….BASIC!  Yes. A basic.  In most circles being a basic is dull and boring and yawn-inspiring.

And yes!  I LOVE being basic.  I’m a very proud basic!

However, in my mind, being a basic simply means that you have clothing that is—well….basic!

There are enough white tee shirts to last me from now till kingdom come.

I kid you not.  I have an entire drawer devoted to white tee shirts.  When they get old I use them as cleaning rags.  I love a good multi-tasker!

During the winter, I rarely wear dresses.  In fact, this winter I never wore a dress once.  I love the illusion of a dress by wearing a monochromatic theme.   One of my favorite’s is a navy shirt, navy short sleeved shell and navy shoes.  Everyone thought this was a dress!

A navy knit pencil skirt, a navy short-sleeved shell sweater and navy shoes.  It’s not a dress-it’s “basic”ally separates!

I love this look simply because I love my clothes!  If I fake tan the legs on Sunday, I can wear this Monday to work!

Let’s take a look at what I’ve been wearing –trust me most of it isn’t new

Yesterday’s outfit was inspired by the great Karl Lagerfeld and his penchant for the black and white suiting.  The pants are from Gap from about six years ago–maybe more.  The blazer around the same from J. Crew.  The scarf?  I have NO idea how long I’ve had it. It’s old…and I wore a plain black tee that I think I may have purchased in 2016.

My beatnick look–again, same GAP pants, an old turtleneck and the boots I picked up in November (You’ll see more about that later in the post)

More old clothes. More old boots. More old hair! Nothing in this photo is new!

The Weejuns–are from 1999 or 2000.  I’ve had them resoled and sewn up a few times but they are my old reliables.  The sweater was purchased back in November and I’ve worn it constantly throughout this winter.  The jeans–I  believe were purchased back in September making them newer moreso than older! I love this look so much I could wear it every day!

Navy suiting–suit-not-suit! All separates.  J. Crew Schoolboy blazer–I think this is one of my older ones from maybe eight years ago and J. Crew pants that were purchased a few years back.  Basic white tee and the scarf I stole from my daughter.  Basic. Basic. Basic!!!

You’ll see this skirt below in the purchases I made this past fall/winter.  I’m wearing it with a neon pink Tippi sweater from J. Crew–this has gotta be a 7 year-old sweater and old metallic heels that are really ready for the trash but I just can’t!!

A Saturday basic look.  On winter Saturdays, I cook and bake and write and keep basic.  White tee and jeans.  Is there anything more basic?

I wore this to work today.  Lucky for me, I was able to leave work at 2PM due to the snow but I have to make up the time.  Don’t even get me started on THAT!  Anyway, I’m wearing old leggings I picked up at Loft some years ago.  The boots are from many moons and the sweater from this season at deep discount from J. Crew.  You know–I love the sweater but am slightly disappointed at the way the bottom of the sweater is stretching out–I tug at it because of my long-waistedness.  Why don’t companies make clothing for the long torsoed?

Now let’s look at what I bought this past winter (and I mean fall into winter)

I did purchase both the pants from J. Crew and the velvet tee from J. Crew Factory this year.  Both items were on HEAVY discount.  The pants will be around for a long time. I love the ankle length, the subtle plaid is perfect for work and the velvet tee can dress up any outfit–it’s also a great holiday item!

Two sweaters I purchased.  A yellow roll-neck from J. Crew and an olive crew neck from J. Crew Factory. I have to say…the olive green sweater is probably my most-worn from this winter.  In fact, I need to get it cleaned!


I know I mentioned I didn’t need another blazer–but when I saw this navy one on J. Crew Factory’s site for a grand total of $45.  One can never have too many navy blazers.

Another J. Crew Factory find–and under $19.99.  I loved these khaki pants so much I ordered a second pair.  I’ve worn these quite often and they are three-season pants.  The fit is beautiful!

