She’s Selling Me The Good Foundation. It’s Coming With High Expectations.

Ok ladies. Sing along with me to the tune of The Beach Boy’s “Good Vibrations”

“She’s selling me the good foundation”
“It’s coming with high expectations”

“Um bah bah. Good Foundation Ba-ah”

I bought a new foundation.  Expectations were high! Actually, I was in Ulta last week to pick up another Mally 24/7 Brow Express. Just my luck Ulta isn’t selling it anymore.  My brows are screwed.

But it didn’t stop me from checking out the foundations.

The cool weather is approaching and the time to change up the makeup is upon us. The thing is, I have quite the number of foundations. They range from high-end to low-end.

When I was young—I’m talking in my twenties and thirties. I never wore foundation.  If I had a blemish I covered it up with Max Factor’s Erase. Remember that?  Best concealer ever made!

My routine was pretty simple. Eye makeup and lip gloss. I didn’t even need blush because I had strong pink undertones.

Truthfully, I didn’t even start wearing foundation until I was in my early forties. My skin started to change. It became a bit drier and a bit—well, blotchy.

My go-to foundation was a drug store brand. L’Oréal’s True Match. I wore it for years. Years! The second I hit the bottom of the bottle, I would run out and replace my C-3, Creamy Natural.



My color was C3, Creamy Natural. But I am “cool”. Oh yeah. I’m cool alright!

That little bottle served me well until I hit menopause.  The foundation that once gave me a smooth appearance was suddenly not working for me anymore.

And that’s when I began my search for the perfect foundation.  I’m still searching.

I used Makeup Forever’s HD Foundation. This was before they reformulated it and renamed it Ultra HD Foundation.  I wore that foundation until they changed it.  The Ultra didn’t work for me.

MUFE did not cover all my flaws.

In all fairness, this stopped working for me a bit before they reformulated and changed it up from HD to “Ultra” HD.  *Sigh* I swear sometimes I feel I have to change foundation as much as I change underwear!

I couldn’t wear Lancôme foundation because none of the colors are a good match for my skin tone.  MAC foundation is just too yellow for me.

It isn’t easy to find a foundation that works.

On a whim, I purchased Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Smoothing Balm. The sales assistant promised me it would smooth out my skin and cover my “fine lines”.  When I questioned her on the fact that the “balm” couldn’t possibly be hydrating because it wasn’t liquid, she laughed and told me that it would fill my face with moisture.

She lied.  It remains one of the worst products I’ve ever purchased. A complete fail.  I use it as a backup concealer. As a concealer it isn’t too bad. But I see that Tarte no longer makes this.  Oh. I wonder why???


This “balm” or whatever it is, is certainly NOT older woman friendly. In fact, I don’t think it is ANY woman friendly. Although it is a decent backup concealer.

Another product that I sometimes wonder why I purchased is Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Foundation.  The foundation itself isn’t bad. I just wonder why I purchased the gimmicky push compact that the foundation comes in.   An incredibly light hand is needed in applying this foundation too.  It can get really cakey after a while and enhances not your natural beauty, but enhances every line and crack you have.   I guess that’s why the Lauder Company is rebranding themselves more toward youth.   I swear if I didn’t spend $45 bucks on this, I would have thrown it in the trash.


Left to right. Marc Jacobs foundation, Becca foundation, and Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in the gimmicky push down compact.

Givenchy’s Teint Couture Foundation was one that I liked a lot. It never got cakey.  It was pretty matte too but not drying.   It didn’t cover the fine lines though.

Blend of foundations

You know, the more I think about it, the more I liked the Givenchy Teint Couture foundation.  I think I liked it better than the Marc Jacobs. See–this is the problem with having so many foundations…

Neither does the Marc Jacobs foundation that I have.  This happens to be another foundation that I like because of the ability to not cake up.  But I think a lot happens to depend on how I apply. I always apply with a blending sponge then buff with a brush.

