Splish Splash, I’m Not Gettin’ Backsplashed–So I’ll Go Beauty Shopping Instead!

Today was the day our backsplash was to be installed in the kitchen. “WAS.” We received word late yesterday afternoon that it would have to be pushed back until tomorrow. Why was I so upset? I’ll tell you why. My blow out was scheduled for tomorrow. THANK GOD I found out early enough to re-schedule my hair appointment for this afternoon.

Deep in the bowels of my beauty products, I uncovered my large bottle of Genifique serum by Lancôme. It was a go-to when I was working. But—in order to be more frugal, I’ve stopped using it. Waste not what not. I missed you my friend. I’m thinking that perhaps I need to have my Geni back to revive my face. Besides—it’s actually a good experiment to see if my skin will improve while rediscovering this.

GenefiqueI’ve missed you my friend..we need to hang out again!

I am beginning to show a lot of love for the “It” cosmetics under eye corrector.


It’s turning into a great purchase!

I brush it under my eyes only—but I had an epiphany! If it gets rid of redness and makes my under eyes bright, why not try it on this big age spot I have on my cheek. I did. It worked. Pretty happy with this stuff!

See that nasty age spot  above? Ugh. It’s so annoying!  Now it’s covered!  Good stuff that “It” cosmetics!

When I apply my eye shadow, I like to “stipple” the shadow very lightly in the crease. I think it is a more gentle way of applying the product on “aging” eyes—and works well to layer. Wait! I decided to try filming this-you have to see this video I attempted to make. I tried. I’m not techie savvy enough to figure it out! Anyway, it’s a good laugh.

Browzee Wowzee

I forgot to mention, I’m very happy with the brow brush I purchased from It.  The brush is so thin and makes applying the brow powder easier than ever!

As soon as I put myself together, I ran Sephora to seek out new liquid foundation. I did mention over the weekend that my MUFE HD foundation has been drying on me lately and looks cakey. I’ve got to find something that smooths, evens out, and does not oxidize. It’s a challenge. Seriously, my skin is looking like crapola. I don’t know whether it’s the stress of my anxiety, or the weather or………or………..or….the actual *Gasp* “AGING” process! (Please God; please let me win the lottery so I can get some face-lift action—Amen!)

With my blow out at 2PM, I left early enough to run some errands and take a look at Home Goods in St. David’s. First stop—Sephora at King of Prussia Mall. Finding a decent and new foundation was going to take a while—or so I thought. Lucky Me—Dina, one of Sephora’s finest make-up artists was on hand today!

Dina from Sephora!

If you are ever at Sephora in KOP Mall, I suggest you stop by to see if Dina is working. Makeup expert and artist fantastique! Check out her perfect brows and that great lipstick!

She had helped me in the past and she knows her beauty! I explained about the cakeyness, dryness..blah, blah, blah. She also realized that I have “unusual” skin because my coloring is just so—uneven! Dina picked out two foundations: Hourglass Veil in “1.Ivory” and Givenchy Teint Couture in “3 Elegant Sand”.

Givenchy Teint Couture in “Elegant Sand” and  Hourglass Veil makeup in  “1 Ivory”. Both were very similar and both went on smoothly!

After cleaning my face, she applied Hourglass Veil Primer with a brush!!

Veil mineral primer

This primer was applied with a brush!!! A BRUSH!!

I was floored because I had never even thought of applying primer with a brush at all! It’s like a light bulb went off! She explained that the primer goes on much more evenly with a brush. Also, Dina has such a light touch; I knew I was in great hands. She applied the Veil foundation on one side of my face and the Givenchy on the other. It was such a close, close call—I let her make the decision. After all, Dina is a pro and I’m not by any means. I ended up purchasing the Givenchy.   Not wanting me to go without an application of blush, she applied Tarte Cheek Stain in “Natural Beauty”.

tarte natural beauty

This is a great color–it looks dark but is so light and pink and sheer!

It looks so dark but goes on so nicely—just a flush of pink. I used to have a Tarte Cheek Stain quite some time ago. I swear it lasted almost 5 years—now I think it’s time to revisit and make a future purchase! I forgot how much I liked it!

Dina finished by glossing my lips with Dior’s Crème de Rose Lip Balm. I didn’t make this purchase, but I definitely know it is in my future! It really hydrates and smells so good!

creme de rose diorCrème de Rose by Dior. A balm that I’ll definitely be purchasing!

