The New Bronze Age—For Proagers!

It’s a daunting time for sure.  Under normal circumstances a great number of us would be getting ready to head to the beach, the shore, a lake, a pool—perhaps even putting those last-minute vacation details and plans together.

chilling in a cooler

Or perhaps spend the day at the ball park, or at an outdoor party where the cooler is always opened!

But this year, it’s different. Many of us have had our overseas travel plans cancelled.  Many of us haven’t had local pool clubs opened yet.  And although beaches are technically “opened”, there are those of us who err on the side of caution.

No scenes like this for 2020. Our summer trip to France was cancelled!

Due to my age, and my husband’s health being compromised, we are continuing to play it safe. And the thing is I miss the beach.  I miss the feeling of sand between my toes and running from the heated granules into the ocean to cool off.

This. I miss this.

I miss the feelings of the sun beginning to lightly kiss my face to the intense heat beating down on it causing an ethereal glow from the beads of sweat glistening against the summer hue that we achieve during this time of year.

Sitting on the deck doesn’t do it for me.  I cannot get a spray tan because the tanning salon is temporarily closed.   Other than the protection from sunscreen, the only thing left to do is fake the sun’s bronzing glow.

I’m faking the glow!  And saving my face at the same time!

And that is what I’ve been doing.  It’s not hard to get the results.  It isn’t ruining the skin.  It is definitely pro-age friendly and I’ll show you what I did to get the look as though I’ve been sitting out all day, at ocean’s edge, reading a book while the surf hits my legs! Seriously. At the mature age we are, we need to protect our skin now more than ever!

The other great thing about this is there’s no liquid or cream foundation to creep into lines and wrinkles that come with pro-aging.  So—it’s a win-win situation.  Come along with me as I show you how to get that sunny, bronzed pro-age look. It’s the new Bronze Age!

Okay. First things first.  After splashing my face with tepid water, I apply moisturizer. Today, it’s in the form of L’Oreal Rosy-toned moisturizer.

Let the Skincare Begin and A Peek at My Bio Hair! | Atypical 60

I’ve been using this moisturizer regularly ever since I received it from Influenster for review!

Next, I apply Embryolisse as a primer of sorts and while both moisturizers are setting in, I apply a base for my eye makeup. Which, by the way, I keep very simple.

A small amount is all you need to get beautiful results. I’ve had this tube for six months and use it every day. It was purchased at CityPharma in Paris and I’ve got a backup waiting to be opened!

I ran out of bareMinerals Well-Rested and this Bare Study Paint Pot from Mac is a great summer substitute! A bit of shimmer but not too much!

And I use Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow as eye shadow.  The lighter shade for an all-over wash on the lids up to the browbone and the darker for the crease and my lower lids!

After the moisturizers are soaked into the skin, I’ll apply a layer of Glossier’s Futuredew.  This isn’t a foundation nor a skin tint. In fact, it’s hard to pinpoint just exactly what this is!  It isn’t a moisturizer either. It’s just a liquid product with a slight pinkish tint that gives the skin a very dewy appearance. I freaking love this and just ordered a second bottle. The pump distributes just the right amount and quite honestly, this is a wonderful product for mature skin.  It reflects light so there will be less attention to those lines if you know what I mean.

Although the Glossier brand is marketed toward our Millennial friends, I love the brand. It is full-on mature skin, pro-aging friendly.  I  cannot say enough about this Futuredew either. It is a fantastic product!

Here’s how it looks out of the bottle..

…and here’s how it looks on my face. Just a hint of glow. That’s it!

Now. Here’s photos of the bronzers that I use.  They run the gamut from matte to shimmery.

Hey! I don’t use these all at once!  Each one serves a purpose!  We’ve got mattes and bronzers with a hint of shimmery radiance!

You can zoom in to thee which products these are!  And they are all excellent!

The mattes are used after a day or so out in the sun. I find that with a fresh face of sunglow (a more friendly term for a bit of the old sunburn), a wash over the visage with a matte bronzer both evens out the skin tone and subdues that overactive glow a bit!