I must say, J. Crew Factory knocked it out of the park for me this winter.  Yet another factory find.  I love—LOVE this skirt!!

This large yellow bag was purchased in November when we were in Paris.  I used this so much since I bought it.  Yellow–it brightened my winter!

Another Parisian find.  They weren’t inexpensive but didn’t break the bank–and  I got a discount at Galeries Lafayette because it was Black Friday….

…these booties by Geox were a very pragmatic purchase.  They are comfortable as all get out and they are very basic in the best way!

Being a savvy clothing shopper means making that purchase that’ll last a few years. I also purchased a leopard neck wrap/scarf in 2016 for $7.00 that has been keeping me toasty this winter.

This seven-buck leopard collar scarf is the toastiest thing on earth!  I love this so much and for the ridiculous price it’s the best value ever!

It also helps to be on the lookout for basic items that aren’t frumpy or aging to us.  We want a modern vibe with a bit of an edge but we don’t want to look as though we are trying to capture our youth—know what I mean?

Okay. Allow me to explain.  The kilt skirt, worn with tights and a textured turtleneck sweater is youthful–but I don’t appear to be making a desparate attempt to capture my childhood days.  At least I don’t think so–lol!!

Here’s basically what it comes down to.  Buy clothes you love.  Stick within your affordability.  Purchase clothing that’ll be in style (not necessarily fashion  but–style).  Buy classics but give them a modern edge!

We may be “mature” but it doesn’t mean we have to dress old, frumpy and unstylish–and you don’t have to spend a fortune.  My clothing is purchased at discount.  Sales are my bff’s.  Full-price is not for me!!

How were your clothing purchases this winter?  Did you end up making many purchases—fewer—none?  Let’s talk!

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Ain’t Too Proud To Beg Sweet Darlin’–But I Need Your Help!

It’s true.  It’s true!  I’m asking for your help and assistance.

The thing is, I have issues asking for help.  It’s weird but I’m breaking down now and am in almost “beg” mode.

You see, I’ve applied to be on the SephoraSquad.

Yes.  I’ve applied but I don’t have much hope!

Why have I done this?

I’ll be honest.  I’m sick and tired of the mature woman being ignored.  Ohhhhhh….the beauty industry is constantly tapping themselves on the shoulder for their *cough* inclusion and diversity.  But…they exlude the older woman.  Over 50.  Over 60.  Over 70 and Over 80 +.  We all want to look our best.

Over time I’ve come to write many blog posts about makeup, skincare and wigs.  And it is a mission and passion of mine to include the mature woman.



Fake tan!  Some of my favorite subjects!!

This is my opportunity but I don’t really have much hope.  My Instagram account isn’t 37K plus.  It’s just over 5K.  My YouTube channel is but a mere drop in the bucket.  And that’s fine because if I can just reach a small group of women and be of any inspiration then I’ve done my job.

I don’t buy followers.  I don’t buy subscribers.  No filters. No fillers.

The only thing fake on me is my tan, my nails and my hair.  I’ve stopped with the lash extensions!

So what say you–can you help me out?

Here’s the link to click for you to add your testamonial if you would like : ATYPICAL60 SEPHORA SQUAD TESTAMONIAL LINK

If I get this, I will be forever thankful.  Gotta go now because I’m working on a blog post for tomorrow!

Again, thank you–it’s so difficult for me to ask for help but, I want this!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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I’m Blushing Over My TJ Maxx Makeup Finds!

Shopping for makeup can be a daunting chore at times.  Let’s face it.  When we go into a department store, at our age, we can be ignored.  And, if we are unsure of what we want, we can be patronized.

Thank you but I KNOW what I want and it isn’t to look like this –so don’t patronize me!

Then there’s the garbage we need to deal with when we know exactly what we want and the cosmetics sales person, who is salivating over commission, will tell us what we should have and what we need.

Trust me I have not one, but two Trish McEvoy cases to prove this point.

