Mo’ Makeup Monday! And a Critique about SNL’s 40th Anniversary Special

Don’t you wish this winter would end already? I’m tired of the tundra-esque weather. Most of all, I’m done with just wanting to do nothing more than eat and sleep. It’s awful!

Chippy always happy to see me

Sorry Chippy. I love you but it’s just too cold!

I should be outside walking Chippy around the neighborhood and taking him to the dog park. Instead, I’m lazing around channel surfing and walking into the kitchen to get both Chippy and me a snack. Over Christmas I was so sick with a stomach flu that I lost weight and felt great. I gained it all back and more.

Luckily, I found some of my Weight Watchers information—I need to start tracking and going back on program and counting those points!

Weight watchersI’ll start tracking after I finish off that chunk of brie that’s in the fridge!

The muffin top is turning into a cake top-a sheet cake top to be exact! Am I right? Hasn’t this winter made you want to suck up food like a Hoover vacuum cleaner?

While watching “Good Morning America” today, I was inspired by Lara Spencer’s eye makeup. She had some seriously darkish—almost black shadow. It looked great on her! I decided to use some seriously darkish eye shadow on my eyes too. Some time ago, I purchased Bare Minerals eye shadow in “Bon Bon”.

Bare Minerals Bon Bon

Bare Minerals “Bon-Bon”. It’s a nice dark shadow.

It’s a black shadow. It seemed like a good purchase at the time, but sat in a drawer. Until today.   First of all, when I apply a dark shadow, I “blow” on the shadow-laden brush before applying to my lids. I find this is a good way to guard off “fall out” from the shadow. When I do apply the shadow, I “stipple” it on rather than stroke it on. A light stipple is a more gentle way to apply to those “mature lady’ crêpey eyelids! After stippling, I gently blend with a fluffier brush.

Bon Bon on lidI’m really liking this eye shadow.

I really liked the result. What do you think?

I had to finally part ways with my Tarte and Lancôme mascaras. There was nothing left in either tube. I didn’t feel like fooling around with the Lash extension kit either because my plan wasn’t to go anywhere or do anything special—my plan was to just slob around! Thank god I’m a makeup junkie because I “found” this brand new tube of Too-Faced Size Queen mascara.

I figured now was a good time to use it. This mascara has the biggest brush on any wand I’ve ever seen in my life—and I’ve been around enough to say I’ve seen my fair share! I swear you could cut the stick of the want off and use the brush as a Christmas tree—it’s that big!

Biggest mascara wand everOne big mother of a wand!

The oversized brush is cumbersome and difficult to work with. Overall, the mascara itself is a decent product.

Look at the siize of the want. Its very combersome

The mascara brush is ridiculous!

Bon Bon on lidSee the outside lashes? I don’t see them either! The mascara brush was too large to reach!

Look at the picture. Some of my lashes have no mascara. It’s due to that ridiculous brush. The brush is just too gimmicky. Time to repurchase the Tarte “Lights, Camera, Lashes’ mascara or the Lancôme “Definicils” mascara.

Speaking of Tarte cosmetics, I decided to use Tarte’s “12 Hour Amazon Clay” foundation today. Tarte amazonian clay full coverage foundationComes in a tube and the product is somewhat on the thick side–almost like a paste.Foundation on hand.

I’ve used this during last summer, during those hot and humid days—the kind of day when your skin glistens from sweat and the foundation worked. My “summer” skin is also darker from the amount of time I spend out of doors too and I don’t look for a full coverage during the warmer weather either. My skin must have changed a lot in the past few months from aging or hormonal changes. This is just not a good “winter” foundation for me. Over the years, my freckled face is now sporting age spots and my complexion has gotten ruddier. Full coverage is what I seek in cooler weather and want full coverage without the foundation looking pasty or cakey.

First pic no makeup freckles and spots. Applying with brush. Last pic, covered some but not full.

This didn’t give me full coverage and it just made my face look drier and more wrinkly.  In all honesty, I don’t even think I’ll keep this for the coming summer. I’ll just stick to the Makeup Forever HD foundation—it’s a product I keep going back to.

Eeking out the small remainder of Too-Faced “Sweet Pea” blush on my cheeks and some lipstick and clear gloss I’m ready to sit around and watch TV for the rest of the afternoon!

All made up and nowhere to go

All made up–but check out my skin. The foundation really looks dry and cakey. I’m happy with the eyes and lips though!

It’s just THAT kind of day. I’m lucky I took a bath and shaved my legs this morning—trust me, it took effort!

So about that much-hyped Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special that was televised last night….and that “SNL Red Carpet Special” – I thought I was watching an awards show!

