The Lost Weekend Chronicles. Part Two–Sick With Cinderella on Saturday A Bit of Shopping on Sunday!

As usual, it’s always great when any of the kids come home for a weekend. Such was the case when Oona came home from New York on Friday evening with Bonaparte and me. She’s been working so hard and she hadn’t been feeling well. Her Strep test came back negative—but I think she just needed a couple of days with mommy!

somebody is happy to see Oona

Chippy also wanted to make Oona feel comfortable. Nothing like the companionship of your dog when you feel under the weather! (Oona did not want her picture taken while feeling under the weather!)

Saturday morning had her waking up with an awful case of hives and a sore throat! We asked her to stop and think if she ate anything out of the ordinary or if, perhaps she changed up her detergent. She didn’t and she didn’t. After my reading Web MD and coming to the drastic conclusions, and an overreaction of heading to the ER, Monsieur Bonaparte, the voice of reason, suggested we go to an “urgent care” office up the street from where we live.

Oona and I headed to the Premier Urgent Care offices in Oaks.

urgent care

Premier Urgent Care–we were in and out in no time. Oona was on her way to better health!

After a very quick wait which included filling out paperwork, she was diagnosed, given medication and we were on our way. The entire process took about an hour—which is far less time than the normal visit at a physician’s office!

Benadryl and Amoxicillin and in a few days good as new!

Happy to not be contagious, but not feeling well enough to spend a day out and about, Oona suggested going to see the new Cinderella movie. I couldn’t have been happier!

I’m not a huge Disney fan—especially given the fact that the Broadway/Times Square area in Manhattan is sickeningly “Disneyfied”. Ugh. It also upsets me to see grown men and women walking around with Disney t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other Disney-logoed clothing—you are adults! Dress appropriately! But–both of us really, really wanted to see the new Cinderella movie!

cinderella poster

The movie was just as cotton-candyesque as the poster!

And—to my fellow feminist friends—yeah, I’m fully aware of the fairy-tale-ending-Prince-Charming-thing. However, the story of Cinderella is so much more than finding your prince. It’s about good over evil—it’s about a freakin’ Fairy Godmother and turning a pumpkin into a coach—and lizards into coachmen—and mice into horses—and a goose into the driver of the coach. It’s about the greatest girl makeover of all time—and with glass heels no less! Come on—what woman doesn’t love a makeover story like this?????????

It was also just great fun to go to a movie with my daughter, and sit next to each other, and have her rest her “I’m-not-feeling-that-great” head on my shoulder! It took me to those times of having a purpose—taking care of my kids!

Have you seen the new version of “Cinderella”? Oh my god. It’s epic! It is the best version. Kenneth Branagh, the talented actor, is also a talented director! Visually, the movie was stunning and magnificent. The scenes of Ella and her parents (before tragedy struck), were like a real live version of a Fragonard painting—so light and fluffy and ethereal!

Ella with her parents. Just like a painting by…..


Honore Fragonard!

The actress, Lilly James, (of Downton Abbey fame), is the mesmerizing Cinderella of the Scarlett O’Hara waistline. (Apparently, the small size of her waist caused quite a commotion. Who gives a s*it. I went to see a fairy tale of which the story was centuries old. And it was everything I expected and more!). Richard Madden of “Game of Thrones” is the handsome and good Prince Charming. What a doll!

lily james cinderella

She’s so beautiful. And I SO wish I could get my hands on a push-up bra that would give my girls great uplifting cleavage like that!


He’s a real Prince, this guy. A total Charmer!


Could you just die?? Are these two just adorable??????

But the two greatest roles are Cate Blanchett as the Evil Stepmother and Helena Bonham Carter as the Fairy Godmother!

Cate Blanchett is so deliciously smug and so subtlety nasty as Cinderella’s stepmother—and the wardrobe! Oh I’ve never seen anyone look that amazing in green. She rocked that role!

cate blanchette cinderella

Only Cate Blanchett could make puke green look stunning and chic! And oh-so beautiful!

Helena Bonham Carter is one of my favorite actors. She’s a bit different—and that’s what makes me love her. She dresses to the beat of her own drum…and she is the only one who can get away with some of her outrageous get ups!

293_bonhamcarter_helena_lc_070709  helena-bonham-carter-300x400

I look forward to any award show that Helena Bonham-Carter attends because her clothing choices always keep me happy!

But as the Fairy Godmother, she is breathtaking. Her eye makeup alone is drool-worthy! She was “Glenda the Good Witch’s” little sister. Bonham Carter OWNED that role!


She is the most beautiful Fairy Godmother of all time!

cinderellacasthelena bomham carter

I want the dress too!

