Handing the Blog Over to The Frenchman—A Review of Dr. Berland’s Tooth Products!

Just when I think that I’m so hip and cool and fabulous and completely outstanding in my field of blogging expertise, with visions of famous designers and brands banging at my door to review their goods, something will happen to bring me back down to earth.

I’m really not all that!  My ego needs re-adjusting! But I have all my teeth…..for now!

That something was an email I received from Dr. B Dental Solutions.  I was asked if I was interested in trying, for review and a giveaway, a couple of products made for………………………………………. dentures!!!

Hey. I’m older but I still have my teeth and am not ready to lose them to a turtle either!

My initial reaction, and I’m being truthful here, was “OMG!  How old does this brand think I am anyway?”

Then I thought “Hey, wait a minute!  I am older and over 60 and tons of people my age and younger do wear dentures—who do I think I am anyway?”  But the issue was this.  The only false tooth that I have is a capped tooth in the front of my mouth. It’s from opening a package of hot dogs with my teeth. The enamel peeled right off and the tooth had to be capped. It was the most expensive package of hot dogs that I ever bought.

Whether you have partial dentures or a full set.  The cleansing and care is very important–and many of us over the age of 50 DO have dentures! Care is key!

Then I realized something!  Bonaparte wears dentures!!  And the reason why is that when he was growing up in Paris it was right after the war—and with the rebuilding of the City of Lights, there was no fluoride in the water.  And so, his teeth were not as protected as ours can be.  But—would he be willing to try the products and review them?

He may not have been raised with flouride, but my Frenchman knew the value of a loaf of bread!

Yes, and Oui, he was! And he did!!  He’s now a total fanboy!

And so, today, I’m turning the blog over to my husband and his review.  But before we delve into his thoughts on the products, here’s a bit of information:

I never realized that with dentures came dry mouth.  This information is great for future reference!

  • Cleanadent Paste is the only cleansing paste that is gentle enough safely brush both the gums and oral appliances (all other pastes are too abrasive for dentures or increase the potential for Candida). It is great for removing adhesive off dentures and gums, and leaves the mouth feeling noticeably smooth & fresh. This is very important for oral hygiene and preventing “Denture-Breath”. It also reduces dry mouth to make eating better.
  • Adhesadentis the only denture adhesive available on the market that treats and reduces dry mouth, while providing a powerful, long-lasting hold. It contains vitamins (A, D & E) and aloe vera and is easy to clean off and reapply in between meals.

Cleanadent and Adhesadent—the two key products in keeping your dentures clean and in place!

The products were created by Dr. Lorin Berland DDS, and received the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance, so you know that the product is a great one of the ADA approves it!

This guy….yeah, he created quite the cleanser and adhesive for prosthetic teeth!

We did a Q & A because that was more comfortable for him so here goes:

Q.  Hey Bonaparte—what do you look for in a denture product?

A.  I look for ease of use and efficiency.  I also look to see if it works well enough.

Q.  How strongly do you expect a product to last throughout the day?

A.  I expect a product to last strongly enough that my dentures will not become loose. I            also expect the product to last through till late afternoon/early evening.

Q.  How does price play into what you are looking for?

A.   Not much. I will pay more for a quality product.

 Q.  What other brands have you used?

A.   Fixodent and Equate

Q.  How do you compare Dr. B’s products to the ones you have used in the past?

A.  The ones I’m using now by Dr. B  are much better. I would recommend this brand to    anyone who wears dentures.

Q.   Why do you recommend this?

A.  It seems I need a lesser amount of product to hold the denture in. The product is    easier to use—less thick.  The toothpaste tastes better and cleans the dentures much  better too.

Q. Are you happy with the products?

A. Yes. I am very happy with the products.  They are excellent and I highly recommend them.

My husband is a total fanboy of Dr. B!  And his dentures are too!

Ever the Frenchman, Bonaparte did have some constructive criticism….

Out of the boxes–both tubes!

NOTE:  I would suggest a different package for the products.  One has to clearly look at each tube to make sure one is not using the wrong product—the toothpaste v. the sticking product (He’s French–he means “adhesive”)!  Also, the name is somewhat difficult to say (My love, this is because you are French!)


Mon  Amour–I think you are having a hard time with the packaging because you are used to the French language!  But it’s all good because you know a great product when you try one!

And there you have it.  He’s been using the products for a month now and is very happy with the results.  If you have dentures—partial or full, or if you have a friend or loved one who wears prosthetic teeth, enter the giveaway!  Just comment below and add “Dentures” to your comment.  A winner will be chosen randomly and I’ll send the products out to you by the end of the week!!

Best of luck to everyone who enters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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10 Responses to Handing the Blog Over to The Frenchman—A Review of Dr. Berland’s Tooth Products!

  1. Patrice Johnson says:

    How about putting a sticker or painting some nail polish on the toothpaste so your dear husband can tell at a glance what he is reaching for! Maybe a great big T for toothpaste! =)

  2. Becca G says:

    Ok I’ll bite LOL.
    Dry mouth is a huge problem for denture wearers especially if you take prescription medications. As for adhesive stick to it ness I personally have not found a product that sticks for more than a few hours especially if I drink (not necessarily achohol) a lot of fluids.
    As for who wears “dentures” :
    I had to get full upper & lowers due to non fluoridated well water & a calcium deficiency that affected my teeth.
    Are these products available at brick & motar stores or only on line?
    Your Frenchman is a sweetie for doing this Q & A thanks Bonaparte.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Becca!!! So far the products are availabe online!!!! My husband really found the adhesive to work very well–and he’s with clients all day!! XOXOXOXOXO

  3. Judy Sullivan says:

    I am going to buy this for my mother-in-law, she finds the dry mouth with dentures very annoying. Thank you for the product review, Bonaparte.

    Judy Sullivan

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Judy and you are quite welcome from Bonaparte!!! Definitely get some for your mother-in-law because I have a feeling she’ll really like it!!!! XOXOXOXOX

  4. Susan Marinelli says:

    I don’t have dentures….yet, but boyfriend does He’s Greek, and the whole non floridated water thing got him too. Since his birthday is coming up, I’d love to win the denture giveaway. First I will give him the sexy present, and then, when he’s all full of himself, will give him the denture creme! LOL. Those Greeks can get very egotistic if not kept in check. Plus, it would be interesting to see if Bonaparte and the Greek felt the same way about the packaging.


    • Catherine says:

      Hi Susan! Best of luck!! And that whole non-floridated water thing must have been widespread throughout Europe and all points. I LOVE your Birthday idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXO

      • Susan Marinelli says:

        Thanks, Catherine!
        I loved your post on how to plump up aging lips!
        And your pics always make me smile.

  5. Elijah Marshall says:

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