A Weekend Getaway! The One Night Micro-Mini Vacation!

Every now and then Bonaparte and I like to take a little weekend trip.  To be honest with you, we haven’t done this in a while.  Our last weekend “trip” was to Paris (Jesus, I sound like a pretentious asshole and I really don’t mean it like that) but it was for a funeral.

With my never-ending job search and depression hovering over me, Bonaparte decided it was time to, once again, hit the road and get away for a little weekend overnight micro-mini vacation.

We drove down to DC!


Oh yeah, baby!  I LOVE our visits to DC. It’s actually one of my favorite places to spend time.  Funny though–because so many of my conservative friends call me an “America Hater”. That’s just not true. I love my country so much that I call it out on it’s issues!

We’ve been visiting our Nation’s Capital for quite a few years now.  We started when Oona was attending University of Maryland.  It was a convenient way to visit her and have fun on our own.

Oona u of MD graduation photo close up

It’s been a while since we visited my little Terp, Oona at University of Maryland!  Last time at the University was at her graduation almost five years ago.

Our stopovers at U of MD may have ceased, but our routine continues to remain pretty much the same:

Saturday morning, I got ready.  I applied my makeup and packed enough for a touchup and for a light application the next morning. Quite honestly, I bring more toiletries with me than clothing— even if it is just overnight!

I got dressed and wore the same clothing for our dinner out.  I don’t like getting super dressed up when we are on a relaxing overnighter.  Dark wash skinny jeans, a sweater and my ever- dependable J. Crew Schoolboy blazer.

Satur-day into night outfit

I am loving the GAP 1969 Stretch Skinny jeans because I  can still fit my fat ass into an 8.  I’m also glad that I have multiple Schoolboy Blazers in various sizes. With the heavy Sweater ( from J. Crew Factory) my Schoolboy in a size 10 fits much more comfortably. The boots are from a few years back–from Nordstrom.

I packed a change of clothing for the next day and my Old Navy PJ bottoms and a tee shirt for our time in the hotel room.

The more casual sunday outfit

Next day outfit. Old Navy Rockstar Jeans (these are incredibly comfortable), J. Crew Perfect shirt from about four years ago and the tried and true and DISCONTINUED J. Crew Schoolboy blazer!

We dropped Chippy off at PetSmart’s pet hotel.  It’s good for him to spend time with his doggie buddies and the staff knows and enjoys him.

We stayed, as always, at our favorite hotel in Falls Church, Virginia.  The Marriott.  And we plan our getaways only when the hotel has the special weekend rate.  At $89.00 we get a great room and a breakfast included. Free Wi-Fi is available for 24 hours and that is all we need.

Room at the Marriot

This room was great.  The bed was so comfortable and as soft as a cloud.  We slept very well!

The location into downtown DC is fantastic.  In moments we are in Georgetown to enjoy a bit of shopping and dinner at our favorite restaurant—Le Bistro Francais!  We’ve been coming here for years now and the food is always consistently good. Great French cuisine at an affordable price.  Bonaparte naturally orders Steak Frites and I always chose between the Rognons de Veau (veal kidneys. I LOVE offal)  or the Steak Tartare.


Bonaparte and I love this restaurant in Georgetown…..

Rognons de veau

Yum!  Veal kidneys.  The only other place I can get these is at my home! I swear I could eat these once or twice a week.

We always stop at Dean and Deluca and J. Crew (my love/hate relationship with Crew will never end).

Overpriced fun at Dean and Deluca

Dean & DeLuca–all the food is so delicious. And ridiculously overpriced.  Wayyyyyyy overpriced…

Beautifully stacked spices

…but is still so much fun to browse and comparison shop.  Look how pretty these spices are displayed…

Um. Valentine's Day was a while ago but these still look delightful.

..and their chocolates are just as beautiful. But  I think it may be time to replace the Valentine’s Day hearts with chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies!

This time around I picked up a pair of the original style Pixie Pants. Since my weight loss is working at an incredibly slow pace (5 pounds in two months. I’m dismayed and disgusted), I had to go up a size to a 10.

Ass of picie pant

Yeah. My “original” Pixie Pants are wearing out after many years. I just had the hook & eye replaced by the tailor.   I’m sure that any day now Jenna Lyons will decide to discontinue these great fitting and long-wearing pants and replace them with some sort of fugly flimsy substitute. 

I was so disgusted with myself that I ended up happily going full-on gluten and during dinner had multiple slices of the most delicious crusty bread!  It tasted so good! I didn’t stop there.  I went full-on glutton and had chocolate mousse for dessert and it was spectacular!