Over ten years ago, I was suckered into spending a small fortune and I’ve kept them as reminders to never allow this to happen again!

and although the concept of the create-your-own palette is a great one, the shadows are not the greatest quality.  You can get the same at MAC for half the price!

“meh” blush and bronzers–not very pigmented…

Oh yes. I was suckered into the whole kit and kaboodle.  

….this brightening pen was the worst.  It oxodized into an orange that would make a certain politician jealous at the hue!

Forget Ulta—I swear the Ulta Corporation goes out of its way to find the rudest and most ageist sales assistants on earth.  But I keep going back because the store sells both higher-end and lower end cosmetics.  It’s like a supermarket for makeup and beauty products!

Ulta has everything except mature-woman friendly sales assistants!

And as much as I love me my makeup, there are times when I dread going in-store to purchase.

I’ve been making quite a few on-line purchases from Amazon, Tarte, Beautylish, and The Ordinary—but there’s a certain thrill of touching and looking at a product IRL before buying.

The other thing is that in my pro-aging, I’m becoming more price-savvy.  Or perhaps just more frugal.  I not longer want to spend a fortune on one makeup item but on the other hand, I still enjoy a higher end product.

What to do?

Get to TJ Maxx.  Get to Marshalls. I am absolutely shocked in the best way possible with the makeup finds I’ve acquired since last November.  And although I’m big on drug store and lower-end cosmetics (if the quality is there), I still enjoy the higher-end!

Anyway, I’ve had blush on my mind.  Sure—I have quite a few but I was in the mood for more.  After all, I love to rotate my wigs so why not rotate my blushes?

And I hit pay dirt with two blushes.

This–THIS was a great find at TJ Maxx!

The first, by Too Faced.  Peach My Cheeks blush in the shade “So Peachy”.  What intrigued me about this is at first, I thought it was a cream because it’s so buttery—but its the softest powder that acts like a cream!  And for a powder, it isn’t ashy or powdery at all.  It’s a nice coral/pink blush that comes in the most adorable packaging ever.  It retails on the Too Faced site and in stores for $30.  The price at TJ Maxx? $10.99.

It’s called a “melting” powder blush and boy–that’s a great description!

Here I am wearing this peachy blush.  Very soft and subtle!


Here’s a closeup of the blush.  See the sheen?  No powder I’ve ever seen has a sheen like that!  It’s really a beautiful product!

The second Blush—Pool Party by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Comes in a palm-sized compact…

Very pigmented but the color payoff is really nice…

Vegan and cruelty free–but I notice some clever verbiage.  Rather than say “Made in China”  it reads Made in PRC (People’s Republic of China).  Very interesting….

I’m sweet on the brand’s dipBrow brow gel and the Subculture eyeshadow palette.  So, when I saw this for $7.99, I grabbed it.  Three shades—one slightly bronzed, one shimmery and one a deep coral.  Despite the pigmented hues in the pan, on the skin, it comes off much lighter and gorgeous.  This is a great “occasion” blush due to the shimmery shade.  In other stores, this also retails for $30.00


Here I am (from yesterday) wearing Pool Party on my cheeks–although the weather was nothing like a pool party–wishful thinking!

And on the same day I picked up the blushes, I ran across this single eye shadow by Lancôme.  This shadow retails for $22.00 and the price I paid?  All of $2.99!  This is a great little neutral and don’t let the name “rust” fool you.  It isn’t rusty at all.  It’s very subtle.  I’ve been using it quite often.

Honestly–for $2.99 how could I go wrong with this neutral??  

The shade is nowhere near what I would figure a rust to be–it’s just a soft light brown!

Now—not all discounted makeup is created equal.

I picked up a bareMinerals foundation—I think it was $6.99 –the retail price is…$30.00.  Thirty bucks seems to be the going rate with a lot of this makeup!

There was so much to be disappointed in with this.  First of all that pour spout is ridiculous.  Then–get this–the plastic bottle–it’s flesh colored so if you DO happen to like this you never know when you hit bottom.  The bottom photo on the right is how it poured into my steel palette.  It looked fine but on the skin….