Since I’ve been not enjoying the great out-of-doors and the only lighting I’ve been under is the annoying fluorescent light at the office, and wearing a mask, let’s say I could use a bit of color on my face.

However, wearing a mask isn’t all that great if you wear a liquid or crème foundation.  The mask gets dirty quickly and I do believe there’s more bacteria from a liquid or crème.  Therefore, I’ve been going without face makeup for a while.  On the plus side, my skin feels a lot better.

Back to the bronzer.

Today, I’ve used the following bronzing products on my face:

I started out with Laura Geller’s Baked Bronze-n-Brighten in “Fair”.  It was brushed on with a fluffy, oversized face brush from iT cosmetics.  One of the brand’s brushes that managed to last for a while.

The Laura Geller Baked Bronze-n-Brighten. In Fair.  It gives a nice glow and a bit of buildable color!

It gets brushed all the way to the hairline!

Over that, Laura Geller’s Baked Body Frosting was then brushed, with the same brush, all over my face with a light touch.  A lighter touch lends itself well to a better application. Remember—you can always build a color up rather than go heavy-handed realizing you went too dark!

Laura Geller Baked Body Frosting. This is an OG product. In the past eight years I’ve had two and trust me, this lasts forever. For. Evah!

Can you see the bronze pro-aging taking place? I couldn’t because I can’t see for $hit without my glasses!

Baked Body Frosting also gets applied on the legs and arms and neck to give an all-around healthy glow!

Next is a bit of the slightly but not completely matte, Guerlain Terra Cotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder in 02 Blondes shade. I find this works very well on fair skin.  It’s a bit pricey but I purchased it at CDG airport for a very good price. Again—don’t overlook airport shopping because you can find great deals—especially on beauty products!

Guerlain Terra Cotta Bronzer. This is another awesome product. And you know what?  These bronzers last a long time because they are only used during the summer months!  (I pay no mind to expiration dates when it comes to powders)

No contouring either.  It’s about quick and easy during the heated months.  Less is more—right?

A bit of blush never hurts and our blogging friend, Sandra Sallin, the wonderful artist whose blog “Apart from My Art” is always entertaining, sent this Laura Geller blush to me.  The shade didn’t work for her and she kindly thought I might be able to use it.  Sandy knows her colors because I love this Baked Blush-n-Brighten Cherry Truffle.  It works in the winter and with the bronzed glow, is a perfect shade!

Although it photographs warmer, this blush works so well on cool-toned skin that’s looking for a sunny glow!

I’m holding on to this too, because it looks like the brand discontinued it!  Why?

To apply the blush, I used a favorite blush brush from Vera Bradley.  Oona and I both ordered her brush sets around 15 years ago when Oona started wearing makeup.  Vera Bradley has since discontinued this incredible brushes that I STILL USE!  Why, Vera, why?

Over that I applied Subtl Beauty’s highlighter in Champagne.

Proof that great things come in small packages!  Subtl Beauty’s Champagne highlighter is universally flattering, is buildable and can pack a whollop!

The highlighter was applied with a smaller brush from Morphe.  I don’t use a filter on my photos because I want to be transparent about the faults in my skin!

Under the eyes, I also applied the Laura Geller Bronze-n-Brighten with my Kerry Lou Fan brush.  This brush is one of my favorites.  It’s so soft and picks up product beautifully.  Since my bottom mascara has a tendency to smear, I use this brush to apply either powder or bronzer to keep the mascara in place.

Another great brush, I’m addicted to Kerry-Lou’s fan brush!

See how I went from fish-belly white to a nice healthy bronze age glow?

Put my hair on. Got dressed and a swipe of gloss finish it off.

A swipe of Merengue Butter Gloss by NYX , which is becoming harder and harder to fine, completes the look!  The hair is Beautiful Choice from The Wig Company’s Statement Line!  And the Honeybee earrings were purchased on Etsy!