And as much as I like the Givenchy and the Jacobs foundations, they didn’t achieve Holy Grail status for me.  I would like more of a dewy glow. That dewy look just looks nice and hydrating without looking like an oil slick.

e.l.f. cosmetics is so inexpensive that I’ve given their BB cream and tinted moisturizers a try. And I have to say, the tinted moisturizer isn’t bad—I’ve said it before too. It isn’t great either. It’s ok. It’s fine.  You really need to build it up to get good coverage—but you can’t build it up too much or it’ll get cakey. And yes—despite the promises of smooth skin, even tinted moisturizers can get cakey if you apply either too much or apply with a heavy hand.


The e.l.f. face makeups. I equate BB’s and tinted moisturizers with foundations–only they are extremely light.  As you can see, I’ve used the Flawless Finish Foundation quite a bit.  The BB cream looks well-used too but I don’t remember using it all that much. I hope Bonaparte isn’t diggin’ into my makeup!

But—e.l.f. has one of the best foundations ever for the money. Flawless Finish Foundation.  At six bucks this is an absolute steal.  It’s funny too because on the back of the bottle, the directions state to “Apply generously 15 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply at least every two hours”.  I’m sure this is because the foundation contains SPF 15 sunscreen.   Look. Any woman in her right mind would never apply a foundation generously.  This is not a mask. This is a foundation.  If you are that concerned about the sun (as I am because I had skin cancer on my face), you will apply sunscreen before you apply foundation.  I’m sorry if I’m sounding snarky here, and I know those directions meal well, but this foundation is so great that you only need a small amount for good coverage.  A small amount will last all day and again, won’t hide the fine lines, but if you blend and buff, you won’t get that cakey look. The color I use is  “porcelain”.  This is the foundation I bring with me if we are going away for a long weekend or a few days. If I leave it behind, I won’t freak out. Honestly, it’s a great travel foundation.

My only con with this is that the pump in the bottle is cheap and on one occasion broke. For six bucks, I can’t really complain though.

And last of all, my newest addition.

Back to Ulta. I was looking around at the foundations and a cute makeup assistant from Becca approached me. We started talking and I told her I was checking out the Becca cosmetics because I’ve heard, but never used!  I also told her that cosmetics companies lie when they pontificate about what their products do.


Isn’t Melissa Luna adorable?  Look how glowy her skin is! I need to go visit her again!

Well, Melissa Luna, (That’s her name! I love it—it rhymes with Oona!) suggested I try Becca’s “Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation”.


Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation. Lives up to it’s name–I’ll tell you that much!

She told me that it was a good choice for drier and more mature skin and that it went on smoothly and had good staying power. She never made a promise about disguising “fine lines”. She put a sample of the color “fair” on my cheek and it blended in well.  At $44.00 for one ounce, the price was pretty much the average of a higher end foundation. But I figure it this way–it’s as though one ounce of food was 44 Weight Watchers points. I would only eat a teeny bit and make it last a long time. With this foundation, I only use 1 point worth on my face!  Isn’t that a great way of looking at it?


It looks darker in the bottle but goes on so naturally and blends with my skin tone!

I’ve been wearing this as my “office” foundation since making the purchase and here’s what I think.

First of all, I am not crazy about the “dropper” method.  The foundation comes in a nice looking frosted bottle. And instead of a pump bottle, you use the dropper to apply the makeup.  At first I was a bit put off because of the thickness of the product. I thought that there would be an awful lot of waste with this dropper thingy.


My only “con” is this dropper. It looks thick but it isn’t. Oh well, I guess the dropper is better than having a pump break.

But—you only need a drop or two for your entire face.  I apply with a dampened blender sponge then I buff.  Honestly, it goes on smoothly.  It actually gives off a bit of dewiness. Yeah.  And, the staying power is great.  Does it hide my fine lines? Hell no! But the product doesn’t get all gunky and cakey in those fine lines.


It may not hide my fine lines but this Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation did NOT get cakey in those lines!


Ready for work. Ugh. It was dark and pouring rain so the lighting is a bit weird but look closely, on my cheek you can see where the foundation gives a luminosity. I’m really happy with this….AND–get this….