Anyway, it was horrible.  A serum foundation is supposed to hydrate and blend into the skin.  My The Ordinary Serum foundation is a go-to and this bareMinerals foundation was an absolute fail.  From the awkward opening at the bottle to the ridiculously matte and drying appearance.  I followed the directions to shake the bottle but it still didn’t work.  There was no oxidization but boy—my skin felt like a desert!  Proof that sometimes the deeply discounted is deeply discounted for a reason!

This serum foundation was absolutely awful.  I like a foundation that blends into a second skin.  This just stayed on my face like a dried out mud mask.  You can’t win ’em all!

I’ve written about the Kat von D Shade and Light palette that I purchased a few months back—before Christmas.  For $20 I picked up the shimmer palette and after Christmas I picked up the regular palette for the same price.  These palettes retail for $48 each at Sephora and on the Kat von D site. I purchased the two for less than the full price of one.

The Shade & Light Eye Palettes

The top palette is the shimmer and the bottom is the matte.  They are divided into three quads.  Neutral. Cool. Warm.  It’s supposed to be more of a contour for eyes and it delivers perfectly! At the price of $20 each it was more than worth it.  After work I stopped by Target and saw in the Target drugstore makeup, eyeshadow palettes from drug store brands as high as $19.99.  With the rising cost of drug store makeup–I’ll take TJ Maxx!

These neutrals are right up my alley and the shadows themselves are well-pigmented and stay put!

And since I purchased the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette—for a deep discount, I’ve been wearing the shadows regularly.  Here’s a more in-depth review of the palette for you to read: A High-End Eye Shadow Palette at a Bargain Price!

The infamous Anastasia Subculture palette.  Man oh Manechevitz I love this palette!

My eyes are wearing Subculture here!

Over at Marshalls and during holidays while Bonaparte and I were shopping I noticed an eyeshadow palette.  It was by Cargo and brought back fond memories of this cosmetics company.  I used to wear quite a bit of the brand’s makeup back in the late 90’s and was happy to see the company was still around.  I picked up the palette “Chill in the Sixth” and spotted another one “Emerald City”. Each palette was $6.99.  The company makes these particular palettes anymore–I think they were limited editions;  but on the Cargo website similar palettes retail for $34!  So, I think I got a great deal!

Cargo’s Chill in the Sixth on top and Emerald City on the bottom.

These two palettes–how great thou art!   The incredible thing is the price was so low on these–I’m still in shock.  The shadows have beautiful pigment.  No fall out and the color pay off is great.  If you ever see Cargo eyeshadow palettes at Marshalls–grab them and only let them go if you are giving them out as gifts!

It’s like finding a treasure when you spot a higher-end cosmetic that’s been discounted.  But it’s also a way to discover different brands and to find out what may or may not work for you.  And even when something doesn’t work—it isn’t like you broke the bank.

I’m going to see if my daughter wants the bare Minerals foundation.  I doubt she will because she is very brand loyal to the foundation she wears.  Clinique and she also loves that Estee Lauder Double-Wear.  She’s also aware that I boycott Estee Lauder.  The brand used to be geared toward the mature woman –now the brand is jonesing for youth.

Here’s a few looks.  The February winter is playing some serious games.  We’re in the midst of an icy, wintery mix right now.  At least I’m toasty inside.

Baby, it’s cold outside but I’m going barelegged!

I dressed more weather-appropriately yesterday!

Today’s outfit. I should have worn boots!  But they are so cumbersome!

Guess what my preference is?

Have you found any great deals on makeup lately?  Are you tired of spending a ton of money on certain products?  Head to TJ Maxx and Marshalls!













































































































































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A Lighter Shade of Pale……. LIPS!

Bright lips are everywhere.  And again, and again and again, I see ads for red lipstick.  And again, and again and again I read and hear how all women can wear red or burgundy or dark lipstick.

