Josh Duggar’s Final Judgement From Atypical60’s Point of View!

Now, as you know, I try to keep serious subject matter like religion and politics off of my blog. For me, serious subject matter is female hair loss, sun safety, my jiggly thighs and belly, cooking, and my life with my Frenchman, Bonaparte! Also serious is the proper application of makeup to enhance the youthful beauty of women over “a certain age”! Oh yeah, and my bitching and whining about my former unemployment status was fodder for entertainment too!

I like to keep it fun, happy, and entertaining–especially at the expense of Bonaparte’s sunbathing!

But, I feel the need to weigh in on my opinions of the incestuous sexual molestation that was carried out some years ago by Josh Duggar to his sisters and a guest of their cult family.

Caveat: Before I go any further, you need to know that I abhor the pedophile priests and feel that the Church did not do enough to put these men of the cloth in jail. I am a lapsed Catholic and lapsed due to my divorce. Yet the Church basically just slapped the hands of the deviant priests. I do love me my Saints, though—and Mary. And especially Joseph—he was a totally stand-up guy to marry a woman who got pregnant without being married!! Can you imagine the stigma back in THOSE days? Ouch!   Oh. I also have a love of plaid—and white shirts and blazers! That love stems from years of wearing a uniform to school.  Lastly, I think Pope Francis is way cool. He could single-handedly change the Church as we know it and change it for the better! OK I’m done with my caveat. Let us continue…

First of all, and I dunno about you, but as little Catholic kids, we were taught that any parts of your body that were covered by underwear (as in underpants, undershirts, and brassieres) were your private parts! God forbid if you touched any of those parts!!!! You would be deemed “dirty” and would be on that straight path to Hell! God forbid anyone else touched your private parts!! That person would be elevated to “filthy bastid pig” status and would have to answer to higher authorities such as nuns and parents—and would be begging to go to jail after a strict dad or mom or sadistic old-school nun got to them!


 Never. Ever. EVER. NEVER meet your comeuppance with an old-school, mean nun! Josh Duggar could have used her as a teacher!

I cannot even think of the consequences if a sibling took the liberty to play around with other siblings’ private parts. They definitely would be “sent away” most likely by ambulance! And, perhaps a parent or two would be arrested for the bodily harm that they would bestow upon their teen aged child for molesting their younger siblings!


Caught messing around?  You’ll be headed to a hospital before jail–and in one of these!

My own mother was so determined to protect my body that she made me wear a Miraculous Medal of Mary around my neck when I entered my teens. She told me if I wore Mary’s medal, and I was out with a boy and we started petting, he would see the medal and immediately stop.


..and I still have my Miraculous Medal!

This is true. I cannot make this up! But my point is that my mother was no dope. She knew that when teens went out on dates, there was a lot more than a simple “side hug” going on. (Side hugs in the world of Duggashian are reserved for engaged couples anything more than a side hug is a sin) My parents didn’t shelter us from social situations. We were taught about solutions and how to handle ourselves.

I’m amazed to think that Jim Bob and Michelle were so enamored of playing around with each other’s private parts that they just didn’t have the time to teach the end results of those play sessions to their own litter offspring. These idiots never taught respect for their daughters’ bodies to their sons!

Instead these two bozos pontificate about “godliness” by making their daughters dress in matronly “modest” clothing. And their brother still managed to find his way up to his sisters’ “origins of the world”!

smug duggars

The only fundamental belief these two bozos have are that money is their god and fame is all they want. They are the worst example of parenting on earth. Check out their smug faces! Ugh!

I would watch “19 Kids and Counting” on an irregular basis. Honestly, I found them fascinating and not in a good way. I always mistrust people who wear their religious ideologies on their sleeves.

These hypocrites claim to live a good “Christian” life. But they don’t. I’ve seen their show when the family went on “vacations” funded by TLC (The Learning Channel aka Touching Little Children). I’ve observed their social behavior.   When they went to New York City, the children behaved so rudely and the parents behaved the same way. All displayed judgmental behavior toward New Yorkers—and when they went to a restaurant with food unfamiliar to them (i.e. no Tater Tots were served), they publicly made faces displaying their rude disgust. The parents never making the slightest move to correct their ill-mannered litter of children. Little nuances like that are telling about their true character.

This family, led by the ever-creepy, Jim Bob with the plastic hair, is filled with hate against anyone who does not share their “Christian” way of life. They hate gays, transgenders, transsexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, Democrats and Catholics. Oh and I shudder to imagine what they would think of my Jewish brother-in-law and my nieces and nephew!