When I came home from work ( I  KNOW, I’m cross-eyed as hell. I had a lot of documentation to look over today) and washed my face, all the foundation washed off so that meant it stayed put–from 7:00 AM until 6:00 PM!


This is a tissue with the foundation that I wiped off at 6:00 PM. That is staying power!

I can definitely see a repurchase here.  I’m also very happy that Luna was upfront and honest with me. She made no false promises. She agreed that it is hard to find the right foundation too.  I will be visiting her again at Ulta to see what other surprises Becca cosmetics may have in store for me.

Could Becca cosmetics be a good choice overall for the mature woman? I honestly don’t know, but I do know that the Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation is a good one for older women.



I wasn’t too thrilled with this photo from Becca’s website. Where are the OLDER WOMEN?? I’ve already e-mailed Becca. We’ll see if I get a reply!

If you are looking for a decent foundation for the winter, check out this Becca foundation and let me know what you think?  Do you have a favorite foundation? What do you look for in a foundation? I’m nosey! Let me know!

Speaking of “Good Foundations”..I watched “Love and Mercy” yesterday—the movie about Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys.  Paul Dano was greatness—but John Cusack was a bit miscast. Anyway the movie was great—so today I’ll give you some “Good Vibrations”!! XOXOXOXO


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42 Responses to She’s Selling Me The Good Foundation. It’s Coming With High Expectations.

  1. Jean says:

    I don’t wear foundation since living in FL. Just tinted moisturizer and Bobbi Brown is my favorite. And her mascara is the only one I’ve worn for 5 years. For blush, shadows and eyeliners I love browsing around Ulta when needed. My biggest problem is finding the best bronzer. I could write my own blog on that issue. My body is always darker than my face so it’s a must have all year for me. Maddening. Anyway, I do keep a bottle of foundation for special night occasions and Christmas in the north etc. I waste a lot because it becomes old before I finish it up. This will be my year to buy. Will most definitely look into this. Looks fabulous on you!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Jean. I can’t wear Bobbi Brown TM’s or Foundation. There are no color matches for me at all. I know women who swear by her cosmetics but I don’t know what it is about my skin that doesn’t lend itself well for her. Have you tried the Guerlain bronzers? I have the Terra Cotta and love it. There is also a cheap as all get out bronzer by Wet n Wild–Ticket To Brazil is the color. It’s under five bucks and is GREAT!! I’ve been using it for the past few years during the summer. XOXOXOXO!!!

      • Jean says:

        I’ll have to look for them. Are they liquid it powder? Just bought Too Faced. Hard to get the powders on evenly. Thought maybe I needed a new brush. So bought one. Love it but $40. Really? I can’t even…..

      • Catherine says:

        No! Both are powders. And neither looks cakey. I brush on with an old blush brush from the year of the flood. I swear some 13 years ago Vera Bradley sold a set of brushes in a quilted pouch. I had TWO of them and Oona had one and we both still have our brushes. I can’t for the life of me figure out why Vera Bradley discontinued them. Oh. Wait. I LOVED them. That’s why! I’m getting off subject. Any inexpensive blush brush will do the job. Check out the Wet n’ Wild first because it is soooooooooooooo inexpensive!! XOXOXOXO!!!

      • Jean says:

        On it. Will report back

  2. doodletllc says:

    Hi Catherine – Foundation is not in my sights – never used it. My bigger concern is day and night cream. I’ve tried them all and only USANA (purchased from the skin doctor) makes my skin feel good…I know you know what that means. I also always use a sunscreen because of the crazy intense sun here. My makeup routine includes eyeliner…my one fun splurge is blue, navy, and turquoise eyeliners. They’re fun and give me a little sparkle. I also use mascara (only black) and lip gloss (that doesn’t stay at all but I persevere). Oh, yes, and Ponds lightening cream for the ugly (former freckles) brown spots on my cheek and tops of my hands. That’s it. But I read your makeup posts with great interest…Thanks for leading the charge and keeping them Honest! 🙂

    • Catherine says:

