Out and About and “Lashing” Out!

Saturday morning! I remember back in the day when these mornings were spent rushing around to baseball, basketball, and soccer games and practices with the boys! I also remember the weekends spent driving Oona to Irish dance classes and competitions. There may not have been much time on the weekends for relaxation and idle time, but it was fun and I relished in it! Spending time with the kids when they were young gave me great memories to look back on fondly!

These days, the “empty nester” Saturday’s are just as active, but in a different way. Chippy, our little rescue baby, has a built-in alarm system—nature calls at 6:30 AM. Awake and alert, we enjoy our morning coffee, our dog snuggled between us, and we discuss the coming events of the day. A movie? A drive to New York City? Hanging out in Philly?  A museum visit? Shopping? What are we having for our Saturday evening dinner? The vibe is relaxed and not rushed.  Time is the reward we receive when we are older and the kids are grown and on their own—time and using it in whatever way  you please!!

As an older girly-girl, I also love to sit at my vanity and take my time getting all primped for the day.   Which brings me to …………the eyes! I don’t know about you, but as I’ve gotten older (and wiser), my eye lashes and brows have thinned out considerably. I do not like that this has happened! Therefore, I’m always on the lookout for the next best thing to enhance my lovely, dark, crossed eyes!

I’ve heard about  the latest and greatest mascara-esque product. The instant eye lash extensions! Well, Atypical60’ers, I’m here to tell you about my experiences and a review for a great budget-minded lash extension kit from Physicians Formula! Read on while I “lash” out!

A while back I ordered a Lash Extension kit from Amazon the name is “Relian” the cost is about $30.00 and was still less expensive than other brands I researched.  I was pretty excited but when I opened the package, the instructions were written in Chinese. I had to Google instructions.  It worked fine, but for the price, I thought it could have been a better product.  Honest to god, I’m gonna tell you–it kills me that the lashes have thinned. When I was younger I had super long and thick lashes–and brows too. As a result, I’ve used Latisse, and Latisse works. However, it takes a good 16 weeks (yeah..that’s 4 months) to see results. You also have to keep up with it and my prescription was over $100.00.  I gave up Latisse after a year.  Next are the falsies. I love falsies, I love the way they make your eyes look but it takes me a while to apply them. Then there’s the mascara. I think I’ve been through every possible brand. My top three mascara brands are Lancôme, Tarte, and for the drugstore brand, Maybelline’s “The Falsies”.  But this lash extention stuff just intrigued me.  I saw and ad for the Physicians Formula Eye Booster Lash Extension Kit and had to try it. Luckily Rite Aid had plenty on display and I shelled out the $14.95.

Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit Sorry for the blurry picture–but I’m not a pro!

So..this morning I couldn’t wait to use this.  Here’s a pic of my “naked” eye!

Eye before Physicians Formula Lash StuffThis pic was taken with absolutely no makeup and before all the concealer, brow powder, chapstick on the lines, eye shadow, liner. blah, blah, blah.

I applied the first coat of the “mascara”, immediately followed by the “fibers”. Ummmm…not bad–let’s move on!First coat Instant lash extension I applied another coat. Thicker lashes, but not necessarily super lengthy……Second Coat Eye Closed…Something magical happened with the application of the third coat.  The lashes became lush…and the length was great!Second Coat Eye Opened Check it out—right?  Decent! I didn’t apply this to my bottom lashes. Actually, I don’t even apply mascara or liner to the bottom of my eyes.  Too much smudging and I really think that keeping eyes naked on the bottom makes the eyes appear larger!  CAVEAT!!!  I am NOT a makeup artist by any means. But I hafta say, this Physicians Formula Eye Booster Lash Extension Kit is greatness! Will I use it every day? Nah. If I’m home and not doing anything, I’ll use regular mascara. But for those days that I want my lashes to be more noticeable (FYI-I will go through great lengths–pun intended–to NOT use the word “Pop”. I cannot stand that word. I will use “more noticeable” or “stick out”  but I refuse to use “Pop”), I’ll definitely use this.  It’s a keeper and at $14.95, with a $7.00 rebate, the price is well-worth it! Hopefully, this is a product that’ll be around for a while.  Seriously. You HAVE to try this stuff! It works!!!!

Well, here’s my Saturday Face of the Day! I’m happy, got a lot accomplished. Now it’s time to prepare a dinner of Thai chicken!  OMG!!! Before I forget–one more thing. See my hair? I need to give a shout out to Adam at Bleu Mousse Hair Salon on Lancaster Avenue in Wayne, PA!  Adam is the king of blow outs!  This blowout is one week and one day old!!!! Hey! Don’t judge me–OK?  My hair is as dry as the Sahara–and  I lose so much hair that I can only wash it once a week.  More on that tomorrow readers!

FOTD All Done. 1 week 1 day blowout.Chippy king of the house

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! XOXOXO! Cathe and Chippy!

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