They also hate their daughters because if they LOVED their daughters, they would have never stood for the sexual molestation of their daughters by their son, Josh.

These people are also “pro-life” but only while a fetus is in utero. Once the baby is spit out of the womb, then they really don’t care anymore. It’s obvious in the way Michelle *cough* cares for the kids. (The older sisters are responsible for the younger children. The older girls wash, dress, and educate the younger ones.) That is because as soon as a child is born into the Duggar family, the parents run upstairs and play with each other’s private parts. Never to be seen unless the Touching Little Children aka. TLC channel’s crew is around to film them as a family!

Also disturbing is the Duggar fan base. I’m amazed that women, women, are defending the actions of Josh Duggar and are actually praying that their TV show not be cancelled! These fans pray and say that Josh shouldn’t be judged but he should be forgiven because Jesus saves and Jesus loves and Jesus forgives.

And that got me to thinking about Jesus.

My Jesus is a hippie and hipster!


He had long hair, most likely wore Birkenstocks–unless he went to St. Tropez and picked up a pair of Rondini’s! But he was a cool guy. Go-to-Tees made this design for a shirt–many others feel the same way!

My Hippie/Hipster Jesus is a loving guy. He loves gay people and lesbians and bisexuals and transgender and transsexuals. He loves Democrats and Republicans (yes, and he even loves Boehner and Mitch McConnell — ugh, Jesus really?) My Hippie/Hipster Jesus loves non-Christians. I’m pretty sure he even loves Jell-O molds too!   But even though my Jesus can forgive, that doesn’t mean the bad, bad souls are going to be able to gain entrance into his heavenly country club! Uh unh. My Jesus is no moron!


My Hipster Jesus also needs glasses–hey, he’s old and needs to see better. But–he’s not mean and accepts everyone. He just knows the difference between those who live a life as humble, kind and generous people who err and those arrogant, self-righteous, sanctimonious people who use him as an excuse to carry out hate and evil!

I can just imagine the scene when Josh Duggar meets his heavenly maker:


Jesus at the welcoming gates. He’s even got a horn section. Will they be playing “Saturday in the Park”?

Jesus: “Hey Josh. Ya know, what you did to your sisters and that family friend was really bad. It was a crime and a violation of human respect. “

 Josh Duggar: (with a smirk on his face). “Jesus, it’s ok. I asked for your forgiveness a long time ago. My fan base prayed. It’s cool”.

 Jesus: “Josh. I forgive you. But. Well—Josh, I can’t let you in.” “Sorry, you need to be made accountable for your actions” “You seem a bit…well, dude, you seem a bit smug about this”

 Josh Duggar: “Listen, it was a bad “season” of life” (shrugs).

 Jesus: ” Josh, man, I gotta send you where the sun don’t shine!” “Oh Josh, get that smirk off your face, will ya?”

 Josh Duggar: “Listen Jesus, I may have made a few mistakes like being hateful to a few people, but everyone makes mistakes, right?” “I mean, my sisters–they aren’t important” (shrugs again)

 Jesus: “Josh, I got lots of gays up here and lesbians and transsexuals and bi’s and Democrats, and Jews and Catholics” “You hate all those kind souls and they’re my peeps!” “During your stay on earth, you really, really tried to persecute many groups.” “I’ll tell ya, we all heard Adolf Hitler’s soul howling with delight at your actions—all the way up here from down in the firing inferno!” “We couldn’t believe old Adolf could be that loud!”

 Josh Duggar: ” Jesus, how can I put this.” “I was just playing doctor with my sisters and our friend.” “My parents were too busy worshiping money and fame and were too busy to explain our bodies to us” (chuckles a bit)

 Jesus:   “Josh, are you that arrogant and self-righteous that you are lying to my face?”

 Josh: (fixes his hair and tries to sneak past Jesus into heaven)

 Jesus: “Hey man, no way are you getting in here.” “Listen, you’ll be going to the “Evang”hell”ical section down there.” ” You’ll have plenty of jurisdictions to carry out to keep you busy.” ” You will be seated at the pedophile priest table at the grill for dinner and will have a nice hot coffee with the sexual molesters”. You’re gonna be a popular guy Joshie.”

 Josh: (pointing a finger at Jesus while checking out his Iphone) “You’ll be sorry for this Jesus! ” “My fans love me”

smug josh

Yup, Jesus, you’ll be sorry you sent me elsewhere. Look how popular I am! My Iphone proves it!