      Oh those spots. Yeah. What used to be my freckles have suddenly turned into larger brown age spots. During the winter I brush a bit of concealer over them and am good to go. But the hands. The hands are starting to make me sad because they are showing their age!! And just why can’t someone invent an actual lip gloss that stays shiny and put all day!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  3. julietC says:

    Arghhhh foundation pfft, just when you find one that works – your skin changes. I have come to the conclusion that foundation is just one of many layers and you need all the others sorted before you even think about it – by that I mean good internal layers (hydration, fresh food and a modicum of exercise to get the blood flowing) and then good outside layers – moisturiser/serum, primer or whatever works for the individual. Failing that, focus on the other make-up such as the eyes and smile.

    Another thought, if you have emailed the makeup company can you share the email then we can all email and ask them if their foundation is suitable for women over 40 (and with ahem, money to spend) as we are impressed by reviews (yours) but don’t see ourselves represented…. Maybe if they get loads of us asking it will swing things a little?

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Juliet. The email address I wrote to is:
      I don’t know if I’ll get an answer. I honestly don’t expect to. What I DO receive every time I send an email to “discuss” ageist behavior and ads are emails for company sales. It’s daunting.
      But you are right. As soon as the foundation works. Pfft. It’s gone! XOXOXOXOXO!!

  4. Bernadette says:

    Thanks for the foundation tip. I just bought exuberance foundation at Ulta. I like it a lot. How is the new job? Sounds like a long day.

  5. The Becca foundation sounds and looks lovely. Too bad you had to go though all those duds before!

    I love Max Factor’s Pan Stik foundation. I have eczema and dry skin, and the Pan Stik is the only foundation that doesn’t highlight my dry patches. The Pan Stik actually conceals thoose patches and it makes mym skin look dewy. I never thought any foundation could make my skin look dewy, but since I’ve been using the Pan Stik I haven’t even considered trying anything else. I read you had Max Factor’s concealer – that one’s really good too!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Strawberry. Max Factor isn’t sold in the States anymore. I have no idea why, but I do know when Pan Stik was around a lot of my friends swore by it. Same with Erase. Everyone used it and now we can’t get it!! Hmmmm…I’ll have to see if it is sold in France when I go back. Maybe I can pick up a stick!! XOXOXOXO!!

      • I just remembered… Proctor & Gamble discontinued the entire MF line in the US in favour of a ‘younger’ brand. I don’t know which brand, though. But you could say ageism in beauty rears its ugly head again…

        I just checked the MF web site – their products are available in several European countries – but France isn’t on the list. 🙁

  6. hipchick66 says:

    The Becca looks great on you! It doesn’t look like foundation, just healthy skin, and that’s hard to find! Do you remember when Becca first came out and MUA was crazy for it?

    I’m still wearing powder foundation because I’m mainly just home with Mom. I love Too Faced Cocoa Powder Powder foundation. The best I’ve ever tried. I agree with you about the e.l.f Flawless, really good for the price. I also have a bottle of NARS Sheer Glow that works really well for a liquid. It’s the never ending quest for the perfect makeup, isn’t it? Lol

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Lori! OMG YES. I remember the MUA love for Becca. I need to start going back to MUA. Someone ratted on my for sneaking the link to my blog on MUA and I had a couple of warnings so I just said “f*ck it” and left the site. But I miss it. Can you believe it that someone complained about me? Actually I do believe it! LOL.
      I’m a fan of many of the Too Faced products, they used to make the best cream blush of all time. Then discontinued it. Just my luck!! I’ll have to try that NARS sheer glow. I LOVE the NARS universal stick. XOXOXOXO!!!

      • hipchick66 says:

        There a certain cattiness to the site that I don’t remember from the early days. Sorry they did that to you! I got a warning on that damn Owl board because I posted something about people from the 60s becoming conservative. I just lurk, the few times I’ve tried to add something helpful I’ve gotten weird reactions or none!

