It’s A Chili, Glittery Eye Make Up, Joe King Carrasco Kinda Weekend!!!

Happy Friday! Monsieur Bonaparte has a cold. He’s a smart Frenchman, he is! Instead of really “refined” (his words, not mine) dinner fare for the weekend, he’s requested something simple—yet, with heat as to open his nasal passages. Tonight—it’s Chili (I’m not eating it though. I’m not doing meat on Friday during Lent). Simple and easy. I make a large amount.Chili Friday 024That’s a lot of chili for one person this evening!

While we are at the “cooking for two” stage of our lives, when I’m making a one-dish meal, such as this, I don’t do “for two”! Here’s how my Chili rolls:

Ingreeds: 2 pounds of chop meat—the 10 percent fat kind. One large sweet onion, two green peppers, three or four serrano peppers, Cayenne pepper, chili powder, cumin powder, 2 cans Rotel tomatoes, 2 tablespoons tomato paste, 2 cans kidney beans—bean liquor included. 1 clove Elephant garlic. Salt, to taste. Olive Oil. Optional: Sour cream, cilantro.

When it comes to chopping, I’m lazy. Peel the onion and cut it into larger pieces.   Cut the two green peppers in large pieces and get rid of the seeds. Peel the Elephant garlic clove (I use the elephant garlic because it’s milder than regular garlic). Cut the stems off the Serrano peppers.

Place the above ingredients in the food processor and pulse until minced.

Add olive oil (eyeball it) into the pot and add the minced vegs. Turn the heat onto high and sweat the veg.

Add the chopped meat. The 10 percent fat that’ll be in the meat will give the chili extra flavor.

Add the beans with the bean liquor—it’ll cook down.

Add the dry spices. Listen—I cannot tell you how much to add because I use the spices very liberally.

Turn the heat down to med low and cook about 20 minutes.

Then…add the tomato paste and the Rotel tomatoes. Simmer for about 40 minutes, don’t forget to stir every once in a while.

Serve with rice…or top it off with a dollop of sour cream and a sprig of cilantro. Your choice.Chili MagicThis is the stuff that makes the Chili magic–and will clear Bonaparte’s sinuses!

It’s a very simple recipe—and stores well in the freezer or fridge. Since I have French class on Tuesday evenings, it’s the kind of dish that can be reheated when we get home from class. (Our night out—I go to class, Bonaparte runs errands. I don’t have to drive in the dark!) Seriously, I think the term “cooking for two” can be broad—you can always make a good sized “one dish meal” and reheat it for the convenience!

Earlier today I met two of my favorite ex-coworkers for lunch. We worked together handling the finances for my last job. Both are CPA’s and are now employed. I miss them so much—and it was finally fun to just sit down, enjoy lunch and catch up on each other’s families. You know who your true work buddies are when you continue to socialize when the job ends—am I right or what??

Anyway, I wanted to look really nice. This morning I decided to go with a different eye look. I applied my usual “Well Rested” concealer all over my lids, in the corners and under the lids. God. I love “Well Rested” so much. It really is an essential in my cosmetics supply.

Stila Air from In the Know Palette“Air” from Stila’s “In The Know” Palette. I cannot stop hitting pan!

Air on my lid and all overApplied to entire lid and under brow–and naturally over my “Well Rested”!

Did the brows, then I took my Stila “In the Know” palette out of hiding and brushed “Air” on my lid and under the brow bone. I’ve hit pan on most of this palette. It’s a definite favorite of mine!

Sephora Good fortune cookie No70 Wet DownI don’t care how old and crepey and wrinkly my eyes are–I love glittery gold!

Next, I applied Sephora “Good Fortune Cookie No. 70” eye shadow on my lids. I wanted the shimmer to be stronger so I wet the brush then applied the shadow. I know, I know, I know—all the beauty experts advise against women my age wearing shimmery and glittery shadow. But I say—if you like it, why not? I don’t think it looks bad at all.

Trish McEvoy purple on my eyeI blended this purple Trish McEvoy shadow in the crease and added another layer!

I wanted definition in the crease of my lid—my lids are semi-hooded, so I try to give them more depth. Today I took my Trish McEvoy planner out, unzipped it, took out my small slanted brush and applied a deep purple to the crease and the edge of my lid.

