Oldilocks–A Modern Hairy Tale!

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, lived an old lady named “Oldilocks”. Oldilocks Bad Hair Cartoonused to have beautiful hair when she was young but as she aged and her hair became over processed, dry, heat damaged, unmanageable. She was one hot mess!

Oldilocks had three fears:  1. The fear of never finding a great hair stylist2. .The fear of losing all of her hair.  3. The fear of her hair becoming so unmanageable and damaged that no hair stylist wanted to take the time out to give her a decent blowout because her coarse and porous hair was so disgusting.

clockOldilocks visited a couple of hairstylists in her area. One stylist told her that her hair took too much time to blow dry. So the hair stylist stopped and Oldilocks had to go home and finish the job herself. Oldilocks cried “Will I EVER FIND A HAIR STYLISTS WHO LIKES ME FOR MY HAIR”? The next stylist looked at Oldilocks thinning scalp and said “I may be able to grow your hair back, but it will cost a lot of money. You need to come once a week for treatments and the treatments will be very expensive and may not work. It will take years and years and lots of money to see if hair grows back. In the meantime, I can create extensions for over $1,000.00 for you”.Extensions Oldilocks explained to the second hair stylist that she had products to disguise her thinning hair. The stylist became very irate and kicked Oldilocks out of her salon. Oldilocks went home and cried “Boo hoo. I have a mortgage and car payments to pay. I cannot afford to spend all that money on my hair.”

Then one day Oldilock’s daughter came to visit. She explained to Oldilocks that she heard about a great hair salon in and made an appointment for a cut and blowout. Oldilocks, naturally, being a helicopter mom, insisted on accompanying her daughter to her hair appointment.

Upon entering the salon, Oldilocks caught a great vibe! The clients appeared very happy. There was lots of gaiety in this salon. Older women, younger women, even some men were having their locks tended to. When Oldilocks set her eyes upon her daughter, she saw the most beautiful blowout in the world.Blow dryer Sir Adam cut and styled Olidlock’s daughter’s hair to perfection. Sir Adam approached Oldilocks and asked if she was happy with her daughter’s hair. Oldilocks became misty-eyed. She cried “Oh, if only you could make my dry, damaged, balding, over processed, porous hair look as beautiful as my daughters’…

So Oldilocks made that appointment. Not only did Sir Adam give Oldilocks a great haircut, but he also gave her a dye job that lasted for a month and he also gave her a great blow-dry that left her hair soft, wavy and absolutely beautiful

Oldilocks’ fears were put to rest.

Ok. So this is a modern-day a fairy hairy tale. But there’s truth in my story. I have been to hair stylists who just don’t take the time with a blowout. I have actually been to a salon that tried to sway me into spending thousands of dollars to grow hair. My daughter did find the perfect salon for both her and me.

Bleu Mousse Salon in Wayne, PA. ‘Bleu Mousse Salon

Bleu Mousse Salon

Bleu Mousse is a great little Salon. It’s so cozy and comfortable and elegant and chic at the Bleu Mousse Greetersame time. Doug, the owner sets the tone with a very relaxed vibe. His adorable dog is the official greeter; and the staff is great—they aren’t snooty or intimidating at all. Adam Kaplan is a hair master!

Adam Kaplan Hair Master

Adam Kaplan Hair Master

He listens to what your needs are and offers suggestions in a very knowledgeable way. I love the fact that he isn’t scissor-crazy.   His blow drying techniques are amazing!! It’s funny-I always thought my best look was a super straight blow out followed with a flat iron. Adam cut my hair into very long layers but he cut it ever-so-subtlety and blew my hair out to enhance its natural wave. For the first time in years, I’m so happy with my hair. I don’t run home to “redo” what was done. Instead, I narcissistically go out and about flipping my hair in the air so people can stop and stare in wonder!

I also like the fact this salon caters to everybody. All age groups are welcomed and that’s important. Oftentimes I have felt out of place by being the oldest person at a “younger” salon and it isn’t comfortable.   I hope Bleu Mousse is around for a long, long, long time!

I LOVE my hair!!!!

I LOVE my hair!!!!

Thank you Adam! Thank you for giving me beautiful hair!

After a great color and blowout, I just had to go out and about and show off my beautiful tresses! I drove to TJ Maxx in St. David’s.   Since I’m unemployed there was no reason for me to look at bags or clothes or shoes.Pretty bra and panties. Not MY grannie pants! I did make a purchase of a cute bra and pantie set. HEY! We older women need to look good underneath our clothing too you know! Personally, I love those industrial padded push up bras. Years of breast feeding have relaxed the girls a bit if you know what I mean. I also purchased some panties that don’t exhibit visible panty line. Chippy tried to Chippy trying to eat the socks I boughteat the socks I bought–he’ll eat anything. Check out the photo on the right!

Rooster Cork PlacematsI also bought a set of placemats at Home Goods. My obsession with roosters and my obsession with placemats are epic. Don’t you love a great table setting? When the kids were younger we barely had the time to eat one meal a week as a family, it seemed we were always rushed. These days, I really get into my table settings. Dinner is always a special time these days.  Good food. Good wine. Good conversation. Good placemats!

Speaking of dinner, I need to figure out what to make since Chippy ate the fish!   Have a great Thursday evening everyone! Hopefully there won’t be any snow tonight!

In honor of our topic today, here’s a little ditty from the Cowsills about…..

My hair is awesome!

My hair is awesome!

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  1. HAIR-RAY 😆 another, great read!

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    Your hair does look fabulous! Congrats on finding such a great salon!

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