Hair Apparent…or…Hair Majesty…or Traveling With Wigs!

Okay. There’s a lot going on presently.  I’ve accepted a tentative job offer which I will write about after starting my new position.  It is full-time and is secure. Stay tuned.

Dance Dancing GIF by Working Not Working

I cannot wait to be back at a desk and having all my “stuff” on it and being on a routine again!  I’m so happy!

I’m presently in the process of attempting to pack for our trip back to Paris in ten days.  As such, I was going to write a post about the absurdity of “The French Girl” aesthetic.  I just cannot with that whole “dress-like-a-French-girl” thing. I scraped that thought because it is just so ridiculous and if anyone believes they should, as a tourist, dress like a “French” girl—I have a bridge to sell ya! If you are NOT French, or a Parisian and have been visiting for even decades, you are most certainly not a native in the eyes of the inhabitants. You are now, and forever—a tourist.  Dress for yourself. S’il vous plait.

How to Copy Emily in Paris's Best Outfits

Quite possibly, THE worst show ever. Emily in Paris. Do NOT dress like this when in Paris. In fact, do not dress like this no matter where you are. She does jack shit for a beret as well. 

And then, as I started to curate clothing, I began to think about which wigs to pack.

Constantly curating my clothing, I’m leaning to a black monochromatic vibe.

The hair is such a crucial component of my packing.  I have a clothing wardrobe and a hair wardrobe.   So, I am trying wigs on and deciding which hair works with my personal taste, then I have my husband adding his preferences and there’s a lot of fake hair flying around in the Lartigue Chateau!

If you think that there was a lot of hair by the shower drain, look at all this hair that was flying around my little “get ready” room!

I prefer lighter, ash-toned blondes and gray blends—slightly wavy to straight.  He prefers darker shades and wavy to curly styles.  He loves me in darker hair because my bio hair was dark (before I transitioned to gray—on the twenty hairs that remain on my head) and my natural hair has a wave pattern (which I call frizz). Honestly, you would think that he would be wearing the wigs!

The Frenchman is a fan of wavy wigs like this Estetica Designs one. This is Avalon in Caramel Kiss.

The great thing about wearing wigs—actually, the greatest thing about wearing wigs is the convenience. Especially when traveling or for a special occasion.  I still think back to Oona’s wedding and how much time it took all the women to have their hair done. I literally plopped a wig on –it took about an hour and change off of  my prep time.

This is my favorite Mother-of-the-Bride look ever. And as I have but one daughter, the ONLY M-O-T-B look. Still I love it. My hair took less than a minute to do. Alden by Estetica Designs in Caramel Kiss.

Whenever I travel, the wigs come with me. If it is a short trip, say to NYC for a long weekend or flying to Cincinnati to see my grandbabies, wigs come.  The boys know that “Gam-Gam” has a lot of hair. A lot of fake hair. They do not question it because—it’s Gam Gam and that is how Gam Gam rolls.

Gam Gam can wear a wig under her monikered baseball cap and the grandsons still love me–fake hair and all!

Anyway, hair loss sucks. There are many days when I wake up and wish I had my thick-as-a-mop head of hair back. Ain’t gonna lie.

Another Weekend in NYC. This Time Brooklyn & Blog Memories! | Atypical 60

January 2016. I think this is from my first or second blog post ever. It’s one of the last times I could get away with “wearing” my bio hair. By the end of the year, I was into wigs. This was a great weekend though. Jake, Roman and Oona gifted me and Vincent with a weekend in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was awesome. The best gift I’ve ever received!

On the other hand, my hair loss led me to a path of diversity as far as looks go and convenience. And who doesn’t love convenience?   Especially when traveling.

How do I decide?  Well, for one thing, season is a large factor.  In the summer, oddly, I like to wear longer wigs simply because the fibers of the synthetic hair are going to rub against my skin as opposed to the textures of fabric.  Even more oddly, the hot weather does not affect the longer lengths. Heat is heat. Hot weather will make you hot whether you have a wig on your noggin.  At the most, it’ll be four extra ounces of weight and we are blessed with air conditioning.

Summer hair. Longer. Again. Alden by Estetica Designs.  I’m so tan!

