From 50 Shades of Gray to One Shade of Black, Luxurious Hair!

Oh happy day ! I’m having my hair colored and cut (i.e. trimmed) today and the sky is as white as the line of demarcation on my forehead.

Line of demarcation

Fifty Shades of Gray, or just call me skunk stripe!

No matter what the season, every single time I go for a hair appointment, the weather is bad. Oh well, at least I have a scarf and hat. And…Spring is in 22 days!! Yippee!

My plan was to get out of the house as early as possible and do some exercise walking strolling sauntering around King of Prussia Mall.


Some go to the gym to exercise. I cover the Mall!

I wanted to try on the metallic pointy-toed shoes that J. Crew has in their recent catalogue.(Which I would have purchased even though I don’t have any particular place to wear them these days.)

Love these shoes

At some “point” these will be mine!

J. Crew is also having an extra 40% off of sale items. In addition, my plan was to visit Lilly Pulitzer and Nordstrom to check out the warm-weather clothing and figure out how many pounds I need to lose to get back to a size 6 by the time I go to France!

Instead, I called my girlfriend Jeannie.

We ended up discussing the foibles of our Mob Wives.


Bring back Carla, Love, and Ramona. Get rid of the Natalies from Philly!

THAT conversation led to our mutual giddiness over a second season of “Southern Charm”, so deliciously entertaining!

Southern Charm

They are such a delicious embarrassment to that genteel Southern way. Bless their hearts!

THAT led to our conversation about our love for “Below Deck” and we finished with a critique of “Housewives of Beverly Hills”.


I would love a job on a yacht, but I wouldn’t want to work!


I want to be best friends with Lisa Rinna. So does Jeannie!

Andy Cohen – are you listening?? Will you bring Mob Wives to Bravo if VH1ever  drops it?

Over an hour later, and no Mall visit, I finally got dressed and left to get my hair done.

Fact: I’m OCD about parking spaces—and certainly not in a good way. I think it may be from my days of living in NYC. When I lived in Manhattan, my days centered on alternate side of the street parking and having enough change for parking meters (those were the days before parking Kiosks). Double-parking was a way of life. So were tickets.

Alternate Side of the Street Parking



I’m not kidding. I had to live with this for over 20 years!

Due to the stress I suffer from parking, I try to make my hair appointments as early in the day as possible. The Bleu Mousse Salon is in downtown Wayne, on Philly’s Main Line.

Bleu Mousse

My FAVORITE Hair Salon!! Ever!

Not only is the parking in front of the salon metered, but the parking is also on the diagonal.  I need happy pills to park the car back the car out of the space when I leave.

DiagonalParkThis kind of parking is way too stressful for me. It’s backing out. I can’t see!

My hair appointment was at noon. I drove into the parking spot at 11:00 AM.

Money in the meter, I was able to take a nice brisk walk to the Rite-Aid down the street. Do you love drugstores as much as I do? Not for the drugs—but for all the “stuff” the drugstores sell. Take a look at this makeup aisle!

Drugstore beauty heaven

 It’s almost overwhelming. Drugstore makeup is GREAT for travel! You don’t have to worry about leaving anything behind!

My kinda drugsMore girly goodies!

Yes. I opened the Coppertone and smelled summer!And YES. I DID open the Coppertone–just to get a whiff of the scent of summer!

I’m glad it’s Lent or I would have purchased a chocolate cross and ate it right there!

I spent almost an hour moping around that Rite-Aid store–and I even managed to pick up some travel sized items for my upcoming trip in June.  I like to pack early!

Drugstore haulAlready in the travel bag!

As usual, my hair turned out great!  I’m so happy!  I also have a great time when I’m at the Salon. It’s a comfy environment!  What do you think?  No more gray!

Happy with my hairThe hair looks great-but damn that turkey neck!

Oops! Gotta go now! Monsieur Bonaparte is getting hungry! Until tomorrow, XOXOXOXOOOOOO!

I need some one to drive me around. Drive My Car–The Beatles!

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