Smashin’ Fashion…and Hiding a Muffin Top!

What a day! Snow is on the way and I lost my original draft of my post!  Arrgh!  Earlier today I was out and about with Chippy, my protector! My Protector He  thinks he’s my bodyguard–and he’s so serious! Anyway, when I was at the bank, I received one of those odd compliments.  The teller who handled my transaction told me I was dressed very nicely for a “woman my age”. While I realize she meant well, and I thanked her profusely, it made me annoyed that a stereotypical vision of an “Older Lady”  wearing a bad haircut, a pastel windbreaker, loose polyester pants and frumpy shoes is still visualized in the minds of so many people.  On the other end of the spectrum we have high fashion magazines with photographs of clothing in both advertising and editorials being worn by twenty-something models. Also in those magazines are clothing that is way out of my affordable reach!!  That being said, I decided to put some outfits together of what I like to think is how an atypical older woman dresses!

My taste in clothing is pretty safe. My color scheme is black, navy, red, and plaid.  I save the bright colors for summer.   In addition, I never purchase at full-price. I use store coupons and online coupons and really keep an eye out for sales.  If I do fall in love with one particular article of clothing, I purchase it in many colors–for example, the J. Crew Tippi sweater, I have it in every color available and wear these pullover sweaters constantly.  They are light enough to wear under a blazer–trust me–I cannot stand feeling bulky at all!!! I love wearing blazers but have to be able to move around!

Skinny jeans are another staple.  My favorite are the Gap 1969 Legging Jeans. The fit is great and these jeans are not low-waisted. There is a stretch factor, but I wear them with a belt. I cannot say enough about these jeans.  I also like the jeans from Loft. The Loft jeans have a nice cut and fit very well for we curvy women!  So here goes with the clothes..I’m smashin’ fashion today!

This is my go-to uniform of sorts. Skinny jeans, boots (these are dupes of Stuart Weitzman 50/50’s by Unisa. I just cannot justify the $600+ price of the 50/50’s), Tippi sweater, J. Crew Schoolboy blazer in Navy ( I love the J. Crew Navy Schoolboy so much I have two–one for a backup) and a big scarf. OOTD Red Tippi Navy Blazer Gap Jeans 50DupesWhen I’m running errands and am jumping in and out of the car, I hate wearing a heavy coat–the blazer and scarf keep me warm and fashionable!

Now for some “office” attire (I’m unemployed now but I wore these outfits to the office  and will wear them when I become re-employed). Red Tippi Black plaid j crew skirt dulci pumps This pic, I’m wearing a red J. Crew Tippi with a black and white plaid skirt that is also from J. Crew.  On my feet are the only item I’ve ever paid full-price for–the J. Crew suede Dulci kitten heeled pumps in black. Red Tippi Black Gap Stretch Pencil Skirt Vince Camuto Red PumpsI’m still wearing that red Tippi, but this time I paired it with a black pencil skirt from Gap. This skirt has a nice bit of stretch which makes the fit perfect! Next  is the outfit I planned on wearing for Christmas but I was so sick that I never got to wear it. I was so sad!  Black Tippi sweater with the J. Crew Flounce skirt in red.  Do you like the “blogger pose” pic of me? I couldn’t help myself!  Black Tippi Red Flounced Skirt Ivanka Trump black pumpsBlack Tippi Red Flounced Skirt dopey Blogger pose

Still in the black Tippi, I have on a gray, ruched, knit skirt from Banana Republic–it is the most comfortable skirt I own–it’s worn with black tights and black Vince Camuto booties!Black Tippi  Banana Skirt J Crew Pearls Vince Camuto booties My love for Black Watch Plaid is next–yet another excuse to wear that black Tippi! Worn with a J. Crew Factory Black Watch Plaid pencil skirt, a black J. Crew Schoolboy Blazer, black tights and pumps, the look is polished and professional.  I also have the J. Crew Factory Skimmer Pants in the Black Watch Plaid. The cut is generous in the thigh area, but still has a flattering fit!

Black watch plaid skirt with black blazerBlack watch plaid skirt close upBlack Watch Plaid pantsMoving on to a Navy Tippi that I wear with an Old Navy knit pencil skirt. This skirt was $5.00 on clearance and I’ve consistently worn it for three years now! It’s been washed tons of times and still retains a great shape!Red and blue stripped Old Navy Skirt with Navy TippiI have Vince Camuto pumps on my feet. Onto more casual attire!Navy Mini Pants Navy Tippi J Crew Scarf Vvia spiga flat Ivank Trump metallic pumpSame navy Tippi with  a J. Crew factory scarf and navy J. Crew Minnie pants.  I have two different shoes on, Via Spiga flats, and Metallic pumps from Ivanka Trump–I wanted a more casual vibe with the flat and a dressier one with the heel!

Muffin top in jeans I have a gut and muffin top!  I don’t workout. Don’t judge. However, I am a master at hiding it. See? Navy J Crew Tunic Anchor Scarf Gap Jeans Tory Burch Boot Hinge BootGap Legging jeans, J. Crew wool tunic sweater and J. Crew anchor scarf. The look is completed with boots. The darker boots are by Hinge and I love them. The lighter boots are Tory Burch. I love the color but I can’t stand the boots.  These TB boots took me a year to break them in and the “foot” of the boot looks too big.  I bought them for half-price, a disappointing purchase!

Buffalo Checked ON Shirt Jeans Nun BootsHipster Hat Nobody should see My “Oh-my-god-my-delusional-mother-thinks-she’s-a-hipster” look! I would wear this to embarrass my kids! Actually, this is my snowy-day look! I love these boots because the laces and detail remind me of old-school nun shoes!  This hat is wicked warm. My daughter left it behind (on purpose),  but I love it!

My favorite T-shirt! This is as political as I get folks! I purchased a men’s T-shirt at Uniqlo for $5.00 and had it embroidered. Freedom of speech is very important and I wear this shirt proudly!My favorite T Shirt We older women have the freedom to wear what we want and shouldn’t be pidgeon-holed into  “old lady”  stereotypes! Let’s stand united fashionable women!!!

Before I go–do you ever put a CD in your car and listen to one of your favorite songs over and over and over?  Please don’t let me think I’m the only one who does this!! I did it today with my favorite Beatle’s song of all time!!!!   “And Your Bird Can Sing“-Best. Beatle. Song. Ever.  Have a listen!:

Going to start preparing dinner now. Vincent has been asking me for Sausage and Peppers and Egg.  It’s a good meal for a snowy evening–comfort food!

Till tomorrow, XOXOXOXOXO!

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