A Tarte Start to My First Day of Work!

It’s slightly after 6PM and I’ve been on the phone with Oona happily telling her about my return to the workforce. But, first things first.

I thought, after the Yummie Tummie “Today’s Special” from QVC, that I was finished ordering anything on TV. That was until I saw a Tarte Cosmetics “Today’s Special” early last week.

Tarte Basics Kit

I couldn’t help myself. I’m a sucker for make up kits and this one is a keeper!

I just couldn’t help myself. Tarte cosmetics has a decent track record for me so I ordered the kit which included the Amazonian clay smoothing balm foundation,

Soothing Balm Foundation. Light. Looks dark but it goes on a lot lighter

It goes on a lot lighter than this. Also–it doesn’t go on as yellow as it appears!

the colored clay eye shadow quad,

I was afraid that breathtaking brown would oxodize. It stayed true and very pigmented

These colors are super pigmented!

the tightlining liner, the Lipsurgence lip cream,

Lipsurgence. I may try it on my cheeks

I’m so sorry that the pic is fuzzy but it was early in the AM and, trust me, the tightliner pic didn’t even turn out postable! It’s not bad, I’m going to try this on my cheeks as a blush!

a foundation brush (thankfully, because Chippy ate my other Tarte foundation brush) and

Foundation brush. Chippy is already eyeing it

Look to the left. Can you believe it??? Chippy is eyeing this! He thinks its a treat! Um. I don’t think so!

the “Lights, Camera, Lashes” mascara, which I’m a fan of.


A great mascara. I really like Tarte’s Lights Camera Lashes. Excellent stuff!

What better way to start a new job than with a face full of new makeup. Right?

Overall, I’m pleased with the kit. I thought the foundation would be too dark—and I ordered the “light”! It appeared a lot darker in the pan than on the face. Went on nice and smooth and wasn’t drying at all. In fact, it lasted all day—and today was extremely hot and humid!

The shadows have great pigmentation. I was afraid that the dark brown would oxidize into an orangey/brown but it stayed a true brown.

really pigmented

Super-pigmented. This shadow stayed on this dark all day. I just took it off!

The tightlining liner was surprisingly good as well. I had to go with a light touch because the liner is one of those liners that you twist the product and I’m famous for pressing too hard and breaking tips off of applicators such as this. I had no issue.

Tightliner works

I was able to tightline really nicely. I’m liking this!

Skipped the mascara because I did the lash extension. But I can vouch that this mascara is great. I’ve gone through three tubes in the past year!

The Lipsurgence was fine. Nothing spectacular, nothing awful. Lasting power was average, but all in all the kit was worth the fifty bucks!

Ready for work. OM My eyes are so puffy due to allergies. Sorry about that!

Ready for work. OMG–my eyes are way too puffy due to allergies. Sorry, but what you see is what you get!  The foundation blended very well and the lipsurgence looks decent. (Ugh..those puffy pollinized eyes)

Now for the good stuff. My first day on the new job.

It was great. I’m fortunate because I am replacing a wonderful woman who will be leaving due to a move out of state. The last two positions I held, I was thrown into the fire with no training whatsoever. It was a matter of trial and error and figure it out yourself.

My training is proving to be effective and I’m feeling very comfortable with my co-workers and the work. I just had a “feeling” when I went in this morning that everything was going to be fine. I have plenty of information that I need to go over and study and I’m looking forward to having a ton of fun.

This isn’t your regular corporate office. This is different—and different in a great way.

I’m working at American Treasure Tours—it is a museum, tour, treasure chest of Americana spanning from the beginning of the 1900’s and even earlier to the present. The collection is astounding. In addition, there is a music box museum with Nickelodeons, old dance-hall music players…it’s incredible and amazing and not only will I be doing administration work, but I’ll also be utilizing my “talents”  *cough* as a tour guide. Oh–and lest I forget to mention the incredible amount of antique automobiles!   Here’s the link:

American Treasure Tour

It’s a small group and a great, great team!

Well, I’m going to fill out some paperwork and relax a bit—I’ll be writing more and, hopefully, be taking some pics for you! Stay tuned…

Oh my. Bonaparte just called. He got into a fender bender, but he’s ok. He’ll be home later! I think a glass of wine should be waiting for him! It will–oh it will. I’m just glad he’s ok!

OHHHH..here’s a little treat to one of the kinds of music that’s available in the music museum. I found it on you tube!


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