Windows to My Wednesday World. Real Housewives (of NYC) Don’t Cry–Or Do They?

Bonne Mercredi!

I thought it was bad enough watching the season premiere of “Real Housewives of NY” last night.


Trust me buddyroos.  I WAS a REAL Houswife of NYC at one time. NONE of my fellow NYC housewife friends were this pathetic–even my wealthy NYC wifey buddies were nothing like these self-indulgent women–but it’s fun to watch! (except Bethenny-UGH)

Ugh. Bethenny Frankel’s constant whinging, whining, and playing the victim is sickening to me. (…and I thought I was a master whiner!) She’s got a multi-million dollar empire and she is still one of the most miserable women I’ve ever seen. I cannot believe Andy Cohen brought her back as a cast member of this show–even Aviva would have been more welcomed!

Bethenny frankel crying again

Hear that dripping noise Bethenny?  It’s my heart bleeding for ya! Whaaaa!!!! Try NOT being the richest homeless person in Manhattan. Vous êtes un conasse misérable ingrat!!

bethenny crocodile tears

Whaaaa, *sniff* *sniff*. I wish I was worth more than my millions of dollars that are keeping me homeless!  Whaaaaa!  Andyyyyyy, can you put me back on TV???

It truly was a laugh out loud moment for me when she was in the car crying to Fredrik Eklund, her fake, TV-scripted fellow Bravo reality star real estate agent. She actually said she was the “richest homeless person in Manhattan”….. You know, there are times when even I am so dumbstruck that I just am at a loss for words. Honestly. There are no words–at least there are no kind words!

Bethenny and frederick

Look at Fredrik. Her *ahem* real estate agent. I suspect even HE thinks Bethenny is an ingrate!

Note to Andy Cohen: You lost this viewer. Get rid of Bethenny and, like Arnold’s “Terminator”, I’ll be back!

Onto other things.

My latest contribution to French Entrée has been published. I even took that glorious pic of Sacre Coeur that’s above the article! ! It’s my tips on visiting Paris for the first time—especially if you’re only visiting for a few days!  Click on the link for some fun tips!

My Latest French Entree article. What to do with only three days in Paris

Bonaparte gave me a project for today. We need window coverings for the downstairs guest bedroom. One of the kids mentioned that the sun came in early in the morning. Thus, interrupting “sleeping in”.

Guest Bedroom

Given today’s gray and gloomy weather, you would never be able to tell that this room is usually drenched in bright light!

better view of bedroom

Here’s a better pic. We do need proper window coverings–and paint on the walls!

A fine project it is! There is one little caveat. I cannot have unlined curtains or drapes in my home. It’s a bit of OCD. One of my greatest pet peeves is looking into a window from the outside (trust me, I promise you I am NOT a “Peeping Tomasina”!) and seeing different colored window treatments. My window /treatments/curtains/drapes must be lined in white or off white and every single lining has to match or they won’t do. Its right up there with sofas, beds and other furniture propped against the windows. Windows are meant to be looked out of—not to have furniture obstructing the view!

My eye is twitching as I type this. That’s the OCD kicking in for sure!

Chippy and I drove to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, a store that I’ve become disappointed in lately. Even so, BBB still has a very decent selection of window coverings. I found a few but I have to decide on the color. Neutrals are the best choice.

Rod pocked lined panels at BBB

I really like these–they can be hung as pinch pleats or on a rod. I like the neutral colored ones..and….

44.99 can be used as pinch pleat or on rod

The price is decent.

More BBB Panels with a pearlized sheen

These panels have a bit of a pearlized finish and are at an even better price point of $34.99 per panel. 

Next it was off to Home Goods. I saw some panels that I liked, but none were lined. Had to walk away!

I actually liked these a lot. But no lining is a no buy

I liked these a lot! But no lining means no buying!

My last stop for the window project was the local Target. I never even got anywhere near the window treatments because I was distracted at the cosmetics department! Oh dear me! Look what I found! A new Jergens self-tanner! This is a mousse that dries in 60 seconds. I would have tried this as soon as I got back home but I didn’t shave my legs today. I’ll have to try it tomorrow!