I want to give a shout-out to Sephora and to Dina. Dina went far and above the call of girly-beautyness today. I wasn’t expecting a full-on application of two foundations and to top it off, that pretty blush. But it is so much fun when you need a product and the makeup artist gets it! Dina knew exactly what I needed. She understands the needs of  mature skin–she used to do her mom’s makeup all the time! We need more makeup artists like Dina..oh yes, we do! Sephora must really be very selective in hiring artists because, I’ll tell you, Dina could be a makeup artist for a Hollywood movie set! I could have used her to accompany me to make my purchases too! Instead of grabbing the primer, I grabbed the Veil foundation. I ended up going home with the Givenchy and the Hourglass foundations rather than the one foundation and the primer!

Oops! Gotta go back to exchange the Veil Liquid makeup for the primer!  That’ll be a fun errand!

Girlie Greatness

The exchange will be just another excuse to get to sit here! The magic spot in Sephora!

Now I get to go back to make an exchange! Thank you Dina for giving me some happy today!

See the Tarte Blush? It really is so nice and soft looking. Here’s an over exposed (sorry) pic of my fact with the foundation–trust me, it looks so great and not cakey AND it did not oxidize!

Next stop was TJ Maxx, and the TJ’s in St. David’s is the best of the lot. I’m on the hunt for a decent cross-body bag. I’m getting tired of carrying around a ton of stuff in a big bag when I’m on vacation. I need to lighten my load, but I’m very particular. Although there was a ton of cross-body’s, I just couldn’t find anything. I almost went with a metallic bag from Nine West. But it went back on the rack because I’m so tired of brand names on items. I’m not doing their advertising. Every stinking bag had a “name”. Jessica Simpson, DKNY, Michael Kors infamous MK logo, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Nine West. Hey. You guys. You are making millions—the bags should sell themselves without your name on them. Whatever happened to discretion?

Tons of cross-body bags and all with brand names and logos displayed. That’s the only reason I put this really nice metallic bag back on the rack. I like Nine West, but I don’t want a name displayed on my bag!

With a bit more time to kill, Home Goods was next. I love that store. We need a small table for the downstairs family room. Nothing big, just something to basically take up a bit of space while being functional. I found these two tables. I actually had the round table in my cart, but the top was a bit wobbly so I put it back. Monsieur Bonaparte doesn’t like the rectangular one at all, but I really, really like it.

I had this round table ready to purchase but the top was wobbly. I love the rectangular table–Bonaparte doesn’t like it at all. Should I buy it and “sneak” it into the house???

Oh well, we’ll find something. Home Goods also had tons of seasonal items, like Easter-themed table linens, dinner ware, and other table wares. Those items are the sorts of things I would get when the kids were young—but these days, those items just come off as too cutesy for me.

Saving the best for last, that wonderful blow out! It was so relaxing to have my hair washed and blown. If your hair looks great, you feel great.

Fluffy and clean!

Clean hair. Nice and fluffy–what a concept!

Oh. And I almost passed out when Adam said “It looks like you are growing hair on the back of your head. What have you been doing?” My heart almost stopped! Dare I tell him that I’m such a lazy slob that I hadn’t washed my hair in two weeks, and not working, my hair is up in a loose bun whenever I’m at home so I cannot touch it?   Eh…I sorta told him. I just said I wasn’t putting any miracle products, just what I always use.

Could my hair be growing backThe only product I have on to cover my “spot” is the Toppik Adam sprinkled-and it wasn’t a lot either!

As soon as I went home, I grabbed the mirror to look at the back of my head. It may be true; all he did was apply a small sprinkling of Toppik—look!   In case you haven’t read it, here’s my post about my hair loss journey:   My Hair Lady. The Bald and the Beautiful

Bonaparte saw me looking at my head and noticed the magnifying glass I have sitting on the bathroom’s vanity. He inquired why I would have a magnifying glass in the bathroom as it doesn’t look “right”. I confess-it probably isn’t right, but I do a skin check every day—and I use a magnifying glass to check any tiny spot on my legs. I KNOW. It’s obsessive but I can’t help it.

Magnifying glass in the bathroom

I only use this to check the “things” on my skin!

It is now in his office.

That’s my day! A lot of nothing and a lot of something! Glad you joined me!


Nothing from Nothing does make something—Remember this from Billy Preston? It’s a happy one! And..Preston’s hair is true 70’s greatness!

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