Christmas Comes in February!

Tomorrow is the big day!  I’ll be enjoying the Christmas gift that the kids gave me.  A trip to Fayetteville, Arkansas to see Oona!  Last July, we tearfully bid each other farewell at LaGuardia—a result of her job transfer.  Oona’s farewell.

We’ve only seen each other twice since then and it sucks to have your only daughter so far away. But come tomorrow, we’ll argue and make up—many times.  She’ll take me to Chrystal Bridges Art Museum.  We’ll go out to dinner.  We will work out together. I’ll get very sore, but I won’t care.

We will have fun cooking together and doing all things girly.  Instead of me, as mother, guiding her.  It’ll be my daughter guiding me.  That’s kinda cool.  And I’m so happy that we have a great relationship. It’s the kind I always wanted to have with my own mother but was never able to achieve!

Oona and me in our cardis

It’ll be fun to just hang out together!  We will even break Paleo to go to Starbucks!

Anyway, I packed and repacked and packed and repacked.

everything gets taken out of the Longchamp bag

Everything has been taken out of the Longchamp bag…

I took everything out of the Longchamp weekender that I originally planned on taking and transferred the contents into the “suitcase” that Bonaparte bought for me.   Actually, that isn’t bad because it has wheels. That’ll be more convenient for me to run to my connecting flight because I know my first flight will be delayed and I’ll make my connection by seconds!

The carryon

…and packed into this suitcase.  I also took out the heavy sweaters. The weather is supposed to be a bit warmer in Arkansas.

My acrylic nails have been well-manicured with a fill-in and polish.

The acrylics are done

My fake nails are looking very “Barbra Striesand Hands”. Soon it’ll be time for the fake tan!

The mess that Chippy created when went to get my nails done is cleaned up. He is so spoiled that he acts out when I leave without him.

Ya leave a dog alone...

I’ve never had a dog that was so fascinated by garbage as Chippy is…

chippy the wonderdog 011

..but that face. I can’t stay mad at him!

My hair, which I colored on Sunday, is back in a roller set so my hair will be nice and big when I travel!

My hair earlier this morning–I did a roller set on Sunday and it stayed nice and wavy.  To reinforce those waves, I’ll keep the rollers in until I go to sleep. Then I’ll put my hair up in a high pony tail and the waves will remain.  Beauty is painful. I know this. My head hurts from the bobby pins.

I baked a batch of Momofuku Corn Cookies for Bonaparte to enjoy while I’m away!


I hope he doesn’t eat them all at once! Click on the Momofuku link above for the recipe!

The remainder of the day will have me relaxing—I gotta hit the sack early to be up and at ’em in the morning!

Have fun.  Enjoy your upcoming weekend and I’ll report back next week. Don’t forget me!

Chippy is so excitable that he made me think of this great Warren Zevon song. He is a rather excitable boy!


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34 Responses to Christmas Comes in February!

  1. Paula Fowler aka Gail says:

    Cathe, Bon Voyage! Enjoy the time with your lovely daughter. Your rings are beautiful! How could we forget YOU???XOXO

    • Catherine says:

      LOL. Thanks Paula! Bonaparte sure has great taste in the ring department–doesn’t he? Can’t wait to have fun with Oona! I’ll let you know how it went! XOXOXO!!!

  2. Sade Travels GF!!! Enjoy your mom/daughter time!!! I have a few more months till I see my kiddoes!!!

  3. Ok…that was suppose to be Safe 😬

  4. Miss Bougie says:

    I imagine it’s difficult when your baby moves away. I can’t bear to think about it. My daughter is still at home and I don’t know where she will end up in a couple of years. Is your daughter ‘s move permanent, or will she move back closer to you?
    Enjoy your stay and I hope you’ll bring back lots of memories. Happy landing.

    • Catherine says:

      It is hard. With her career, it isn’t a permanent move but her next move could be to Chicago (yay!) or Dallas (yay) or hopefully back to NY! (Big yay!). Thanks and I’ll be making lots of fun memories! XOXOXO!

  5. Jane Martel(totally French) Billman says:

    Have a fabulous time with your daughter! Safe travels !!! XO Jane

  6. It is my dream to have a close relationship with my children (like to one you describe) – I live in hope!

    • Catherine says:

      If you hope, you will have! Seriously. I think the foundation for the close relationship was being open with them and just having fun and loving the time spent with them! Now I have great memories! XOXOXO!

  7. calensariel says:

    I sure do LOVE the color of that suitcase. Champagne? And I’m glad to see someone else likes their nail tips rounded. Doesn’t seem to be the thing in Utah, but that’s how I do mine. Hope you have an amazing time, girlfriend!

    • Catherine says:

      I call the color “Silly Putty” but it is more of a champagne. I’m tired of the black suitcases–they all look the same! Oh..I LOVE rounded nail tips. The square tips are so unattractive and look odd to me. I’ll keep the well-rounded nail. Makes the fingers look slender! Thanks though. I’m looking forward to the fun. Oona told me earlier tonight she has some suprises for me! XOXOXO!

  8. theturtle says:

    Wishing you good travels and a great time with your lovely daughter 🙂
    Will Chippy attack the garbage pail everyday you’ll be absent in protest ? You might need to leave a few more cookies for dear Bonaparte 😉
    Turtle Hugs

  9. What pretty nails you’ve got Oh my lady and Chip does look like a busy, interesting Chap.

    • Catherine says:

      Thanks Jacqueline! Nothing like a set of acrylics to make the hands look naturally pretty! Chippy is on his best behavior today because he’s glad to see me home! XOXOXO!

  10. BunKaryudo says:

    I hope you have a great time with Oona down in Fayetteville. You should definitely let Bonaparte eat the cookies and not be tempted yourself. You’ll need to be in tiptop condition to race for your connecting flight. (Of course, this is coming from me, the man who has never once said no to a cookie in his life.) 🙂

    • Catherine says:

      Oh Bun. I’m home and working on a multiple-parter of a post about my trip. Funny that you just knew I would be exercising over a connecting flight! XOXO!

      • BunKaryudo says:

        I have so much experience of running from one end of an airport to another, so I guess I just assumed everybody had the same problem. 🙂

  11. hipchick66 says:

    Wishing you a safe journey and a great time!

    • Catherine says:

      Thanks Lori! It was a fantastic time and I’m gathering my thoughts for a post! Arkansas is not bad–well, the part of Arkansas that I visited was nice! XOXOXO

  12. Bon voyage, mon amie! This is surely an amazing Christmas present. Hope you have an amazing time with your daughter. xx

  13. Hope you have fun! Chippy is soo cute! 😀

  14. Bernadette says:

    You are probably already with your daughter today. Enjoy your time together. Enjoyed this post.

  15. amanpan says:

    I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. The nominees are under no obligation to pass on the award. I pass the award to those that I follow and enjoy their talent, as well as those that are supportive of my blogs. Instructions are posted in my blog:

  16. Tasha says:

    Chip is a cutie! Your daughter is a splitting imagine of her mom!! Even down to her smile! Lucky you…my daughter looks like her dad. Enjoy your trip, especially the mother/daughter time. I bet it will be very special!

  17. LosiLosLoco says:

    I sympathize with that wanting of a close relationship with a parent and not having it. I wish that between me and my dad. But men tend to be very distant… But you never know…maybe it will happen some day… Hope you enjoyed your trip! Will read on it soon 😀

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