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Hey. I don’t care HOW old I am or get. One thing I love is watching awards shows. It’s my chance to be so emotionally  critical of musical celebrities in such a short period of time! The outfits! The hair! The naughty behavior! Today, I honor the oldsters (and others) of the Grammy awards!

Two words: Tom Jones:

tom-jonesTom Jones deserves full-sized picture because he’s so great! I long to be his Delilah!

 OMG. Be still my heart. He is still as handsome as ever. No. He’s gotten even better looking with age. His tan is better than any tan that George Hamilton has! His face lift his perfection! I’ve loved him ever since I was a young girl of 9 or 10 listening to “It’s Not Unusual” while enjoying the sun at Rockaway Beach in New York.  Yes, even when I was that young I was crushin’ on this handsome Welshman!

Jessie J. is one lucky lady  to be singing with him! Their duet of “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” proved that Tom Jones still has what it takes!


One word: Madonna!

My personal favorite Madonna song is and will always be “Borderline“. It still remains (in my mind at least) one of the sweetest, catchiest little tunes of all time. Her voice was so squeaky-cute-adorable back then too. She’s evolved from Borderline to a woman with absolutely no borders or boundaries. Her “Naughty Toreador” outfit costume on the red carpet was astonishing! I don’t know about you but I want her underwire secret. I want my girls to stand at attention like hers did!

257BB3D400000578-0-Ole_Madonna_shimmies_her_HUGE_cleavage_while_dressed_as_a_sexy_m-m-2_1423437940821I need to know where Madonna gets her push up bras. I need them!

In all honesty, I think she crossed the “age-appropriate” boundary with that get up. But—it’s Madonna for crying’ out loud. She gets a pass for this one. It wasn’t as bad as the time she showed up on the red carpet with grilled teeth!

Madonna grilled teethQuite possibly, her worst look of all time!

Her performance of “Living for Love”  was even more fascinating. This woman, whether you like her or not, has legs that defy age! At 56 years, I think she needs to become the present-day Jane Fonda and put out a “Madonna Workout” book and DVD. It would probably be X-rated, but who cares?  She may be quite full of herself, but she looks fantastic!madonna in red

Speaking of Jane, I’m “Fonda” the way she looks at 77 years! I didn’t look that good in my twenties!!!!Jane FondaThe ensemble is more fitting for St. Patrick’s Day but I love those pointy-toed shoes!

Three words: Bennett and Gaga! This was one of the great highlights!

Tony and gagaTotally amazing. Totally cool. Bennett and standards are just timeless!

Tony Bennett still sounds amazing. I loved, loved, and loved the duet with Lady Gaga. Lady “G” proves that she is such an incredible talent and entertainer—from “Poker Face” to standards. Who knew??? It makes me very happy when singers who are generations apart can get together like this—and like Tom Jones did with Jessie J.—That’s the charm and beauty of music—it brings generations together. Bennett is still quite the handsome man, I must say!

Classiest Woman on the Red Carpet: ANNIE LENNOX! She is some great looking 60!!!!

Annie Lennox chic and classy

Her androgynous look has softened some, but on that red carpet, she rocked it more than anyone else.

Her duet with Hozier “Take Me to Church”/”I Put a Spell on You” was spellbinding! I actually got goose bumps watching her!Lennox hozierI’d go to church with them!

Another great moment. The beautiful Mary J. Blige with Sam Smith and their “Stay With Me” duet.


Mary may only be 44 years young, but she is a true elegant woman.

The dress she wore in that duet was to die for! I was so happy that Sam Smith was such a big winner. I love his music!

Beck and Chris Martin singing “Free as a Drum” was ethereal. Beck and Chris Martin Heart is a drum

They sounded like a modern-day Simon and Garfunkel. Actually, these two men should make a recording together. They have a great chemistry as a singing duo.

I’m so happy that Beck was another big winner. He deserves the recognition!

Beck with long hairAfter so many years, Beck finally received the recognition he truly deserves!

The weirdest Grammy moment was Kristen Wiig dancing as “Sia” in the “Chandelier” performance.   My first reaction was “Is that Kristen Wiig?”. Then I moved closer to the tv screen and realized it was. That did it for me. I couldn’t stop laughing because it seemed like an SNL skit!Kristen wig as CiaToo weird. Just too weird on so many levels.

I feel the need to mention the white elephant at the Grammy awards–Kanye West! What a disrespectful little snot. If you have a gripe with the Grammy powers-that-be then don’t show up for the awards! Take a clue from George C. Scott, Marlon Brando and others when they snubbed the Oscars:  Stars who snubbed Oscar

Seriously Kanye. Take a cue for the OLDER, classier musicians who have been around for a while. Try to emulate them. Have some class and manners. I’m afraid that class and manners are being tossed aside for arrogance these days.

Am I the only one in the world who doesn’t think that the McCartney/Rhianna/West song is that great? It’s dull and boring. Milque Toast!

Other than Kanye West’s little spoiled, entitled moronic act of jealousy towards the talented Beck, I love the way music brings everyone together. Young and Old.   Women and Men. Black and White!

It’s too bad we couldn’t fight wars with music instead of weapons! We would have a finely-tuned world filled with great melodies, wouldn’t we?

Well, I have a job interview tomorrow, so it’s time for me to do some research and to give my hair a roller set!

With so many great songs from last night’s Grammy awards–I couldn’t decide which song to post.  Instead, I give you my favorite Beck song. “Ramshackle”. It’s a beautiful song! Kanye West should listen to Beck more to see what true talent really is!


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