  7. Nancy says:

    This is so well timed…I HONESTLY was just going to email you for foundation recommendations. As a previous poster mentioned the B. Brown foundation I used up needed to be replaced and I guess my skin changed because it didn’t look the same to me, no staying power and no radiance or dewy look at all. Returned it to Sephora (FYI both Sephora and Ulta allow you to return used products with the receipt and for the price of good makeup, its worth taking the time to do this for me). This time I had them try a few and then give me a sample of what we thought might be “it” so I am not returning again if it didn’t work or looked awful in regular light (why don’t makeup stores have good lighting???). The sales assoc. was very young OF COURSE and new so not sure she even knew their product lines..the one she suggested was YSL so far so good but think when I am in Chicago next week at Nordstroms I will see what they recommend. They also will have a larger inventory of products to consider, my Sephora is pretty small. In conclusion…has anyone reading this ever tried YSL or Armani glow foundation and if so, thoughts? Reviews? I am going to go to Ulta and look at Becca but I am farily sure Ulta does not give out samples like Sephora does.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Nancy! OHHH..Speaking of YSL, I realised that I DO have the remnants of a BB cream by YSL that I loved. YSL Top Secrets All-In-One BB cream. I have “Clear” which is a light nude/pinkish color. It was great and smells like roses. But now I remember why I didn’t repurchase. It was over fifty bucks. For a BB cream I don’t know if it is worth it–but now I’m doubting myself because I really liked it and NORDIES sells it!
      As far as samples go, I’ve never gotten any at Ulta but have gotten a ton at Sephora. Don’t even get me started on store lighting. It isn’t real life. I’ve had so many makeup mishaps because of those lights. Try the Becca–I think you will like it. Report back please! XOXOXOXO!!!

      • Nancy says:

        Hello again Catherine-I found the Becca foundation at…really surprised me…the Sephora in J.C. Penneys…the larger Sephora in the mall (same med.size mall has 2 Sephora stores…odd to me) only shows its avail.on line. Anyway I tried it and I really like it..thank you so much for the recomm. Now on to a few more makeup related questions for you and your helpful followers:

        1. I have trouble with foundation, blush, eye shadow you name it..staying on, even with primers…the makeup people tell me its because my skin is dry, so it “absorbs” the products I put on it and I need to use both a daytime and nighttime moisturizer and a serum. I have in the past gone through pricey moisturizers and saw no diff. at all so now just use Oil of Olay ..but maybe it isn’t enough? Help please. If I really do need all 3 of those I will buy them but which specific ones, i.e.brand, etc (I have dry, sensitive skin) . I just don’t want to be sold a bill of goods and waste my money…would much rather waste my money in my closet or on my feet, haha

        2. The Sephora person also said in addition to needing 2 moisturizers and a serum that I also need to exfoliate…I use a Clarisonic supposedly that doesn’t do the same as an exfoliator??? Really?????

        Help…I use makeup daily, I love fashion, I want to look nice, I thought I was well informed but maybe I really do need more and better facial care products. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

  8. Anne says:

    One line you might want to check out is Look Fabulous Forever. I read about it on someone’s blog, and it’s especially designed for “mature” skin (I’m 65.) The only product I’ve tried so far is the Primer, and I love it. I use it under my foundation (IT Cosmetics), and my skin looks and feels so smooth. The pores on my nose practically disappear. I’m planning to try the foundation next when I run out of the IT version. The prices seem reasonable too. It’s only available online, but my package arrived very quickly. There are lots of videos and advice on the web site, which is helpful.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Anne. I’ve seen Look Fabulous Forever and was intrigued. But..I seriously need to see and feel the makeup before ordering online–especially a foundation. I wish she sold those products in the store!! I’ll revisit her site though!! XOXOXO!!

  9. lllueck says:

    I was wondering if you had tried IT foundation? I have a bit of an oily complexion with some dryness on my cheeks. I have not worn foundation in a long time, when I have it felt like it slid off my face and wasn’t there in the evening or afternoon. Any suggestions?