SNL 40

It’s sometimes hard for me to actually process that I was only 20 years old when I saw that first SNL show in October of 1975. George Carlin was the first guest host, and the show was definitely something completely different. The original cast—”The Not Ready for Prime Time Players” was a more intimate ensemble cast than the larger ones of today.

Original cast

THE greatest SNL cast of all time. Hands down!

The cast was edgier and, well, they were more unique looking than the more recent cast members. There was a more natural presence about the original cast as well. Chevy Chase and Jane Curtain were the preppy, WASPY personalities. Laraine Newman and Gilda Radner were the kooky, skinny girls with the unmanageable hair. Garret Morris was the more “grounded” and mature member of the group. John Belushi was the pudgy, loveable, goofy, totally crazy one who would do anything for a laugh and Dan Akyroyd was the best gift that Canada ever bestowed upon us! His voice alone was a treasure! Together this cast created magic! With the addition of Bill Murray, the cast came full circle with their many characters!

Who wouldn’t forget Dan Akyroyd’s sleazy cable TV host E. Buzz Miller, and his guest hostess Christy Christina played by Larraine Newman.

E buzz miller and Christie ChristinaE. Buzz Miller–one of the greatest and funniest characters!

Akyroyd’s Julia Child and the infamous “Plumber’s Crack” were epic.

Laraine Newman as Connie ConeheadConnie Conehead–that impossible teen!

Saturday Night Live The Fourth Season  Dan Aykroyd

How about the Coneheads on Family Feud?

What about Baba Wawa or John Belushi’s greatness as Beethoven? Jane Curtain–the original Newswoman? Bill Murray’s Nick Summers/Winters still cracks me up.


baba wawa


Jan Curtain news

Chevy Chase’s consistent clumsiness and Land Shark–Garret Morris screaming out news for the deal. Lisa and Todd.  Too many great skits and characters to list!

Nothing will ever equal the original cast.

Other memorable cast members included Will Ferrell, Cheri Oteri (in my opinion, one of THE most talented women ever on SNL—she wrote as well as she acted), Jim Breuer, Phil Hartman, Denny Dillon, Rachel Dratch, Ellen Cleghorne, Jimmy Fallon, Bill Heder, Adam Sandler…the list goes on…

The Anniversary special just fell short on so many levels. First of all, what was with all the “filler” moments—the moments of introduction? The powers-that-be should have just focused on memorable skits and perhaps added voice overs or interviews with the performers. The show came off as nothing more than a bunch of actors telling each other how great they are. Chris Rock giving a too-long testimonial for Eddie Murphy…and Murphy coming out on stage and doing nothing more than applauding himself? REALLY??? Murphy did have great characters, among them his incredibly funny James Brown—but Chris Rock is funnier!

The best of the introductions, however, was Martin Short and Maya Rudolph as “Beyoncé”. It was truly funny, but went on too long.

Shor and rudolphOne of the highlights

Another truly funny moment was the “Celebrity Jeopardy” skit. The rest of the “live” skits just went downhill.  We would have been better off had “The Californians” had been cut down considerably–perhaps with just Bradley Cooper and Betty White it would have been better! Props for having a kissing scene with 93 year-old hotness Ms. White!

White and cooper

SNL needs older talent! White and Cooper-a great match up!

Another thing I could have done without was the musical guests. Don’t get me wrong, I love Sir Paul. But the overextended version of “Maybe I’m Amazed” took time away from skits that could have been televised. Don’t even get me started on Kanye West. He *cough* *cough* “sang” that song where god spoke to him. Well, guess what? God spoke to me too and told me that Kanye West had no place being on that SNL special. SNL should have a separate special dedicated to the musicians that appeared on the show over the years—I’m sorry but the time wasted could have been better spend giving us the actual skits and perhaps the stories behind them.

Trust me; I’m validated in my disappointment. I am of the original SNL generation. Everyone would watch the show and on Mondays at the office, the water cooler conversation was always centered on one of the SNL skits, or how politically incorrect and funny they were. We all did our imitations of those “Wild and Crazy Guys” “Rosanne Roseannadanna”, “The Coneheads”. “Cheeseburger, Pepsi” were two buzzwords.   Now the show is nothing but skits that are so politically correct and so carefully scripted so as not to offend that SNL has lost the original edginess it was so well-known and loved for.

Perhaps I’m old now, and I don’t “get” the dopey and sophomoric comedy of today’s SNL. It isn’t witty. It isn’t funny and the writing leaves much to be desired. You may not agree with me, and that’s cool. It’s fine to agree to disagree!

I have the memories of a show that was innovative, hysterically funny, and creative. That’s all I need!

The Evolution of SNL–for your pleasure!

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