Feelings! Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Feelings!

Ugh. I don’t know about you but this morning I woke up just feeling so “blah” and had my lazy on that I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep.

Feeling tired let me sleep

Leave me ALONE! I just feel like going back to sleep!

Bonaparte wouldn’t have it. He insisted I get out of bed and take Chippy off the bed too. He further instructed me to take a bath and make the bed!

I woke up with what I call “That Sunday Kinda Feeling”. YOU KNOW THE FEELING! It’s that queasy feeling you get in the pit of your stomach. The feeling spreads throughout your arms and legs making them feel squishy. You become anxious at the mere thought of the beginning of a new school or work week. Happens every Sunday night!  A sad end to the weekend!

Anyway—that feeling gave me an idea!

My bright idea

Like Hayley Mills in “The Parent Trap” I had a scathingly brilliant idea! OK–so it was just a bright idea!!

Being the scientifically minded, incredibly curious, absolutely inquisitive, simple-minded experimenter that I am, I decided to see how many “feelings” I could experience on this humid and hot Thursday.

Come along and spend the morning with me and you can get to experience my fun and exciting range of emotions!

Feeling “Tired”: Yeah. That’s right. I don’t feel like getting up today. I just want to stay in bed! Chippy feels the same way. The two of us can hang out and…..

Chippy is tired too

 Chippy and I are just so much alike. If we were any closer, I would be carrying a litter of puppies!

I don't even want to make the bed

I just wanted to spend a lazy day doing nothing but watching Netflix and wallowing in self-pity! But I just have too much to do!

Feeling “Intelligent”: During my slothful laziness, I discovered a rather intellectual TV show on the BBC. “Show Me The Monet”. Amateur artists vie for the opportunity to have their works accepted to be displayed in London venues. The fates hang on the decisions of three “critics”. Art is so subjective and these critics were rather condescending—oh wait! They’re British! I was feeling so intelligent watching this because I realized the judges were full of shit!

 Is it art or is it not I think it s a commercial

Is it art?  Oh wait. I think it’s a commercial. I’ll shut the TV off!

Feeling “Like a Stinky Hog”: Yeah. I didn’t bathe yesterday. Need I say more?

stinky hog

Yeah. The one on the right would be me!

Feeling “Human”: I took a bath. Now my skin is soft. I smell like flowers. AND, I shaved my entire legs so the sideburns won’t peek out from my upper thighs when I wear the bottom of my bikini!

feeling human after a bath

It felt so good to take a bath. The flies actually flew out of the house!

Flowers feeling happy

Forget daisies. I felt fresh as a bouquet of fresh flowers!

Shave those sideburns ladies!

We may be going to the Shore on Saturday. I shaved. Need I elaborate?

Feeling “Excited” and  “Guilty:  Roman is coming tomorrow to spend the weekend!!!


No filming at Fallon tomorrow  and SNL is on a break so Roman gets to come to see us a day earlier!  I’m so excited! I love hanging with my son!

I’m excited but guilty!  Saturday evening Bonaparte’s daughter, her husband and their daughter will be joining us for dinner. I’m feeling guilty because it’s just too freaking hot to bake. I should be preparing brioche dough, and perhaps getting puff pastry sheets together to prep for some nice toasty appetizer. Oh. And I should be thinking about baking a nice tarte for dessert.

Instead, I’m going to make Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken.  I’m “encoring” the link to the recipe. It’s such a standout! I double the sauce and jar it. It’s THAT good!

Vietnamese lemongrass chicken recipe

All I need to do is marinate chicken then cook everything on top of the stove. Serve it with rice. I’ll do a Kale salad with peanut dressing too.  Here’s the link for this greatest salad recipe of all time.  I hope I don’t get sued for posting this, but the Peanut dressing is to die for. I literally quadrupled it and canned it. Between this Peanut dressing and the Lemongrass sauce. I’m in heaven. Oh..I’m feeling “hungry”!!!

Once Upon A Chef Asian Kale Salad and Ginger Peanut Dressing

(NOTE: If this meal seems familiar, it is the same meal I made a few weekends ago when Jake and the girl came to visit). I’ll do the frozen Nougatine for dessert.  The recipe says to roast the pistachios in the oven for 10 minutes. It’s too hot to turn the oven on. This can be done on the stove top!  I’m making two of these!

Barefoot Contessa French Nougatine Recipe

All dishes can be done on the stovetop and the oven doesn’t need to be turned on.

I’ll figure the appetizers out later one. My brain is full right now—I don’t want to overfeed it!

Feeling “Flattered”! Yes. Thanks to the really nice comments I received for yesterday’s posting about my “uniform”, I’m feeling very pleasantly flattered today. Ouch—I can now feel my head becoming bigger. It’s blowing up like a balloon! Don’t burst little head of mine-that huge brain will splatter all over the place and will make a mess that Bonaparte will not appreciate!

Ima balloonhead

Flattery will get you everywhere. But I need to not get big headed. My ass and thighs are big enough–I don’t need a head to match it!  I’ll burst!!!!!