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Illueck! I’ve tried a sample size of the IT “Bye-Bye Foundation”. It was awful. I was very upset because it wasn’t hydrating and it was like spackle. I love IT cosmetic brushes and I love the undereye concealer and I ADORE the Lip Vitality but the face makeup just is a fail for me–and I’m very concerned because L’Oreal just purchased IT cosmetics so I’m expecting the overall quality to go down the drain.
      Honestly, I would go into Sephora and ask for samples of various foundations. In addition, go to your favorite dept. store and peruse the cosmetics counters. Look for a S/A that is A. mature. B. looks honest. Tell her what your issues are and see if they can help guide you and recommend a good foundation. And also–find out what the return policy is. If they give you the wrong color you HAVE to be able to return it! XOXOXOXO!!!

  10. Izabel says:

    I look for cool light pink tone that’s also hydrating but the menopause is a nightmare. First it was anxiety attacks then my favourite wine made me feel as if I’d glugged some of that stuff they used to treat sheds with and then my make-up stopped working! Just about every foundation now will either stick like plaster to some areas while the rest melts off at the first hint of a hot flush. I wish I could convince myself I don’t need it – but I do – and the thought of spending loads of money on ones that won’t work is depressing.

    • Catherine says:

      Oh Izabel. Don’t I know what you mean! Menopause is great because you don’t get your period but the effects on the skin are awful. Don’t look for a heavy foundation. Find one that is lighter but will do the job of coverage. Check out different primers too. I swear to you that primers DO work to keep the makeup on your face. Try the e.l.f. Flawless Finish. I’m telling your, it’ll be the best six bucks you’ve ever spend on a foundation. It stays put and the price point is ridiculously fantastic! XOXOXOXO!

      • izabelsmeow says:

        I’ll give it a go! I sometimes get reactions but at that price it’s worth the experiment. Thank you for the advice… it’s all welcome. And I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to coming out the other side of this with no periods!

  11. izabelsmeow says:

    I look for cool light pink tone that’s also hydrating but the menopause is a nightmare. First it was anxiety attacks then my favourite wine made me feel as if I’d glugged some of that stuff they used to treat sheds with and then my make-up stopped working. Just about every foundation now will either stick like plaster to some areas while the rest melts off at the first hint of a hot flush. I’ve more or less given up because it’s depressing spending a lot of money on stuff that doesn’t work.

  12. Maleandro Le Male says:

    But why on earth don’t you ask for a tester before buying one of the more expensive foundations or you don’t have that because of this odd rule that you can return everything

    When I was younger I used makeup a lot mostly because I had jobs that required that I looked polished and very fancy, but when I hit 35 I stopped mainly because I was lazy, had changed profession where I didn’t need to look like something from l’Homme Vogue anymore and only on special occasions used a little powder on my nose.

    But now when I have hit my 50s and live in a country where the bloody sun and heat is killing my skin I have started again. It started with a little concealer and then a little powder and now it’s the whole shebang again.

    But let me tell you as a former seller of perfumes and makeup; don’t trust a word they say. Their only interest is to sell another product to get a great bonus for Christmas, actually every year I got the biggest one, not because I was a good liar rather the opposite.

    So my customers always came back and bought more because I told them the truth so they trusted my recommendations.
    For me the important thing was that the client felt satisfied and trusted me

    You say your skin is more “pinkish” have you tried YSL, Chanel, Shiseido or any of the Korean brands that are being launched both in the states and here in Europe, most of them have more pink undertones then many other brands?

    And when you buy a foundation never ever trust the light in the shop, always try to have a look at it in a natural light, if it looks good in the natural light you usually have a winner.

    When it comes to lines and wrinkles there is unfortunately no wonder cure, I would recommend a good primer, and the reason it sometimes looks cakey is because a person is using too much products and the person also have to find out if the foundation and the primer or moisturizer are water or silicon based, to work well they must all have the same base, if you have one product that is water based and then another that is silicone based it becomes like water and oil.

    I’m sorry for my long post but I just wanted to share a little what I’ve learned through the years. I haven’t worked with this for many years so there might have happened a lot on the market that I don’t know of.

