Mardi Means Back to French Class..and a Bit of Organizational Skills

Tonight begins a new semester of French class for me.

Keep calm and learn french

Back to class. Again!

I should be in a French IV class but I repeated French I and tonight I repeat French II. Every year I say “I am going to be the best student in the class”.


Je suis femme dunce!

It never works out. This is because I have too much fun and I also never do my homework. This time it’s different. I’m out of work so I have more time to concentrate on my lessons.  It isn’t that I don’t like the language though, because when we are in France, I can understand a great deal of the spoken and written word–I just have issues speaking it! Although I have to admit, I think secretly Bonaparte is happier that I can’t speak his native language because it keeps me quiet!

So, earlier this morning, I had to scurry around the house looking for my French stuff which was, not surprisingly, stuffed into a tote bag in one of the closets.  I also had other “stuff” in the tote. I have to admit. I can be pretty disorganized in an organized way.

I can explain. If you come into my home, all the furniture is very nice and fits well into the thought-out space that it is placed in. Everything is cleaned, dusted, vacuumed. In some areas, like sinks—the toothpick cleaning has been done. All the closets and cabinets, with the exception of the pantry, remain organized and neat.

It’s just that—well… purses and tote bags, as well as my car, can be pretty disorganized. The desk that I turned into a makeup vanity is also disorganized. I figured that since I had to find my French stuff, I may as well find the rest of my Weight Watchers stuff too. In addition, it would be a good thing to organize my makeup desk.

French Book

Found it!

The French lesson book was found easily. And I found the book, but I also found…….

Cheat Sheet and Ii still managed to get left backThis little Cheat Sheet booklet I created. It obviously didn’t help!

Me and Roman 12 years ago Found this mouse pad in my tote

A mouse pad with a photograph of me and my son Roman taken 12 years ago from my niece’s L.I. Bat Mitzvah.

Aer Lingus Dublin to Paris boarding pass

Boarding pass from Dublin to Paris that has been in said tote for about three years now.

Belfast visitors map. Haven't been in 12 years

Map of the City of Belfast. Last time I was in Belfast was 2004.

Museum of oceanography from Monaco

Brochure for the Museum of Oceanography in Monaco…3 years ago.

Cheap reading glasses. Why.

Cheap reading glasses? Why do I even need these–my prescription glasses are way stronger!

Lost gloves I was looking for

Gloves that once belonged to Bonaparte’s daughter who meant to donate them to Goodwill but I intervened.

Wythe stuff

Stuff from the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn. How’d that get in my old tote?

Now you would think that I would trash all but the French Book, cheat sheet, gloves and the mouse pad. Right?  No!  I just gathered everything, placed it all in an envelope and tucked it away in my bra drawer–but at least it’s neatly tucked away!

All stuffed in envelope in bra drawerI believe this is hoarding-lite!

Onto the makeup desk. I know this is really disgusting and I should be more sterile about my makeup. I’m trying. It’s just that after I make my face beautiful, which takes a good chunk of my morning, I’m usually in a rush to move on–hence the disorganization. I’m working on it!

The mess on my desk

BEFORE–yeah. It’s pretty bad…but, after five minutes of work…..

All done. almost

It looks so much better. Today is Tuesday. I give it ’till Friday!

I’m so happy I’m organized. Now I can go to my class without stress or issue!

Oh…do you use makeup until every. last. bit. is finished?  I wonder about that because I won’t get rid of a makeup item I love until it’s completely gone. I’m still scraping the bottom of the pan of that Too-Faced Sweet Pea blush before I move onto the Stila one. Look:

I will use this till there is nothing left

That tiny bit is what I’m still working on!

I never found the rest of my Weight Watchers stuff. My BFF from NYC, Jeannie called me. She rescued me from my chores!  We were on the phone for almost 3 hours!  I swear time flies when you are having a great conversation!

Time-Flying-By-For-Sunny-And-Her-Sweetheart-3-kraucik83-21592704-380-270Time flies when you talk with a great friend!

Well, some of my organizational skills may be far from perfect–as well as my French. But–I had a perfect time with Jeannie today!

In honor of my repeated French Class, here’s some French music from Francoise Hardy! Le Temps de l’amour!

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