Kardashian selfie time!

Me–with the big, bright lips from my blog post of three years ago Makeup Me A Kardashian!  You have NO idea how long it took to get those lips to look like that.  Red lips are too much of a hassle.  And that was my bio hair before I lost most of the crown.  Lots of Toppik!

It’s a fallacy. It’s a non-truth. It’s a downright lie!  And it seems that lies are becoming the new normal.

Dark lipstick and red lipstick do not look good on everyone.

These women are young.  And even though the photos are filtered, I can guarantee there are no deep ines or wrinkles around their mouths.  Girls better enjoy this look now because their dark lippie time is limited!!

Pro-aging does have some drawbacks—let me explain.  Certain features don’t age as well as other features do.

Some of us may find that our eyelids are drooping and we don’t appear as awake and bright-eyed as we did when we were younger.

Some of us may ask where our eyelids have gone?

We may have jowls. We definitely have more lines and wrinkles.

…and some of us have jowls (I hide mine with layered wigs!!)

And for a number of us, our lips have turned into the most unattractive feature of our face.

That would be me–ol’ fish lips!

I can tell you that when I was in my twenties, I had a great mouth.  My lips were as what the beauty industry calls “bee stung” lips.  Full—very full and very nice, to be exact.  Those bee-stung lips of mine collected quite a few drinks in bars back in the day!

It also helped that youth was on my side because there were no lines around my mouth at all.

I wore brighter lipstick back then—and although I did wear burgundy and wine-colored lipsticks back then, red just never did it for me

And as I’ve aged my once-bee stung lips have morphed from the insect colony to more of the aquatic life.  I have fish lips.  Fish lips are rubbery, almost shapeless and rather unattractive blobs of flesh that have taken the place of a proper set of lips.

Did photographer Richard Austin try to find a fish with my lips?  Although I do like the color of these fish lips!!

Like Don Knotts in the film, The Incredible Mr. Limpet—just call me Donna Knotts!

Yeah—just call me Donna Knotts!

On the plus side, the fish lips were made for smiling because they do give off quite a sweet grin!

Talk about a paradox–fish lips may not be the most attractive, but they create a very nice smile!

But here’s the thing.  These lips are not made for the dark lipsticks and these is where the beauty industry errs.  The reality is these lips look better in a paler shade and I don’t understand why paler shades of lipstick and glosses aren’t given the love or recognition they so deserve.

I’m a fan of the paler shades of lip colors.  The Frenchman is always telling me to go with more color when I film my YouTube videos. And he’s correct because my mouth always looks washed out.  But the truth is, I kind of don’t care because I love a pale lip!

Yesterday I hit Ulta in search of some pale lippies and was successful in my endeavor.

Here’s what I purchased.

My lippie purchase from yesterday.  From top clockwise.  NYX Candy Slick; Tarte Glide & Go Buttery Lipstick; Essence Shine, Shine, Shine Gloss and Colourpop Ultra Glossy lip.

Tarte Glide & Go Buttery Lipstick in “Bare Bud”.  It appears warmer than it goes on the lips but this is a buttery lipstick that is very hydrating—and due to the hydration effect, it isn’t a dry matte.  I applied this at around 8 this morning and it lasted without reapplying for a few hours.   It is flattering to the mature face!

This really is a beautiful pale neutral..

Here I am, old sweats, and Bare Bud on my lips.  It’s a beautiful shade!

Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip Gloss in “Snow Day”.

Colourpop Snow Day..

Shiny, glittery and a hint of color to swipe over a lipstick.  

A pretty pale pinky shine! 

I love a shiny gloss.  I can’t help it.  Worn over lipstick it just makes the lips feel and look better.  This sparkly almost clear gloss delivers.  And can be worn over a slightly darker lip color to make it a bit lighter in hue!

NYX Candy Slick in Sugarcoated Kiss.