A walk back to the car and a drive around downtown winded up the evening and back to the hotel to relax for the remainder of the night.

It’s funny. I’m really not a breakfast person. I enjoy my morning coffee but if I eat a big breakfast I feel too full.  But there is just something special about this first meal of the day when you are away.  I love the breakfasts at this Marriott because I always order the same thing. Egg white omelette with mushrooms, spinach and feta.  Bonaparte always has scrambled eggs, sausage and bacon.  It fuels us up for our Sunday activities.

Much-needed Sunday Morning Cawfee

I love me a good, strong cuppa cawfee and this hotel delivers….

To go with my omelette and roasted mushies!

I enjoyed this egg white omelette with spinach, mushrooms and feta cheese. Roasted mushrooms added to the enjoyment!

After breakfast, we checked out and visited The National Gallery.  The selection of art in this museum is astounding and it is completely free of charge. It is a truly inexpensive way to enjoy the beautifully curated pieces of art.

National Gallery of Art. Look at the sky

The National Gallery of Art is one of my favorite museums ever.  ALSO–if you arrive early on Sunday (it opens at 11:00 AM), street parking is readily available!

Franz Hals, Young Man in a Large Hat

We started our museum visit in the Dutch and Flemish galleries. I LOVE this painting by Frans Hals “A Young Man in a Large Hat”. I would wear that hat. Yes. I would!

Rembrandt's A Polish Nobelman

Rembrandt’s “Polish Nobelman” is another favorite.  This is NOT my ex-husband!

More rembrandt

I love Rembrandt’s portraits…


...and everyday scenes by the Flemish painters…

Flemish floral painting

…especially the floral and fruit still life paintings. Look at the lighting. Isn’t it beautiful?

Rubens David in the Lions Den

Rubens “Daniel in the Lions Den” is another great painting.

And, as always, it is always great to view the French paintings.


Jean-Louis David’s Bonaparte was watching over us! How appropriate–I had Bonaparte bookends to watch over me!

detail from the swing

…and Fragonard’s paintings always put me into a happy place. I think “The Swing” is one of his most dreamy and ethereal paintings.

Fragonards in the nursery

Fragonard’s “Visit to the Nursery” is another one that I love. Look at the expression on the dad’s face.

Fragonard girl reading book

..and tell me that his “Girl Reading Book” didn’t influence Renoir!

Monet's Pont Neuf full size

Monet’s “Pont Neuf” brings back memories of….

Detail from Monet's Pont Neuf painting

Daniele’s apartment!!  Look. I’ve circled the building where we spent so many visits over the years!  It’s so cool that Monet painted it!

Watteau's Italian Comediens

Watteau’s “Comediens Italiens” is another great painting…

Louis Quatorze

..as Louis XIV keeps a watchful eye over everyone!

Goya's Gypsy Girl

And Goya’s “Gypsy Girl” keeps a bemused eye upon all!


The fountain in the Rotunda looked so nice and Springy with the surrounding Azaleas!


They were even more beautiful up front. I happen to be a big fan of these azaleas displayed indoors because I didn’t have the threat of a bee stinging me looming.

The sunny skies and temperature were incredible too—65 degrees!  Finally after a winter of crappy, grey, damp and dark weather, Mother Nature handed us a gift.  People were out and about and genuinely seemed so happy to be enjoying a beautiful day.

The trip to DC is always monumental

It was a monumental day! Actually, a late February day was perfect for visiting because the summer crowds are gone!

I wish I had photoshop

Thank you Bonaparte, for taking me away for a fun little trip!

And that just about winded our little trip.  I’m very grateful and thankful to Bonaparte in his attempts to make me feel better. It’s been a tough year for me, my hypochondria, anxiety, blah, blah, blah–so it’s just nice to be able to get away if only for a night.    It makes me realize life is good!


I had a good laugh at this banner.  With the way the Republicans are behaving at their debates–it isn’t “horray”–it is more of an embarrassment!

On this Monday morning, and since we were in the political headquarters of our nation, here’s some Steppenwolf—do you remember this? It is more powerful now–we need to listen to the lyrics now more than ever!




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24 Responses to A Weekend Getaway! The One Night Micro-Mini Vacation!

  1. Miss Bougie says:

    Oh you lucky girl. I love DC. We’ve been several times. There is So much to see; so many extraordinary museums and landmarks. Love the Smithsonian Institute.We spent hours there with the children. Good memories!

