A Makeup Brand You Don’t Want to Ignore! Let’s Create a MOB Scene!

A funny thing happened to me recently while perusing through Instagram. One of those infamous Insta-ads, came across in my feed. Normally, I ignore them. But this was different. It was an ad for MOB Beauty, and I just can’t ignore any makeup brand.

MOB Beauty–NOT to be confused with MOB Wives!  MOB Beauty takes a more natural and kinder approach!

To be honest, I had never heard of MOB, but then again, the brand is relatively new and my interest was highly piqued simply because going through the brand’s feed, the products looked really lovely. But something else caught my attention—the lack of mature, lined faces.  I dunno what came over me but I contacted the company to find out why, in this all-inclusive age, weren’t ageing faces within the photos of their Instagram feed.

I received a very, very nice reply—almost apologetic, and an offer to try the products.

You have no idea how touched and honestly happy I was.  Being of the 60 + demographic, it’s daunting to be excluded in the beauty industry—especially since we have plenty of disposable income to spend on beauty and skincare products. Add to that, we’re a younger older generation!  So, I took MOB up on the offer and put together a palette and two lip colors-one a balm and one a lipstick.

No wasted packaging here. No too-large box, just well-thought out and earth-friendly!

Before I go into the review of the products, here’s a link to the company’s website: MOB Beauty.  It’s good reading and you’ll find a few surprises. Among them, one of the co-founders is Victor Casale, a co-founder of Cover-FX, and former managing director at MAC.

The Problem With Palm Oil + Why Creating a Sustainable Beauty Brand Takes  Time with MOB Beauty's Victor Casale | Gloss Angeles | Podcasts on Audible  | Audible.com

Thank you Gloss Angeles for taking this photo of Mr. Casale! He of the MAC cosmetics (and my favorite shadow shade of all time is by MAC–Quarry!). He’s the co-founder of MOB Beauty!

The company believes in sustainability and they stand true to their word with both their products and packaging.  All packaging is recyclable and reusable.  There’s nothing fancy, no unicorns or bubbles–just good, pragmatic, organic packaging!

Here’s how the individual refills are packaged. Mine have already been recycled!

Choosing the products for my palette was easy because you can decide on products that go best with your skin tone—light, medium, or dark.  Being I’m of pasty-fish belly white skin tone, I chose light! Sadly, I never made it to the beach enough this summer to even graduate to Medium.

The palette I chose. All nice and complete!

There are three sizes:  the smallest—a Compact 1+ for one to two refills; a Palette 4+for 1 – 8 refills and the largest—Palette 6+ which I chose.

Here’s what it looked like when I ordered.

For the eyes I chose M2 (a soft bone); M4 (a dark espresso); M6 (a cool peach) and a black cake eyeliner.

For the face I chose M36 (a soft rose taupe bronzer); M15 (a plum pink blush) M68 (a strawberry pink clay cream blush) M49 (a shimmering pink champagne highlighter)

The two lip colors I chose were the lipstick in M7 (Carnation Pink) and the lip balm in M53 (Clear Shimmer)

Lipstick on the left and lip balm on the right.

Now, grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine or sparking water and come along as I use the products. A few things of note. I took the photos without face makeup on. I figured a bare face would be able to best showcase the products for you.  The products were applied around 7:30 AM in the same natural light in my little guest/makeup room because I really wanted to be as transparent as possible.

Here we go!  Please note that I apply my makeup whilst wearing my nightie. I refuse to get my clothing messy–especially since I’m a natural-born slob!

I’ll also point out that I have visible pores. I no longer try to hide them.

So, I started with a bare face.  Moisturizer was applied as was eye cream. After that set in, I applied a thin coating of Embryolisse because that’s what I do every day.  Concealer was applied to my eyelids and to the brow bone and blended in with a beauty sponge.

Here I am–in all my naked face, pro-aging averageness!

This is what I use as an eyeshadow primer. It works for me.

Wanting to brighten the area of my eyes, I went in with a soft blending brush to the color M2. These shadows are finely milled and are butter soft, so a light touch is all you need.  I blended the color throughout the upper eye area. Then I brushed M6 for a bit of depth.

I started with M2 to the far left, then proceeded with M6 next to it! That fluffy blending brush did the job.

Hair (what’s left of it) pulled back and brightening the eyes!

Lastly, I applied the M4 shadow. This is crazy-pigmented and a super-light touch, which I learned, is all you need!  All the shadows blend remarkably well so even if you go a bit overload, you can blend the color away.

On to the darker M4 Espresso shade in the crease of my eyes for some depth. We’re not done yet….

As a “lets-try-this” I also used the M4 shadow as a brow powder. I love me a product that multitasks and if traveling and you forget a brow product or if you run out of your favorite brow product, it’s always a good thing to have something laying around that works. This works!  Therefore, M4 is a great multi-tasking shadow!

The brows are awake from their helping of espresso!  I love a product that multi-tasks!

After the shadows were applied, I went in with the black cake liner. It has been a long, long time since I’ve used cake liner. And I put my bended eyeliner brush to good use.  Me, being the lazy woman I am, used my spit to wet the liner.  (Oh, come on now! Don’t be disgusted. How many of you had a mother who spit into a tissue then wiped schmutz off your face—and how many of us did that to our children?)  It’s my saliva. It’s organic and I’ve been vaccinated.  I applied a very thin line then went in with a black eye pencil to tight line my eyes.

Yes. I did.  And I must say this bended brush is excellent for cross-eyed me to apply my liner. I think I’ll go back to wearing cake liner on a regular basis!

The eyes have it! Let’s give a hand to these shadows because they certainly don’t make me look older than I am!

