Judgment Day. Again. And Again. And Again. But the Soda Bread Looks Great!!!

Oh boy. And a Happy Hump Day to you! Late in the afternoon, the sun is kind of starting to peek out from beneath a ceiling of clouds. It is so great to not have to be bundled up like a swaddled infant for once!

This morning was a busy one—I had another job interview. Moving forward, I will refer to all interview days as “Judgment Day”. Ohhhhhh, I was so “entranced” with watching the Beverly Hills Housewives last night that I forgot to fake tan my legs. You know my aversion to panty hose, but luckily I had an unopened pair of Navy tights. Anyway, I wore a navy pencil skirt, a raspberry Jacrew Tippi Sweater, a great Lilly Pulitzer Murfee infinity scarf –raspberry with little navy frogs; I got it at the warehouse sale for a bargain, my navy Jacrew Schoolboy blazer and finished the look with those pesky navy tights and navy kitten heels.

My morning outfit

I’m so sick of wearing black to interviews. I would rather be judged in navy and a bright colored sweater!

love this sweater scarf combo

I love this Jacrew Tippi, Lilly Pulitzer scarf combo. It’s very bright and happy!

I wore little faux pearl stud earrings. Since my hair is filthy, I was able to manage a nice pulled back hair look. One of my faux nails broke last night, but I remedied that situation by applying a band aid over the finger, making it look like I damaged myself!

The interview went well. Just about two hours of well, so we’ll see what the outcome is. Either way, it’s always good practice for future interviews! I was judged by three very nice and pleasant people—actually, they seemed like the type of people I like to work with and for. Concise and to the point—I love that! So, we’ll see. If nothing comes of it, it was a great experience. It got me out of the house. I had the opportunity to get dressed in office attire. It’s all good! I’m blessed.

Honestly, I don’t know if I was “blessed” because I had another interview or “blessed” because the pencil skirt fit me. Since I’ve been hanging out the past three months in various form of slob attire—i.e. sweats and Old Navy Pajama bottoms, the weight has been slowly creeping up on me.

For the millionth time, I got out my Weight Watchers tracker and Complete Food Companion. No. Really. THIS time it’s happening.

Weight watchers

Again. And Again. And Again!

When Bonaparte and I were in Wegman’s he mentioned getting snails to start our upcoming Saturday Night Feast, I put my foot down and gave him a firm “No. I can’t. Do you want me to pull my pants down in the middle of the frozen food aisle to give everyone a peek at why I should not keep gorging?” We did not purchase the snails!

Bonaparte’s schedule was light today, so afterwards we went on a couple of errands.

Can I just say something vent for a minute? We have this little bare “spot” on our lawn near the entrance to our home. In its place was a dead bush so we had it removed. Now, with the snow all but melted, that spot is muddy and swishy. Not a good thing when Chippy traipses through because there is no way he is stepping on my carpeting with that mud. We went to Lowe’s to get some stones or tiny rocks to cover the “spot” (lol—kind of like covering the bald spot on my head. In addition, I have been told that I do have rocks in my head!)

Lowe's. They need to hire more staffDear Lowe’s. Please hire more people. Thank you.

We arrived at Lowe’s. There was nobody on the floor—I mean no sales assistants. We walked around, figuring the little stones must be near the outdoor furniture. Nothing—but we did see some nice deck furniture! Now—picture this: their nursery area isn’t completely set up for the spring yet. I get that. However, we decided to venture out into that particular area. We’ve been in the store for about 6 or 7 minutes and could not find even ONE person to assist us.

We’re now out in the nursery. I heard some noise and mentioned to Bonaparte that someone must be around. We walked around until we did, in fact, finally see a Lowe’s employee. He was organizing some planting pots. I approached him and very nicely asked if there was an aisle in which we could find little stones or tiny garden rocks. You would have thought I asked this man for a loan of $50,000.00. The tone of his voice was that “WTF-ee”. Without looking up, and not too pleased, he said “Aisle 6 right side” then continued on.

Granted, I was extremely thankful and said my “thank you”. It was fortunate that he knew where the product was. However, every now and then it is a good gesture to just smile or be a tad more pleasant. Well, I guess coming from his side, he’s probably frustrated because Lowe’s seemingly must not have a large staff. Trust me there was nobody working in that store except a couple of cashiers. That’s sad—especially since so many people are out of work! We did find the little stones, but there were so many to choose from that we couldn’t make our minds up. No purchase!

Next stop was Wegman’s. I’m making soda bread. The contractor who is supposed to come and start our backsplash tomorrow is Irish. I cannot allow someone to work in my home without feeding them. The only thing is that I cannot have caraway seeds. My diverticulitis will act up, so I can only have the soda bread with raisins. I hope he is not disappointed!

Speaking of ailments—my post nasal drip is more like a post nasal tap today. I think I was extremely relaxed during my interview judgment because I was focusing on not having to take out a pile of tissues. Thank you nose!

Since I can’t find my “Joy of Cooking” (I still haven’t unpacked some of my books since the move here), and I use that recipe for my soda bread, so I used Ina Garten’s. Here it is:

Ina Garten Irish Soda Bread

I used it because it doesn’t require caraway seeds, BUT, I replaced the currants with raisins because that is what I’ve always used. Plus—she uses orange zest. No. Just No. If you use this recipe, omit the zest.

Soda Bread makings

Soda Bread. Use raisins instead.

Chilled butter into the dry ingredients; beaten egg with buttermilk; mix it all up!

From this, and with a little kneading, to this, and then when the oven is ready–this!

It turned out beautiful, but since its 8 WW points plus for 1/12th of a slice (my size slice is more like 1/6 or 1/4!), I’m passing on this one!

I wish I could have some of this with butter slathered all over

Yum! Isn’t it pretty?  Slathered in butter and with a cuppa tea–this is heaven. Too bad it’s too many points!

I was going to clean out my dirty car. Monsieur Bonaparte was being very judgy with me and the state of my car—but then I paused and said to myself “Nah”…I’ll clean it some other time (Shhhhh—what that means is that Bonaparte will get angry beyond judgment and clean my car for me!)

Despite the hat on the floor–and the sign–I haven’t moved it since my last post about my car. Remember that? The music is organized though–see the CD holders?  I need to keep my hat in there–what if it rains? The back seat is kind of hairy from Chippy’s shedding..and his shedding lands in that little side thingy for “stuff”. See?  I’m just glad someone else besides me is shedding so much!

Well, Chippy deserves a treat for being a good boy. He’ll be good company for the Mob Wives reunion tonight! I can’t wait. I live to judge those women!

Why does he always look at me like this when he want's something

He always has that same look when he wants something from me–and I cannot resist! (NOTE: moments after this pic was taken, he went into the garbage. I CAN resist)

At the end of the day Happy to be a slob!

Oh. My camera is fixed! I have no idea how it got fixed either but I’m so happy that dopey filter is gone. Now you can see me wrinkles and all-it warms my heart!

XOXOXOXO!  Speaking of being judged..Here’s the only fun song about judgment day. I wanna get up and dance whenever I hear it. I hope you do to!  NORMAN GREENBAUM! Remember “Spirit in the Sky”?

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