This Old Lady Rocks It To The Maxi!

Sometimes it’s just so hard to follow fashion trends! That is, if you are *cough* older, it can be!

Seriously. I am of the “hot pants” and “micro mini” generation.


A double treat. Hot pants WITH a Maxi Coat! I loved that look. I had a pair of madras plaid hot pants but when my parents saw me leaving the house in them I was called back in.  My parents thought them to be “vulgar”–these days, this look is “modest”!


My madras hot pants were similar, only they came down really low–“hip huggers” as they were known and they may have been a tad shorter!


1970’s micro mini. It’s really difficult to move around or bend over in those frocks!

I remember back in the days of Catholic school rolling those cute plaid, pleated skirts up so high that our “origins of the world” were almost on display.


I don’t think there is one woman out there who attended Catholic school at some point in her life and NEVER tried to roll that shirt up to where the sun don’t shine!

It’s a darn good thing those nuns at St. Patrick’s made us wear shorts under the skirts if we were jumping rope or running around. Those women weren’t called The Sisters of Mercy for nuthin’!.


They thought jumping rope in a skirt was sinful–so we would have to wear shorts under our uniforms.  At least the sisters had mercy on us for one thing!

Throughout my adult life, I’ve always been fond of the shorter length in dresses and skirts. I think of myself as a kind of delusional, poor woman’s Jackie O. A “Jackie Uh-O” if you will! You know–Jackie loved her shorter shift dresses..and she adored those large sunglasses too!

Jackie in shirt

Jackie O. Always perfect.

me looking like Jacke O

Me desperately trying to channel Jackie. I’m more  Jackie “uh-O”! (This pic was taken 20 years ago.  My sons even had haircuts like John-John!

Lately, however, I’ve started to embrace the maxi skirt/dress thing. I wasn’t much of a maxi fan when this style achieved popularity many years ago. I liked the maxi coats over short skirts or hot pants that I wasn’t allowed to wear. But the maxi dresses–never a fan. And to tell you the truth, I wasn’t much of a fan when the trend returned about two years ago. But now, my legs aren’t as *ahem* “youthful”, taut as they once were…and the thighs have gotten quite thunderous over the past few months due to my slothful laziness and self-pity over being unemployed. Maxis can hide a plethora of sins!

Forgot or just didn’t feel like shaving your leg? Wear a Maxi.

Feeling bloated? Wear a maxi. (skirt or dress-NOT pad!)

Your panties are in horrific shape—stretched out and holey and you need to buy more but just haven’t made it to the mall? Wear a maxi!

My only issue is that I don’t want to look like a fundamentalist or a Duggashian! Dear readers of this blog know all too well how I feel about the *phlegmy cough* fake, judgmental, Catholic-hating, Gay bashing, opportunistic in the name of Jesus Duggars and their ilk. The Duggar girls are extremely pretty, and oh, how I envy those thick heads of luxe hair—but the dressing for the Lord is something I just don’t get.


I don’t think this  Duggar was wearing a maxi skirt or dress when she got into THIS shape. Jeez. My belly is bigger than that now. I haven’t been pregnant in 25 years! Ouch!

Ummm..if we truly dressed for the Lord, we would be wearing what we were born in—our Birthday suits! OK?? Standing on a ladder in a skirt? That’ ain’t too modest! Working out at the gym in a skirt? Yeah—your modesty will be on display with every squat and lunge! Who’s fooling who here?

Even though I’m embracing my inner Maxi-nista, I want to look a bit more “up-to-date.” (I refuse. Absolutely refuse to say “on trend”—even though I just said it.) There’s a fine line sometimes between fashionable and frumpy when one reaches my “advanced” age. (Note—I’m “advanced” in age only. My mind is still somewhere between menstruation and menopause!)

Besides, I’m going to my ” Advanced Computer Skills” class today and I want to be comfortable. There isn’t much “wiggle” room in the little desk/computer space that I’ve been assigned to and I need to be completely comfortable while I concentrate improve my skills.

My limited class space. I can barely fit my purse under the desk

My space at the computer skills class.  It’s claustrophobic. I can’ barely fit my purse let alone my body!

For the record, I so wanted to wear my Lilly for Target shift, but I need to get a spray tan first. The faux tan needs to be nice and even. I’m not that adept with my Jergen’s.

I cannot wait to wear my Lilly for Target shift. I love the back detail as well, but I’ll definitely need to be sprayed.  That’s “SPRAYED”. Not “SPAYED”

It’s really hard at times to put an outfit together—I don’t know how Rachel Zoe does it! I love her “Boho” look. On me it’s more of an “Ohno” look.


Rachel Zoe looks so “Boho fabulous” in her perfectly styled maxi.

I tried to channel my inner Rachel but I look like this. She’s rockin’ the look much better!

My inner rachel zoe

My apologies for the out-of-focus pic, but I was laughing so hard at thinking I could pull off Rachel’s look. I’m “Bo-no”! Plus, I’ve got more “el bees” than Ms. Zoe!

Then I decided to go with this navy Maxi by Cynthia Rowley I picked up at Marshall’s for $24.99.   It looked much better with my “Lilly for Target” scarf. The one Irene traded with me!

Maxi day 019

It lacked something.  I added…..

Maxi day 020

My “Lilly for Target” scarf. I liked it better but it was too dressy for class!

Then I went with this. I love the striped maxi. I got it at Target last year. and the top is from Uniqlo; also from last year. The belt is from Old Navy. I’ll tell you, the Old Navy flip flops that I’m wearing—they are amazing. I probably get more use out of these than any other sandal/shoe/flip-flops during the summer months!

Maxi with belt

I was “meh” about the belt. I think after I lose a bit of weight the belt will look better

It was crucial that I “style” this look in an “I’m-not-yer-ol’-lady” mode. I’m very cautious about my *eye roll* image you know!  It’s also funny how I have quite the number of maxis in my wardrobe. For someone who hasn’t been crazy about them……I feel like a hypocrite!

In the end, I went with the skirt, no belt, and a scarf.

Skirt without the belt

Perhaps today’s photos are so out of focus because I had some super-strong coffee!

Added a scarf. LOL. Look at my eyebrows. Could I have done a worse job I'm ready for my close up

Like the scarf? J. Crew , last year. LOL- Look at my eyebrows! Hahahaha. I used a brow “pencil” instead of my powder/eyeshadow. Oh dear lord-they are so “I’m-ready-for-my-closeup-Mr.DeMille” It’s so bad. My roots are very skunky too! What a mess!!

I may be the oldest student in my class, but I certainly don’t want to look like the oldest! (Note to self: See if Adam can color your hair before May 1st. The roots are lookin’ kinda skunky!)

Yes. Today I’m “putting on the Ritz”. How ’bout you?

XOXOXOXOXOXOXO!!!! Big Kisses and Hugs today! Enjoy your Wednesday!

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  1. Gina says:

    I’m laughing aloud behind my laptop. To me you are a fun lady to be with, although I live across the ocean, in ‘the Netherlands to be precise. You are one year ahead of me.

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