Mommy and Me Weekend and Those Crazy Oscars!!!

Happy Monday! What a wonderful weekend I had hanging out with my daughter!

Paoli_Station_PennsylvaniaAmtrak. Always late!

Saturday couldn’t have come quick enough—I picked Oona up in Paoli after her Amtrak ride from NYC—we headed over to Bleu Mousse Salon where Adam worked his usual greatness on her hair.   We had planned an afternoon of shopping but, for the first time this winter, the meteorologists were correct in their weather predictions.

Snowfall-in-Philadelphia-And-The-Surrounding-AreaFor once the meteorologists were right!

It snowed like a Bastid so we went home and cozied up on the sofa with tea and TV! Nothing more fun on a cold, gray, snowy Saturday afternoon than relaxing on the sofa with a blanket thrown over and chilling with your kids—it’s just like the old days!

Lots of great food, wine, and conversation made for a late night but a wonderful evening!

Chippy. The human canine alarm clock!

We headed to the outlets in Limerick yesterday.  Chippy couldn’t wait to wake Oona up!

Nothing like Starbucks on a cold morning!

A stop at Starbucks for Skinny Chai Lattes and egg and spinach wraps warmed us up! After a few purchases at J. Crew factory, it was just too cold to venture around the outdoor mall, so it was home for some pre-Oscar red carpet festivities.

Mommy and Me time!

On our way home for some pre-Oscar fun! Didn’t Adam do a great job on Oona’s hair?

Oscar weekend is always one of the most entertaining weekends of the year. Why—event the news stations forget about the local goings on to concentrate on the Hollywood stars and movies. It’s delicious!


As much as I love and adore Doogie Howser, NPH, I was a bit disappointed in his hosting. The writing was just dull and bland.

MPH Tighty whities

He did look adorbs in those tighty whities though!

We get to view all the “act-ors” in all their humble narcissism sincere excitement. I wouldn’t miss this for the world.

I especially love the controversy—like the sore losers who weren’t nominated blaming the academy’s oversights on race. Actors using acceptance speeches as a political and social issues platform are always far entertaining. And—I’m still waiting for the day when a winner just goes up to accept their statue and just says with a smile “Thanks” rather than..

” I would like to thank my mother’s obstetrician for assisting in bringing me into this world”

“I would like to thank the sales assistant at Coach for helping me find that impossible clutch to match my shoes for this evening”

“I would like to thank Jesus, The Blessed Mother, all the Angels and Saints..and especially Sr. Mary Clairvaux, my favorite teacher of all time. Her well-written plays inspired me”

The jewels! The Gowns! The hair do’s and don’ts! The makeup! The whitest of white teeth! The shoes! It’s heavenly! Ahh…The Red Carpet!

My vote for best dressed woman this year? Laura Dern. Everything about her gown is perfect. I love the bling—it’s classy bling, not vulgar. Even though it’s strapless, it fits her beautifully. That is a gown I would want in my closet!

laura dern best dressed alberta ferretti

Best look of the evening. I love her hair too–that Veronica Lake look it so fetching!

Rosamund Pike came in a close second. That dress is amazing..and she has pretty enough feet to carry off those thinly strapped shoes.   Did you ever notice that a great many celebrities insist on wearing strappy shoes and their feet are just so ugly? Rosamond Pike did a perfect look from head to toe. Literally!

2015 Annual Academy Awards - Los Angeles

Note the feet! They are stunning! I swear this look is beautiful from head to toes!

I loved Marion Cottiard’s gown too—Christian Dior Couture. I’ll admit, the back of the dress was unique, but nevertheless, I thought the dress looked fantastic on her!


I’m digging this dress, but her makeup is impeccable!

Felicity Jones looked like a princess! Some thought the gown was too prom-ish, I thought it was adorable.

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Despite what critics thought, I thought she looked great!

I also loved Julianne Moore’s look. She is incredible for 55!  She’s got such a delicate beauty!

rs_634x1024-150222162333-634_Julianne-Moore-Oscrs_jl_022215Her hair and her eyes! WOW!

What happened to ScarJo?  She has the BEST body on earth. Why did she wear that thing around her neck?  Listen–I have a serious case of turkey neck and even I wouldn’t wear that monstrosity!   Her hairdo too–WHAT???  Geez, she’s a blonde bombshell, what is she thinking with that hair don’t?

Scarlett Johansson at Oscars in VersaceThe dress by itself would have been fine–but that thing around her neck… and..

scar jo hair.that hair don’t. Why? ScarJo. Why?

Note to J.Lo:  It’s time to change up your look honey, the milk duds are sagging. You need to push them up and use a different neckline. Also, as beautiful as you are in your caramel colored frocks–it’s time to bring some color into the mix. Lastly, do ya think you can smile for once and show your teeth?  You’ve had that same facial expression in every publicity picture for 20 years now. Let it go!

j. lo at oscars same color same plunch same facial exprssionBoring! Same old same old. Let’s get a new look!