Honestly, it was two hours of pure girly escapism. Personally, I could have done without the dopey “Frozen” cartoon short before Cinderella started. But—hey, it is a movie geared more toward kids than adults!

Tears were shed during the movie—but, as always, it ended so well. Cinderella’s wedding dress and hairdo looked so much like Grace Kelly’s wedding look. Well, Grace Kelly did marry her prince!


Tell me this Cinderella does not resemble Princess Grace–I won’t believe you!

We spent the rest of the afternoon chilling and experiencing the guilty pleasures of reality shows. I.e. the Duggars and the Bates Families. It’s so weird. I am no a fan of the Duggar family by any means, but I’m obsessed with watching their show!!!


The “Duggashians”-creepiest dad on TV!

I’m not going to get into it, but I just think the dad is so creepy and controlling. It’s such a voyeuristic experience to watch these “Fundamental Heavy” people. They proclaim to be such great Christians, yet they harshly judge those who don’t share in their beliefs. It’s so fascinating—and not in a good way! I call them the “Duggashians”—because the exploitative dad, Jim Bob is the Fundie equivalent to Kris Jenner Kardashian! The only difference between the two is the Duggars wear lots of clothing and don’t curse!

Then we have the Bates Family—again, another Fundie family, but they are more “Fundie Lite”—watching them is more like watching the large family that just has a lot of fun and are a bit on the rambunctious side—but in a good way.


They may be “Fundie Lite”–but Gil and Kelly truly love their kids so much!

Anyway, I made a nice steak dinner for the three of us. Bonaparte said my Béarnaise sauce was the best I’ve ever made (..and he says that each time I make it)!

When someone in the family isn’t feeling up to par—or sick with a virus or cold, sometimes the best activities are just chillin’ with each other watching a movie, or snuggled on the sofa with blankets, tea, and guilty-pleasure TV shows.

Still not feeling up to par,  upon waking up on Sunday, Miss Oona and I spent a few moments at Ikea looking to see what ideas we could get–she’ll be moving into a new apartment this summer and Ikea is the perfect place for “City Apartment Furniture”!

We also went to Old Navy. Old Navy is so hit or miss. The consistency of sizing is always a mystery as well. The trip we made on Sunday was a spectacular hit!  Oona ended up purchasing quite a few dresses for the coming summer’s “casual Friday” office wardrobe. The dresses are appropriate enough to be worn with a nice cardi or blazer to work–then alone when it’s time for Happy Hour! Honest to god, I felt so bad for her–those hives are so itchy and bumpy. What a drag–but I’m happy to be taking care of her!

I found two dresses. One–a fitted T-shirt dress –93 percent cotton, 7 percent spandex. A good blend because it has a bit of “shape” to it.  An added plus to the shape are darts at the bustline! The dress was $10.00!! I had to go up a size–to a Large. But hey, I stuffed my gut all winter, so what could I expect–right?  I also purchased a navy/raspberry rugby stripped, sleeveless maxi dress. I love the relaxed and comfy vibe of a maxi during the summer! Both dresses will be perfect for my upcoming trip to France! Here’s how I styled them:

Old Navy Find 10.00 dress. cute look with my black repettos and jacrew scarf

My Ten Dollar Old Navy Fitted T Shirt Dress. Size “L”. I’ve matched it with my black Repetto ballet flats and a J. Crew scarf!

old navy maxi 23.00 last year old navy flip flops. Nat and Nin bag lily pulitzer infinity scarf

Old Navy Maxi. Size “M”…thank god the sizing is inconsistent! I’ll wear it with Old Navy flip flops from last year (very comfy!!!) and a Lilly Pulitzer infinity scarf!  I’ll also carry this great Nat & Nin bag I picked up in France!


Oh. In the movie “Cinderella”, the song “Lavender’s Blue Dilly Dilly” is sung. It brought back some nice memories—my mom used to sing that song when I was very, very young. Here’s the great Burl Ives’ version! Enjoy! It’s such a sweet song!

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  1. Two hours of pure escapism sounds good! Sometimes that’s just what I’m looking for in a movie. Everything I’ve heard about this movie has complimented its stunning cinematography and production. The costumes look gorgeous! 🙂

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Grace. The costumes WERE amazing–it was pure escapism. Much like the escapism of chick-flicks. It’s funny. Yesterday Bonaparte and I saw “Hail Cesar”–and it was a very good movie–but it wasn’t the Cohen Brothers best film. And it is so weird because last weekend I saw “The Choice” with my daughter–the latest sappy, syrupy, predictable Nicholas Spark’s movie-based-on-a-book formula movie. Due to the entertainment value and escapism, “The Choice” was better. I KNOW, it’s crazy, but sometimes, ya just need a good chick-flick! XOXO!!

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