Murphy’s Law, Tiling, and a Dreadlocked Issue!

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Well, Murphy’s Law  keeps on aknockin’ at my door. It’s so weird—when I was working and had medical benefits, nothing ever happened to me.   Well—remember the  hemorrhoid episode?  Read this past post to learn more!

The other day when I dropped Oona off at the train station to go back to NYC, I fell on black ice when I was returning to my car. Trying to block the fall I bent both hands over and the knees of my jeans were all messed up. Thank goodness, I was fine.

This morning I was taking a bath and what happens???—I get an epic bloody nose!

Now I can no longer wear white jeans thanks to a surprise ‘roid pop!

White jeans

No can wear the white jeans for now!

I need to wear knee pads in the winter weather if not to protect my knees, to protect that of my jeans.

knee pads

Darker knee pads will do for me, please!

I’m wearing this scarf with lots of red and keeping it close to my face. I’m also keeping the fingernails red. Just in case of an epic nosebleed whilst out and about. The blood will blend!

Me scarf

You know it’s gonna happen! That bloody nose and I’ll be prepared!

Go ahead Murphy!  Come over–I’ll even have dessert for you!

The  saga of the new  bathroom and backsplash in the kitchen continues. So far we’ve had five estimates and only one contractor was courteous enough to get back to us in a timely manner.  What goes on? Contractors don’t want small jobs? Whatever happened to the saying “No job is too small for us”?  The Tile Shop

Anyway, Monsieur Bonaparte and I went to The Tile Shop in King of Prussia earlier today to order tiles for the backsplash and to get ideas for the bathroom.

Our kitchen “area” is large. We have the sunroom off to one end, and another area where we have a small table and two chairs in front of a bay window, but the “working” area is more contained and isn’t large.

 Ugh. I got rid of all the “stuff” on the counters only to have a certain someone put all the “stuff” back on the counters. I cannot stand the clutter!!!!

I want white subway tiles for the backsplash. Shiny–not matte. Here’s the tiles we went with:

I like the slight marbling!

Its fun—and we both pretty much agree on having a classic look–I also don’t want anything “busy” in the kitchen. Simple. Like me!

For the bathroom we’re going for a slightly vintage feel. The room is very small, so it’ll just be used when we have visitors. But it has to be inviting!

Winning tile floorThe perfect floor!

Winning showerWe both love the same floor tiles in the shower!

dredded wednesday 034We have a winner!

I need this in my home.And I need this subway station print on the wall. When I was a child, this very subway line went behind our house!

Aren’t those pictures great?  It’ll be a challenge to find old vintage ceramic faucet fixtures, but I’m going to research later this evening–after Mob Wives!

Raise your hands if you’ve been following the Giuliana Rancic/Zendaya Coleman feud!

FeudNothing more juicy than celebrities be feuding! Especially when the feud is just plain foolish!

It’s too much for me. Zendaya Coleman’s Oscar “ensemble” was criticized by Rancic on Fashion Police. Rancic likened Coleman’s look to “weed and patchouli”. She hated the dreads. Fine. Now it’s turning into a racial issue and Rancic issued an apology!!!! Huh??? I’m not processing this at all. In the first place, Zendaya looked adorable. If Rancic didn’t like it, she’s entitled to her opinion and her opinion had nothing to do with race!

Adorable zenyataShe’s adorable! 

It’s the hippie side of me that loves dreads. On both black, white, yellow, freckled, and pigment-challenged persons, I love them! Always have. Always will.  However, this has nothing to do with race.  Weed and patchouli are not racist–neither are dreadlocks!

white guy dredsHe’s  and happy and “dread”fully hippified!

Hippie girl with dreds

Another “dreaded” cutie!

Lots of dreadlocks in the “Fashion” episode of “Portlandia”…and they look great!

perry dreads

Remember Linda Perry’s dreads from her “4 Non-Blondes” days?


Bob Marley–the best looking man in dreads. EVER!

I will always equate patchouli, weed, and dreads with hippies.

patchouliAnd yes, Patchouli remains one of my favorite scents. Every now and then I wear it!

I love hippies and everything about them! Dreads may have originated from Rasta-cool, but I do believe the choice to wear hair the way you want isn’t relegated to what one’s race or gender is!

Kelly Osbourne  is contemplating leaving “Fashion Police” because of Rancic’s words!

Read what Kelly said!     Man. Nothing like throwing a co-worker under the bus!  Right?

Ohhhhhhhhhh…Wait………….I’m looking for a job. Could it be that I could be Osborne’s possible replacement? I could represent all the cross-eyed people of the world! Better yet, I could represent the Older, cross-eyed people of the world! I gotta go now. I’m sending my resume to Ryan Seacrest and Kathy Griffin. *Keep fingers crossed just like my eyes* so I can be the next member of the Fashion Police team!!!!!

Today’s tune—David Bowie “Fashion”–it’s so appropriate for the Fashion Police feuding and the “Fashion” episode of “Portlandia”!


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