Some Snow, A Spa, A Sigh—But A Great Sunday!

March 1st! In 20 days it’ll be spring. I can practically hear those little purple crocuses trying, with all their might, to fight their way through the frozen ground.


I dunno know if we’ll see these little cuties any time soon due to the snow!

 Like Rosanna Arquette was desperately seeking Susan, these little flowers are desperately seeking the warmth of the sun…and any day now they will be greeting us! That is hopefully any day. The snow started early and is still going strong hours later!

saddy sunday 032Perhaps March will exit like a lamb now that she came in like a lion!

Today, I should be trying to contain my happiness that spring is almost here; instead I woke up saddened and did manage to shed a few tears. Luckily Monsieur Bonaparte sat me down and gave me a comforting lecture talk. I was a bit upset about the employment situation—especially when all the ads on TV these days are about healthcare and medication and disease! Really, what’s a hypochondriac without healthcare and no job supposed to do? Besides, I want the large Louie “Neverfull” bag along with a pair of Louboutin pointy-toed pumps and I can’t spend that kind of money until I have a job.

neverfullNo can buy now…..


This will have to wait too–but will look so incredible on my feet when the time comes!


What to do to lift my spirits? I decided have a little DIY “Spa” Day!


I’m going to pamper myself later today!

But first things first. Bonaparte and I cleared out the old Ikea bookshelf to make way for the one which will be delivered this week. We moved the Ikea shelving to the garage—it’ll be good for storage. There is always a wonderful repurpose in life!

Ikea will be sent to the garage

This old Ikea bookshelf has held up for a remarkably long time–but now it’ll be used for storage in the garage.  It’s an old “Billy” shelf–and was well-worth the price!

That old bookshelf held a tremendous amount of books–didn’t it?

That outta the way, I took Chippy and we went off to make some spa purchases. Since I’m cutting corners on my personal purchases (see- I am a giver. I’m making Bonaparte’s life easier by being thrifty!) I drove to Walmart where toiletries are a lot less expensive. I picked up….

Spa time!

My Spa purchases included Jergens “original scent” OMG-I LOVE that smell, facial masks, exfoliating scrub, and an exfoliating cloth.

…and I also got this package of washcloths–18 for 3.97. I have a “thing” about clean, white washcloths for my face!


One can never have enough washcloths. Never!

Guess what else I found??? Physician’s Formula Eye Booster Lash Extension Kit. $12.97.   It was such a thrill to find this. I almost started jumping up and down with glee! This is the greatest lash product and it is half the price of any high end mascara. It’s the little things that can make us so happy at times—isn’t it?

Lash Extensions!

Walmart has it!!!!!  I’ve had a hard time finding this for a repurchase! The greatest Lash product ever! Of all time! I love this stuff!

It’s always fun to find furniture and decorative objects with character. That’s one of the reasons I love vintage, flea market, and other “old” finds! So on the way back home I stopped at “Nest”—it’s a very unique home décor store not far from where we live. I saw this store from afar and was so curious—I’m so glad I “discovered” it! An Empty “Nest”ers Delight!!!!

Nest logoA great home décor, furniture, and fun store. Like a grandma’s attic or garage–it’s stuffed with treasures!

If Chippy wasn’t with me, I could have spent hours in this place! There’s a ton of great, great old furniture, decorative pieces and many other items of interest.

Funky, Fun, Fabulously Fantastic! The black drawer–some chalk paint and sanding and you’ve got a great piece! I need to return. Soon!

It’s definitely going to be a store I’ll be visiting again and again.   I did manage to come away with a scarf. More plaid!

Yet, another plaid scarf

Who knew a great plaid scarf could be found in a home décor shop! I love it!

Like I’ve said, plaid is my favorite color!

My spa afternoon continues.

Is not green on meThe Peel-off mask wasn’t green as advertised, but it did make my skin feel really great!

After a hot, relaxing bath, I exfoliated and moisturized then applied this peel-off mask while I attempted to paint my toes—which was impossible with Chippy sniffing around. Here’s the outcome!

Why I go to the nail place

THIS is the outcome when your dog won’t leave you along. THIS is why I get my toes painted at the nail salon!

Chippy in the corner of the sofaYeah, Chippy, you can run–but you can’t hide. And stop being so cute and smug!

Oh…and here’s the picture of the Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken I made last night. I didn’t top with the peanuts though; I served them on the side, because Monsieur Bonaparte is not fond of them! It turned out great—and there’s just enough left over for one serving, which Bonaparte will enjoy as a snack!

The finished dish–presented without the peanuts. My serving has those nuts..and they added a nice crunchy, nutty flavor! Over Jasmine rice–Yum!

You know, Sunday may have started out a bit sad for me, but it turned out to be a very productive and fun day filled with pampering and discoveries. Sometimes a day can start off sad—but  ALWAYS gets better and better!

Here’s a nice tune by Velvet Underground—”Sunday Morning”. Enjoy! OXOXOXOXO!

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