Interviews, Lunch, and Anchorman Lies!

Did you miss me yesterday? LOL–I’ll bet you did!  If you did or didn’t, I’m still gonna tell you  how my Friday rolled.

I had a face-to-face interview with a recruiter. It went well. Actually, it went very well. For the first time in a while, I felt really great  about being myself during an interview. Not gonna lie. The whole process of finding employment is just so..well, sometimes it’s just so demeaning! Think about it. You are on display. You are being judged. Do you answer honestly or do you give the answers people want to hear? I chose to answer honestly and place all the cards on the table. Why lie about skills that you don’t have—it’s going to catch up later so you may as well lay it on the line from the get-go. Instead just elaborate on what you do well.

As for me, I have the skills and the expertise that it takes to run an office.

Old school secy

And I can type faster than anyone I know too!

It basically comes down to chemistry….and a great employer who isn’t an ageist! I will find that company. Oh yes. I will find that company..and when I do, I’ll have a great time at work. It’ll be the job that I look forward to getting up in the morning and driving to. I’ll make a difference! I’ll also have medical benefits and a great work/life balance.

The office

 I wanna work at Dunder-Mifflin!

The interview with the recruiter went so well that I had a phone screening late yesterday afternoon. It is my belief the phone screening went extremely well. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, yesterday was bitter cold, but I would not back down from my promise to myself that I would dress very professionally for the recruitment interview.

Pointy-toed pumps and pearls always look so professional. I love that look!

I wore a black Tippi sweater, a black pencil skirt, my favorite pointy-toed, toe cleavage bearing Ivanka Trump pumps and big chunky faux pearls that did a good job distracting from the turkey neck!

Tanned legs

 The legs looked pretty decent with the Jergen’s fake tan–even with goosebumps from the cold!

The plan was to meet my friend Becky for lunch at Nordstrom Café after the interview. Since I find it hard to walk around the mall in heels, I packed a pair of my extremely worn-out black Tory Burch Reva flats.

Tory Burch Revas. They are that disgustingI know–these are so disgusting, but after years, they are finally comfy!

With time and the deep freeze on my side, it was a great idea to hit Old Navy for an inexpensive pair of pants. It was way too cold to hang out in a skirt all afternoon. Look what I found!!! The black pants were 9.99 and the plaid, PLAID, pants were 8.99 on the clearance rack.Old Navy StealsThe plaid pants were $8.99 and the black printed ones were $9.99–what a steal!

 I don’t know if it’s the cut of the Old Navy Pixie pants or that I’m eating too much, but I had to jump up a size to a 10. Larger size or not, these pants look great, they are very slim-fitting and are ankle length. A great dupe of the far more pricey J. Crew Minnie Pants! Time to start eating healthy. Wait. I had a salad for lunch. That’s a start!  Listen to me!!! Ugh. I’m such a hypocrite!!! Yapping about the media and our bodies in Thursday’s post and here I am whining about having to wear a size 10. See what I mean? Gotta stop this! Now!!!!!

Having lunch with Becky is always fun!   We wax nostalgic about out old Irish Dance Mom days, we talk about French film and art, and we discuss our daughters!   Our lunches usually run from 2 to 3 hours because time flies by when you are in the company of great friends!

Ladies who lunch“Oh no she didn’t”!  “Oh Yessss. She did”!!

The Chicken Lime Cilantro Salad is the greatest salad on earth!

Nordies lime cilantro saladI could eat this everyday!

Bonaparte and I were watching the news last night while sipping on our Kir Royale’s, refreshing aperitifs make with champagne and crème de cassis. Kir RoyalesYummy! So delicious!

This brew-ha-ha with Brian Lie’n Williams—are the powers that be at NBC for real??? Williams should have been fired as anchor as soon as that “truthfully challenged” faux journalist apologized for his lies! I read somewhere that ….”Williams is so well-liked”! So????  Lie'n Williams PinocchioMy first time using Microsoft Paint! You like the creatively drawn liar’s nose?

No matter how “well-liked” this man is, he’s still a Pinocchio as far as I’m concerned! Watch his nose grow—I’ll bet he has more lies up his sleeve! He’s lost all credibility and NBC is keeping him on?   No wonder we end up switching the channel to TV5 Monde’s “Le Journal”!!TV5 Monde NewsI may not understand everything he says, but the coverage is more realistic!

I leave you with this…and I know, that may look like me dancing around in the red bikini—but it isn’t me!

The Castaways!  Liar Liar! Remember this? Totally appropriate and greatness to boot!

Enjoy the weekend!


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