During colder months, I prefer slightly shorter wigs. I said prefer longer wigs at times, depending on the occasion.  And when I say shorter, I mean grazing the shoulders to the shortest being a chin-length bob.

Trend Alert by Gabor Wigs. The shade? Toasted Pee-can. This is coming to Paris. And even though I love my straight bobs–this is adorable!

For me, after a day of sightseeing –especially when in Paris, our timeframe from tourist to diners is limited.  If we get back to the hotel at 6:00 PM and head out to a 7:00 or 7:30 dinner reservation, there is no time wasted on doing my hair.  I am telling you, that was a major issue before losing most of my bio hair. Coarse, porous, and frizzy in any sort of precipitation, it took forever to get my hair to be smooth.  Most times, I ended up wearing it pulled back.

Even if you have a full head of hair. Might I suggest investing in a wig for travel purposes. No fussing with your hair means more time to enjoy your travels!

With wigs, the heavens can rain, snow or fog over like pea soup and I am ready to go back, change my clothes, refresh my makeup, plop a wig on my head and get going.

Christmas TV History: December 2017

When the weather does THIS to you, a wig will save your life and time!

After deciding which wigs to bring with me, I will give them the once-over. If I must wash a wig, I will. And I wash with a mild wig shampoo, no conditioner, rinse until the shampoo dissipates, wring the excess moisture out with a towel, then hang upside down till dry. African Essence Control Wig Shampoo For Human And Synthetic  Hair, 12 Oz : Beauty & Personal Care

My HG Wig shampoo is by African Essence which I purchase at a local wig shop in Norristown. I think it costs five bucks. I don’t condition. However, I will spray African Essence Wig Control on it after drying.

Today, I took my new steamer and manipulated a few wigs a bit by steaming the front up a bit and flattening out some extra frizz on the crown.

My new steamer. $15 and works like a charm!

This is Own the Room by Gabor. The front kept flopping down over my face so I steamed it up in front and now–she behaves beautifully!

The wigs will be placed into plastic, generic zipper bags, air squeezed out and packed into my carryon.  In all honesty, my wigs are more important than clothing to me. If my checked luggage gets lost, I can always get new clothing.  My fake hair is another story. I want to keep my hair as close to me as possible.

My $12 Temu wig has been placed into a bag, labeled…

and now is tucked comfortably in my carryon.

HEY LADY! YOU NEED A WIG!!!!! | Atypical 60

..and while waiting to board your flight, to pass the time, you can take your wigs out and comb them!

And speaking of “fake” hair, I prefer synthetic wigs to human hair wigs.  You must be careful with human hair—if you are wearing it during a downpour, you’ll have to spend time drying it and styling.  With synthetics—it isn’t needed.  Just hang it upside down to dry.

Schitts Creek No GIF by CBC

Like Moira Rose, I’m just as defensive about MY wigs. I love the synthetic ones!

And a word to the wise if you are experiencing thinning hair or hair loss due to age, it happens. It is upsetting and I get that.  But if you embrace the alternative—wigs, your life will change. Remember. It is for YOU and nobody else that you will be wearing wigs. Pay no mind to the naysayers.  You do what will make you feel wonderful!

In addition, please. I beg you!!!  Be careful when you are looking at wigs online.  Take heed in listening to wig influencers.  99.9 percent of them use over-filtered images and videos—especially on TikTok.  You simply cannot get a feel of how a wig will look when the wig, along with the influencer is filtered to high heavens.  The color of the wigs needs to be seen in as natural lighting as possible. If you are older, you need to see how a wig looks on another woman with wrinkles.  I am serious.

Real Life v. Influencer Life.  PLEASE. I beg you. Should you see an image of someone shilling a wig and their skin has no texture, scroll on by. It is false advertising and the wig companies should not allow this. Look at the changes in the wig colors as well.  LOL. I lack followers because I refuse to filter or photoshop myself!

So, ladies, pack that suitcase—and if need be or for the sake of convenience, pack that wig!!!!!   And enjoy yourself!

And remember–they need not be expensive. This wig was $12 from Temu. I love this one so much! It’s performed great so far!

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26 Responses to Hair Apparent…or…Hair Majesty…or Traveling With Wigs!