 Jesus: “Um. No I won’t”. “Hey, give Jim Bob and Michelle a nice big “Hi” from your sisters!” “Safe travel’s dude!” “Your fans are all waiting for you!”


Hey Joshie. No amount of sunscreen will  help you where you’re going!

 And that’s how I imagine it! Joshie’s final judgement!

I’m hoping TLC does good and never airs another episode of “19 Kids and Counting”. I also hope there are no plans to ever have this hypocritical family on air again. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and these opinions are mine. You may or may not agree, but I have no tolerance for molestation of any kind.


Note to other countries: We Americans are all NOT like this pig. Thank you!

I’ve plenty more to say on this subject but I need to stop now.  Here’s a song that Josh should have listened to. If he did, perhaps his hands would have stayed off his sisters and he would have taken care of himself.

Listen—have a great weekend! XOXOXOXOX!

Divinyls. ” I Touch Myself”. Just for you Joshie!

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31 Responses to Josh Duggar’s Final Judgement From Atypical60’s Point of View!

  1. Jean says:

    Well no kidding. And hilariously said.

  2. I’m really horrified by the fan support of the Duggars now.

  3. Catherine says:

    The fan support is so hard for me to process. Do these fans NOT have daughters? These supporting fans are also obviously filled with hate against anyone with a different ideology. It’s downright scary! I just cannot process this!

    • Anne Bidez Schumann says:

      I wonder about their fan base, could they all be fundamentists? Did you read the write up of a young man who grew up under similar circumstances? Their life style is so much worse than I thought.
      Love your what you have to say.
      PS I have the same kind of Jesus.

      • Catherine says:

        Glad you liked what I wrote, Anne! I think their fan base HAS to be fundies! I cannot imagine any other group of people actually defending these vermin! My Hipster Jesus does not approve of fundies!

  4. nathalie says:

    Although i LOVE the USA,for that, i am happy to live in a secular country …..and i don’t understand this kind of tv program ! i saw them ,once , in a report about american tv; it’s inbelievable !!! i think they would be considered as crazy here !!!! amitiés !

  5. Catherine says:

    Nathalie–one of the great things about France is the fact it IS a secular country! I remember reading that French TV was filming the Duggar family and I could not understand why!! The French are correct. The Duggars ARE a crazy family that is filled with hatred and bigotry and they hide like little cowards behind their god. Hopefully they are gone from TV for good!

  6. Elijah Jackson says:

    Your Jesus is one I could believe in.

  7. Excellent blog post. Laughed my butt off. However, I shouldn’t judge because, if there is a hell, I will probably end up in it too (hipster Jesus, notwithstanding). However, I wouldn’t be so sure the Duggar girls will be in Heaven. I have seen some of their insanely judgmental tweets and instagrams (which one can’t miss if they use any social media). Anyway, they aren’t a whole lot better in the ‘loving others’ than their parents or brothers. Just sayin’.

    • Catherine says:

      Glad you “got” the humor in my post! Hey, Hipster Jesus is cool–he certainly knows that we’re no angels–but he knows we don’t molest others the way Josh did (and still does?)!! I think some of the Duggar girls could make it to Heaven, but for idiot Jessa and idiot Jill, I think they will be able to repent with a bit of time in Purgatory. Methinks their wimpy husbands, man/boy Ben and space cadet Derrick will be joining Josh and Michelle and Jim Bob. These two husbands should have kicked the shit outta Josh and failed to even speak up against his actions! Pathetic!

  8. JustMe says:

    Wow. You have given my faith and my insanity a much-needed boost. Thank you!

  9. tlc3 says:

    You have given my faith and my insanity a much-needed boost. Thank you!

  10. So you thought divinyls & I thought Cindy Lauper.

  11. While hes at it he could sing “at the name of jesus ” & “lord Jesus think on me” if you wonder why I suggest these two hymns then look up the verses. They fall in line with humility & repentance.

  12. Catherine says:

    Reblogged this on Atypical 60 and commented:

    I feel it is high time to revisit the Duggars. Just a reminder why it’s so great that TLC cancelled their show. A family with “fake” Christian values!

  13. wow a wild site . too much for one sitting. i’ll be back.

  14. calensariel says:

    I have never watched them and only caught comments about them here and there. I figured it was a waste of time. But I hadn’t heard about this whole fan base stuff with Josh. Makes you think the religious right really ARE just sheeple as my son says. We love Jesus in this house, too, and we better find a way to get back to that first century religion (which was NEVER referred to as Christianity) and learn how to treat one another or this world is going to blow itself apart. And, btw, I’m not Catholic (though my son was a cantor a the big Catholic church in town for 6 years so we went to church twice every Sunday — probably saved all of us!), but I ADORE Francis, and I’m so sad to hear the rumors that he’s planning to step down.