    I hope I didn’t come off as patronizing or anything like that, if I did I am sorry it was not my intention


    • Catherine says:

      Hi Maleandro. It’s great to hear from you–it’s been a while and I’ve missed you! Everything you wrote is 100 percent true. When I worked at Nordstrom, the bullshit I heard some of the S/A’s give the customers made my stomach turn. Like you, I always told the truth. And even when I didn’t say anything, the customers knew when I didn’t like something–and they always THANKED me for being honest. It’s like when I browse the scents. S/A’s will tell me what I should wear. I pay no attention to them because I have my three favorite scents and two of them are Guerlain. One is by Fragonard.
      I wish you lived near me so you could give me a makeup lesson on applying foundation to perfection!
      Glad to hear from you darlin’ ! XOXOXOXO!!!

    • izabelsmeow says:

      I never seem to see samples for foundation. Testers, yes, but as you know the lighting in most stores is designed by the devil, and online it’s just hopeless. If I go to stores the assistants don’t want just to sell a foundation but everything else in the range as well and I hate the pressure. And online I think it’s crazy they don’t offer samples. I’d gladly pay a small amount for a sample. Thank you for the info about needing the same base, that hadn’t occurred to me at all, and it might be part of the problem with it fading away/sliding off.

  13. Judy says:

    It’s expensive, but I like Hourglass Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint–and it comes in a tube!. Before that, I liked the YSL Touche Eclat foundation (in a bottle). I’ve also liked Chanel and Laura Mercier in the past, but I think they discontinued the ones I liked.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Judy. You know, I had the Hourglass primer. It was good but I went through a very expensive bottle in a time shorter than I had expected! I’m a fan of the Touche Eclat pen–I am not familiar with the foundation though. The only item of Mercier I tried was the TM and it just dried my skin out more. Isn’t it funny how these make up products have different effect on us? XOXOXO!!!

  14. tvonzalez says:

    I avoid foundation like the plague. I think I can get away without using it since I have clear skin and no blotches.
    What I do want to tell you about since you mentioned brows is I had a gal at the Benefit counter do my eyebrows with their products and I loved it! Haven’t darkened my eyebrows in years but the kit comes with a highlighter for beneath the brow and I’m sold.

    • Catherine says:

      TV. I’m jealous that you have clear skin. What a friggin’ blessing that is. I’ll bet you use a ton of sunscreen! The Benefit lady did your brows? I’m going to have to check out the Benefit counter at Ulta!!! I just found out that Mally discontinued the 24/7 Brow express and I’m so upset!!! It’s like I find a product I love then it’s gone!! Thanks for the heads up on Benefit! XOXOXO!!!

  15. LOVE the It Cosmetics Luminous CC Cream. I am 61 and also did not wear foundation until I hit menopause. I also used that Loreal number that you mentioned for years as well. I find that the older I get the more work it takes to look half way decent!!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Cindy! Right??? Why is it that so many of us never needed foundation until we hit either Peri-menopause or menopause. LOL. So true. It takes a while to get that “natural” glow these days–and not the hotflash glow either! XOXOXOXO!!!

  16. maidsdayoff says:

    I’ll have to check out the Becca brand. I just looked at Amazon and they have it for less than the $44 you mentioned, so if you’re sure of the shade you can save a few bucks when it’s time to replenish. 🙂

    • Catherine says:

      Ohhhhhhhhhh. Maids! THANK YOU!!! If I end up loving that Becca foundation, I’ll definitely get it at the Amazon price! Thanks so much for that! Seriously though, the Becca foundation so far has been great!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  17. Rachel says:

    I’m so glad you’ve found something that’s working for you. It’s funny, I always think your skin looks lovely in photos – bright and alive (as opposed to dull and cakey).
    Although not a foundation, have you tried YSL’s touche eclat blur perfector? (
    I originally bought it basically for the packaging (an honest, but shallow/vapid an admission if ever there was), but now I love it. It evens my skin tone and makes it feel lovely and soft; and doesn’t highlight all the fine, fair hairs that hang out on my face. Might be worth a look (or at least a free try for a day?)

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