    • Catherine says:

      It’s funny but even though the size of DC is quite small, there really are a ton of places to see. We never tire of our visits there. Glad you have good memories! XOXOXO!

  2. hipchick66 says:

    Glad you had such an enjoyable weekend trip! Thank you for sharing the art, as an artist I’m always inspired by the classics 🙂

    • Catherine says:

      Lori. I am so at my peaceful place whenever I am viewing classic art. I love spending time going over the details of the paintings and the styles..it’s a perfect way to spend a day! XOXOXO!

  3. spearfruit says:

    I know you and Bonaparte had a wonderful time on your micro mini vacation in DC. It has been years since I visited DC and it was in February and was freezing! I need to visit again in a much warmer month. Thanks Catherine, I felt like I was on vacation with you. 🙂

  4. Looks great – now I want to go on holiday!

  5. ohhh, M street, do you love it ?! not only for french bistro 🙂 (btw I love it)
    come over during the * Cherry blossom* :)nice places to visit !


    • Catherine says:

      I do love M Street. My brother used to live in DC when he was on the Presidential Honor Guard. Bonaparte used to live on DuPont Circle before he made the move to NY and Phily! It’s funny, I’ve been in DC during all four seasons, but I’ve never been there when the Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom. I feel another weekend trip coming soon! I LOVE your photos!!! Thank you so much for the links! XOXOXOXO!!

      • ohh, a miss . the best time to vizit ( for you , and the worst time for me 😉
        I’ve worked in DC….for 20 years… wisconsin ave, m street, dupont circle area- are my fief 🙂
        you’re very welcome !

  6. I’ve been to Washington once! We got off and stayed two days during our major train trip to Philadelphia. Wonderful, loved it. We did everything a tourist is meant to do including going to a Smithsonian museum – aren’t they just amazing. Yes, we went into the one that everyone says you should, the Air and Space one. However, we wandered around the main hall and I said to my other half, ‘it’s about rockets isn’t it, nahhh, not interested.’ So off we went and found our way to the American History museum. Now that was truly fascinating and enjoyable – got ourselves on a tour which really brought the exhibits to life. Made my day when I saw Judy Garlands’ ruby slippers!!!

    I’m so glad Bonaparte took you away – you take care and know that you are one talented lady. Someone somewhere will take you on – definitely xxxxx

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Penny! Oh. The American History museum is fantastic! I was there years ago when the kids were younger. There really are so many things to do in such a small area of space in DC. And I’m with you on the Air and Space museum. It isn’t my cup of tea either! I’m glad Bonaparte took me away as well! I’m lucky! XOXOXO!!

  7. calensariel says:

    I LOVE the National Gallery! I spent a lot of time in the Dutch,Flemish exhibit when we were there last September. Got a whole three hours by myself while everyone else went to the Air and Space Museum. It was such an enjoyable day for me. Bought the most adorable little glass box with a pewter dragonfly on it. $35! Such a deal! Our daughter & company live right on the edge of the U of M in College Park. We’ve stayed at the Marriott on the campus once (their house is SO small!), and we wouldn’t stay there again. Might have to try yours someday! But the metro is only two blocks from their house. Great for walking to.

    • calensariel says:

      Although my favorite place in DC is the Holocaust Museum. Been there three times now.

      • Catherine says:

        Thank you Lady Calen, for reminding me of the Holocaust Museum. It is a definite must see for anyone visiting DC and, in fact, I think Bonaparte and I need to revisit on our next trip! XOXOXO!!!

  8. theturtle says:

    Never been to Washington (yet 😉 ) ! Loved the mini-trip you took us on 😀
    Thank you Catherine 🙂

    • Catherine says:

      That’s right Turtle–YET–is the magic word. I truly hope that you get the chance to come visit our Nation’s Capital one day (..and I hope it is when the new president may not be one of the republican clowns)!

  9. Paula Fowler aka Gail Simon says:

    Cathe, that was great! So happy you had a good time. We love Bonaparte! xoxo

  10. We’re jealous! We both lived and worked near DC for years and it is one of our favorite cities. Glad that you were able to enjoy it for us 🙂

    • Catherine says:

      I’m always happy to lend a hand–and am glad I was able to enjoy DC for you! It really is one of our favorite cities too. Never a dull moment there! XOXOXO!

  11. LosiLosLoco says:

    Great trip. Oh museums. I love them for historical works! And that omelette sounded like heaven to me right now! OH how I cannot avoid my food obsession! 😛 Great post!

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