    • Catherine says:

      Right???? We HAD better learn to treat each other with kindness and respect–our world is falling apart and all religious ideology need to get together to stop the madness that is going on these days. I hope Frances never steps down–he’s what we all need right now. A man who is humble, kind, and loves everyone!!! XOXOXOXOXO!

  15. Margaret says:

    I agree with every single one of your points here. IMO the Duggar’s have their own cult going on – imagine how many people will be in that family 20 years from now, enough to form their own village. Unfortunately this disgusting behavior goes on in every religion. On the news this week I heard that a Hasidic Rabbi, who is also a marriage counsellor and father of 20 children (yes, 20), was found not guilty of molesting a young boy for 5 years by a Judge in a non-jury trial. Now a red flag has been raised about the impact of the Hasidic bloc vote as it related to the Judge’s election and ruling in this case, and how these cases can go from bad to worse when the alleged offender is backed by bloc populations. It’s pretty disgusting.

  16. Catherine says:

    It IS disgusting. I am pretty sure the Hasidic community judges behind closed doors and not like our jury of peers. It’s really bad. First the pedophile priests–then the rabbi. I think that there is pause to think about ANY religion’s extremists. It’ sad. The Duggars are just vulgar. Now they are “begging” for “donations” They are the lowest of the low–it’s astounding that they have “fans”!!!

  17. Reblogged this on Sarah's Attic Of Treasures and commented:
    I am really stepping out of my COMFORT ZONE HERE.
    Way, Way Out.
    When I first heard about Josh Dugger : this story anyway. I wasn’t really surprised. I have to admit: I had only seen the first TV special on the family.
    I remembered thinking: Yes, every child needs to learn how to help BUT IT IS THE MOTHER’S AND FATHER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO RAISE ALL OF THE CHILDREN. I was ANGRY that they TOLD THE OLDER CHILDREN TO RAISE THEM. I was agast later on when the babies kept “popping” out. I don’t think I have ever USES the TERM ‘”POPPING OUT ” before. I would have thought it CRUEL. To me though, It is cruel to keep having babies if YOU are never going to take care of them..
    I saw another episode years later. MORE Children. Then I heard comments about this religion and that religion. Who were they to put down any other religion but what they “Kept coming up with” .
    As a MOM, a teacher a Women…..
    How can anyone condone what happened? The parents should have had charges brought against them. What about Josh himself?
    Did they ever get counseling?
    How could they have continued to be on TV after they learned about Josh? Who protected the girls?
    How can AMERICAN’S Still want to WATCH a SHOW LIKE THAT?

    Catherine…….I love the humor here when it was needed.
    Never thought of Jesus as a Hippy before. Love it. Love you. Sarah

    • Catherine says:

      Sarah. I’m SOOOO glad that you feel the same way I do in connection with the vile way the Duggar family behaves. Honestly. I cannot even place this family in any phase of Christianity. They clearly exploit and use religious ideology in the most patronizing way–and the fan base they have! WTH?????? WOMEN defending the actions of this vile pedophile. I just find it so hard to believe that charges were not brought up against Josh Duggar OR his parents. Humor is definitely needed–but not at the victims expense. I needed to treat this with humor because its the only way I can deal with it. Josh Duggar WILL meet his maker–and it ain’t gonna be a pretty scene. As some of my very Christian “church lady” friends say “God don’t like ugly”. The Duggars are the ugliest! XOXOXOXOXOXO!!!

  18. Now it is confirmed that Catherine and Sarah are my new soul sisters!!!! This blog says everything I would say and Sarah’s response is my response! Thanks for saying everything I’m thinking!

  19. Catherine says:

    Cathy! I am honored to be your soul sister!!!! XOXOXOXO!

  20. Pamela says:

    Love it, Catherine! Sorry to be late to the party, but I got here as soon as I could. Would LOVE to hear your update, in view of the “Ashley Madison” info that just came out about Josh….

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Pamela! Oh–you just KNOW the creative juices in my mind are on overdrive with the latest Duggar news! I am due for a LONG conversation with my Hipster Jesus some time this weekend in connection with this latest news! This is incredible! I’m so glad that more info on this disgusting cult fake Christian fambly is coming to fruition! Stay tuned!!! Stay Tuned!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO!!!

  21. I agree 100% with this but I could never have written it so cleverly and hysterically funny! Great post!

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