It may look like a process, but it is easy and quick.  About five minutes total! In addition, although I’m not one to carry makeup around in my purse, during these months I’ll throw in the Subtle Beauty highlighter and bronzer and if need be, apply with a tissue.  That’s correct! I’ll gently rub the tissue over the makeup then rub on my face!  I’m too lazy to carry a brush around and if I get ugly. I get ugly. But to avoid a truly sweaty look, the tissue application works wonders because it absorbs the sweat!

Two little stacks from Subtl Beauty slip right into the purse!

For a quick touch-up, all I do is pat a tissue into the bronzer and rub on my face. It’s multi-tasking. I’m blotting my face and adding bronzer at the same time! But I have to tell you that I rarely touch up. When I get ugly. I get ugly!

So that’s about it!  I have to say, Laura Geller bronzing products are some of the best on the market.  I keep coming back to them. And the Baked Body Frosting—I’ve had this for over two years now and it seemingly lasts forever.  The cost per use is remarkably affordable.

Minimal effort and time is all it takes!

If you’re unable to get in the sun, might I suggest playing around with bronzers. There’s a shade for every skin tone and with the proper application you won’t look dirty or orange!

What bronzers do you use?  Any additional suggestions would always be welcomed! Add your’s in the comments.

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9 Responses to The New Bronze Age—For Proagers!

  1. Momcat says:

    What do you think about the IT brushes? I just bought a pricy pointed one for applying under eye concealer. It does a great job but I am wondering about the life span. I do have the eye shadow brush with smudger end but don’t use it every day so its holding up. I was thinking about a blush/bronzer brush too but you have shown a couple options. Wondering how they compare with IT?
    You look great BTW, so sorry about your holiday cancellation but you are wise to do so considering your husband’s health. Too much risk, next year will be here soon, it will be a new normal but hopefully we can move about the world a little more easily..

    • Catherine says:

      Hey Momcat! In all honesty, I’m not a huge fan of the iT brushes. It’s (pun intended?) so hit or miss for me. A while back I purchased a foundation brush that was absolutely fantastic. Until it literally fell apart about a month after I bought it. The bristles fell out faster than I lost my hair! This fluffy brush that I’m using though is great! IT cosmetics is the weirdest brand for me. Their No Tug Eyeliner is the greatest I’ve ever had but their eyeshadow is horrible. The Lip Vitality is great but my favorite shade Love was discontinued. The bronzer is excellent while their creams are absolutely the worst for my skin. I”ve never had a brand with so many inconsistancies.
      Yeah. We had quite the scare. In fact he is now relieved that our trip was cancelled. Let’s hope next year we make it back to Theoule. I miss it!
      Hope all is well with you and yours!! XOXOXOXO

  2. juliet brown says:

    Ooooh I love a trawl through a makeup bag or similar – I almost have a tan at the moment because of my non-office life and daily walk. I never quite know what to do with bronzer as I always look grubby and I have had makeup ladies put it on and wipe it off and put it on and wipe it off as I am that pink and pallid woman that is really hard to get right… but you look so good and healthy with it maybe I will try again.

    • Catherine says:

      Hey Juliet. I truly believe the success is achieved with a ridiculously light hand and building up. My complexion is ruddy. Very ruddy. I’ve got freckles and sun spots and my skin tone is extremely uneven. But–given a very light hand the bronzers can work. The other thing is to choose a bronzer that is more on the cool side rather than warmer side! Definitely try again. I think you will be happy! XOXOXOXO

  3. Linda Boyte says:

    You are truly too cute for words. Thanks for being real. Linda Boyte

  4. DGGYST says:

    I’m 6 shades too fair for any bronzer but I have been doing fake freckles! They are super fun.

  5. emjayandthem says:

    Highly recommend this product (with the spongy glove for application) – it smells great, works beautifully, doesn’t streak and, if applied in AM, apres shower, you’ll be tanned by afternoon garden party!

    I use L’Oreal Tan Towels on my face, chest, arms/hands and Tanceuticals everywhere else.

    PS you always look smashing to me! ~ MJ

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