Mundane Mid-Week Musings…..

Ouch…Day after St. Patrick’s Day. My memory goes back to those fun times of waking up on March 18th in desperate need for the perfect hangover breakfast. A greasy fried egg, bacon and cheese on a sesame bagel only  too  be washed down with a chocolate malted. Yeah.

Yeah..that’s how I woke up on past “Day After St. Pats'”–not a pretty sight, but I would feel close to human after a disgustingly greasy fried egg, cheese and bacon on a sesame bagel and a chocolate malt or shake. Screw the points!

Now I’m old and on Weight Watchers (which is a total joke because I have no willpower). Breakfast on this non-hangover March 18th was coffee and a banana.

Already planning for Saturday evening’s dessert, I’ve got my list in hand and will head to Wegman’s later on. Bonaparte asked me if I could attempt to make an “Omelette Norvegienne”—basically, it’s a fancier version of Baked Alaska. I’ll make the genoise layer tomorrow to be one step ahead in the prep work! I’ll be posting step-by-steps later in the week!

Omelette Norvegienne

Omelette Norvegienne covered in Italian Meringue

Omleette Norvegienne 2

Cut into it and it’s ice cream and a genoise! It’s going to be fun to make.

My skin is an absolute mess. I didn’t even put foundation on today. I just did the eyes, swiped blush over my cheeks and shined the lips up. I need a facial in the worst way. It’s so disgusting–look at all those spots. Ugh! I’ll tell ya, I’ve seen better days!

my skin is a mess

I purposely made this large because I wanted to give a better look at how red/ruddy/uneven/spotty my skin is. Also, five minutes after lip gloss–it’s all gone! Why bother? Right??? Oh well, a face mask purchase in in order!

Wanting to do something a bit different with my hair, I decided on an off-to-the-side-messy-clippy-thing.  I used a smaller claw to keep my hair up rather than a twirly-do hair tie.


A smaller claw instead of a twirly-do would be fine for today!

I gathered my hair loosely to the side, being careful to make sure my “thinning” spots in the back were hidden. Then I just gathered the hair, twisted it loosely, and held it up with the claw.   The looser-slightly “off” look, was more casual than a severe, pulled back bun. What do you think?

back view of hairI was very careful to hide the “thinning” and “baldy” spots!

A new take on the “messy bun”–the “messy clip”–look. I like it a lot because  it isn’t so “done”. Easy peasy!

The clothes look today is just all black. The pants are from Gap—1969 legging jeans—I love them because they stretch with my body. I gained some weight but they still fit. When I lose the added-on weight, they’ll go back to their original shape. I also have on a GREAT turtleneck I purchased for $5.00 from Old Navy. I purchased it around Christmas time, I believe. Topped it off with a black and white checked scarf and wore my “nun” boots. Black Pea Coat and Jacrew Bromley bag and the look was complete. I love monochromatic dressing when I’m running around. It looks neat—plus all the fabric I have on is stretchy, which makes it super-comfy.

All in black 2

OOTD-Black “Nun” Boots, Black Gap 1969 Legging Jeans, Black Stretchy Old Navy Turtleneck, inexpensive black and white checked scarf.  J. Crew Bromley bag and my $13.00 pea coat “find” at Target!

Bonaparte has a hole in his schedule so we ran a few errands together. He’s on the hunt for battery-operated lights that he can “stick” under the kitchen cabinets. I have NO idea why he wants this because I am the one who is in the kitchen more than anyone else. The lighting is fine. But—since I’m a giver, if he wants to keep searching—so be it!

He did find these lights at Lowe’s the other day. He did not buy them because he still wanted to look around. He’s famous for this sort of shopping pattern. He’ll search for what he needs, find it, and then continue the search in about 10 other stores. He will finally decide to go with the item he spotted in the first store he went to. The item will no longer be in the store. He will become all pissed off and start mumbling and complaining in French. He gets more pissed when I laugh and remind him that I always buy what I’m looking for when I first spot it. Then he starts mumbling in more French. What can I say?

Today’s search for these lights was in “Bed, Bath and Beyond”. Hey. Have you been to BB&B lately? I’m sorry to say this, but it has turned into a junk store! Seriously. The store is nothing but infomercial items and—well, cheaply made goods.

What goes on with  “Bed, Bath and Beyond” these days? Look at this stuff! The luggage tray WAS intriguing though–with airport delays occurring on a regular basis, that tray may be of interest.  Product like these have taken away from great bedding and table linens. Too bad! I really used to like this store.

What a disappointment—I remember when BB&B was a great place to find table linens, kitchen wares, bedding—now it’s just awful.

Next stop was one of my faves—”Home Goods!” I knew those little lights would not be had at Home Goods but I had an agenda. Remember the other day when I almost purchased that round little table? The one that was $39.99? Well, I wanted to see if it was still there. It was.

Round table I almost purchased

Remember this? I was on the fence since it was a bit wobbly, but the price was right.

Bonaparte wasn’t crazy about it—so he “found” another table for $99.99. It actually was a better choice because it was well-made and was perfect for the family room. He purchased it—and reminded me for the next two hours about his “great eye” for decorating.

Big purchaseOut of “Home Goods” and home with me!

Since I’m blind in one eye, I reminded him that I literally, have A great eye for decorating as well! Who’s in charge here anyway???

Bonaparte placed it too far from the sofa.  But I like it better MY way. My good eye made me move it!

Final stop was Costco. It never ceases to amaze me at what Costco has to offer! Who needs this “floating” thing? Is it a room? Is it a bed? Just how big is the pool that can handle this thing? We spotted a beach cart that I thought was well-needed for the summer trips to the shore, but didn’t make the purchase.

What. Just What

I’m still trying to figure out just who is going to spend the $99.99 on this floating “thing”. Beaches won’t allow it–so you HAVE to have a huge pool! Weird!

With 6-points worth of samples, I had to get out of the food area quickly! Do you like the flowers we got? Costco has the best flowers and the price to match. A huge bouquet for $14.99 is quite the bargain.

touch of spring

Costco flowers–can’t beat the price or the assortment!

Well, Bonaparte’s hole has been filled—so I’m finally off to Wegman’s for my ingreeds!

If you have a hangover, don’t forget to eat lots of carbs and eggs and drinks that are chocolate. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO!

Since I’m all in black today, I thought I would post “Baby’s in Black” –an oldie but goodies from Beatles ’65!

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  1. Susan G says:

    Catherine, your posts never fail to leave me with a smile on my face. You are fearless, talented and hilarious!

    • Catherine says:

      Thanks Susan! It always makes my day to hear that I’ve put a smile on someone’s face! I’m happy you are enjoying the blog! Thank you!!!!

  2. nathalie says:

    Hi from France !!! you are perfect !!!and your hair is great like that !!and you know we are fashion experts in my country !! amitiés …

  3. Catherine says:

    Merci Nathalie! When I’m in Paris, though, I get my hair done at Josselin Bernard on Rue Dauphine–They are masters at a smooth, sleek and straight blow-dry! Bonne Journee, Nathalie..Merci encore!

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