Mascara was next and the eyes looked very, very nice. Overall, I was incredibly pleased with all the shadows. And for matte shadows, the finish was soft and not chalky or harsh. I’m already eyeing more matte as well as shimmer shades.

Not too shabby!

Eyes done and it’s next to the bronzer-as-contour.  This bronzer is everything I’ve been searching for in a powder. First off, it doesn’t even feel like a powder—it’s so freaking light-as-a-feather on the face. And the shade M36 is perfect for light-to-pale skin. It’s got that taupe/gray/rose thing going on so it really gives the illusion of shadow—especially around the jowl-line. I love this and already know it’ll be a winter staple.

Heading into M36 with a contour brush!

Can you see that subtle contour I acheived with the bronzer? I swear this bronzer is the money shade!

Grandma’s ready for blush now!

Blush is next!  I used the M68 Cream Clay Blush. WOW! This is very pigmented and a light touch is really all you need.    It’s a beautiful flush and is cream and it stays put all day!

THIS BLUSH THOUGH!  I wish it photographed as beautiful as it really is. I appled with a Real Techiques brush. This little brush needs to be replaced but it is the greatest brush for applying blush!

Blush blended in to a natural flush! 

Over the blush, I applied the highlighter and did so with my finger. Again, this is a buttery soft powder that feels just beautiful.

See that glow on my upper cheek? It isn’t sweat. It’s the MOB highlighter. I am rather fond of this champagne pink shade. It goes very well over the blush!

The lips were last. The cool thing about MOB being sustainable is the fact the lipsticks can be snapped into an empty capsule. You can use the capsule for a good number of refills which is less trash to add to our environment.  I dapped the carnation pink lipstick, which is super creamy. It’s more of a satin finish than a matte.  Over that I swiped the lip balm. This lip balm is epic. Believe me, I am Our Lady of Perpetual Chapped Lips and this balm really makes my lips soft and hydrated!

The empty capsule comes in at a cost of $5 and will last through many, many, many refills..

The lipsticks and balm (refills) come like this. The bottom snaps into the capsule. It really is a simple but remarkable idea!

Lipstick with gloss applied as a top coat.  I must admit–it looks rather nice–doesn’t it?

And here’s the finished face!  I’ll tell you—I switch regularly between cream shadow and powders. Some of the lighter shades of powder shadows can come off one-dimensional and chalky. MOB created a matte that really is mature-eyelid friendly. They don’t age my eyes either. They blend very well.  The one thing I think I would change is perhaps saving the espresso shade more for the evening. But the dark brown really works well as a makeshift eyebrow product!

I put some hair on and got dressed! Overally, I highly recommend MOB Beauty for my mature-proager girls/they/them/.for everyone over 50,60,70….

The face colors—bronzer, blushes and highlighter are all exceptional. This is great quality makeup. The price for the palette I chose with the makeup, is $135 and is an excellent buy.  And you have the option of smaller sizes which are even more cost-effective. All the products are vegan and cruelty-free.

Hey! You really get what you pay for with this!  The palette is worth every cent!

But most of all, these products work well for mature skin. The shades blend well and don’t draw attention to our…. changing skin. The shades are very well—thought out and natural in appearance.

Sustainable beauty is what it is all about!

It’s not easy to find products that truly work when you’re above a certain age, but I highly recommend this brand.  Go peruse their site and let me know what you think?  And I do believe we will be seeing more age-friendly brands in the future!


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  1. Ann R says:

    Catherine, you had me at cake eyeliner! For decades I’ve looked for it. I checked at Sephora a few years ago and asked one of guys there and he had to think for a full minute before scrounging around for a single brand (it was sorry looking) of it. Needless to say I didn’t buy it. I pretty much had given up and just went back to my eyeliner pencil. I had always loved the clean matte line cake eyeliner gave you & always wondered why when eyeliner styles came back a few years ago how shiny liquid liner seem to be the go to. Thanks for showcasing it. I’ll check it out.

    • Catherine says:

      Ann! I hear you. Back in high school I used to use a cake liner by Maybelline. I think it was a cast-off of my mom’s. Anyway, I used to spit into that cake and line my eyes as though I was a large version of Twiggy. I love a good cake liner and if you make the purchase, you won’t be disappointed! XOXXO. The palette is in my travel kit as I write this! XOXOXOXO

  2. cathe says:

    I don’t typically pay attention to most makeup post since I’m not really into makeup. BUT this was an exception. I love the entire sustainability concept behind this line. I’m placing an order right away. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Cathe Lartigue says:

    Hi Cathe! I swear even for non makeup lovers this is great stuff! I honestly love this!! I am sure you’ll feel the same!!😍😍😍😍

  4. Sandra says:

    Hi Cathe-Do you or your followers know anything about BOOM sticks makeup?


  5. anne says:

    Hi Cathe – hope you are ok as it’s a while since you last posted – miss you!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Anne. I’ll bbe writing a post starting today. It’s been a crazy month. We went to Cincinnati to baby sit, I ended up getting a flu shot and then got sick. I think it was a reaction either to the shot or the fact I was traveling. My voice is just coming back and boy–do I have a lot to say! Thank you for your concern. I really, really appreciate that! XOXOXOXO

  6. anne says:

    Good to hear from you and looking forward to your post!

  7. Amber says:

    Great post, Anne! I have been looking for someone wearing that shade of bronzer. I love taupe makeup! 💄 You look fabulous with that gray hair!

  8. Amber says:

    Great post, Catherine! I have been looking to see that shade of bronzer. I love taupe makeup! You look gorgeous with the gray hair!

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