Thrift Shop Travels (Say It–Three Times. Fast. I Double-Dog Dare Ya)!

Spring is here and I need a project. We have an old dresser sitting in the garage that can be repurposed. It can be used to store table linens or used in the upstairs guest room. Either way, I’m dying to get my hands dirty!


Black chalk paint, a coat of wax and a change up for the drawer pulls–it’ll look great!

I went out and purchased black chalk paint—Chalk paint is great for lazy people like me because it is a great alternative to stripping and sanding and all things messy messier. It adheres like glue to the surface being painted. After it dries, I’ll apply a nice coat of paste wax. I’m setting the tone here—the project won’t get started until the weather warms up a bit. It’s still too cold to hang out in the garage—add to the fact Bonaparte doesn’t yet know of my intentions. I see a project. Bonaparte sees a mess!


Chalk paint and paste–OOPS! I did it again. I thought it was paste wax. It’s a glossy glaze. Back to the store. Again!

First things first. I’m going to stop by the Goodwill shop in Phoenixville to see what treasures I can find. I’ll tell ya, I need to keep active—yesterday was spent sending out cover letters and resumes. My head hurts from all the thinking I had to do to “personalize” each of the letters sent out. I feel like such a phony! I just wish I could write a cover letter that reads: “Hi! I need a job. I need medical bennies. My work ethic and my skills are phenomenal. Please hire me—you won’t regret it!” Unfortunately that won’t do. *shrugs and tilts head to the side while eye rolling good eye*!

Anyway, last night I whipped up some Momofuku Milk Bar Corn Cookie dough—given the fact my Kitchen Aid broke in half and I’m eagerly awaiting the replacement, I was still able to use the machine by placing the motor onto the stand and holding the two pieces together with my hands.

Cookie dough in the fridge–I practically had to stand on top of the Kitchen Aid! Can’t wait till the new one gets here!

Perhaps I can find an inexpensive used hand mixer in my thrift shop travels today!

Today’s OOTD is, thankfully, forgiving to my body of “Added Padded” which I acquired over the winter. Thank god for Jacrew Factory Gigi pants. They are stretchy without looking “old ladyish”. The top I’m wearing—gray and black color block is one of my favorites. Geez—I got it years ago in Stone Harbor during a Labor Day sale and some fancy-schmancy little boutique for $5.00!

OOTD. Extremely forgiving for all the extra padding I accumulated over the winter!

I haven’t worn it in ages. Again, it’s forgiving. Why? First of all the shirt is of a longer length, and it hugs without being slutty looking. The gray starts right below my bust, making my torso appear longer and slightly , VERY slightly, leaner. The black from the shirt also blends in with the pants, giving it a more monochromatic look, but not an “I’m-an-old-lady-in-mourning” appearance.   I’m soooooooooooo tired of wearing boots that I threw my years-old Tory Burch Reva flats on. These shoes are a mess—the sole is tearing apart, the inside liners are gone—but they are just so comfortable. I really need to bring these to a shoe repair shop and soon!!

Chippy in tow, we went on our “Thrift shop travels”. It’s so pathetic, my sense of direction. When we lived in Manhattan I always used the Twin Towers as my landmark when I was downtown. I also appreciated the grid that NYC is based on—avenues going north and south and numbered streets facing east and west. What could be easier—right?   The googled directions I printed out never even made it into my purse, so I had no idea where we were going. Luckily The Goodwill store wasn’t that far.

My version of Goodwill Hunting

MY version of “Goodwill Hunting”!

Lots of stuff, but nothing eye-popping. It made me miss my old haunts in New Jersey! My finds included two milky white bowls. I love white table settings and I’ve already used the larger bowl for clementines (my attempt to “snack” healthier)—the smaller one will do for nuts or lifesavers. The larger bowl was 3.00 and the smaller 2.00.

This little candy jar/bowl looks like a white chalice! The larger bowl is a home for my healthy little clementines…….

Joe Walsh 45 I should have bought it!I regret not purchasing this old 45. I love Joe Walsh and I love this song! Boo Hoo!

My real find was this diet log book. Forty-seven cents! Biggest bargain ever!!!

Forty-seven cents. How could I not make the purchase.  Look at that clean slate! I promise to use this religiously!

Try as I might, there were no hand mixers available so I’ll just have to keep humping holding my kitchen aid together with my hands until the replacement arrives!

I made a quick stop at Whole Foods before coming back home. I needed grape tomatoes for a tabbouleh that I’m going to make. Instead I ended up also purchasing a bag of avocados, Tamari peanut dressing and a huge bottle of African Black Soap body wash. Oona uses it and said it’s really good for the skin—it’ll be nice to have it here when she visits. My grape tomato purchases ended up to be $31.00.

This African Black Soap does everything! I’m going to use it to shave my legs! Do I really need another salad dressing? I make my own for cryin’ out loud! Maybe I can use it as a marinade for chicken!

Yes! I really did some fantastic thrifty shopping today—didn’t I???

You all know by now that I’m a giver. That’s right. I may be deeply shallow, but I’m a giver! I baked quite a few batches of those delicious corn cookies. Roman, my son, works for “The Tonight Show” and got us tickets for Friday’s showing—so it’ll be a fun day. I made a few bags of cookies for him and his fellow cue-card guys. I also made a few bags for Adam and Doug over at Bleu Mousse salon.

out of the oven

Out of the oven and…..

packaged nicely

Nicely packaged–well, Bonaparte’s cookies are in the plastic container!

Thank God I’m getting my roots done Thursday. Not only do I look like a skunk—but I swear I look like a bald skunk. Ugh—check it out! Naturally, I have some cookies set aside for Bonaparte! I need to sweeten him up so that he won’t be upset with my project! Am I right?skunkyI really, really need to have my roots done. I look like this right now!

My son Roman’s band, Bad Man Yells, is playing in Brooklyn on April 3rd! If you are in Brooklyn and want to hear a great band–stop by Pete’s Candy Store to see them play!

Bad Man Yells

I’ve played this before, but here’s an encore:  Bad Man Yells “Ask Yourself”–my son Roman on lead vocals!

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  1. nathalie says:

    is it really your son singing ??? very very good !!! but may be i have not well understood ???!!!

  2. Catherine says:

    Hi Nathalie: Yes! That’s my son, Roman, on lead. He’s an excellent musician–it’s his passion! Thanks so much–I’m glad you like his voice!!!

    • nathalie says:

      one of my son (17) is the leader of his little rock band,and my other son (15) plays guitar and bass …so we live in music at home !!!even in the car !!!

  3. Catherine says:

    Nathalie–Do you and your sons ever watch “Acoustic”, hosted by Sebestian? I watch that show all the time and my delusions have me thinking my son will be on the show one day. Now I’m thinking maybe your sons will be on the show too!!!!

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