  1. Maria Orphanides says:

    Hi Catherine,
    Love your advice about wigs. I’ve always had thick curly hair, but it’s thinned out a lot the past few years. I’m a young looking and acting 75!. So far I can still easily get away with my own hair, but at some point I’ll be getting a wig or two. I’ll save your message….and the brand names you mention. Thank you. Good luck with your new job…hope you’ll be telling us about it.
    P.S. Now living in Greece, but hoping to return to the u.s. at some not too far away time.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Maria! OMG. You would be perfect for those dense wavy wigs. You would look beautiful. Hey. Be careful about returning Stateside. If orange man becomes president you’ll be better off where you are!!!

  2. juliet brown says:

    Yay blog post!!!! Love the monochrome look, it is so flattering for most of us (and easy as you don’t need to faff about as much), honestly if the great and sublime St Audrey of Hepburn as I call her did monochrome then naturally anyone wanting a nice subtly elegant vibe would do well to follow.

    Your instagram-filter example reminded me of a vision I experienced in Paris… I actually saw one! I was pottering along in the 9th as one does when this “thing” came bouncing her curls and fluttering her white tulle skirt out of a hotel entrance whilst the man-peasant / lackey / husband? dodged about photographing this, she checked his photos and then took another 3 (3!!!!) attempts before she was happy to wander off down the road (him trailing after her dodging portaloos, ebikes and wonky curbstones) before another “unscripted” photo moment at the crossing – honestly if she had been bright green, covered in scales with three heads and many tentacles I couldnt have noticed her more. Its not the get up she was wearing (thought big floppy hats had had their moment) it was the fakeness, not the costume (no problem if you the last punk, a goth, emo whatever just be you). Wish you had been there – it was surreal.

    And I’m so looking forward to your Paris despatches – cant wait to see what you will be reporting back

    • Catherine says:

      LOL. Juliet. I can’t stand faffing with accessories or clothing. I’m not big on accessories because I’m too lazy. I bring inexpensive pearls and cheap hoop earrings from Walmart. The only scarfs I bring are for wearing outdoors. Less is always more in my opinion.
      Holy shitballs, I’ve seen so many influencers taking the “smoke and mirrors” pics in Paris–especially on Pont Neuf where we stay. It’s so giggle-worthy to me because these are the ones who have NEVER been to Paris before, who are ignorant in it’s history and don’t even know a Van Gogh from a Courbet. However, they lead their followers to believe they are experts. It’s ridiculous!

  3. Sharon Reese says:

    You look great in all of them !!!

  4. Eleanor Ford says:

    I am always fascinated by your beautiful weeks and love how you pair them with outfits, make up, and activities!

  5. bonnie f. says:

    So totally agree with your comments of don’t bother to try to look like a Parisian. i ask “which Parisian?” The one in the 8th or 16th? The one on the metro who’s tired after working all day? The one sitting at the cafe with a cigarette in hand? No, just bring the clothes you feel best in.

    • Catherine says:

      Thank you Bonnie. I really become quite annoyed with women who INSIST on paying attention to those articles and go out of their way to purchase shit that’ll make them look “Parisian”. I’m married to a Parisien. He is NOT a tourist. I AM a tourist. No matter how many times I go to France, I’m a tourist and always will be. I dress for myself. And the funny thing is, I’ve been stopped by Parisiens asking for directions–in French. I rest my case! LOL

  6. Terri says:

    Your wig’s always look so natural. With flat and a bit of thinning on top, I decided to bite the bullet for my trip to Paris in a few weeks.
    Thank you so much for this in-depth review and info. I just went to Temu and ordered the pixie one, which is how I wear my hair. Hopefully, the wig will give me a bit of the volume I’m looking for.
    Question….do you wear one of those caps under your wig and is it always necessary?

    • Catherine says:

      HI Terri. I do wear a wig cap because the hair that is left on my head is thick. I took a scissor and cut it into a bob length but I still need a cap. I prefer wearing them. I’ll tell you, I’m no wig snob and I’m a firm believer in affordable wigs and I’m pleasantly surprised at how well my Temu wigs are performing. Best of luck on your trip!!!!!! I’m happy to be returning!

  7. Donna Rochon says:

    Great collection!

  8. Susan says:

    I hadn’t thought about taking a wig to Paris next June until you posted this. Now I may just do that. I need another in my natural salt and pepper color, maybe longer than my natural hair. Fun fun! And like you said, it’s a little hot, but not more so than if you were sporting that full head o’ hair!