Feeling “OCD”: OK. While applying my makeup, I spotted a hair that was sticking out of my head. It took about three minutes to “grab” it. I needed to get my hands on that stray hair because it had split ends all..the…way…up…the..hair..shaft. I needed to get rid of the splits! Come on ladies—don’t tell me you’ve never done that before. I can practically see you checking your hair after you read this!

Who doesnt love a great series of split ends on a single strand of hair!

Ladies, do NOT tell me you have NEVER done this! There is nothing like sating the OCD appetite like finding that one strand of hair with a million splits on it! PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one….

Feeling “Ambitious”: I’m getting ready to make my grocery list. I’ll get dressed and go to Wegman’s then come back and start my prep work. I’m so ambitious!

Feeling “Reflective”: I’m thinking about what to write on my blog!

feeling reflective. I also have the feeling I need to clean my mirror.

In a reflective mood. I’m actually reflecting on the fact I really REALLY need to clean this mirror. It’s a mess!

Feeling “Hypocritical”: I forgot to mention in yesterday’s “Uniform” post about my summer dress uniform of maxi dresses and skirts. I only wear them in the summer. For some reason, they are quite comfy. I really am not a hypocrite! I just forgot!

Dressed to the maxi.

I forgot to add my summer maxi uniform to yesterday’s post. I feel almost as hypocritical as the Duggar family!  Dressed to the maxi to go food shopping!

Feeling “Like-I-Better-Get-Off-My-Fat-Ass-And-Get-A-Move-On! I need to get back to ambitious and get outta here to run errands!

I made the bed

Yeah. I’m bustin’ a move. I made the bed. Now onto the supermarket!

Feeling ” Temptation”: At Wegman’s. In the snack aisle. I’m tempted by the goodies but I just looked down at my ass. Je passé!

I'm feeling mighty tempted

Ahhh. Pretzels and Corn Chips. Washed down with chocolate milk. What more could an emotional eater ask for?

Feeling “MORE Temptation:. Damn. I’m in the cookie aisle. I want to motorboat the Milano’s!

I want to motorboat these twins.  Salted Pretzel. Toffee. Oh god. Now I know how Jesus felt in the desert!

Sweet Toffee and Salted Pretzel Milano Slices! This is just too much for me. Now I know how Jesus felt during Lent!!!  Milano = The Devil. I must walk away from temptation!

Feeling ” Are You KIDDING Me?”and disgusted: It’s freakin’ August. AUGUST!! Halloween candy? Already? I hope parents realize the garbagy candy their kids will be eating just shy of three months will be stale and covered in bloom!

This is disturbing

I’m also feeling slightly scared! Will the Christmas decorations and candy be displayed next week?

Feeling “Uncomfortable and Awkward”: At the check out to pay for groceries. The cashier detected my New Yawk accent and asked me if I was, in fact, a New Yorker. I told her I was born there and lived in NY for many years. She then told me she went to the 9/11 memorial and asked me if I was there yet?

Awkward silence after I told her I worked in the Twin Towers a long time ago and wasn’t quite ready to go back to that sight.

Awkward silence broken after I told her it was important, though, that people never forget and should go to visit the site.

Ya just don’t know what the day will bring!

Feeling “Happy”: Yay!!! I turned “Nostalgie” radio on as soon as I got into my car. My favorite Laurent Voulzy song “Bubble Star” was playing. It put me in a bubbly and extremely happy mood to listen to it!

Voulzy Bell Ile en Mer

I love Laurent Voulzy. His OTHER happy song is Rockollection. I’m telling you. This Frenchman rocks–as only a Frenchie can rock!

Feeling proud. My car is still clean

I’m also feeling happy because my car is STILL clean–it’s been three weeks. Look how organized my groceries are!

Feeling “Clumsy”: While putting the groceries away, I stubbed my toe, dropped tomatoes all over the floor and knocked an opened bag of pistachios all over the counter.

Am I bad for getting Mac and Cheese pre packaged

I also had to fight Chippy over the stuff that fell on the floor. Don’t judge me by that boxed Mac & Cheese. It’s for Bonaparte’s granddaughter. I don’t know if a five-year old can handle that spicy Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken!

Feeling “A Sense of Accomplishment”: I put the groceries away.

Feeling “Incredibly Comfortable”: I took off my maxi dress and stripped off my underwear and put on my truly disgusting ratty booty shorts and baggy t-shirt. Now I can go downstairs to the kitchen and start doing prep work for the weekend meals!

Always happy to get back into slob mode!

Ohhh. It is just so comfortable when I change into ratty clothing! At least my makeup and hair will look nice when Bonaparte comes home from work!

I don’t know what kinds of feelings I’ll continue to have during the remainder of the day, but I can tell you that I will be feeling like a complete slob when I do the prep work.

Then, when I’m done, I’ll feel determined because I’ll be cleaning and scrubbing that kitchen till you can eat off the floors!

I certainly hope that in spite of any feelings we all may have during the day, the positive and happy feelings combat any bad feelings we may experience!!!

XOXOXOXO! You KNOW I just cannot resist posting this song!! “Feelings”. But I’m posting the piano version by the original Loulou Gaste..and you won’t have to listen to the gooey, syrupy words!