I’m a huge fan of NYX lip products.  The Butter Gloss is fantastic!!!  So I HAD to try this and I’m happy I did!

Very similar to Tarte’s Bare Bud in color but in a gloss!


Again—another gloss that appears more on the warm side than it applies.  This goes on very natural and has a nice pale coral color.  With glosses, they never wear as long as lipsticks but over a lipstick, they work well.

Earlier this morning–in the kitchen with pearls and an apron–I’m the epitome of class–LOL.  I’m wearing the NYX Sugarcoated Kiss over the Colourpop Snow Day!

Essence Shine, Shine, Shine.

This is my fifth tube of this gloss.  I love the clear because it gives a great shine!  My other tubes of this gloss have acquired more color because I wear this over practically every lipstick I own. At $3.99 it’s a fantastic value and a great product!

My natural lips are very pigmented so when I wear this, it’s always over a lighter lipstick!

What I had on hand.

Buxom Dolly gloss.  This neutral shade is one of my favorites.  It more of a cool almost flesh tone and I am just about to repurchase.  My sister purchased this after seeing it on me. It really is a universally flattering gloss.

Buxom’s Dolly is one of the greatest shades of lipgloss ever–and it stays on for a long time!

Dolly is a beautiful neutral pale shade!  I need to buy more!

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Number 560 Pushy Pink.

This is my favorite pale coral pink. And has been discontinued.  It may have been renamed—I’m not sure.  But—when I get back to Paris, I’m headed to the Guerlain boutique to find out if A it was discontinued or renamed.  It upsets me to no end that this perfect shade of pale with a hint of color is no more.  Just. My. Luck!

It is beyond me as to why Guerlain would ever discontinue this PERFECT pink/coral shade.  I’m flummoxed over this.  Hopefully they have renamed it!  

A word of caution though.  Not all pale shades are created the same.  Find out what pale shades work with your coloring.  Some pale lipsticks look horrific on me due to my pink undertones.  But I will say that paler shades are definitely easier for the mature woman to wear than the darker ones!

Out and about earlier today with a pale lip and dark eyes.  I love that combo!

What’s your preference?  Have you found that as you age, your mouth and lips have changed?  Do you still wear dark lipstick?  Share your faves in the comments!

Have a few laughs at my YouTube video addressing my fish lips!!


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So What Are You Watching on TV?

Back in the day, when I was a kid, TV was a big deal.  Seriously—it was.  The family gathered either in the finished basement, or in the family room to watch, what is now considered to be a very small screen, TV.

No wonder we all wear eyeglasses!  And no remote!  How did a family of seven ever sit around this console to watch an evening of TV?

We had our week planned by the shows that would both entertain us and be the topic for animated conversation at school the next day.  TV Guide was literally, a programming bible.   And every Saturday when my parents went food shopping, the Guide was just as important, if not more so, than the bags of groceries that came home to feed our family of seven!

The covers of TV Guide were always great photos..but..

… was what was INSIDE those TV Guide covers that was really interesting!!

We would argue on which show to watch if times were conflicting and usually one of the parents, rather than the children won. 

On school nights I looked forward to Patty Duke and dreamed of what it would be like if I had a twin cousin with a British Accent.

When I was in third and fourth grade, I wanted a British twin cousin so bady.  I had to settle for a sister that was two years younger instead.

On Saturday evenings, I would pretend that my bedroom was a Genie’s bottle—just like Barbara Eden’s in I Dream of Jeannie!

Who cares HOW sexist this show was. Barbara Eden was super-cool and her digs were even better.  I would take that bottled real-estate any day!

And on Sunday’s, that one hour of Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color was the best way to end the weekend and look forward to the next one!

I loved the way Walt Disney would have his little speech before the segueway into the hour-long show.  And the color was so bright!

We didn’t need a clock to tell us when bedtime was because while the ending credits of The Ed Sullivan Show were displayed across the TV screen, we were already on our way upstairs to brush our teeth and go to sleep.