*NOTE: I have to get this off my chest. I was suckered some years ago into the purchase of this McEvoy Planner. Honest to god I don’t know how on earth I ended up spending $400.00 on the planner, brushes and makeup. McEvoy has the most aggressive sales assistants I’ve ever come across. The eye shadows have a tremendous amount of fallout. The concealers are way too dark. And the product doesn’t last. It’s overpriced. I know I’ll get flamed because so many women swear by Trish McEvoy, but I’m not a fan. The planner sits on my makeup desk but I like to keep it around in plain sight as a reminder to not make foolish purchases. I do use the eye shadows now and then—like I did today. But I would never repurchase a McEvoy product. Lesson learned. Pics below!

Check the fallout on the purple shadow. It’s ridiculous. The planner holds a lot, but I’m not crazy about it nor am I crazy about the price or the quality of the products.

That Physician’s Formula Eye Booster Lash Extension Kit—what can I say? Look at the eyes after one application.

First coat lash extensionOne application. I love this Physician’s Formula Lash Extension Kit!

Eye booster look for it and buy itBuy it if you see it! I cannot say enough about it!

I’ll tell you this—if you are out and about and spot this, pick it up and run with it. I’ve been making it a point with each drugstore visit to look for it, and I’m shaking my head because it’s been sold out. Next time I spot this, I’m buying two! I love this so much that I’m being stingy and only wearing it for special days and nights out!

I drew a thin line with my NYColor Liquid Liner, tight lined with my UD pencil and went over the liner with the same black shadow I use on my brows.

softening the liquid eyeliner with powder

Liquid liner followed by a thin line of black shadow to soften the look.

A Neyes LookAlmost done. Sorry that my eyes are super-crossed today. They are a bit strained!

Hey—I even applied mascara and a bit of smudgy liner to the bottom lashes and lid!

Special occasions call for the bottom of the eyes to get “done”! OMG. My eyes–so crossed! The great thing about crossed eyes is that I get to see everyone and everything twice! Like a two-for-one sale!

To finish the face, I went with an oldie but goodie on the cheeks–Benefit’s Dandelion and on the lips I applied Lancôme’s “Pale Lip Cream” that I got as a sample, Channel’s Gossamer Gloss #347, and Neutrogena’s Lip Soother in “Gleam 40”.

Lips and Cheeks kept neutral!

Face all done and ready to get dressed.

Face done time to get dressedTime to get dressed!

Let’s face it. With no job to report to, I’m a bit more relaxed in my wardrobe – and lately my look is bordering on “au slob” rather than “au nice”! Anyway, I wore dark indigo skinny jeans from Gap, Navy chunky turtleneck from J. Crew and my brown knee-high Hinge Boots.

Sorry for using stock photos–these are the items I wore, but I am proudly more beefy!

With a bit of time to kill, I went over to KOP mall to finally check out those metallic flats. They were in stock, but it was too much of a bother for me to take the boots off, then the socks, and then put the socks back on…so I ended up purchasing a black Tilly sweater. It was on sale. Here’s what it looks like. I didn’t try it on. To tell you the truth, I cannot stand trying clothing on in the winter. Like with the shoes, the jacket, scarf, sweater, all have to come off then to put everything back on is just—“ugh”—especially when you don’t have a lot of time. Here’s the sweater. It looks boxy but I tried it on when I got home and it fits nicely. Chili Friday 027

It looks much better on my body than flat on the sofa!

It’s a shorter length but will look great with skirts. I can wear it to work—when I become reemployed!

That’s about it for today! I’m finishing the afternoon off by taking care of the Chili. And my Lenten dinner will be a flatbread spinach pizza. All followed by HOUSE OF CARDS!!!! SEASON THREE RETURNS TONIGHT!!!!

House-of-Cards-Season-3Tonight’s the night! No different than real-life politicians!

Kevin Spacey is sooooooooo deliciously devilish and naughty!

What makes Friday even happier? Joe King Carrasco—that’s who! I love his happy party so much that I’m giving you TWO doses of Joe King today: “Buena” and “Nacho Daddy”!  I want to dance around now!  XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO!!!!

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