The Most Absolutely Fabulousist News…and “More” thoughts!

Ab fab ladiesHappy Tuesday everyone!   This morning brought some “Absolutely Fabulous” news! Edina and Patsy from “Ab Fab” are coming to the big screen!   Yes! A movie about these two marvelous women will be made this year.

Ab Fab Movie is True!

Edina and Patsy may be each other’s best friend, but in my delusional world, they are my best friends too! I am in love with them. You know why? It’s because they live in a state of imperfection. They are real. They constantly screw up but take it in stride. They live their lives in a devil-may-care, “who gives a sh*t what others think” kind of way! They drink and they chain-smoke, take meds and abuse certain substances! They are delightfully self-centered! They are always politically incorrect! They are the women we want to hang out with!Edina and Patsy

Topics such as menopause, aging, waxing, sex are all addressed in humorous and satirical ways, but there is always a very human element in Jennifer Saunder’s writing.

We’ve all had a bit of Edina and Patsy in our personalities and we’ve done some of the things they’ve done.

Edie and Patsy smoking and drinking

Edina Fashion FlopEdina, with her fashion flops and her self-effacing moments, is a character we can all relate to. Admit it. Haven’t you gone to the beach at least one time only to realize you forgot to shave or get a wax? The rest of the day spent hiding your thighs in a towel? Haven’t you been at an event where you felt intimidated by the self-importance of other guests so you decided to just drink the night away—only to make a complete fool of yourself? Yeah—that’s the Edina in you!

On the other hand, Patsy is the woman who still believes she is the beauty she was in her Patsy fulltwenties and still has the same stamina to party on 24/7. She is so cool on the outside that she’s a degree away from icy! She’s still beautiful in her late 60’s, but she just cannot slow down. She’s the bossy one. The one with the killer glare. She’s the hilariously funny, totally vain,  mean and snarky older sister! If you don’t have a bit of Patsy in you, you definitely know someone like her!

We need more of these two women. They make us happy. They make us laugh.  And at one time or another we have been either one of them! It’s fun to see older women having fun and being naughty!

Take a look at their wine tasting–and I dare you not to laugh out loud! It’s one of their funniest moments!

This magazine could use “More” of the older women!

More for the woman of style and substance

Drew Barrymore, the “More” cover girl is 39. I’m confused. I remember some years back when “More” was touted as a magazine geared to women over 40. I think this magazine has regressed over the years.  While Barrymore is beautiful and on the cusp of 40, there was a time when this publication used much older women on the covers who were also much less “retouched”.

Take a look at the models in the fashion editorials.  Shame on “More”. There are beautiful and stunning women over 50 and this magazine, supposedly “geared” toward the more mature woman, uses extremely young models. I don’t think these women are anywhere near 40. Or 50. Or older!


More. This is over 40

More Where are the wrinklesWhere’s the wrinkles? Where’s the laugh lines?  Where are the crow’s feet?

“Real Simple” magazine, though, definitely keeps it real! Kudus to you!

Real Simple Cover

“Real Simple” runs the age gamut for best “anti-aging” strategies–I’m on the fence about the “any beyond” instead of 60’s.  I think it would have been better said …”’30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond.  But hey, it’s a start. Besides………………

Real Simple Real Ladies laughing

Real Simple printed this wonderful photo and quote by Lauren Becall. Don’t you just love it?   Look how happy these women are–they are adorable!

Sandrine Van Slee 51This beauty is 51! gets better!  Look!Leslie Bornstein 68This stunner, Leslie Bornstein is 68. She’s gorgeous!   I say, “Thank you, “Real Simple” for keepin’ it real!  We need more publications to showcase beauty after the age of 50! for me, Putting on the smile keeps from feeling sadI’m keeping my smile on today!  Got some flowers to brighten up this wintery day!

Fresh flowers…..have pork with lentils and carrots on the stove for a hearty stick-to-your-ribs dinner!

Pork and Lentilsand it’ll be a good night!


Have a listen to the full-length theme from the show “Absolutely Fabulous”. It’s absolutely fabulous!

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