Cant wait to shave my legs so I cn use this

Tomorrow morning I’ll be trying this on! Hope it gives me a polished tan!

I also picked up this Elf HD face powder. OK. I’ll explain this purchase. I’m not a fan of face powder because the feeling I have after applying is that of a taut mask. In addition—my face looks cakey. Really, I’ve posted many pics of my less-than-hydrated visage—parched, desert skin doesn’t suit me! times, especially during the sweaty summer, I would like my makeup to set and have a nice finish. See the paragraphs below about how I ended up making this purchase! (sorry, but I’m all over the place today!)

This powder received great reviews. Hopefully, I’ll achieve a flawless finish without looking dry and cakey!  I hear it’s well-worth the $6.00 price!

Do I really need another brush Yeah.

For $3.00–how could I resist yet another brush? We’ll see how the quality of this ELF powder brush is!

Yesterday I saw pore reducing powder by “It” cosmetics but balked at the price—instead I read reviews on MakeupAlley. Have you ever heard of MakeupAlley? It’s a GREAT site. Tons of reviews about tons of products. I review on MakeupAlley all the time (if you want my MUA moniker, shoot me an email).

Makeupalley Site. Have a look!

To make a long story shorter, I read reviews on the “It” pore reducing powder and it was mentioned that ELF cosmetics had a better dupe and that is how I ended up making the ELF purchase.

You know how one thing leads to another? Well, one of the reviewers on MakeupAlley mentioned a tutorial about applying face powder on YouTube by makeup artist Wayne Goss. I watched it and immediately subscribed to his tutorials! Here’s his tips on applying face powder!

He’s just achieved status as yet another one of my delusional best friends!

I also picked up this box of rice cake squares. I calculated with my Weight Watchers pocket calculator. 3 points for 4 squares! With a schmear of hummus or mashed avocado or peanut butter, it’ll make a good lunch!

Three points for 4 squares–not bad!

Oh….hey, remember the lipstick I reviewed yesterday? The Lipstick Queen “Saint” Fire Red? Look! Here’s a pic of me taken a few moments ago. I’ve had it on since around 8:45 this morning. Five hours later AND a Starbuck’s Venti Non-Fat Chai Latte gulped down—it’s still on my lips! Talk about long-lasting—and this isn’t even the 90% pigmented version! Bonaparte also noticed this lipstick on me and mentioned that it looked so pretty! He likes it!

5 hours later lipstick is lasting. Oh I did a good job plucking.

Five hours later and the color is still there! I highly recommend Lipstick Queen Lipsticks!

Oh boy—I almost forgot. See this Old Navy Sweatshirt I’m wearing? (shhhh. I wore it AND workout pants today. At least I can PRETEND I worked out!). THAT’s WHERE I WAS BORN!!! In Rockaway Beach, NYC.

Rockaway beach NYC sweatshirt

The Ramones may have sung about “Rockaway Beach” but your’s truly was born there!

I tidied up my makeup desk and found this old, old pic of my dad and me. I must’ve been about 2 years old. It was taken when we lived in Ozone Park (or…as I would say Ozone “Pawk”), Queens. A few years before we moved to Long Island! I loved living in Ozone Pawk! I miss my dad so much. It’s always a good thing when I find reminders of him—always makes my days much better, like an angel on my shoulder—only it’s my dad!

Daddy and Me 1956 or 1957. I LOVE my ensemble. What a chubby little face

Hanging on the stoop with my dad! My outfit is just to-die-for!

Well, I’m going to continue to be productive. I’m going to make an attempt to go into the garage and unpack some warm-weather clothing, cry (wahhhh…just like Bethenny Frankel) about not being able to fit into said clothing, and try to start figuring out what to pack for our upcoming trip to France!

Or…maybe not. I just may sit down and look for more Wayne Goss tutorials!


Today’s little song is for Bethenny from “Real Housewives of New York”. An oldie but goodie by The Four Seasons—appropriately “Big Girls Don’t Cry”!

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