Which British actor or actress will win this year? We all know very well that The Academy has a jones for British accents. Hmmm. Are the BAFTA’s jonesing for American accents as well?

Which actor/actress playing someone with a disease will win? Diseases are always a shoe-in for Oscar. The moment I saw the trailer for “The Theory of Everything”, I knew immediately that Eddie Redmayne would win.

Redmayne as hawking

Even though I was rooting for Bradley Cooper, Redmayne was so adorable and genuine when he won that Oscar! He’s a good actor!

As soon as I heard “Still Alice” was about the dreaded Alzheimer’s and Julianne Moore was starring as Alice, I sighed “Finally, she’s gonna win this year”!

Moore as aliceFINALLY!!!!!

My personal choice for best actor was Bradley Cooper—and once again, he failed to win. Don’t worry Bradley, your day will come. Find a script with a leading actor that has a major disease and you’ll be a shoe-in!

cooperYour day will come!!!

My predictions for J. K. Simmons in Whiplash and Patricia Arquette were spot on. Both were amazing in the roles they played.

JK Simmons

Who knew the “Farmer’s Insurance” guy was so angry?

I especially loved Arquette’s portrayal of a divorced mom. I felt her pain—all of us divorced women can feel the pathos, pain and poignancy that went into that character.

Arquette BoyhoodA well-deserved win!

The biggest disappointment was the loss of “Boyhood” as best picture and Richard Linklater as best director. Really??? Linklater went completely out of the box to film this masterpiece in a 12-year span. It was an incredible film.

Boyhood_filmOne of the best films of all time. Period!


“Birdman”—a narcissistic “I’m-an-ACTOR!!!” film won instead. The French have a saying: “Regarder son nombril”. What it basically means is to look at your bellybutton, i.e. you can only see yourself. That’s the tone of Birdman—and it won because Hollywood actors and actresses, in all their narcissistic glory, just adore a film about them and their craft.

BirdmanUgh. Just. Ugh!

Why would these people not vote for a film about a boy’s life spanning the years of childhood to young adulthood, or about an American Hero who fought for our Country, or a great little film about the relationship between a gifted student and an abusive teacher?

Patricia Arquette used her win as a platform for equal pay for women.While I agree with her, I just find it so ironic that she has millions and cannot really relate to the normal woman who is bypassed for equal pay at a regular office job. I howled with laughter watching Meryl Streep and J.Lo with the “you go girl” action!


Whatja really rooting for?

Were they that enthusiastic about supporting the average woman—or was it because they want a few million more for each film they make? By the way, I do LOVE Arquette for being completely natural and not having any fillers needled into her face—she is a fine example of a woman who is aging extremely gracefully.

ArquetteArquette gets kudos for aging gracefully and naturally!

I’m also compelled to wonder why nobody was choked up at the song Glen Campbell wrote, but was unable to perform. “I’m Not Gonna Miss You”, is such a moving and sad song partially written by this performer about Alzheimer’s with Alzheimers. It didn’t even warrant a standing ovation?

If you ask me, Campbell’s song was more of a tearjerker than “Glory” was—but “Glory” was about race. Don’t get me wrong—”Glory” is a great song—and Legend and Common are incredibly talented guys, but so is Campbell—I do believe Campbell deserves respect as well.

commonTalented and cute too! Glorious win!

But…the BEST musical moment of all was Lady Gaga’s tribute to “The Sound of Music”. WOW squared! I never knew Gaga had such a well-trained voice. I think she may have changed the dynamics of her career last night. Broadway will soon have a new shining star in the name of “Gaga”.

87th Annual Academy Awards - Show

Madge can’t hold a candle to Gaga!

87th Annual Academy Awards - ShowI cried too!

She is an incredible talent. I loved the hug between her and Julie Andrews!! That was my “You go girl” moment!

I’m still trying to process why the creators of “Selma” as well as some of its actors were having a hissy fit by saying “Selma” was snubbed it was up for best picture and the song “Glory” won. Seriously—can someone explain this to me?

The Oscars should be about the movies and entertainment. Diversity shouldn’t be a part of it. Do we complain that the BET awards don’t showcase various races? Do we complain that the BAFTA’s don’t include enough Americans?   Is the reason we don’t televise the “Caesars” because those French film makers don’t include enough EU’s or Americans or anyone else? Time to “Quitcherbellyachin” everyone!

We all have movies we love and are overlooked. We all get upset because our favorite actor, actress, or movie didn’t win or wasn’t nominated. That’s the way it goes.

Run Bradley, Run! Run to get a script that’ll put you in the lead for an Oscar next year!!!

Well—just as I predicted, the Oscars didn’t disappoint in politics, race, or narcissism! It’s all in good fun!

In honor of the  Oscars–Sly and the Family Stone “Everybody Is A Star”


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