Who could ever forget this????

…and look at the marquee–‘Topo Gigio and Alan King!!!!

Family programming meant watching Ed, and The Hollywood Palace, Carol Burnett, Tom Jones and Dean Martin—all had great variety shows.

The infamous Gone With The Wind parody on the Carol Burnett show is, quite possibly, THE funniest skit in the history of TV!

Booyah!  Tom Jones with Janis Joplin–what a duo of voices.  I’m still crushin’ on Mr. Jones!

And I must admit. I wanted to be one of Dean Martin’s Golddiggers.  Hmmmm perhaps this is what started my love for wigs!

And back in 1967 or was it 1968, Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In caused a comical stir and had everyone repeating catch-phrases such as “You Bet Your Bippie” in everyday life.

…one ringy dingy!  Lily Tomlin ROCKED Laugh-In!

Do you remember the party scenes on Laugh In?

In my opinion, this was one of the greatest TV shows of all time.  I need to Google to see where I can get a set of the series!

As I entered my teen years, activities and a social life—along with more homework and studying, cut down on the TV time.  But—the TV was my babysitting buddy as I watched Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart, Saturday Night Live and, if it was a really late babysitting night, SCTV!

I felt as though I KNEW MTM and the rest of the cast because I spend many Saturday evenings with these guys!

My son Roman may work for SNL these days, but my heart belongs to this cast!!!

But truth be told,  I preferred SCTV to SNL–I laughed more at the cast.  This show was epic!!

And in the late 1970’s through 1980’s I don’t think I ever missed an episode of Cheers.  Or Taxi.  And when Seinfeld made his debut, Thursday nights were spent glued to the antics of the New York circle of friends—and if I was busy, I could record the episodes on the VCR!

CHEERS, (l-r): George Wendt, Nicholas Colasanto, Ted Danson, Shelley Long, Rhea Perlman, 1982-93, photo: Robert Phillips / Everett Collection

I was lucky to find this photo of the original cast of Cheers–where have all the adult network shows gone?  Ohhhh to Netflix–that’s where!  

Taxi’s Jim Ignatowski remains my favorite TV character of all time.  After giving birth to my son Jake, who, at ten pounds, made me sore–I watched an episode of Taxi in the hospital and laughed so hard that the nurses had to give me Tylenol because I was in such pain from laughing so hard!

elaine benes dancing GIF

And this—remains one of the funniest Seinfeld scenes of all time!

Then a strange thing happened along the way—Cable TV was created.

I remember where I was when I saw MTV for the first time.  I was at a friend’s home and we were astounded at the concept—I mean…who would sit in front of the tube watching music videos (Answer-Me!!!)

Was a time when the video premieres were a very big deal!

music video 80s GIF

My favorite music video of all time–Men Without Hats.  The Safety Dance.  This guy was meant to wear a man bun!

And then came The Food Network—which, back then may have been a simpler and more basic channel but it was far superior than it is today.  TFN today is nothing but reruns of food shows, I love The Barefoot Contessa but I’ve seen every episode around thirty-five times; lame food competitions and the annoying Guy Fieri.

The Food Network was worth viewing when Two Hot Tomales were on!  Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger proved that women could be serious chefs.  Now we’re stuck with Guy Fieri..

..and his backward’s sunglasses.   He’s become a parody of himself.

Don’t even get me started on Network TV these days.  Maude would be deemed politically incorrect and offensive.  Archie Bunker would be arrested and Sanford and Son would be called exploitation.

Norman Lear’s Maude covered topics such as menopause and abortion in only a way that Bea Arthur could add humor..but in today’s “overly sensitive” and “offended-at-anything-and-everything” world, Maude would be banned!  I can’t stand network TV!

Archie Bunker–fuggetaboutit!  He’d be banned too!  We’ve lost the ability to laugh at people we know who were like Archie!

