The Jennderosity of Bruce

Eavesdrop on almost anyone’s conversation today and Diane Sawyer’s interview of Bruce Jenner will surely be one popular topic.


I’m sure this interview drew an incredible rating!  I, for one, learned quite a bit about “transgender”!

I watched it last night. Well, I watched three quarters of it. I ended up falling asleep. I had wine with dinner. The wine was a great table wine, Michel Lynch. It’s relatively inexpensive and delivers on taste. Except with me it delivers on putting me into a deep slumber after one glass.


We now interrupt this post with an ad about how Michel Lynch wine, tastes great, but may put you to sleep if you aren’t very wine-tolerant!

OK—where were we? Ahhhh. Bruce Jenner. For me, watching the interview gave me a better understanding of the spectrum of “Transgender”. Me, who despises labels, am going to use some “classifications” right now.


I’m classifying for now.  I still despise labels!!

It’s always been confusing to me because my train of thought has been “Are transgender people heterosexual?” “Are transgender people gay?” “Are transgender people straight?” “Are transgender people bisexual?” In my efforts to figure it out, I couldn’t. Simply because I don’t know or at least I’m not aware of anyone with my circle who is transgender. So basically, this interview was a wealth of needed education for me.

I didn’t focus on Bruce, the patriarch, of the Kardashian family. Nor did I focus on Bruce the asshole for causing that car accident a while ago. I didn’t focus on Bruce the father of children from three marriages.  I tried to focus solely on Bruce “The PERSON”!

While I didn’t exclusively focus on Bruce Jenner “The Person”, I’ll admit, I kept thinking about  the greatest American athlete of all time. I couldn’t help thinking about the guy on the Wheaties box. That’s the Bruce Jenner I remember the best. I remember those 1976 Olympic Games and his amazing athletic abilities to win the Gold!! I also thought how sad it must have been for him to NOT be able to relish in his victorious Olympic achievements as the person he is–not the person he is pretending to be!


Quite possibly, the best athlete of all time and he struggled with his gender his entire life.  I wish I could just give him a hug!

What did I think of the interview? I’m not a Diane Sawyer fan. Her nuances and her tone annoy me. She comes off as condescending and patronizing and has that “I’m-so-much-better-than-you” air about her. I would have loved to see my favorite media personality, Robin Roberts, interview him. (I’m referring to Jenner as “him” for now because that is how he presently wishes). Roberts has more empathy and heart. She never talks down to anyone. George Stephanopoulos would have also made for a good interview as well.

More so, I realize that Jenner is in a far better situation than many others who struggle over their gender identity. He’s a public figure. He has the money to afford the best therapists and doctors. Many others don’t.   Granted, I feel for Jenner. It must have been awful to grow up questioning, and then realizing you were born the wrong gender. I get that. But he is one of the lucky ones. There are those who have taken their own lives because they simply could not live with the struggle. That is incredibly sad and should not happen.

What about those who are bullied, beaten, and even murdered because they are different? THOSE are the people my heart truly goes out to. Nobody should be treated cruelly because of their gender, or sexuality, or whatever they want to be. Nobody.

Ya know, earlier this morning my daughter Oona and I were talking about the interview. She said something that made me realize I think I did a pretty good job raising my kids. She said “I remember what you told us when we were younger. You said that everyone should be treated kindly and with respect. It doesn’t matter who they are or what they do behind closed doors. It’s their business”.

It’s true. I raised my children to also treat others the way you want to be treated.

I do have some advice though for Bruce. As he transforms into womanhood, he needs to be a little more concerned about this looks. Yes. This is the deeply shallow side of me speaking right now. But, hey, I’m a giver and I’m giving Bruce some great advice!

 The Hair: Change your hair. Although it is one length, and the ends look very healthy, you need to change it up. Get rid of the middle part. It’s unattractive on us women over 60. OK? You need a side part with some long bangs swept to the side. Your face is angular; the side swept bangs will soften your look. Also, a bit of volume in the hair will do wonders. Trust me, I have to work with thinning hair and I STILL manage to make what I have nice and big! Make the hair bigger. Some layers but LONG layers. No “old lady” do for you.


Get rid of the middle part. You need to soften your look a bit.  I’m not being mean, but you MAY want to get a scarf, I see the beginning of a turkey neck there sweety!

Your Eyes: Honest to God, your eyes were killing me last night. You need lashes. Get lash extensions. You cannot walk around without makeup. You need the lashes and you need eyeliner. A cat’s eye would look very attractive and flattering on you. You have nice high cheekbones and it’ll make you look exotic.

The Lips: I don’t think a bold lip would look good on you. As I stated, you are a “handsome” woman, a bold lip will make you look harsh. Talk to Kim about the lips. She always has a good neutral lip going on.

Your skin looked good but I’m so jealous that you have no wrinkles. You aren’t being fair to the rest of us women. Don’t overdo the Botox. Stop where you are now.  Overall, you look fine!

The Clothes: Yeezus, Mary and Joseph! Can you please wear clothes that are a bit more fitted instead of that unforgiving “sack” of a shirt you wore during last night’s interview? You looked like a friggin’ cat lady! Yes. You did! The pants were baggy and WTF was that on your feet? Man oh man—you’re becoming a woman!! For the love of Pete, please dress like one? Haven’t you learned anything about dressing like a woman from the Kardashian’s???


That blouse/shirt. You’re kidding me. Right?  Boxy, baggy, ill-fitting! Your complete ensemble was a Glamour “Don’t”!  Please, PLEASE do something with that hair!

Do it right and make us proud!!!

One last thing—to those who speak negatively about the transformation or anyone who is different than you—remember: “Ashes to ashes.” “Dust to dust”

When it’s all over and our hearts stop beating, we will be the same. Some of us will be cremated and end up to be dust sooner than those who decompose six feet under. Ultimately, it won’t matter now will it?

XOXOXOXOXO! Whether you admire Jenner, whether you don’t, as long as you are nice about it. I give you hugs!

Today’s song is by my favorite, favorite group of all time: “The Kinks”. We both share a similar sense of humor. Here’s “Lola”!

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