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Far from perfect, but enjoying life as a non-perfect and flawed individual at 60 years young. I'm still wondering what I'll be when I grow up! The characters in my life's screenplay include my better half. He is a refined Frenchman who grew up in Paris and summered in St. Tropez. I grew up in Long Island and summered in Long Island. I am not refined. My three grown children are also a big part of my life. For their sake, they happily live where their careers have taken them! But I can still mother them from a distance! I write about the mundane. I write about deeply shallow issues. But whatever I write or muse about--it'll always be a bit on the humorous and positive side! It's all good!
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29 Responses to Feelings! Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Feelings!

  1. koolitzable says:

    been lazy first in the morning but you accomplished something at the end of the day

  2. OMG! It literally takes you all day to prepare for your blog. And you call yourself lazy??

  3. Margaret says:

    Yep, I can relate to having those feelings all in the same day too. What can we do, that’s life! Just saw your prior post about your daughter heading to her new career. I can relate, mine lives just an hour away and I still think that’s too far and I have to repeat my “Roots and Wings” mantra, lol. I would have totally yelled out for her in the airport too, don’t see anything wrong with that at all. Good luck to Oona! Enjoy your weekend dinner with your family, the recipes look delicious!

  4. Catherine says:

    Thanks Margaret! Bonaparte has been on the phone doing all sorts of research for Oona with a new car and insurance–it’s so hard to do this stuff from a distance (Oh…I feel a Bette Midler song coming on). She’s very happy in her new location–which is a great thing! I like that “Roots and Wings’ mantra by the way. I think I may be using it! XOXOXOXO!

  5. In broadcasting, we would hide “booby-traps” around for the other DJ’s… Mis-marked recorded cartridges were favorites, because you would think you were pushing the button for a commercial, and it might be the sound of a bodily function or a Native American chant. I actually used this song as a booby-trap once. The next DJ got 3-min 46-seconds of “Feelings” instead of a PSA. Thanks for bringing me back 🙂

    • Catherine says:

      David. That is soooo funny! I had no idea that broadcasters would pull such antics! LOL! The instrumental version is much better than the song! Glad I was able to bring you some memories!! XOXO!

  6. Funny is such an accomplishment…no need for anything else! I laughed and laughed…great stuff! You have a gorgeous bedspread!

    • Catherine says:

      Thank you so much! I’m so glad you got a laugh out of today’s post–that’s my goal. To make others laugh! Ohhh. I’m glad you like the bedspread too! XOXOXOXO!

  7. LuTress says:

    You’re awesome!

  8. Catherine says:

    Awww. Thanks so much. That friggin’ big balloon head is going to burst now–and I’ll have to re clean the kitchen! XOXOXOXO!

  9. I had to laugh over your point of views and the comedy in your details. Very nice and inviting. 🙂

  10. Annamrie Campbell says:

    I am glad to hear I am not alone – I have been having such a hard time getting myself up and going this whole week! Please keep sharing your humor, experiences, recipes, music, etc, etc with us all.. I look forward to reading them, even when I don’t get a chance to comment!!😀

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Annamarie! Oh…it IS hard to get up, isn’t it? I actually opted to stay in bed early this morning and watch “Marriage, Italian Style”. Sophia Loren is just so beautiful and Marcello Mastioanni is so handsome. Have you ever seen that movie? I may be writing about it………………….XOXOXOXO!

  11. gk says:

    How do you measure the tablespoons of peanut butter for the dressing? And does it last for a bit in the fridge if you make an extra batch?
    I feel like I’m spending time with a dear and old friend when I visit your blog!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi gk. Here’s a tip: Rub the inside of the tablespoon with oil. The PB will literally slide right out!!! It definitely lasts in the fridge. I’ve got two batches in the fridge as I write this. One was made a week ago…I put in on cooked chicken and veg! That peanut dressing is addictive!!!!! Hey. We ARE old friends! XOXOXOXO!

  12. BunKaryudo says:

    Yep, I always used to always a BBC show was a great thing to “accidentally” have on in the background if someone came calling. It just seemed to automatically create an intelligent atmosphere, like my living room was wearing glasses. I don’t get it anymore, sadly. I’ve tried the kids’ old Sponge Bob Square Pants DVDs, but they don’t seem to have quite the same effect.

  13. Catherine says:


  14. Reblogged this on Sarah's Attic Of Treasures and commented:
    If You want a really real and uplifting blog about a 60 ish woman who feels like we all do at times…..takes pictures at the grocery store , her messy bed and then posts from The Barefoot Contessa and Other food bloggers ….the list goes on…..I feel like I know her and have just spent the day with her then Please Check Out Catherine at A Typical 60 : Whoa Whoa Feelings Post.

  15. As you can tell I loved this.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Sarah, I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am that I really loved my posting! It was the nicest surprise–after cleaning up from a houseful of dinner guests and running around, I read your comment and it just made m so happy that you replogged me post! Thank you again!! Made my evening!! XOOXOXOXOXO

  16. amommasview says:

    A post full of feelings…

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