    • Catherine says:

      Susan. It’s so convenient. Traipsing around Paris in crappy weather….with a wig, hang it upside down in the bathroom then reach for a dry one and you are ready for dinner. They are sooooooooooooooo great to travel with!!!!!

  9. anniebridgie says:

    Good luck with the new job Cathe! Can’t wait to hear all about it.
    As for your wigs, you make the synthetic look so natural and real. I tried a couple, (toppers and wigs) but omg, however much dry shampoo I ladled on, they still looked fake with a capital F. I have 2 HH toppers, and they look shiny too (??) You have the knack, yours look wonderful.

    • Catherine says:

      Annie. My “secret” is to……………………..NOT WASH THE WIGS! It’s weird. I’ll spray dry shampoo on new wigs but when they are extra shiny, I’ll wear them around the house and running quick errands and I’ll shake them and bang them against the table but I rarely wash my wigs. Over time the shine fades and the fibers become duller. I swear I only wash my wigs when they really start to look like a rat’s nest! LOL

  10. Liz says:

    Love all the wigs! Emily in Paris is a bit over the top, if not cringey… Lol. Great post!

    • Catherine says:

      Thanks Liz. LOL. I actually get triggered by the people who really think Emily in Paris is the real deal. There are people who seek out Emily sights when in Paris. What a effing waste of time!

  11. Teresa says:

    You are so inspiring with all your info and encouragement about wearing wigs…..I appreciate your posts so much!!! I went through chemo for Stage IV Lymphoma 32 years ago at 29 and my “new” hair has never been the same. Then enter blood pressure meds and aging and it is now SO VERY THIN that my scalp is showing through in some spots. I’m very self-conscious and yet still too “chicken” to try a wig. I wore a couple during chemo all those years ago and they were hot, scratchy and the one…..the expensive one……had way more volume of hair than I was born with and in looking back at pics from then, it looked like I had a big bush on top of my head! I’m an RN and around many, many people every day and I guess I’m just afraid for anyone to know I’m wearing a wig…..afraid they’ll laugh or that I will look stupid….afraid it will look super fake……or the worst, afraid it will get ripped off during one of the many times each day I’m whipping my stethoscope over my head and I would be mortified. You look so adorable in all of your wigs and if you hadn’t said it, I would NEVER even guess they were wigs. I doubt that I could get that lucky!! LoL. Anyways, maybe one of these days I’ll get brave and order one. In the meantime, I’m gathering courage from all of your great encouraging posts………thank you so much!!

    • Catherine says:

      Teresa, I want to give you a huge hug! PLEASE don’t feel that a wig will look fake or what others will think. You do this for YO(U and nobody else. Some of my wigs look wiggy and I don’t care because those are the ones I’ll wear around the house. TBH, this is the time when you need to be selfish (even though every nurse I know is actually SELFLESS) and focus on YOU! The lace front wigs look more natural. You need to check out a low density wig. I’m here for you if you have any questions. Just shoot me an email and I’ll always be more than happy to help you!

    • anniebridgie says:

      Hi Teresa, you could start with a low-density topper, which are what I use, and no one notices, really, even ‘estheticians’ have asked me where I get my hair colored etc. In the meantime, to cover up thinning areas you could use ‘hair fibers’ in your hair color tone. I use “Boldify” I think it’s superior to Toppik, but there are loads of brands on the market, they are a life saver for me, on those days, I need them for roots coverage too, or whatever. You’ll find them on Amazon and in stores..they will fill in all those sparser spots. L’Oreal Magic Root Touchup spray does the same, and is easy to use. I personally prefer fibers. You may already use all these, just in case 🙂
      A big cheer for all the wonderful work you do.. XOXO

  12. Jacqueline S Savoy says:

    You look fabulous in all of them! Thanks for the advice!

  13. Sue B says:

    Congratulations on the new job.
    Looking forward to reading all about your next trip to Paris.
    We live in the U.K. and I last went to Paris when I was 15 – now 68! I had a trip planned then covid struck. Next year we WILL get there.

    You look great in your wigs.

    Perhaps the sectret to wearing them well is to go bold and try not to replicate the hair you had when younger?

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