Today’s overly-politically correct, self-righteous and non-offensive network programming is boring and bland and the comedies aren’t even funny.

I know that I’m in the minority but this show but Modern Family is so friggin’ ridiculous and contrived.  And I can’t stand when TV shows have overly-precocious kids.  Ugh!  

And this one about the harried and stressed housewife.  I can’t even…

I want The Jeffersons back–it’s better family programming!

I’m sick of police shows and hospital drama.  Cable networks leave much to be desired because I can’t stand the freaking commercials.  The advertising is mostly for pharmaceuticals, specialized hospital centers for life-threatening diseases—and only those with stellar healthcare can afford that, and various non-profit entities begging for donations.

I am a hypochondriac.  I refuse to watch medical shows.

And I refuse to watch these hour-long commercials for prescription drugs that announce all the BAD things the drugs can do for you…yeah. Lyrica isn’t for everyone and neither are these sickening and lengthy ads!

I can’t watch CNN and MSNBC because I get too upset with that orange thing that they refuse to stop focusing on simply because of ratings.

So, what’s left? Netflix and Amazon Prime!

We’re bingeing on the cold, frosty evenings watching our favorite series.  Among them that I highly recommend:

Grace and Frankie—Fonda and Tomlin. On Netflix. Is there anything else to say?  Now in Season Five, I can’t wait till this weekend to binge! If you aren’t familiar with the premise, Grace and Frankie, complete opposites and frenemies, found themselves the unlikely roommates after their husbands divorced the women only to marry each other!

The show is hilarious and, at long last, finally a well-written, witty and spirited series focusing on the older woman!!

Grace And Frankie

My girls–Lily and Jane!  Best comedy due since Martin and Lewis!  I love these two!!

Dix Pour Cent—In English “Call My Agent” Another great Netflix series.  This is a French comedy/drama set in a talent agency in Paris.  You don’t need to speak French to love this series—read the subtitles!  The ensemble cast is perfect and every character is so well-defined that by the end of the second episode of Season One, you feel as though you really know the characters’ personalities and their nuances.

If you are familiar with French film, you’ll recognize many of the guest stars playing themselves.  Who knew Isabelle Huppert had such a great sense of humor!

Season Three just ended and we are eagerly awaiting Season Four!  This is my favorite show!!

Hands down!  THE best French import since my husband!  This show better be renewed for at least ten more seasons!

Remember this name–or in English, ” Call My Agent”.  A MUST SEE!!!!  I DEMAND IT!!!

The Kominsky Method—Netflix is really hitting it outta the park with intelligent and mature programming.  Michael Douglas plays a rather curmudgeonly acting coach and Alan Arkin his best friend.  It’s a comedy and it’s not a comedy.  It faces some serious subject matter such as death but the show is just so well-written and the dialogue is so true-to-life.   This show made me a fan of Douglas and Alan Arkin is always a good idea! Not as funny as Grace and Frankie but the subject of aging is addressed in a very entertaining way.


A new and improved version of grumpy old men–and intelligently funny!!!  These guys are great!

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel—If you watched House of Cards (and after Kevin Spacey left, the show stunk), then you are familiar with Rachel Brosnahan as the ill-fated Rachel Posner.

As Midge Maisel, Brosnahan plays a rather—privileged Jewish, New Yorker who literally falls into stand-up comedy.  She goes through divorce.  She gets a job.  There’s a lot going on and it’s done so well. This series has everything.  Set in the late 1950’s, the clothing is freaking phenomenal.  It’s like a visual fashion history lesson.  The cast is crazy great.  Remember Tony Shaloub from Wings?  He plays Midge Maisel’s dad and he’s fantastic!  Mad TV’s Alex Borstein—she of incredible talent, plays Midge’s manager, Susie Myerson.  Season Two is what we are currently watching and we’re taking it slow because we don’t want it to end!

This show has everything–including great clothes!

So—what are you watching?  Share your faves so we can all discover new TV shows!!

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