Plus Sized? But I’m Plus Aged!

Happy Thursday and one step closer to the weekend!

Have you heard the news about Ashley Graham, the “plus” sized model and Sports Illustrated?1423059113_ashley-graham-sports-illustrated-467 She won’t be one of the coveted Sports Illustrated  swimsuit models, but she will be in a “Swimsuits for All” ad, a bathing suit company catering to the woman with curves. Sports Illustrated will have the ad placed in its swimsuit issue.

Swimsuits for all ad

Here’s the ad. It’s great but since when is a size “10” Plus sized??

Even though it’s a disappointment that S.I. doesn’t have her on the roster as one of their swimsuit models it’s a start. And it’s a very good great start! Base hits win ball games. It’s good to see Sports Illustrated taking notice of more rounded and more normal sized women. uptonIt was nice to see Kate Upton on the cover–she is no “plus” size but at least she’s got curves!

Hopefully in future years we will see not only larger women on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, but we will see older women strutting their stuff on the cover as well!

However—and a big HOWEVER, I have some griping regarding how people view women’s bodies. I’m actually being an equal opportunist and going to include everyone: men, women, young and old.

First of all, Ashley Graham is 5 feet 9 inches tall and a size 16. The fact that she’s 5’9 means she is much taller than the average woman—her height is “atypical” *nudge, nudge* get it? She ain’t “Plus”—she’s curvy and meaty. Her skin is taught and should be at her age of 27—she’s a youngster! She’s normal!!! lesdoit-modelo-talla-xl-ashley-graham-13

On my 5 foot 5 body and at a size 8/10, I’m more “plus” than she is!  Note to self–check out “Swimsuits for All” for this coming summer!  Swimsuits for All

So anyway, last night I was reading some of the online comments people wrote about Graham’s body and I was completely shocked and really angry. While there were a great many positive reactions and comments, some of the comments were vile and disgusting.   Name calling such as fat, obese, slob, pig were all used. Would the people who write such scathing comments say these words in person? What do the writers of such comments look like? My guess is if they need to hide behind a computer, the face in front of the screen may need to take a good look in the mirror! It’s also sad that some of these nasty comments came from women. One woman blamed the “fat models in magazines”…..on feminists. Further proof that we women are our own worst enemies. That’s truly disgusting—it really is, women need to be supportive of each other-I’m stunned!

Why is it that this is never an issue with men?

Old men bellies at beach.

Women can’t go topless at the beach, but these guys have some hefty “moobs” to go along with those bellies!

When men look like this it’s taken with a chuckle and in stride.

gerard-depardieu-clementine-igou-bikini-photos-italy_11Depardieu should be in a remake of  “La Grande Bouffe”.

With women, if we aren’t under 30 years old and a size 2 or 4, we are meant to feel like this

My Cows ..and these cows are just as beautiful as we are!

Ya know, I love to people watch when I’m at the beach. When I’m down the Jersey Shore or over at Robert Moses beach in NY, older women are more covered up in tankinis and one pieces and those bathing suits that look like dresses. I’ve noticed, though, on European beaches, women will rock a bikini no matter what their size or age.


I don’t know if this photo was taken on an American or European beach, but I hope I’m rocking a bikini when I’m her age!

Many older ladies in Europe rock it in just the bottoms! Honestly, I’m far more comfortable at a beach that celebrates us rather than berates us. We should not feel intimidated or ashamed of our bodies due to our size or age.

Actually, the only thing that would make me feel embarrassed at the beach would be if I forgot to trim the “thighed burns” if you catch my drift!

It’s a slow day today and I’m a bit bored so I played around with falsies.

Ardell wispies Fake Lasher

False eye lashes, that is. These lashes are so pretty for a special occasion! These are Ardell Demi-Wispies. Got ’em at Walmart for an 8-pack for about $8.00.

Adrell lashes

Aren’t they cute? They are very natural looking too!

I love ’em—Bonaparte hates them! My line of defense: “If they make me feel pretty then it’ll be a good night. If I feel ugly, everyone around me will be miserable”. That line is always a winner.

My other claim to fakeness is the tan. Speaking of which, I have to tan my legs. A recruiter reached out to me earlier today and I have an interview tomorrow. No matter how cold the weather, I absolutely refuse to wear panty hose. In my very opinionated opinion, stockings give the legs a weird sheen and I despise the way panty hose feels.  Ugh. The texture is like gummy bears for legs—cringe-worthy in my world! Also no matter how cold the weather, I only wear suits with skirts on interviews. No pants. I’m old-school!

Then I cleaned my makeup brushes—I try to do this twice a month but that doesn’t happen.Makeup brushes

Check out the brush on the far left. It’s the one that Chippy tried to eat. I paid too much money to get rid of it!

Monsieur Bonaparte will have a surprise this evening. Cherry Clafoutis for dessert! It’s a cross between custard and a cake filled with lots of cherries. It happens to be his favorite dessert—along with crème caramel, Madeleines, Breton butter cake……..

Clafoutis before sugarCherry Clafoutis straight from the oven. A little sprinkle of confectioner’s sugar and it’ll be perfection!

Here’s an excellent Raspberry Clafoutis recipe from French and Parfait:

Raspberry Clafoutis Recipe

I must go now and practice my “indoor” voice for a phone screening that I have tomorrow afternoon. It’s very hard for me to use the “indoor” voice but my beloved Bonaparte will coach me as he always does. I mean it. My “normal” voice is annoying as all get-out! Naturally loud, nasal and with an adorable “Lawng Eye-lind” accent, not everyone wants to hear it.  My Fair Lady 1964 with Audrey Hepburn as Liza Doolitte and Rex Harrison as Professor Henry Higgins

We’re the Franco/American version of this!!

Bonaparte and I are an updated version of “My Fair Lady” as he makes me whisper into a candle and then he’ll get all frustrated because I’ll start laughing. Then he’ll start speaking in French. I’ll start laughing more. And then—he’ll start laughing with me!

Speaking of swimsuits……Here’s a teeny weeny song about them from Brian Hyland!

Have a great evening!


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